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AdventureQuest Z-Token Guide

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3/4/2008 18:09:40   

List of Contents

[1] Z-tokens
[2] Pricing and Payment
[3] FAQ
[4] New Releases
[5] Limited Time shop
[6] Valenica's Z-token Shop
[6.2] Armors
[6.3] Shields
[6.4] Spells
[6.5] Pets
[6.6] Misc
[7] Z-token Quest Items
[8] Temporary Z-token Items
[9] Rare Z-token items
[10] Storage
[11] Houses/Estates
[11.1] House Items
[11.2] House Guards
[11.25] House Guards and Items from Quests
[11.3] Estate items

[1] Z-Tokens

What are Z-Tokens?

Very rare coins that can be found by battling challenging monsters in the game.
You can also purchase a large amount of Z-Tokens, using real money.
You can trade the Z-Tokens in for cool special Weapons or other items at the Z-Token Equipment Shop inside
Find Valencia standing at the Inn. She will help you get items with your Z-Tokens!
Z-tokens can also be used to pay for trainning stats instead of gold.
You can also donate your Z-tokens to your Paxia clan in the game and they will be added to the stockpile that the clan uses for repairing the base.
Use Z-tokens to pay for the chance to Hunt down the Rare Raydius Dragon in the Trophy Hunt Quest.

[2] Pricing & Payment

AQ Z-token Purchase Page

Z-Token Pricing:

2500 tokens $ 9.95
6000 tokens $ 19.95
12000 tokens $ 34.95
20000 tokens $ 49.95

there is now a new Special Z-token package option for Guardians/X-Guardians who have been upgraded for 6 months or more. here is the info from Captain Rhubarb.

Starting right now, there is a new Z-Token package option for Guardians.

Every six months, starting from the date a character is upgraded to Guardian (or X-Guardian) you can purchase a special package of:
10,000 Z-Tokens for just $19.95

This gives 4000 extra tokens as compared to the normal 6000 token $19.95 package.
This deal is available up to four times per character.
(after 6 months, after 12 months, after 18 months, and after 24 months)

Since AQ has been around for a very long time, as a special deal for Guardians that upgraded more than 2 years ago,
We have a mega-ultra "get all four six-month deals all at once now" option:
40,000 Z-Tokens for the price of $64.95 (I know, seems expensive, but you get a ton of tokens all at once)
This deal is only available once per character, and only if you haven't bought any of the earlier 10K deals.

**Upgrading from Adventurer to Guardian gives 1,000free Z-Tokens**
**Upgrading from Guardian to X-Guardian gives 500 free Z-Tokens**
**Upgrading from Adventurer to X-Guardian gives 1,500 free Z-Tokens**

Methods of payment

They can be purchased with Credit Cards ( Mastercard/Visa ) , PayPal , Pay By Cash , ClickandBuy , and Mail.
If paying through the postal mail the form to send in is Z-token Mail in From

You can also use the new Upgrade cards sold at Select stores(click for a way to find stores that carry it) to buy either 6,000 Z-tokens, Upgrade an Adventurer + 1,000 Bonus Z-tokens or give a Guardian an X-boost + 3,000 Z-tokens.There are now 9.95 Upgrade cards at select stores that allow you to buy 2,500 Z-tokens and 34.95 upgrade cards that you can use to buy either an AdventureQuest Guardian Upgrade + X-Boost + 5000 Bonus Z-Tokens or 12,000 Z-tokens.

Gift Certificate Special!
When you order an X-Guardian Gift Certificate for a friend online, you can now get 500 Z-Tokens for each Guardian character on your own account!

Cherry Credits:
You can now pay with Cherry Credits to upgrade your AQ characters or to buy tokens.
The $19.95 US upgrades cost 28,000 Cherry Credits.

See the Cherry Credits web site for general information, or to find the location of retail stores that carry the cards.

To use Cherry Credits to upgrade your AQ characters:

Go to the GuardianUpgrade/Z-Tokens payment web page on our game site.
Login with your account, choose your character, type of upgrade, and then finally choose Cherry Credits as the payment option. (instead of CreditCard or PayPal)

Paysafecard:paysafecard is a prepaid card that lets you pay on the internet. You can buy your paysafecard at thousands of outlets all over Europe. You can pay for it using cash or a debit card.

On your paysafecard receipt you will find a 16-digit PIN code. Simply enter this code to pay for your game upgrade.

Z-Token 30 Day Purchase Limit
There is a 30 day purchase limit of 32,000 Z-Tokens but if you are a Trusted Token Buyer you will have a 64,000 Z-Token limit.If players pay by check through the mail or use upgrade cards, they can buy as many as they want.

Trusted Token Buyer
Trusted Z-Token Buyers are players that have bought tokens at least Four months ago, and have no refunds, or canceled payments.There is no minimum amount.

[3] FAQ

Adventure Quest Z-token FAQ

Is there a way to make the Z-Token show up more?
Yes. The captain has increased the rate of Z-tokens dropping by 5% for Guardians and X-guardians. Here is the Quote.

Original:Captain Rhubarb
I have modified the secret formula for how the odds are determined for Z-Tokens to drop after a battle.

Some of you may notice a big increase in your token gathering, and others might notice a small decline.
There are several factors that determine the odds.
And each character is different, and what monsters you battle do affect the odds.

One of the new adjustments that I added is a 5% boost in the odds for Guardian and X-Guardians characters.

Is there a cap on the Z-Tokens?
Z-Tokens have a cap of 50 tokens per day for Guardians/X-Guardians and 25 per day for Adventurers. You will also stop getting Z-tokens for the day if you have reached both your gold/Exp Cap.

How much is the payment amount in my currency?
We found this great online currency converter at XE.Com . You can visit their site; enter our price to convert it to your currency. The rates fluctuate all of the time so as long as your payment is close we will honor it.

Why did I not get Z-tokens from that enemy?
Z-tokens are random and are not given after every monster battle. If you have reached both of your Caps, Z-tokens will not drop after battle either. Here is a qoute from the Captain explaining that as well as why Z-tokens will not drop from the Carnax Parts.


Captain Rhubarb:
There are no quests or monsters in the game that are specifically rigged to not drop z-tokens.

However, only monsters that give Gold or XP rewards can drop Z-tokens.
And the extremely high level of the Carnax parts confuses the Z-Token drop rate formula, and none are dropped.

How will I know if I got Z-Tokens?
A separate scroll after the EXP/GOLD. After you click the OK button for it, one will show up telling you how many you have received from that monster.

How do I know how many Z-Tokens I have?
There are two ways to the amount of Z-Tokens you have. The first way is while in the game place your cursor over your character's head and the amount will show below the amount of gold you have. The second way is to look on your character page below the amount of gold you have.

How do I switch my Default Blade of Awe for another Awe weapon or Guardian Weapon?
Go to Valencia in Battleon and select to visit her privately. Click on her and select weapon exchange, You can then choose among the Awe or Guardian weapons. She will change your weapon permently for 20 Z-tokens.

How do I convert Z-tokens into gold?
Go to your inventory. Click on your Z-tokens, you will have an option come up that allows you to exchange 200 tokens for 3000 Gold. You used to be able to sell Z-token items for gold, but no longer.

Can I convert gold into Z-tokens??
No, you can't. Sorry.

[4] New Releases

This Section covers the latest Update/Release for Z-token Items that are directly added to the shop. The items will be
moved to their respective sections as Newer Updates/Releases come along. For Limited time only Z-token shop,you can check the New Limited Time shop section where they will be showcased.

[4.5] Limited Time Only Releases.

This is a sub-section of the Rare Section that was made for the Limited Release items that AQ is doing. This Section will showcase the latest release along with the Date that the item will go rare. If the item already has gone rare,then there will be a notice and the item/items can then be found in the Rare Section above.

Solar Storm Blade (Lv. 10/35/68/90, 600/1,200/3,950/7400 Z-Tokens)

The new Solar Storm Blade is now in the Limited Time Shop in town! This weapon is only available until February 1st, when it becomes permanently rare!

[6] Valencia’s Z-token Shop

This Section covers all the items in Valencia’s Shop and is divided into sections by item type. The items are then listed by lowest to highest buying price which can be found next to the item link along with the level Requirement for the item.

[6.1] Weapons

To make it easier, I will have the weapons in three different attack groups. They will be sorted into Melee, Magic and Ranged.


Darkeye (Lv. 10, 250 Z-Tokens)
Garthonk (Lv. 15, 500 Z-tokens)
Lectris (Lv. 20, 500 Z-tokens)
Oaklore Mace (Lv. 8, 600 Z-tokens)
Irradiated Flare Flayer Z (Lv. 10, 635 Z-Tokens)
Mace of Might (Lv. 30, 750 Z-tokens)
Cryzta (Lv. 35, 750 Z-tokens)
Nefadon Claw Z (Lv. 0/20, 500/800 Z-tokens)
Grave Filler (Lv. 20, 855 Z-Tokens)
Mega Dragon Blade (Lv. 25, 1,000 Z-tokens
Oaklore Hammer (Lv. 33, 1,150 Z-Tokens)
Horn of PwZny (lv. 45, 1,095 Z-tokens)
Asgir Crippler (Lv. 30, 1,500 Z-tokens)
Nightslayer (Lv. 40, 1,500 Z-tokens)
Chopalot (Lv. 40, 1,500 Z-tokens)
Grave Packer (Lv. 40, 1,655 Z-Tokens)
Postmodern Chrono Blade Z (Lv. 60, 2,000 Z-Tokens)
Beautiful Oblivion (Lv. 35, 2,500 Z-tokens)
Oaklore Mallet (Lv. 58, 2,600 Z-Tokens )
Stormvale Sword (Lv. 30, 2,750 Z-tokens)
Grim Vestige (Lv. 35, 3,500 Z-tokens)
Grave Crowder (Lv. 60, 3,610 Z-Tokens)
Cutter Staff (Lv. 45, 4,500 Z-tokens)
Greater Horn of PwZny (lv. 77, 4,500 Z-tokens)
Shotgunblade (Lv. 0/35/70, 500/1,385/5,830 Z-Tokens)
The Gasparian (Lv. 10/40/70, 640/1,660/5,840 Z-Tokens)
Elite Ice Katana (Lv. 40, 6,000 Z-tokens)
Starfusion (Lv. 45, 6,500 Z-tokens)
Oaklore Maul (Lv. 83, 6,850 Z-Tokens)
Nuclear Flare Flayer Z (Lv. 75, 7,870 Z-Tokens)
Greater Zardbane (Lv. 35, 8,000 Z-tokens)
Oaklore Bludgeon (Lv. 108, 8,850 Z-Tokens)
Dark Wartexx (Lv. 55, 10,000 Z-tokens)
Dragonhand Z (Lv. 55, 10,000 Z-tokens)
Heavy Monster Smasher (Lv. 55, 10,000 Z-tokens)
Oaklore Crusher (Lv. 133, 11,400 Z-Tokens)
Boomstick (Lv. 105, 12,885 Z-Tokens)


Mage Blade (Lv. 15, 250 Z-tokens)
Rust Reaver (Lv. 20, 500 Z-tokens)
Changing Staff I (Lv. 5, 550 Z-Tokens)
KiloHurtz (Lv. 20, 600 Z-tokens)
Bonefang (Lv. 35, 1,000 Z-tokens)
Dragon King’s Heavy Axe Z (lv. 45, 1,095 Z-tokens)
Gleaming Venerable Chrono Blade Z (Lv. 60, 2,000 Z-Tokens)
Changing Staff II (Lv. 55, 2350 Z-Tokens)
MegaHurtz (Lv. 70, 2,750 Z-tokens)
Dragonfang Scimitar Z (Lv. 50, 3,000 Z-tokens)
Dragon King’s Battle Axe Z (Lv. 77, 5,000 Z-tokens)
Magic Elite Ice Katana (Lv. 40, 6,000 Z-tokens)
Changing Staff III (Lv. 80, 6650 Z-Tokens)
Changing Staff IV (Lv. 105, 8600 Z-Tokens)
Changing Staff V (Lv. 130, 11,050 Z-Tokens)


There are no Ranged weapons in Valenica's shop at this time

[6.2] Armors

Space Girl (Lv. 22, 940 Z-Tokens)
Space Man (Lv. 22, 940 Z-Tokens)
Ultra Nightmare Rider (Lv. 30, 2,000 Z-tokens)
Ultra Unicorn Rider (Lv. 30, 2,000 Z-tokens)
Jester Disguise (Lv. 30, 2,000 Z-tokens)
Aracknight Z (Lv. 10/35/60, 635/1,385/3,610 Z-tokens)
Tendril Plate (Lv. 8/30/60, 700/1,400/3,700 Z-Tokens)
Male Asgir Armor (Lv. 35, 4,000 Z-tokens)
Female Asgir Armor (Lv. 35, 4,000 Z-tokens)
ReinDragon Z (Lv. 45, 4,000 Z-tokens)
Elite Space Girl (Lv. 62, 4100 Z-Tokens)
Elite Space Man (Lv. 62, 4100 Z-Tokens)
Cyber Suit (Lv. 50, 5,000 Z-tokens)
Nightraider (Lv. 35, 5,500 Z-tokens)
Soul Banisher Form (Lv. 50, 5,500 Z-tokens)
Zardmaster Z (Lv. 50, 6,000 Z-tokens)
Gatekeeper (Lv. 50, 7,000 Z-tokens)
Gatta Rider (Lv. 50, 7,500 Z-tokens)
Armor of Sensing (Lv. 30, 9,000 Z-tokens)

[6.3] Shields

Asgir Shield (Lv. 30, 200 Z-tokens)
TropoShield (Lv. 20, 500 Z-tokens)
Ultimus (Lv. 30, 750 Z-tokens)

[6.4] Spells

Summon Poelala (Lv. 25, 750 Z-tokens)
Darkspray (Lv. 30, 1,155 Z-tokens)
Frost Elf Skirmish (Lv. 30, 1,155 Z-tokens)
Nova (Lv. 30, 1,155 Z-tokens)
Summon Tarantula Brain Spider Z (Lv. 50, 2400 Z-Tokens)
Pulsar (Lv. 65, 4,590 Z-tokens)
Darksplash (Lv. 65, 4,590 Z-tokens)
Frost Elf Attack (Lv. 65, 4,590 Z-tokens)
Darksplatter Classic (Lv. 89, 10,055 Z-tokens)
Darksplatter (Lv. 89, 10,955 Z-tokens)
Frost Elf Assault (Lv. 89, 10,955 Z-tokens)
Supernova (Lv. 89, 10,955 Z-tokens)
Frost Elf Attack Classic (Lv. 89, 11,065 Z-tokens)
Supernova Classic (Lv. 89, 11,065 Z-tokens)

[6.5] Pets

Pets are sorted into their respective element. if they are a multiple element pet(Zorbak,Pumpkin Golem), then They will be in the multiple section.


Demon Squib (Lv. 20, 1,200 Z-tokens)


Blubber Squib (Lv. 20, 1,200 Z-tokens)


Armopede (Lv. 10, 750 Z-tokens)
Stretch Squib (Lv. 20, 1,200 Z-tokens)


Ice Rhino (Lv. 25, 4,000 Z-tokens)

Asgir Monitor (Lv. 25, 650 Z-tokens)
Bulldog Squib (Lv. 20, 1,200 Z-tokens)
Razorclaw (Lv. 22, 1,750 Z-tokens)


Dynamo (Lv. 25, 4,000 Z-tokens)


Moglo-Habilis (Lv. 35, 4,000 Z-tokens)


Stitches (Lv. 10, 325 Z-tokens)
Thick Stitches (Lv. 32, 650 Z-tokens)
Snurdle (Lv. 20, 750 Z-tokens)
Broadkil Cadaborg Z (LV. 40, 1,200 Z-Tokens)
Elegant Stitches (Lv. 64, 2,500 Z-tokens)
Little Death (Lv. 25, 4,000 Z-tokens)

Void Drayk (Lv. 25, 4,500 Z-tokens)

Multiple element:
Hummingpotamus (Lv. 5, 550 Z-tokens)
Jubilant Hummingpotamus (Lv. 25, 950 Z-Tokens)
Merry Hummingpotamus (Lv. 55, 2,350 Z-Tokens)
Drag O’Lantern Z (Lv. 65, 2,500 Z-tokens)
Pumpkin Golem (Lv. 35, 5,000 Z-tokens)
Helpful Hummingpotamus (Lv. 75, 5,400 Z-Tokens) Zorbak (Lv. 40, 7,500 Z-tokens)

[6.6] Misc

Blackroot (Lv. 10, 100 Z-tokens)
Magma Leaf (Lv. 10, 100 Z-tokens)
Mermazon Kelp (Lv. 10, 100 Z-tokens)
Wind Orb (Lv. 20, 200 Z-tokens)
Fire Orb (Lv. 20, 200 Z-tokens)
Energy Orb (Lv. 20, 200 Z-tokens)
Dark Orb (Lv. 20, 200 Z-tokens)
Ice Orb (Lv. 20, 200 Z-tokens)
4-Leaf Clover (Lv. 30, 400 Z-tokens)
Golden Goblet (Lv. 30, 400 Z-tokens)
Treasure Box (Lv. 30, 400 Z-tokens)
Warrior's Edge (Lv. 40, 750 Z-tokens)
Rogue's Charm (Lv. 40, 750 Z-tokens)
Mage Globe (Lv. 40, 750 Z-tokens)
Battle Muse (Lv. 10, 2,500 Z-tokens)
Quest Muse (Lv. 10, 2,500 Z-tokens)
Everfrozen Shard (Lv. 50, 6,000 Z-tokens)
Urn of Daryngord (Lv. 50, 6,000 Z-tokens)

[7] Z-token Quest Items

This section covers Z-token items found in quest shops or other shops outside of Valenica's. this has been divided into sections for easier searching. Weapons that are able to switch between Melee/Ranged or Magic can be found in the list of their default damage type.

Melee Weapons:

Menace Eater (Lv. 0, 400 Z-Tokens)
Nova Knight Machete Z (Lv. 0, 500 Z-Tokens)
Clover Axe (Lv. 4, 550 Z-Tokens)
War's Pounding Edge (Lv. 5, 550 Z-Tokens)
Treevolu Prime Z ( Lv. 5, 565 Z-tokens)
Corrupted Blessed Battleaxe Z (Lv. 6, 575 Z-Tokens)
Dynacutlass Z (Lv. 10, 635 Z-Tokens)
Dracopyric Flayer IIZ (Lv. 11, 650 Z-Tokens)
Jade Sword Z (Lv. 12, 650 Z-Tokens)
Bright Beam Sword Z (Lv. 12, 660 Z-Tokens)
Eel Z-apper (Lv. 12, 680 Z-Tokens)
Pandemonium Vartai Blade Z (Lv. 12, 685 Z-Tokens)
Gaiden's Sharp Z Blade (Lv. 15, 700 Z-Tokens)
Demon Tooth Axe Z (Lv. 15, 700 Z-Tokens)
Noxious Chimeran Spear Z (Lv. 11, 700 Z-Tokens)
Scargiver Z (Lv. 15, 760 Z-Tokens)
Doom Mace Z (Lv. 20, 800 Z-Tokens)
Germinating Eevolu Z (Lv. 17, 800 Z-Tokens)
Zardmaster's Z-Blade (Lv. 29, 1,050 Z-Tokens)
Anchorhand Z (Lv. 31, 1,100 Z-Tokens)
Fear Eater (Lv. 40, 1,125 Z-Tokens)
Corrupted Consecrated Battleaxe Z (Lv. 31, 1,200 Z-Tokens)
Dynatulwar Z (Lv. 35, 1,385 Z-Tokens)
Mayhem Vartai Blade Z (Lv. 35, 1,385 Z-Tokens)
Graceful Crane Fan Z (Lv. 40, 1,400 Z-Tokens)
Treevolu Pinnacle Z (Lv. 40, 1,655 Z-Tokens)
Niuwei Dao Z (Lv. 30, 1,750 Z-tokens)
Golden Wing Z (Lv. 30, 1,800 Z-tokens)
Battleaxe Tempore Z (Lv. 42, 1,800 Z-tokens)
Bhelma's Improved Blade Z (Lv. 48, 1,850 Z-Tokens)
Vartai Master's Blade (Lv. 25, 2,000 Z-tokens)
Telescoping Fang Z (Lv. 50, 2,150 Z-tokens)
Hook Blade Z (Lv. 50, 2,150 Z-tokens)
Orcish Katana Z (Lv. 50, 2,150 Z-tokens)
Gleaming Beam Sword Z (Lv. 49, 2,175 Z-Tokens)
Zale Broadsword Z (Lv. 50, 2,375 Z-Tokens)
Face Hammer of PulveriZing (Lv. 50, 2,375 Z-Tokens)
Raven Jathor Z (Lv. 50, 2,375 Z-Tokens)
Monster Mincer Z (Lv. 50, 2,375 Z-Tokens)
Havoc Vartai Cleaver Z (Lv. 58, 3,310 Z-Tokens)
War's Smashing Edge (Lv. 65, 3,400 Z-Tokens)
BlitZing Eel (Lv. 64, 3,425 Z-Tokens)
Dracopyric Flayer IVZ (Lv. 70, 4,200 Z-Tokens)
Horror Eater (Lv. 75, 4,335 Z-Tokens)
Treevolu Summit Z (Lv. 67, 5,175 Z-tokens)
Dynasaber Z (Lv. 68, 5,300 Z-Tokens)
Despair Eater (Lv. 87, 5,725 Z-Tokens)
Protector Rod (Lv. 15/30/50, 500/3,000/6,000 Z-tokens)
Auric Wing Z (Lv. 75, 6,000 Z-tokens)
Terror Eater (Lv. 113, 7,450 Z-Tokens)
War's Crushing Edge (Lv. 95, 7,750 Z-Tokens)
Ogre Whacker Z (Lv. 80, 10,000 Z-tokens)
War's Pulverizing Edge (Lv. 125, 10,500 Z-Tokens)
Treevolu Apex Z (Lv. 89, 10,955 Z-tokens)
Treevolu Crown Z (Lv. 109, 13,415 Z-tokens)

Ranged Weapons:

Casting Rod Z (Lv. 5, 565 Z tokens)
Fairche Solais Z (Lv. 8, 600 Z-Tokens)
Fairy Floss Lance Z(Lv. 11, 660 Z-Tokens)
Bright Beam Lance Z (Lv. 12, 660 Z-Tokens)
Simple Absolix Polearm Z (Lv. 12, 680 Z-Tokens)
VegiSplatic Z (Lv. 15, 700 Z-Tokens)
Nefadon Electrobolt Z (Lv. 25, 950 Z-Tokens)
Lunar Nemesis Z (Lv. 26, 1,025 Z-Tokens)
Absolix Polearm Z (lV. 42, 1,750 Z-Tokens)
Candy Floss Lance Z (Lv. 40, 1,985 Z-Tokens)
Gleaming Beam Lance Z (Lv. 49, 2,175 Z-Tokens)
Goblin Spear Z (Lv. 60, 2,750 Z-Tokens)
Nightstalker Crossbow Z (Lv. 55, 3015 Z-tokens)
Advanced Absolix Polearm Z (lV. 68, 5,300 Z-Tokens)
Fishing Pole Z (Lv. 70, 5,830 tokens)
Bathyal Quindent Z (Lv. 70, 5,830 Z-Tokens)
Julienne VegiSplatic Z (Lv. 117, 9,700 Z-Tokens)

Magic Weapons:

Winged Lightning Leader Z (Lv. 0, 475 Z-tokens)
Doom Divisor Z (Lv. 3, 550 Z-Tokens)
Bright Beam Staff Z (Lv. 12, 660 Z-Tokens)
Tarsal Barb Z (Lv. 12, 685 Z-Tokens)
Beast's Innocence Z (Lv. 15, 760 Z-Tokens)
Gradient Sphere Staff Z Junior (Lv. 22, 900 Z-Tokens)
Maurinelle's Aria in Z (Lv. 34, 1,200 Z-tokens)
Shocking Orb Z (Lv. 30, 1,155 Z-tokens)
Winged Lightning Streamer Z (Lv. 31, 1,200 Z-Tokens)
Ogre Enchanter Staff Z (Lv. 35, 1,400 Z-tokens)
Jypley'Z Swordstick (Lv. 40, 1655 Z-tokens)
Permafrost Scimitar Z (Lv. 50, 2,020 Z-Tokens)
Gleaming Beam Staff Z (Lv. 49, 2,175 Z-Tokens)
Gradient Sphere Staff Z Senior (Lv. 52, 2,500 Z-Tokens)
Fangsword Z (Lv. 55, 3,015 Z-tokens)
Galvanic Orb Z (Lv. 60, 3,610 Z-tokens)
Tarsal Spur Z (Lv. 64, 4,500 Z-Tokens)
Mutant King Cudgel Z (Lv. 65, 4,600 Z-tokens)
Winged Lightning Stroke Z (Lv. 66, 4,825 Z-Tokens)


Menacing Raiment (Lv. 0, 400 Z-Tokens)
Cyber-Rex Rider (Lv. 0, 500 Z-Tokens)
Nova Knight Hauberk Z (Lv. 0, 500 Z-Tokens)
Soul Melt (Lv. 5, 565 Z-Tokens)
DragonRider Z (Lv. 5, 575 Z-Tokens)
Martial-Twisted Guardian Z (Lv. 11, 655 Z-tokens)
CircuZ Ubear Form (Lv. 11, 660 Z-Tokens)
Noxious Chimeran Squire Z (Lv. 11, 700 Z-Tokens)
Boreal Bolt Plate Z (Lv. 15, 700 Z-tokens)
Beast's Cunning Z (Lv. 15, 760 Z-Tokens)
Anomalous Armor Z (Lv. 15, 760 Z-Tokens)
Centaurion Form Sextus (Lv. 22, 850 Z-Tokens)
War Lv. 20 Z-token version (Lv. 20, 855 Z-Tokens)
Shiny Boy Z (Lv. 22, 900 Z-tokens)
Ancient Clockwork Z (Lv. 22, 1,000 Z-tokens)
Contradictory Cuirass Z (Lv. 30, 1,025 Z-Tokens)
Noble Cyber-Rex Rider (Lv. 30, 1050 Z-Tokens)
Gokar's Gi (Lv. 31, 1,100 Z-Tokens)
Fearsome Raiment (Lv. 40, 1,125 Z-Tokens)
Butterhoof Z (Lv. 30, 1,155 Z-tokens)
Vein Vehicle Z (Lv. 31, 1,200 Z-tokens)
Discarded Sneak Suit Z (Lv. 31, 1200 Z-Tokens)
Soul of Hope (Lv. 35, 1,385 Z-Tokens)
Centaurion Form Quintus (Lv. 42, 1,500 Z-Tokens)
Performing CircuZ Ubear Form (Lv. 40, 1,985 Z-Tokens)
Grand Healing Pants Size Z (Lv. 40, 2,000 Z-tokens)
Eminent Cyber-Rex Rider (Lv. 60, 2,750 Z-Tokens)
Dazzle Boy Z (Lv. 55, 3,015 Z-Tokens)
Contrary Chainmail Z (Lv. 55, 3,015 Z-Tokens)
Centaurion Form Quartus (Lv. 62, 3,050 Z-Tokens)
Aracknight Z (Lv. 10/35/60, 635/1,385/3,610 Z-tokens)
Martial-Distorted Guardian Z (Lv. 60, 3,610 Z-Tokens)
SuperZard Costume Z (Lv. 62, 4,000 Z-tokens)
Zardhunter Elite (Lv. 60, 4,000 Z-tokens)
Horrific Raiment (Lv. 75, 4,335 Z-Tokens)
Artery Argosy Z (Lv. 65, 4,590 Z-tokens)
Stiltwalker Z (Lv. 74, 5,150 Z-Tokens)
Despairing Raiment (Lv. 87, 5,725 Z-Tokens)
IceWolf Rider Z (Lv. 15/70 , 760/5,830 Z-Tokens)
DarkWolf Rider Z (Lv. 15/70 , 760/5,830 Z-Tokens)
Brilliant Boy Z (Lv. 70, 5,830 Z-Tokens)
Antipodean Plate Z (Lv. 70, 5,830 Z-tokens)
Asgardian Steed (Lv. 60, 6,000 Z-tokens
Centaurion Form Tertius (Lv. 82, 6,800 Z-Tokens)
Regal Cyber-Rex Rider (Lv. 90, 7,400 Z-Tokens)
Terror Raiment (Lv. 113, 7,450 Z-Tokens)
Majestic Cyber-Rex Rider (Lv. 120, 10,000 Z-Tokens)
Centaurion Form Primus (Lv. 122, 10,200 Z-Tokens)


Menace Totem (Lv. 0, 400 Z-Tokens)
Nova Knight Shield Z (Lv. 0, 500 Z-Tokens)
Miniature Box o' PeanutZ (Lv. 11, 660 Z-Tokens)
Beast's Persistence Z (Lv. 15, 640 Z-Tokens)
Chimeran Squire Shield Z(Lv. 11, 700 Z-Tokens)
Swell Shield Z (Lv. 22, 900 Z-Tokens)
Fearsome Totem (Lv. 40, 1,125 Z-Tokens)
Small Box o' PeanutZ (Lv. 40, 1,985 Z-Tokens)
Whitecap Shield Z (Lv. 55, 3,015 Z-Tokens)
Horrific Totem (Lv. 75, 4,335 Z-Tokens)
Terror Totem (Lv. 113, 7,450 Z-Tokens)


Summon Mirror Ryuusei III-Z (Lv. 0, 500 Z-Tokens)
Poison Arrow (Lv. 0, 500 Z-Tokens)
Summon Paladin Soldier Z (Lv. 0, 500 Z-Tokens)
Tacky Gumn Z (Lv. 10, 635 Z-Tokens)
Dark Wings II (Lv. 25, 950 Z-Tokens)
Volatile Poison Arrow (Lv. 30, 1,050 Z-Tokens)
Summon DemiWarLich Z (Lv. 30, 1,155 Z-Tokens)
Large Surge (Lv. 35, 1,200 Z-Tokens)
Sticky Gumn Z (Lv. 48, 2,200 Z-Tokens)
Huge Surge (Lv. 55, 2,350 Z-Tokens)
Dark Wings III (Lv. 55, 2,350 Z-Tokens)
Spellcraft Z (Lv.50, 2,375 Z-tokens)
Tentational Tentacular Z (Lv. 50, 2,375 Z-Tokens)
Penetrating Poison Arrow (Lv. 60, 2,750 Z-Tokens)
Summon Doomquake Minions (Lv. 10/30/55, 500/1,500/4,000 Z-tokens)
Summon WarLichLord Z (Lv. 65, 4,590 Z-Tokens)
Gigantic Surge (Lv. 75, 5,400 Z-Tokens)
Goopy Gumn Z (Lv. 70, 5,830 Z-Tokens)
Dark Wings IV (Lv. 85, 7,000 Z-Tokens)
Piercing Poison Arrow (Lv. 90, 7,400 Z-Tokens)
Tremendous Surge (Lv. 115, 9,500 Z-Tokens)
Dark Wings V (Lv. 115, 9,500 Z-Tokens)
Exploding Poison Arrow (Lv. 120, 10,000 Z-Tokens)
Summon Impish TwEbil Z (Lv. 85, 10,500 Z-Tokens)


Menacing Arañacabra (Lv. 0, 400 Z-Tokens)
Voracious Grabbi Z (Lv. 5, 565 Z-Tokens)
Model Big Top Z (Lv. 11, 660 Z-Tokens)
Noxious Baby Chimeran Z (Lv. 11, 700 Z-tokens)
AppenZeller Cyberhen (Lv. 20, 855 Z-Tokens)
Azamay Basalt Golem Z (Lv. 22, 900 Z-Tokens)
Purple Malzar Z (Lv. 50, 1,000 Z-tokens)
Fearsome Arañacabra (Lv. 40, 1,125 Z-Tokens)
Broadkil Cadaborg Z (Lv. 40, 1,200 Z-tokens)
Creptus Z (Lv. 40, 1,400 Z-Tokens)
Scorpzard Z (Lv. 40, 1,400 Z-Tokens)
292 Z (Lv. 45, 1,500 Z-tokens)
Teeny Big Top Z Lv. 40, 1,985 Z-Tokens)
DebilZard Z (Lv. 40, 2,000 Z-tokens)
Rapacious Grabbi Z (Lv. 50, 2,375 Z-Tokens)
Dinozard Galeus Z (Lv. 50, 2,375 Z-Tokens)
Sultan Cyberhen Z (Lv. 55, 3,015 Z-Tokens)
Pickled Punk Z (Lv. 62, 4,000 Z-Tokens)
Horrific Arañacabra (Lv. 75, 4,335 Z-Tokens)
Despairing Arañacabra (Lv. 87, 5,735 Z-Tokens)
Killer BuZZer (Lv. 69, 5,775 Tokens)
Dinozard Prorsus Z (Lv. 70, 5,830 Z-Tokens)
Obelisk of Darkness Z (Lv. 50/70, 2,375/5,830 Z-Tokens)
Insatiable Grabbi Z (Lv. 70, 5,830 Z-Tokens)
Terror Arañacabra (Lv. 113, 7,450 Z-Tokens)
Scisszard (Lv. 10/30/70/90/110, 600/1,050 /4,200/7,400/9,050 Z-Tokens)


Menacing Visage (Lv. 0, 400 Z-Tokens)
Nova Knight Bascinet Z (Lv. 0, 500 Z-Tokens)
Gamma Astramorph Z (Lv. 5, 850 Z-Tokens)
Minor Azamay Paralyzing Runestone Z (Lv. 22, 900 Z-tokens)
Minor Azamay Poison Runestone Z (Lv. 22, 900 Z-tokens)
Azamay Fire Runestone Z (Lv. 22, 900 Z-tokens)
Azamay Water Runestone Z (Lv. 22, 900 Z-tokens)
Azamay Wind Runestone Z (Lv. 22, 900 Z-tokens)
Azamay Ice Runestone Z (Lv. 22, 900 Z-tokens)
Azamay Earth Runestone Z (Lv. 22, 900 Z-tokens)
Azamay Energy Runestone Z (Lv. 22, 900 Z-tokens)
Azamay Light Runestone Z (Lv. 22, 900 Z-tokens)
Azamay Darkness Runestone Z (Lv. 22, 900 Z-tokens)
MegaSnide Z Transformation Formula (Lv. 30, 1,050 Z-Tokens)
Fearsome Visage (Lv. 40, 1,125 Z-Tokens)
Horrific Visage (Lv. 75, 4,335 Z-Tokens)
Azamay Paralyzing Runestone Z (Lv. 68, 5,250 Z-Tokens)
Azamay Poison Runestone Z (Lv. 68, 5,250 Z-Tokens)
Despairing Visage (Lv. 87, 5,725 Z-Tokens)
Terror Visage (Lv. 113, 7,450 Z-Tokens)
Major Azamay Paralyzing Runestone Z (Lv. 100, 12,245 Z-Tokens)
Major Azamay Poison Runestone Z (Lv. 100, 12,245 Z-Tokens)

[8] Temporary Z-token Items.

This section covers Temporary items that you rent with Z-tokens.

Dark Blade of Awe (Level Scaled, 50 Z-tokens)
Fire Blade of Awe (Level Scaled, 50 Z-tokens)

[9] Rare Z-token Items.

This section covers Z-token items that have gone Rare. This means that they are currently no longer obtainable in the game. This includes Z-token rewards from Wars and Events. This section is now Divided into subsections for Easier reading.
Weapons that are able to switch between Melee/Ranged or Magic can be found in the list of their default damage type.

Melee Weapons:

Elvish Edge (Lv. 10, 330 Z-Tokens)
Toymaker's Hammer Z (Lv. 3, 385 Z-Tokens)
Zplit Frostshard (Lv. 0, 425 Z-tokens)
Frostval Staff Z (Lv. 29, 450 Z-Tokens )
Headache Club (Lv. 15, 525 Z-tokens)
Mace of Lordly Might (Lv. 15, 750 Z-tokens)
Wandering Blade (Lv. 20, 750 Z-tokens)
Oversized Toymaker's Hammer Z (Lv. 33, 805 Z-Tokens)
Frostval Staff Z (Lv. 29, 900 Z-Tokens)
GiftBox Weapon Z (2009) (Lv. 29, 900 Z-Tokens)
Green Clover Axe (Lv. 34, 1,150 Z-Tokens)
Cracked Frostshard Z (Lv. 30, 1,155 Z-tokens)
Orc Master's Blade (Lv. 35, 1,250 Z-tokens)
Orc Cleaver (Lv. 45, 1,250 Z-tokens)
Orc Cleaver of Power (Lv. 45, 1,250 Z-tokens)
Orc Master's Blade of Power (Lv. 35, 1,250 Z-tokens)
Cluster Headache Club (Lv. 45, 1,635 Z-tokens)
Ice Lord's Blade Z (Lv. 40, 1,655 Z-Tokens)
Wandering Blade II (Lv. 40, 2,000 Z-tokens)
Crowning Blade (Lv. 50, 2,200 Z-tokens)
Jumbo Toymaker's Hammer Z (Lv. 63, 2,275 Z-Tokens)
Bun-Squire's Sword Z (Lv. 55, 2,350 Z-Tokens)
Corked Boffer Z (Lv. 65, 2,650 Z-tokens)
Volt Cutter (Lv. 20, 3,000 Z-tokens)
Trefoil Axe (Lv. 64, 3,400 Z-Tokens)
Amethyst Claymore (Lv. 10/40/70, 450/1,200/3,500 Z-tokens)
Frostval Giant's Axe Z (Lv. 66, 3,600 Tokens)
Heartrender Sword (Lv. 10/35/68, 600/1,200/3,950 Z-Tokens)
Wandering Blade III (lv. 65, 4,000 Z-tokens)
Corruptor (Lv. 10/35/68, 635/1,385/5,300 Z-tokens)
Frostshard Zliver (Lv. 68, 5,300 Z-tokens)
Grandiose Toymaker's Hammer Z (Lv. 93, 5,320 Z-Tokens)
Ol' Painless (Lv. 10/75, 325/5,850 Z-tokens)
Magma Vein (Lv. 50, 6,000 Z-tokens)
Prodigious Toymaker's Hammer Z (Lv. 123, 7,210 Z-Tokens)
Migraine Club (Lv. 75, 7,645 Z-tokens)
Shamrock Axe (Lv. 94, 7,700 Z-Tokens)
Bun-Knight's Sword Z (Lv. 95, 7,750 Z-Tokens)
Ming Tree Staff (Lv. 29/66/83/98/108, 1,150/3,950/7,550/8,800/9,750 Z-Tokens)
Golden Edge (Lv. 0/45/60/90/120, 500/1,650/2,750/7,400/10,000 Z-Tokens)
Opposcythe (Lv. 0/20/40/60/80/100/120, 500/800/1,400/2,750/6,650/8,150/10,000 Z-Tokens)
Four-Leafed Clover Axe(Lv. 124, 10,400 Z-Tokens)

Ranged Weapons:

Fuji Blunderbuss (Lv. 30, 115 Z-tokens)
Photic Quindent Z (Lv. 5, 565 Z-Tokens)
Tangled Frostval Lights Z(lv. 20, 855 Z-tokens)
Orc Bombs (Lv. 30, 1,000 Z-tokens)
Thule Polearm Z (Lv. 30, 1,155 Z-tokens)
Frostval Lights Z (Lv. 45, 1,985 Z-Tokens)
Carrot Gun (Lv. 30/55, 1,155/2,750 tokens)
MacIntosh Blunderbuss Z (Lv. 50, 2,375 Z-Tokens)
BladeSlinger (Lv. 20, 3,000 Z-tokens)
Nerf DiZpatcher (lv. 70, 3,500 Z-tokens)
Thule Pike Z (Lv. 60, 3,650 Z-tokens)
Heartrender (Lv. 10/35/68, 600/1,200/3,950 Z-Tokens)
Meteor Gun (Lv. 40, 5,000 Z-tokens)
Comet Gun (Lv. 40, 5,000 Z-tokens)
Sparkler Z (Lv. 12/42/68, 680/1,750/5,300 Z-Tokens)
Bright Frostval Lights Z (Lv. 70, 5,830 Z-Tokens)
Liberty Scythe (LV. 0/35/70/105, 500/1,200/4,200/8,600 Z-Tokens)
Heartache Bow (Lv. 10/35/60/85/110, 600/1,200/2,750/7,000/9,050 Z-tokens)

Magic Weapons:

Staff of Terul'sith (Lv. 10, 325 Z-tokens)
Frostval Staff Z (Lv. 29, 450 Z-Tokens )
Glacial Tuya Ztaff (Lv. 7, 600 Tokens)
Slaying Bells Z (Lv. 11, 650 Z-tokens)
Frostval Staff Z (Lv. 29, 900 Z-Tokens)
GiftBox Weapon Z (2009) (Lv. 29, 900 Z-Tokens)
Undead Leg Z (Lv. 30, 1,155 Z-tokens)
Subzero Lavadome Ztaff (Lv. 32, 1,250 Z-Tokens)
Champion's Pugil Stick Z (Lv. 40, 1,500 Z-tokens)
Harvest Staff Z (Lv. 12/49, 660/2,175 Z-Tokens)
Bun-Buffoon's Wand Z (Lv. 55, 2,350 Z-Tokens)
Seaquake Staff (Lv. 20, 3,000 Z-tokens)
Yolk Staff Z (Lv. 60, 3,750 Z-tokens)
Abyssal Staff (Lv. 50, 4,000 Z-tokens)
Twist Dagger (Lv. 50, 4,000 Z-tokens)
Arcane Ancestor Axe (Lv. 35, 4,000 Z-tokens)
Bad Luck Blade Z (lv. 12/64, 685/4,450 Z-Tokens)
Celestia (Lv. 45, 5,000 Z-tokens)
Polar Volcano Ztaff (Lv. 73, 7,000 Z-Tokens)
Bun-Fool's Wand Z (Lv. 95, 7,750 Z-Tokens)
Drakonnan's Vengeance (Lv. 45, 8,000 Z-tokens)
GameBox Advanced ZP (Lv. 110, 9,050 Z-Tokens)
Ming Tree Staff (Lv. 29/66/83/98/108, 1,150/3,950/7,550/8,800/9,750 Z-Tokens)


Frostval Tree Topper Z (Lv. 66, 2,525 Z-Tokens)
Chipped Frostshard Shield Z (Lv. 55, 3,015 Z-tokens)
Gift Box Shield Z (2009) (Lv. 66, 5,050 Z-tokens)
Yellow Ribbon (Lv. 5/25/50/75/100, 550/950/1,900/5,400/8,150 Z-Tokens)


Gift Box II-Z (Lv. 7, 420 Tokens)
Frostval Spirit Armor Z (Lv. 50, 450 Z-tokens)
Reigndog Sleigh Rider Z (Lv. 0, 500 Z-Tokens)
EggKiller (Lv. 10, 635 Z-Tokens)
Bog Troll Z (Lv. 10, 635 Z-Tokens)
Gilt Leprechaun Power Armor Z (Lv. 15, 760 Z-Tokens)
Gift Box Armor Z (2009) (Lv. 29, 900 Z-tokens)
EggButcher (Lv. 35, 1,358 Z-Tokens)
Swamp Troll Z (Lv. 42, 1,775 Z-Tokens)
Ultra Pegasid Rider (LV. 30, 2,000 Z-tokens)
Diretooth Z Form (Lv. 55, 3,015 Z-tokens)
Wascawy Wabbit (Lv. 70, 3,500 Z-tokens)
Enigma Ward Z (Lv. 60, 3,610 Z-Tokens)
Gold Plated Power Armor Z (Lv. 60, 3,610 Z-Tokens)
Beast King Jammies (Lv. 5/40/70, 565/1,655/5,830 Z-Tokens)
EggSlayer (Lv. 65, 4,590 Z-Tokens)
BullyFighter Z (Lv. 60, 6,000 Z-tokens)
Dracolich Rider (Lv. 45, 7,200 Z-tokens)
Mr Funtastic Z (Lv. 102, 8,350 Z-Tokens)
Werewolf Form (Lv. 30, 9,000 Z-tokens)


Summon Amoria Z (Lv. 0, 500 Z-Tokens)
Two Sizes Too Small Z (Lv. 0, 500 Z-tokens)
Summon Coraline's Mother (Lv. 0, 500 Z-Tokens)
Summon Bun-Summoner I (Lv. 3, 550 Z-Tokens)
Colored Pencils II Z (Lv. 10, 600 Z-Tokens)
Summon Bun-Summoner II (Lv. 33, 1,150 Z-Tokens)
Colored Pencils III Z (Lv. 40, 1,400 Z-Tokens)
PieRat's Rtribution Z (Lv. 40, 1,655 Z-tokens)
Moglin Carolers Z (Lv. 66, 2,525 Z-Tokens)
Summon Energy Dragon (Lv. 30, 3,000 Z-tokens)
Summon Bun-Summoner III (Lv. 63, 3,250 Z-Tokens)
Colored Pencils IV Z (Lv. 70, 4,200 Z-Tokens)
GiftBox Golem Z (Lv. 66, 5,050 Z-Tokens)
Gravy Cannon Spell (Lv. 10/48/70, 635/2,200/5,830 Z-Tokens)
Summon Bun-Summoner IV (Lv. 93, 7,600 Z-Tokens)
Colored Pencils V Z (Lv. 100, 8,150 Z-Tokens)
Summon Bun-Summoner V (Lv. 123, 10,300 Z-Tokens)
Colored Pencils VI Z (Lv. 130, 11,050 Z-Tokens)

Reindog Z (Lv. 0,500 Z-Tokens)
The Cat (Lv. 0, 500 Z-Tokens)
Poxcorpse (Lv. 0, 500 Z-Tokens)
Drag O'Lantern Z (Lv. 10, 650 Z-tokens)
Obvious Red Herring Z (Lv. 13, 713 Z-Tokens)
Infectious Poxcorpse (Lv. 25, 950 Z-Tokens)
Gogglin (Lv. 35, 1,385 Z-Tokens)
Diseased Poxcorpse (Lv. 50, 1,950 Z-Tokens)
CarmeliZed Gween (Lv. 60, 3,610 Z-tokens)
Flaming Skull (Lv. 20, 4,000 Z-tokens)
Gogg (Lv. 35, 4,500 Z-tokens)
Afflicted Poxcorpse (Lv. 75, 5,400 Z-Tokens)
Roasted Chestnut Z (Lv. 66, 5,545 Z-tokens)
Befouling Poxcorpse (Lv. 100, 8,150 Z-Tokens)
Corpsicle (Lv. 0/30/60/90/120, 500/1,050/2,750/7,400/10,000 Z-Tokens)
Tainted Poxcorpse (Lv. 125, 10,500 Z-Tokens)
Megogglin (Lv. 110, 13,555 Z-Tokens)


No Vote (Lv. 10, 50 Z-tokens)
Yes Vote (Lv. 10, 50 Z-tokens)
Claw of Tarphon (Lv. 30, 1,200 Z-tokens)


Forest Log Cabin (Lv. 15, 2,000 Z-tokens)
Forest Log House (Lv. 20, 4,000 Z-tokens)
Frostvale Stone Cottage (Lv. 25, 8,000 Z-tokens)
Forest Stone Mansion (Lv. 30, 14,000 Z-tokens)
Darkovia Stone Mansion (Lv. 35, 16,500 Z-tokens)

House Guards:

Candy Golem (Lv. 15/45, 25/100 Z-tokens)
Red Moglinster Guard (Lv. 30, 200 Z-tokens)
Green Moglinster Guard (Lv. 32, 210 Z-tokens)
Blue Moglinster Guard (Lv. 35, 225 Z-tokens)


Thalia Portrait (Lv. 0, 200 Z-tokens)
Witches Portrait (Lv. 0, 200 Z-tokens)

[10] Storage.

Players can Purchase up to ten extra inventory slots for Weapons/Armors/Spells/Pets and Misc to store an item that they want to keep. Storage slots cost 200 Z-tokens each and are permanent/Non-Refundable. You can buy them by going to any shop and selecting Inventory, click on Extra Slots and chose which category you wish to buy the extra slot in.
The items in storage are not part of your active inventory and must be switched into your active inventory if you want to use them in battle. This can be done by going to any shop and selecting Inventory, then selecting the category that you wish to rearrange.

[11] Houses/Estates

This section covers Houses,Estates,House Items,Estate items and House Guards that are buyable with Z-tokens. It has three sub-sections for Estate items, Paintings and guards to make finding what you want easier.You can check out Kamui's Houses, House Functions, and House Items for info on houses and Vahn_Kaichi's Estate System Guide for more info on Estates and what they do.

Forest Tent (Lv. 5, 250 Z-tokens)
Darkovia Forest Tent (Lv. 5, 250 Z-tokens)
Forest Tiki Hut (Lv. 10, 1,000 Z-tokens)
Beach Tiki Hut (Lv. 10, 1,250 Z-tokens)
Darkovia Log Cabin (Lv. 15, 2,500 Z-tokens)
Forest Log Cabin Estate (Lv. 20, 3,100 Z-Tokens)
Darkovia Log House (Lv. 20, 5,000 Z-tokens)
Forest Stone Cottage (Lv. 25, 6,000 Z-tokens)
Darkovia Stone Cottage (Lv. 25, 7,500 Z-tokens)
Tiki with Beach Estate (Lv. 30, 10,000 Z-tokens)
Frostvale Cottage Estate (Lv. 30, 11,000 Z-tokens)
Forest Mansion Estate (Lv. 30, 15,000 Z-tokens)
Darkovia Mansion Estate (Lv. 30, 16,000 Z-tokens)

[11.1] House Items

Aquella's Light (Lv. 15, 100 Z-tokens)
Artix in Darkovia (Lv. 15, 100 Z-tokens)
Bishop Finch (Lv. 15, 100 Z-tokens)
Dragon Eye (Lv. 15, 100 Z-tokens)
Drakonnan's Throne (Lv. 15, 100 Z-tokens)
Mercuria (Lv. 15, 100 Z-tokens)
Nightbane vs. Wolfwing (Lv. 15, 100 Z-tokens)
Pae the Gecko (Lv. 15, 100 Z-tokens)
The Nautican Bard (Lv. 15, 100 Z-tokens)
The Nautican Thinker (Lv. 15, 100 Z-tokens)
Krovesport Painting (Lv. 20, 100 Z-tokens)
Twilly Portrait (Lv. 25, 100 Z-tokens)
Aria Portrait (Lv. 25, 200 Z-tokens)
Kabroz Portrait (Lv. 25, 200 Z-tokens)
Robina Portrait (Lv. 25, 200 Z-tokens)
Riona Portrait (Lv. 25, 200 Z-tokens)
Safiria Portrait (Lv. 25, 300 Z-tokens)
Artix Portrait (Lv. 25, 400 Z-tokens)
Drakonnan Portrait (Lv. 25, 400 Z-tokens)
Zorbak Portrait (Lv. 25, 500 Z-tokens)
Portal to Trescol (Lv. 25, 1,500 Z-tokens)
Portal to Kairula (Lv. 25, 1,500 Z-tokens)

[11.2] House Guards.

Since there are different level versions of the same Guard, this section will be arranging them by the price of the highest level version when this occurs.

Crystal Hound Guard (Lv. 30, 200 Z-tokens)
Phoenix Guard (Lv. 26, 315 Z-tokens)
Undead Ninja Guard (Lv. 50, 500 Z-tokens)
Fluffy Guard Sheep/Guard Sheep (Lv. 25/75, 100/500 Z-tokens)
Bigfoot (Lv. 10/60, 200/600 Z-tokens)
War Dragon (Lv. 70, 600 Z-tokens)
Wind Dragon (Lv. 39/71, 300/600 Z-tokens)
Ice Dragon (Lv. 71, 600 Z-tokens)
Earth Dragon (Lv. 39/71, 300/600 Z-tokens)
Energy Dragon (Lv. 39/71, 300/600 Z-tokens)
Bunyip (Lv. 25/70, 200/800 Z-tokens)
Nefarius (Lv. 75, 900 Z-tokens)
BURP Guard/Ferocious BURP Guard (Lv. 40/90, 200/1,300 Z-tokens)
Mutant Dracolich Guard/Mutant Dracolich Guard! /Mutant Dracolich Guard!!(Lv. 25/72/92, 300/600/1,300 Z-tokens)
Giant Deadwood (Lv. 80, 1,200 Z-tokens)
Death Worms (Lv. 40/80, 300/1,200 Z-tokens)
Bishop Finch (Lv. 40/80, 200/1,200 Z-tokens)
Guard Dog (Lv. 25/50/100, 100/300/1,200 Z-tokens)
Drakel Bouncer (Lv. 85/105, 1,500/1,800 Z-tokens)
Nerfkitten (Lv. 90, 2,000 Z-tokens)
Gogg Guard/MeGogg (Lv. 67/92, 500/1,800 Z-tokens)
Nerfkitten Scion (Lv. 130, 10,000 Z-tokens)

[11.25] House Guards and Items from Quests

These are house items and house guards that can found in Quests.

House Guards:

Jumping Brain Spider Guard (lv. 40, 500 Z-tokens)
Tarantula Brain Spider Guard (Lv. 60, 1,000 Z-tokens)
Dragoncat Guard (Lv. 65/110, 500/2,000 Z-tokens)
Nightraider Z House Guard (Lv. 75, 2,000 Z-tokens)
Black Widow Brain Spider Guard (Lv. 80, 2,000 Z-tokens)
Wolf Brain Spider Guard (Lv. 90, 2,500 Z-tokens)


Anna and Scakk Portrait (Lv. 5, 100 Z-tokens)
Hollow and Jess Portrait (Lv. 5, 100 Z-tokens)
Maxwell, Sasha and Emma Portrait (Lv. 5, 100 Z-tokens)
Brontus Portrait (Lv. 5, 100 Z-tokens)
Lavistria Portrait (Lv. 5, 100 Z-tokens)
Trobble at Night Portrait (Lv. 15, 150 Z-tokens)
The Huntress Portrait (Lv. 5, 200 Z-tokens)
Eselgee Portrait (Lv. 0, 200 Z-tokens)
Aquella Portrait (Lv. 25, 200 Z-tokens)
Ruisha Gibet Portrait (Lv. 25, 200 Z-tokens)
Captain Rhubarb Portrait (Lv. 25, 300 Z-tokens)
Morgan Portrait (Lv. 5, 500 Z-tokens)

[11.3] Estate Items

This sub-section lists Estate items. check the link for Vhan Keichi's guide to learn more about what they do and how they function.

Fishing Pond (Lv. 20, 300 Z-tokens)
Mana Collector (Lv. 20, 300 Z-tokens)
Stone Pit (Lv. 20, 300 Z-tokens)
Vegetable Garden (Lv. 20, 300 Z-tokens)
Woodcutter Shack (Lv. 20, 300 Z-tokens)
Mountain Hunt Lodge (Lv. 20, 400 Z-tokens)
Fruit Orchard (Lv. 20, 400 Z-tokens)
Graveyard (Lv. 20, 450 Z-tokens)
Hydro Power Dam (Lv. 20, 450 Z-tokens)
Trade Hut (Lv. 20, 500 Z-tokens)
Fishing Pier (Lv. 20, 600 Z-tokens)
Lumber Yard (Lv. 20, 600 Z-tokens)
Dark Mana Collector (Lv. 20, 600 Z-tokens)
Mountain Hunt Lodge (Lv. 20, 600 Z-tokens)
Museum (Lv. 40, 800 Z-Tokens)
Storage Building (Lv. 35, 1,000 Z-Tokens)
Guard Tower (Lv. 20, 1,000 Z-tokens)
Battle Stat Trainer (Lv. 20, 1,500 Z-tokens)
Magic Stat Trainer (Lv. 20, 1,500 Z-tokens)
Storage Building 2 (Lv. 35, 2,000 Z-Tokens)
Mega World Portal (Lv. 35, 4,500 Z-Tokens)

That’s the end of the Guide. Please post a reply or Pm if you have any comments, corrections or stuff that you want me to add.
I will add new Entry’s when they are released and will provide a link as soon as they are added to the Encyclopedia.

I would like to thank Evo and Scakk for the original guide and Evo again for letting me use the FAQ and The pricing/Payments sections of his guide.
I would also like to thank Kamui and Vahn_Kaichi for letting me set up links to their guides on Houses and Estates.
Credit to Captain Rhubarb for the info concerning Cherry Credits.
Battle On!!


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Nice guide, it covers all the aspects you'd need to know about z-tokens.
Some extra formatting may be nice though (it's not strictly necessary). For the FAQ's, maybe have the questions in bold? That way it would just be easier to see, at a glance, what's what.

Also it might be a good idea to arrange the lists of Z-token items in more than one order, for example alphabetically and by level. It might make things easier to find.
But that's just my opinion on the matter (do keep in mind i've never been very aesthetically creative xD)
Post #: 5
3/10/2008 20:01:01   

Bolded a few parts to make them stand out more when reading. I will add the new Bullyfighter Z armor when it is given an entry in the pedia.

I might change the sorting method if I find that people prefer having it done alphabetically or by level over price,but I think that having more then one sorting method just clutters up the guide. I would most likely sort it out alphabetically since the price and level is included with the link. Battle On!!

AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 6
3/11/2008 9:02:39   
The Spongy One

[4] New Releases --- You might wanna use this link for Dragon King’s Battle Axe Z:

Dragon King's Battle Axe Z

AQ  Post #: 7
3/11/2008 12:45:16   

Thanks Etching, I guess they changed the entry,so my link became old. thanks for providing a new link. Battle On!!

AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 8
3/11/2008 21:12:38   

Wow, nice guide! I have a suggestion, but I don't know if you'll add it:

Through my personal experience Nightbane's Fortess (Travel Map -> Darkovia) and level-scaled quests (Id est, Travel Map -> Travel South -> Bennuju Wetlands -> Fight the Hunters) are great places to find Z-tokens.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 9
3/12/2008 12:27:44   

That would belong more in the farming guide as a pro for that area. This guide is more for covering what Z-tokens are and the items that cost Z-tokens to buy. If people want to farm for Tokens, NB's Fortress is already noted in the Farming guide as being the place to go. it's why the Were Dragon at the end got buffed, to lessen the farming done on it. Battle On!!


< Message edited by Knightstar2001 -- 3/12/2008 22:26:05 >
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 10
3/12/2008 16:08:15   
Fallen Into Shadow

I just have a quick suggestion. Perhaps as far as weapons go, you could order them into




This would allow for quick reference when someone is trying to determine which Z token weapon is right for them. The only other thing I would consider is aligning the items on the right margin instead of center for easier reading, but that is entirely up to you.

Also adding pet elements for quick reference would not be a bad idea also. You guide is helpful and this would increase it's usefulness IMO. The more information you can provide in one place, the better.

Nice guide.

< Message edited by xXGothmogXx -- 3/12/2008 16:12:17 >
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 11
3/12/2008 23:49:31   

The weapon sorted by attack type made sense,so it has been changed. The pets don't seem like there is enough to really make it worth it,but I might have to do it anyway,so I decide to do it while I changed the weapons. I added the BullyFighter Z and put it in the Rare section since I doubt it will make the move to the token shop when the event leaves next week to make room for the Grenwog Festival. Battle On!!

AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 12
3/12/2008 23:56:45   
Lord Asrius

A link for Stitches:
AQ DF  Post #: 13
3/13/2008 2:30:31   

Lord Asrius, that link is for the current stitches. They were given a name change and a level increase(damage stayed the same) The stitches pet that was released is the new level 10 version and cost less then the old one. It also does less damage too. The pedia has not add it yet,so thats why I don't have a link for it. they also haven't yet edited the entry for the old Stitches either,but thats something that will happen sooner or later. Battle On!!


< Message edited by Knightstar2001 -- 3/13/2008 2:44:11 >
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 14
3/13/2008 2:34:38   
The Trobble One

Try replacing the

lines with
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 15
3/13/2008 2:50:21   

I never had used hr before,so I didn't know what it did. After trying it at your suggestion, it does make the guide look better. So thank you The Trobble Ones for suggesting it. Battle On!!


Added the New Release notice for the New NPC weapons, I will add links when the Pedia adds entrys for them.

< Message edited by Knightstar2001 -- 3/14/2008 0:31:30 >
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 16
3/16/2008 4:32:09   
Fiat Lux


Drag O'Lantern Z
Thick Stitches
Elegant Stitches
Post #: 17
3/16/2008 12:26:12   

thanks for the links Z.324, the Thick and Elegant Stitches got the new links. Drag O' Lantern Z was just added to the entry that I was already using,so it is the same. I am still thankful for you offering it. I added The Yolk Staff Z to the rare section since It should go rare when the Grenwog festival ends. Will add the Z-token Wabbit armor when the Entry is made in the pedia.

The Z-token Wabbit armor has been added.
3/28/08- I added the Purple Malzar Z and the 292 Z pets to the guide. Will add the paintings as soon as their pedia entry is up. Battle On!!


I have added the paintings from Mount Thrall. They are in the quest items section. I have added the melee and Magic Z-token weapons from the Nerflord event to the rare section of the Z-token guide. I will add the Ranged weapon when it gets an entry in the pedia.

< Message edited by Knightstar2001 -- 4/2/2008 23:46:12 >
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 18
4/19/2008 2:22:18   
Sith Lord

Here are the entry links for the Z-token war rewards. The Z-token summon spell isn't up yet.

Broadkil Cadaborg Z

Jumping Brain Spider

Tarantula Brain Spider

Black Widow Brain Spider

Wolf Brain Spider
DF MQ  Post #: 19
4/19/2008 13:33:06   

I'm going to wait on putting the recent Z-token war rewards up until we find out if the war is being added to the saga or if it will go rare. This is so I can put them in the right section of the guide. I am also thinking of sorting the rare section into weapons/armors/etc. and wonder if you all want the weapons sorted into Melee/Ranged/Magic as well if I do that. Let me know. Battle On!!


I added the Augerthorne war rewards to the quest section since they are still around and I added links for the Chrono Blades too.

< Message edited by Knightstar2001 -- 5/6/2008 1:11:56 >
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 20
5/21/2008 21:52:10   
The Spongy One

Dragoncat Guard (65/110) is missing from [6] Z-token Quest Items.

< Message edited by etching -- 5/21/2008 21:53:14 >
AQ  Post #: 21
5/22/2008 0:41:08   

Thanks for Spotting it Etching, They have been added to the list now. Battle On!!

AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 22
5/22/2008 1:47:30   

You put amethyst under rare z-token items..
Post #: 23
5/22/2008 19:37:36   
The Spongy One

Trobble at Night Portrait is missing from [6] Z-token Quest Items.

Also, you might wanna mention that you can buy 5000 Z-Tokens with the Upgrade Card.

< Message edited by etching -- 5/22/2008 19:43:36 >
AQ  Post #: 24
5/23/2008 14:13:09   

@Marcus998877- I put Amethyst Claymore in the Rare section due to the fact that it is going Rare on the 26th of May. I didn't see the point of putting it in the Shop list if I am going to be removing it in less then ten days later. The fact that the staff are putting items in the shop with the intent of making them go Rare later might mean that I will have to put a statement saying that I am only Adding the four Newest Updates that stay in the shop to the Update section.

@Etching-Thanks for spotting it and letting me know. If you find any others that I missed,let me know. I added the Upgrade Card info and added a link to the list of stores that have been confirmed to carry them. Battle On!!


< Message edited by Knightstar2001 -- 5/25/2008 21:09:03 >
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