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ZLKAS -> RE: =HS= Armor Ideas (3/27/2012 22:06:27)

Hello heroes and villains, it is I ZLKAS the ultimately mad shadow. I have given up my human form to make myself one with the power of shadows. And so now with my massive amount of power, I have taken the liberty of creating some Easter themed items for your human holiday. These first few items are what you name as “armor” I have made it for both you males and females out there.

This is the Eggcellent Hero armor for males

And this is the Eggcellent Hero armor for females

And if you wont to see the whole set in one piece with both the male/female armors heres the link (Compleated Set)

I am still creating more items for your holiday but this is what i have created so far as of now.

Until next time - ZLKAS

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GloriousJake -> RE: =HS= Armor Ideas (3/29/2012 9:13:42)

Evil Ballerina

Item Description: An elegant black costume for all villainess.

(Female villain only costume)

Char Page:

Orashi -> RE: =HS= Armor Ideas (4/3/2012 16:51:42)

Bleach armor(Movie megaplex items)
Soul Harvester Robes
Character page

goldenfirered136 -> RE: =HS= Armor Ideas (4/11/2012 13:50:48)

Name of set: darktraaker

This is the second time after a long time im doing this again hope you guys like it:

Darktraaker set

O, and my herosmash charpage is Goldenfirered136

Wonderp Bread -> RE: =HS= Armor Ideas (4/13/2012 12:18:54)

Wonderp-Bread ( )

The Cadoric Knight Armor:

(I did NOT make the original Cadoric Knight helm, I just made the armor to go with it.)

Turkey Armor:

Mr. Lobster Armor:

Mad Scientist Lab Coat w/ Safety Goggles:
"This isn't madness! ITS SCIENCE!"
"Remember: safety first, explosions second!"

Knight of Honor:

blaster0id -> RE: =HS= Armor Ideas (4/19/2012 0:30:28)

Armor Name: In-saiyan Armor
Description: Are you in-saiyan?! Only the most ruthless warriors get to wear this. by Blaster0id
Char page:

Hope u like it.

killer thriller 007 -> RE: =HS= Armor Ideas (4/21/2012 3:38:44)

black dare armor

jonah hex style

my character page is:

sorry i forgot to say that these are sketches and that these are sets with armors, helms and weapons.

MindsEye -> RE: =HS= Armor Ideas (4/21/2012 5:04:09)

HeroSmash Character:

Migo123 and MindsEye



Armor Suggestions:

Lost Avenger

Cyborg Assassin
Color Custom:
Base - Purple
Trim - White
Accessory - None

Desert Bandits

Chrome Enforcer
Color Custom:
Accessory - Cyan

Treasure Hunter's Armor
Color Custom:
Base - Red
Trim - Black
Accessory - Yellow

LumberJack Armor
Color Custom:
Base - Red (The whole armor's main color is one, it just has darker parts.)

TechVader Set
Color Custom:
Base - None
Trim - None
Accessory - Glowing parts

Sharpshooter Armor
Color Custom:
Base - None
Trim - None
Accessory - Red

Beast Fire Armor (animated if possible.)

Aquatian God

Asclepyus Armor

Ronin Regalia

Demon of the Night

The Avengers Movie Movie Mega Plex Items (Big Picture)

Naruto Shippuden Movie Mega Plex Items

Ninja Assassin Armor

Clock Warrior

blaster0id -> RE: =HS= Armor Ideas (4/21/2012 11:05:46)

Armor Name: Guild Master
Description: This armor proves you're a guild master. by Blaster0id
Char Page:

Hope you like it!

Priest Andreas -> RE: =HS= Armor Ideas (4/22/2012 5:55:37)

Check the Dragoninja armor at

I hope you like it :)

nash1302 -> RE: =HS= Armor Ideas (4/23/2012 19:09:55)

Hello im angus (in herosmash my aqw user is nash1302 <--- that is my char page in herosmash and i would like to show you and see if they can get in game my two armors [:D] !

FOR THESE ARMORS YOU MUST LOOK THROUGH MY g+ PHOTOS! <---- is my royal knight armor
Description: Forged by the great smith Angus before he gave you the armor he told you the three words of the royal knights are Honor!, Courage!, and Commitment! <------this is the pizza armor!
Description: Cooked by the great chef Angus was the great magical pizza armor, "While your fighting you might as well eat too!"

Thank you for your time-Angus/Nash1302 (hopefully it wasnt to much trouble) [:D][:)] also my twitter is @nash1302AE

blaster0id -> RE: =HS= Armor Ideas (4/24/2012 3:53:46)

Armor Name: Blood Mage
Description: You control blood as if you were the human heart. by Blaster0id
Weapon Name: Blood Sythe
Description: a sythe that was made of blood. by Blaster0id

Char Page:

Hope you like it!

Armor Name: The Purified One
Description: You have been purified and no longer unclean. by Blaster0id
Weapon Name: The Purifier
Description: You have been purified. now it's time to purify the others who are unclean. by Blaster0id

Char Page:

Hope you like it!

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darksker -> RE: =HS= Armor Ideas (4/27/2012 16:27:02)

I have took my idea off here :|

awsome2 -> RE: =HS= Armor Ideas (4/27/2012 20:11:47)

my epic armor ^_^

my char page

Initium Freeze -> RE: =HS= Armor Ideas (4/29/2012 3:32:49)

West Majesty

From the West, a legendary suit had come. It was made from the finest clothing and strands of diamond; this suit is capable of picking up its master - it was clearly stated that only Initium Freeze, the Great Sheriff from the West, was its first master. Now he shares this suit to everyone. Are you deserving to wear this suit or just got lucky to wear it. [:D]

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Blade -> RE: =HS= Armor Ideas (5/2/2012 11:49:20)

Bladebrawl here to make my first HS suggestions. :D

This is 'Prime Chasse' Or Chase for short. Seen here.

As a bounty hunter, you always make your mark, and work for whoever pays the most.
You've collected many weapons and trophies from Hero's and Villain's alike

Just a few extra notes, this is meant to be a neutral armor.
Also, if you look closely you'll see he has a jetpack. :)

And now for my second armor. Slimy! Seen here.

This is why you shouldn't play near toxic waste vats...

Just a note, a few people told me they want the eye to be CC. :)

Okay, thank you for reading! My character page is here.
Hope you consider my art. [:D]


Chaoslordmax -> RE: =HS= Armor Ideas (5/5/2012 11:08:07)

Metal Fist

Char: ShredderXX

Alvarez0430 -> RE: =HS= Armor Ideas (5/7/2012 18:54:44)

Character Page:
***Understand that I did NOT create this. I do not want to be penalized with anything under Artix Entertainment and get banned by Artix or Randor the Red or someone like that. This was created by DAGE THE EVIL. I just happened to so see it on the internet while searching up hero smash on google and accidently clicked "images". ***Im only suggesting that you go along with dage's art. (it's pretty awesome)***
Undead Armor (set):
By: Dage the Evil

awsome2 -> RE: =HS= Armor Ideas (5/8/2012 0:40:57)

My design

And my char page

demon970 -> RE: =HS= Armor Ideas (5/8/2012 3:57:28)

My armor suggestion is "Nothingness". And armor that completely nothing, cc, looks like a blurr image.

Lazy hero.... an armor for lazy heroes. The armor has a belt, a t-shirt that says "coach potato" and a pair cc jeans.

Who's the crazy dark gaint mouse? You are.. with this gaint ugly looking mouse armor.

Merged your posts. Use the Edit button instead of multiple posting. //drDOT

zane2009 -> RE: =HS= Armor Ideas (5/9/2012 15:03:11)
heres my idea :)
theres me
Please appreciate and hope it gets on herosmash!
Armor name:Alpha Alchemist
Wings are animated

Reki -> RE: =HS= Armor Ideas (5/10/2012 4:06:06)


Reki (armor/mask/hair/cape/gloves)-

Swamp Thang-

Iron Fist-

drDOT -> RE: =HS= Armor Ideas (5/10/2012 12:07:58)

Some time ago I had this idea of an HeroSmash-themed armor and today I decided to post it here.
You never know what may happen.

Tech Assassin
No super-powers? I got the super-weapons!

Character: Arkhelien

shadowstrike215 -> RE: =HS= Armor Ideas (5/11/2012 9:02:32)

Here's an armor I'd like to suggest!
The Defender armor!
I don't know what description to put :))
Here's some notes for the armor: the back arm is robotic, the front arm is clickable (the shield appears when the front arm is clicked), the shield's blue parts are see-through, and the hair isn't included in the armor.

Hope you guys from AE approve it!
Character link:,

GIN -> RE: =HS= Armor Ideas (5/11/2012 10:33:40)

Armor of the Behemoth

Rexxar sealed a behemoth into this armor, draining it's power to become his own.

My charpage

*just a little note, if this got picked, i would appreciate it if it's flashed legion style, but use red instead of blue. i also posted it's helm cape n sword.

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