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Seahawk -> =OOC= The OOC Room Forum Rules (2/22/2013 23:12:40)

The Rules of OOC

  • All Universal Forum Rules relating to posting behavior apply!
    These should be the first thing you read when you join the forums, and they apply everywhere on the AE Forums.

  • Not everything goes
    A list of topics that are prohibited or on probation in the OOC, can be found here.

  • Discussion is a must
    The OOC is a place for friendly, civilized discussion. When posting here, please keep a few things in mind:
      Posts that are simply lists of things, or just contain links are not considered having a discussion and will be removed.
      Put effort into your posts. Check spelling, grammar and cite sources as best you can.
      Remember that not every discussion is a battle. It is always better to agree to disagree rather than get into a heated argument.
      Tone matters and there is no excuse for being rude or disrespectful. Convey your views and opinions with courtesy and tact.

  • No spamming, flaming or trolling
    The OOC sets a high standard for posting behavior, and all instances of spamming, flaming or trolling will be met with consequences. Pointless topics such as "I like Pie!" do not belong here. Nor do popularity threads such as "How recognizable are you" or "Who's the coolest OOC member?"

  • No ranting
    The OOC is not meant to be an outlet for your anger. Threads and posts made solely to vent your negative feelings will be removed and met with consequences.

  • No advertising
    Posts intended to advertise your YouTube Channel, social media account, pet project, petition, product etc. are not allowed in the OOC.

  • Use this forum for what it was meant for
    Polls do not belong in the OOC. Entertainment topics including music, movies, video/computer Games, etc. belong in the Entertainment Forum.
    Forum Games belong in the Forum Games subforum.

  • No advice or tech support threads
    We are a game forum, not "Dear Abby." This is not a place to ask for help with your real life problems, nor is it for putting your personal life on display. This includes any tech support threads - the OOC is not qualified to provide any personal or technical assistance.

  • Protect your privacy.
    Do not post your real name, age, address, phone number, school name/location or any other information that could be used to invade your privacy. If you feel like someone is pressuring you to reveal your personal info, PM a Moderator immediately.

  • You are responsible for your links
    Do not link to anything that would not be considered appropriate on the forums. This includes the comments section of videos, blogs, news articles, etc. The following links can be used to hide YouTube comments.

  • No mini-modding
    We have Moderators and ArchKnights for a reason. If you see an issue you think we have missed, please PM one of us and we will handle it. Not sure who to contact? Check the Staff list located here.

  • No duplicate topics
    There is no need to have four threads discussing the same topic. When it comes time to make a second thread, do NOT make a new one until the old one is locked. If necessary, PM an active ArchKnight or Moderator to have the thread taken care of. Patience is expected.

  • Necrobumping
    Threads are considered dead if they've been inactive for 14 days or more. If you wish to revisit the topic, just make a new thread.

  • Staff have final say
    Membership of this forum is a privilege, not a right. Forum Staff have final say on any given matter, and any disagreements not conducted in a private and respectful manner through the appropriate channels will be considered both harassment and trolling. If you have issues with Forum Staff, follow these instructions:

    Other Handy Rules Resources

  • Forum Rules and Resources board
  • Universal Forum Rules
  • Staff and Archknights List

  • Circe -> RE: =OOC= The OOC Room Forum Rules (10/4/2011 13:37:29)

    Prohibited Topics

    The following discussion topics are not allowed in the OOC:

    • Abortion
    • Religion**
    • Israel vs. Palestine
    • Westboro Baptist Church
    • Evolution theory
    • Torture and whether or not it is justified
    • Topics on sexual conduct/news threads about sexual deviancy

    In terms of life experience and age, these topics are not appropriate for the average Forum Member here. They have a long history of devolving into emotionally charged flame wars due to their subject matter, and often fall outside the rated PG atmosphere we strive to maintain. If you have an idea for a thread that includes aspects of the above listed topics, please PM the OOC Head Moderator to ask permission to post it.

    Probationary Topics

    The following discussion topics are to be considered on ongoing probation:

    • Death Penalty
    • Drug Use and Legality
    • PETA topics
    • Gun control
    • Gay Marriage/Homosexuality

    Forum Members are tentatively allowed to discuss these probationary topics, but any inappropriate conduct in them will result in disciplinary action ranging from Official Warnings to Forum Bans. Furthermore, if it is seen that any of these topics are becoming problematic, they may be moved into the Prohibited Topics category. If you have any questions about the appropriateness of a thread or post, PM any OOC Moderator or ArchKnight for guidance.


    **Identifying yourself as a person of faith is acceptable under this rule, as is limited religious commentary that does not present as proselytizing. It is strongly recommended that you check with an OOC Moderator or ArchKnight if you are unsure if your discussion is appropriate.

    This list is not to be considered all inclusive, and may be added to at any time.

    Corvus Corax -> RE: =OOC= The OOC Room Forum Rules (7/20/2014 9:33:38)

    If an issue arises within the OOC (be it clarification of the rules, an issue with a specific user, or reporting rule violations), the following is a list of individuals to contact. If you wish to report threads in violation of the rules, you may contact any OOC ArchKnight or the forum's head moderator. If you have an issue with an OOC ArchKnight, please contact the head moderator. If your issue is with the moderating staff, please contact [image]http://forums2.battleon.com/f/image/pm.gif[/image] Scakk.

    OOC Head Moderator:

    OOC Moderators
  • [image]http://forums2.battleon.com/f/image/pm.gif[/image] Kamui

    OOC Archknights List:
  • [image]http://forums2.battleon.com/f/image/pm.gif[/image] toidiedud

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