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The Hollow -> =AQ= Biggest fan contest! (5/11/2015 14:43:11)

Are you AdventureQuest's biggest, #1est, craziest fan? Have you ever dress your pet up as a moglin or made a Guardian Tower birdhouse in shop class? Using the social networking site of your choice (twitter, facebook, g+, linkedin, youtube etc…) show us just how much you looooove AQ, and post your link in the contest thread! And what will you win?!

1st place will have their character added as a permanent monster in AQ!
2nd place 6000 Z-Tokens
3rd place 3000 Z-Tokens

This contest will run until 5/31/15 with the winners announced shortly after!

mxc2 -> RE: =AQ= Biggest fan contest! (5/12/2015 17:29:43)

https://www.facebook.com/adventurequest i posted on adventurequest's facebook page a message about how much i love aq hopefully you guys will pick me

Sanjoserito -> RE: =AQ= Biggest fan contest! (5/12/2015 17:37:04)


Zarek49 -> RE: =AQ= Biggest fan contest! (5/12/2015 18:29:32)

So much so that I got myself a Twig shirt, made over 400 subscribers off of it on YouTube making videos of it for almost 7 years, and will continue to do so for as long as I can. I plan on getting more AQ-related clothing and fun stuff when possible. Been playing since 2004, and I am not stopping yet! <3



Edit-Addition to my entry!:


ray zard -> RE: =AQ= Biggest fan contest! (5/13/2015 0:12:43)

My entry

Atomos -> RE: =AQ= Biggest fan contest! (5/13/2015 1:42:28)

I have to split mine into 2 links as Twitter has a cap to many alphabets I could add in one twit. Therefore take mine not as two entries, but as two halves of one entry.



depress0r -> RE: =AQ= Biggest fan contest! (5/13/2015 2:28:21)

Hello. :) I know I rarely ever post here, but I'd like to assert my own accounts to show how much I love the game. I am depress0r, I've got two characters, schizophen1a, and Mr. Doctor, and they're both level 150. I've been playing this game for years, even with different aliases. I've been purchasing token packages *I know that may not count*

If you haven't come across me, I'm also on YouTube (where I'm most active.) I don't have much a fan base, nor is this not a promotion for my own channel, I genuinely enjoy this game and making videos, I've posted a fair few Adventure Quest videos, and I don't plan on stopping either. :) Thanks for your time.

(Forgot link) https://www.youtube.com/user/depress0r

the clan master -> RE: =AQ= Biggest fan contest! (5/13/2015 4:32:35)

Here is my contest entry.

Rashin -> RE: =AQ= Biggest fan contest! (5/14/2015 3:38:26)


My entry.

the warden -> RE: =AQ= Biggest fan contest! (5/14/2015 22:47:45)

my entry


SL345 -> RE: =AQ= Biggest fan contest! (5/15/2015 7:13:10)

Here's my entry: https://www.youtube.com/user/shadelord345 (My YT channel is shared with my sister)

I've been playing and making AQ videos since 2008. Though, I'm currently busy with college. xP

Prohor -> RE: =AQ= Biggest fan contest! (5/16/2015 2:07:37)

"Here is my entry"I have joined AQ WORLDS,DragonFable and also Adventure quest and many others.I am also a craziest fan of this and the contests of this.And now my social networking sites Youtube,Facebook and ymail also.For a few weeks I have played Adventure quest and I achive something also.These are:In 1st place new weapon from Gurdian Tower Area Challenge 2nd place new pet from Legendery hidden city 3rd place new monsters from new places on the map and training

Frieza 100 Percent -> RE: =AQ= Biggest fan contest! (5/16/2015 20:10:02)

Here is my entry! :)

ugauga -> RE: =AQ= Biggest fan contest! (5/17/2015 13:43:53)

A humble acrostic...

kewllewk -> RE: =AQ= Biggest fan contest! (5/17/2015 22:34:21)

Nothing too fancy, just a collage I made in paint to celebrate almost half of my life playing AQ games. Admittedly, it's been a while since I got really into any of them, but they've always had my support and a special place in my heart.


Miashin -> RE: =AQ= Biggest fan contest! (5/19/2015 2:09:28)

*looks at stack of notebooks, sketchbooks, & notepads, that build up three+ novels of fanfic.*
'Eh, effort. *shrug*

brian376 -> RE: =AQ= Biggest fan contest! (5/19/2015 19:58:02)

https://twitter.com/KingBrentan/status/600811930731741184 here is mine if you need me to verify that twitter is mine you can just dm it for proof but really im one of AQ classics biggest fans because ive played every release since 2006 im such a fan ive upgraded to a guardian 2 days after even making the character also ill be doing shout outs so there will be more people in this contest long live battleon!

xdbattle -> RE: =AQ= Biggest fan contest! (5/23/2015 11:17:47)

My entry:


Make sure to view the link! Contains a wallpaper :)
(Happy Birthday Sarah because there is a monster Nerfkitten whose name is Sarah the Nerfkitten)
My character page: http://aq.battleon.com/build30/charview.asp?temp=33648473

ss2195 -> RE: =AQ= Biggest fan contest! (5/23/2015 11:56:34)

Ok, I made a video on youtube, on a channel I recently started. I began playiing about 8 years ago....
well, it's all in the video!


greenlegend -> RE: =AQ= Biggest fan contest! (5/27/2015 14:22:12)

I love this game so much I even made an AQ timeline video 3 years ago! =]


Dimentius -> RE: =AQ= Biggest fan contest! (5/28/2015 5:13:19)

Here's my entry. https://www.facebook.com/adventurequest?fref=ts
Mine is Kent with a link to it. If you could check it, then thanks.[:)]

Ziranius -> RE: =AQ= Biggest fan contest! (5/30/2015 6:49:21)


I posted a message here. I hope it doesn't waste your time, and sorry if it isn't that good.

PUREvil -> RE: =AQ= Biggest fan contest! (5/30/2015 21:01:38)

My entry http://pur3vil.blogspot.co.uk/2015/05/biggest-fan-contest.html

dabio2 -> RE: =AQ= Biggest fan contest! (5/30/2015 21:28:00)

My entry!!!

Master in the wind -> RE: =AQ= Biggest fan contest! (5/31/2015 21:45:35)

Here's my entry: a tribute video to AQ. It's pretty much a compilation of my favorite scenes. It's a bit messy and not as good as I had hoped, but I'm glad this contest gave me a chance to make another AQ video.

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