Here's How We Roll Round 7 poll (Full Version)

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Here's How We Roll Round 7 poll

  60% (3)
The Heist
  40% (2)
Journey of an Arrow
  0% (0)
The Richest Planet
  0% (0)

Total Votes : 5
(last vote on : 3/21/2015 21:47:24)
(Poll ended: 3/24/2015 1:10:00)


PyroPuppy -> Here's How We Roll Round 7 poll (3/7/2015 14:13:33)

Poll is finally here! Two weeks is the deadline for voting

The elements:
Right turn
dropping something

shooting star
magnifying glass
Letter L

2. The Heist by Uskius
3. Journey of an Arrow by chaoslightx
4. The Richest Planet by Crystal Sunshyne

Kian -> RE: Here's How We Roll Round 7 poll (3/7/2015 18:47:53)

I will cast my vote after reading Crystal's story. Good luck!

Renn Shadowheart -> RE: Here's How We Roll Round 7 poll (3/8/2015 5:10:46)

Wait, we can vote?

PyroPuppy -> RE: Here's How We Roll Round 7 poll (3/8/2015 13:34:40)

Yes, the winner is chosen by the community. Each forumite votes for the best written piece that uses the elements in the best way, to their opinion.

Uskius -> RE: Here's How We Roll Round 7 poll (3/20/2015 17:22:40)

Has there ever been a tie before? Because it looks like that's where this is heading. >_>

Also, The Rattlesnakes Unfold sounds like it would be an awesome name for a metal song.

Kian -> RE: Here's How We Roll Round 7 poll (3/22/2015 6:47:20)

While I agree Uskius, it's a lyric fragment from Far From Any Road, the intro song to True Detective. Worth listening to. [:D]

Shame not as many people voted as in Round 2. We had around 60 voters then... I think it has a lot to do with school, though. And maybe the fact that there's no announcement on the forum's home page anymore. I do hope that this contest continues as I have very much benefited from it for my English classes in college, as it isn't my native tongue. I remember Miss Vox saying that she thought that was one of the main goals of the contest. Haven't seen her for quite a bit now...

Aaaaanyway, looks like the contest is over and seems I've won from Uskius with only one vote. Thanks for those who did read it and who voted. :)
Next time, I should maybe provide a small review/analysis for each piece like last time... Other than that, outstanding stories and poem everyone, and until our next encounter!

PyroPuppy -> RE: Here's How We Roll Round 7 poll (3/24/2015 2:08:22)

This is odd. I was pretty sure I closed the polls on the 21th, after two weeks of voting. Both polls. Hmm....

Congratulations to the winners! Titles and new round will start in afternoon server time.

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