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=AQ= Houses With Estates - Discussion and FAQ

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12/7/2008 19:46:27   
Silently watching...

Be sure to check out this web page for info on the new estate buildings:

Vahn_Kaichi made a really nice FAQ gathered from some recent forum threads about Estates.
I've copied it here, and will make adjustments as needed:

Do buildings also give us interest Z-Tokens?
No, only the main house does.

How does the resource system work?
Once you buy a resource-procuding building and level it up to Level 1 (Possibly thru a quest, maybe just a battle), it'll start producing resources, wich are Food, Wood, Stone and Energy. Based on their levels, those building can produce more resources hourly (Yeap, the numbers on the chart are hourly production). But to build a bulding, you need resources.
Some bulding consume resources to work, so you need to have a big production before starting to upgrade like crazy or building Stat Trainers and that kind of stuff.

What are the Private Trainers for?
They are there to provide cheaper training and an extremely quick way to un-train your stats, without having lose battles against Sir. Pwnsalot.
No, they cannot train your stats over 200 Points! (yet)

Buldings are Z-Token or Gold?
To buy an estate, you must use Z-Tokens. But leveling up costs gold and resources.

Can I buy more than 1 building of the same kind?

Can I add estate to my house?
Nope. You gotta buy a house that already has estates.


QUESTIONS: Lord Lee | ANSWERS: Captain Rhubarb.
1) With the estate buildings which are specific to certain locations (e.g. the Darkovia Dark Mana Collector, Forest Fruit Orchard etc.) if we purchase an estate of a different origin after purchasing these buildings will they still be active? That is to say hypothetically if I were to purchase the Forest Lumber Yard then upgraded to the Darkovia Mansion estate would I still be getting the resources produced by my Forest Lumber Yard or would this be suspended until I purchased another Forest Estate?

When you sell your house and buy a new one:
* You keep all your estate buildings in an off-screen inventory, and they stop producing or consuming resources.
* They are all reduced to upgrade Level Zero by two upgrade levels.
* You have to re-position them onto your new house. (which is followed by a quick quest to find a worker for the building)
* Any buildings that do not match your current house terrain can not be re-located, and will not have any resource production or consumption.

2) Will the trade hut allow for trading of gold for resources? Or will it only be resources for other resources?
* Currently only trading for other resources

3) Can you give us a preview of what the actual function of the Museum is? Extra inventory storage? Trophy mounting of rares we wish to keep? Or a place to store artifacts likely to still be implemented into the game?
* No definite plans yet. One idea is to collect Artifacts found from random monster drops.

5) Could you give us an indication of how "taking an estate" hostage is likely to affect the hostage taker and hostage?
* All functions are suspended, including resource production and consumption of the building.
* Currently, one battle win 'defending' the house gets rid of the invaders.

6) Finally what is the point of upgrading buildings like the museum, stat trainer facilities, guard tower (i.e. will it result in more storage as for the museum, cost efficiency with training and untraining with the stat trainers, better protection with the guard huts, if so how will these be quantified)?
* Each type of building will have its own usefulness and formulas.

So can we invade other player's house?
Nope. Invaders, currently, are just random monsters.

How can I know my house's being attacked? How do I defend it?
When visiting your buildings you'll see a warning that it is being attacked, and there'll be "Defend" button to deffend againts the invader.


CAPTAIN, on Invasions.

Currently, the random monsters randomly attack house buildings every 6 hours, with a small chance of each building getting taken over.
I'll be adjusting that rate as needed to keep everyone sane.

Higher level buildings get attacked more often (more lucrative targets)
Having a Guard Tower on your estate makes then more safe.

Checking your house status once or twice a day will be good enough for most people to manage it effectively.

And for those that log out for days at a time...
Well... their house won't gain much resources if all the buildings get invaded.

While upgrading, let's say, the "Vegetable Garden", will it be disabled during the upgrading time? Meaning that, during the 5 hours needed to upgrade from Level 1 to Level 2, it'll not produce any resource?
When a building is being upgraded, it still produces/consumes resources, but keep producing.

What happens if you get invaded during a Level-Up Time? Does it freeze, or is the timer reseted once you get rid of the invader and thus' you'll have to wait for the "X Hours" again?
It can't be invaded during that time, all the construction scares away the monsters, I guess. However, special functions of the upgrading building are also not available, like the stat trainers.

What will guards do? Will they fight monsters?
No. They help preventing invasions, but if you are invaded, that means your guards failled, and you will have to fight the invader.

Can I upgrade more than one bulding at the same time?
If you have the resources, yes you can.

What is the limit for each resource?
Currently, it's 1000 of each. But it is possible that, in the future, we will be able to buy a Warehouse to store more resources.


CAPTAIN, on Kingdomns & Production.
The next estate house will be some sort of "Large Farmhouse Estate"
With the ability to have lots of Food resource gatherers, like Corn and Wheat fields.

A player can specialize in Food gathering, and use the Trade hut to trade for the other stuff.

My plan for the castle/kingdoms system is to have an estate "building" be a portal/stargate/something which sends the player to another land/continent/world/etc where they rule over a kingdom.

The old "shared castle" idea is pretty much a dead idea.


ORIGINAL: Captain Rhubarb
Something I forgot to mention yesterday:

* Level 0 and Level 1 estate buildings are safe from getting attacked.
The monsters don't think they are worth the bother.

* The Guard Tower building is always immune from getting attacked and taken over.


ORIGINAL: Captain Rhubarb
* Lowered food cost of upgrading the first 3 levels of: Mana,Dark Mana collectors, Stone Pit, Rock Quarry, Wood Cutter Shack, and Lumber Yard
* Lowered stone cost of upgrading Mana and Dark Mana collectors
* Changed Trade Hut to require equal amount of each resource at each level


ORIGINAL: Captain Rhubarb
* The combined total of the Level of your Guards will lower the chance that any of your buildings will get attacked.
* Higher level buildings have a higher chance of getting attacked.

The players that have a ridiculous number of guards will likely never get attacked.


ORIGINAL: Captain Rhubarb
The upgrades are finalized every hour on the hour, for all buildings that are 'done' upgrading...

So, a building that starts at 2:05 with a 6 hour upgrade time will finish at 8:05, but not yet be "finalized" and show the upgrade till the hour update at 9:00

Since the production also happens on the hour, the newly upgraded building wouldn't do anything till 9:00 anyway.


ORIGINAL: Captain Rhubarb
The attacks occur every 6 hours.

at server time:
14:00 (2 pm)
20:00 (8 pm)

So, you only really need to check soon after those times, and then you'll know what's up at least for the next six hours.

I expect that eventually most players won't worry so much, and just deal with any attacks when they would normally play, about once a day, and not worry about a few lost resources.

But.... I suppose some of you will be obsessed with maximizing your resource production!


ORIGINAL: Captain Rhubarb


* Lowered Food and Wood upgrade costs of the Level 1 and 2 Guard Tower
* Removed negative resource production from all levels of Trade Hut
* Adjusted upgrade costs of levels 1-6 Vegetable Garden. Lowered wood costs some, and added stone and energy costs.
* Added Energy upgrade cost to levels 1-6 Fishing Pond

EDIT: The Top Estate list now has 25 of each region instead of top 20.

* New List thing:

UPDATE: (July 31st, 2008)
(to get the updated House system, you will need to re-login to the game)
(you can tell that you have the updated version if you see the new Remove button when viewing the details of a building)

Trade Hut
* max level increased to Level 12
* trading larger amounts gives better deal when trading
* buy/sell ratio adjusted (see trade chart below)
* little blue flag added to make it look different than the Tiki Hut house.

Placing Buildings
* Now shows name of building when adding, so you're sure what you're placing

Remove Building Option
* a new "remove" button allows you to remove a building from your estate
* removing lowers the building by 2 levels. (no lower than zero, of course)
* buildings that are under attack, or busy upgrading can not be removed

Selling Houses
* If you sell your house all of the active buildings on your Estate will drop 2 levels, as if they were Removed.
* The buildings will no longer drop all the way to level zero when selling.

New Trade Hut ratios:
           Sell Amount
Level	25	50	150	300
1	12	25	79	168
2	13	27	85	180
3	14	29	91	192
4	15	31	97	204
5	16	33	103	216
6	17	35	109	228
7	18	37	115	240
8	19	39	121	252
9	20	41	127	264
10	21	43	133	276
11	22	45	139	288
12	23	47	145	300

**Odds of getting attacked based on levels.


ORIGINAL: Captain Rhubarb

One more bit of the formula:

As you know, higher level buildings are more likely to get attacked.

A level 10 building with a level 10 Guard tower on the estate has an equal amount of odds of getting attacked as a Level 2 building on an estate with no guard tower.

In other words, every 5 levels of guard tower makes each building act as if they were 4 levels lower in regards to the odds of getting attacked.


ORIGINAL: Captain Rhubarb

I made a small change to the 'My Inventory' part of the shops in AQ.

The House Item inventory in the list is now sorted alphabetically in three groups: estate buildings, then guards, then paintings.
That should make it a bit easier to find stuff.

Someday, we'll overhaul the shop interface to make it even easier, but this was a quick change that I think will help!


ORIGINAL: Captain Rhubarb


The Estate Top Lists are now sorted by random id's

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AQ  Post #: 1
8/17/2008 2:30:26   


And I would rather have an option to see a straight overhead gridline view of the estate plots,
rather than the cute 3-D diagonal gridline slanted view we got now.
And furthermore, have a generic icon for each building type with the current building level number
visible in the icon. Helps fools like me who can't remember what level buildings they have
and have to keep clicking on them to find out...Grrr...

Excellent ideas, Etching!

More Plots sounds nice!! (double!!) Captain you are the best!!

As far as the view goes, whatever you decide is okay. But I am concerned about the buildings being too small.. But at the same time I like the idea of seeing the whole Estate all at once.. so I guess I don't know.

EDIT: @Burner1 - A Forest Tent earns 10 Z-Tokens a week.. Basically one way to figure the interest of Houses is to take the intitial cost of the House in question, and divide that price by 20.. to get the weekly increase rate..

Here are some links concerning Houses and Estates that might be helpful..

Link to Housing and Estate Questions and Answers..

Link to Houses, House Functions, and House Items..

Link to the House and House Items Index..

Link to the AQ House Page..

Link to the Current List of Estate Buildings..

Link to AQ Top Character Homeowners List..

Link to AQ Top Character Estates List..

Link to Estate System Guide..

Hope that Helps.. Good Luck!
AQ  Post #: 2
8/17/2008 4:15:57   
Bu Kek Siansu

Page 11 Post #: 271

ORIGINAL: Captain Rhubarb
I chose "a moglin that looks just like Kabroz" as the Trade Hut worker because I couldn't find any other monster in the game that seemed to fit the role.

If anyone has a much better monster to use, let me know.
It has to be an existing monster in the game, and have a good looking monster profile head.


ORIGINAL: In Media Res
How about Kibbles the Happy Elf, and his Elf Power Armour? Think about it - trading isn't that much different
from what he used to do, and when we don't get a good deal on a trade, we know where the extra resources are going!

Trading isn't that much different from what he used to do and as the description mentioned.

  • Otherwise, what about these monsters, Captain?
    01. Uncle Sham
    02. Malth
    03. Mud Golem
    04. Wood Golem
    05. Mist Maiden
    06. Creech
    07. Skrow
    08. Koojeeko
    09. Grenwog
    10. Little Gogg
    11. Moglin UberFreak
    12. Gorgon
    13. Moglin Death Knight
    14. Moglin Fire Spirit
    15. Merchant
  • Post #: 3
    8/17/2008 7:54:06   
    Sun Wind

    Ha! Storm Wind wanted to complete that new quest at Arias, and didn't want to have to try a bazillion times to get that last guest, so he used his own personnal Stat Trainers to untrain 50 END points(and when Captain Rhurbarb said it was ridiculously easy to untrain stats, he wasn't kidding! An understatement even), and put them in CHA, and amusingly enough, got the Automaton in one try.

    Now he can use his very own personnal Stat Trainers(lordy, does he ever like saying that, it makes him feel speshul, like the nobility of old, who had their own armsmasters to teach them), and untrain(utlra fast and yes, utterly and ridiculously easy to do) his CHA points back into END.

    Who would have thunk that I would have had use for my own Stat Trainers so soon?
    AQ  Post #: 4
    8/17/2008 10:46:02   
    Quantum Mod

    I think Gnuavin is the best for the Trade Hut! Not only is his icon good, the reason he'd be the best trader is because he can Transform the resources you give him into the resourse you need keeping the extra's for himself. They don't call him the changer for nothing.
    Post #: 5
    8/17/2008 11:53:12   


    The lists are filtered by "active players" too. Active meaning, "visited my own house within the last week"
    So, if players stop using their house, or take time off from the game, they'll fall off the list.

    I'm slowly working on more building types, and I'm also planning on expanding the # of plots per house.
    This would be a free expansion!

    What I need feedback on, is if you all want:

    a) More than one screen of house plots. Like having an arrow button to view another screen of plots


    b) Shrink the size of the plots on the screen so that more fit all on one screen.

    I like it Captain.
    Does this mean we can buy two of each building type?
    I think one page with smaller icons, with Level number shown, would be easier to manage.
    But an arrow to a second page and the current icon size, is better visually.

    I think I would prefer one page with smaller icons.

    < Message edited by SIGMUND -- 8/17/2008 12:00:36 >
    AQ  Post #: 6
    8/17/2008 11:59:28   


    Thanks Captain for making it a free expansion and thanks Alexandrite for the shiny new thread!

    I'm torn between the various interface options. I like the idea of having everything on one screen but I'm also concerned that if we have too many on one screen it might be difficult to click on each building (particularly for those who play in the smaller screen sizes). Reducing the building to smaller icons could work, but then you lose the 'feeling' of having an estate with buildings that you can actually see, IMHO.

    Since the Captain is looking at doubling the number of building plots, this sounds like there is going to be a lot of potential for new buildings - I am very excited. :D Hopefully, Captain has managed to make something out of our ideas in AQ Suggestions and work some of them into these new upgrades.


    Does this mean we can buy two of each building type?

    I'm kinda hoping that it means that there will be new buildings rather than being able to buy more of the same ones. Otherwise, I think that the people who have said that we're just accumulating resources and not much else will probably say it even louder. Whereas new buildings will probably add more functionality and improve gameplay by yet another level.

    Unfortunately, I know that this probably means more work for the Captain.

    < Message edited by silaren -- 8/17/2008 12:05:45 >
    Post #: 7
    8/17/2008 12:58:55   
    The Spongy One

    >captain I would go for the double screen but I personally think you should make an official poll
    >I'm torn between the various interface options.

    Why not just make both view options available instead of just having one or the other?
    Some people want option A, others want option B...

    Anyway, MoP is off the top of the DME leaderboard....bout time :-)


    TIP: For accurate Trend Report entries, visit your AQStats page daily prior to playing
    AQ  Post #: 8
    8/17/2008 13:42:05   

    this just my personal opinion about the darkovia house estates. i think that the darkovia estate should be able to support some of the forest estates. i mean after all the house is in darkovia FOREST
    AQ  Post #: 9
    8/17/2008 14:51:38   

    Personally I am a little disappointed of the graphics. The ground has no texture at all (exept the tiki estate), and the rock gathering buildings (including the graveyard) as well as a few other buidlings (dark mana collector looks great exept for the dirt beneath it) doesn't blend in at all. I would have hoped that when they release new items the graphics would be great from the start.
    And also, graphics bug?: http://aq.battleon.com/build30/charhouseview.asp?temp=2320487
    AQ AQW  Post #: 10
    8/17/2008 15:11:29   
    The Spongy One

    @Hedning1390 --- Yeah, the Fishing Pond, Stone Pit, DMC, and the Rock Quarry
    all go past the plot boundaries at level 10, with the Fishing Pond the most glaring....

    I'm not a huge fan of detailed graphics anyway. I'd rather see an straight overhead gridline view
    with flat icons than cute 3-D buildings...

    AQ  Post #: 11
    8/20/2008 20:41:58   
      Captain Rhubarb

    I made a small change to the 'My Inventory' part of the shops in AQ.

    The House Item inventory in the list is now sorted alphabetically in three groups: estate buildings, then guards, then paintings.
    That should make it a bit easier to find stuff.

    Someday, we'll overhaul the shop interface to make it even easier, but this was a quick change that I think will help!
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 12
    8/22/2008 3:08:06   
    Alopex Lagopus

    Yep, me neither. As I finish my Battle Stat Trainer, I'll be done. Yes, I have both Trainers, just for... fun..
    But I have an idea.

    Captain: Maybe you can make the Stat Trainers can be visited by other players? And they can train the stats with the same cut off. AND in addition, if the Stat Trainer buildings are level 10, the house owner can earn the gold.
    I mean, I have a level 10 Magic Stat Trainer, XYZ will visit my Estate (and beat my guards), he/she go to the Magic Stat Trainer building and train his/her stat for... 2000 gold total. Next time when I log in, I'll recive 2000 gold.
    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 13
    8/23/2008 10:05:12   

    Huum ... linking the estate resources production to the Paxia Clans would be neat.
    Like an option to give 100-250-500-1000 <...> resouce that would increase the clans <...> resource stack (like the currect tokens stack and teh past gold one).
    The clans would consume xXx of each resource per hour, probably depending on a) the number of members in the clan, b) the "Level" of the clan. With higher levels giving some kind of benefit like :
    new higher level equipment ?
    a basic elemental resistance decrease linked to the clans element ? something like -1 to -5% <clan element> resistance, only valid if your are in the clan.

    At least it would make sense that clans need those resources to repair/upgrade the clan base...
    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 14
    8/29/2008 12:29:30   
    Bu Kek Siansu

    Captain Rhubarb, could you please scrape the way that it's sorted by lowest IDs.
    It's really UNBALANCE and UNFAIR for people who have highest IDs
    I just wonder what's actually the POINT of the Lists if it just makes us who have highest IDs very SAD because we'll NEVER get a chance BEING at the List?

    The list should NOT be JUST for the OLDEST players!!

    I know, some people have said the list does not matter to them. "It's just a list..."
  • But we who have highest IDs don't like the way that it's sorted by lowest IDs.
  • Isn't nice to give a chance to everyone being at the list even just for every now and then?


    ORIGINAL: Captain Rhubarb

    The lists are filtered by "active players" too. Active meaning, "visited my own house within the last week"
    So, if players stop using their house, or take time off from the game, they'll fall off the list.

    BTW, especially the way that it's sorted by lowest IDs is absolutely INCORRECT since it just mentioned that it's sorted by the total level of the their estate buildings.

    This list contains the top 100 AdventureQuest characters that own an in-game house estate,
    sorted by the total level of the their estate buildings. The list updates every few hours.

    Darkovia Mansion

    01. http://aq.battleon.com/build30/charhouseview.asp?temp=3088 => Ultimate Supremacy
    02. http://aq.battleon.com/build30/charhouseview.asp?temp=12188 => Buntaro
    03. http://aq.battleon.com/build30/charhouseview.asp?temp=72727 => !@Janus@!
    04. http://aq.battleon.com/build30/charhouseview.asp?temp=117608 => Talen
    05. http://aq.battleon.com/build30/charhouseview.asp?temp=126867 => Cotto
    06. http://aq.battleon.com/build30/charhouseview.asp?temp=128687 => Thanks AQ Team
    07. http://aq.battleon.com/build30/charhouseview.asp?temp=137214 => DARK ANGEL
    08. http://aq.battleon.com/build30/charhouseview.asp?temp=146328 => Nova
    09. http://aq.battleon.com/build30/charhouseview.asp?temp=165039 => Duke
    10. http://aq.battleon.com/build30/charhouseview.asp?temp=216203 => Blessure Grave
    11. http://aq.battleon.com/build30/charhouseview.asp?temp=237450 => GreatWhite
    12. http://aq.battleon.com/build30/charhouseview.asp?temp=280087 => Dark Paladin
    13. http://aq.battleon.com/build30/charhouseview.asp?temp=302808 => Battery
    14. http://aq.battleon.com/build30/charhouseview.asp?temp=383162 => Sir Oberon striker
    15. http://aq.battleon.com/build30/charhouseview.asp?temp=390404 => The Man
    16. http://aq.battleon.com/build30/charhouseview.asp?temp=438710 => Teqtoo!
    17. http://aq.battleon.com/build30/charhouseview.asp?temp=443872 => SengKeong
    18. http://aq.battleon.com/build30/charhouseview.asp?temp=501069 => TDG Talrinys
    19. http://aq.battleon.com/build30/charhouseview.asp?temp=574708 => Froziph
    20. http://aq.battleon.com/build30/charhouseview.asp?temp=600976 => Radiato
    21. http://aq.battleon.com/build30/charhouseview.asp?temp=768585 => the uknown
    22. http://aq.battleon.com/build30/charhouseview.asp?temp=828217 => Full Fledged Foolishly Foolish Fool
    23. http://aq.battleon.com/build30/charhouseview.asp?temp=868455 => Ayashi Sakuraba
    24. http://aq.battleon.com/build30/charhouseview.asp?temp=1148227 => Princess
    25. http://aq.battleon.com/build30/charhouseview.asp?temp=1159437 => Justin Wu

    I apologize, Captain Rhubarb... Thank you.

  • Post #: 15
    8/29/2008 15:17:21   
      Captain Rhubarb


    The Estate Top Lists are now sorted by random id's
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 16
    8/31/2008 16:32:25   
      Captain Rhubarb


    Take a look at the very bottom of the Estate List page:

    Have fun!
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 17
    9/1/2008 3:12:53   

    Well! new 5 levels of the guard tower...
    At least something to spend my gold on!


    AQ MQ  Post #: 18
    9/1/2008 14:27:12   

    Just out of curiosity, what exactly is the point of having resources, and paying gold to upgrade your buildings, if you CAN'T SELL THE RESOURCES FOR GOLD? All you can do is trade resources for resources, which have no purpose in the game, and waste your gold upgrading to get more of these useless goods.


    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 19
    9/1/2008 15:44:40   
      Captain Rhubarb


    What exactly is the point of having resources, and paying gold to upgrade your buildings?

    Answer: So, that you can level up your buildings.

    I could ask you a similar question:

    What exactly is the point of buying weapons and armors with gold to upgrade your character?
    Answer: So, that you can level up your character.

    Either way, you're just increasing a virtual number in a virtual game world.

    But anyway, eventually there will be more stuff you can do with your Estate stuff, like enchanting your weapons to buff them.
    You can be ready now with an advanced Estate, or wait till the enchantment stuff is ready, and play catch up then.

    < Message edited by Captain Rhubarb -- 9/1/2008 15:47:15 >
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 20
    9/2/2008 8:43:56   

    I don't imagine the Enchantments will actually have a huge impact on game balance.
    I am only expecting the effects to be similar to the Guardian Tower Sharpening of Vorpal Edge.
    Becomes 8-22 damage and has a 15% special rate when sharpened by Nimrod

    Or at most the Effects like the Undead Terror shield.
    Trigger: Name contains "dracolich", "vampire", "ghoul", "vamp", "death", "skull", "zombie", "undead"
    Base Damage: +2
    Random Damage: +4

    < Message edited by SIGMUND -- 9/2/2008 8:50:13 >
    AQ  Post #: 21
    9/2/2008 8:52:07   
    Bu Kek Siansu

    Too bad that our resources became/become useless(all the 1 K resources are doing nothing) for in about 2 weeks except for upgrading of Guard Tower.
    Isn't nice to have an option where we can use/sell our resources for Gold or something else?

    The planning is doing quests but if we do that over and over, it seems as farming which makes no sense.
    Unless the rewards or something are really worth... :) -> Then, we would like to have quests where we can spend our estate resources.
    Post #: 465 http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=14424453&mpage=19&key=

    ORIGINAL: Captain Rhubarb:

    Would you like to have quests where you can spend your estate resources?

    Like helping a Moglin village re-build some houses destroyed in a war?
    You'd likely get a small treasure chest as a reward or something.

    Agreed... :)

    ORIGINAL: Mourinho68

    I suggest to the Good Capt. to make a poll with some options for the new Estate buildings, so we players can vote on what we like best - to avoid future disappointment.

    For Example,

    1) I like to be able to generate Gold from my resources
    2) I don't like to idea of enchanting weapons because the KoO is just gonna step in and nerf them back again

    IMO anything implemented should have an "Wow" factor or a "Carrot" to inspire us to continue spending huge amounts of Gold on Estate building. Thank you!

    I believe, Captain will come this week between Wednesday and Sunday with a big surprise which is the new Estate buildings releash(update).
    Or probably next week...

    < Message edited by Mysterious Strangeface -- 9/2/2008 10:38:54 >
    Post #: 22
    9/2/2008 11:10:39   

    Regarding the latest post of our Captain - sounds good!

    What else would be welcome? Well I think It would be not a bad idea to allow players to purchase extra house item slots - standard rules could apply (up to 8 additional slots possible, 200 tokens per slot their value do not count towards the house value on the top houses list however the values of the items in them do). I think there are quite a few people around willing to spend their tokens on such extra slots. (Myself I have 1600 just prepared).

    What do you think about it?


    AQ MQ  Post #: 23
    9/5/2008 17:06:29   
      Captain Rhubarb

    I want to let everyone know that any major Estate system updates will not likely occur till October.

    I've been tasked with getting the "upgrade" system ready for AQWorlds, and that's going to keep me busy for the rest of September.

    I do want to try to take a day, and get a "resource storage warehouse" available, so ya'll can start accumulating more resources.
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 24
    9/7/2008 5:11:37   

    I still think having the chance to get rares that you missed via a Time Machine is a good idea because this is something worth the effort. Of course those people who had already collected a lot of rares wouldn't like it - but you can't please everybody, only the majority. To make it harder to get what you want, maybe we can make the Time Machine give you a random rare per activation, so that it takes more effort to find the rare you want. Also we can make the Time Machine consume resources every time you activate it like 100 of each resource.
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