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RE: (Draco)Vamps

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8/29/2009 11:41:30   

I'm pretty sure there is a higher level version.
AQ  Post #: 176
8/31/2009 18:39:30   

i cant beat syphon vamps, but for the handmaidens i just use mankind's moxie for armor, light orb, RUB, and golden shield, focus to 5 then blast them away. also i use the hyper nerfbat to lower their combat defence slightly whiule im focusing.
Post #: 177
9/1/2009 0:49:26   
Wandering Kalanyr
 The Shadow of Twilight Dreams

There is no Syphon (Draco)Vamp. They've been replaced with the Handmaidens. Though for the purpose of encounter pools as opposed to thematics they've technically been replaced by Vampire Adepts since Handmaidens would eat most players in that pool alive.
Post #: 178
9/1/2009 0:51:54   

i think their is a higher level version..i think their a level 126 one
AQ  Post #: 179
9/1/2009 2:53:20   
Wandering Kalanyr
 The Shadow of Twilight Dreams

I made the change myself. I *know* what there is. The highest level one is the level 116 Dracovamp Handmaiden. Unless you count the Level 145 Safiria.
Post #: 180
9/14/2009 21:28:01   
Nex del Vida

Blargh. The level 105 Vamp Handmaiden pretty much always kills me. I used to be able to beat it with Nightbane's Apotheosis, but that may have been a different-leveled one. Right now, she's murdering me in Golden Plate and Shield, using Sila's Staff and Fwying Wonder... I seem to be able to get close by using Reign Plate, Golden Shield, and ZBS, but no cigar. I'm guessing I could get even closer if I ever remembered that I own EoN. I really should start using that shield.
AQ  Post #: 181
9/14/2009 21:40:57   

X of the AQ Q&A/EC/BS

^ you want to try to take it out in 1 hit. Mage robes empower + focus is a possibility.
edit: as for golden and reign plates they get worse as she lowers your lvl(same for any tiered or lvl scaling item).

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 182
9/15/2009 18:54:22   
Nex del Vida

That's great advice, thanks. Mage Robes + Sila's Staff + EoN and then Empower Spell + Focus Spell + Fwying Wonder takes her out in two turns with 200 INT.

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AQ  Post #: 183
9/15/2009 19:00:15   
Apocalyptic Silence

Nex del Vida, another strategy that always works for me is the following:

1. Golden Plate + Spell Blocker + Sila's Staff + Drakelbane + Fwying Wonder (Regardless of who goes first).
2. Switch to Mage Robes + Sila's Staff + Spell Blocker + Empower Spell + Focus Spell + Fwying Wonder.

She uses only deals magic damage. Having high magic defense is what really helps. If you need pets you can add those as well. Hope this also helps you some.
Post #: 184
10/17/2009 10:43:16   

i can never beat her as a warrior. I mean, i might get lucky sometimes if i use kindred, spell blocker and brilliant beam sword, but i don't even hit it at all for some reason, and it keeps on hitting me.

Also, undead mutant works well until she starts cheating by lowering your accuracy by 9000, and then my undead mutant miss all 5 hits and she gains back all her health. Kinda annoying for a warrior doing the dragon blade quest, because i can even defeat nightbane, xerxes and ultra akriloth, but this monster just pisses me off all the time.

P.S my dear zero hex guest did NOTHING at all.

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AQ  Post #: 185
10/17/2009 20:35:24   

Hmm, I just fought the Dracovamp Hamdmadian with:

Golden Axe
Golden Holy Armor
Light Orb

I used Holy Might and 1-hit K-O'ed her. It was surprising.

EDIT: Found her again, I used the same equipment and I spammed Holy might. 2 turns = Dead. I'm a hybrid btw, 200 STR/DEX.

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Post #: 186
10/27/2009 10:39:53   

Never had a prob with her and I have 130 DEX and 165 INT!!

I slowly get her to half way then launch everything I have at her then!! Light spells, Light Orb, Ultimus, Guardian Aracknight doesnt do too badly!
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 187
10/13/2010 9:21:03   
Communicant of the Light Lord


Ok... so I'm training Dracopyre again, and I can defeat Vamp Adepts, but it is just a risky strategy, whacking them and praying for LS. I hope my equipment can promise me a better strategy - or any advice given can be crucially needed. :D

Character Page: below avvy
Build & Stats: err... Ranger?
Equipment used:
.) Lustrous Fairche Solais
.) Dracopyre of Night
.) Dreamcatcher (important side note: will NOT buy EoN)
.) Heal Wounds
.) PSIV:Hogg
Previously used strategies:
As easy as it goes, Equip my Solais, Dreamcatcher for the magic blocking, activating Hogg and hitting away, hoping I can hit a huge LS. Use HW when necessary. I really have to be lucky for this to work (and sometimes it does), but I want a secure strategy to get them down.


There is an existing thread. We use a blanket thread for all (Draco)Vamp Adepts/Handmaidens. Threads merged. ~Everest

Thanks Everest. It didn't say Adept anywhere, so I figured there was none. ~Xel

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AQ  Post #: 188
10/31/2010 21:17:32   

i have been trying to level the dracopyre armor for the last 3 days and every time i get railroaded by a Vamp Handmaiden, Vamp Adept, Dracovamp Handmaiden, or Dracovamp Adept. Even with Lay in hands i still lose against these guys because i just cant do enough damage once they are at half.
only time i do beat them is if i get lucky and Holy Might dosent do the average 100-300 damage. I just recently untrained 25 END and put it into DEX so i dont miss as often but that didnt help. what am i doing wrong here and why cant i beat these guys?

Character Link : Character link here
Level & Status :level 81 x-guardian
Build : currently warrior build but dumping it into dex for accuracy
Character Stats : STR-150 DEX-180 END-75
Level(s) of Items with Multiple Versions : my gear is as up to date as far as i know
Alignment (Good/Evil or Chaos/Unity) : maxed out good and unity
Notes :after 3 days of doing the dracopyre quest im up to level 8 and been level 8 for the last 2 days
Goals : i just want to finnish leveling Dracopyre
Z-Tokens (If Applicable):468

Moved from AQ Q&A and merged with official thread. Please use the correct forum. ~TF

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 189
10/31/2010 20:21:09   

Monster/Quest Name: Vamp Handmaiden
Character Link: Zarqueam
Guardian/Adventurer: Guardian
Level Version of Monster: 105
Build: Hybrid
Items Equipped:

Weapon: Big 100k

Armor: Shadow Cloak

Shield: Nemesis Shield

Spell: Nightbanes Apotheosis

Pet: Dragon Kitten

Misc: none

Previously Used Strategies: Spamming Nightbanes Apotheosis. Having Dragon and Tiger guest out and letting them attack. Letting Dragon Kitten attack alongside them. Trying to hold out before I die. It's a horrible strategy I know but it's all i've got. Does anyone have a better strategy for me?
Notes: Could you send copy of strategy to my mail. I'm not usually on much and I'm afraid this post will be deleted before I see your responses. Thanks!

Please look through the Index to see if there is an existing thread on the monster before posting. You might get some good ideas by reading through some of this thread. Threads merged. ~JMill

< Message edited by JMill -- 10/31/2010 21:20:40 >
Post #: 190
10/31/2010 20:30:26   

X of the AQ Q&A/EC/BS

Killing handmaidens is all about high, fast dmg. Which given your current stats isn't something you are really capable of. There really isn't any trick to her. Other then don't waste turns, such as summoning new guests or using miscs that take a turn to activate.

The first thing to do is figure exactly what build you want, then fix your stats. If you are working on what looks to be a beast hybrid that's really just a bad idea especially at your lvl. Hybrids naturally have their stats spread thin as do beast builds so when you put them together your just asking for dmg issues early on.

But after that if your suing spells something like mage robes "empower" is a good idea to boost your dmg. You want to kill her in under 3 turns ideally.

< Message edited by afterlifex -- 10/31/2010 20:31:35 >
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 191
10/31/2010 22:40:23   

@Thesage The ones that only heal from under half hp are most easily defeated by using Focus attacks from the Initiate's/Paragon's/Mankind's/Kindred's armor. Bash them down to around half, then focus a couple times & crunchcrunchcrunch.

Anecdotally, with my warrior character level 81 I didn't have much trouble out damaging their regen to just grind it out, attacking in either Chimeran or Dracopyre with Gilded Axe +Power Shard Hogg. The difference may be maxed str instead of balanced str/dex?

Signatures aren't allowed in Battle Strategy ~Zizzy

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AQ  Post #: 192
11/1/2010 0:50:34   
vegeta ssj2

to beat her, focus 4 times with kindred armor and atk
Post #: 193
11/4/2010 23:04:02   

Before I got my AuA I would auto attack in SC + CIT until half health, wait til I stopped her presence, then casted NA, works pretty well.

Now I just auto attack =)

Vamp Adept btw
AQ  Post #: 194
11/5/2010 1:23:32   

All I do is: Mage robe + eye of naab + focus + empower + fwying wonder = Instant K.O. If it is not an instand K.O., Just regenerate using eye of naab, and do the same thing.
AQ  Post #: 195
11/13/2010 3:11:29   
Static Wolf

To beat a Vamp Handmaiden I just go although you don't need as much focus as people have been saying, you can usually kill her with 2-3 Focus.

Equipment I use: Mankind's Moxie Focus 2-3 (Depending on my health at 2nd one) + CIT + Lambent Fairche Solais + Powershard IV: Hogg + Poelala (Optional)

Strategy: Deactivate pets, then equip items mentioned above. Start Focusing and once you get to 2-3 Focus you can pound her, with 3 focus it's always a OHKO, the only problem is that you HAVE to hit, otherwise your doomed... Having Poelala is good in conjunction with Lambent Fairche Solais' Magic 3-hit special, if the special goes off the damage aided by Poelala is usually enough to kill her in one-shot. Hope this helps people. :D
Post #: 196
11/25/2010 12:14:53   

I am a pure warrior and it's easy to kill any handmaidens. I just use Virulent Chimeran Champion + CIT + Guardian Oaklore Maul(Not Lv 133 yet) + Light Orb and BANG!BANG!BANG! she dies, simple as that. It's going to help big time even if you use lesser versions of VCC.
AQ  Post #: 197
12/21/2010 17:16:30   

Any particulary helpful advice to beating syphons without holy might? Preferably with a golden axe becuase that's my best shot against them at the moment.
AQ  Post #: 198
12/21/2010 17:48:38   

I have a harder time now, since i have no END. I just hit the vamp , and hope it does a big enough lucky strike. if i have enough, i use fire breath from chimeran.
AQ DF  Post #: 199
12/21/2010 18:16:19   

RedEyedDrake, with stats so spread out, you'll have a hard time generating high damage from any attack or spell. Your best bet is probably Obsidian Cloak's Undead Mutant skill, as it doesn't use stat damage, just makes hits based on the weapon base/random.
AQ  Post #: 200
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