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RE: =MQ= ALL Game Balance Issues Go Here And Only Here Please [OLD]

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7/31/2008 21:54:10   

Sorry if I'm being too repetitive, but something HAS to be done.

The DPA for non-SC (Both lvl 17 and 21, but mostly lvl 21, as 17 is un-mergable) is WAY too weak.

It can barely beat the V.3 house mechs, despite being a level higher. The damage is actually worse, too. While the specials are great, the rates are HORRIBLE. There is no strategy if the specials don't activate, so ANYONE trying to say that, I will have to use some counter-logic.

After trying many times, I NEVER successfully finished the K&S FC. The specials seem to happen about 10% of the time, which is not enough, for they are what makes the mech.

The body hardly does anything. You waste a turn for 5 defence, and reflecting about 10% damage. You still take full damage, and 10% * 4 turns is only 40% of the enemy's damage reflected, over 4 turns. That is equal to, or less than, the average damage dealt with just a normal attack. It should be buffed so it does 20% reflection, to actually make it worth sacrificing a turn of attack.

Again, sorry if I'm being too repetitive.

I tested the level 21 and had no problems at all. You must have really bad luck zeke!

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MQ  Post #: 26
7/31/2008 21:54:26   
Mister Q

Am I the only one that thinks the Elite Forensics Defender could use a small bit of a buff, especially if you compare it to how amazing the lvl 8 version was for its time?
The stun weapon is 50% of stun with a 5 turn cooldown. The shoulder weapons are fine, and the bah hand energy halter will be fine once they work out the bug, but the energy regen rate could use a tiny buff, and perhaps a little boost for the body armor, perhaps 1 more turn or a defense of 65%.

Oh, I think this Mecha is really amazing now. The Level 8 was amazing for its time? I never found it really amazing but thats maybe just me.

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AQ  Post #: 27
7/31/2008 22:09:35   

The non sc level 21 merged DPA needs a buff. If you give it back it's stun resistance and raise the special rates it will be worth it. I don't know about the other DPAs but it is pretty useless with the specials happening like 5% of the time. The special rate should be 20%-30%. Also shield needs a buff. It should reflect damage according to what you're hit by. It should be like 20% of the hit you took.

Res is back, special chance is already buffed.

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DF MQ  Post #: 28
7/31/2008 22:10:45   

-Apprentice Fireball-

The Apprentice Fireball drains way to much EN for its level. Being a low level weapon (with the grand exemption of the Stun Gun RC1), the absolute most EN it should need is 30EN instead of the current 50EN. This would make the standalone (Apprentice Fireball-Back Arm) and pre-equipped (Volt Thorn front arm) versions far more viable for lower level players to use.

Same as for old Mechs. All the old Weapons need a change here and there.

-Drakel Power Armor Series-

Concerning the DPA, the problems with it stem from the rate of specials and the weakness of the shield. The HP is fine and boosting it runs the risk of making the mecha broken. Even the damage output is fine since the current setup is meant to be a shutdown build instead of raw damage. The Drakel Sanctus Sphere should reflect damage at a percentage of the damage dealt instead of a preset amount. All specials on the mecha need to activate at higher than 50% chances with the shoulders having 75% chance of activation. Learning from how the Equinox series became rather imbalanced, while the shoulders should have a high rate of special, the sheer devastation they can cause makes it so that the cooldown of the Disruptor Managun needs to shift from the current 3 turns to a more balanced 4 turns.

130% refelcet is good enough. Special chance has already been buffed.

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DF MQ  Post #: 29
7/31/2008 22:44:04   

I've just re-tested my (nerfed) lv 21 powermerged DPA, The chance specials are activating is slightly higher than several hours ago. Funny that in 20 battles, I only won 3 times against EC01/EC02s.

I've got a suggestion to make:
Make the back arm's HP and EN damage permanent. For purely tactical reasons. You see, we cannot rely on chance for a tactical mecha, unlike the brute force the other mecha models offer.

Its already a destruction machine against the E series. Making this effect permanent would overpower the effect completely.

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 30
7/31/2008 23:50:17   
The strange thing

Something about the level 23 merged SC DPA

The HP, EP, and regen are great, no reason to change that.There are two weapons that are very underpowered, though.

1.the body attack.It is a waste of a turn, reflecting 4 damage on an 200 damage critical while you could be doing 60 damage. Having a 25% reflect would be good.

2.the BA.It is awesome if the special dosn't activate, but if it does, your sacrificing 25 damage for 25 EN damage.When you do that against a Runehawk, It is useless.Maybe damageind EN without affecting damage, or changing the EN damage to 25% of the total.

the other weapons are great, but thats only 3 weapons. maybe the cokepit opens and a giant gun is fired, with a chance to do extra damage for a head slot.

No immobilaty resist is fine, not many stuning enemys anyway.

The sphere reflects already this amount. Nobody said that this Mecha is the best to use against RH Mechs.

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MQ  Post #: 31
8/1/2008 0:33:20   

I think that a REALLY GOOD (I don't want to use "best") Is to give the specials a close-to-100% activation rate, EXTEND THE COOLDOWN, and REDUCE the DAMAGE each weapon does. This will make the DPA a truly strategic mech. You will need to know how to completely stall the enemy until you can finally kill it, which is no mean feat.

Really? You like to skip turns? Me not!

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DF MQ  Post #: 32
8/1/2008 12:50:04   
Sir Gnome

This thread has been purged of all the posts not wanted so far, this time without any warnings given out, but if people continue to disregard the rules we put in place here then next time there will be. Some rules are being enforced in this thread that aren't in the rest of MQGD to make fixing any issues quicker, but it means you MUST read all of the first post before posting in this thread. The additional rules, which are being copied into the front post are:

  • At the top of each post, or each part of a post that deals with several mecha, you should say what specific mecha, or series of mecha, you wish to discuss.
  • No Signatures are to be used in this thread.
  • No font effects of any type are to be used in this thread. The only piece of code that your post may need to contain is an [ hr] bar, to seperate different issues within a single post.
  • There is to be NO discussion in this thread. That means no '@membersname, there's something wrong with your numbers....' or anything similar. If there's something wrong, then somebody who has access to ALL the numbers will be able to see this easily, and deal with the post.
  • Any post in this thread requires some justification for your claims - You cannot simply say '.... needs a buff'. What each post should contain is 'This mecha has a problem, as shown by these figures ........ I beleive the best way to deal with this would be .......'. Obviously, the changes suggested should not require rewriting of the game-engine, or bringing in anything never seen before - This is not a suggestions thread.

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 33
8/1/2008 14:30:09   
Mister Q

-Drakel Power Armor Series-

I know the DPA shouldn't be compared to the nifty equinox armor, but how about the Elite Forensics Defender. People complained about that when it came out, iirc.

The ones I own is an Elite Forensics Defender that is a lvl 22 vs. DPA V6 war armor lvl 23

The DPA has 10 more HP, the same EP and a regen of 17 vs. 14 for the Defender. That makes sense, since the DPA is designed to be useful vs. energy drainers.

Both have the ability to halt enemy's energy regeneration, but the defender's weapon has 1 less cooldown and much more frequent special as to be fairly reliable. DPA Starlance is 46-58 damage with 20 energy with 2 cooldown and what now appears to be a 50% chance of special, vs. Forensic's back arm 45-55 damage, 30 energy and 1 cooldown and I think 75% chance of eRegen halting. And people were upset that it didn't drain energy into your mech unlike the Equinox whip.

Comparing Front Arm and back arm is a nice try, but you forget the nice front arm options you have.

- That is true. You can replace the Defender's front arm, a 50% chance 1 turn stun, with a niftier frying pan or whatever, and still have the energy regen halting ability in the rear arm. But the DPA front arm is where the good special ability lies. The rear arm is kinda 'blah'. Any chance the DPA's arms could have their position changed?

You can always go with a SES for stun or another nice Weapon, house one for example if you like.

The defender's shoulders have a 75% chance (I think) of 50% more damage, which is very useful and makes for impressive overkill numbers.
The DPA's shoulders have been buffed to I think a 50% chance of special. The 50% damage done to you is very useful, but the 2 turn extra enemy cooldown seems to be useless, since most enemy versions of player ownable mecha have enough weapon slots to work around this, unless the special hits multiple times on multiple weapons.

The cooldown is nice, against the right enemy.

- It is true that when I had it used vs. the Enemy Equinox's rear arm, it was nice. But when used vs. it's other weapons, it seemed almost like a waste of a special to me.

Thatīs what I call also tactic. Used against the right enemies this is nice, used against the wrong ones you need luck to cooldown the right weapon.

The body armor on the DPA now causes 33% or so of the damage you take to be done to the enemy. That is nice, since it is like having a full weapon blast your enemy in 3 turns, and there are 2 more turns of reflected energy left. The down side is that you are getting damaged and activating the shield takes 1 turn on its own.
The Defender's armor increases defense by 50% for 2 turns. That is approximately equivalent of 1 turn of stun (say enemy fires 4 shots at you over the next 2 turns and 2 of the shots miss) - which you use to activate your own shield. Thus, you pretty much throw 30 energy away. Sure there is a chance to get both rounds damage free, but there is an equal chance to to have all of the enemy shots hit you. Combo/ Strategy wise, either armor is most effective if used after the enemy is stunned. But the biggest difference is that you don't have to use the Forensic Defender's armor if you don't want to. With the DPA, if you replace the front weapon with a frying pan, you'll either have to skip a turn or use the reflection shield (or if you select the wrong order, both use the shield and skip a turn)

Will be solved when DPA has a head.

- Awesome, can't hardly wait for the DPA head (heads?)

The defender does not have a weapon that hits EP, unlike the the DPA. But I found that the DPA's Back arm does negligable damage to most enemy's EP when the special activates, and at the cost of less damage, even. Instead of doing a percentage of EP damage, it does a fixed amount. This makes sense, but is horribly ineffective in practice.

Depends on enemy, really. I agree, its not useful against high EP enemies, but itīs completely your decision when you use DPA and when not.

- I still maintain it would be nice to either buff it so the damage isn't reduced and the special chance is near 100%, (or up the energy damage) or switch it to the front weapon so we can replace it with something better. Make the back arm the lance.

There are a lot of nice weapons out there already. For me this stun weapons are really overpowered anyway.

Head slot - Defender has one, not so the DPA.
In fact, the DPA looks like a disturbing headless strutting supermodel when it walks. (To be fair, the Defender looks like it is roller-skating when it walks, but that actually amuses me for some reason)

It will get one probably.

- Woot! Hooray for 'probably' lol

The defender can be obtained after doing the police quest - The DPA is a war reward armor and the war version (I tested) needs you to finish a lengthy gem quest.

The length of a quest is no balance argument at all.

- It just seems like if you complete a long long quest but the reward is a kick in the pants, that makes things less fun, at least to me.

Thatīs why you want Mechas that can smash everything. We started to bring some tactic to MQ which means also the right Mecha for the right enemies.

There is my comparison. One level higher than the Defender, designed by a premier Drakel scientist during war time and fused with a magic crystal and dragon technology, and still the DPA falls behind the average cop mecha. It's like seeing a cop car ram a Sherman tank and the tank goes flying.

Police Mechas are allrounders why DPA is excellent against a special type of enemies.

- Perhaps they could be better at fighting their particular enemies. Maybe make the regen at 20 and the default weapons use less energy. Or automatically regain 1/2 energy drained. Or be energy drain resistant. Or something...

Against the E series ths is the uber Mech. cooldown the body weapon and voila :P Also nice against EP drainers because of the high EP reegen and the low EP costs of the weapons.

This sort of post is very much what we want, except for one small thing - please head your posts with the Mecha/Equipment in question. I have done so for you in this case ~SG

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AQ  Post #: 34
8/1/2008 18:21:17   

I know the specials are what make the DPA what it is So I think I have a solution for how underpowered the weapons are. I got this idea from the NEW kurosawa mechs, how the head gives a one turn damage bonus and extra defense. The body attack on the DPA could cause a one turn, no matter what, 50% damage bonus.

Nice idea. Leīs see what the head will get! We have already ideas for it.

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MQ  Post #: 35
8/2/2008 2:24:03   

DPA is supposed to be a tactical mech. I am not concerned with the HP nor the EP, it's fine for me. I'm concerned with the occurence of it's effects. It's based too much on luck that I can't even make a strategy with it. If it is a tactical mech, then if you use it, you can make different strategies with its effects. But with DPA, you can't be tactical, instead, you become a gambler because of the chances of its effects activating are quite low. The reflected damage of the shield is quite low as well. Turning the shield should help you especially if you have a battle strategy, but with its low reflected damage, you are like wasting a turn and ep by activating it because it doesn't help that much. It might help if the shield would be able to totally reflect(100%) or majorly reflect(75%) damage done by a certain type of attack. for example, 100% or 75% reflection for laser attacks. This is just a thought though.

btw; I'm non-SC and is using the lvl 21 version of DPA.

I hope my concerns would be considered.

Thanks AE for the great update and the great game.

Tactical doesnīt only mean to know in which oirder to activate the Weapons. This mech is good agaisnt a special type of enemies. And the shield reflects 130% already!

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MQ  Post #: 36
8/2/2008 6:00:39   
Sir Gnome

Just to remind you - posts which just say 'This is broken/too hard/too dificult/'not fair', even if they suggest a solution, are NOT wanted - You need to demonstrate using numbers that there is an issue, not just claim there is one. The solutions too should use exact figures, so instead of 'Raise the chance of the special' it should be 'A 10% rise in the special rate is on solution, but also you could...'
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 37
8/2/2008 6:45:00   

I say the DPA damage and health is totally fine. They got that just right. All they need to do is buff the reflected damage to 25% of damage taken.

The shield reflects 130% in total already!

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MQ  Post #: 38
8/2/2008 6:50:29   

the rh mechs are underpowered. you could
1:make other mechs a little more dependant on ep.
2: make the mechronomicon have more effects OR do more damage.
3:increase the special chances slightly.
4:put better weps in the shops!
than, for the free players:
1: PLEASE make some more lvl 15-20 free mechs! all of them seem to be 20+ or 15-!
2: try to make enemies based on the mech, not the mechs level.
house mechs in general:
1: plz make da lvl 15 house mechs do more damage

I donīt think that RH is underpowered. No way. I played it up to 19 and is a great Mecha. Yepp, the Level 15 house Mechas count to the old Mechs. We must take a look at them anyway.

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Cur gravis tam?
AQ MQ  Post #: 39
8/2/2008 13:34:08   

-Ghost Angel-

The AI controlled boss, Ghost Angel, is in need of a buff. When compared to the Electra Phantasm series within the ghosthunting quest chain both have equal stats (120HP & 100EN). However, Ghost Angel's lack of stun resistance and the fact that she can be both captured and directly defeated in battle cause her to be weaker than her minions. She should be given 100 Immobility resistance to make her on par with her minions and an additional 10HP to compensate for the fact that the battle allows you to catch Ghost Angel as well as defeat her.

Itīs the same as with the old Equipment. You will find tons of unbalanced stuff from the early stages of MQ. Itīs just no time to fix it for now, unless itīs a realm gamebreaking issue.

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DF MQ  Post #: 40
8/2/2008 15:16:52   
David Bi 200000

I think the difference betwee WB 3.0 and WB 3.8 needs to be buffed.

WB 3.0:330 hp, 180 ep, regen 13, average damage:44

WB 3.8:346 hp 189 ep, regen 13, average damage:46

16 more hp, 9 more ep, same regen, 2 more dpt, THREE LEVELs APART.

Solution: increase the latter's damage/hp/ep/regen.

Thatīs not true. The Level is 3 Levels higher, but all the boosts count for the levels you get them. So HP/EP are for Level 21, Damage for 22.

So why doesn't it have lvl 23 stuff when it's a lvl 23 mecha?

Oh it has: The Mecha Stats! And there are buyable Level 23 Weapons already!

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 41
8/2/2008 16:04:07   

I have personally found that the body weapon for the Wolfblade mecha is definitely overpowered since it takes almost all of your energy from you, while the other house mecha that does this, the Mystraven mecha, doesn't take as much energy and doesn't get any of that energy added to it in return. Wolfblade is supposed to be the strongest Mecha HP and damage wise( at least that is how it seems to me in the game) Mystraven is supposed to be a king of the criticals, and the Runehawk is supposed to be good at EP, Regen, and Statuses. The body weapon for the Wolfblade needs to be redone.

I agree, the 50% drain is quite overpowered especially with this chance. Maybe we should reduce the drain or the chance. But there are nice weapons for the other houses now also. Nerfing things from the past is something Iīm not really fond of. Better to give the other houses nice stuff instead.

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 42
8/3/2008 4:52:37   


I am a non-sc player and my characters have reached a stage where they cannot make progress in certain quests.

They all have Kamas
On the roof of the Westion train none of them can defeat the Vulkhar!

In the Mines:
My Blue belt character was able to defeat the sentinel after about 15 tries
My brown belt character was able to defeat the sentinel after 30 to 40 tries
My Black belt character usu gets defeated while the sentinel still has 75% of its health ... and has never won

What I would like to suggest is that now the personal weapon shop is open for Star Captains only, all the weapons in the Dojo and at the museum be made available to non-SC.

I do not know if this would be sufficient, but it would sure beat the Sentinel doing 18 dam to my Black Belt and my Black Belt doing 1 damage in return? and might be quicker and simpler to do than a rebalancing through adjustment of other percentages.

all the best,

The personal Weapons shop is NOT SC - only. Go there and get the brute blade for 3k credits. Also, please keep in mind that when you change your Mecha, your energy Weapon gets reset so you must equip the Weapon everytime new when you change your Mecha!

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AQ  Post #: 43
8/3/2008 6:48:01   

Regarding the general EP trend of weapons

lower levels like shining electron sniper and hunters autogun both requires 20 ep and both being level 8 while in level 23 mechs ranging from house mechs (33ep) and the newly released DPA(20-25ep) have shown little increase in the need of ep while the regenerative abilities of mechs have increased significanty. as of now the setting up the mech requires no need of any consideration of the EP of the weapons, i.e just dump the best weapons in.

therefore i suggest that the weapons of level 20+ should already have consumption of 40-50 ep so that a considerable increase in ep between levels is shown.It also makes choosing of weapons more strategic. as of now, i dont think anyone takes into consideration of ep consumption unless against the overpowered EP draining equinox and maybe also wolfblade's energy draining attack. also this can help to balance between mechs with high EP , low HP and high HP low EP drawing out the weakness of mechs having low EP.

there needs to be weapons of different power level with varying amounts of EP from low damage being EP efficient and high damage being EP inefficient as well as the mid tier EP consumption type of weapon.

this adds alot more depth to the choice of weapons and strategy to the game

All the old stuff is a bit broken so to say. And when we have more enemies which drain EP, this getīs already tricky without changing the EP consumption. In fact it depends on the enemy not on the Weapon.

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 44
8/3/2008 8:46:04   

i think the health on the v5 dpa need a little increase say about 20hp cause the gap between the v4 and v5 isnt alot but the v5 n v6 has a gap of 40 hp so i think the v5 needs a 20hp minimum increase

You canīt compare non-SC with SC equipment!

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MQ  Post #: 45
8/3/2008 10:10:06   

I believe the Rifle Master in the Strange Blip quest should get a boost in EP (And maybe HP [But, then again, what do I know :3]).
As it stands now, he is underpowered.

The enemy is supposed to be a ‘boss,’ so I believe that there should be some challenge for lower level players.

I was able to take him down with the Newbatron v1 and three, level one, weapons: Smokey FlameThrower, Mecha Boomstick, and the Freshman Laser Pointer.

The problem with this enemy is that he has weapons which cost too much EP to use, and around half way through the battle, he is only able to attack every three rounds.

This severely shreds the challenge of the battle.


There are already 2 problems: Not only that all the old stuff needs a revision, smokey flame thrower is hopelessly overpowered! :P

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DF MQ  Post #: 46
8/3/2008 11:31:36   

The DPA v5 needs a few buffs not nerfs! It can do well against some mechs but does poorly against others. It should be a mech that can do well against all enemys.

1. Back shoulders need a higher chance for a special even though they were "increased"
2. Back arm should do normal damage and damage ep when special activates
3. Weapons should do a little more damage
4. A head slot should be added for the heck of it
5. Body should reflect a little more damage or have a higher defence boost (I don't see any change in the reflect)
6. Hp should be increased to about 340

I'm not saying all of these buffs should be made but just a few of them to make the mech actually good as it gets easilly beat by lvl 20 house mechs

May I ask you why you delete your answered post and post nearly the same thing again? And no, it should be NO Mecha that does well against ALL enemies!

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 47
8/3/2008 11:53:53   

Here's a small issue: The Diner Contestant number 29 should probably be in contest 7, not 6. And the recommended level should definitely be increased for challenge 6 (It says 5-15, but most of the mechas I would say are recommended level 18)

And, you said you buffed the special chance for the DPA, but it's still a rare occurance for me. Bad luck?

I get it regularly so bad luck! We must take a look at this challenge anyway. Thx!

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MQ  Post #: 48
8/3/2008 12:19:42   
The Terminator

Here are some issues I found out. I swope them from my weapon and mech inventory and several others I know.

Key to guide reading:

*=Weapon Issue
**=Mech Issue (HP, EP, Regen)
***=May be a bug


Volt Thorn*

Apprentice Fireball takes too much MP and will make your MP bar dead with 2 strikes.

Yes, old stuff is borked

HammerHead Deluxe/Super*, ***:


Laser Capacitors. They are non SC level 10 standards (27 avg) rather than level 10 SC (32) or level 10 NG (34)

Yes, old stuff is borked

Elite SWAT Defender**

HP is too less. Less than E Series 2.2 (SC, 1 level lower) and Much lower than SDF Commander (SC, 1 level higher)

But it has much better equipment for this!

Super Wrangler*, ***

Head weapon Super Barrel Launcher does too less damage. It does 34-40 (37 Avg) which is the average of a level 17 free player weapon. It should do more like 40-50 so it matches up with the rope and guns. However, the guns are overpowered. They are listed as 39-51 but has 40-55 as the real damage. Each hit of the gun should do 8-10 instead of 8-11.

Delta Star Leader*, ***

Front Shoulder does 33-51 which is the same as the Delta Leader's. It should be identical as the back shoulder (37-55). I guess the BA doesn't matter as it does level 20 damage but uses EP like a level 20 weapon.

We will take a look at this. Thx! Nope, both have 37-55 for me!

More to come, but I have limited time here. I also made a balancing chart so if anyone needs it or has some extra information PM me about it/ read it here. Maegywn, add this if you want! I know taking SS E series is unbalanced, but its the only mech for level 11 Free players, so in such case I must use that. Rates have been marked as ''?'' if it has no mech data or I don't know about it (lol)

Damage Rates:

(FP=Free Player, SC=Star Captain, NG=Nova Gem)

Level 23:

FP: ? (No level 23 mech for free players yet, and house mechs isn't one.)
SC: 52 (Drakel Power Armor V6)
NG: 55 (RH power sign)

Level 22:

FP: 46 (House mech level 23)
SC: 50 (Elite Forensics Defender)
NG: 54 (Nova house mech level 23)

Level 21:

FP: 45 (Runehawk power orbs)
SC: 49 (Fire Tanker)
NG: 52 (Skyrocket Tank)

Level 20:

FP: 44 (House mech V3)
SC: 48 (Equinox Star Steed)
NG: 50 (Nova house mech V3)

Level 19:

FP: 39 (Khael Serpent)
SC: 46 (Khael Diamondback)
NG: 50 (Khael Cobra)

Level 18:

FP: 37 (Equinox Stallion)
SC: 45 (Super Wrangler)
NG: 48 (Mega Wrangler)

Level 17:

FP: 37 (SDF Officer)
SC: 40 (SDF Commander)
NG: 43 (SDF General)

Level 16:

FP: 35 (Wrangler)
SC: 42 (lol, I took the SWAT because its the only level 16 SC mech)
NG: ? (No mech avaliable)

Level 15:

FP: ?
SC: ?
NG: 42 (Taking railgun)

Level 14:

FP: ?
SC: ?
NG: ?

Level 13:

FP: ?
SC: ?
NG: ?

Level 12:

FP: 30
SC: 36
NG: 38

Level 11:

SC: 34
NG: ?

Level 10:

FP: 27
SC: 32
NG: 34

Level 4:

FP: ?
SC: ?
NG: ?
Level 3:

FP: ?
SC: 15 (SC Phraser Eyes)
NG: 17.5 (Sparkle Tank)

Just adding this!

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 49
8/3/2008 12:34:12   

-Energy Blade System-

The Energy Blade System needs some big Changes.
When you use the Soul Sapper you can defeat oppenets in 3 or 4 Hits of Strong Attacks. So you don't ever have to use the Attack with Strong Blades or Defence (Unlees you you're fighting Twang). To Fix this you need to do some things.

  • Make more Guys like Twang
  • Put a 1 Turn Cool Down on Strong Attack and Defend
  • Give Enemies more HP
  • Balance the Enemies to do the same Number of Damage as the Blade the User is Using
  • Add Some More Speacils to Energy Blades and Enemies

    You Should Ballance the System before you add Guns to the Game

    NO colour effects in posts in this thread please ~SG

    Energy Blades have not too much effect on the gamplay for now. If this gets changed, the whole system needs an overhaul.

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