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RE: =MQ= ALL Game Balance Issues Go Here And Only Here Please [OLD]

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8/6/2008 12:18:31   

-Multi Hit Weapons-

I think he means that, well it hard to explain.
Ex: Let's say a 4 hit move has a dmg range of 5-30
As we all know, 4 hits can never = 5 if all of them is 1, so one of them has to be 2. That is where the problem lies.
For some weapons(unsure of all), they don't do 1, 1, 1, 2. Instead the min dmg is 8 due to some reason it using 2 as it's lowest possible hit.
The dmg range is now 8-30.
This, i think, also effects the max dmg.
We all know 30/4=7.5. Meaning it needs two 7's and two 8's. However, it seems to ignore that, and has a chance to hit four 8's. Meaning the highest hit is 32.
The dmg rang would be now 8-32 instead of 5-30.
MQ  Post #: 76
8/6/2008 13:10:06   
The Terminator

Thank you for looking into multi hit weapon issues.

Issue: Megga Cannon again. It needs a special (but almost nobody has it already......)
Why? Thereīs no reason that every Weapon needs to have a special

Issue 2: Nerf EP cost of E2.2, E2, E1.2, E1 weapons. (Same logic, you nerf the E3 these should get nerfs too)
The other E-Series can go over 10 turns already, thats ok.

Issue 3: Energy Flux. Why does missle mouth and Flash Bomb use 10 energy less?
Probably because RH has the most EP

Issue 4: DoT damage over levels. The Ice DoT from all versions or RH are the same. Shouldn't the level 23's do like 10-12 per hit of DoT (4 turns)? If this continues then RH will most likely be obsolete.
DoTīs are up for a change

EDIT: Issue 5: Kevlar Armor Infusion from the Police Mechs. It adds +50 defense for 2 turns. It means an enemy will hit once and miss once on average. Whats the difference compared to not using it? At least buff it to +70, or make it 3 turns.
In average you are right. If youre lucky, you block more. I see no need that everything needs to do extra damage, extra advantage. I really like the chance or RLL facvtor.

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 77
8/6/2008 18:21:27   

The Zuess arm is useless. It gives a critical hit to the next Zues wepon fired, but By the time the front arm recharges, the effect is no longer active.

This is obviously a Gremlin then isnīt it? Strange, when I tested it it worked. Will get fixed.

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AQ MQ  Post #: 78
8/6/2008 20:55:06   
The Terminator

blues: E2.2 only has 9 turns.
Hehe, nitpicking? Ok, when you run out of EP with it then contact me and I will take care that it gets adjusted! :P

And Kelvar should really have some advantage on average to make it useful.

Oh it has one, just no guaranted one. You have the chance to block a crit and this is really nice, isnīt it? Some Weapons have a high chance also for bonus damage!

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 79
8/6/2008 22:12:02   
The Terminator

Regarding the Energy Flux Issue: But WB and MR has more HP shouldn't their heads damage their HP? Thats ridiculous. High EP isn't an excuse, RH has high EP but low HP, taking away the advantage is screwing it.

I said probably, that means: I donīt know, i didnīt make it. Does it in any way influence the mecha?

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 80
8/7/2008 3:47:32   

Have you noticed that in any way EVERYONE is complaining about DPA? even if it is powermerged...

heres my review on the shield.

cost:20 ( good )
Damage: 0 ( no duh )
effect 1: adds 5 def ( only 5! thats no shield)
effect 2: relfect damage ( you say 25% reflected? WRONG!! i got hit for 98 and it only reflected 7 damage! thats like 3%)
Overall: ( Horrid unless somthin is done with the reflect )

The effect of the shield is not def its reflect. Now, when it reflects less for you, then this goes to the Gremlins forum because its obviously a bug! Thx!

sooo.. you want me to place this in the gremlins forum or do you got it?

EDIT: i sppose the silence means for me to put it there...! ok ill do it right now!

EDIT2: i did put it in but the head makes me change my entire ummmm.... Opinion on this mech i recommend you get it ASAP evin if you cannot equip it like i did!

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~MQ ID:3901526 do you think you can handle the darkness?~
MQ  Post #: 81
8/7/2008 11:41:01   

Wolfblade Body

Its special is slightly overpowered. It takes 50% Total EP from a mech and gains it for itself. You could balance it by making it 30% or 35% stolen EP.

Yepp, 50% is quite good but you can it use only once. During my testings it gives you one free turn in average. If itīs much lower the effect will be useless. I tested it a lot. Now, against high EP using low EP enemies itīs really good. I hope wwe will see EP reflecting shields and EP drain resistances to give this a more tactical effect than now.

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 82
8/7/2008 11:52:56   

I believe that blues said that this was more of a balance issue, so here goes (original quote by someone else):


Ok as many of you know, the sellbacks in Mechquest and Dragonfable are 10% of the shop price. I am leaning towards Mechquest. As many of you know, mech's cost easily over 200k. Because Mechquest is weekly updated with new and stronger mechs, the old one you bought will become null and useless. Say you want to sell one so you can get some money back. You sell your 200k mecha, congratulations you made 20k.

The above opinion isn't even taking into account Nova Gems.

Nova Gems cost *real* money to purchase. As such, they are a more sensitive issue. People want to feel like they have made a "good investment" when they have to spend NG's on mechs or equipment.

After all, 2,000 NG's = $10.00

So spending 1,000 NG's on a mech or eq is making a $5.00 "investment".

When selling back mechs that cost NG's (or even credits), taking a 90% "loss" on your investment is quite hefty, especially if you want to "test drive" a mech to see if you really like it or not.

A great example is the Power Armor. Some people find that the more strategic "usage" of the armor didn't suit their brute-force style...but they had to lose 90% of their Nova Gem investment to discover that.

Which means, that they spent $5.00 (or there about) to find out that they didn't like the way the mech functioned....and if they sold it back after 24hrs of testing it, they got $0.50 (yes...fifty cents).

Re-sale value should not take such a major hit, and paying customers should not be penalized so very much. Yes, I realize that AE is a *business* first and and foremost, and they need to make their money. However, I feel there should be some more consideration for customers that are willing, first and foremost, to actually invest real money in the game with the purchase of NG's (or Z-tokens, or whatever).

I would suggest the following sliding scale:
23 hrs or less = 90%
24 to 47 hours = 80%
48 to 71 = 70%
72 to 95 hrs = 50%
96+ hrs = 25%

You get 3 days, basically, before your re-sale value goes to 25% (yes, the 10% would be raised).

That way, if you buy a mech, and decide you really, really don't like it...you aren't out 90% of your investment almost immediately. You can actually work with the mech and determine "Does it fit my style?" "Do I want to keep it?" "Did I make a mistake?".

Mech "collectors", obviously, wouldn't be so concerned about the depreciation.

Heck, even a brand new car doesn't depreciate *that* much when you drive it off the lot.

Honestly, 24 hours should be enough for any 'Test Driving' a person wants to do - As long as they don't do something silly like purchase the mech just before they are forced to go offline, then most people will have a good couple of hours to test a mech. Perhaps a 50% for 24-48 hours sellback, but after then 10% really isn't that unfair - After 48 hours, you've had a good play with your mech, and if you still don't want to sell it after that then you probably won't want to that week. Oh, also no sigs in this thread please ~SG

Yes it is a bit low. But in MQ, equipment is much cheaper than Mechas, so this balances this a bit. As I see it, the only time you really need the 24h for testing is when you buy stuff that goes rare like special holiday Mechas. In all other cases you can take a look at the Pedia, read through all the posts others made and then make your decision. And then you have also 24 hours to test it. Also you know that the sellback will drop after 24 hours to 10%. In fact, your proposed numbers are already there, just not the 25% end sellback. You can buy a NG Mecha, sell it after 24 hours for 90%, buy it again, sell it again for 90% and so on. So, in fact you lose 10% every 24 hours. When you are not sure whether to keep it or not after 1 day of testing, then sell it and buy it again for another 24 hours. And with this you have 8 days until you lost 80% instead of 75% after 4 days.

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MQ  Post #: 83
8/8/2008 0:24:07   

the dpa head is amazeing... too amazeing make it cost a little more to like 50-100 ep if its the same when the test is done

because +40% attack gurented is a little too high
+40% defense makes you realy hard to hit witch makes you unkillable

thanks for reading

The 40 defense is only on one turn and so is the 40% damage boost. We have heads that give 50 def for 2 turns. The damage adds up to 100% thats the damage you lose with the activating turn. But when you use the right Weapon and you get lucky, you can do a lot of damage. This is the only damage boosting item on this Mecha. Many others have a 50% chance of doing extra damage, or take a look at the overcrank from the sheriff shoulders. I agree, it is good under certain circumstances but not as reliable as other Weapons.

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 84
8/8/2008 9:44:27   

my balance issue is not with a mech, however, i think that certain hand to hand combat opponents,mostly the 49ers and vul'karim, have two attack styles, and neither are limited in usage. i have the most powerfu f2p class blade, and i cant beat either of them with any ease. if one of teir two attacks were limited use, i might be able to beat them more than once evry 12 tries or so.

This is a known Gremlin. We tested them with the best available free Player energy blade and they are not a big Problem. Please buy the best Energy blade from te shop, itīs quite cheap and donīt forget to equipm it before battle to get the correct damage.

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AQ  Post #: 85
8/8/2008 10:05:34   

blues said:

Yes it is a bit low. But in MQ, equipment is much cheaper than Mechas

Actually, when you look at some of the EQ that costs NG's, the comparison isn't quite as favorable as one might think at first glance.

Ultra Wrangler Mecha (20th level) = 1,000 NG's
-- you get 5 weapon slots and weapons that average
Dmg: 44-58 (avg 51)
Dmg: 49-53 (avg 51)
Dmg: 45-57 (avg 51)
Dmg: 45-57 (avg 51)
Dmg: 44-58 (avg 51)

SDF Vampiric Blast (20th level) = 450 NG's
DMG: 40-68 (avg 54)

SDF Bloodshot (19th level) = 425 NG's
DMG: 36-68 (avg 52)

Those 2 weapons are 45% and 42.5% of the cost of an entire mecha!

Certainly, you are gaining, on average, 2 or 3 more damage per hit, as well as a possibility of higher end damage...but that really isn't worth paying nearly $2.25 (450 NG's), is it...not when you can invest $5 (1,000 NG's) and get a "complete package"....? Well, each person makes their own determination on what they see as valuable....but I don't think it's a very good "deal".

The more I research, the more that I'm wondering if the SDF weapons were "forgotten" about when the newer house stuff came out, and should have gotten a price reduction...

Wolfblade Striker Beam (23rd level)
Dmg: 43-67 (avg 55)
Cost: 250 NG's

That is very reasonable.

Perhaps a scale like 10 NG / level would be more appropriate, unless there are highly active specials (like the 50% KO on the Golden Frying Pan).

Just a thought.

From Warlic: current prices on NG items will not change, however we are working on a more realistic pricing system for future items.  

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MQ  Post #: 86
8/8/2008 11:03:41   

one game balance issue is with the whole storyline. Due to the release button, u can go straight to westion with out cutscene with Clyde and the warning. Also, u can do the war without finding out about evilcorp in the walrlic mission. You can also go to westion without repairing the starship. This skips almost the entire storyline completly. I suggest a system like DF, where they tell u where to go for the new release. Half the people on westion probably don't even know about oddessa.

This is so that new Players can go straight to new Releases and participate there. This button will bring you only to the new Releases, so once this event is over, it will not longer bring you to Westion. In DF you can also play the wars without any storyline. I know, this has a good and a bad side, but itīs far easier for new Players this way.

Edit- it kinda is, because once set, u can't set it back.

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AQ MQ  Post #: 87
8/8/2008 13:23:23   
Quantum Mod

The Zeus Arm is very OverPowered because of it's special. It makes every hit do double damage so assuming that it's damage is listed correctly it does 90-110 damage! It wouldn't be a major problem but the special activates quite a bit for me.

The special chance is not too high, so I assume you have good luck. But I agree, itīs a fantastic weapon indeed.

DPA: The Advanced Cockpit is far over powered in my opinion. Giving not only a good Defence bonus but to go along with it an amazing Attack bonus, it completely changes the tide of battle. I recomend making it a max of 30% to both.

The attack Bonus is in fact not really amazing. Itīs in fact 100% in total, so you get just your lost turn back. But when you are lucky with a boost hit, itīs nice.

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Post #: 88
8/8/2008 17:06:10   

Can you put a button in to unset you're starship as home?

Sorry this is no Game Balance issue and this is no Suggestion thread. I will talk to Warlic about this though...
And already... theres a Home town Button in soluna now!

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AQ MQ  Post #: 89
8/8/2008 17:49:02   

Blues, I have a plan for buffing the house mechs after the level cap is raised. Its quite detailed but it only covers buffing the HP, EP, and damage of the default weapons.

Hope you like it!

Currently, the NovaHouse V3.8 mechs do an average damage of 54 (min and max add up to 108) if you don't count special effects. Regardless of which house you're in, they all have equal average DPTs.

However, DPA V.7 as well as other non default weapons have been released doing an average of 55 (min and max add up to 110).

Therefore, I suggest that the staff have the mechs do an average of 58 damage (min and max add up to 116). This way the mechs won't become obsolete before the level cap is raised once again. It also keeps the damage equal in every house (the average damage without specials) so that no one can complain. So let's look at the damage (NOT COUNTING SPECIALS) in each house, in terms of how the damage range goes.

Mystraven is known for the HUGE damage range in their weapons. They're a very crafty type of fighters, and like risk in exchange for reward. There is a risk that they will do low damage because of the low base damage on the weapons, but there is also a chance of doing a LOT of damage because of the very high random damage.

Wolfblade is exactly the opposite. They're warriors that are always reliable. With a very LOW damage range in their weapons, there is little risk involved and in turn little reward. Wolfblade's HIGH base damage means it will ALWAYS do a solid hit. In exchange, Wolfblade's low maximum damage means it will never do a really big hit.

Runehawk is in between. With decent base damage, Runehawk's weapons usually do a pretty good hit, not too low and not too high. Along with this, they can put out a pretty good maximum hit. Higher than Wolfblade's low maximum, but lower than Mystraven's very high maximum.

So, using the NovaHouse Version 4 template for damage ranges of 116 so that average damage is 58, and using the themes of the houses and how they apply to damage ranges, the solution for how to buff each house's default weapons is clear:

Add 4 minimum damage and 4 maximum damage to each Runehawk default weapon
Add 6 minimum damage and 2 maximum damage to each Wolfblade default weapon
Add 2 minimum damage and 6 maximum damage to each Mystraven default weapon

Now, for HP and EP, I suggest a change that is balanced in the same way but keeps the flavor/theme of each house.
Currently, WB has much more HP than MP, MR has a balanced bit of each, and RH has much more MP than HP.

So lets continue with that. Here is what I propose.

NovaHawk Version 4 will have only 376 HP but a whopping 340 EP (+30 HP and +40 EP)
NovaWolf Version 4 will have a whopping 418 HP but only 240 EP (+30 EP and +40 HP)
NovaRaven Version 4 will have 392 HP and 265 EP (+35 EP and +35 HP)

Proportionally equal buffs for the HP, EP, and damage of the weaker version of the house mechs can be simply calculated how the staff please.

Good point tempest, but you forgot that the House Weapons are just Level 22, because the Weapon update was for level 22 :) The Weapons will get stronger with the next Weapon update! EP stuff will get a revision from level 25 on anyway, we are working on it.

< Message edited by blues -- 8/8/2008 18:14:31 >
AQ  Post #: 90
8/8/2008 20:47:30   

Blues, I'm glad you guys have a plan for EP and HP, but are you going to follow the flavor/theme of the house, like I suggested? (As in RH having high energy, WB having high HP, etc.)?

And are you saying that the weapons won't be any power on the level 25 house mechs? Because then upgrading my NovaHawk would be hardly worth it. Other mechs already have better weapons, and the cap hasn't even been raised yet. So if the novahawk is going to have lower HP and worse weapons, I'm not spending money to upgrade it just to get more energy when I already have plenty.

The weapons getting stronger are what makes players like me continue to upgrade their house mechs! (which is how you guys are making money on nova gems! The players that bother with the 1000 NG mechs that just become obsolete in a week, they don't count XD)

Runehawk's house mech especially, if it continues to have such low HP that its almost obsolete compared to other mechs, the weapons and special abilities are the only that make it worth it! What are we going to do with 330 EP rather than 300? It would be a waste!

Not just to satisfy the fan base, but to keep MQ successful in terms of making money: Buff the weapons for the level 25 version of the mechs! Is there a flaw with my detailed plan?

We have already plans for this, please wait til next week :)

< Message edited by blues -- 8/9/2008 5:27:29 >
AQ  Post #: 91
8/9/2008 3:22:24   

@ tempest of night: i think that RH defaults should use more EP and have higher damage in order to better utilize its high EP currently all of the weapons have same damage and EP consumption thus having the same utilization of EP thus wouldnt that make RH's EP just for show? while WB and MR's high HP clearly has a benefit.

another solution is to introduce weapons that take high amounts of EP for high amounts of damage so that RH's EP can be used to its potential. according to this, RH should have highest damage and EP usage MR being second while WB third

WB in turn would have the most survivability and RH the least. overall RH is a glass cannon MR hybrid and WB a tank. currently they have same damage so RH is at the disadvantage. the body weapon that sucks RH's EP IMO is not the way to go the efficiency is just too low, its as if the weapon's main aim to just drain its high EP which is not very reasonable

We have already a plan for this, please wait til next week :)

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 92
8/9/2008 10:28:56   

-Equinox Star Steed-

I know this one may be a little taboo but I'm still tackling it. The cool down on the drain for the War versions of the Equinox was not increased due to it being a "gift" and for being rare. However, Equinox Star Steed is a non-rare version of the mech. Considering the non rare DPA will get a definative downpowering from the War version the same should apply to the non rare Equinox. The only thing I'm proposing an edit to is the Roundup Whip. Either increase the cooldown from 3 turns to 4 turns, decrease the drain from 35% to 30%, or do like the DPA back arm and cut the damage in half when the drain activates. Each idea has its own purpose. Increasing the cooldown reduces the number of times the drain can be used in a match. As it is, you stand a solid chance of using the whip 3 times in a match which will do 105% EP damage. Decreasing the drain makes the attack itself less vicious while only reducing it by 5% keeps it pretty strong. Reducing the damage allows the whip to focus more on draining EP so the player is frced to choose between HP damage and EP damage when firing their weapons. Only one of these three should be implemented so the Equinox isn't hurt too much in the effort to balance it.

I donīt think that the Equinox will get changed anymore. It would have been balanced with the original cooldown and drain.

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DF MQ  Post #: 93
8/9/2008 15:40:15   

the dpa lvl 3 has either to high cost on the weps or to little ep ( personally i think more mp). and im talkin about the powermerge kind!
it can attack 8 times ( i think, the points that its not enough) before it has to skip. also the none merged versions to weak. dont get me wrong i love the mech ( my absolute favorite ) so id like it to last and last powerfully. thanx!

Yes, there seem to be some strange Numbers in the DPA EP usage. I will talk to Maeg about this. Will get fixed, Iīm sure. Becuase this is more a bug, please post this also in the Gremlin Forum please :) Thank you!

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DF MQ  Post #: 94
8/10/2008 12:20:09   
The Terminator

Just another issue, Platinum arm of Zeus should do 52 avg instead of 50. The titanium arm does 54 which it should do (level 22, NG). Please don't make ''NG items exclusive......'' as an excuse because the Zeus suit NG exclusiveness already ticked me off.

Silly me! The multi hit issue saved the day! (But please make it look as 52 avg on the data)

I like issues that are no issues! :)

< Message edited by blues -- 8/11/2008 1:34:43 >
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 95
8/10/2008 16:09:56   

i dont know if im the first to complain about this but combat outside mecha at higher levels is too hard in my opinion
because most of the hits you do are half what the enemy does and its just so freaking random even with a powerful weapon
once again this could be just me

I have no problems with the buyable Weapons. Itīs important to equip them before battle to get the right damage.
with the energy razor equipped i cant get past the train and with another charecter with just an energy sword he did just fine
or maybe im just unlucky

< Message edited by cfpreston -- 8/11/2008 15:32:05 >
DF MQ  Post #: 96
8/11/2008 10:53:17   

The wolfblade mechas are overpowered and the runehawk mechas are underpowered. Runehawk has is supposed to have a high EP to make up for it's low HP but when manaburn activates your EP goes out the window. If you don't use Mana Burn you die because of your low HP. Wolfblade is supposed to have High HP and Low EP. But If energy sap activates it restores EP so it never runs out. You should switch the body specials. Wolfblade would then hit hard and Runehawk would have nearly infinite EP like it's supposed to.

Agreed, itīs a bit unbalanced right now.

< Message edited by blues -- 8/12/2008 2:41:37 >
DF MQ  Post #: 97
8/11/2008 15:45:33   

Why do the lv. 6 heads for WB and MR cost 15 energy but the head for Rune Hawk costs 25 for the same damage/cooldown? Even if the RH has superior regen it makes for a mighty crappy weapon on other mechs. Currently on my new character I am still using the Katana 1.0 even though I am lv 9 instead of the RH mech because I am saving up for the the Delux Mechi-roni which blows all of the the lv 6 house mechs out of the water. So that 10 extra energy cost is nothing to sneeze at!

A lot of the old equipment is borked, I know.

EDIT: Also what is the point of the Ghostly Gun? It has the same damage range as the Ice Ball but it can't stun and it doesn't do DoT. At least Magic Missile can hit for up to +10 more than Ice Ball.

As long as the damage range is the same, Iīm happy. Not every weapon has the same special, and too many good specials on one mecha would be not too good.

EDIT2: I can't belive I forgot, I need to ask why an opponent with 140 hp (spider) gives 80 exp but for everyone else you need to fight foes with 300 hp to get 75. Not that I am complaining just wondering. :P Also I have an issue with attacks that steal 50% of your MAX EP shouldn't it be your CURRENT ep they steal? Not sure how your battery can hold -energy. It is kinda like saying you made 8 rolls and ate 2 so now you have six then your brother and his friends stole 10 and now you have -4 rolls...

Tjere are still some nice farming Monsters out there. Yes, the EP drain is a pain and I hope this will get changed one day.

< Message edited by blues -- 8/12/2008 2:45:18 >
Post #: 98
8/11/2008 18:40:50   
Lord CET


The Zeus Arm is very OverPowered because of it's special. It makes every hit do double damage so assuming that it's damage is listed correctly it does 90-110 damage! It wouldn't be a major problem but the special activates quite a bit for me.

DPA: The Advanced Cockpit is far over powered in my opinion. Giving not only a good Defence bonus but to go along with it an amazing Attack bonus, it completely changes the tide of battle. I recomend making it a max of 30% to both.

Strange, I've had the exact opposite problem. The Zeus arm special has not ever worked, and the cockpit does absolutely nothing.

Have you cleared your cache? In case this does not help, then please post this in Gremlins. When something does not work as it is supposed to, then its a Gremlin. Thx :)

< Message edited by blues -- 8/12/2008 2:47:55 >
MQ  Post #: 99
8/11/2008 20:35:55   

Not sure but i have a MR house mech nova class. Is there something wrong with the critical percentage? The one reason i went with this house was for the added chance of criticals. I seem to almost never crit with them. More so with the nova raven. I was getting more crits from the equinox mech than i do my house mech.

Given its lower power and lower health i would assume that the additional crits were to make up for that.
also the bows on a level 20 mech at 32 min? i understand if the deathstrike would go off more often but given the fact it rarely does or i am just horribly unlucky this seems a little low.

This mech and version of mech need to be looked at. granted it shouldn't walk through everything. however given that some lvl 20 mech's are 40-100 more HP than i do and my output damage can't compensate for that makes this mech kinda weak.

i like the house mech maybe i am just horribly unlucky.

MR is the house where you need the most RLL in fact. The high standard deviation is ok, but the rest has a bit Problems. Warlic is working on the house mechas though.

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