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Estate System Guide

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7/17/2008 22:20:27   

LAST GUIDE UPDATE: January 20th, 2011

To get to a section you want faster, press "Ctrl + F" and type the code between the []s.

    [#WH1S] 1. What is it?
    [#GT5E] 2. Getting estates.
    -----2a) Upgrading old Houses?
    -----2b) Buying an Estate.
    -----2c) Using your plots of land.
    -----2d) Difference between available Houses.
    [#GT5E] 3. Resources
    -----3a) Basic Information
    -----3b) Functions
    [#M6YS] 4. Different buildings
    -----4a) Basic Resource Production.
    -----4b) Advanced Resource Production
    -----4c) Special-Function Buildings
    [#7DH7] 5. The SFB
    -----5a) Trade Hut
    -----5b) Start Trainers
    -----5c) Guard Tower
    -----5d) Mega World Portal
    -----5e) Storage Building
    -----5f) Museum
    [#1NVZ] 6. Invasions
    -----6a) Basic Information
    -----6b) I'm being attacked!
    -----6c) Preventing invasions
    -----6d) Can I invade other houses?
    [#U7GB] 7. Upgrading your Buildings
    [#5LN7] 8. Selling & Removing
    [#F4Q5] 9. FAQ
    [#WMON] 10. What my or may not be implemented
    -----10a) Most likely
    -----10b) Possible additions
    -----10c) Sadly, not possible yet
    -----10d) Not a chance in hell
    [#7NW5] 11. Final Words
    [#6CR7] 12. Guide Credits

1. What is it?#WH1S
Estates are the newest addition to the housing system in Adventure Quest. They are slots that come with the next "level" of Houses. In each of these slots, you can build one of many available buildings that you purchase at the Estate Shop. Those buildings have different functions, like gathering resources, providing Stat Training and much more. With time, more buildings will become available, such as the Museum's functional version.

With this system, players now have a better reason to buy their houses. More than that, they have now a reason to look after their House, since invasions have been included now that Estates are available. There's much more planned for the system, as Captain Rhubarb said, and it'll become better and more complex with time. But, for now, you'll find all you need to know about it right below :)

2. Getting Estates#GT5E

    2a) Upgrading old Houses?
    No. You cannot add estates to any of the previous released House Models, be it a Forest Tent, a Darkovia Log Cabin, a Frostvale Stone Cottage or whatever it is. If there's no "Estate" next to the House name, you cannot enjoy the Estate System (o rly?).

    2b) Buying an Estate
    As any other House, Estates cost Z-Tokens. They must be bought at the House & House Item Shop, that can be accessed talking with Valencia in front of the Inn at BattleOn. Also, as any other Houses, before your House is available, you must clear the land of trees. By doing that, you'll gain access to your House and the plots of land available; depending on which kind of Estate you bought, a certain number of plots will be usable.

    2c) Using your plots of land.
    So, you clicked on that shinny "View Estate" button. And now?
    In order to use those plots, you must buy the buildings you'll put there. You can do so by clicking on that "Estate Shop" button on the lower-right corner of the game screen. The buildings also cost Z-Tokens, so be careful before buying all of them :p
    Once you purchased the desired building(s), return to your Estate screen and choose which of the plots you want to add a building to. Doing that will allow you to browse through your available buildings. Right now, the position among the plots does not influence the building at all - and there are no future plans on changing that.

    2d) Difference between available Houses
    There's not much when it comes to Estates. The estates' differences are the same as the usual houses. What changes is the amount of plots of land. Also, certain houses have specific Buildings that can only be installed there, which means that their maximum Production Ratio will be different. Those can be seen below.

3. Resources#M6YS

    3a) Basic Informaton
    Resources are the soul of Estates. The first thing you'll want to do, once you have an Estate, is to buy Resource Producing Buildings - explained in section 4 - to start gathering resources. You can have an Estate without them, but having no resources means that you will not be able to upgrade any building more than 1 time (Level 0 to 1). There are four kinds of resources, called Food, Wood, Stone and Energy. Considering that some Estates have specific Resource Producing Buildings - listed in section 4 - there are differences between the maximum amount of each resource you can produce per hour (Order is Food/Wood/Stone/Energy):
    --- • Beach Estate: 70/13/10/44
    --- • Frostvale Estate: 63/10/35/26
    --- • Forest Estate: 63/35/10/26
    --- • Darkovia Estate: 48/10/28/51
    That is consdering that said Estate have all of the 5 Basic Resource Producing buildings maxed and the available Advanced Resource Producing buildings, at max, too.

    3b) Functions
    In the future, there might be new ways to use up your resources, But right now, your resources have a few - but important - functions.
    --- • Consumed to level up buildings.
    --- • Consumed as suplies when you deploy your MWP Army (During wars only).
    --- • Consumed as suplies when you deploy your GT Guards (During wars only).
    --- • Consumed as upkeep to certain SFBs.

4. Different Buildings#M6YS

    4a) Basic Resource Production
    The Basic Resource Production buildings are probably the first ones you'll want to buy, as their Level Up cost is low and they are cheap. Also, you'll need resources for pretty much everything when it comes to Estates. They are:
    --- • Vegetable Garden (Food)
    --- • Woodcutter Shack (Wood)
    --- • Stone Pit (Stone)
    --- • Mana Collector (Energy)
    --- • Fishing Pond (Food)
    --- • Corn Field (Food & Energy)
    Other reason why I called those "Basic" is the Resource-Production ratio; it's the lowest among the buildings related to their resources, but Leveling Up is easier with these buildings. You'll probably want one of each on your Estate, to start with. The only one that's not exactly necessary is the Fishing Pond, as you'll already have the Vegetable Garden to produce Food, and the Garden's Level Up costs are lower. You can also toally avoid the Food and Energy buildings and save up one slot by buying just the Corn Field, which has a final ratio bigger than the Garden and Mana Collector together.

    4b) Advanced Resource Production
    The Advanced Resource Production buildings are the ones that are available only to certain regions (Forest, Beach, Frostvale or Darkovia so far). Their resource production is bigger than on the Basic Buildings, but it's harder to level these Up. My advice is that you only build an Advanced Building after your basic ones are, at least, leveled up to 3, so you'll have plenty of resources available, enough to Level your buildings up as soon as possible. The Advance buildings are:
    --- • Mountain Hunt Lodge (Food, Frostvale only)
    --- • Fruit Orchard (Food, Forest only)
    --- • Lumber Yard (Wood, Forest only)
    --- • Fishing Pier (Food, Beach only)
    --- • Rock Quarry (Stone, Frostvale only)
    --- • Dark Mana Collector (Energy, Darkovia only)
    --- • Hydro Power Dam (Energy & Wood, Beach only)
    --- • Graveyard (Stone & Food, Darkovia only)
    As said before, it's only a good idea to buy those after you have enough of your resources. Also, it's dangerous to go for Advanced Resource Production buildings because they are exclusive to certain location, which means that, if you choose to buy a different House, buying one that is not on the location of your previous one will result in buildings stored because it can't be used.

    4c) Special-Function Buildings
    These are the real deal when it comes to housing; Special-Function buildings are probably the reason why you'll want estates. They offer lots of options that you can't access nowhere else. But there's a high price to pay; not only they cost large amounts of Z-Tokens, but they also have an Upkeep cost once they reach a certain Level. If you're not producing enough to keep those buildings, they will be useless. So be warned and, before Leveling them up (Or even buying them), make sure you produce enough Resources per hour to keep them! They are:
    --- • Battle Stat Trainer (Cheaper training for STR, DEX & END. Easy to Untrain)
    --- • Magic Stat Trainer (Cheaper training for INT, CHA & LUK. Easy to Untrain)
    --- • Guard Tower (Helps preventing invasions)
    --- • Museum (Currently non-functional, but can be leveled up)
    --- • Trade Hut (Resource trading)*
    --- • Storage Building (Allows more resources to be stored)
    --- • Storage Building II (Allows more resources to be stored)
    --- • Mega World Portal (Allows world traveling; Gold&EXP gain during wars)
    So think well before buying those. They are worth it, but you must watch your resources all the time! As the system grows, we'll probably have more buildings of this kind with different options, so only buy what you need.

5. The SFB#7DH7
SFB stands for "Special Function Buildings", and they'll have a section of their own due to the fact that some of them have specific and extense functions which can be largely explained below. More information will be added as they are released.

    5a) Trade Hut
    This building is probably the most important Special-Function Building. As the name implies, the Trade Hut is a hut where you trade resources. For what? Currently, for other resources. This is specially useful when you can't buy Advanced Resource Production buildings or if you're low on any of the resources. You will probably be getting lots of Stone from the hut in the beggining.
    You can change "X" of any of the resources for "Y" of any other resource. As you level up your Hut, the Trade Ratio will be better. Captain Rhubarb released the information of the Trade Hut ratio. It is based on the 100 Amount of "X", so for other Amount, it's just a matter of proportion.
    ---[Level 00] ---
    ---[Level 01] 25/50/150/300 of "X" for 12/25/79/168 of "Y".
    ---[Level 02] 25/50/150/300 of "X" for 13/27/85/180 of "Y".
    ---[Level 03] 25/50/150/300 of "X" for 14/29/91/192 of "Y".
    ---[Level 04] 25/50/150/300 of "X" for 15/31/97/204 of "Y".
    ---[Level 05] 25/50/150/300 of "X" for 16/33/103/216 of "Y".
    ---[Level 06] 25/50/150/300 of "X" for 17/35/109/228 of "Y".
    ---[Level 07] 25/50/150/300 of "X" for 18/37/115/240 of "Y".
    ---[Level 08] 25/50/150/300 of "X" for 19/39/121/252 of "Y".
    ---[Level 09] 25/50/150/300 of "X" for 20/41/127/264 of "Y".
    ---[Level 10] 25/50/150/300 of "X" for 21/43/133/276 of "Y".
    ---[Level 11] 25/50/150/300 of "X" for 22/45/139/288 of "Y".
    ---[Level 12] 25/50/150/300 of "X" for 23/47/145/300 of "Y".
    Yes, Captain has raised the Level Cap of the Hut, so it can be Leveled up to 12 now. Yay. He has also stated that there's a possibility that he'll increase this ratio, but nothing's been confirmed. Which means that, for now, the chart above is official.

    5b) Stat Trainers
    There are two kinds of Training buildings, which work much like the two different Specialized Trainers of BattleOn. The Battle Stat Trainer will help you increasing your STR, DEX and END, while the Magic Stat Trainer will help you improve your INT, CHA and LUK stats. What makes them so spectacular is that these buildings provide cheaper training costs; 2.5% discount, based on the base price of training, for each Building Level, up to a total of 25% of discount! They also allow you to Untrain Stats with the click of a button - no more losing to Sir Pwnsalot! Below is the chart for the discounts.
    ---[Level 00] ---
    ---[Level 01] 2.5% discount on Stat Training's base price
    ---[Level 02] 5% discount on Stat Training's base price
    ---[Level 03] 7.5% discount on Stat Training's base price
    ---[Level 04] 10% discount on Stat Training's base price
    ---[Level 05] 12.5% discount on Stat Training's base price
    ---[Level 06] 15% discount on Stat Training's base price
    ---[Level 07] 17.5% discount on Stat Training's base price
    ---[Level 08] 20% discount on Stat Training's base price
    ---[Level 09] 22.5% discount on Stat Training's base price
    ---[Level 10] 25% discount on Stat Training's base price

    5c) Guard Tower
    Perhaps one of the most useful buildings, the Guard Tower has a couple of different functions. It's primary idea is to increase the effectiveness of your Guards. For each GT Level, your "DEF VARIABLE" - a variable that determines if you get invaded or not - increases by 200. That number with the number of your total Guard Levels determines your invasion preventing effectiveness. Below is a chart about the DEF POINTS of GT for each level (note that the GT has a Level Cap of 15 instead of 10).
    ---[Level 00] ---
    ---[Level 01] 200 Def Points
    ---[Level 02] 400 Def Points
    ---[Level 03] 600 Def Points
    ---[Level 04] 800 Def Points
    ---[Level 05] 1000 Def Points
    ---[Level 06] 1200 Def Points
    ---[Level 07] 1400 Def Points
    ---[Level 08] 1600 Def Points
    ---[Level 09] 1800 Def Points
    ---[Level 10] 2000 Def Points
    ---[Level 11] 2200 Def Points
    ---[Level 12] 2400 Def Points
    ---[Level 13] 2600 Def Points
    ---[Level 14] 2800 Def Points
    ---[Level 15] 3000 Def Points
    Another function to the Guard Tower is part of the new idea of armies fighting on wars. You can now deploy your Guards to any War that is happening at the momment and, for a certain number of resources, they will destroy waves - which do count towards the War Metter - and bring you some Gold and EXP as spoils. For some specific information on Guard Tower's guarding function, check out Mysterious Strangeface's Guard Chart.

    5d) Mega World Portal
    A new addition to the Estate System (Yay!), the MWP is an awesome one. Initially, its function is to allow you to travel to new worlds as Anwyn discovers them - for now, we have Trescol and Kairula. That means that these quests are only accessible through the portal or their respective paintings. So you ask, "Why bother with a 4500 Tokens Portal when I can buy the cheaper paintings?". Well, the answer is simple; with the MWP you can deploy your own army from another planet to gather Gold and EXP (Don't ask me how) during active wars! How awesome is that?! Your army's fight, your spoils. And yes, Army Wins will count towards the War Count. I believe that, higher building Level means higher amount of spoils brought to you by your army and higher kills by them. And you know the good news? It doesn't have an upkeep cost. By the way, to start utilizing your MWP, you need at least one of the Special Paintings (House items) that Anwym sells.

    5e) Storage Buildings 1 & 2
    If you feel like 1000 of each resource isn't enough, or if the Resource Consuming Rate of your SFBs is leaving you with not much resources, then you need one of those. The Storage Buildings will let you store 200+ of each Resource every time you level up, to a maximum of 3000 with only one and 5000 with both buildings. So the chart should be like this:
    ---[Level 00] 1000(n) + 0000(s) for a total of 1000/1000 MAX.
    ---[Level 01] 1000(n) + 0200(s) for a total of 1200/1400 MAX.
    ---[Level 02] 1000(n) + 0400(s) for a total of 1400/1800 MAX.
    ---[Level 03] 1000(n) + 0600(s) for a total of 1600/2200 MAX.
    ---[Level 04] 1000(n) + 0800(s) for a total of 1800/2600 MAX.
    ---[Level 05] 1000(n) + 1000(s) for a total of 2000/3000 MAX.
    ---[Level 06] 1000(n) + 1200(s) for a total of 2200/3400 MAX.
    ---[Level 07] 1000(n) + 1400(s) for a total of 2400/3800 MAX.
    ---[Level 08] 1000(n) + 1600(s) for a total of 2600/4200 MAX.
    ---[Level 09] 1000(n) + 1800(s) for a total of 2800/4600 MAX.
    ---[Level 10] 1000(n) + 2000(s) for a total of 3000/5000 MAX.
    ---[Level 11] 1000(n) + 2200(s) for a total of 3200/5400 MAX.
    ---[Level 12] 1000(n) + 2200(s) for a total of 3400/5800 MAX.
    ---[Level 13] 1000(n) + 2400(s) for a total of 3600/6200 MAX.
    ---[Level 14] 1000(n) + 2600(s) for a total of 3800/6600 MAX.
    ---[Level 15] 1000(n) + 2800(s) for a total of 4000/7000 MAX.
    Where (n) is the Normal Maximum Amount and (s) is the Storage Buildings Extra Storage Amount. You can have both of them, while the second one is 1000 Tokens more expensive.

    5f) Museum
    The main reason why I created this section is to inform everyone that the museum does not have a function yet! You can upgrade it up to Level 10 and it will consume your resources, but right now, it does absolutelly nothing aside from looking cool.

6. Invasions#1NVZ

    6a) Basic Information
    A cool system that Captain Rhubarb developed is the Invasion System. Yeah, it's not just candy & happiness. An Invasion is when a random monster decides to attack one of your buildings. When does it happen? Every 6 hours, the game system will trigger the "Invasion switch"; random houses will be invaded, and there's no way to tell if your House will or will not. It may not be invaded for months, but it also may be invaded daily, it's all about numbers :p Obviously, you can prevent that with Guard and Guard Towers. The only way to know that you're under attack is by checking each one of your buildings. If it is invaded, than you'll have a "Defend" button. You can also refresh your Character Page. There'll be a little "(!)" next to the buildings currently invaded. You can also check them in the Estate Screen by putting the cursos over the House Stats. The exact times of invasions are the following, server time:
    - 02:00 AM
    - 11:00 AM
    - 08:00 PM
    Checking after these times once a day should be enough to know if any of your buildings' been attacked.

    6b) I'm being attacked!
    OMG RUN FUR UR LIFZ D00D! No, seriously.
    To get rid of any invader, you must click the "Defend!" button that'll be available on the Building Screen (The one that appears once you click on the building). This'll trigger a fight with the Random Monster that attacked your land. You must win to make the monster go away. Invaded Buildings will cease functions until you get rid of the monster. But it also suspends the consumption of said building. Meaning that, if it is a Resource-Producing building, it'll stop producing, and if it is a Special-Function building, you won't be able to access it's functions. A good idea is to Level Up your Museum and let it be invaded; since it has no function, you will have a fully upgraded Museum that will not consume your resources!

    6c) Preventing Invasions
    The basic idea is that your Guards, as well as your Guard Towers, have a chance to keep away any invader. But Capn' also said that Guard Tower already increase your "Protection Variable", which is a good thing and can be checked above. The variable is the sum of all your guards' levels, not just the 12 guards that shows up when you browse your Guard House, plus 200 from each Guard Tower level. And no, there are no cutscenes of guards fighting the invader or anything, it happens "off-screen". If you've been invaded, your guards and Towers have failed you. Remember, tho', that even if you have a MAX Level Guard Tower and thousands of High-Level Guards, there's still a chance that you'll be attacked.
    Seems like the total sum of your Guards' Levels will define the chance percentage of your buildings being invaded. A total Level of 142 ends up about a 20% chance of invasions daily. But Higher Level buildings have higher chances of being attacked. Obviously, a High Level Guard Tower helps lowering those numbers.

    6d) Can I invade other Houses?
    Simple answer: No. Invaders are Random Monsters, not other players, so you can't go around attacking other people's Estates, you bully.

7. Upgrading your Buildings#U7GB
Most buildinga can be upgraded up to Level 10, the MAX Level so far. Some of them, however, can be further upgraded. It's a good thing to upgrade your buildings if you have the resources, but you must watch out for a few things.

Upgradings costs Gold and Resources, and it takes a few hours before a building is completely upgraded. It does not stop producing resources while being upgraded, tho', so don't worry about lost hours of work.
The Resource-Producing buildings will, obviously, produce more resources as they are Level up. Basic ones will produce, hourly, a number of resources equal to their Level (The Corn Field being the only exception). Advanced ones have different values that can be seen on the Estate List.
The Special-Function buildings, after certain level, will start to use a few resources in order to keep working. So watch out for your Hourly Production before Leveling your Special Buildings too high!
If you're planning on buying a new Estate soon, you might want to think twice before upgrading any of your buildings. When you sell your House, all of your buildings' Level are decreased by ONE level, which means you'll have to reposition all of them again and level them up once more. Also, buildings upgrades are finalized every hour on the hour. Meaning that, if you choose to upgrade a building at "5:03", the upgrade whould be done at, let's say, "9:03", it will not be really upgraded until "10:00."

8. Selling & Removing#U7GB
One of the beauties of the House System is that the Sellback value of your House increases weekly. You can buy a House, wait for the Sellback to increase, sell it, keep the difference and buy it again, as most of us do to upgrade thru' House Levels. But with the Estate System, things'll not be so easy anymore.
If you sell your House having Buildings at your Estate, all of the buildings will drop 1 Level. You keep them all in an "invisible inventory", so don't worry, they'll be there, waiting to be replaced once you buy a new house, and you get to keep your resources. Still, 1 Level Droping can make one think before selling the House :p
There is also a "Remove" button that shows when you check one of your buildings. By clicking on it, you'll remove that buildings, wich'll also make it drop 1 Level! You can do it to replace buildings around your Estate or to undo some unwanted upgrade you accidentally made that forced you into an Upkeep for that building, or for whatever reason you want.

9. FAQ#F4Q5
• [NEW!]What is the exact point of the Estate System?
Having fun, just like the rest of the game. All of it's functions - or most of them - have been explained above, so it's up to you if you want or do not want to have one.

• [NEW!]What is the Museum's function?
As said before, it does not have one so far, but you can already upgrade to fully enjoy it's functions once they are released.

• Do buildings also give us interest Z-Tokens?

• How does the resource system work?
Once you buy a resource-producing building and level it up to Level 1 , it'll start producing resources, which are Food, Wood, Stone and Energy. Based on their levels, those building can produce more resources hourly (Yeap, the numbers on the chart are hourly production). Some building consume resources to work, so you need to have a big production before starting to upgrade like crazy or building Stat Trainers and that kind of stuff.

• What are the Private Trainers for?
No, they cannot train your stats over 200 Points. They are there to provide cheaper training as well as, as Capn' said, an easy-as-hell way to untrain your stats, much better than losing battles against Sir. Pwnsalot.

• Are buildings Z-Token or Gold?
To buy Estates and Buildings, you must use Z-Tokens. But leveling up costs gold and resources.

• Can I buy more than 1 building of the same kind?

• Can I add estate to my house?
Nope. You gotta buy a house that already has estates.


QUESTIONS: Lord Lee | ANSWERS: Captain Rhubarb. | ANSWER UPDATE: Vahn
1) With the estate buildings which are specific to certain locations (e.g. the Darkovia Dark Mana Collector, Forest Fruit Orchard etc.) if we purchase an estate of a different origin after purchasing these buildings will they still be active? That is to say hypothetically if I were to purchase the Forest Lumber Yard then upgraded to the Darkovia Mansion estate would I still be getting the resources produced by my Forest Lumber Yard or would this be suspended until I purchased another Forest Estate?

When you sell your house and buy a new one:
* You keep all your estate buildings in an off-screen inventory, and they stop producing or consuming resources.
* They all drop 1 Building-Level
* You have to re-position them onto your new house.
* Any buildings that do not match your current house terrain can not be re-located, and will not have any resource production or consumption.

2) Will the trade hut allow for trading of gold for resources? Or will it only be resources for other resources?
* Currently only trading for other resources

3) Can you give us a preview of what the actual function of the Museum is? Extra inventory storage? Trophy mounting of rares we wish to keep? Or a place to store artifacts likely to still be implemented into the game?
* No definite plans yet.

5) Could you give us an indication of how "taking an estate" hostage is likely to affect the hostage taker and hostage, (i.e. will it suspend functions of estate items, the loss of the weekly Z-token increase or result in lost resources through stealing etc.?)
* All functions are suspended, including resource production and consumption of the building. Currently, one battle win 'defending' the house gets rid of the invaders.

6) Finally what is the point of upgrading buildings like the museum, stat trainer facilities, guard tower (i.e. will it result in more storage as for the museum, cost efficiency with training and untraining with the stat trainers, better protection with the guard huts, if so how will these be quantified)?
* Each type of building will have its own usefulness and formulas. More details soon.

• So can we invade other player's house?
Nope. Invaders, currently, are just random monsters.

• How do I know my house's being attacked? How do I defend it?
When visiting your buildings you'll see a warning that it is being attacked, and there'll be "Defend" button to defend against the invader.


CAPTAIN, on Invasions.

Currently, the random monsters randomly attack house buildings at certain times (Check above), with a small chance of each building getting taken over.
I'll be adjusting that rate as needed to keep everyone sane.

Higher level buildings get attacked more often (more lucrative targets)
Having a Guard Tower and having high-leveled Guards on your estate makes then more safe.

Checking your house status once or twice a day will be good enough for most people to manage it effectively.

And for those that log out for days at a time...
Well... their house won't gain much resources if all the buildings get invaded.

• While upgrading, let's say, the "Vegetable Garden", will it be disabled during the upgrading time? Meaning that, during the 5 hours needed to upgrade from Level 1 to Level 2, it'll not produce any resource?
When a building is being upgraded, it still produces/consumes resources.

• What happens if you get invaded during a Level-Up Time? Does it freeze, or is the timer reseted once you get rid of the invader and thus' you'll have to wait for the "X Hours" again?
It can't be invaded during that time, all the construction scares away the monsters, I guess. However, special functions of the upgrading building are also not available, like the stat trainers.

• What will guards do? Will they fight monsters?
No. They help preventing invasions, but if you are invaded, that means your guards failed, and you will have to fight the invader.

• Can I upgrade more than one building at the same time?
If you have the resources, yes you can.

• What is the limit for each resource?
Currently, it's 1000 of each. But it is possible to buy Storage Buildings (more info above).


CAPTAIN, on Kingdoms & Production (Probably out of date)
The next estate house will be some sort of "Large Farmhouse Estate"
With the ability to have lots of Food resource gatherers, like Corn and Wheat fields.

A player can specialize in Food gathering, and use the Trade hut to trade for the other stuff.

My plan for the castle/kingdoms system is to have an estate "building" be a portal/stargate/something which sends the player to another land/continent/world/etc where they rule over a kingdom (Note that this has been transformed into the Mega World Portal & Army idea)

The old "shared castle" idea is pretty much a dead idea.

• Buildings of every Level can be invaded?
No, monsters don't really bother with Level 0 and Level 1 buildings, as they probably don't look really worth it.

• If the guard tower is invaded, will it stop preventing other invasions?
Actually, the Guard Tower is immune from getting attacked.

10. What may and may not be implemented#WMOMN
Since there's been a lot of questions about what may or may not happen to the Estate System, I decided to create this list, based on some things that the Captain has said during some of the many "Houses with Estates" threads in AQGGD.

    10a) Most likely
    Among the bad things, we have the maintenance and upkeep costs for your buildings. But the amount of good stuff that have a chance to make it to the game someday is worth such a small issue. An example is the petting zoo to breed some special Guests which can only be accessed through your house or to sell some of those creatures for some profit. Quests - hoorray! - to protect your stock from bandits and to secure transport routes in order to make more money with your business. For those of you who want some visual customization, a customizable garden is one of the ideas on the Captain's mind. And about buildings, some that can be considered are the lookout, barracks, farm, windmill and even a workshop in which you can - Yes, WoW fans you're right - create catapults or other kinds of things to help protecting your Estate, and make it look awesome. Other two things the captain brought up are a Library and an underground dungeon, but I'm not sure about the possible functions of any of these.

    10b) Possible addtions
    These are related to the Kindgom Expansion that has been made possible with the addition of the World Portals, an epic feature that makes me shiver everytime I think about the possibilities. It will be possible to recruit different kinds of unities, where each one of them will have a different and unique hability. Builders would be able to slowly expand your House with stone, the first step towards the Kingdom goal. Archers, Soldiers, Clerics and even Guardians as different unities that will possibly be a part of your Army - but the Captain has not said anything about their actual function. You can form different kinds of diplomatic relations between different legions and races, with all that political aspects of War that we all ever wanted included. Man, you might even be able to become a Ruler - with your own throne - and battle over territories or resources!

    10c) Sadly, not possible yet
    Many people have probably compared AQ's Housing with the other AE Games' Housing, like DF. But sadly, due to the limits of the actual Housing Artwork, these things will not be able to make it to the game. Some of them are buying movable furniture, chose the time of the day - think DF Fishing - or the awesome idea of placing traps on your house/estate for visitors to click at.

    10d) Not a chance in hell
    Absolutely everything that, in some way, would need a PvP System to work. This has been said lots and lots of times, but people still seem to dream about PvP features, like battles between armies or alliances. Give up, everyone, AQ does not support PvP. Go play Epic Duel.

11. Final Words#7NW5
That's all the help I could provide about the new Estate System. If there's any information that you feel that fits in this guide, please, PM-me. I'll make sure to check it and, if included, give you proper credits :)
Also, make sure you visit the ESTATE LIST page, as there are tons of information about the numbers on each building.
And finally, if you're into some friendly competition, there's the AQ Top Estate List. It shows the 25 Top player for each location, based on the sum of Levels of their buildings, sorted by random IDs.
Oh yeah, and just for your knowledge, EpicWinrar created this chart that lets you know the maximum ammount of Z-Tokens you will need to spend in order to fully "upgrade" your Estate.

12. Guide Credits#6CR7
To afterlifex, that helped me with some Updates that I missed.
To Captain Rhubarb, for answering most of the questions posted on the AQ GD.
To ratchet freak, MyPain, for info on the Trade Ratio of the Trade Hut.
To AVA, for providing lots of information and notifying of new updates.

< Message edited by Vahn_Kaichi -- 1/20/2011 13:39:27 >
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 1
7/20/2008 20:59:46   

you forgot Hydro Power Dam for beach only in advanced production.
AQ  Post #: 2
7/20/2008 21:52:51   

and also the Moutian Hunting Lodge produces food not wood
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 3
7/20/2008 22:04:34   

@Goldy: Thanks, haven't checked the new buildings untill today. Added the Power Dam as well as the Graveyard.
@lostduckjr: Haha, probably a typo :p A "W" for an "F". Thanks for noticing.

I'm cheking all the info on Invasions and some numbers regarding most of Estate functions, and will probably update the Guide when I have them.
Until then, all the help you can provide is really welcome.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 4
7/22/2008 12:01:18   

What do you do with the resources?

And also is the minimum to be able to play this 10.000 z-tokens? 40usd? you got to be kidding me right?
AQ  Post #: 5
7/22/2008 12:25:16   


2d) Difference between available Houses
There's not much when it comes to Estates. The Houses' difference are the same as the usual houses. What changes is the amount of plots of land. Also, certain houses have specific Buildings that can only be installed there.

^ space bar; also, the h could be lower cased, if applicable.

4c) Preventing Invasions
"Protection Variable"

only spelling error that i see...

(this house is useless to me... I only need extra storage and spaces....)

< Message edited by UggaUgga2 -- 7/22/2008 12:27:26 >
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 6
7/22/2008 13:21:52   

It really cost that much. Some people are just erally good (and not to mention lucky) @ farming tokens. Having a house that gives u many tokens a week gets u tokens fast. Or, u can get 10 tokens for free from Ballyhoo if u get lucky. Good luck!

In your thanks list, u spelled Captain Rhuharb's name wrong. Great guide, by the way!


< Message edited by PieLover31416 -- 7/22/2008 22:31:40 >
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 7
7/22/2008 18:44:19   
  Captain Rhubarb

Thank you for organizing this guide!
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 8
7/22/2008 19:23:36   
Yusaku Godai

Good guide. However there is one thing I think needs to be changed:


The only way to know that you're under attack is by checking each one of your buildings; if it is invaded, than you'll have a "Defend" button.

There are actually to other ways to see if a building is under attack:

1. Refresh your character page, you will get little ! next to the name of the attacked building(useful if your on a quest)
2. On the Estate Screen hover over the house stats, it will tell you what building(s) is/are being attacked.

@below: no problem, always glad to help.

< Message edited by Yusaku Godai -- 7/23/2008 5:29:52 >
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 9
7/22/2008 21:26:48   

@taiming: There's more info on the guide but, short answer, resources are used to build, upgrade and maintain your buildings.
@UggaUgga2: Thank you very much (: As much as I try to correct all I cand find, it's hard to notice most of them, specially since english is not my main language.
@PieLover: Ops! Thanks, corrected it :D
@Captain Rhubarb: No problem, Captain!
@Yusaku Godai: Oh, thank you! I included the information on the guide, thanks again :)

Right now, I'm working on the "Trade Hut trading ratio" chart. I only have info on Huts that are Level 1 to 4. Any info on that matter is welcome, really welcome.
Captain Rhubarb was kind enough to release the following information on the " =AQ=New Houses with Estates Buyable!" thread:

sample Trade hut math:

level 1: Trade 100 for 50
level 2: Trade 100 for 53
level 10: Trade 100 for 77

I'm thinking about increasing the trade ratio...

Meaning that it goes +3 for each level, based on the 100 ammount of Resource X.

< Message edited by Vahn_Kaichi -- 7/22/2008 22:13:43 >
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 10
7/23/2008 9:44:00   

So it really is that epxensive. What's the use of a game system only a couple of dozen players will use? Shouldn't it be better if some more people could play/use it? albeit in a smal matter.

So you have buildings which get u resources which allows u to upgrade your buildings which get you resources.
Will you also get XP or gold or tokens? cos as far as i can tell you only get more resources/buildings and a special building for training stats

< Message edited by taiming -- 7/23/2008 9:52:11 >
AQ  Post #: 11
7/23/2008 19:15:40   

Suggestion for those reading, if you dont want to buy Ztokens, buy a smaller house that you can affored and while you kill to ge mor eztokens your house will make more for you, almsot like putting money in a bank for when you want to buy a bigger house.

as for the guide. very help full, nicly done
AQ  Post #: 12
7/24/2008 5:57:14   

Nice Guide!

And yea, many people can use this system. I started with like only about enough for a tent... and my houses have earned me my Darkovia Estate. I'll admit I did buy 5K Z-Tokens just now, because I am too impatient to wait for my esate sellback to increase.

Also, what is so good about all the estate stuff... you just use resources to get more resources.... Mabye the trainers might be useful but still....
AQ DF  Post #: 13
7/26/2008 16:38:05   
bad old lady

Nice guide however I have a question and a suggestion. By the way, I’m even more impressed knowing English is not your first language. Wow.

Suggestion – In the last sentence in Part 8 you wrote “soum of Level’ which should be spelt “sum of Level”.

Question – While discussing the attacks on our buildings, you mentioned that number of attacks was only based on our Guard Tower. However I thought and have always read on the forums that the total level of our guards has an impact the amount of attacks by monsters. Could you please clarify this? Thanks.
AQ  Post #: 14
7/28/2008 3:20:36   

@above: Both have an impact on the amount of times you get attacked/percentage of getting attacked each attack period. While the formula has not be released, we have been told that it is based on Guard Tower level + total level of guards (cumulative, of course)

This is a great guide.. prevents a lot of questions from being asked. Good Great work.

This part is amazing, by the way:


5b) I'm being attacked!
OMG RUN FUR UR LIFZ D00D! No, seriously.
AQ MQ  Post #: 15
7/28/2008 7:13:58   

@taiming: So far, the only Special Function Buildings that is usefull outside the Estate System are the Trainer Buildings. The Museum's been removed, and we'll probably get new ones in the future, but I can't imagine their functions. Thing is, Estate is a big step for the House System, and the possibilities are endless. :p
@yo(...)yo666: Thanks :D Yes, it is possible to get one of the Estate Houses withouth having to buy Z-Tokens for now. We'll probably have a Z-Token Interest cap for the Houses, so it'll become harder. And we really should encourage other player to buy the Tokens, thus helping the AE Team and being able to enjoy the system.
@Aquaurchin99: Thank you! Yeah, I believe we'll have to wait for the new SF Buildinngs. Until then... stack your resources! :D
@Prator the Legendary: omg
@bad old lady: Ops! Haha, I haven't updated that part yet? Oh boy! Thanks for pointing it out!
@antseg: Thanks for answering the question :D

So, Guide Updated again.
Any new information is welcome, as I told before. :)

Captain raised the Trade Hut's Level Cap to 12 :D Hooray!
But I noticed something, and etching noticed it too, and he used math to prove his point, so here's the advice; upgrading the Hut to high levels will need lots of resources, but the Hut's function is to help you raising the resources you have the less.
Instead of trading, it would be wise to just save the resources at higher levels, or even using them to leveling the Producing Buildings, as it would pay off what you spent in less time and withouth the need to lose more resources.
But it's up to you.

New Ratios for the Trade Hut are now updated at the first post. Also, added the "Selling & Removing" part of the Guide to explain those two functions.

< Message edited by Vahn_Kaichi -- 7/31/2008 18:30:21 >
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 16
8/17/2008 18:41:04   

I think that it might be a good idea to place in bold that if your house is invaded for the entire week you don't get the z-token interest and once you do get rid of the invaders you don't get the interest back and this applies to any and all full weeks of invasion.

Edit 1: @Vahn_Kaichi: I could not find another source of this data anywhere i know this to be correct thru personal experience of having my house invaded for about three weeks and receiving no interest till i removed the invaders

Edit 2: it looks like this has been fixed now, so it no longer anything to worry about

< Message edited by Diceroller75 -- 9/24/2008 10:18:08 >
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 17
8/19/2008 22:09:56   

good guide man that really cleared things up!


Your sig has been Iced.
Please read ALL of Rule 13 of the Universal (Applies Everywhere) Rules/Guidelines.
Your sig was completely inappropriate.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 18
8/23/2008 23:26:39   

one part you say if you sell your house and get another your buildings reset to 0
but further along it says something about decreasing 2 levels
so i was wondering which one it was if i were to sell my estate and buy a new one


AQ  Post #: 19
8/25/2008 14:54:11   

@Mysterious Strangeface: Thanks for the info. Most of those were already implemented, but the last quote seems worthy mentioning, as estimate numbers are always helpful (:
@Diceroller: Hmm, I wasn't aware of that. Can you quote the source of this information, please?
@Taino: I'm glad it helped you.
@chaiboy: I'm terribly sorry for the confusion. The "Level 0" part was out of date, it's been fixed now. Selling your House will Remove all of your buildings, which means they will all drop 2 Levels. (:

If any other information is out of date, please, let me know. I fixed what was wrong so far, so it might be OK now, but still, I might have missed something :p
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 20
8/25/2008 21:56:18   

I found a small typo:


• buildings are Z-Token or Gold?

You might want to rearrange "are" and "buildings" and then capitalize the "A" in "are". Hope that helps! Btw, this typo's in the FAQ section.

< Message edited by PieLover31416 -- 9/2/2008 23:10:28 >
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 21
8/26/2008 20:50:10   

How difficult would it be to put in a Home Equity loan for getting 80% of the Z-token value above the selling price of the house? Then weekly the additional interest amount would be reduced by some portion until the "loan" was paid off. An additional option would be to divert any accumulated Z-tokens to pay off the loan.

This gives access to the Z-tokens without the PITA of selling, losing levels and having to rebuild.
Post #: 22
8/29/2008 15:55:41   
Bu Kek Siansu

I just want to let you know that the Top lists are no longer sorted by lowest IDs. The Estate Top Lists are now sorted by random IDs.
The Estate Top Lists -> http://www.battleon.com/aq-chars-estates.asp


ORIGINAL: Captain Rhubarb


The Estate Top Lists are now sorted by random id's
AQ Epic  Post #: 23
8/30/2008 20:33:26   
Bu Kek Siansu

  • Actually the lists are now sorted by the total level of the their estate buildings, active players and random ID's.

    1) http://www.battleon.com/aq-chars-estates.asp

    This list contains the top 100 AdventureQuest characters that own an in-game house estate,
    sorted by the total level of the their estate buildings. The list updates every few hours.

    2) http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=14424453&mpage=28&key= ---> Post #: 679

    ORIGINAL: Captain Rhubarb

    The lists are filtered by "active players" too. Active meaning, "visited my own house within the last week"
    So, if players stop using their house, or take time off from the game, they'll fall off the list.

    I'm slowly working on more building types, and I'm also planning on expanding the # of plots per house.
    This would be a free expansion!

    What I need feedback on, is if you all want:

    a) More than one screen of house plots. Like having an arrow button to view another screen of plots


    b) Shrink the size of the plots on the screen so that more fit all on one screen.

    3) http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=14579055&mpage=7 ---> Post #: 165

    ORIGINAL: Captain Rhubarb


    The Estate Top Lists are now sorted by random id's

  • AQ Epic  Post #: 24
    9/2/2008 11:16:02   

    > Vahn_Kaichi

    You may want to add to your guide my table of estate guards effectiveness - you can find it here: http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=14534541 . It is a bit too small for an independent guide but it can well be incorporated here.
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