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Variation -> Character Page Bug (3/17/2017 18:01:52)

Name: Lormaster
Level: 40
Class: Tech Mage
Server/s: Epic

Operating System: Windows 10
Browser: Google Chrome
Flash Player Version: 25
Internet Connection (wireless, high-speed, etc.): Wireless

Brief Description: Sometimes character pages aren't showing all the weapons a character has equipped. This isn't a serious bug but there are many false accusations (hacking, glitch abuse, etc.) based on this bug. It may be happening do to the amount of items a character may possess in his or her inventory.
Error Messages: N/A

Step by step details to duplicate issue: N/A

Screenshot: N/A
Additional Details: N/A

8x -> RE: Character Page Bug (3/18/2017 8:41:51)

Only a certain amount of items will show on the character pages, if the player has more items, they won't be displayed. They know about this.

With gifting and arcade players are able to go way over their inventory limits.

ConQrR -> RE: Character Page Bug (3/18/2017 13:53:28)

I have same problem. Even though gun and aux are equipped character page is not showing them as equipped.

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