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Darkness Spells Comparison (PLEASE READ NOTE 2)

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1/22/2010 19:28:32   

Darkness Spells Comparison

by infuturity

Spells Compared

Level 1: Tendrils of Darkness
Level 5: Damnation I (Rare)
Level 5: Shadow Wolf Pack (Rare)
Level 6: Guardian Ghost Blast (Guardian)
Level 10: Embrace the Shadows
Level 10: Mayhem Bang
Level 15: Least Spellcraft
Level 15: Guardian Shadow Wolf Pack (Guardian/Rare)
Level 20: Shadowbat Swarm
Level 20: Brilhado Quills
Level 20: Damnation II (Rare)
Level 20: Dark Statue (Special Offer)
Level 25: Bag O' Bones (All Combinations)
Level 25: Guardian Dark Wings I
Level 25: Dark Wings II (Z-Token)
Level 26: Ghost Blast
Level 30: Guardian Shadowbat Swarm (Guardian)
Level 30: Darkspray (Z-Token)
Level 31: Embrace the Shadows Z (Z-Token)
Level 35: Dark Lightning
Level 35: Lesser Spellcraft
Level 40: Ninjat Madness
Level 40: Shadow Wolf Pack (Rare)
Level 40: Damnation III (Rare)
Level 42: Mayhem Blast
Level 46: Ghost Blast Z (Z-Token)
Level 50: Big Bag O' Bones (All Combinations)
Level 50: Spellcraft Z (Z-Token)
Level 52: Embrace the Shadows
Level 54: Randomizing Beam
Level 55: Shadowbat Swarm
Level 55: Dark Wings III (Z-Token)
Level 59: Guardian Mayhem Explosion (Guardian)
Level 60: 6th Day of Frostval (Rare)
Level 60: Damnation IV (Rare)
Level 60: Spellcraft
Level 60: Wizard's Dark Statue (Special Offer)
Level 65: Darksplash (Z-Token)
Level 65: Guardian Shadow Wolf Pack (Guardian/Rare)
Level 66: Ghost Blast
Level 68: Darkness Dragon Ambush
Level 70: Ninjat Flip-Out (Guardian)
Level 73: Guardian's Embrace the Shadows (Guardian)
Level 75: Groglurk Rage
Level 75: Shadow Wolf Pack (Rare)
Level 80: Damnation V (Rare)
Level 80: Greater Spellcraft
Level 85: Mayhem Beam
Level 85: Dark Wings IV (Z-Token)
Level 86: Ghost Blast
Level 89: Darksplatter (Z-Token)
Level 89: Darksplatter Classic (Z-Token)
Level 90: Shadowbat Swarm
Level 90: Shadow Wolf Pack Z (Z-Token/Rare)
Level 92: Randomizing Ray
Level 94: Embrace the Shadows
Level 96: Mayhem Burst
Level 100: True Spellcraft
Level 100: Melore's Dark Statue (Special Offer)
Level 106: Guardian Ghost Blast (Guardian)
Level 110: Shadow Wolf Pack (Rare)
Level 105: Guardian Shadowbat Swarm (Guardian)
Level 115: Dark Wings V (Z-Token)
Level 115: Embrace the Shadows
Level 125: Shadowbat Swarm
Level 126: Ghost Blast
Level 136: Guardian's Embrace the Shadows (Guardian)

Assorted: Chronomancer and Chronomancer Z

Eclipse and Fell Midnight (Tenebromancer Abilities)

Assumption 1: All stat and MOB defense assumptions will be described by tier. These assumptions follow the assumptions outlined in the Standards & Assumptions thread (excluding the Top-Level Beastmaster/Tank Mage Tier, whose stats were taken from devbhargava's threads). But for the sake of reference, here's an outline:
Top-Level Tier: 200 INT/DEX/LUK----77 Adjusted MOB Defense
High-Level Tier: 200 INT/DEX, 100 LUK----67 Adjusted MOB Defense
Mid-Level Tier: 160 INT/DEX, 30 LUK----51 Adjusted MOB Defense
Low-Level Tier: 75 INT/DEX, 0 LUK----30 Adjusted MOB Defense
Top-Level Beastmaster/Tank Mage: 200 INT/DEX, 0 LUK----77 Adjusted MOB Defense

Assumption 2: All comparisons assume 100% elemental modifiers.

Note 1: Shadowbat and Shadowwolf series include the relative bonuses/penalties to damage and BtH as described in the Info Submission Post. Namely: Shadowbat spells receive +6 BtH and a damage modifier of 85/91 (which reduces damage), and Shadow Wolf spells receive -6 BtH and a damage modifier of 85/79 (which increases damage).

Note 2: Please note that these numbers reflect the CURRENT state of spell damage. Due to the fact that older spells are currently receiving the full INT/4 bonus to damage as well as stat% that is WAY too high for current standards, these numbers do *not* reflect what spell damage will look like in the future. Basically, what I'm saying here is, if you have a rare spell and it is currently outclassed by a lower-leveled equivalent, you may want to hang on to it just in case. Eventually things will be put right, but until then, just be careful what decisions you make based on these numbers.

Note 3: This comparison now includes the final two skills of Tenebromancer's Robes (Eclipse and Fell Midnight). These two spells (and no others in the comparison) reflect the damage from the Shadowy Potence ability of the armor. THEY DO NOT TAKE THE IMBUE LORE ABILITY!
This was done for two reasons:
1) It is literally impossible to even cast the spells without the Potence ability being active since they are cast directly from the armor.
2) They do not include Imbue Lore because it is an optional ability, and I have never included optional abilities in my comparisons.

If you really want to know what the Lore-Boosted numbers for these spells are, it is relatively simple. Take the Potence-boosted numbers shown here and multiply it by 1.29. This will give you a very close estimate (within decimal points) of the Lore-Boosted damage for the spells.

For any other spell, multiply by 1.7203 to get Potence-Boosted numbers, or 2.2203 to get Lore-Boosted numbers

Low-Level Tier (75 INT/DEX, 0 LUK)----30 Adjusted MOB Defense

407.363	Guardian Embrace the Shadows (136)
354.125	Time Stop (110Z/120)
338.500	Ghost Blast (126)
332.000	Dark Wings V
319.550	Embrace the Shadows (115)
311.688	True Spellcraft
307.313	Shadowbat Swarm (125)
302.063	ShadowWolf Pack (110)
299.723	Damnation V
294.153	Darksplatter
290.938	Eclipse
285.469	Mayhem Burst
280.375	Guardian Ghost Blast (106)
260.741	ShadowWolf Pack Z
254.344	Guardian Shadowbat Swarm (105)
250.100	Embrace the Shadows (94)
249.375	Mayhem Beam
239.766	Greater Spellcraft
239.000	Time Stop (90Z/100)
235.750	Dark Wings IV
218.500	Damnation IV
214.415	Darksplash
211.264	Groglurk Rage
211.250	Ghost Blast (86)
206.055	Darksplatter Classic
205.313	Shadowbat Swarm (90)
194.880	Ninjat Flip Out
192.117	Guardian Embrace the Shadows (73)
191.563	Melore's Dark Statue
190.980	Spellcraft Z
188.730	Darkness Dragon Ambush
182.742	Fell Midnight
175.928	Spellcraft
173.184	ShadowWolf Pack (75)
170.786	Guardian Mayhem Explosion
166.313	Dark Wings III
163.813	Randomizing Ray
163.208	6th Day of Frostval
159.625	Ghost Blast (66)
156.250	Time Stop (68Z/80)
153.647	Guardian ShadowWolf Pack (65)
150.125	Ghost Blast Z
148.838	Damnation III
143.795	Darkspray
127.351	Embrace the Shadows Z
126.945	Guardian ShadowWolf Pack (15)
120.658	Embrace the Shadows (52)
120.356	Dark Wings II
119.665	Big Bag O' Bones (Combo C)
119.608	Big Bag O' Bones (Combo D)
119.210	Big Bag O' Bones (Combo A)
117.416	Shadowbat Swarm (55)
115.973	Big Bag O' Bones (Combo E)
115.551	Big Bag O' Bones (Combo F)
112.938	Wizard's Dark Statue
110.749	Mayhem Blast
108.135	Lesser Spellcraft
106.470	Big Bag O' Bones (Combo B)
105.910	Ninjat Madness
100.750	Time Stop (40Z/60)
95.030	Damnation II
94.469	Randomizing Beam
92.981	Dark Lightning
85.594	ShadowWolf Pack (40)
74.730	Guardian Shadowbat Swarm (30)
74.633	Guardian Dark Wings I
65.100	Least Spellcraft
63.272	Bag O' Bones (Combo A)
63.272	Bag O' Bones (Combo C)
63.272	Bag O' Bones (Combo D)
61.808	Damnation I
59.675	Bag O' Bones (Combo E)
59.400	Ghost Blast (26)
59.051	Brilhado Quills
57.387	Bag O' Bones (Combo F)
56.525	Bag O' Bones (Combo B)
50.490	Time Stop (0Z/40)
46.847	Dark Statue
44.634	Shadowbat Swarm (20)
41.434	Guardian Ghost Blast (6)
40.500	Mayhem Bang
33.018	Time Stop (20)
30.912	Embrace the Shadows (10)
25.033	Tendrils of Darkness
23.588	ShadowWolf Pack (5)

Mid-Level Tier (160 INT/DEX, 30 LUK)----51 Adjusted MOB Defense

523.069	Guardian Embrace the Shadows (136)
461.050	Time Stop (110Z/120)
438.600	Ghost Blast (126)
430.280	Dark Wings V
419.995	True Spellcraft
413.111	Embrace the Shadows (115)
395.577	Damnation V
391.214	Darksplatter
384.121	Mayhem Burst
376.245	Shadowbat Swarm (125)
368.190	Guardian Ghost Blast (106)
362.960	Eclipse
343.827	ShadowWolf Pack (110)
328.633	Mayhem Beam
316.657	Greater Spellcraft
315.440	Time Stop (90Z/100)
315.428	Guardian Shadowbat Swarm (105)
313.100	Dark Wings IV
312.080	Embrace the Shadows (94)
299.039	ShadowWolf Pack Z
295.104	Damnation IV
292.180	Darksplash
289.940	Groglurk Rage
281.270	Darksplatter Classic
274.646	Ghost Blast (86)
258.720	Ninjat Flip Out
256.146	Spellcraft Z
255.286	Shadowbat Swarm (90)
253.183	Darkness Dragon Ambush
252.305	Melore's Dark Statue
238.064	Guardian Embrace the Shadows (73)
237.314	Spellcraft
232.745	Randomizing Ray
230.011	Guardian Mayhem Explosion
227.492	Fell Midnight
220.925	6th Day of Frostval
212.576	Dark Wings III
209.940	Time Stop (68Z/80)
204.631	Damnation III
201.578	ShadowWolf Pack (75)
200.017	Ghost Blast (66)
196.004	Darkspray
189.603	Ghost Blast Z
180.004	Guardian ShadowWolf Pack (65)
163.527	Big Bag O' Bones (Combo C)
163.112	Big Bag O' Bones (Combo A)
162.908	Big Bag O' Bones (Combo D)
160.536	Embrace the Shadows Z
156.580	Big Bag O' Bones (Combo E)
154.210	Big Bag O' Bones (Combo F)
153.313	Mayhem Blast
152.915	Dark Wings II
152.514	Embrace the Shadows (52)
151.257	Wizard's Dark Statue
150.012	Lesser Spellcraft
146.513	Ninjat Madness
145.449	Big Bag O' Bones (Combo B)
140.387	Shadowbat Swarm (55)
135.876	Damnation II
132.538	Time Stop (40Z/60)
132.105	Randomizing Beam
131.124	Guardian ShadowWolf Pack (15)
129.363	Dark Lightning
102.938	ShadowWolf Pack (40)
98.379	Guardian Dark Wings I
93.480	Least Spellcraft
91.848	Guardian Shadowbat Swarm (30)
91.131	Damnation I
90.425	Bag O' Bones (Combo A)
90.425	Bag O' Bones (Combo C)
90.425	Bag O' Bones (Combo D)
84.175	Brilhado Quills
83.188	Bag O' Bones (Combo E)
80.634	Bag O' Bones (Combo B)
78.589	Bag O' Bones (Combo F)
77.998	Ghost Blast (26)
69.597	Time Stop (0Z/40)
61.705	Dark Statue
60.415	Mayhem Bang
57.177	Shadowbat Swarm (20)
54.518	Guardian Ghost Blast (6)
43.903	Time Stop (20)
41.643	Embrace the Shadows (10)
39.458	Tendrils of Darkness
30.947	ShadowWolf Pack (5)

High-Level Tier (200 INT/DEX, 100 LUK)----67 Adjusted MOB Defense

573.978	Guardian Embrace the Shadows (136)
524.500	Time Stop (110Z/120)
493.020	Ghost Blast (126)
488.600	Dark Wings V
450.692	True Spellcraft
432.505	Embrace the Shadows (115)
431.345	Darksplatter
425.790	Damnation V
417.150	Shadowbat Swarm (125)
413.141	Mayhem Burst
399.285	Guardian Ghost Blast (106)
381.285	Eclipse
353.808	Mayhem Beam
353.584	Time Stop (90Z/100)
349.650	ShadowWolf Pack (110)
340.923	Greater Spellcraft
337.608	Guardian Shadowbat Swarm (105)
330.280	Dark Wings IV
327.316	Embrace the Shadows (94)
319.160	Damnation IV
316.380	Darksplash
313.535	Groglurk Rage
304.671	ShadowWolf Pack Z
304.060	Darksplatter Classic
289.962	Ghost Blast (86)
282.583	Melore's Dark Statue
278.400	Ninjat Flip Out
276.600	Spellcraft Z
273.420	Darkness Dragon Ambush
263.036	Shadowbat Swarm (90)
262.704	Randomizing Ray
256.553	Spellcraft
250.223	Guardian Embrace the Shadows (73)
248.313	Guardian Mayhem Explosion
239.166	Fell Midnight
238.914	6th Day of Frostval
225.019	Dark Wings III
224.874	Time Stop (68Z/80)
221.630	Damnation III
212.099	Darkspray
211.428	Ghost Blast (66)
205.538	ShadowWolf Pack (75)
201.012	Ghost Blast Z
183.872	Guardian ShadowWolf Pack (65)
176.925	Big Bag O' Bones (Combo C)
176.550	Big Bag O' Bones (Combo A)
176.063	Big Bag O' Bones (Combo D)
169.182	Big Bag O' Bones (Combo E)
169.009	Embrace the Shadows Z
166.374	Big Bag O' Bones (Combo F)
166.258	Mayhem Blast
162.790	Lesser Spellcraft
162.237	Dark Wings II
161.491	Wizard's Dark Statue
160.725	Embrace the Shadows (52)
158.848	Ninjat Madness
157.350	Big Bag O' Bones (Combo B)
148.400	Damnation II
145.509	Shadowbat Swarm (55)
144.373	Randomizing Beam
140.976	Time Stop (40Z/60)
140.225	Dark Lightning
125.178	Guardian ShadowWolf Pack (15)
105.525	ShadowWolf Pack (40)
105.336	Guardian Dark Wings I
102.000	Least Spellcraft
99.990	Damnation I
98.636	Bag O' Bones (Combo D)
98.636	Bag O' Bones (Combo A)
98.636	Bag O' Bones (Combo C)
95.940	Guardian Shadowbat Swarm (30)
91.945	Brilhado Quills
90.324	Bag O' Bones (Combo E)
87.906	Bag O' Bones (Combo B)
85.088	Bag O' Bones (Combo F)
83.176	Ghost Blast (26)
76.028	Time Stop (0Z/40)
66.430	Mayhem Bang
66.163	Dark Statue
60.440	Shadowbat Swarm (20)
58.007	Guardian Ghost Blast (6)
47.190	Time Stop (20)
44.363	Embrace the Shadows (10)
43.943	Tendrils of Darkness
32.364	ShadowWolf Pack (5)

Top-Level Tier (200 INT/DEX/LUK)----77 Adjusted MOB Defense

567.787	Guardian Embrace the Shadows (136)
537.040	Time Stop (110Z/120)
488.800	Ghost Blast (126)
484.690	Dark Wings V
448.034	True Spellcraft
433.760	Darksplatter
427.214	Embrace the Shadows (115)
422.760	Damnation V
410.820	Mayhem Burst
410.685	Shadowbat Swarm (125)
395.640	Guardian Ghost Blast (106)
374.900	Eclipse
351.471	Mayhem Beam
351.168	Time Stop (90Z/100)
341.280	ShadowWolf Pack (110)
338.520	Greater Spellcraft
332.241	Guardian Shadowbat Swarm (105)
327.120	Dark Wings IV
322.866	Embrace the Shadows (94)
316.720	Damnation IV
314.315	Darksplash
310.080	Groglurk Rage
300.960	Darksplatter Classic
297.297	ShadowWolf Pack Z
286.944	Ghost Blast (86)
280.581	Melore's Dark Statue
276.000	Ninjat Flip Out
274.500	Spellcraft Z
271.350	Darkness Dragon Ambush
262.808	Randomizing Ray
258.516	Shadowbat Swarm (90)
254.560	Spellcraft
246.554	Guardian Embrace the Shadows (73)
246.156	Guardian Mayhem Explosion
236.958	6th Day of Frostval
235.453	Fell Midnight
223.168	Time Stop (68Z/80)
222.588	Dark Wings III
219.420	Damnation III
210.180	Darkspray
208.876	Ghost Blast (66)
199.920	ShadowWolf Pack (75)
198.764	Ghost Blast Z
178.848	Guardian ShadowWolf Pack (65)
175.210	Big Bag O' Bones (Combo C)
174.860	Big Bag O' Bones (Combo A)
174.300	Big Bag O' Bones (Combo D)
167.754	Big Bag O' Bones (Combo E)
166.112	Embrace the Shadows Z
165.148	Big Bag O' Bones (Combo F)
164.560	Mayhem Blast
161.160	Lesser Spellcraft
160.356	Wizard's Dark Statue
160.314	Dark Wings II
158.018	Embrace the Shadows (52)
157.216	Ninjat Madness
155.820	Big Bag O' Bones (Combo B)
146.900	Damnation II
144.180	Randomizing Beam
142.758	Shadowbat Swarm (55)
139.772	Time Stop (40Z/60)
138.600	Dark Lightning
118.161	Guardian ShadowWolf Pack (15)
104.112	Guardian Dark Wings I
102.300	ShadowWolf Pack (40)
100.800	Least Spellcraft
98.820	Damnation I
97.536	Bag O' Bones (Combo D)
97.536	Bag O' Bones (Combo A)
97.536	Bag O' Bones (Combo C)
94.170	Guardian Shadowbat Swarm (30)
91.080	Brilhado Quills
89.378	Bag O' Bones (Combo E)
86.912	Bag O' Bones (Combo B)
84.280	Bag O' Bones (Combo F)
81.972	Ghost Blast (26)
75.816	Time Stop (0Z/40)
65.640	Mayhem Bang
65.490	Dark Statue
59.409	Shadowbat Swarm (20)
57.024	Guardian Ghost Blast (6)
46.720	Time Stop (20)
43.500	Tendrils of Darkness
43.440	Embrace the Shadows (10)
31.323	ShadowWolf Pack (5)

Top-Level Beastmaster/Tank Mage (200 INT/DEX, 0 LUK)----77 Adjusted MOB Defense

464.366	Guardian Embrace the Shadows (136)
440.880	Time Stop (110Z/120)
399.840	Ghost Blast (126)
396.950	Dark Wings V
353.685	True Spellcraft
344.888	Embrace the Shadows (115)
342.180	Darksplatter
341.700	Shadowbat Swarm (125)
329.120	Damnation V
323.100	Mayhem Burst
320.800	Guardian Ghost Blast (106)
292.379	Eclipse
285.520	Time Stop (90Z/100)
276.345	ShadowWolf Pack (110)
274.275	Mayhem Beam
273.983	Guardian Shadowbat Swarm (105)
263.500	Greater Spellcraft
263.340	Dark Wings IV
257.446	Embrace the Shadows (94)
243.945	Darksplash
243.200	Damnation IV
239.190	ShadowWolf Pack Z
233.740	Groglurk Rage
229.400	Ghost Blast (86)
228.260	Darksplatter Classic
228.250	Melore's Dark Statue
213.200	Ninjat Flip Out
211.575	Spellcraft Z
210.900	Shadowbat Swarm (90)
209.385	Randomizing Ray
209.138	Darkness Dragon Ambush
195.520	Spellcraft
194.367	Guardian Embrace the Shadows (73)
188.685	Guardian Mayhem Explosion
184.586	Fell Midnight
181.440	6th Day of Frostval
179.400	Time Stop (68Z/80)
176.435	Dark Wings III
165.790	Damnation III
164.910	Ghost Blast (66)
159.880	Darkspray
157.500	ShadowWolf Pack (75)
156.630	Ghost Blast Z
140.273	Guardian ShadowWolf Pack (65)
132.900	Big Bag O' Bones (Combo C)
132.600	Big Bag O' Bones (Combo A)
132.300	Big Bag O' Bones (Combo D)
128.588	Embrace the Shadows Z
128.520	Big Bag O' Bones (Combo E)
127.710	Big Bag O' Bones (Combo F)
127.280	Wizard's Dark Statue
125.625	Dark Wings II
123.830	Mayhem Blast
122.244	Embrace the Shadows (52)
121.220	Lesser Spellcraft
118.320	Ninjat Madness
118.200	Big Bag O' Bones (Combo B)
113.565	Shadowbat Swarm (55)
112.003	Randomizing Beam
110.960	Time Stop (40Z/60)
108.900	Damnation II
103.600	Dark Lightning
92.355	Guardian ShadowWolf Pack (15)
79.980	Guardian Dark Wings I
78.000	ShadowWolf Pack (40)
74.200	Least Spellcraft
73.710	Guardian Shadowbat Swarm (30)
72.090	Bag O' Bones (Combo A)
72.090	Bag O' Bones (Combo C)
72.090	Bag O' Bones (Combo D)
71.910	Damnation I
67.760	Brilhado Quills
66.975	Bag O' Bones (Combo E)
64.260	Bag O' Bones (Combo B)
63.900	Bag O' Bones (Combo F)
62.540	Ghost Blast (26)
58.480	Time Stop (0Z/40)
50.560	Dark Statue
47.500	Mayhem Bang
45.578	Shadowbat Swarm (20)
43.120	Guardian Ghost Blast (6)
35.910	Time Stop (20)
32.050	Embrace the Shadows (10)
30.960	Tendrils of Darkness
22.575	ShadowWolf Pack (5)

Final Note/Disclaimer

I hope you found these comparisons to be both helpful and comprehensive. They are not meant to advise you in your spell-buying or usage, but merely as an informational tool.
<< Thanks to JMill for the spreadsheet, as well as the guidance on how to use it. Also, thanks to Everest, Baron, and Ras for the IRC discussions and advice>>
Good Luck and Happy Hunting!

Corrections thanks to Xrai

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AQ  Post #: 1
4/3/2010 1:53:23   
Billy Bob

Great comparison! Now I can finally sell Darksplatter seeing that L125 Swarmbat beats it by 100! points. Man I've had DS for ages.
AQ DF  Post #: 2
4/3/2010 7:42:20   

Thanks for your compliment. Yeah, DS is pretty much obsolete now for higher levels.
AQ  Post #: 3
7/1/2010 14:13:42   

Shadowbat Swarm: http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=17514319

Level 125: Shadowbat Swarm
Level 125: [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=17514319]Shadowbat Swarm[/link]

I can't find the level 105 version mentioned in your guide. Do you mean the level 90 version?

Shadow Wolf Pack: http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=17526133

Level 110: Shadow Wolf Pack (Rare)
Level 110: [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=17526133]Shadow Wolf Pack[/link] (Rare)
AQ DF  Post #: 4
7/2/2010 6:54:38   

Thanks for your help...updated the list.

You couldn't find the 105 version because its the Guardian version, so its a different name. I tracked everything down, so its all set
AQ  Post #: 5
7/2/2010 11:19:44   

SS might beat DS in damage, but it also uses ALOT more MP. Making SS useless imo.

Great comparisons tho!

< Message edited by AbGehtDiePost -- 7/2/2010 11:20:34 >
Post #: 6
10/3/2010 7:28:44   

Updated to include Dark Wing spells!
AQ  Post #: 7
10/3/2010 8:35:53   

Wow Dark Wing V annihilates Shadowbat Swarm.
Great Job keeping all of your spell comparison threads up to date!
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 8
10/3/2010 8:44:13   

Thank you for the compliment, I do my best.

Also, yes...as of now, Dark Wings destroys SBS. But, once SBS is adjusted to meet the new standards, they should be practically identical since they are both the same power level.
AQ  Post #: 9
11/23/2010 17:44:11   

Updated with Dark Statue Spells!
AQ  Post #: 10
11/27/2010 17:34:30   

Any chance you could factor in the chance to Paralyze by adding a turn of regular attacking in a level suitable armour for the Dark Statue series? Right now, you're not really seeing their full potential.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 11
11/27/2010 18:07:40   

Personally I never saw how Paralysis/Stun would increase the offensive capabilities of any given item. Yes it stops monsters from attacking but its not like your doing more damage cause of that, only taking less damage.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 12
11/28/2010 3:46:58   

It's a simple connection. Taking less damage means more time alive, more time alive means more time to deal damage. That kind of strategy is what can make or break you against glass cannons like Goggs.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 13
11/28/2010 7:07:03   
Strong Bad

This is true.
Regardless, there's no way to factor that in in any numerical sense, so you'll need to make that call yourself.
Post #: 14
11/28/2010 9:13:01   

Biae, thank you for your suggestion:

You are correct that the Paralysis is connected to extra damage.However, the point of this comparison is to show the damage potential of the *spells*, not the spells plus what their abilities make possible. This is reflected in my other comparisons as well. You will see in my Ice and Water comparisons for example that I did not include the Control damage on Moglin Carolers, nor did I include the damage potential change when looking at the Entangle effect of the Gumn series.

There are a few reasons why adding that damage in would be less than ideal:

1) Like I already said, this comparison is to show damage caused by spells, not weapons/pets.

2) The numbers would be very misleading since there are so many different builds/stat arrangements. People would begin asking me to include this build and that build, and then my comparison would become unnecessarily complicated.

3) Much the same problem arises when considering armors. If I include the appropriate damage for one armor, people will want me to start using other armors as well.

*2a/3a) To illustrate the point I'm trying to make on these points: If I use three different armors to demonstrate damage (Offensive, Mid, and Defensive armors), and 4 different stat arrangements, that's 12 different numbers for each spell for each mage build, or a total of 144 entries in my comparison for just one spell series. That's just insanity.

4) Unfortunately, many people don't read the notes sections of my comparisons before looking at the numbers. I am wary of including such damage variations knowing this fact. It will lead people to misjudge the power of the spell itself, and then give rise to questions of the validity of my comparison, since the spell itself will deal much less damage than what would be listed here.

5) Assuming damage like this is too inexact. I am uncomfortable with *assuming* Paralysis takes effect in the first place. Nevermind all the other factors I already discussed above.

Basically put, I am not going to be doing that. It takes a very little time to check out the appropriate weapon comparison to see comparitive weapon damage.


Taking less damage means more time alive, more time alive means more time to deal damage

Absolutely true, but not with the spell.

< Message edited by infuturity -- 11/28/2010 11:46:42 >
AQ  Post #: 15
3/12/2011 7:40:53   

Okie Doke.

So, as some may be aware; way back when the spell standards were first "Finalized," the assumption was that older spells would be taking 1/2 the stat% of current post-sweep equivalents.

However, as this changeover has been *drastically* delayed, as well as the future standard being considerably changed, this comparison is now quite outdated and unhelpful.

I will be, in the next couple of weeks most likely, be going through and readjusting my sheets to fix the spells in order to reflect their current state. I will just have to wait until things finally get fixed they way they need to be. That being said, real-life has been taking its toll as of late, and it may take longer than i think to complete (or re-complete) this project.

Once this comparison is updated, keep in mind that, while the numbers will be completely accurate in the current state of things, they will not be the final incarnation of themselves.

Thank you for your understanding :)

< Message edited by infuturity -- 3/12/2011 7:46:27 >
AQ  Post #: 16
3/12/2011 13:28:57   

Thank you infuturity!

The spells comparisons have been outdated for a while.

Thanks for updating ALL of them ^^.

The AQ community appreciates it.
AQ  Post #: 17
3/12/2011 15:14:58   

Yeah...Unfortunately, when I designed them the way they are now it was not long after the original "finalization" of the spell standards. Through IRC conversations, I decided it would be best and more convenient simply to post them in post-sweep form since they were supposed to be updated shortly afterward. As we know, that never happened, so now I have to go back and redo everything...
AQ  Post #: 18
3/16/2011 8:10:47   

Updated!! :)

Please, please, please read the Notes and Assumptions before posting anything concerning the massive change in these comparisons. Thank you!
AQ  Post #: 19
4/10/2011 11:50:57   

Updated to newer standards, and now includes Time Stop!
AQ  Post #: 20
4/22/2011 21:48:51   

can you please include the new GhostBlast spell?
Post #: 21
4/23/2011 2:26:37   

who you gonna call? ghost busters




this guy is awesome

Post #: 22
4/23/2011 8:38:17   

Sorry about the delay folks....busy busy.

AQ  Post #: 23
4/23/2011 12:13:01   
Sir Yummy

hmm im surprised Damnation V beats out ghost blast (106) O_o
AQ MQ AQW  Post #: 24
4/23/2011 16:43:11   

Unfortunately, I'm not surprised, due to Damnation V's insanely high Stat damage.

Level 106 Ghost Blast has a total of 772% stat damage, while Damnation at this point is taking 1,160%!

The fact is that these numbers really reflect how desperately needed the sweep is in relation to spells. The fact that a level 106 Guardian spell (PLvl 109) is losing to a spell that is 29 levels below it is just plain sad.

Someday these things will be fixed. Someday...
AQ  Post #: 25
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