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How to Play!

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AdventureQuest Worlds Basic Functionalities Guide

Please note: if you have any suggestions for additions, please PM an AQW Guides AK or post in this thread. Thanks!
Once the amendments have been made, your post(s) will be deleted.

Welcome to Adventure Quest Worlds! Artix Entertainment's first true MMO where you can interact with other players, form war parties, enhance your own weapons, and do much more! Here is a guide for some basic functions in the game for you! This tells you some basics in world interaction and gameplay in the following sections:

1) What is AQWorlds? How can I get online?
2) Are there rules to govern my actions?
3) What are my basic control panel functions?
4) How do I see the storyline, what I've earned, and other interesting things?
5) How do I interact with the world?
6) How do I interact with other players?
7) Useful Links and Help Functions.
8) In game moderation.
AE Staff have golden names above their characters. If someone is claiming to be staff, but does not have a Gold name, then they are NOT AE staff.
9) Some troubleshooting tips.
Everything in blue is clickable and usually features either a website or in many cases an image to help explain what I am talking about. Images will be blue and surrounded by < >

Game Basics

What is it? What is an MMO?
AQW stands for Adventure Quest Worlds, AE's first MMO. An MMO is a massive multiplayer online game where you can walk-around and interact with other players in real time!
AQWorlds is an in-browser game, like AdventureQuest, Dragonfable and Mechquest do, requiring only an internet connection, a web browser and Flash player!

How do I play the game?
There are currently 14 servers from which to choose.
<Server select screen>

Types of Servers:

  • Moglin-Safe Server: Is the best server choice for children and players who enjoy a safe environment. These servers allow canned chat only. Which means these servers do not allow chat. Instead, players can use a menu to make their character say phrases that the team picked. (Servers named after Moglins will be Safe Servers.)
  • Normal Server: Is a "Wild West" server. Any player - as long as they have confirmed the email on their game account - has access to full chat.
  • Upgrade-only Server: If you have upgraded your account in AQW, you will be able to access these Legend-only servers while your upgrade is active. All upgraded players have access to full chat.

Current Servers:

  • Twilly: Moglin-Safe Server.
  • Zorbak: Moglin-Safe Server.
  • Artix: Normal Server. This server is an international server for all players.
  • Safiria: Normal Server. This server is an international server for all players.
  • Sir Ver: Upgrade-only Server.
  • Evil Sir Ver: Upgrade-only Server.
  • J6: Normal Server. This server is an international server for all players.
  • Cysero: Normal Server.
  • Galanoth: Normal Server.
  • Alina: Normal Server.
  • Yorumi: Normal Server.
  • Zhoom: Normal Server.
  • Nythera: Normal Server.
  • Espada: Normal Server. This server was made for the Brazilian AQW community. As such, players are expected to speak Portuguese here.

Former Servers:

  • Espada 2: Normal Server. This server was made for the Brazilian AQW community. As such, players are expected to speak Portuguese here. It was replaced by the Espada server.
  • Hidden Grotto: Normal Server. This server is an international server for all players. This is a temporary server designed to stress test new server capability updates. It was replaced by the J6 server.
  • Minimal: Normal Server. This server is an international server for all players. It was merged with the Zazul server.
  • PTR: A separate server designed for testing stats/PvP/New class setups/Guilds. The PTR system has now been released on the other servers. PTR was integrated into the main server select screen for a while. When you clicked on the PTR server in the server select screen, a message would appear saying ''The Public Test Realm (PTR) requires a special version of the game. Do you want to redirect to this version now? You will need to login again.'' Clicking yes would take you to a separate server select screen. If you click the ''Normal Version'' button, you'll be directed back to the regular login screen. It was replaced by the Evil Sir Ver server.
  • Quibble: Moglin-Safe Server. It was replaced by the Safiria server.
  • Samba: Normal Server. It was replaced by the Hidden Grotto server.
  • Talim: Normal Server. This server was made for the Phillipino AQW community. As such, players are expected to speak Phillipino here.
  • Truffle: Moglin-Safe Server. It was merged with the Zorbak server.
  • Twig: Moglin-Safe Server.
  • Warlic: Normal Server. It was replaced by the Nythera server.
  • Zazul: Normal Server. This server is an international server for all players.

Where do I turn up once I'm online?
You will always log-on just outside the main city, called "Battleon".

What are those numbers beside the names of towns?
Each area (such as Battleon) has an almost infinite number of "instances". Each map has a limit on the number of players who can be active in order to guarantee the best quality gameplay for everyone. If you are in Guru-15, that means you are in the 15th instance of the Guru map. The number beside it simply refers to what version or room you are in so that you can easily keep track of where you are and tell others to join you. Changing screens within a town will not transport you to a different place but entering shops, buildings, or teleporting to another place will usually change your room number.

How does this game relate to Adventure Quest (AE's original game), Dragonfable, or Mechquest?
The timeline of Lore currently goes like this: AdventureQuest is five years after Dragonfable but these two are separated by some sort of timesplit. Mechquest is 5000 years before AdventureQuest.
AQWorlds takes place in the same universe, but on its own timeline altogether.

Who gets to play the game? What about payment?
Anyone can play AQWorlds. All information about upgrade packages can be found here:
<Upgrade Information>

A Quick Word on In Game Conduct
As with all other Artix Entertainment Games, this one is very user friendly and contains only cartoon violence. Our games are played by a wide range of ages. Please be careful of your language and any actions that you take, as there can be younger players around. Please help keep the environment safe for the younger players!

If you see any misconduct, use the Report Feature. Remember, though - the report feature is for serious issues. If someone is bothering you personally, use the /ignore feature first.

Control Panel and Game commands

Control Panel
Like in any other game, you will have a basic series of controls that constantly show up.
Please visit the in-game Tutorial area (/join tutor) for a full walkthrough of your entire game screen. Note: with the release of AQW version 1.0, the interface has been updated and the Tutorial area is no longer up to date. If you want an explanation of the new icons in the bottom right of your screen, take a look at the Interface section of the Player Handbook.

Game Commands

    All of these commands can be seen on Cleric Dawn's scroll outside of Swordhaven.

  • /join <area name>-<number>
    This is probably the command you will use the most – you can instantly travel to any area
    simply by typing /join areaname. This will send you to the first available instance of that
    area. If you want to go to a specific room, then you use the /join <area name>-<number>
    command. (custom rooms only work for numbers above 1000)
  • /tell <playername> <message>
    The /w or /whisper <playername> gives the same effect – an in-game private message
    ** if a player has a space in their name, use the following command:
    player name >
    This will start the PM for you – simply type once you see the “To: player name” in the chat
    entry area.
    Example: Player name is "super space alot" You would type in the chat:

    super space alot >

    This brings up "To super space alot:" and you can then type your message.

  • /invite <players name> (/pi <playername>)
    This will invite whoever you typed to your party.
  • /friend <player's name>
    This will add whoever you typed as a friend - please note that they wont automatically be added to your friends list.
  • /r <message> (> <message>)
    This will reply to your last PM. This works for players with or without spaces in their name.
  • /report <playername> Allows you to report another player when you find them to be breaking the rules.
  • /ignore <playername>
    You will know when you have ignored someone, as the following symbol will appear over their head:
    You will then see:
    <Ignored> allows you to block the player from teleporting to where you
    are in addition to blocking your view of their chat/PMs)
  • /unignore <playername>
  • /rest - makes you regain health/hp
  • /goto <playername> - allows you to directly go to a player's location
  • /partyoff
    allows you to turn off the party system and reject any invites automatically. you will receive the message "Ignoring party invites." in red.
  • /partyon
    turns party systems back on. you will receive the message "accepting party invites" in green.
  • /friendoff
    Turn off all friend requests
  • /friendon
    Turn on friend requests
  • /partyoff
    Turn off all party requests
  • /partyon
    Turn on party requests
  • /pmoff
    Turn off all PMs (Not new)
  • /pmon
    Turn on PMs (Not new)
  • /who, /tell, /w
    Allows you to see whether or not somebody is on and on the same server as you.
    Just type /who *playernamehere* /tell *playernamehere* /w *playernamehere*
(This info can also be found on the Game Commands Wiki Page)

Keyboard Shortcuts:

All of these commands can be found in-game at Cleric Dawn outside of Swordhaven and in Battleon
  • 1: Starts AutoAttack.
  • 2-5: By pressing the numbers 2 through 5, you can use your available skills in battle without having to click on the icons.
  • 6: By pressing number 6 you can automatically use the current available potion.
  • L: Opens list of quests you are currently on.
  • I: Opens up inventory.
  • T: Target. This has 2 uses. If you select a player, and hit T, then you will target the monster. Then, you can simply press the shortcut 1 to auto attack it or you can press the icon. The other use is for those with healing skills. You select the opponent/monster. When you hit T, you will now target their opponent for healing.
  • U: Opens list of users in your area.
  • V: Used to pop-up a health-bar at the top of the characters. The bar is also updating if the characters loss or regain health.
    (This info can also be found on the Game Commands Wiki Page)

    Character Pages

    How to access them in game
    Clicking on your character's profile in the top left corner of the screen, and selecting "Char Page". If you are friends with somebody, and they are online, you can click on their name on the Friends List Pulldown and select "Char Page".

    What they do
    It allows you and other people to view what items your character has in his/her inventory and view what that persons character has equipped. Legend only and AC items have a color tag. AC items are in orange and Legend only items are purple.
    You can determine what the person's character currently has equipped, by looking at the "Items Equipped" area of the Character Page. Your character will also have displayed their alignment; Good, Evil or Neutral Hero.

    They also show "Achievements" that your character has done. A list of all the achievements can be found below.

    A list of all available character page badges can be found here.

    How do you get to Character Pages out of game? What does everything mean?
    You can get to your character’s page by going on the game and clicking on any character’s (including yours) profile at the top left corner after you click on that character. If you want to see someone else’s character page who is currently online, type their name in at the end of the URL. If there is already someone’s name in the URL box, simply take it out and replace the two names. http://www.aq.com/aw-character.asp?id= is the default link to the character pages. Note that this will take you to nobody's character page and you will have to type the persons name in.
    Character Pages also show your items in your inventory. If it is a class, it shows your Rank in that class. If it is an AC item, it is Orange. If it is a Legend only item, it is written in Purple. There are also, various symbols written next to your armor showing the type of item it is. Here they are:
    Wall Item:
    Floor Item:

    Here is a list of how much experience is required per lvl in the game. This is for your overall lvl, and not for your class level.
    1-2: 20 Exp
    2-3: 100 Exp
    3-4: 300 Exp
    4-5: 600 Exp
    5-6: 1,000 Exp
    6-7: 1,500 Exp
    7-8: 2,000 Exp
    8-9: 2,550 Exp
    9-10: 3,200 Exp
    10-11: 3,850 Exp
    11-12: 4,600 Exp
    12-13: 5,450 Exp
    13-14: 6,450 Exp
    14-15: 7,700 Exp
    15-16: 9,200 Exp
    16-17: 12,900 Exp
    17-18: 15,150 Exp
    18-19: 17,650 Exp
    19-20: 20,650 Exp
    20-21: 24,150 Exp
    21-22: 28,150 Exp
    22-23: 32,650 Exp
    23-24: 32,650 Exp
    24-25: 37,650 Exp
    25-26: 43,650 Exp
    26-27: 51,650 Exp
    27-28: 63,150 Exp
    28-29: 79,650 Exp
    29-30: 101,650 Exp
    30-31: 131,150 Exp
    31-32: 170,650 Exp
    32-33: 223,150 Exp
    33-34: 293,750 Exp
    34-35: 312,500 Exp
    35-36: 331,250 Exp
    36-37: 350,000 Exp
    37-38: 368,750 Exp
    38-39: 387,500 Exp
    39-40: 406,250 Exp
    40-41: 425,000 Exp
    41-42: 443,750 Exp
    42-43: 462,500 Exp
    43-44: 481,250 Exp
    44-45: 500,000 Exp
    45-46: 518,750 Exp
    46-47: 537,500 Exp
    47-48: 556,250 Exp
    48-49: 575,000 Exp
    49-50: 598,750 Exp
    50-51: 633,760 Exp
    51-52: 664,670 Exp
    52-53: 710,130 Exp
    53-54: 759,000 Exp
    54-55: 785,000 Exp
    55-56: 815,000 Exp
    56-57: 840,000 Exp
    57-58: 870,000 Exp
    58-59: 910,000 Exp
    59-60: 990,000 Exp
    60-61: 1,200,000 Exp
    61-62: 1,450,000 Exp
    62-63: 1,600,000 Exp
    63-64: 1,750,000 Exp
    64-65: 1,750,000 Exp

    For class experience needed:
    Rank 1-2: 900 Points
    Rank 2-3: 2700 Points
    Rank 3-4: 6400 Points
    Rank 4-5: 12500 Points
    Rank 5-6: 21600 Points
    Rank 6-7: 34300 Points
    Rank 7-8: 51200 Points
    Rank 8-9: 72900 Points
    Rank 9-10: 100000 Points

    Reputation is how highly the characters of that town think of you. By completing quests provided by those characters (NPC) you will gain
    reputation or rep for short. Rep can also be obtained through Daily Quests. These daily quests
    are quests that give big amounts of rep. There is a catch though, you may only do these daily quests once a day
    (hence the name daily quest). The ranking/leveling of your reputation goes by the same chart as if you were ranking up armor:

For class experience needed: 

  • Rank 1-2: 900 Points 

  • Rank 2-3: 2700 Points 

  • Rank 3-4: 6400 Points 

  • Rank 4-5: 12500 Points 

  • Rank 5-6: 21600 Points 

  • Rank 6-7: 34300 Points
  • Rank 7-8: 51200 Points 

  • Rank 8-9: 72900 Points 

  • Rank 9-10: 100000 Points

  • You may ask, what's the point? Well certain items require a specific rank/level of reputation for you to purchase them.
    Ex: Dwarven-Peppergun which requires the rank of four
    so you can purchase it. Also, reputation is permanent, meaning once you get it you cannot lose it.
    Additional information can be found in Cysero's explanation on it:

    *Ok, I'm going to explain Reputation to you guys. If you select your Portrait in the upper left hand corner of your screen you can see
    Reputation is now an option. This will tell you how much Rep you have earned with certain people. Dwarfhold is the first area with Rep and Rep
    based Rewards. When you look in Snowbeard's Shop you will see that all of his items require a certain Rank of Dwarfhold Reputation in order to
    use. If you don't have a high enough Dwarfhold Rep Rank then you can't get the item. How do you get Dwarfhold Reputation? The answer is Quests.

    As you complete quests in an area your Reputation will spread, people learn to respect... or fear... you. Some of Snowbeard and Donna Charmer's quests
    will give you 100 points of rep and you can run these quests over and over and over. You can also do daily quests which give you a lot more Rep but
    you can only do those once per day. Donna has two daily quests worth 200 rep each, and if you're a Legend you can do the daily quest for Otix
    (The tavern Keeper) which is worth 500 rep! Once you have completed these quests, you won't be able to run them again until after 12:00 AM est, when our
    servers reset. As we go further and further into Dwarfhold you will find other daily quests worth more Rep that you unlock as you rank up, and you will also
    find that Snowbeard's shop will continue to grow with cool new higher-rank items as the area and the story of Vath, the Chaos Dragonlord progresses.

    Bank Items
    The bank is and extension of your bag. It holds your items for you, but the only downside is that you cannot carry them around with you. It is good if you wish to have more bag space, or if you want to have more items. To open a bank for your character, simply go to Valencia in the middle of Battleon. It will cost you 200 ACs for one bank slot, 50000 ACs if you wish to have all 250. That is 250 bank slots that hold Legend and free player items that are worth Gold. If you purchase any items with ACs (Adventure Coins), then you can store all of them for FREE in your bank. The bank can hold an INFINITE amount of AC items.

    Cysero has a quick explanation on the subject of AC item storage in the bank:


    And lastly I am proud to announce that the BANK IS NOW FREE FOR ANY AC ITEM! Starting today, you can drop any AdventureCoin item into your bank for FREE, and it will hold an INFINITE number of AC items. If you want to use the bank for normal Items you still need to pay the initial 200 AC fee for your first 20 normal inventory spaces, AC items will slip right past that. If you want you can JUST use the bank to store your AC items and never pay a single AC for space. This Bank upgrade is for ALL players, Legend and free player alike. To access your Bank, just talk to Valencia in Battleon, click the BANK button and just start moving Adventure Coin items into storage!

    Also, Reens had a few words to say about the Bank:


    Bank and Inventory Issues: 1. Some people have been posting about losing bag slots. What is happening is this - empty bag slots are no longer visible. Say you have 40 slots purchased, but items in 35 of them. You'll only see those 35. You haven't lost the other 5 - you can add items to them as necessary.

    The Book of Lore
    The book of lore is your key to the storyline. It shows what you have and have not completed.
    You can access your book of lore from your Interface by clicking on the picture of the book. Once you click on the book it will load into the middle of the screen. After it loads simply click on the book to open it. The opened book will have banners to interact with.


    • Story- The Story tab lists all of the parts of the storyline so far. Click on the part of storyline that you would like to do and it will transport you to the beginning of that saga. If you have completed a saga it will turn gold, whereas uncompleted sagas will remain silver. For help with the storyline, please see the Storyline Walkthrough! guide.

    • Quests-The quest tab provides you with side quests that you can do. Percentages are shown for how much of a quest chain you have completed. Not all quests can be done as some are for Legend only and others are rare. All available quests can be found on the Book of Lore's Wiki page.

    • Badges- Badges are like achievements that you have done in game. They are split into three sections: "Achievement Badges" for badges you've earned in-game such as fighting bosses; "HeroMart Badges" for items you've bought and then redeemed from HeroMart; and "Other Badges" for miscellaneous offers such as special offers. If you don't have the badge, it will appear faded compared to badges you do own. All available badges can be found on the Book of Lore's Wiki page.

    • Upgrades- This tab tells you when your membership runs out and how many ACs you have. It also provides you the options to buying a membership or AdventureCoins.

    • Lorepedia- This tab gives you all the information on the classes you can buy from the Class Dealer Shop, and information on the Lorepedia.

    If you read in the Design Notes that the Book of Lore is getting an update, or has been updated, simply clear you cache and reload the page. Then log into the game and see the update. If you don't know how to clear your cache you can read how to here.

    World Interaction
    Depending on your preference, you can choose to use High, Medium, Low or Auto graphics. Running high graphics will give great visuals, while running low ones will be a bit fuzzier but might allow you to move faster and better help your computer take the load off AQW. If you set it to Auto graphics, AQW will automatically adjust its graphics to give you the best experience.
    You can choose your graphic quality using the “options” interface in-game.
    Valencia has full information in her tutorial in-game.

    How do I move around?
    This game is a fully integrated interface. If you click anywhere on the screen, your character will attempt to move in that direction. There are exceptions to this: if you try to move into the same space that another player is, you will not be able to pass directly over them. Your character will have to move slightly to the side in order to get somewhere. The same holds true for obstacles in the world, such as trees, fences, rocks, monsters, etc...

    Direction of travel (next map) is indicated by arrows on the ground – they tell you which directions have more content. Simply run towards the edge of your current screen and you will automatically move into that screen once you have reached the end of your current one.

    How do I go to different places?
    There are 2 ways to travel in the game. You can use the Map of Lore to travel around the world of Lore and view how much of an area you have completed, as well as replay cutscenes. Or you can use the "/join" command.
    The main town is Battleon
    Each town also has other areas to visit: cellars, attics, Towers, shops are just a few of them!

    There are also several shops or building that are open:

    • Yulgar's Inn -found in the AQW main town – "Battleon"
      You can visit "room 42" for hairstyle/color/eye color changes and the upstairs bathroom
      You also have access to Yulgar's Cellar where you can battle a couple of the world’s many monsters.
      Along side Yulgar's own shop there is the "Suggestion shop" where you can purchase items that were inspired by AQW's very own players.
    • The Guardian Tower - also found in Battleon
      You can see Guardian tower's stable, armory, war room, etc...
      The verification shop where you can purchase Dragonlord, Guardian, Starlord and Defender class, as well as armors and weapons.
    • Helmshop – in Swordhaven. (to the Left)
      Here you can purchase helms.
    • Blacksmith – in Swordhaven (to the Right)
      Low level weapons – levels 1 / 3 / 5.
    • Twilly - Twilly can tell you where to go for enhancements to weapons, armor, capes, etc. Just press the exclamation button over Twilly's head.
    • Potions- Reen's has a lot of potions for sell and they can come in handy! The current number of potions you can hold onto is 3. For more information on potions visit this handy well written guide- http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=18040683

    Explore every town and area thoroughly – you never can tell what you'll find!
    I have X amount of items stacked, how do I delete them all!? I don't want to click delete a gazillion times!
    When deleting an item(s), you will be given a box with a sliding bar in it. There will then be a number showing how many of that item you have, and another showing how many you wish to delete. Slide the slider to the right number, then click "Delete".

    Orcs and Skeletons and Zardmen, Oh My!
    While in towns or peaceful screens, you will be safe from attack. Once you leave Battleon, though, you will encounter different monsters! As of November 21st, 2008 the Dwakel Crash Site was added to the map. All of the monsters of this area have monster agro. Citadel, added in November as well has monsters with monster agro. This means, if you travel past a monster on the map, they will attack you even if you don’t attack them first.

    Help! I've fallen and I can't get up! (How to recover health and what to do if you die)
    If your health is low, simply type in /rest to your message screen or click the rest button. This will cause your character to kneel on the ground and recover health and mana a little bit at a time. You will continue to kneel even after your health is full until you engage in another action.

    If you are dead (your health is 0), your screen will have a blue tint and you'll encounter a spawn delay for 10 seconds. When the time has elapsed, you will respawn at the entry point to the zone.

    Emotes (dance partay!)
    Emotes are pre-programmed actions that your characters can use to convey emotion, ideas, or just have fun. The ones below have Avatar animation included! In order to use them, simply type in certain commands (usually /<action>) into your message box.
    Here are a few to get you started:
    /airguitar you mimic playing a guitar using your currently equipped weapon
    /backflip you backflip
    /bow you bow
    /cheer you cheer
    /cry you cry and stop
    /cry2 you cry without stopping (Legend-only)
    /dance you dance
    /dance2 you dance the cancan
    /danceweapon you dance with your weapon (Legend-only)
    /dazed you act like you are stunned (Legend-only)
    /fart you fart (sound and animation)
    /facepalm hand to face
    /feign you mimic being hit and pretend to die
    /headbang you move your head in a rocking position (Legend-only)
    /jumpcheer you jump in joy (Legend-only)
    /jump you jump
    /kneel you kneel (Legend-only)
    /laugh you laugh
    /lol same as /laugh
    /point you point
    /powerup creates a power beam light around you (Legend-only)
    /punt you kick
    /salute you salute
    /salute2 you salute by putting your hand to your forehead (Legend-only)
    /samba you start dancing the samba, unlocks after you beat Samba's /Dance Evolution (Legend-only)
    /sheath you place your current weapon on your back (rare)
    /sleep you lie down and start to sleep
    /spar you punch with your fists (Legend-only)
    /stepdance you dance on both your toes (Legend-only)
    /stern you place both arms on your hips
    /swordplay you mimic a sword fight using a rapier
    /unsheath your weapon goes to the back and you unsheath it, ending in a ready position
    /use you hold your weapon vertically hands in front of you
    /useweapon you hold your weapon vertically (Legend-only)
    /wave you wave

    I don't see the emote that I want!
    Have no fear! You can get creative and make your own custom emotes using:
    /me <message>
    /em <message>
    /e <message>
    ** These emotes do not have Avatar (your character) animation, and will appear in light grey in the Chatpane.
    <Different text colors in Chat>

    Game Rating?
    AQWorlds has been given an ESRB rating of 10+.
    However, keep in mind that due to the chat system, in-game atmosphere may change at any time. The report system is there for any serious issues, but remember – use /ignore first.
    Many of the reports we are receiving would be better served by simply ignoring that specific player.

    Interface Guide
    The Profile

    This is what you will see in the top left corner:

    It is called the "Profile Tab".
    The image to the left in the profile tab is called an "avatar". It displays your characters head (with a helm or without depending on what you are wearing).
    Under the avatar is a number. That number is called a level. It shows your character's current level. Note that the current level cap is 60.
    Next to the avatar, there are 2 lines of text. The above one displays your character's name (Beowolve in this case). The second one shows your class and your class current level.
    Under the 2 lines of text you can see a red bar and a blue bar. The red bar is called "Health" and it helps you survive in battles. The blue bar is called "Mana" or "Energy" and it helps you use skills.
    Under the Health and Mana bars there is a number writen with a yellow color. that is your character's gold. Gold is used to purchase items from shops. You can gain gold by defeating monsters and completing quests.

    The Chatbox
    The chatbox is located in the bottom left corner and it looks like this:

    In the left zone there is a small arrow which you can use to hide the chat. When activated it will look like this:

    The button in the middle can be used to set the chat pane to full height.

    To the right of that is an image with a white bubble. It is called a "Speech Bubble". The Speech Bubble is especially used by players who can only use canned (speech bubble) chat. When you click it this will appear:

    Experiment with the text and emotes provided in there.
    Next to the speech bubble is the chat box (the real one). Here you type your message. Note that only Legends/verified accounts can talk in all other servers freely (except for the Twilly, Twig, and Zorbak servers, also known as moglin safe servers).
    The "Send" button sends the typed text (from the chatbox) to the other players. Of course you can always use "Enter" (from your keyboard) for a faster talk.

    For more information, take a look at the Chat Functions page of the Player Hanbook.

    The Skills
    This is quite simple. The following bar shows you what skills you can currently use with your current class (note that you will need to rank up to gain more skills):

    Every skill cost a certain ammount of Mana/Energy. Move your mouse over a skill to see its effect and cost:

    Note that when in battle, the first button ALWAYS blinks red:

    Also, almost every skill needs a time to recharge after it has been used:

    Skills also have a global cooldown now:


    We have also added a global cooldown to all abilities other than AutoAttack. This means that every time you use an ability, all abilities will be on cooldown for 1.5 seconds. This is primarily done to limit burst damage in PvP, where a class with many direct damage abilities such as Berserker could otherwise unload a huge amount of damage on a target almost instantly.

    Player interaction
    How do I talk to other players?
    The most basic way to talk to other players is to click on the message box at the bottom lefthand side of your screen and then hit "send." This will send a public message to everyone who is in your current screen and sometimes the adjacent screen.
    Chat is restricted to Legends and verified players only – however, the Artix, Cysero, Minimal, Zhoom, Safiria, Galanoth and Nythera; “Wild, Wild West” servers have open chat to all who have confirmed their email – even if they have not upgraded in any of our games.

    What if I want to talk to someone that I can't currently see or send someone a private message?
    In order to send a message to someone that you cannot see or to send someone on your screen a message that only they can see, you'll need the following "tell" commands:
    /tell <playername> <message>
    /w <playername> <message>
    If the player has a space in their name, typing
    player name >
    The ">" character will automatically reformat the text entry panel the way "/w playername" does, except that it preserves spaces in the player's name.
    (will show “To: player name”)
    If someone has sent you a message, you may quick reply using:
    /r <message>
    This will only send a message to the person who last sent you a private message.
    (This info can also be found on the Game Commands Wiki Page)

    Player Parties
    If you want to start a party with your friends, you can invite them to join your party by clicking on their character and selecting the Invite option in the dropdown menu. Or, you can type in the chat (send) box /invite <player name here> and they will get the party invite. You cannot be in more than one party.
    If you want to get in to party chat, you type /p and a space. To get out of party chat, you can type /1 and a space or /s and a space.

    Friends Lists
    Friends lists have been implemented in the game. On them, you can see all of your friends names and levels. You can have up to a maximum of 40 friends.
    To invite somebody to be your friend, you can click on their character and selecting the Add Friend in the dropdown menu, or type in the chat (send) box /friend <player name here>.

    Why can't I friend/party invite/goto/whisper someone?
    The reason you are unable to whisper/friend/goto or invite someone is because that player has turned off those options in the settings menu. Until that player turns those settings back on the ability to whisper/goto etc will continue to remain off.

    I can't scroll up to see more messages?
    You can use your mouse wheel to scroll up to see any missed messages. However, only a certain number of lines remain in the buffer – At this current time an estimate has been provided as being between 90 lines and 3 full pages of lines. Until such a time when this can be accurately confirmed this is all that can be estimated and given.

    Can I engage in battle with other players?
    Yes you can! Unlike previous AE games, you will be able to fight alongside your friends, not computer versions of them! Simply choose where you would all like to go as a hunting or war party and all go there. Click on the same monster, and start hitting away!
    <War Party!>

    To avoid the phenomenon of Kill Stealing, all players who are active in a battle will receive the same equipment drops. If you are not on a quest, you will not get a quest drop, even though others may.

    Nono. I meant can I fight other players?
    Yes! To fight other players go to Battleon and select ''more adventures'' from the game menu, then select PvP!

    What if I want to make a clan?
    Guilds have recently been released in AQWorlds. If you are a Legend, you can create a guild. There are 4 positions within a guild, the leader who is the founder, the officers who can also add people to the guild, normal members, and finally duffers who are demoted members without the ability to speak in guild chat.

    Here is a list of guild commands:
    /gc <guild name> Creates a guild
    /gd <player's name> Demotes a player in your guild.
    /gi <player's name> Invites a player to your guild
    /gp <player's name> Promotes a player in your guild
    /gr <player's name> Removes a player from your guild
    /rg <guild name> Renames a guild (Note: currently bugged)
    /g Activates guild chat (s, say or 1 deactivates guild chat)
    /guild Brings up the list of guild members and what server they're on
    /motd Shows guild's message of the day.
    /motd <message> Either creates or overrides a new message of the day (only if you're a Guild Leader or Guild Officer)

    If you want to promote your clan, you should post a recruitment thread in the AQWorlds Guilds after reading the rules.

    Clans advertising is not allowed in any form, either in the game or on the forums. Recruiters will be warned and their clans punished for misconduct. Please refrain from doing this.

    Useful Links and Help Functions
    On the forums:
    Adventure Quest Worlds MMO Forums

    AQW General Game Discussion Forums - Generally discuss the game here! All the DNs, announcements are in here!
    AQW Guides - Here you'll find a collection of FAQs and guides that contain everything you need to know to play AQWorlds!
    AQW Suggestions - Got an idea for AQWorlds? This is the place to post it!
    The Official AQW Wikipedia - Looking for the most detailed info on everything in the game? Look no further!
    A guide on how to clear your cache.

    From the game:
    http://www.aq.com or http://aq.com
    Design Notes - Keep up to date on the latest news!
    Basic How to Play from AE
    Create a new account!
    Password Recovery! - Forgot your password? Recover it here! (The email will be sent to the current email on your AQWorlds account - make sure you always have a valid email listed!)
    Manage your current account - Need to change your email? Need to change your password? Go here to fix it yourself!
    To get right into the game go to the Adventure Quest Worlds Login Screen
    Verify Guardian, Verify Dragonlord, Verify Star Captain

    With the release of AQW version 1.0 came the Player Handbook. It's a very useful tool for players to get used to the changes made.

    In-game Moderation
    All AE staff will be visible in the game by the Gold color of their names.
    <Gold Name>
    If someone is telling you that they are game staff, if they don't have a Gold name, then they are not.
    Never give out your password - no staff member will EVER ask you for it.

    If you find that there are players violating game policies, you may report this misconduct. Do this via the in-game reporting system - remember that the report system is for serious issues only. The /ignore function should always be your first resort.
    You can access both the report and ignore/unignore features via the Avatar panel in the top right of the screen (after you click on that player)
    Avatar Panel

    Please do not pm game staff with bugs as they will find themselves unable to respond or carry out their other jobs when inundated with reports. Please use the Bug Tracker for that!
    Archknights on the forums are not game staff or forum staff. In the game, they are regular players, just like everybody else.
    In-Game moderators also have the ability to send global messages. If you find that you are seeing [Moderator] messages, then they are for everyone on the server, not just you. Red messages are automatically triggered by the server - if you trigger the filter, or are being told how to use a feature.

    Helpful Troubleshooting Tips:
    Here are a few common problems, and how to deal with them. If you think you have encountered a Bug, be sure to use the Bug Tracker.

    1) I can't log in!

    This is a common problem that many encounter. In some cases, it is an issue with your internet connection. In others, the most common problem is that a firewall is blocking the game. If a message comes up that the server is down, or shows that it is restricted to Staff only, then we are in the midst of rolling out new game builds or content.

    2) How do I confirm my email?
    Our help pages have all the information about this issue:


    1. Go to http://account.aqworlds.com
    2. Login to the Account Management Login
    3. Click on Newsletter
    4. If it says Status Unconfirmed, Click on Resend Email
    5. You will see the message:

    Confirmation email has been successfully sent to your email address.
    Be sure to check your spam or junk folders in case the email has been diverted into a different folder.

    3) My verification isn't working!

    If you are certain that every piece of information that you entered is correct, then try verifying again. If you are getting a message that your Game account has already been used to verify AQWorlds, please provide the following information:
    1. PayPal transaction ID for AdventureQuest Upgrade/DragonFable upgrade/MechQuest upgrade
    2. AQ/DF or MQ User Name
    3. AQ/DF or MQ Email Address
    4. AQW User Name
    5. AQW Email Address
    This information can be provided to the Game Staff via the Help pages located at:

    4) Why have I stopped getting experience points?

    This means that you have hit the level cap, which is currently 60.

    5) Why have I stopped getting gold?
    Once you have one million gold, you will no longer receive gold as a reward from killing monsters. However, you can keep selling items from your inventory, including drops from monsters, until you have two million gold, where the max cap is currently set.

    6) My account is locked! Help!
    Currently, the in-game reporting system is quite functional as many players have learned! If your account was locked, this means that you have violated some rule of conduct that you agreed to when you first signed up for the game. Each time a ban is done in-game, you will receive an email detailing the length of your ban. If you find your account locked, be sure to check your email first, before contacting the AQWorlds Help Team.

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    9/27/2010 2:42:34   
    Silently watching...


    Silverwing - for her effort in creating the first FAQ
    Personater and Lord Xenaphos for all the images!
    Thanks to Horusmaster9, Darksky, Zamuelnow, Darius, and He11ix for additional information/corrections!
    Schlaghund for the help in clearing up the "how to PM someone with a space in their name" entry.~Reens24nov08
    Flamethrower, rick3ry, pmk138, Ziorac and GriffinFire for minor adjustments and DragonYugi for the interface guide. ~.*. .*. .*. 04Feb09
    tflo for the update on the information in the Guide. ~.*. .*. .*. 04Feb09
    Predatoree, tflo and rjgwapo for new information. ~.*. .*. .*. 20Feb09
    tflo, etching, zink, and the old nite for information ~ Ag 27March09
    tflo and zeke50100 for information ~Ag 28March09
    Thanks to Zeke50100, Cguy, etching, Genk82, Furore for updated info ~ tflo 16May09
    Thanks to Dimension R. for update information. ~Icy 04Jun09
    Beowolve & Silver Lion for updated images and info. ~The Legendary Hero 21June09
    Beowolve for the Book of Lore section. ~The Legendary Hero 28June09
    Zyrain for updated images and info. ~GriffinFire 02July09
    Cguy for updated server select screen. ~The Legendary Hero 03July09
    Zyrain for updated info. ~GriffinFire 05July09
    Beowolve for a link update. ~The Legendary Hero 11July09
    Beowolve for a link update. ~The Legendary Hero 18July09
    Beowolve for a link update and the Rep section. ~The Legendary Hero 24July09
    Beowolve for a chat picture update. ~The Legendary Hero 02Aug09
    Starryptery for updated server select screen. ~GriffinFire 08August09
    Beowolve for a canned-chat picture update. ~Icy 14Aug09
    Beowolve for the Bank Items section ~ Theo 02Sept09
    Beowolve for updated server select screen. ~GriffinFire 19Sept09
    Beowolve for character page achievements. ~TLH~ 19Sep09
    Beowolve for updated server select screen. ~Icy 26Sep09
    The True Assasin for emote update. ~Icy 26Oct09
    Beowolve for updates to Chatbox/Book of Lore/Achievement images. ~Furore 07Nov09
    Beowolve for updated server select screen and new servers. ~Furore 19Nov09
    Zyrain for PTR information. ~Fury 19Nov09
    The True Assasin for achievement information. ~Icy 26Nov09
    Beowolve for General updates throughout the Guide. ~Furore 03Dec09
    Zyrain for new login screen. ~Icy 08Dec09
    Beowolve for PTR update. ~Icy 04Jan10
    Beowolve for image fixes. ~Evo. 07Jan10
    The True Assassin for server update. ~Icy 09Jan10
    Beowolve for Beta character update. ~Fury 05Feb10
    Beowolve for PTR update. ~Icy 19Feb10
    Beowolve for Interface update. ~Icy 29Mar10
    Beowolve for server/interface/skills update. ~Technomancer 19Apr10
    Beowolve for Miscellanious items picture. ~Technomancer 31May10
    Beowolve for EYE was there achievement. -sky 26Jun10
    Shump for multiple additions. ~Icy 20Aug10
    Beowolve for additions and changes added to guide ~Dnw 25 Sept10
    Shump for 2 Achievements and some additions~ Dnw 25 Sept10
    Moneybags for a correction~ Dnw 26 Sept10
    Sam041 for providing additional corrections~ Dnw 26 Sept10
    Azami for additional estimation help and for accurate information about Member weapon level~ Dnw 26 Sept10
    Beowolve for new XP requirements and for 2nd Upholder achievement. ~Technomancer 12Oct10
    Shump for new level cap update. Rickyb20 for a correction. ~Technomancer 16Oct10
    Citrinas for corrections. ~Technomancer 17Oct10
    Beowolve for a Question that has been added. Dnw 26 Oct10
    Beowolve for Chronomancer and Dragon's Secret achievements. ~Technomancer 18Nov10
    Rickyb20 for Bank update. ~Technomancer 30Jan11
    Laos for Ctr+Alt+Del achievement. ~Technomancer 3Feb11
    Rickyb20 for the updated experience table. ~Laos 16June11
    Rickyb20 for Espada server, Arc Attack/VIP achievements and minor corrections. ~Technomancer 26Jul11
    Beowolve for the new 'Item Equipped' section for the character pages. ~Laos 14Aug11
    Rickyb20 for updated experience table/server updates. ~Technomancer 28Oct12
    Asuka for replacement images. ~Zyrain 15Jun13
    Retro Gx for new information and corrections. ~Zyrain 23Aug13
    .Shadow// for new information and corrections. ~Zyrain 10Feb14
    .Shadow// for new information and corrections. ~Zyrain 17Feb14
    AqwGrimReaper55 for a correction. ~Zyrain 31Mar14
    .Shadow// for XP update. -Laos 31Oct14
    Zackaf for updates and typo error. -Laos 31Oct14

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    6/26/2014 9:27:55   

    Eternally Cyan

    I want to point out a few things that I think should be changed. Here you go:

    Help! I've fallen and I can't get up! (How to recover health and what to do if you die)
    If your health is low, simply type in /rest to your message screen or click the rest button. This will cause your character to kneel on the ground and recover health and mana a little bit at a time. You will continue to kneel even after your health is full until you engage in another action.

    If you are dead (your health is 0), your screen will have a blue tint and you will see after 10 seconds a white bar and a message on the right side of your screen: "Respawn". Simply click on that and you will magically live again! You will respawn at the entry point to the zone.

    It's set to automatically respawn you now.


    AQW Bugs Forums - Are things buggy in the game? Help us catch gremlins here!


    Helpful Troubleshooting Tips:
    Here are a few common problems, and how to deal with them. If you think you have encountered a Bug, be sure to post all the information required in the AQW Bugs Forums.

    Since the AQW Bugs section is deleted now, I think it should be changed to the Bug Tracker instead.


    Please visit the in-game Tutorial area (/join tutor) for a full walkthrough of your entire game screen. Note: with the release of AWQ version 1.0, the interface has been updated and the Tutorial area is no longer up to date. If you want an explanation of the new icons in the bottom right of your...

    *points the typo*

    I think that's all I managed to find. Thank you!


    Updated. Thanks! -Laos

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    AQW  Post #: 3
    9/4/2014 22:29:18   

    Couple things:
  • Not many people know this but the /roll command has returned
  • Some of the Character Page item images are broken, plus a new Bow image was added and the Misc. Items bag is also for Necklaces. -> Reuploads
  • Some Guild stuff could be added
  • Character pages now also display users current alignment (good/evil/neutral)
  • Some other images need to be re-done.

    Nice job with this guide

    I have replaced a few of the images. I will work on your other suggestions ASAP. Thanks! -Laos

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    10/27/2014 15:07:24   

    Vampire ArchKnight of AQW Guides/Q&A

    XP Requirements update:


    49-50: 598,750 Exp
    50-51: 633,760 Exp
    51-52: 664,670 Exp
    52-53: 710,130 Exp
    53-54: 759,000 Exp
    54-55: 785,000 Exp
    55-56: 815,000 Exp
    56-57: 840,000 Exp
    57-58: 870,000 Exp
    58-59: 910,000 Exp
    59-60: 990,000 Exp
    60-61: 1,200,000 Exp
    61-62: 1,450,000 Exp
    62-63: 1,600,000 Exp
    63-64: 1,750,000 Exp
    64-65: 1,750,000 Exp

    Updated. Thank you! -Laos

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