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ArchMage Research III

Also see ArchMage Research I & ArchMage Research II.

Level: 100
Price: 225,000 119,251
Sellback: 112,500 59,625
Location: The Restoration

Element: Neutral
Cost: 340 MP

These are the notes Beleqwaya made as he researched the lost Mana Manipulation lore of the ArchMages. They are imperfect and experimental, but extremely powerful!

Summon Mana Spirit
    Summons a Mana Spirit as a guest, or dismisses the Mana Spirit if it is your current guest. Either way, you heal 340 MP.

Dissipate Mana
    Hits: 1
    Type: Magic (Damage opponent's MP)
    Element: Void
    Damage: 135-384 plus 1,485% Stats
    BTH: +22 plus Stats

Shape Mana
    Hits: 1
    Type: Magic
    Element: Void
    Damage: 90-256 plus 990% Stats
    BTH: +22 plus Stats
    •You take damage equal to 9.5% of the damage dealt.
    •If the spell misses, you take damage equal to 9.5% of the damage the spell would have dealt if it hit.
    •If the monster has Void Resistance, you take 9.5% of the damage dealt unmodified by the monster's Void Resistance.

    *The mana burns you as you shape it into pure damage!


Images thanks to ssjgoku5. Stats from ssjgoku5, Pieces, Big Bizznaz, and BexnDan. Numbers from westwind (via Valane), Lord Barrius (via xtreeme), and Aelthai.

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