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=AQW= Useful space poll

More inventory slots
  63% (58)
More bank slots
  7% (7)
More house slots
  8% (8)
Add bank for house items
  20% (19)

Total Votes : 92
(last vote on : 12/7/2017 18:09:48)
(Poll will run till: -- )


Alina -> =AQW= Useful space poll (4/28/2017 17:17:33)

What would be more useful to you?

Harrison -> RE: =AQW= Useful space poll (4/28/2017 17:26:58)

...why not have more spaces for everything? \_(ツ)_/

Rastaban -> RE: =AQW= Useful space poll (4/28/2017 17:31:10)

Frankly, all of them. I think houses need slots the most right now due to 40 slots being the max, but there are plenty of AC tagged rare house items that could stand to be banked rather than permanently deleted.

Alina -> RE: =AQW= Useful space poll (4/28/2017 17:31:57)

Plans locked in with Yorumi for adding more inventory, bank, and house slots, plus creating an entirely new house bank system.

iDreadnaut -> RE: =AQW= Useful space poll (4/28/2017 17:33:17)

I think inventory slots should be increased because it's the most active storage in-game. And bank for house items is something that should be in-game for a long time. There are people that like collecting house items. I myself enjoyed collecting statues, but, since there is no bank or enough inventory space for house items, I had to get rid of most of them.

Also, try to add a feature to save a house decoration. Sometimes people want to check a new house they bought/dropped/farmed for, but they end up wasting all the time put into moving every piece of furnish into the right pixel.

Ted Zlammy -> RE: =AQW= Useful space poll (4/28/2017 19:25:34)

Yeah, more Inventory slots is always good since it's more immediate access to different gear, classes and other items without having to use an intermediary like a bank pet or the bank itself to switch up items to use. So if I had to choose for one to come first, I'd probably say that (plus I more or less forget that houses exist at times). Although, a bank for house items would be neat if it meant we could store AC tagged ones for free like in the regular bank. Folks with older AC tagged house items would be more free to mix and match than.

EmbraceTheDarkness -> RE: =AQW= Useful space poll (4/28/2017 20:45:32)

I need more items in my Safiria Castle, it's all pick and choose as it stands.

And a bank for house items is a must, let me toss those altars into the void and never lay my eyes upon them again.

Guardian Patrick -> RE: =AQW= Useful space poll (4/28/2017 21:40:59)

more inventory space definitively. 30 isn't enough.

Aura Knight -> RE: =AQW= Useful space poll (4/28/2017 21:54:28)

Inventory slots seemed like the obvious one to go with but more house space would be welcome too. There have been quite a few times where I'd get a house item but couldn't hold on to it because of space issues. If we could store ac tagged house items in some kind of bank or storage area, that would be useful. But an increase in house inventory size could be just as good.

juanz1996 -> RE: =AQW= Useful space poll (4/29/2017 0:20:01)

Inv slots for sure, house is nice too considering that sometimes you wanna really decorate your house. bank for house? mmm

fxmybrute13 -> RE: =AQW= Useful space poll (4/29/2017 2:41:29)

For me, bank for house items, without a doubt. Tbh, we get enough acs scattered throughout the years to get a few bank/inventory slots essentially free of charge.

zanathos -> RE: =AQW= Useful space poll (4/29/2017 10:10:41)

As the owner of 100+ inventory slots, I never really feel the need for increased inventory, but i understand those who do not pay for extra space/those who haven't been here for the free space give outs over the years might feel the pressure, especially with how many items the team releases each week.

I personally love housing, so I voted for a house bank, since I keep many rare houses that i obviously won't use at the same time

dragon wrath -> RE: =AQW= Useful space poll (4/29/2017 10:29:27)


more inventory space definitively. 30 isn't enough

I thought they were referring to adding more max space. Though if they were to increase the backpack space a person starts with it would be extremly helpful. Especially for free players when it comes to nulgath farming etc

Shadowhunt -> RE: =AQW= Useful space poll (4/29/2017 11:41:35)

^ I'm pretty sure it does mean increasing the potential max cap. That said, a nice way to do it would be to give everyone the amount they increase it by. That way newer players would be able to have some more spots, players that are already at the cap could remain there, but everyone gets the benefit of more space.

I voted for more inventory space. It's just more handy to have the things you'd like accessible more immediately. I know that bank pets allow you to effectively expand your inventory a large amount at the cost of one space (and a chunk of ACs if you don't get a free one), but it's still a bit of a hassle and the fact that the bank doesn't currently have item previews means you have to really know what each item looks like. It's simpler to just keep it in your inventory to start with. House slots and a house bank don't seem all that important to me. I don't really get the point of houses in general. Sure, there are a few house items that are actually functional, and you need somewhere to put them. But myself and probably a decent number of other players rarely visit their own house, and even more rarely visit other players' houses, so to me the appeal of more space for something that's got extremely limited use over the appeal for more space of useful things just isn't there.

questay6 -> RE: =AQW= Useful space poll (4/29/2017 16:50:36)

Hey, Alina, just thought it might interest you to know that I currently already have some house items in the bank, and they just show at the bottom of the misc section.
They used to be misc items, until they were changed while in the bank, but due to my current house item inventory size, and seeing as they are ac tagged items, that's exactly where I want them.

This could mean that the bank already supports having house items in it, and just needs a way to put the items into it.

Also worth considering is the fact that enabling us to put houses/house items in the bank, besides giving us more flexibility in item storage management, will finally give us free storage for the 0 ac items, which are currently no different from 0 gold items.

Also, due to how house items are already in a sort of different inventory than our regular items, and is only loaded in our house or housing shops, is it possible to have ac tagged items not take up space in their inventory, even without being inserted to the bank? If possible, having ac tagged houses and house items not take space in their own inventories, would be preferable to being able to put them in the bank, though that should probably still be enabled.

All of that being said, I still voted for regular inventory[:D]

Pre-Posting Edit:
I see someone else already mentioned the ac house items needing access to their rightful free storage, but I'm leaving this as is to show support.

polar -> RE: =AQW= Useful space poll (4/30/2017 8:51:44)

I voted for house slots,planning to buy house slots when i get become a legend[:D]

I'm pretty tidy with my inventory so 50 slots is already enough for me,i'd say I have more free space to just waste around when compared to players with max inventory slots.
If an item is for 0 AC, I SELL IT to register in the buyback shop if i need it in the future,this goes for both inventory items and house items. Having the 0 AC house items in the buyback shop really helps clear some space,I just wonder how many use this method or are aware of it

Doxus the OverLord -> RE: =AQW= Useful space poll (4/30/2017 13:39:00)

Point of view
I completely agree with @Shadowhunt's point of view.
Giving out spaces to everyone would be the best and the right thing to do.


I really think houses aren't that important, so, I voted for for inventory spaces.
I'm one of the guys who had maxed out inventory slots. Seeing it going to 300 Slots (+50% of actual cap) would be really nice.
As a standard, I suggest we should start AQW with 50 slots. All the rest should be bought as players feel they need to.
For being right with all the community, it would be a +20 inventory spaces everyone.
This and a increasement of Gold cap. It would be really sweet. Think about 6kk or 8kk gold... This would make some things like VHL's farming less painful due to the fact of not having to farming gold by continuous days due to struggling with 4kk gold cap.

How managing spaces is going hard even having maxed out inventory

Coming back to inventory slots, I'm experiencing days all my 200 slots aren't being enough.
All thanks to Nulgath farming (Void Paladin) + NSoD farming + full sets of each kind of enhancements (and this include a set for Depths, the Dark Box hunt reward).

Idea for helping with bank too

I have said this some time ago... but I think here is the opportunity of saying this again: Why not adding the feature to pay ACs for making a non-AC tag item be AC-tagged?

juanz1996 -> RE: =AQW= Useful space poll (5/1/2017 0:53:28)


Why not adding the feature to pay ACs for making a non-AC tag item be AC-tagged?

i remember when we discuss this i quote it because i like the idea too and wanna see the pros and cons that this idea have.

ShatteredReality -> RE: =AQW= Useful space poll (5/1/2017 1:00:05)

I think the cons of that idea was that the staff would have to make duplicate versions of every non ac item in the game to make that work.

aaronarco -> RE: =AQW= Useful space poll (5/1/2017 2:51:19)

@Doxus you spent 60000ACs? Or do you have alternative way for . . or upgrade?

Doxus the OverLord -> RE: =AQW= Useful space poll (5/1/2017 11:45:54)

I buy 12k ACs every month, what's wrong with this?
And I'm doing it since 2016. Some months I bought 24k ACs too.
I increased my inventory a little bit per month until getting it maxed. That's how I did.

Edme MacHeath -> RE: =AQW= Useful space poll (5/2/2017 21:28:52)

but I think inventory is the one that needs more space the least, housing needs it the most 40 is a very noticeable limitation. I'd like atleast 100 for housing.
I don't housing needs like 200 or more because it's not as used as bank or inventory but 40 is a very annoying limitation.
I think bank needs to widen the gap between inventory. If we increase inventory any more it'll be equal or greater than the space of a bank. I have a HUGE problem with the idea of
being able to carry equal or more items on yourself than you could store in a BANK. Banking should dwarf inventory...
I would like to see increases in everything but I think housing should be 100 or 150. Banking should be increased to dwarf inventory. You shouldn't have more space in your backpack than a building.

MoonShine -> RE: =AQW= Useful space poll (5/2/2017 22:53:16)

More inventory spaces seems to be more useful, but... why not add more spaces to everything (inventory, house slots, bank slots, etc)? XP
About the inventory spaces, I think classes shouldn't occupy space slots...Because it doesn't owns physical space, classes are knowledge/experience, right? Another idea is to make different sections on inventory: one for general items, another one for miscellaneous/quest items (legion tokens and Nulgath's miscs for example).

RKC -> RE: =AQW= Useful space poll (5/2/2017 23:40:51)

more space for everything

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