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Master Account System
Alpha Phase Opens Tomorrow (Thursday)

Greetings friends! Tomorrow we are going to open up the apha of the Battle On Games! Master Account System. It will happen at night... possibly REALLY late*. You probably have a lot of questions**. But my best answer is as follows:

"The One Login to Rule Them All!"

Think hard about what login name you would like to use to access all of our future games. Then join us tomorrow night to choose your login name. By the way, for security reasons, no one except you and the player support team will ever actually see this login name. It will never be publically displayed. Pretty good security move, huh? This is why you should choose a login name that is completely different from the name you normally use. You can even use an email address. For example... and this may shock you. My login will NOT be Artix. I am going to choose something impossible for anyone to guess, and then I am never going to tell anyone else what it is. Since your login name and password will be how you access all of your games in the future, I highly suggest you do the same***.

This is the start of something truly great for our community and games. Tomorrow's Alpha release of this new system is available to all players. It is an Alpha... so there will be very limited functionality and anything can (and will) go wrong. Also.. as a special bonus... we have a secret announcement to reveal! (Oh boy, are you going to be surprised****)

Battle on!

* Really late like... Friday. Or perhaps even Monday.
** Questions like: What really killed the Dinosaurs? Does Cysero use a specific brand of enchanted Hair Gel? How many Ninja does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop?
*** H@x0r the Bear says, "Only you can prevent account theft!"
**** Hint: It is not AQW, AQ, DF, MQ, WF or EbilGames releated.

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