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=AQW= Server playstyle preference

Regular: Just let me play like I want to
  51% (37)
DEATHMODE: I will slay ALL the things!
  48% (35)

Total Votes : 72
(last vote on : 10/6/2017 0:08:16)
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Alina -> =AQW= Server playstyle preference (5/2/2017 16:30:23)

If you had a choice, would you play on a regular server, or a hardcore DEATHMODE version with super-strong, skill-laden monsters?

Metakirby -> RE: =AQW= Server playstyle preference (5/2/2017 16:33:30)

As long as the enemy can't stunlock me/counter litterally every attack, I would be fine with most things. That being said, keep the actual hardcore anialation abilites to the tough bosses and not regular everyday farming fodder.

Aura Knight -> RE: =AQW= Server playstyle preference (5/2/2017 16:35:18)

I like how things work on regular servers but if possible, it would be col to have an optional hard-mode for the game, like how Dragonfable has an option to select which makes enemies stronger.

Ryuyasha -> RE: =AQW= Server playstyle preference (5/2/2017 16:37:41)

I need a challenge, there's very few bosses I can't kill by myself.

Shadowhunt -> RE: =AQW= Server playstyle preference (5/2/2017 16:38:13)

Whoooo Dark Souls server!

But really, it depends on the reward. On the whole, AQW is a fairly laid back game. If I wanted to go play something that really challenged me, I'd probably go play Dark Souls or crank up the difficulty on Skyrim or, yanno, try any combat in Dishonored (man the combat in that game is terrible. Low chaos playthrough FTW!). So in general I'd want to just have a fairly easy time with slaying my AQW enemies. That being said, I'd probably go for the harder fights if it meant higher drop amounts or drop rates or something akin to that. If the fight is three or four times harder but I get, say, x10 of a drop rather than x1 or x2, I'd probably take the more challenging. It would require me to be more engaged, I'm sure, but it would likely be worth it.

aaronarco -> RE: =AQW= Server playstyle preference (5/2/2017 16:40:04)

Been playing aqw for the awesome item designs, challenge comes second. Binky, Raxgore, Desterrat Moya, etc. are the ones I remember battling a lot for the item they offer, or a char page badge. AQW classes having only four skills and an automatic basic attack, I'm pretty happy with hit-me-back monsters. I play mainly for the reward, not for the subpar challenge that bosses with skills + massive hp offers. If i would play for challenge battling monsters, I'd go to play mobas and other mainstream games, and I distance myself to pvp cuz they offer the real challenge, which I don't look forward in aqw.

jtbh :) I love aqw the way it is, even if it sounds different, I rly like how straightforward battling is and the real challenge presented are the maps and th complexity of questlines.

kaos rules x -> RE: =AQW= Server playstyle preference (5/2/2017 16:57:11)

After playing AQWorlds for a long time, I thought I would be one of the ones to want a tougher server with beefier enemies with skills. While I would still try it out, I'd much rather stick to the current setup of monster hp and power. The best compromise would be some simpler monster skills, like poison DoTs or mild damage resistances.

As much as I like AQWorlds, I don't really consider it to be my singular or primary source of gaming, so I enjoy it for the easier difficulty and easy-to-play feel.

The ErosionSeeker -> RE: =AQW= Server playstyle preference (5/2/2017 16:59:53)

Only if there's some tangible incentive to play on hard mode.

I'd probably do it for releases in order to actually have a bit of challenge, but if there's no reason other than "because I can", then nobody would bother because a majority of people playing AQW aren't actually looking for tough enemies.

Aura Knight -> RE: =AQW= Server playstyle preference (5/2/2017 17:00:55)

Monsters having abilities could be great. If that ability includes a stun-lock, not so great.

Iron Volvametal -> RE: =AQW= Server playstyle preference (5/2/2017 17:33:17)

By "DeathMode," do you mean losing Gold when you die?

Because that could be...interesting.

Tentaclecat -> RE: =AQW= Server playstyle preference (5/2/2017 18:03:15)

^ Or better yet, you lose EXP and Gold. Since there's no equip durability, it would be just those penalties for dying.

TsumetheWolf -> RE: =AQW= Server playstyle preference (5/2/2017 18:41:04)

I would be okay with the hardcore server if it was: optional and the rewards were guaranteed. If I spent the time fighting truly difficult bosses and/or mobs, then I don't want the exasperation induced by the RNG.

And by truly difficult monsters, I mean ones that can really ruin our strategies- not by being massive-HP sponges that have insta-kill attacks, but by DoT's, debuffs and the like. Aeacus had some effects that did something along those lines. I felt he was a little challenging, and he didn't even have a huge amount of health!

Guardian Patrick -> RE: =AQW= Server playstyle preference (5/2/2017 19:00:08)

If it's hardcore, it better give really good rewards, otherwise, regular :P

Charon -> RE: =AQW= Server playstyle preference (5/2/2017 19:08:43)

Agree with the others, higher risk, higher loss but higher rewards

Loftyz -> RE: =AQW= Server playstyle preference (5/2/2017 20:38:57)

Hopefully, there is something of use in this long rant. I don't think anyone would play a regular server where everything was just "stronger", because why would they? It's inefficient for clearing content, and doesn't achieve anything on your maxed character. There could be rewards, but that still leaves out the question of what exactly people would do to get those rewards (re-doing questlines? but some quests are only complete-able once. Fighting specific super-bosses? Why not just add that to the existing worlds, as new Ultra boss fights?).

Also, how do you buff everything? I'm guessing you give every monster a flat % increase on their stats and damage. But we are Level 65, and a lot of the content was released and scaled around the max combat level being 25 or 40, etc. Level 35 Ledgermayne with a lot more stats? No problem for a party of Level 65s. But would individually increasing the stats of all enemies (or just bosses) take too long? You could definitely scale all enemies by a %, and then adjust the bosses a bit more.

And the combat system just isn't complex enough to make a strong fight interesting. A boss fight in AQW is spamming 2-5 as fast as possible, while you have at least 1 Stonecrusher. Besides, we already have super-enemies: Binky and Desolich. And fighting them is not necessarily interesting. It might be in other MMOs, where positioning, defined party member roles, and more than 4 skills come into play.

If there would be a DEATHMODE server, I'd want it to be in its own world that can only be joined by newly-created characters. But it would only be a matter of time before people get certain "self-heal + DPS + buff" classes like Stonecrusher, Archpaladin, and Lightcaster, and completely trivialise the difficult content. And would it be too much, to ask for a separate serverwide chat, so we could organize parties in-game, to clear difficult content that can't be solo'd? You could also have a more-powerful Legacy server. Which means you start with the base game (AQW when it was first released), and you add the scheduled updates at a much faster rate. So maybe, 1-2 months worth of releases get added every week, or a weekly release added every day (only possible if you have the backups of each AQW version).

Doxus the OverLord -> RE: =AQW= Server playstyle preference (5/2/2017 21:25:31)

DEATHMODE. I'm sure for this.
But I have the same point of view of @Guardian Patrick. Higher risks, better rewards. Lesser risks, worse rewards.

Edme MacHeath -> RE: =AQW= Server playstyle preference (5/2/2017 21:42:59)

It's nice to have a few challenges here and there but an ENTIRE server based on being challenging, "only if" we aren't forced to use that server...
I guess it'd be okay as long as the regular server still existed. That would give us the option. AQW is a pretty easy game to pickup and I wouldn't want players to join in and discover its super difficult.
So if there is a deathmatch server...Could there be more zones for PVP? Back on the main point... I would like a more challenging server, I would like to see situations where we would be forced to fight bosses alone or with groups. I also think it'd be cool if these bosses restricted certain classes or certain zones that restricted certain classes to give us a challenge. That would be cool to see people using classes in a specific group like way.... like one person has to be the healer, another has to be a DPS or tank, I think that would be cool to see a group of 4people playing AQW like how typical 4 person dungeon groups in MMOs usually work. I'm suggesting this because group challenge boss fights (the tough bosses that can kill in 2 hits) is just one archpaladin to nerf the monster and then everyone else can use whatever they want without any worry of being killed.

megakyle777 -> RE: =AQW= Server playstyle preference (5/3/2017 0:12:19)

I'm going to give my answer in gif form: http://i.imgur.com/6FLxeaO.gif

Simply put, don't force me to play on either. I like the idea of exclusive rewards on the Hardcore server for example, but I don't like being FORCED to play on the hardcore server for it.

Now to be fair, I'm not exactly sure how one can offer rewards for playing hardcore, while not forcing players into thinking it HAS to be hardcore they play. But I think a balance can and should be made on the matter. Any ideas?

XeNON_54 -> RE: =AQW= Server playstyle preference (5/3/2017 8:41:07)

I will slay ALL the things!!!

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iDreadnaut -> RE: =AQW= Server playstyle preference (5/3/2017 9:26:05)

As I said on Twitter, we could have both. Just like we have regular servers and testing servers now, I think we can have regular servers and DS servers in the future. With DS servers having some exclusive drops and (hardcore) farming items.

polar -> RE: =AQW= Server playstyle preference (5/3/2017 9:45:34)


Higher risks, better rewards. Lesser risks, worse rewards.

heck yeah! makes rewards more worth it instead of just a huge farming schedule
I always preferred playing on the hardest difficulty in my games. Makes me pay attention,observe,think and lets me tell what items are worth it and which are not

Lathiel -> RE: =AQW= Server playstyle preference (5/3/2017 10:05:32)

I'd like a server where stuff is harder, but only if we make it very, very clear that Hard does NOT mean time-consuming.

Aura Knight -> RE: =AQW= Server playstyle preference (5/3/2017 10:30:25)

Unless monsters in this new hardmode server get altered hp values, I expect nothing much to change in terms of how long it takes to fight certain bosses. I'm not sure whether to be excited or terrified of a DeathMode Binky.

Metakirby -> RE: =AQW= Server playstyle preference (5/3/2017 11:23:53)


I'm not sure whether to be excited or terrified of a DeathMode Binky.

Deathmode Binky: Same as usual, but every 100k damage done, he activates ALL abilites at once.

That's another thing about monster abilites, Binky, as hard as he is, it's mostly due to the totally random, usually party wiping nuke. There's no reaction time whatsoever, no warning that's like "Binky charges his Shadow Attack, be wary", it's just "Boop" and everyone gets murdered, for the most part.

Ultra Brutalcorn is interesting and fun in that case, when he stops attacking for a couple seconds, he's telling you "if you don't prepare for this, you are a dead man". All the enemies with counter attacks (except Binky), actually has a pattern, so you have at least an idea of when it happens and you can prepare for that moment.
Tibicenas and Wolfwing have similar abilites, both have a pattern of when they reach x amount of hp, they activate their life drain ability and the berserk is also activated at a set amounf of life.
Kitsune is just no, pls no, litteral timesink, it was probably a good idea back then, when not every class had outstanding healing and we had limited classes that were dedicated to healing and it was a real endurance test, nowadays it's just a litteral timewaster.

It would be interesting if a boss used it's mana and it regenerated mana like the Warrior regen model and once it reaches max mana, it uses one of serveral devistating abilites, not instant kill abilites like Ultra Alteon or Binky, but stuff like decreasing the party's healing and gaining increased damage as well as getting AoE attacks for a period of time, giving everyone Curse of Blades (the oh so popular Doomkitten ability), a lesser AoE nuke with various side effects applied, (heavy loss of haste, crit damage, hit chance etc.), increasing mana costs by 25-50% for a period of time, possibly stealing ALL buffs that the party has on at that moment in time (their cooldown will end as it usually would) and giving ALL the current debuffs to the whole party (no Archpaladin Shenanigans here[;)]). This last one might sound way too powerful, but buffs/debuffs rarely lasts more than 10-15 seconds if not reapplied, so as long as you do NOT have a fully stacked Archpaladin, you should be fine. Shaman would also have an interesting "synergy", so to speak.

All of these abilites can of course come in rapid succession if you hit him fast enough, which leads to an interesting conundrum, it also benefits less spammy classes, which are usually the top classes nowadays. This would make you rethink what class you would actually want to use, higher haste wouldn't necessarily be a good thing.
This boss should of course have a decent health pool, so it has the chance to do the various abilites multiple times before dying. It should also have some nice rewards at the end, to make it worth the trouble. Not a random drop, but possibly a token of sorts for a merge shop and if you get enough, you can get some epic gear.

I feel it's more enjoyable if you know when a boss unleashes a super powerful, possibly party wiping ability (going back to the comment about Binky). None of what I suggested is an instant partywipe, unless it happens under certain circumstances of course.

Making an enemy that just hits hard by default is not a good way of making a challenging boss. We have Void Highlord and Archpaladin that can litterally solo anything that is meant to be killed in the first place.

iDreadnaut -> RE: =AQW= Server playstyle preference (5/3/2017 11:40:32)

It would be great to have a warning/way to avoid Binky's nukes, but other than that I think Binky's great, it uses a random ability every 20 seconds and some of them might miss, giving you 20 seconds to freely punish it.

If AE really releases a DS server, I don't expect a challenge from ALL monsters in it, because it'd be simply a lot of work to set damage and abilities for every single monster (and we have thousands of them, I believe). I believe focusing on new releases and areas with DS-server-exclusive farming/challenge bosses rewards is the way to go.

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