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Shadowhunt -> =AQW= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (11/13/2016 11:22:01)

Welcome to the AdventureQuest Worlds (Dis)Accomplishments thread!

Have you beaten a monster lately? Have you gotten some new items? Made a nifty new weapon? Have you lost when the monster had 1 hp left? Were you two gold away from buying that item today?

Anything and everything about AQW that makes you proud or extremely grumpy belongs in here! This is not a place for conversations but rather for declaring to the world you accomplishment or dis-accomplishment as the case may be. Here are a few ground rules to set up so that we are all on the same page!

Short and Sweet
  • Comprehensive Forum Rules apply
  • No extended conversations
  • No flaming, trolling, harassment, etc...
  • No "woot! first post!!11" type entries
  • No embedded images/videos.
  • No asking for account sharing/donation/verification/etc...
  • No posting "I can't get online" - if you are experiencing problems, go to Bugs instead to get it looked at!

    Long and Detailed

  • All board and universal apply; this means no more than three smileys per post, no all caps, no excessive numbers of exclamation marks/question marks, etc...
  • Since there are various Design Note threads to deal with extended conversations, we ask that you don't engage others in this thread. You can discuss things either via pm or in the appropriate thread. Especially on things to do with guilds, please use the AQWorlds Guilds board.
  • People who post here have the right to be ecstatic, depressed, angry, etc.. within reason so as to not offend the sensibilities of others. Please do not ever flame/troll/harass another person for any reason. Everyone has a right to be proud of him/herself, regardless of how mundane you may find the accomplishment or disaccomplishment. Remember that we all start out at the same place.
  • The entries here should really only relate to AQW, the game itself. "woot! first post!" - while a valid happy emotion to have, doesn't really relate to the game in any way :) Anything that you suspect may be bugs, please use the Bug Tracker to report.
  • Because it can be tough to load images (and we can't embed videos in general) for those with slower internet connections, we ask that you be considerate of others and only post a link to your visual proof of your (dis)accomplishment.
  • Account sharing is against the Terms and Conditions that you agreed to when you signed up. Please don't share accounts (for gameplay, verification or other purposes).

  • ShatteredReality -> RE: =AQW= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (11/13/2016 15:32:54)

    ACC: I somehow got the derp lim badge. And then there were two Lims on the screen.

    nalguth -> RE: =AQW= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (11/13/2016 18:19:02)

    DIS: Got 2 Void Auras from the non-mem quest 3 times in a row
    ACC: I have most of everything else
    DIS: I still need a lot of Bone Dust and Cavern Celestite

    monsti -> RE: =AQW= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (11/14/2016 10:49:31)

    ACC: Found an old clanmate on Artix Server!!



    Guardian Patrick -> RE: =AQW= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (11/14/2016 19:34:43)

    ACC: Acquired ShadowFiend Cloak
    DIS: Will never do any AFDL quests x_x too tedious

    ACC: free inv spaces :3

    zer00x -> RE: =AQW= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (11/15/2016 2:07:48)

    DIS: After god knows how many kills, i don't get the evolved soul ripper

    ACC: Finally i got the evolver soul ripper, took 200 kills yesterday and 100 kills today, dang rngesus, you're mean

    nalguth -> RE: =AQW= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (11/16/2016 1:24:17)

    ACC: Got Black Blood Blade, now I don't have to unequip & re-equip my helm every time I switch from my War Axe to something else
    DIS: No barium after 5 completions of Mine Crafting
    DIS: 2 Void Auras 7 times in a row
    DIS: I have an absolutely staggering 43 Void Auras and 66 Cavern Celestite

    ShatteredReality -> RE: =AQW= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (11/16/2016 10:51:02)

    ACC: Rank 10 Dreadrock
    DIS: It was all through the million coin donation quest. I now am dirt-poor.

    Sebastador -> RE: =AQW= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (11/16/2016 20:04:46)

    ACC: Rank 10 Good
    ACC: Finally Begin To Farm The Arch Paladin Quest
    DIS: Need to finish the Grimskull dungeon to fight with Binky

    Accelerator -> RE: =AQW= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (11/16/2016 23:38:31)

    ACC: Got ArchFiend DoomLord (8th try ._. KMS)

    DIS: Didn't stay long enough in the test servers for the easy Armor of Awe.

    PTpirahna -> RE: =AQW= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (11/17/2016 2:37:28)

    ACC: Got 1600 Cavern Celestite
    DIS: That pales in comparison to the 20k-ish undead essences that I'll end up turning in for 105 Loyals.
    still at 52 right now...

    Guardian Patrick -> RE: =AQW= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (11/17/2016 2:41:45)

    DIS: Spent 27,4 million gold to get Uni 13 from Assistant quest.
    ACC: Finally got it X_X

    ACC: Got my 2nd piece of AFDL.
    DIS: lost all my uni 13 :(

    ACC: Got an uni 13 back :D

    Icetex -> RE: =AQW= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (11/17/2016 20:52:39)

    ACC: lvl 45/55 on alt
    ACC: 1,100,000 Gold on Alt
    ACC: 3,200,000 Gold on Main

    nalguth -> RE: =AQW= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (11/18/2016 2:38:12)

    "ACC": 50 Void Auras in 2 weeks! I'm on a roll! (not)
    DIS: Still no Barium
    ???: At least I got something other than Gold after a 4-day streak

    Metakirby -> RE: =AQW= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (11/18/2016 4:24:58)

    It's been a while since i posted anything so...

    ACC: Helm of Awe
    ACC: Got through the 10k spirit orb part of BLoD in just a couple days in my alt.
    DIS: Need copper or aluminum before i can progress any further.
    ACC: Got gold for broadsword at least.

    Keeper of the Owls -> RE: =AQW= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (11/18/2016 6:31:33)

    ACC: solo'd the Blood Titan
    DIS: took almost half an hour using Scarlet Sorceress

    Lightning Sekkara -> RE: =AQW= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (11/18/2016 9:14:26)

    ACC: Got Blade of Awe on my alt

    iDreadnaut -> RE: =AQW= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (11/18/2016 10:22:05)

    ACC: Finished NSoD
    DIS: going for AFDL, hate RNG

    Guardian Patrick -> RE: =AQW= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (11/20/2016 0:21:53)

    DIS: Spent 20 million gold
    ACC: Got 2x uni 13
    DIS: No NonMem Voucher
    DIS: Spent 7,4 million gold
    ACC: Got NonMem Voucher
    ACC: Got Doomblade of Destruction

    Metakirby -> RE: =AQW= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (11/20/2016 8:24:17)

    ACC: Got Drakath's armor.
    DIS: Now i need to refarm the 3 uni 13s.
    ACC: Got aluminum for the alt account.
    DIS: I wish it was copper.

    ACC: Got 1 uni 13 already.

    zer00x -> RE: =AQW= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (11/20/2016 19:24:30)

    ACC: Got the 1st and 8th Betrayal blades while getting blood gems.
    DIS?: I wished they had static or normal damage ranges.

    Grave_Bringer -> RE: =AQW= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (11/20/2016 21:37:24)

    ACC: Started SDKA quests
    DIS: Stopped SDKA quests (Holy wow)
    ACC: Got Coin Collector Set

    DracoLordIAm -> RE: =AQW= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (11/21/2016 0:22:24)

    ACC: After 50 tedious days, I have finally managed to get the Bright Knight armour!
    DIS: Farming my 2nd BLoD from the ground up has been more tedious than I anticipated...

    fxmybrute13 -> RE: =AQW= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (11/21/2016 2:47:33)

    ACC : Bloody 90% of the way done with Void Auras 6750/7500
    DIS : Got 25 Blinding Caladbolg and still no Dual.

    Metakirby -> RE: =AQW= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (11/21/2016 9:41:59)

    ACC: I just realized that i can get Tendurrr for free from the buy back shop.
    DIS: At the same time i realized how much time i had wasted farming Blood gems.

    ACC: Blinding daggers of destiny.

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