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RE: =MQ= ALL Game Balance Issues Go Here And Only Here Please [OLD]

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1/25/2009 15:38:53   
Israndel the Pwnager

Multi-hit items frequently undershoot what their said damage is supposed to be, and never exceed it. I am disappointed in the Raven Claw, which can do as low as 31 damage (lowest I've recorded) and I have never seen three non-critical 20s in a row (which would form a total of 60, the max the weapon should have.) The only time I have been impressed with the hits is when my luck stat came into play with a crit bonus one on or more of the hits. I would like for the multiple hit weapons to be revamped to follow their said damage better. I don't know the mechanics for the current system of multi-hit damage generating, but I can tell that it is not churning out high enough numbers.

The Razor Striker and Swift Bolas hit within their specified damage ranges, neither exceeding or to failing to meet these ranges. It seems like only the Raven Claw is the issue on my current mecha.

Could be a rounding problem. This goes to gremlins please. thank you!

Will do. Thanks.

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AQ  Post #: 476
1/26/2009 17:33:51   

Is this the right place to mention that for some reason all my enemies are facing backwards?

Nope, please take it to MechQuest Gremlins (Bugs) Forum. :) ~Clyde

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DF  Post #: 477
1/27/2009 20:47:13   

runehawks default lvl 12 non-sc back arm,called eagle staff,has abnormally high ep use.30, compared with the same shoulders on the same mecha ranking at 18.

the lvl 6 non-sc head from the runehawk shop also has abnormally high ep use.25, compared with the other houses 15.

Thats because RH has really high EP and you will never run out of EP.

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DF MQ  Post #: 478
1/27/2009 21:02:20   

thats because runehawk has an abnormally high ep, compared with other houses, they dont have as much.

also, i would like to ask blues, if u have a level 1 newbatron and you verse the decimator (low level mecha from a high level player)
The decimator has 28 hp, where as we have 100, doesnt 28 sound... a little ...little?
i mean if somehow the decimator kills you with decimation, it'll just make you the laughing stock of the future.

This is scaling in normal mode I assume. 28 sounds not too much, but all the new enemies use the new specials while newbatron has none.

< Message edited by blues -- 1/28/2009 2:10:29 >
MQ  Post #: 479
1/28/2009 11:41:09   

-Phantasm Scimitar-

Currently, the NG purchasable Phantasm Scimitar has the same average damage as the credit purchasable free player Brute Blade despite them both having the same requirements (completing Energy Blades 101). Buffing the damage from 8-20 to 12-20 will make the Phantasm Scimitar equal to the SC credit purchasable Broken Blade yet it will be balanced by keeping it less powerful than the more expensive NG purchasable Soul Sapper and Energy Reaper. In fact, it might be better to buff it to 11-22 so that Phantasm Scimitar is slightly stronger than Broken Blade.

Agreed, needs a buff. Please post this also in Gremlins. Thank you! :)

< Message edited by blues -- 1/28/2009 13:32:13 >
DF MQ  Post #: 480
1/28/2009 13:50:11   

Could you guys please make the LV 29 nether shot a single hit, because on dual hits my damage range is only 20-50, far below the 30-78 that it is supposed to be, i think it could be a rounding error oooooooor something more sinister

Works for me. Is your damage really below 30? Maybe for one shot but not for both together. And itīs a pretty high damage deviation and when the RNG hates you..... :P

blues i mean for both shots =O

Sorry, I canīt duplicate this. Please post in the Gremlin Forum for further testing. Thank you!

< Message edited by blues -- 1/29/2009 2:38:36 >
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 481
2/2/2009 13:12:43   

-Rescue Superheroes-

Forgive me since this is more of a Game Design Issue than a Game Balance Issue. Zargon's Rescue Superheroes mission really needs a counter for the number of superheroes rescued due to the confusion caused by the lack of such a counter. This is essentially the exact same problem Khaeldron Mines had when originally released and people had no idea of how much CDB they needed to collect. The biggest difference is that this was quickly remedied with Khaeldron Mines while this issue remains with the Rescue Superheroes mission.

Yes I agree. I will talk to warlic. - Hero count is added now!

< Message edited by blues -- 2/2/2009 15:43:11 >
DF MQ  Post #: 482
2/3/2009 15:02:17   
Legendary AdventureGuide!

All issues go to the

MQ Game Balance Forum from now on.

Post #: 483
2/8/2009 11:26:34   

If there are things from this thread that you wanted to keep a record of, please do that this week. We will keep the thread stickied here until Sunday 15 February so you will have time to make your lists or whatever sorts of archiving you wanted to do. But since we have our whole new forum for this, after that blues & I don't really want to keep a locked thread of old issues hanging around. =Mae
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