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.R.M.'s Mechs (Most Recent: The Black Knight)

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9/24/2010 16:03:48   

Museum mech:

Back shoulder: catnip cannon: launches a can of catnip at your opponent, and then an army of domestic cats run toward your opponent and attack it.

Front shoulder: spirit of the cat: a red sabertooth spirit appears in front of your mech (it would be 2x the size of your mech) and attacks your opponent.

Head: saber teeth: your mech bites it's opponent. acid saliva effect, burns opponent. 10-15 damage per turn, 6 turns.

Body: sharp claw smack-down: your mech runs over to your opponent and attacks them with claws. ripped armor effect. - 20 defense for 10 turns.

Front arm: claw cutter: your mech goes over to your opponent and attacks with it's front paw (the paw has claws).

Back arm: claw missles: your mech puts up his back paw and his claws shoot out and pierce your opponent. (multi attack)

It would look like a huge cat with big teeth, a tail, whiskers, four paws (with claws), and would stand on all fours.

Level: any level (hopefully 15+). Bonuses: crit +5, hit +5
Toddler mech:

FA: Crayon!- Your mech puts out it's front arm (which has a crayon in it), and runs over to your opponent, and starts to draw on it. 100% chance of; "Blinded by doodles", -20 accuracy to opponent.

BA: Water gun- Your mech puts up a water gun, and squirts the enemy. 90% chance of waterlogged DoT.

FS: Juice box launcher- Launches a juice box at your opponent, from a shoulder mounted sling. 45% chance of; Citrusy, heal 20% of your maximum health.

BS: Water balloon barrage- launches 3 water balloons at your enemy. Three hits. 100% chance of Waterlogged DoT.

BD: Temper tantrum!- Your mech's head suddenly turns red, and steam pours out of your mech's ears. Your mech runs over to your enemy, and punches, kicks, headbutts, and rams your opponent 2-7 times. 90% chance of 2 turn stun.

HD: Cuteness- 100% chance of -100 attack, -50 bonus, and -50 boost to your enemy, does no damage.

Appearance: It would look like any human toddler does.

Level: Any.

Bonuses: +5 bonus, and +5 boost to you. -5 bonus, -5 boost, and -7 attack to your opponent.
Weather man/ weather controller mech:

FA: Thunder storm- Your mech points to the sky, and a small thunder cloud appears over your opponent. After a second or two rain would start to pour out of the cloud, and then lightning would strike your opponent. 100% chance of 2 turn stun.

BA: Tornado- Your mech throws a small gray ball at your enemy. It lands at your enemy's feet, and after a few second it breaks open and a tornado is released from inside.

FS: High winds- A huge shoulder mounted fan rivets to point at your enemy, it switches on, and blows your enemy from the screen. Your enemy then walks back.

BS: High winds- same as above

BD: Forcastinator (for weather man mech), or HUGE STORM (for weather controller mech). A huge cannon appears on the front of your mech. It shoots out water, causing a small amount of damage, then it shoots out lighting, electrifying the water, causing a larger amount of damage to your enemy, then it shoots out snow, freezing what's left of the water, causing no damage, then it shoots out fire, causing small damage, and melting the ice. 100% chance for waterlogged DoT, and a 99.9% chance for; "OUCH!", DoT.

HD: LASER!- Your mech fires a simple laser from it's forehead.

Appearance: Looks like a man in a suit (for weather man), and looks like a mad scientist (for weather controller)

Level: Any.

Bonuses: Accuracy +10

FA: Transform- Transforms the part of "Blob" where the front arm would go. Changes to any weapon.

BA: Same as above.

BS: Void- A black laser shoots from "Blob", and hits your enemy, opening a black hole and sucking them into it (dealing some damage). After about 3-4 seconds another black hole opens above where your enemy was, and they drop out of it causing damage.

FS: Void- Same as above.

BD: Apocalypse- "Blob" jumps on your enemy, and tries to eat them. Rare chance of "Apocalypse!" one hit KO ("Blob" would grow to an amazing size, and swallow Lore. He would then spit your enemy out into the far reaches of space, return Lore to it's original place and shrink back down to normal size).

HD: Stare- "Blob" just looks at your opponent causing damage, and a 50% chance of "paralyzed with fear" stun.

Appearance: Blob would look like a floating black ball, about 3 times the size of an average mech head.

Level: Any.

Bonuses: Dodge +7

SC/NSC: This one would have to be SC, Blob would be too strong to give to just any NSC.
Stick man:

FA: Power of nothing!- Your mech points it's front arm at your opponent damaging them.

BA: Blind- Your mech points a flash light at your enemy and turns it on. 100% chance of -55 accuracy to opponent. Rare chance of; 100% guarantee that your opponent will miss for two turns.

BS: Boom!- A shoulder mounted sling launches a bomb at your enemy.

FS: Boom!- Same as above.

BD: Stick maniac- You mech runs over to your enemy and starts smashing your opponent's mech a bunch of times. 100% chance of Beaten; 3 turn stun.

HD: LASER VISION!- Your mech shoots lasers from it's eyes. 75% chance of: Ouch!, 7 turn DoT.

Appearance: Stick man would look like a plain stick man.

Level: Any

Bonuses: None

Deranged Forest Ranger:

FA: Rabid Rabbit Cannon- Your mech points his arm at your opponent and an arm mounted cannon shoots a rabbit with a foaming mouth at your enemy's head. 7 attacks of 20% damage, 100% chance of RABIES! DoT.

BA: Lumber Jack- Your mech puts up his back arm, from roughly the elbow down there is a chain saw. Your mech runs over to your opponent and attacks him with the chain saw. 10% chance of loss of FA to opponent.

FS: Industrial Pine Needles- There is a fan mounted on your mech's shoulder with a bucket marked "Industrial Strength Pine Needles", the fan begins to blow and a spring in the bucket throws the pine needles in front of the fan. The needles then blow over to your enemy damaging him. 90% chance of: one got in my eye... -35 accuracy for 3 turns, 100% chance of Needle sharp! bleeding DoT.

BS: Wolf Call- There is a strange cylinder on your mech's shoulder, it turns toward the sky and makes a howling sound. Seconds later a Wolf pack (about 7 wolves) rushes into the screen (they are about knee high to an average mech) and your mech points at the enemy. The wolves attack your enemy, 7 times, once for each wolf and then leave. 100% chance of: Wounded, DoT.

HD: Forest Ranger Hat- Your mech has a Forest Ranger type hat on that shadows it's face accept for two red eyes. The hat raises of your mechs head revealing a Skeleton head. The hat then starts to spin in the air, and flies towards the enemy. It gets stuck in the upper body and then returns to your mechs head. 100% chance of: Frightened... -50 damage and 50 defense for 3 turns.

BD: Evil Spirit- A shadow image of your mech steps out of your mech's body, walks across the field and enters your opponent's mech. Does no initial damage. 100% chance of Possessed, 30% of the damage your enemy does to you gets returned as damage to themselves, 10% of that damage is also deducted from their energy.

Apperance: Would look like a forest ranger, with a ripped forest ranger jacket, forest ranger hat, hiking boots splattered with mud, and devilish red eyes with a shadowed face.

Levels: 20+


Bonuses: -10 boost to enemy.

Sonic Boom Chassis

BD: Ultimate Sonic Boom- Your mech would raise above the ground and attack like batty stakes on the vampire lord mechs, but instead of many stakes shooting out of the body, there would only be one HUGE sonic wave coming out of the body.

Appearance: Would look alot like the '11 frostvale mech.

Level: Any

Bonuses: +10 boost (Has a special effect with the Sonic Boom Set, at the bottom of the page) Star Captain Only Special: +5% to the already 10% buff, here (at the bottom).

Death Harvester

Name: Death Look

Looks: Looks like a skull with flaming eyes

Attack Animation: The flames in your mech's eyes grow larger reaching an inferno. The the whole head sets on fire and a purple glow radiates from the head. Then a GIANT purple laser shoots from the mouth of the skull. When the attack is finished the flames recede.


Specials: Scared -10% damage to enemy, Reapers Soul +10% damage to you, Life Drain HP DoT to enemy HoT to you. 30% chance of: Paralysed with fear! 1 turn stun

Equipment Spots: HD

Description: These eyes look into the soul of your enemy.

Name: Death's Lock

Looks: looks like your mech is holding a chain with a large lock on the end. The lock has a skull on it.

Attack Animation: Your mech uses the chain like a whip. When the chain part with the lock hits the enemy, the chain starts to wrap around the enemy. When the whole chain is wrapped around, the lock opens, and clips on the the other end of the chain. Once this is done, the chain turns red and starts to glow. It "sinks" into the enemy and then another one mysteriously appears in you hand.


Specials: Immobilized, 2 turn stun, Constricting DoT, Life drain, DoT to enemy, HoT to you.

Equipment Spots: BA

Description: You don't want to get caught in this chain.

Name: Scythe Of Death

Looks: Looks like a scythe with a glowing purple blade.

Attack Animation: Your mech strikes the enemy with the scythe.


Specials: Possession , 30% of enemy's damage returns to them on each attack for 3 turns, Horrible DoT, Payback: life drain.

Equipment Spots: FA

Description: This is death's scythe.

Name: Mini Reaper

Looks: Looks like two tiny versions of your mech (with defaults) on a hovering disk on your mech's shoulder.

Attack Animation It either uses a smaller version of Death's Lock or Scythe Of Death.


Specials: It has different versions of the other specials, ie: For Death's Lock: Slightly immobilized -20 accuracy, -10% damage, -30 defence for 5 turns. Also for Scythe Of Death: HP and EP DoT to enemy.

Equipment Spots: FS, BS (would count as both FA and BS)

Description: Small versions of yourself... Strange...

Name: The Gate

Looks: Would look like the reaper SCMM... They are similar.

Attack Animation A black and purple swirling portal would appear in front of your enemy and a giant Shadowed Laser would shoot out (it would be black).

Level: Any

Specials: Scare! -20% damage, -10 accuracy, Mysterious ectoplasm: 1 turn stun.

Equipment Spots: BD

Description: A gate to another dimension.

(Sorry about the different format, was going to write it in the mech weapons section. I remembered that I should include a body and that was all I had left to make.)

Certifiably Insane:

FA: Insane Straight Jacket: Some strips on the side of the straight jacket would become undone and would punch into the ground in front of your mech. Then the strips would shoot out of the ground in front of the enemy with very sharp and pointy ends. They would then stick into the enemy. After the attack is finished, the strips return to your mechs. Sliced And Dice DoT. Sick Insanity, Life drain.

BA: Sane as above.

FS: Crazy Cannon: A cannon mounted on your mech's shoulder (it has the word "CRAZY" scribbled on it in messy letters) swivels to face the enemy, a cannon ball shoots out the BACK of the cannon. The cannon ball goes out of the screen and hits the enemy's back. It goes right through the enemy and returns to the front end of your cannon, returning it to position.

BS: Same as above.

HD: Simply Insane: Your mech has a "crazy scientist" hairdo. All of the tendrils of the hairdo start to glow a red color and then a laser shoots out of each. Swiss Cheese DoT.

BD: INSANE!: Both sides of the straight jacket shoot into the ground and then comes out in front of the enemy. This time, instead of sharp ends, the straight jacket ends turn into hands. The hands pick up the enemy and hold him in the air. Then the straight jacket slides open in the middle and these crazy looking red hands with glowing tattoos reach out. They then retreat back in to the body. Soon after that, a red glow comes out of the body. Then, a GIANT red laser shoots out of the body. After the attack is finished, the straight jacket closes and the strips retreat back too. CRAZY DoT and HoT. -30 boost to enemy for 3 turns.

Appearance: Would look like psycho with a straight jacket on. It would have a crazy "mad scientist" hairdo with crazy glowing eyes, CC to base.

Levels: Any

SC/NSC: Either-or

Bonuses: +5 def, +5 HP

The Black Knight

FA: Sword of Shadows: Your mech has a big sword in it's hand. It slashes the enemy. Sliced and Diced DoT.

BA: Soul Grip: Your mech hold up it's hand and a black pulse radiates from it. The enemy then takes damage. Soul Gripped: 1 turn stun.

FS: Ballista: A ballista is sitting on your mech's shoulder. As an attack, it shoots an arrow. Pierced DoT.

BS: Catapult: A catapult is is sitting on your mech's shoulder. As an attack, it throws a rock. Smashed DoT.

HD: Cold Stare. Your mech has a black helmet on it's head. It has the "T" shaped eye holes. It just stares at your opponent. Your opponent just takes damage and a DoT is applied.

BD: NONE SHALL PASS! The "nuke" of this mech. A giant black laser shoots from the sky and damages the enemy. It does massive damage. Then, a giant castle tower falls from the sky and lands on the enemy, applying crushed DoT. Then, your mech puts it's sword into the ground and rests both hands on it. It then throws the sword at the opponent, it goes straight through the enemy's head.

Appearance: Would look like a black knight, with the "T" eye holes on the helmet, and a black sword.

Levels: Any.

SC/NSC: Any.

Bonuses: +10 boost.

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