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Armor and Class Index

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3/6/2007 17:55:51   

Thanks to Yerameyahu for his hard work on originally compiling this list, and to everyone who has helped update it.

No-drop Armors

Class Armors

Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 3

All Armors

4-Leaf Clover Power Armor (Rare/Guardian)

Aaron Stone's Body Armor (Temp/Rare)
Abandoned Sneak Suit
Abating Armor of Sensing (Rare)
Abberant Bulwark (Guardian; Guardian/Temp)
Absolix Pauldrons
Absolix Spaulders
Abyssal Salvation Armor A III (Rare)
Abyssal Salvation Armor G II (Guardian/Rare)
Abyssal Salvation Armor G IV (Guardian/Rare)
Abyssal Salvation Armor Z I (Token/Rare)
Abyssal Salvation Armor Z II (Token/Rare)
Abyssal Salvation Armor Z V (Token/Rare)
Abyssal Salvation Armor Z VI (Token/Rare)
Acolyte's Enthusiasm (Mastercraft)
Acolyte's Enthusiasm Z (Mastercraft/Z-Token)
Adolescent Dragon Knight's Hide (Mastercraft)
Adult Dragon Knight's Hide (Mastercraft)
Adult Dragon Knight's Hide Z (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Advanced Hunter (Guardian)
Aeromancer's Robe
Affliction Knight
Airenal's Might (Special Offer/Mastercraft)
Akriloth (Guardian/Temp)
Algern's Carapace (Guardian/Regular)
Algern's Versatile Carapace (Z-token)
Alterer's Dragon Leathers
Anathema Knight
Ancestor's Valor
Ancient Clockwork
Ancient Clockwork Armor of Dreams (Temp)
Ancient Clockwork Z (Z-Token)
Ancient Darkness Dragon Form (Perm; Temp)
Ancient Dragon Knight's Hide (Mastercraft)
Ancient Earth Dragon Form (Perm; Temp)
Ancient Energy Dragon Form (Guardian; Temp)
Ancient Fire Dragon Form (Perm; Temp)
Ancient Ice Dragon Form (Perm; Temp)
Ancient Light Dragon Form (Perm; Temp)
Ancient ReignDragon Rider Z (Z-Token)
Ancient Spirit Gi (Guardian)
Ancient Water Dragon Form (Perm; Temp)
Ancient Wind Dragon Form (Perm; Temp)
Anemos' Poise (Mastercraft)
Angelic Robes (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Angry Diretooth Form (Guardian/Rare; Temp/Rare)
Angry Paindeer Mount (Rare)
Anomalous Armor Z (Z-Token/Guardian)
Anthracite Coal Armor (Rare/Guardian)
AntiGuardian Plate
AntiGuardian Plate Z
Antipodean Plate Z (Z-Token)
Antique Clockwork
Antithetical Armor
Anxiety Raiment
AQwarrior (Guardian)
Aracknight Z (Z-Token)
Armor of Sensing (Z-Token)
Armour Giftbox '14 (Guardian/Rare)
Armour Giftbox '15 (Guardian/Rare)
Armour Giftbox '16 (Guardian/Rare)
Armour Giftbox '17 (Guardian/Rare)
Armour Giftbox Z '14 (Z-Token/Guardian/Rare)
Armour Giftbox Z '15 (Z-Token/Guardian/Rare)
Armour Giftbox Z '16 (Z-Token/Guardian/Rare)
Armour Giftbox Z '17 (Z-Token/Guardian/Rare)
Artery Argosy
Artery Argosy Z (Z-Token)
Asgardian Charge's Fortitude (Mastercraft)
Asgardian Current's Vigor (Mastercraft)
Asgardian Lightning's Power (Mastercraft)
Asgardian Sparks' Verve (Mastercraft)
Asgardian Sparks' Verve Z (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Asgardian Static's Brawn (Mastercraft)
Asgardian Thunderbolts' Might (Mastercraft)
Asgardian Voltage's Muscle (Mastercraft)
Asgoldian Charge's Fortitude (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Asgoldian Current's Vigor [(Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Asgoldian Lightning's Power (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Asgoldian Sparks' Verve (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Asgoldian Static's Brawn (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Asgoldian Thunderbolts' Might (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Asgoldian Voltage's Muscle (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
AssaultKnight (Temp)
Assault Mecha
Augur's Taladosian Robes (Mastercraft)
Avenger's Principle
Axe Master Armor (Rare)

Baby Darkness Dragon Form (Guardian; Temp)
Baby Earth Dragon Form (Perm; Temp)
Baby Energy Dragon Form (Perm; Temp)
Baby Fire Dragon Form (Perm; Temp)
Baby Ice Dragon Form (Perm; Temp)
Baby Light Dragon Form (Perm; Temp)
Baby Sacragon Form (Guardian/Mastercraft/Temp)
Baby Water Dragon Form (Perm; Temp)
Baby Wind Dragon Form (Guardian; Temp)
Bacab' Finesse (Mastercraft)
Bacab' Finesse Z (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Baneful Chimeran Outrider (Mastercraft)
Banshee Form (Normal/Temp; Guardian/Temp)
Battle Tested Axe Master Armor (Rare)
Beast King Jammies (Rare; Temp)
Beast King Jammies Z (Rare; Z-Token)
Beast's Cunning
Beast's Cunning Z (Z-Token)
Berserker Hides
Big Red Button (Guardian)
Bituminous Coal Armor (Rare/Guardian)
Black Dragon Rider Armor (Guardian/Temp)
Black Pirate Costume (Normal; Guardian)
Bland Truphma Suit (Guardian)
Blarney Power Armor (Rare)
Blarney Rogue Outfit (Rare)
Blarney Rogue 2 (Rare)
Blarney Rogue 3 (Rare)
Blazing Solaris Plate
Blizzard Plate (Guardian)
Blob Form
Block Armor II-Z (Z-Token/Rare)
Bog Troll Z (Z-Token/Rare)
Boreal Bolt Plate
Boreal Bolt Plate Z (Z-Token)
Brain Spider Form (Guardian/Mastercraft/Temp)
Breakneck Robe
Brilliant Boy Z (Z-Token)
Brilliant Solaris Plate
Brown Coal Armor (Rare/Guardian)
Bullyfighter (Rare/Temp; Rare)
Bullyfighter Z (Rare/Z-Token)
Bunny Jammies (Rare)
Butterhoof Z (Z-Token)

Calladus Form (Temp/Guardian/Rare)
Canal Cruiser
Canine Warrior
Captain Zard Costume
Carnax Fighter (Rare)
Castigator's Doctrine
Centaurion Custos Form Secundos (Guardian)
Centaurion Custos Form Septimus (Guardian)
Centaurion Form Primus (Z-Token)
Centaurion Form Quartus (Z-Token)
Centaurion Form Quintus (Z-Token)
Centaurion Form Sextus (Z-Token)
Centuarion Form Tertius (Z-Token)
Chaos Armour (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Charcoal Armor (Rare/Guardian)
Chillax Crusader (Rare/Mastercraft)
Chilly Form (Normal/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
Chocobunny (Rare)
Chronomancer (Special Offer/Mastercraft//Rare)
Chronomancer Z (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Circus Ubear Form
CircuZ Ubear Form (Z-Token)
Classic Guardian Armor (Temp/Guardian)
Cleric (Contest)
Cleric's Elation (Mastercraft)
Cloth Robes (No-Drop; Temp)
Clover Power Armor (Rare)
Clown Costume (Temp/Rare; Rare)
Clown Master (Rare)
Coal Armor (Rare/Guardian)
Communicant's Zeal (Mastercraft)
Contradiction Cuirass (Guardian; Guardian/Temp)
Contradictory Cuirass Z (Z-Token)
Contrary Chainmail Z (Z-Token)
Corrupted Armor of Awe I
Corrupted Armor of Awe II
Corrupted Armor of Awe G I (Guardian)
Corrupted Armor of Awe G II (Guardian)
Corrupted Armor of Awe Z I (Z-Token)
Corrupted Armor of Awe Z II (Z-Token)
Corrupted Armor of Awe Z III (Z-Token)
Cryomancer's Robe
Cyber Shogun (Mastercraft/Z-Token; Mastercraft/Guardian)
Cyber Suit (Z-Token)
Cyber-Rex Rider (Z-Token)
Cycling Circus Ubear Form
Cyclone Plate (Guardian)
Cyclone Wyvern Form (Guardian/Mastercraft/Temp)
Cyclone Wyvern Rider (Adventurer/Guardian)

Dancing Circus Ubear Form
Darin Form (Temp)
Dark Guardian Plate (Guardian/Temp)
Dark Magic Steed (Temp)
Darkness Dragon Form (Perm; Temp)
Darkness Drayk Form (Perm; Temp)
Darkness Plate
DarkWolf Rider
DarkWolf Rider Z (Z-Token)
Daulfin Rider
Dazzle Boy Z (Z-Token)
Dazzling Solaris Plate
Deadly Chimeran Conquerer (Mastercraft)
Deadly Hunter (Guardian)
Death Knight Rider Armor (Temp/Rare)
Defensive Test Armour
Defiant Burro Rider
Deft Armor of Awe (Guardian/No-drop; Guardian/Temp)
Deft UltraGuardian Leathers (Guardian/No-drop; Guardian/Temp; Temp)
Demonmancer Plate (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Demon Warrior (Special Offer/Mastercraft)
Derenian Steed (Temporary)
Desert Conqueror
Desert Conqueror G (Guardian)
Despairing Raiment (Z-Token)
DeZert Conqueror (Z-Token)
Diretooth Form (Guardian/Rare; Temp/Rare)
Diretooth Z Form (Rare/Z-Token)
Discarded Sneak Suit
Discarded Sneak Suit Z (Z-Token)
Dismaying Raiment
Dissident Burro Rider (Z-Token)
Diviner's Taladosian Robes (Mastercraft)
Doll Form (Normal/Rare; Guardian/Rare)
Doom Knight
Dracolich Rider (Z-Token/Rare; Temp)
Dracopyre of Night
Dragon Fighter (Temp)
Dragon King's Form (Temp/Rare)
Dragon Leathers
Dragonhide Armour (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
DragonRider (Rare; Temp/Guardian; Normal)
DragonRider Z (Z-Token)
Drakel Form (Rare)
Drakel Mecha Suit (Rare)
Drakel Power Armor
Dread Raiment (Guardian)
Dreaming Healing Pants (Temp)
Dusk Robe
Dusk's Camouflage (Mastercraft)
Dwarf Form (Rare/Guardian)
Dynamancer's Robe

Earth Dragon Form (Perm; Temp)
Earth Drayk Form (Perm; Temp)
Earth Plate
Earth Power
Ebil Cloak (Temp)
EggButcher (Z-Token/Rare)
Egghead (Temp/Guardian/Rare)
EggKiller (Z-Token/Rare)
Eggsassin (Z-Token/Rare)
Eggsbane (Z-Token/Rare)
EggSlayer (Z-Token/Rare)
EggStalker (Z-Token/Rare)
Elastic Man (Rare)
Elder Darkness Dragon Form (Perm; Temp)
Elder Dragon Knight's Hide (Mastercraft)
Elder Earth Dragon Form (Perm; Temp)
Elder Energy Dragon Form (Perm; Temp)
Elder Fire Dragon Form (Perm; Temp)
Elder Ice Dragon Form (Guardian; Temp)
Elder Light Dragon Form (Perm; Temp)
Elder ReignDragon Rider Z (Z-Token)
Elder Water Dragon Form (Perm; Temp)
Elder Wind Dragon Form (Perm; Temp)
Elemental Fighter (Guardian)
Elite Dragon Slayer (Guardian)
Elite Space Girl (Z-Token)
Elite Space Man (Z-Token
Emerald Power Armor (Rare; Temp/Rare)
Eminent Cyber-Rex Rider (Z-Token)
Emperor's Regime (Mastercraft)
Energy Dragon Form (Perm; Temp)
Energy Drayk Form (Perm; Temp)
Energy Plate
Enhanced Vartai Armor (Guardian)
Enigma Ward Z (Z-Token/Guardian)
Enraged Paindeer Mount (Rare)
Ep-Pig G (Guardian)
Ep-Pig Z (Z-Token)
Epic Healing Pants
Eternal Twilight's Mantle (Mastercraft/Guardian)
Evening's Concealment (Mastercraft)
Eventide's Guise (Mastercraft)
ExaSnide Transformation (Temp)
Expert Hunter
Explorer's Outfit

Falerin's Bespoke Bedizen (Guardian)
Falerin's Eclectic Ensemble
Falerin's Jaunty Jacket
Falerin's Natty Needlework (Z-Token)
Falerin's Sweet Suit (Z-Token)
Falerin's Tailored Tuxedo
Falerin's Worn Waistcoat (Guardian)
Fat & Tacky Santa (Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Fat & Tacky Zanta (Z-Token/Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Fatal Chimeran Vindicator (Guardian/Mastercraft)
Fearsome Raiment (Z-Token)
Felled Gunfighter (Z-Token; Guardian)
Female Asgir Armor (Z-Token)
Female Drakel Disguise (Rare/Guardian; Temp/Rare)
Fen Troll (Rare)
Feral Diretooth Form (Rare/Guardian)
Feral Garb
Feral WereWolf Form (Perm/Rare)
Fighter Armor
Fire Dragon Form (Perm; Temp)
Fire Drayk Form (Guardian; Temp)
Fire Plate
Firezard Form (Normal/Temp; Guardian Temp)
Flame Guardian Armor (Guardian/Temp)
Flame Guardian Dragon Form (Special Offer/Mastercraft/Guardian/Rare)
Flame Guardian Dragon Form Z (Z-Token/Mastercraft/Guardian/Rare)
Flame Guardian Plate (Guardian)
Flight Armor
Flower Armor
Forgotten Sneak Suit
Frenzied Diretooth Form (Rare/Guardian)
Frogzard Form (Temp) (Normal/Temp; Guardian/Temp)
Frogzard Hunter Armor (Temp)
Frogzard Hunter (Perm)
Frogzard Rider Armor (Normal; Guardian)
Frogzilla Armor (Perm)
Frogzilla (Temp; Guardian/Temp)
Frost Guardian Plate (Rare/Guardian; Rare/Temp)
Frostval Mercenary Garb (Rare/Guardian/Mastercraft; Rare/Guardian/Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Frostval Spirit Armor (Rare/Guardian)
Frostval Spirit Armor Z (Rare/Z-Token/Guardian)
Frost Wyrm Tera Suul (Special Offer/Temp/Mastercraft/Rare)
Frozen Dragonslayer (Normal/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
Fruitcake Berserker (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Fujin No Kiyousa (Guardian/Mastercraft)
Full Metal Santa (Rare/Guardian)
Full Metal Santa Z (Rare/Guardian/Z-Token)
Furious Diretooth Form (Rare/Guardian; Temp/Rare)

Gaia Plate (Guardian)
Galanoth Form (Temp/Rare)
GateKeeper (Z-Token)
Gatta Rider (Z-Token)
Gecko Armor
Generalist's Robe
Geomancer's Robe
Ghost Costume (Guardian/Temp/Rare; Rare)
Giant Form (Rare)
Giant Head Form (Temp/Guardian)
Gift Box Armor (2004) (Rare/Guardian)
Gift Box Armor (2005) (Rare/Guardian)
Gift Box Armor (2006) (Rare)
Gift Box Armor (2007) (Rare)
Gift Box Armor (2008) (Rare/Guardian)
Gift Box Armor (2009) (Rare/Guardian)
Giftbox Armour [I - XXVII] (2011) (Rare/Guardian)
Giftbox Armour XI - Z (2011) (Rare/Guardian/Z-Token)
Giftbox Armour XV - Z (2011) (Rare/Guardian/Z-Token)
Giftbox Armour XXIII - Z (2011) (Rare/Guardian/Z-Token)
Giftbox Armour XXVII - Z (2011) (Rare/Guardian/Z-Token)
Giftbox Armour I-XXX 2012 (Rare/Guardian)
Giftbox Armour X-XXX - Z 2012 (Rare/Guardian/Z-Token)
Giftbox Armour I-XXX 2013 (Rare/Guardian)
Giftbox Armour X-XXX - Z 2013 (Rare/Guardian/Z-Token)
Gift Box Armor Z (2009) (Rare/Guardian/Z-Token)
Gift Box II-Z (Rare/Z-Token)
GigaSnide Transformation (Temp)
Gilt Power Armor Z (Z-Token/Rare)
Glacius' Favor (Guardian/Temp; Normal/Temp)
Glimmer Boy
Gloom's Cloak (Mastercraft)
Gnat Form (Normal/Temp; Guardian/Temp)
Gogg Form (Normal/Mastercraft/Temp; Guardian/Mastercraft/Temp)
Gokar's Gi (Adventurer/Guardian/Z-Token)
Gold Plated Power Armor Z (Z-Token/Rare)
Golden Dragonslayer
Golden Dragonslayer Eclipse (Guardian)
Golden Holy Armor (Guardian)
Golden Plate (Rare)
Golem Summoner's Robes (Special Offer/Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Golem Summoner's Robes Z (Guardian/Mastercraft/Z-Token)
Gorgonzilla Costume (Temp/Rare; Guardian/Rare; Normal/Rare)
Graceful Dracopyre
Grand Healing Pants
Grand Healing Pants Size Z (Z-Token)
Granemor Guardian Armor
Green Power Armor (Rare; Temp/Rare)
Grim Raiment (Guardian)
Guardian Aracknight (Guardian)
Guardian Block Armor I (Guardian/Rare)
Guardian Block Armor II (Guardian/Rare)
Guardian Block Armor III (Guardian/Rare)
Guardian Block Armor IV (Guardian/Rare)
Guardian Block Armor V (Guardian/Rare)
Guardian Block Armor VI (Guardian/Rare)
Guardian Boreal Bolt Plate (Guardian)
Guardian Butterhoof (Guardian)
Guardian Chocobunny (Guardian)
Guardian DarkWolf Rider (Guardian)
Guardian DragonRider (Guardian)
Guardian Eminent Cyber-Rex Rider (Guardian)
Guardian Gift Box I (Rare/Guardian)
Guardian Gift Box II (Rare/Guardian)
Guardian Gift Box III (Rare/Guardian)
Guardian Gift Box IV (Rare/Guardian)
Guardian Gift Box V (Rare/Guardian)
Guardian Gift Box VI (Rare/Guardian)
Guardian Gift Box Armor (2006) (Guardian)
Guardian Horsefly Rider (Guardian/Rare)
Guardian Ice Dragon Rider (Rare/Guardian)
Guardian IceWolf Rider (Guardian)
Guardian Leather (Guardian/No-Drop; Guardian/Temp)
Guardian Mecha Suit (Guardian/Rare)
Guardian Nova Knight Mail (Guardian)
Guardian Plate (Guardian/No-Drop; Guardian/Temp)
Guardian Power Armor (Guardian/Rare)
Guardian Robes (Guardian/No-Drop; Guardian/Temp)
Guardian Snide Transformation (Guardian/Temp)
Guardian Stiltwalker (Guardian)
Guardian Suld Armor (Guardian)
Gumn Suit (Temp)

Hand of Tera'Suul (Normal/Special Offer/ Mastercraft; Guardian/Special Offer/Mastercraft)
Harbinger's Taladosian Robes (Mastercraft)
Hatchling Dragon Knight's Hide (Mastercraft)
Hatchling Dragon Knight's Hide Z (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Headless Horseman (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Healing Pants
Hierophant's Fervor (Mastercraft)
High Communicant's Zeal (Mastercraft/Guardian)
High Oracle's Taladosian Robes (Mastercraft/Guardian)
Hippocampus (Rare; Temp/Guardian)
Horde's Fury (Mastercraft)
Horde's Ire (Mastercraft)
Horde's Indignation (Mastercraft)
Horde's Indignation Z (Mastercraft/Z-Token)
Horde's Retribution(Mastercraft)
Horde's Reckoning (Mastercraft)
Horde's Reckoning G (Mastercraft/Guardian)
Horde's Outrage (Mastercraft)
Horde's Temper (Mastercraft)
Horde's Wrath(Mastercraft)
Horde's Wrath Z(Mastercraft, Z-Token)
Holy Armor
Horo-Show Void Vigilante (Normal/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
Horrific Raiment (Z-Token)
Horse Rider Armor
Horsefly Rider (Rare)
Horsefly Rider Z (Z-Token/Rare)
Human Fisher (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Hydro Guardian Dragon Form (Special Offer/Mastercraft/Guardian/Rare)
Hydro Guardian Dragon Form Z (Z-Token/Mastercraft/Guardian/Rare)
Hydromancer's Robe
Hydromancer Bloodmage (Normal/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)

Ice Arms (Rare)
Ice Breaker
Ice Breaker (Temp; Rare)
Ice Dragon Form (Perm; Rare)
Ice Dragon Rider (Temp/Rare)
Ice Drayk Form (Perm; Temp)
Ice Plate
Ice Salamander Rider (Temp/Rare/Guardian)
IceFall (Rare/Guardian)
IceWolf Rider
IceWolf Rider Z (Z-Token)
Ill-Tempered Paindeer Mount (Rare)
Illuminated Solaris Plate
Incandescent Solaris Plate
Indestructible Plate (Rare)
Indomitable Gatekeeper (Z-token/Mastercraft)
Inferno Plate (Guardian)
Inferno Steed Rider
Inimical Mail
Initiate's Tenacity
Inquisitor's Ardor (Mastercraft)
Insightful Armor of Awe (Guardian/No-drop; Guardian/Temp)
Insightful UltraGuardian Robes (Guardian/No-drop; Guardian/Temp; Temp)
Insurmountable Gatekeeper (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Intrepid Gatekeeper (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Invisibility Cloak

Jester Costume (Z-Token)
Jester Disguise (Z-Token)
Jester Facade (Z-Token)
Jester Masquerade (Z-Token)
Jolly Old Armor (Guardian/Rare)
Jousting Rider Armor (Rare)
Junas Carapace
Junas Husk
Junas Shell

KiloSnide Transformation (Temp)
Kindred's Valiance
King's Reign (Mastercraft)
Knight Armor
Knight of the Fire Orb (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Knight's Term (Mastercraft)

Leather Armor (No-Drop; Temp)
Legendary Samurai Warlord O-Yoroi (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Leprechaun Power Armor (Rare; Temp/Rare)
Leprechaun Power Au-rmour (Rare)
Leprechaun Power Au-rmour G (Guardian/Rare)
Leprechaun Power Au-rmour Z (Z-Token/Rare)
Lesser Dracopyre of Night
Lesser Graceful Dracopyre
Lesser Soul Melt (Temp)
Lich (Guardian)
Lightbringer Form (Guardian/Mastercraft/Temp)
Light Dragon Form (Guardian; Temp)
Light Drayk Form (Perm; Temp)
Light Lord's Cleric (Normal/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
Light Plate
Lightning Chevalier (Mastercraft/Guardian)
Lightning Chevalier Z (Mastercraft/Z-Token)
Lilliputian Form (Rare)
Little Me (Temp/Rare; Rare)
Living (Rare)
Loco Costume (Rare)
Loco Costume G (Guardian/Rare)
Loco Costume Z (Z-Token/Rare)
Lokapala's Nimbleness (Mastercraft)
Lord of the Skies (Mastercraft/Temp/Special Offers)
Lord's Tenure (Mastercraft)
Lucius, Winged Unicorn (Temp)
Lucky Power Armor (Rare; Temp/Rare)
Lumenomancer Bloodmage (Normal/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
Lumenomancer's Robe
Luminous Solaris Plate

Mage (Rare)
Mage Robes
Majestic Cyber-Rex Rider (Z-Token)
Male Asgir Armor (Z-Token)
Male Drakel Disguise (Guardian/Rare; Temp/Rare)
Mankind's Moxie
Marsh Troll (Rare)
Martial Artist Form
Martial-Distorted Guardian (Guardian)
Martial-Distorted Guardian Z (Z-Token)
Martial-Tainted Guardian (Guardian)
Martial-Twisted Guardian (Guardian)
Martial-Twisted Guardian Z (Z-Token)
Mature Dragon Knight's Hide (Mastercraft)
MegaSnide Transformation (Temp)
MegaSnide Transformation Z (Temp/Z-Token)
Megingjord (Guardian/Mastercraft)
Megingold (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Menacing Raiment (Z-Token)
Midnight Predatory Vampire Form (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Midnight Savage Werewolf Form (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Mighty Armor of Awe (Guardian/No-drop; Guardian/Temp)
Mighty UltraGuardian Plate (Guardian/No-drop; Guardian/Temp; Temp)
Migratory Butterhoof
Minotaur Form (Temp/Guardian)
Mire Troll (Rare)
Moglin Protector (Rare)
Moglord Tortress (Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Moglord Tortress Z (Guardian/Z-Token/Mastercraft/Rare)
Morningstar Bloodline (Mastercraft)
Morningstar Inheritance (Mastercraft)
Morningstar Legacy (Mastercraft)
Morningstar Lineage (Mastercraft)
Morningstar Lineage Z (Mastercraft/Z-Token)
Morningstar Origins (Mastercraft)
Morningstar Pedigree (Mastercraft)
Morningstar Tradition (Mastercraft)
Mountain Cudgel Gi (Guardian)
Mr Funtastic (Rare)
Mr Funtastic Z (Z-Token/Rare)
Mutant King Form (Temp)
My Way Armor I (Rare)
My Way Armor II (Rare)
My Way Armor III (Rare)
My Way Armor IV (Rare)
My Way Armor V (Rare)
My Way Armor VI (Rare)
My Way Armor VII (Rare)
Mystery Mail (Guardian/Temp)

Necromancer Cloak
Necromancer Form (Rare)
Nemesis' Testament
Nerfage Plate (Temp)
Night Plate (Guardian)
NightBane's Form
Nightfall's Facade (Mastercraft)
NightMare Rider (Guardian/Rare)
Nightmare Riding Armor (Guardian/Temp)
Nightmare Wyvern Rider (Z-Token; Guardian)
Nightraider (Z-Token)
Ninja Form (Rare)
Ninjacket (Temp)
Noble Cyber-Rex Rider (Z-Token)
Nova Knight Cuirass
Nova Knight Hauberk
Nova Knight Hauberk Z (Z-Token)
Nova Knight Light Plate
Nova Knight Plate
Novice Hunter
Noxious Chimeran Squire (Mastercraft)
Noxious Chimeran Squire Z (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Nulgath (Normal/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)

Obsidian Cloak (Guardian)
Obstinate Burro Rider
Obverse Brigandine
Offensive Test Armour
Oracle's Taladosian Robes (Mastercraft)
Oread's Dexterity (Mastercraft)
Oread's Dexterity Z (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Overlord's Dynasty (Mastercraft)

Pack Human (Temp)
Paindeer Mount (Rare)
Paladin's Passion (Mastercraft)
Paradox Plate (Guardian; Temp/Guardian)
Paragon's Courage
Paragon Plate (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Peerless Hunter
Pegasid Riding Armor (Guardian/Temp)
Pegasid (Rare/Guardian)
Performing Circus Ubear Form
Performing CircuZ Ubear Form (Z-Token)
PetaSnide Transformation (Temp)
Pheron Form (Normal/Temp; Guardian/Temp)
Pit Protector (Normal/Guardian)
Pit Protector Z (Z-Token)
Pixel Hero (Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Pixel Hero Z (Z-Token/Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Poisonous Chimeran Defender (Mastercraft)
Poisonous Chimeran Defender Z (Mastercraft)
Punisher's Maxim
Punisher's Maxim Z (Z-Token)
Predatory Vampire Form (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Primal Garb (Guardian)
Primal Shadow (Normal/Temp/Mastercraft; Guardian/Temp/Mastercraft)
Prince's Rule (Mastercraft)
Prophet's Taladosian Robes (Mastercraft)
Protector Armor
Pumpkin Armor (Temp/Rare; Rare)
Pumpkin Overlord (Z-Token/Mastercraft/Rare)
Pyromancer Bloodmage (Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Pyromancer's Robe
Pzycho Fiend Form (Normal/Temp/Mastercraft; Guardian/Temp/Mastercraft)

Quester's Heavy Dragon Gunner (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)

Rabid Diretooth Form (Rare/Guardian)
Radiant Plate (Guardian)
Radiant Solaris Plate
Raydius Dragon Form (Normal/Temp; Guardian/Temp)
Razor Plate
Razor's Edge Plate
Rebellious Burro Rider (Guardian)
Red Pirate Costume (Normal; Guardian)
Reflecting Plate (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Reflective (Mastercraft/Rare)
Regal Cyber-Rex Rider (Z-Token)
ReignDragon Rider (Rare)
ReignDragon Rider (Temp/Rare)
ReignDragon Rider Z (Z-Token)
Reindeer Rider (Rare/Temp; Rare)
Reindog Sleigh Rider (Rare)
Reindog Sleigh Rider Z (Z-Token/Rare)
Resistant Burro Rider (Guardian)
Resolute Gatekeeper (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Restless Burro Rider
Reverse Ringmail
Rogue Outfit
Rubber Man (Rare)

Salamander Rider (Guardian/Temp; Guardian/Rare)
Salvation Armor A III
Salvation Armor G II (Guardian)
Salvation Armor G IV (Guardian)
Salvation Armor Z I (Z-Token)
Salvation Armor Z II (Z-Token)
Salvation Armor Z V (Z-Token)
Salvation Armor Z VI (Z-Token)
Samurai Form
Samurai Warlord O-Yoroi (Normal/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
S.A.N.T.A. (Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare; Normal/Mastercraft/Rare)
Savage Werewolf Form (Mastercraft/Rare)
Savant's Robes (Guardian/Temp)
Scourge Knight
Scourge's Tenet
Sea Scourge
Sea Squirt Form (Guardian/Mastercraft/Temp)
SeaWarhorse (Temp/Rare/Guardian)
Seer's Taladosian Robes (Mastercraft)
Serpent Fang Gi (Guardian)
Shade's Mask (Mastercraft)
Shade's Mask Z (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Shadow of Doubt
Shadow of Doubt G (Guardian)
Shadow of Doubt Z (Z-Token)
Shadow Templar (Normal/Temp/Rare; Z-Token/Temp/Rare; Guardian/Temp/Rare)
Shamrock Power Armor (Rare)
Shapechanger's Dragon Leathers
Shearhide Form (Temp)
Shifter's Dragon Leathers
Shinobi Shozoku
Shiny Boy (Temp; Perm)
Shiny Boy Z (Z-Token)
Shooting Circus Ubear Form
Sickly Werewolf Form (Temp)
Sinmaw (Temp/Special Offer/Mastercraft)
Skilled Hunter
Slag (Temporary/Guardian)
Snide Transformation (Temp)
Snow Golem Form (Rare)
Solid Gold Power Armor Z (Rare/Z-Token)
Soothsayer's Taladosian Robes (Z-Token/Mastercraft; Normal/Mastercraft)
Soul Banisher Form (Z-Token)
Soul Melt (Temp/Z-Token)
Soul of Hope (Temp/Z-Token)
Souvenir Boy's T-Shirt
Souvenir Girl's T-Shirt
Space Man (Z-Token)
Space Girl (Z-Token)
Sparkle Boy
Spirit Protector (Normal/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
Squire's Training Armour
Stalwart Gatekeeper (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
StarSaviour (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
StarSlayer (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
SteamJack (Guardian/Temp)
SteamRaider (Mastercraft/Special Offer/Rare)
Steel Plate (No-Drop; Temp)
Stiltwalker Z (Z-Token)
Stone Golem Form (Guardian/Mastercraft/Temp)
Straightjacket (Rare)
Straightjacket G (Rare/Guardian)
Straightjacket Z (Rare/Z-Token)
Stretched Man (Rare)
Student's Robes (No-drop; Temp)
Sugar Rush Armor (Rare; Rare/Temp)
Sugar Rush Guardian Armor (Rare/Guardian)
Suld Armor
Sun-Eater Form (Temp/Rare)
SuperZard Costume
SuperZard Costume Z (Z-Token)
Supreme Overlord's Dynasty (Mastercraft/Guardian)
Svadilfari's Oath (Mastercraft/Guardian)
Swamp Troll (Rare)
Swamp Troll Z (Z-Token/Rare)
Swashbuckler's Raiment
Swift Talon Gi (Guardian)

Tame Butterhoof
Templar's Vigor (Mastercraft)
Tenacious Gatekeeper (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Tendril Plate (Z-Token)
Tenebromancer's Robe
TeraSnide Transformation (Temp)
Terror Raiment (Z-Token)
Tharg Hide (Guardian)
The Decimator (Special Offers/Mastercraft/Rare)
The Hide of Retham (Contest/Rare)
The Zard Wonder Costume
Thunderbird Costume (Normal; Z-Token; Guardian)
Thunderbolt Cavalry (Mastercraft/Guardian)
Tinkerer (Special Offer/Mastercraft)
Torment Knight
Toxic Chimeran Cavalier (Mastercraft)
Tsunami Plate (Guardian)
Transformer Armour (Temp; Guardian)
Tribal Shaman (Special Offer/Mastercraft/Rare)
Trobble Form (Normal/Temp; Guardian/Temp)
Troll Form (Temp/Rare; Guardian/Rare)
Truphma Suit (Normal; Temp)
Truphma Zuit (Z-Token)
Tube Transport
Twilight's Mantle (Mastercraft)
Twilly Form (Temp/Rare/Guardian; Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Two-Bear Form (Normal/Temp; Guardian/Temp)

Ultimon's Armour (Normal/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
Ultra Nightmare Rider (Z-Token)
Ultra Pegasid Rider (Z-Token/Rare)
Ultra Unicorn Rider (Z-Token)
Undaunted Gatekeeper (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Undead Guardian Plate (Guardian)
Undead Horse Rider (Rare)
Undead Steed Rider (Temp/Rare)
Unicorn Rider Armor (Guardian/Temp)
Unicorn Rider (Rare)
Unruly Burro Rider

Valiant Gatekeeper (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Vampire Form (Rare)
Vartai Armour
Vassal's Stay (Mastercraft)
Vassal's Stay Z (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Vein Vehicle
Vein Vehicle Z (Z-Token)
Venomous Chimeran Knight (Mastercraft)
Ventus' Finish (Mastercraft)
Vessel Vessel
Vewy Wascawy Wabbit (Rare/Z-Token)
Vibrant Living Armour (Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Vicious Diretooth Form (Rare/Guardian; Temp/Rare)
Vigilante's Creed
Vinddverger's Agility (Mastercraft)
Vindicator's Precept
Vintage Clockwork
Virulent Chimeran Champion (Mastercraft)
Void Vigilante (Normal; Guardian)
Volt Rider (Mastercraft/Guardian)
Voltaic Plate (Guardian)

W.H.E.E.L. (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Wabbit (Rare)
Warlord of Nulgath (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Warsmith Armour (Guardian/Temp)
Wascawy Wabbit (Z-Token/Rare)
Water Dragon Form (Perm; Temp)
Water Drayk Form (Guardian; Temp)
Water Plate
Weawwy Wascawy Wabbit (Rare/Z-Token)
WereBunny Form (Temp/Rare)
Werebunny Form (Perm/Rare)
Werepyre Form
Werewolf Form (Temp; Z-Token/Rare)
Whispering Raiment
White Gi
White Knight (Special Offer/Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
White Knight Z (Guardian/Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Wild Butterhoof
Wild Diretooth Form (Rare/Guardian)
Willow Plate (Temp)
Wind Dragon Form (Perm; Temp)
Wind Drayk Form (Perm; Temp)
Wind Plate
Windter Warrior (Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Windter Warrior Z (Z-Token/Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Winged Guardian (Guardian)
Witch Hunter (Z-Token/Mastercraft/Rare)
WonderZard Costume
Wyrm Knight's Hide (Guardian/Mastercraft)


Yellow Pirate Costume (Normal; Guardian)
Young Darkness Dragon Form (Perm; Temp)
Young Dragon Knight's Hide (Mastercraft)
Young Earth Dragon Form (Perm; Temp)
Young Energy Dragon Form (Perm; Temp)
Young Fire Dragon Form (Perm; Temp)
Young Ice Dragon Form (Perm; Temp)
Young Light Dragon Form (Perm; Temp)
Young Water Dragon Form (Perm; Temp)
Young Wind Dragon Form (Perm; Temp)

Z.A.N.T.A. (Z-Token/Mastercraft/Rare)
Zard Hunter Elite Armor (Temporary)
Zardhunter Elite (Temp; Normal; Z-Token)
Zardhunter Ultra (Z-Token)
Zardmaster Z (Z-Token)
ZardSlayer Armor (Temp/Rare)
ZettaSnide Transformation (Temp/Guardian)
Zkilled Hunter (Z-Token)
Zombie Form (Rare)
Zombie-Tested Axe Master Armour (Mastercraft/Rare; Mastercraft/Rare/Guardian)
Zyclone Wyvern Rider (Z-Token)

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