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Shields Index by Alphabetical order

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7/17/2005 23:11:44   

Thanks to Yerameyahu for his hard work on originally creating this list.

Absolute Zero Shield
Acolyte's Bravery(Mastercraft)
Acolyte's Bravery Z (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Adlivun Shield
Admirable Tower Shield
Adolescent Dragon Knight's Scales (Mastercraft)
Adult Dragon Knights Scales (Mastercraft)
Adult Dragon Knight's Scales Z (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Advanced Frostval Giant's Shield (Z-Token)
Adventurer Shield (No-drop)
Aegir's Zeal (Mastercraft)
Aerodu Shield
Agony Shield
Airenal's Crest (Mastercraft/Special Offer/Rare)
Amalgamated Frankenshield (Rare; Temp/Rare)
Amethyst Guard (Mastercraft/Special Offer)
Ancestor's Deference
Ancient Dragon Knight's Scales (Mastercraft)
Anxiety Totem
Apam Napat's Fervour (Mastercraft)
Aqua Shield
Arc Shield (Rare/Z-Token)
Arctic Shield
Arm Floaty (Rare)
Asgardian Charge's Sureness (Mastercraft)
Asgardian Current's Meticulousness (Mastercraft)
Asgardian Lightning's Eye (Mastercraft)
Asgardian Sparks' Accuracy (Mastercraft)
Asgardian Sparks' Accuracy Z (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Asgardian Static's Certainty (Mastercraft)
Asgardian Thunderbolts' Precision (Mastercraft)
Asgardian Voltage's Exactitude (Mastercraft)
Asgir Shield (Z-Token)
Asgoldian Charge's Sureness (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Asgoldian Current's Meticulousness (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Asgoldian Lightning's Eye (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Asgoldian Sparks' Accuracy (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Asgoldian Static's Certainty (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Asgoldian Thunderbolts' Precision (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Asgoldian Voltage's Exactitude (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Arthurian Shield (Normal; Guardian)
Augur's Taladosian Ward (Mastercraft)
Aura (Mastercraft)
Aura Z (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Auster (Mastercraft)
Avenger's Barrier

Bac-ler (Mastercraft)
Bac-ler G (Guardian/Mastercraft)
Bac-ler Z (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Basic Frostval Giant's Shield (Rare)
Bauble Shield (Rare/Guardian)
Beaming Shield (Guardian)
Beast's Persistence
Beast's Persistence Z (Z-Token)
Bespelled Knotwork Shield (Rare)
Beautiful Crane Umbrella (Guardian)
Beautiful Crane Umbrella Z (Z-Token)
Bestowed Mogloo (Guardian)
Bewitched Knotwork Shield (Rare)
Blaze Shield
Blazing Solaris Shield
Blessed Paladin Guard
Bloodthorn Shield (Special Offer/Mastercraft/Rare)
Blowout Shield (Rare)
Bone Shield (Rare)
Boulder Shield
Bouncy Twilly Putty (Rare)
Box o' Peanuts
Box of Chocolates (Temp/Rare; «Normal»/Rare; Guardian/Rare; Z-Token/Rare)
Braveheart Mirror
Breeze Shield
Bright Shield
Brilliant Solaris Shield
Bristlecone Pinecone Shield (Rare)

Candy Floss Shield (Rare; Guardian)
Cavalier's Heart (Rare)
Castigator's Stronghold
Celtic Wheel (Guardian/Mastercraft)
Chalchiuhtlicue's Devotion (Mastercraft)
Chameleon Shield (Normal; Guardian)
Champion's Heart (Rare)
Chaos/Unity Shield
Charmed Knotwork Shield (Guardian/Rare)
Charmed Knotwork Shield Z (Rare/Z-Token)
Cheese Shield
Cheese Shield G (Guardian)
Cheese Shield Z (Z-Token)
Chieftain's IronThorn
Chilly Shield
Chimeran Cavalier Shield (Mastercraft)
Chimeran Champion Shield (Mastercraft)
Chimeran Conqueror Shield (Mastercraft)
Chimeran Defender Shield (Mastercraft)
Chimeran Defender Shield Z (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Chimeran Knight Shield (Mastercraft)
Chimeran Outrider Shield (Mastercraft)
Chimeran Squire Shield (Mastercraft)
Chimeran Squire Shield Z (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Chimeran Vindicator Shield (Guardian/Mastercraft)
Chipped Frostshard Shield Z (Rare/Z-Token)
Cleric's Daring(Mastercraft)
Clover Shield (Rare)
Common Dragonslayer Shield (Guardian)
Communicant's Valiance(Mastercraft)
Composite Frankenshield (Rare/Guardian)
Compound Frankenshield (Rare/Guardian)
Conch Shield
Conflagration Shield
Conglomerate Frankenshield (Rare/Guardian)
Consecrated Paladin Guard
Corn Shield
Corn Shield G (Guardian)
Corn Shield Z (Z-Token)
Corrupted Flora Shield (Normal; Guardian)
Cosmic Ethereal Shield (Guardian/Mastercraft)
CoZmic Ethereal Shield (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Cracked Frostshard Shield (Rare)
Crane Umbrella
Cryptic Assassin Shield
Crystal Skull Shield
Crystal Skull Shield Z (Z-Token)
Cutting Edge Guard (Guardian/Rare)
Cutting Edge Guard Z (Guardian/Rare/Z-Token)
Cyclone Shield

Dark Guardian Shield (Guardian)
Darkheart Mirror (Rare/Z-Token)
Daybreak Shield
Daylight Savings Time
Dazzling Solaris Shield
Defender Leader's Shield (Normal; Guardian; Z-Token)
Deluxe Linking Logs (Rare)
Demon Soul Prison
Demon Phantasm Prison
Demon Specter PriZon (Z-Token)
Demon Spirit Prison
Demon Wraith Prison (Guardian)
Dependable Shield of Rennd
Despairing Totem (Z-Token)
Dimensional (Donation/Rare)
Dismaying Totem (Guardian)
Divine Yata Mirror (Guardian/Mastercraft)
Diviner's Taladosian Ward (Mastercraft)
DracGuard (Rare)
Dragonslayer Shield (Guardian)
Drakel Power Shield
Dread Totem (Guardian)
Drench Shield
Droplet Shield
Durable Crystal Aegis (Guardian)
Dusk's Crest (Mastercraft)

Eddy Shield
Eggshell Shield (Rare)
Elder Dragon Knight's Scales (Mastercraft)
Electro Shield
Elegant Crane Umbrella
Elegant Crane Umbrella Z (Z-Token)
Elite Dragonslayer Shield (Guardian)
Elven Barrier
Ember Shield
Emperor's Saga (Mastercraft)
Enchanted Knotwork Shield (Rare)
Endowed Mogloo
Enigmatic Assassin Shield
Epic Shield of the Warbringer (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Ethereal Shield (Mastercraft)
Ethos (Donation/Rare)
Eternal Twilight's Regalia (Mastercraft/Guardian)
Evening's Emblem (Mastercraft)
Eventide's Standard (Mastercraft)
Exalted Paladin Guard (Guardian)
Exquisite Crystal Aegis
Eye of Naab (Mastercraft/Normal; Mastercraft/Guardian)

Fabled Shield of the Warbringer (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Farzhad Mogloo (Donation/Rare)
Father Time (Mastercraft/Normal/Rare; Mastercraft/Guardian/Rare)
Fearsome Totem (Z-Token)
Flame Ruby Shield
Flame Shield
Flawed Crystal Aegis
Flickering Z Shield (Z-Token)
Forest Shield
Four-Leaf Clover (Rare)
Fragmented Crystal Aegis
Frigid Shield
Frogzard Shield
Frostshard Sliver Shield (Rare)
Frostval Giant's Shield (Rare)
Frostval Merc's Reflexes (Mastercraft/Guardian/Rare; Mastercraft/Z-Token/Rare)
Frostval Tree Topper (Rare/Guardian)
Frostval Tree Topper Z (Rare/Z-Token/Guardian)
Frostval Wreath (Rare)
Frozen Shield
Fujin no Shukufuku (Guardian/Mastercraft)
Fur of Igneus (Normal/Z-Token/Guardian/Mastercraft)
Furtive Assassin Shield
Fusion DragonSlayer Shield
Fusion DragonSlayer Shield Z (Z-Token)

Gaia Shield
Gale Shield
Gallant's Heart (Rare/Guardian)
Gentleman's Heart (Rare)
Ghost Knight Shield
Ghost Knight Shield Z (Z-Token)
Giftbox Shield I-XXVII (2011) (Guardian/Rare)
Giftbox Shield XI - Z (2011) (Guardian/Z-Token/Rare)
Giftbox Shield XV - Z (2011) (Guardian/Z-Token/Rare)
Giftbox Shield XXIII - Z (2011) (Guardian/Z-Token/Rare)
Giftbox Shield XXVII - Z (2011) (Guardian/Z-Token/Rare)
Giftbox Shield I-XXX 2012 (Guardian/Rare)
Giftbox Shield X-XXX - Z 2012 (Guardian/Rare/Z-Token)
Giftbox Shield I-XXX (2013) (Mastercraft/Guardian/Rare)
Giftbox Shield X-XXX - Z (2013) (Mastercraft/Guardian/Rare/Z-Token)
Gift Box (2004) (Rare)
Gift Box (2005) (Rare)
Gift Box (2006) (Rare)
Gift Box (2007) (Rare)
Gift Box (2008) (Rare/Guardian)
Gift Box II-Z (Rare/Z-Token)
Gift Box Shield (2009) (Guardian/Rare)
Gift Box Shield Z (2009) (Guardian/Z-Token/Rare)
Gifted Mogloo (Guardian)
Gimokodan Shield
Glacier Shield
Glave Shield
Golden Shield of Legacy (Rare)
Gloom's Insignia (Mastercraft)
Glorious Shield of the Warbringer (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Goo (Rare)
Graceful Crane Umbrella
Grand Tower Shield
Greenguard Defender (Mastercraft/Special Offer/Rare)
Grim Totem (Guardian)
Grounded Flora Shield (Normal; Guardian)
Guardian Advanced Frostval Giant's Shield (Rare)
Guardian Bouncy Trampoline (Rare/Guardian)
Guardian Crane Umbrella (Guardian)
Guardian Crystal Skull Shield (Guardian)
Guardian Fusion DragonSlayer Shield (Guardian)
Guardian Ghost Knight Shield (Guardian)
Guardian Gift Box I (Rare/Guardian)
Guardian Gift Box II (Rare/Guardian)
Guardian Gift Box III (Rare/Guardian)
Guardian Gift Box IV (Rare/Guardian)
Guardian Gift Box V (Rare/Guardian)
Guardian Gift Box (2006) (Guardian/Rare)
Guardian Knotwork Shield (Rare)
Guardian Luminous Shield
Guardian Nova Knight Heater Shield (Guardian)
Guardian Resilient Trampoline (Rare/Guardian)
Guardian Ripple Shield (Guardian)
Guardian Shield (Guardian Tower)
Guardian's Shield of Sands (Guardian)
Guardian Spongy Trampoline (Rare/Guardian)
Guardian Springy Trampoline (Rare/Guardian)
Guardian Stretchy Trampoline (Rare/Guardian)
Guardian Superior Frostval Giant's Shield (Rare)
Guardian Swell Shield (Guardian)
Guardian Twilly Putty (Guardian/Rare)
Guardian Unlight Shield (Guardian)
Gust Shield
Gyrate Shield

Hand of Chillax (Rare/Mastercraft)
Hand of Chillax Z (Rare/Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Harbinger's Taladosian Ward (Mastercraft)
Harp (Mastercraft)
Hatchling Dragon Knight's Scales (Mastercraft)
Hatchling Dragon Knight's Scales Z (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Heart's Defender (Mastercraft/Special Offers/Rare)
Heartrender (Z-Token/Rare)
Heroic Shield of the Warbringer (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Hero's Heart (Rare)
Hierophant's Gallantry(Mastercraft)
High Communicant's Valiance (Mastercraft/Guardian)
High Oracle's Taladosian Ward (Mastercraft/Guardian)
Holy Paladin Guard
Holy Yata Mirror (Mastercraft)
Horo-Show Void Vindicator (Normal/Mastercraft; Z-Token/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
Horrific Totem (Z-Token)
Hozanek (Mastercraft)
Hozanek Z (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Huge Box o' Peanuts
Hydro Blaze Shield (Special Offers)
Hydro Shield

Illuminated Solaris Shield
Immaculate Crystal Aegis (Guardian)
Immortal Shield of the Warbringer (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Imparted Mogloo
Incandescent Solaris Shield
Inquisitor's Resolution(Mastercraft)
Inferno Shield
Initiate's Fealty
Inundating Shield
Invisible Shield
Iron Buckler
Iron Buckler Z

Jarnskgoldr (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Jarnskjoldr (Mastercraft)

Kindheart Mirror
Kindred's Devotion
King's Epic (Mastercraft)
Knight's Heart (Rare)
Knight's Tale (Mastercraft)
Knotwork Shield (Rare)
Knotwork Shield Z (Rare)

Large Box o' Peanuts
Legendary Shield of the Warbringer (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Lodgepole Pinecone Shield (Rare)
Logos (Donation/Rare)
Logos (Rare)
Lord's Narrative (Mastercraft)
Lt. Lore's Gleaming Shield (Z-Token)
Lt. Lore's Shield (Normal; Guardian; Z-Token)
Luminous Shield
Luminous Shield Z
Luminous Solaris Shield

Magical Knotwork Shield (Rare)
Magnae's Power Shield (Guardian)
Magnetic Barrier
Magnetic Bulwark
Magnetic Defender
Magentic Guard (Guardian)
Magnetic Guardian (Guardian)
Magnetic Protector
Magnetic Safeguard (Guardian)
Magnetic Shield Z (Z-Token)
Magnificent Tower Shield
Mankind's Determination
Mature Dragon Knight's Scales (Mastercraft)
Marishi-Ten Shield
Mega Clover Shield (Rare)
Memorial Shield (Rare/Mastercraft)
Menace Totem (Z-Token)
Metalcutter Shield
Mictlan Shield
Miniature Box o' Peanuts
Minature Box o' PeanutZ (Z-Token)
Mishmash Frankenshield (Rare; Temp/Rare)
Mizuchi's Deference (Mastercraft)
Mizuchi's Deference Z (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Moglord Shield (Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Moglord Shield Z (Guardian/Mastercraft/Z-Token/Rare)
Monster Claw (Guardian)
Monster Fang (Guardian)
Monster Paw (Guardian)
Monster Pincer (Guardian)
Monster Spur (Guardian)
Monster Talon (Guardian)
Monumental Tower Shield
My Way Shield I (Mastercraft/Rare)
My Way Shield II (Mastercraft/Rare)
My Way Shield III (Mastercraft/Rare)
My Way Shield IV (Mastercraft/Rare)
My Way Shield V (Mastercraft/Rare)
My Way Shield VI (Mastercraft/Rare)
My Way Shield VII (Mastercraft/Rare)
Mystical Guardian Knotwork Shield (Rare)
Mythical Shield of the Warbringer (Z-Token/Mastercraft)

Nemesis' Bastion
Nerfage Shield (Temp)
NerfLord's Crest (Rare)
NerfLord's Standard (Rare)
Neptune's Piety (Mastercraft)
Neptune's Piety Z (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Nightfall's Banner (Mastercraft)
Nobleheart Mirror
None (No-Drop)
Notable Frostval Giant's Shield (Rare)
Notus (Mastercraft)
Nova Knight Aegis
Nova Knight Buckler
Nova Knight Shield
Nova Knight Shield Z (Z-Token)
Nova Knight Ward
Nyx Shield

Oracle's Taladosian Ward (Mastercraft)
Original Linking Logs (Rare)
OriTo Nun
Ornament Shield (Rare/Guardian)
Overlord's Legend (Mastercraft)

Paladin's Fearlessness(Mastercraft)
Paragon's Dedication
Paramount Shield (Mastercraft)
Paramount Shield of Rennd
Patchwork Frankenshield (Rare; Temp/Rare)
Pathos (Donation/Rare)
Paxian Defender (Guardian)
Pebble Shield
Peklo Shield
Pinyon Pinecone Shield (Rare)
Plant Shield
Poseidon's Reverence (Mastercraft)
Prince's Fable (Mastercraft)
Prophet's Taladosian Ward (Mastercraft)
Protector Shield
Pulverized Frostshard Shield (Rare)
Pumpkin Shield (Temp/Rare; Guardian/Rare; Normal/Rare)
Punisher's Protection
Punisher's Protection Z (Z-Token)
Pureheart Mirror
Purified Paladin Guard
Pyro Shield

Quality Linking Logs (Rare)

Radiant Shield
Radiant Solaris Shield
Ramleoness Cub
Ramleoness Cub G (Guardian)
Ramleoness Cub Z (Z-Token)
Red Pinecone Shield (Rare)
Resilient Arm Floaty (Guardian/Rare)
Reused Linking Logs (Rare)
Revered OriTo Nun
ReZilient Arm Floaty (Z-Token/Rare)
Ripple Shield
Robust Shield of Rennd
Rock Shield (Temporary)
Rooted Flora Shield (Normal; Guardian)

Sackelberry Buckler
Sackelberry Bulwark
Sackelberry Safeguard (Guardian)
Sackelberry Shield
Sackelberry Ward
Sacred OriTo Nun
Sacred Yata Mirror (Mastercraft)
Scourge's Rampart
Scrap Frankenshield (Rare; Temp/Rare)
Seashell (Rare)
Sedna's Faith (Mastercraft)
Seer's Taladosian Ward (Mastercraft)
Sentari Guard (Normal; Guardian)
Shade's Symbol (Mastercraft)
Shade's Symbol Z (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Shadowslayer Shield
Shield of Awe (Guardian/No-drop)
Shield of Corruption
Shield of Sands
Shield of Sands Z (Z-Token)
Shimmering Shield
Shining Shield
Shiny Bauble Shield (Rare/Guardian)
Shiny Ornament Shield (Rare/Guardian)
Shock Shield
Small Box o' Peanuts
Small Box o' PeanutZ (Z-Token)
Soothsayer's Taladosian Ward (Mastercraft/Z-Token; Mastercraft/Guardian)
Spark Shield
Sparkle Shield
Sparkling Ornament Shield (Rare/Guardian)
Special Edition Linking Logs (Rare)
Special Edition Linking Logs Z (Rare/Z-Token)
Spell Barricade (Guardian)
Spell Barrier
Spell Blocker
Spell Impeder
Spell Stopper
Split Frostshard Shield (Rare)
Sprite Lightning Shield
Squire's Heart (Rare)
Squire's Shield (Temporary/Mastercraft)
Starblaze Shield
Static Shield
Storied Shield of the Warbringer (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Stretchy Trampoline Z (Rare/Z-Token)
Stretchy Twilly Putty (Rare)
Sublime Tower Shield (Guardian)
Sudhri (Mastercraft)
Superior Crystal AegiZ (Z-Token)
Supernova Shield (Guardian)
Supreme Overlord's Legend (Mastercraft/Guardian)
Swell Shield
Swell Shield Z (Z-Token)

Tartan Shield
Tartan Shield G
Tartan Shield Z
Tartarus Shield
Templar's Audacity(Mastercraft)
Tera'Suul's Scales (Mastercraft/Special Offer)
Terra Shield
Terror Totem (Z-Token)
Tornado Shield
Torrent Shield
Tortilla Shield (Temp)
Transmorpher Shield (Normal; Guardian)
TropoShield (Z-Token)
Trueheart Mirror
Tsunami Shield
Twilight's Regalia (Mastercraft)
Twilly Putty (Rare)
Twilly Putty Z (Rare/Z-Token)

Ultimus (Z-Token)
UltraGuardian Shield (Guardian/No-drop)
Undead Terror (Guardian)
Unlight Shield
Unlight Shield Z (Z-Token)

V.I.X.E.N. (Normal/Rare; Guardian/Rare)
V.I.X.E.N. Z (Z-Token/Rare)
Vassal's Story (Mastercraft)
Vassal’s Story Z (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Vata (Mastercraft)
Vigilante's Bulwark
Vindicator's Shelter
Virudhaka (Mastercraft)
Void Vindicator (Normal; Z-Token; Guardian)

Warsmith Shield
Wave Shield
Wheat Shield
Wheat Shield G (Guardian)
Wheat Shield Z (Z-Token)
Whirlwind Shield
Whitecap Shield
Whitecap Shield Z (Z-Token)
Wily Assassin Shield
Winter Shield (Rare)
Wooden Shield
Wyrm Knight's Scales (Guardian/Mastercraft)


Yata Mirror (Mastercraft)
Yellow Ribbon (Z-Token/Rare)
Young Dragon Knight's Scales (Mastercraft)

Zap Shield
Zombie Axe Master Shield (Mastercraft/Normal/Rare; Mastercraft/Guardian/Rare)

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