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=AQW= Item Rarity Poll

Permanent gear's the best
  44% (44)
I prefer gear that goes rare
  15% (15)
Looks are more important
  28% (28)
Other (reply with info)
  12% (12)

Total Votes : 99
(last vote on : 5/29/2017 5:33:08)
(Poll will run till: -- )


Alina -> =AQW= Item Rarity Poll (5/12/2017 17:07:44)

How important is an item's rarity to you?

Over the last few months, we have begun focusing more on permanent content with (or without) AC color variants. The developers have seen an increase in the amount of complaints at the lack of rare items, but also some love from players who appreciate getting access to the gear.

Share your thoughts... IN POLL FORM!

An important note: different players enjoy different aspects of AQWorlds. For some, collecting rare gear is the most enjoyable part of the game, and that is 100% alright! That's what they like, while others prefer chatting, battling with friends, or collecting classes. One of the nice things about weekly releases is that we are able to rotate out our focus, so that we can hit on the things that different players enjoy.

So please, let's have no clashes between those who do not like rare gear and those who prefer it. Both are completely acceptable preferences.

Much <3, guys!

Aura Knight -> RE: =AQW= Item Rarity Poll (5/12/2017 17:22:43)

I care very little for the rarity of an item. The thing that matters most to me is how useful it is or if it has an impact on gameplay. This is why I've been against classes ever going perma rare. I'm not sure if there will ever be a chance to get certain classes once again, but it is disappointing knowing I won't get to use certain skillsets just because I missed out on them.

I think the mindset of some rare collectors is ruining the fun of the game for newer players. Are those of us who don't have certain rares expected to be impressed by the things others have? Why? Things like armors, capes, helms, and weapons have matter very little since we can enhance them as we see fit.

guthixnite -> RE: =AQW= Item Rarity Poll (5/12/2017 17:24:32)

As I have voted with other, I am here to explain myself. I don't seek to start any arguments here, simply express my opinions.

All in all, rares hold no importance to me with a single exception; classes. More accurately, the skill sets attached to them. Specialized art or bonuses like the Chaos Champion Prime are entirely fine and allow for a "Rare" variant without impeding the usage of the skill set itself.

When it comes to cosmetic items such as armor, capes, helms, and normal weapons, they tend to hold no value, but having a rare tag on a name could differentiate acquiring it when it was out before as opposed to getting it after its gone "Rare". While it is disappointing to miss out on items with racial damage boosts, damage to all, or the likes, it is ultimately of no importance in game play due to the variety of permanent content that fills that position.

So to summarize, I have no preference for or against rares with the exception of class skill sets themselves.

Rastaban -> RE: =AQW= Item Rarity Poll (5/12/2017 18:12:28)

Voted for the Other option.

I feel like having more permanent gear means less resources are wasted on things that are only available for a month. It is difficult for players to enjoy equipment when they cannot access it. I believe Laken also cited this as a reason for his departure. For me, of all of the things that have gone rare in nearly 9 years, class skillsets are the worst.

I keep rare items mostly because I can't choose to get them back later if I suddenly decide I want to use them again. For the most part, I do not care at all about the age or look of an item. I am the sort of freak that values utility over appearance even in a dress up chatbox.

DragonUltraMaster -> RE: =AQW= Item Rarity Poll (5/12/2017 19:01:01)

I don't really buy items unless I like them (or are moglin related). Rare items isn't too important for me. I don't care too much either if they go rare or not, so I guess I'm neutral.


Edme MacHeath -> RE: =AQW= Item Rarity Poll (5/12/2017 19:26:34)

Item rarity feels vastly unimportant. Some items go rare and some don't. I'll accept rares on the condition that they only go rare in special instances
such as: Rare Event Shops, LQS, Monthly Rare Gear, Limited Time Shops, etc. I voted for looks because a artistic appealing item is way more important to me than the whole slew of items, rare and non rare that are released left and right.

Loftyz -> RE: =AQW= Item Rarity Poll (5/12/2017 20:11:05)

Apart from Chrono Drago, all the rare classes are just garbage and not really the best at fulfilling any specific role.

As for gear (rare or not), no interest unless it has boosts. They release new sets every week, and if you get them, they'll just sit in your bank. I don't see the point.

Harrison -> RE: =AQW= Item Rarity Poll (5/12/2017 20:21:15)

Rarity doesn't matter to me, looks do. In fact, if an armor that costs 750 ACs and is going rare, I'd expect it to at least look good, especially if it's a a forced unchangeable skin morph with teeth plastered all over the "armor".

TsumetheWolf -> RE: =AQW= Item Rarity Poll (5/12/2017 20:37:04)

As i've said before, I like items that feel like souvenirs. The Fear Chaser event shop, They Might be Giants and Voltaire's 2011 and 2012 events did this very well.
Other than that I don't really care whether an item is farmable, buyable or just there- I collect things that catch my eye. However, I do go for quest pets and things that seem to be useful, as they could help me farm or in battles in general.

You know though, I do miss the older LTS'. The ones that had a timer, and items such as Eternal Warrior and the Magistrate set. They were advertised well in advance of being rare, and had some very high quality items. If more of those were done in the future, i'm pretty sure those who collect rare items wouldn't mind waiting if the items were properly worth waiting for.
Some of the items in there were more expensive than others of that time (E.Warrior and some items in that shop were 1,000AC), but I felt the quality justified it.

I think fewer rare shops with high quality items would be a lot better than more shops with items that sometimes don't really have that much of a striking quality to them...

Shadowhunt -> RE: =AQW= Item Rarity Poll (5/12/2017 20:53:27)

I too think that skillsets shouldn't go rare. If you must make a variant with different colours or skill names or animations or something that goes rare to appease rare collectors, that's fine, but the skillset should remain in the game. Even if it isn't the best, people should still have the opportunity to be able to try it out and play with it if they so choose. Seasonal is fine, but permanent rarity on the thing that impacts the game the most isn't something I'm a fan of.

For items with bonuses/effects, I'm fine with them going rare as long as they don't have a bonus that exceeds any permanent item. If you want to throw a 35% boost to Undead on a rare item, that's fine; someone could pick it up with minimal effort and be happy with it, and it doesn't really affect people who missed it because they can always get something better. Sure, looks are a part of it, but I'm sure there are others like me who are willing to sacrifice looks in order to get a good bonus (looking at you BLoD).

For everything else, I'd prefer to see a limited amount of rarity. Things like Dark Casters or Naval Commanders all look pretty much the same so if they go rare it's fine, you'll have a chance at another one most likely. But things that are iconic or highly desirable should be available to anyone, no matter when they start the game or when they take breaks. The biggest one that comes to mind is the Paragon set. A lot of people would love to be able to get this, but it was only available for a limited amount of time. It's an iconic set, though, so I feel like if someone wants to get it, they should be able to. Other things I don't think it's as important, but I still feel like people should be able to look how they want without having to worry about something going rare. So if something is going to go rare, I feel like the majority of the time it should be replaced with something that looks similar, but maybe has different colours. One of the big appeals of AQW is the ability to look how you like, so you don't see people running around all wearing the same thing because it's the best. This is becoming slightly less true as certain items do become objectively better than others, but it's not so bad that you only ever see the same three or four sets.

So the short of it is: no rare skillsets, no rares with boosts greater than anything permanent, and limited amount of pure rarity (replace or release alongside with something similar but with different colours or something).

kaos rules x -> RE: =AQW= Item Rarity Poll (5/12/2017 22:03:01)

By default, I value the look of an item the most when I consider farming or buying something. I don't really care if it's a rare or permanent piece of gear, I just like to have a variety of different styles and themes. My personal favorite (at the moment) is druid-like gear, so I would snatch up those sorts of items whether they were permanent or rare.

But I do like how there's been a better balance of rare and non-rare gear. There may be people who want a few more rare things, but I like to keep the ultra-rare unique items for LQS's or specials events like guests/birthdays/holidays. I've always considered a rare item to be valuable as a memory of the release: a memory of a big special event rather than weekly shop fodder.

Doxus the OverLord -> RE: =AQW= Item Rarity Poll (5/12/2017 22:21:37)

I voted for other.

Here's my point of view:
I like farming very much and I can say I have done all endgame items (HoA, NSoD, SDKA, ENNH, VHL, BLoD and AFDL), but I really think that farming loses it purpose when we have an item that you'll be needing time to get by a questline or dropping if it isn't AC-tagged thanks to storage. Why farming for an item if when you don't want it you'll need to buy bank spaces (which is a limited thing thanks to the 250 slots limit) instead of farming something AC-tagged that you won't have any "storaging issue".
I don't have problems with buying slots. I purchase 12k ACs every month and I'm doing it since february of 2016. My problem is having a limited number of slots to buy. This is why I say that non-AC tagged items which requires farming is just a meaning of wasting your time to play.

I voted for other cuz I'm after AC-tagged items which won't need me to purchase bank slots thanks to all aspects said above. I don't have problems with ACs, I have problems managing limited slots.
So, I can say that I'm a AC-tagged Hunter, that's all.
Rarity for me is just a detail, I care more about if the item is AC-tagged or not.

GojetaDragon08 -> RE: =AQW= Item Rarity Poll (5/12/2017 22:38:46)

I voted "other". With Dage mostly focusing on AQ3D, Nulgath/Miltonius and Revontheus no longer with AE, I feel that the art we get each week is subpar with a few exceptions. I prefer fewer rare items but those items should look good.

RKC -> RE: =AQW= Item Rarity Poll (5/13/2017 4:26:18)

I prefer Rares that go rare permanently. That is why I play AQW

Guardian Patrick -> RE: =AQW= Item Rarity Poll (5/14/2017 1:06:14)

I voted Other, so I can make this comment.

I like when rares become 0ac rares :3 It motivates me to collect them more than collecting non-ac rares. (I'm sure most of us suffer inventory space issue, but I think everyone deserve the freedom to collect rares)

Also, make sure to balance rare and non-rare items ratio. Releasing too much rare items make rare hunting less serious.

JustAPlayer -> RE: =AQW= Item Rarity Poll (5/14/2017 23:05:35)

A bit subjective, but to no surprise it seems like regular/AC rare gear tends to have superior art/concept/design/animation compared to permanent, weekly "awesome/unknown rarity" gear. Because I get this feeling, I'm always leaning more towards rares.

I also make sure my looks coincide with gear that isn't so widespread/common - to preserve that sense of uniqueness.
Rares do that; figure a large enough in-game art pool would do that as well. That said, I voted for looks =p

Ninjaty -> RE: =AQW= Item Rarity Poll (5/15/2017 0:50:34)

I voted for rares, because of reasons for playing, sticking around and general life stuff. When I can collect rares, I find joy in the world, I can be happy, not just in-game, but in real life as well. I just want everyone to be happy, but no single item can appeal to everyone, and thus it needs to go to someone. Sometimes it's to the rare collectors, sometimes it's to the end-game farmers, and sometimes it's to someone else entirely. I simply want what has been given to one group, to stay with that group. If a class can be made for everyone to enjoy, or be restricted to the farming group (where someone with a tight schedule for playing will never be able to obtain it), then surely they can have their place with the rare collectors too.

At this point I am tired however, not just in this very moment (although that is also true), but in general. AE tries to promote family friendly values, yet most of the times I come to the forums these days, it's to argue with people, desperately trying to defend my preferences and sanity, often with the consequences of feeling like I lost a bit of both. And so I try to keep my distance to recover, yet every time I do, another thread pops up that challenges my preferences in such mass, that I can either come back once more, or feel like I am abandoning something dear to me in it's time of need.

I just want everyone to be happy, but I am so tired from all the fighting about it, that I sometimes wonder I should just give up on my own happiness to get some peace. I treasure my rares like I do family members; I don't necessarily seem them all constantly, but just knowing that they are still there, gives me peace. I don't want to lose them, but if I can't maintain my happiness out of sheer desperation for losing it, then what is the point of it all?

Aura Knight -> RE: =AQW= Item Rarity Poll (5/15/2017 2:38:59)

The only change I'd like to see in regards to rares is for rare classes to make some sort of comeback. In the other thread about rares, I mentioned having new variants of existing rares that are different enough from the orginals so as to not cause too many issues. It's not as if recolored rares is anything too impossible. But this is just for classes. Any other rare, I don't care much about. Quest giving pets may be high priority but there are always opportunities to get those. The ones most wanted award either legion tokens or nulgath reagents. But we have non-rare pets that can do those things too. With classes going rare, it's a shame to know only a select few will have a chance to use certain skillsets and it's the loss of skillsets that I can't support. Other things that don't impact gameplay can stay as they are. Would it be nice to have another chance at limited time items? Perhaps, but I doubt anything could be considered high priority. I'd rather not pay to simply dress up. Others may enjoy that but I don't make an effort to do such a thing. Only times I do buy things is when classes or quest giving pets are involved and I can't always buy those anyway.

GojetaDragon08 -> RE: =AQW= Item Rarity Poll (5/15/2017 3:06:13)

I too do not mind rare classes returning in some form or the other but classes exclusive to HeroMart items should not be coming back.

Aura Knight -> RE: =AQW= Item Rarity Poll (5/15/2017 3:12:31)

Such classes are a special case. Though many fit the rare category, they are usually attached to actual things as bonuses. Those are not something I'd expect to see return nor would it make sense to bring some back. I mean, would anyone want a 2015 calender in 2018? But the thing I wouldn't mind seeing done is having a variant of future calender classes sold in game for a high amount of ACs like how shadowstalker and shadowwalker was done. Perhaps there are people opposed to that but I didn't mind. It was one of the only chances I had at a calendar class.

ghoal -> RE: =AQW= Item Rarity Poll (5/15/2017 3:34:04)

I could list 100 "rare" items I would spend between 5k-100k acs a piece (some i think should have never when rare), I think instead of making items go rare, make them more cost more take or very long too get after the easier/cheaper versions are "rare", perma-"rares" are good in here and there but I think most "rare" items should instead every year or two come back and leave at random times without warning, as AQW is now getting older it is harder on those players that change, it makes them regret their choices or things they couldn't control ergo I think rares should come back but with different requirements/prices, ex: the Undead Paladin set. (rare by definition is not occurring very often.) As for classes, rarity is a very bad idea and makes me dislike even buying/farming for perma-"rare" classes. If you made a perma-"rare" (physical) class like VHL in power and mighty for acs and I would mostly not buy it, and hate myself late, but only because I hate perma-"rare" classes even more than perma-"rare" items.

Ted Zlammy -> RE: =AQW= Item Rarity Poll (5/15/2017 16:58:14)

I'm more in favour of permanent gear. Despite a good amount of them being forgotten over time, they're at the very least still waiting for us to possibly have a use for them. I've lost count of amount of times over the years I'd find a new neat item and after combing through older stuff that might go well with it in the wiki, I only found old rares.

I'm not saying I don't think rares shouldn't be in the game though. I just think the amount should be turned down a notch like as of late.

Keeper of the Owls -> RE: =AQW= Item Rarity Poll (5/15/2017 23:11:50)

Ultimately rare items are nothing more than souvenirs of events long past.

Shadowhunt -> RE: =AQW= Item Rarity Poll (5/15/2017 23:44:56)

^ The issue is, it was getting to a point where it wasn't even really being that in a lot of regards. Things were just going rare to go rare. "Ah, yes, this armour was to commemorate the great release of August 24, 2015! I remember it clearly, there was a server shutdown and then some new stuff was added, including the rares shop I found this beauty in!" Having rares to commemorate rather large events is fine and makes sense, as it's kind of an "I was there" thing, though I still think certain things shouldn't have gone rare (Paragon set, for example). I still don't like the concept of rares in general but if they want to have limited time things to commemorate big events, that's alright. It's when it starts getting to the point where things are being released for the sole intention of going away in two weeks that it's going overboard.

Keeper of the Owls -> RE: =AQW= Item Rarity Poll (5/15/2017 23:57:03)

Rares make money. AE's been cashing in on that notion for the past 8 years and the game has survived as a result.

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