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GloriousJake -> Changing Avatar pics (3/29/2012 9:49:33)

Hello everyone!

How can I change my avatar pic besides from the list given by the forum... I think I seen some of the members...
Thanks ^__^

Voigan -> RE: Changing Avatar pics (3/29/2012 10:40:45)

Only forum mods and people with titles (helpful, constructive, friendly ect.) are allowed to have custom avatars.

random fun 12 -> RE: Changing Avatar pics (3/29/2012 11:46:30)


11) "How do I get a custom title?"

There are several different types of special titles.
First off, truly customized titles are generally reserved for Moderators, ArchKnights, and the forum beta-testers. ArchKnights generally have "Arch"-something somewhere in their titles as well as the forums where they work.
Second, there are some titles that are granted for doing something really cool or winning a contest.
Third, there are titles that go with group membership -- such as Advanced Roleplayers.
Fourth, there are titles like Helpful/Creative/Friendly/Constructive, which are granted, respectively, to people who are very helpful and go above and beyond the call of duty to aid their fellow forumites, and to people who really wow us with some cool art or writing.
There is a guide on this subject in the Crucial Forum Information board: Forum ranks/groups/titles


12) "How do I get a custom avatar?"

The ability to upload a custom avatar is granted to people with a Helpful or Creative title, ArchKnights, Moderators, and other staff members. It is also granted to some people for past service such as the old Grand Council, forum beta testing, etc. Advanced Roleplayers and other group members do not get upload rights unless they have it from some other source. Some official contests will have a specific avatar as a prize that is not available to other forum members.
We limit custom avatars to certain people because otherwise the forums would be overloaded with even small images.

Taken from =AE= FAQ. In short if you want a title, then you'd have to do the things that are specific to that title, like to get the title "Debatable" you have to apply for the Debate Club. Consult this thread to see what to do for each specific one.

Rickyb20 -> RE: Changing Avatar pics (3/29/2012 17:40:31)

Just to add, the "Debatable" title doesn't allow you to get your own custom avatar.

random fun 12 -> RE: Changing Avatar pics (3/29/2012 18:54:56)

Yeah, ricky's right, I think it's only mods, game mods, Forum AKs and people with Creative Helpful or Friendly titles.

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