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DragonFable Stats

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12/2/2010 17:55:35   

Guide pending to be updated to latest Engine version 14.2.

Main Stats

Str (Strength) - gives bonus damage to melee attacks. Increases Immobility resistance. Increases stat bonus damage multiplier.

Str/10 = bonus dmg, Str/5 = increased immobility resist, Str/5 = stat bonus dmg multiplier

Dex (Dexterity) - gives bonus damage to pierce attacks.

Dex/10 = bonus dmg

Int (Intelligence) - gives bonus damage to magic attacks.

Int/10 = bonus dmg

Or in other words, every 10 points give you +1 damage. This rounds down, so if you have 59 points you would get +5 damage, 111 points - +11 damage, 99points - +9 damage.

Damage received from stats is gotten in intervals.
Bonus damage from stats is added to your minimum and maximum weapon damage. (With a weapon that deals 10-20 damage and 100 str, int, dex, you'll do 20-30 damage)
There is no damage cap to stats so the more you have the more damage you'll do.
Players can train up to 200 points. Str, dex or int can be further increased by equipment.

End (Endurance) - increases hit points.
X End = 5X hp
(1 end = 5 hp, 20 end = 100 hp)

Cha (Charisma) - increases damage of pets and guests, increases experience and gold earned when using guests, increases pet training and NPC interaction rolls (increase the chance for your baby/toddler dragon to use a special attack).

Cha/10 = bonus dmg to pets and guests; Cha/10 = bonus exp% and gold% per guest

Cha gives damage to guests and pets only in quests released after engine 9.0.0
Works just like Str/Dex/Int for pet/guest damage.
Also increases the exp and gold gained when using guests, to counteract the -10% penalty each guest normally gives. 10 Cha is equal to 1% extra exp and gold per guest, thus breaking even at 100 Cha and increasing rewards past 100% from there.

Luk (Luck)- increases damage, crit chance, crit damage, direct hit chance, Block/Parry/Dodge, affects all rolls in a small way (increase the chance for your baby/toddler dragon to use a special attack).

Luk/25 = direct hit chance, Luk/20 = BPD, Luk/20 = crit chance, Luk/10 = crit damage%, Luk/20 = bonus damage

With 125 luk you will get +5% direct hit chance, +6 BPD, +6% crit chance, +12.5% crit damage and +6 damage.
The bonus damage is applied to all damage types, so it's added to all types of weapons and skills.
The crit damage is additive and is not applied in 10-point stages but for every single point, so for example with the base crit damage of 175% that most classes have, 134 Luk would give you a final crit damage of 188.4%.

Wis (Wisdom)- increases total mana points and increases incoming health and mana recovery effects.
X Wis = 5X mana, Wis/20 = bonus health and mana recovery%
(1 wis = 5 mana, 15 wis = 75 mana)

Health and mana recovery, be it from skills or potions, is increased additively by 1% per 20 Wis, so for example 100 Wis = 5% stronger incoming heals. This does not affect negative damage received from having over 100 resistance to a damage type, only effects of the "Health" or "Mana" element. This effect is capped at +15% at 300 Wis.

One stat point costs gold equal to the player's level.
(For a level 35 player, 1 stat point costs 35 gold!)
Every time a player levels up, they get 5 stat points.
Stat points can be trained by Rolith, Clyde the Stats Moglin and Sir Render, they can be untrained for 1000 gold only by Sir Render and Clyde the Stats Moglin.
Rolith is positioned in Oaklore. Sir Render is positioned in the town's hall of Falconreach. Clyde the Stats Moglin is a house items and costs 250 DragonCoins.
After untraining, all stat points are restored and players can train them again.
Players can have unlimited stats, but can only train stats up to 200. All the additional stats they can have come from equipment.
In the info panel max stats plus stats from equipmets look like this: Int 200+25.

Secondary Stats

Bonus - Increases your chance for an attack to hit and to deal full damage. Checked against opponent MPM and BPD.

1.5 Bonus = +1% chance to hit, -1% chance of glancing blows

Glancing Blow - Represents your chance to take reduced damage and avoid status effects. Base glancing blow damage is 20%.

1 glancing blow chance = +1% chance to receive glancing blows

Direct Hit - Represents your minimum chance to hit. When activated, ignores MPM, BPD and Bonus checks and automatically hits. Because of the way the hit/miss system works in DragonFable, this stat doesn't come into effect unless your normal hit chance is lower than your direct hit chance; in other words, if your direct hit chance is 10%, it does nothing to improve your accuracy until your normal hit chance would fall below 10%. Base direct hit chance is 1%.

1 direct hit chance = +1% minimum chance to hit

Critical Miss - Represents your minimum chance to miss. When activated, ignores MPM, BPD and Bonus checks and automatically misses. Base critical miss chance is 1%, and cannot be increased or reduced.

Crit% - Represents your chance to land a critical hit that deals increased damage and cannot be a glancing blow. Base critical damage is 175%, but can differ between classes.

2 Crit = 1% chance to deal critical damage, capped at 50% possible from items. (Cap does not affect Luk, skills or passives)

Melee / Pierce / Magic - Represents your chance to completely avoid Melee, Pierce or Magic attacks, respectively. Checked against Bonus.

1.5 Melee / Pierce / Magic = +1% evasion chance

Block / Parry / Dodge - Represents your chance to receive glancing blows on Melee, Pierce and Magic attacks, respectively. Checked against Bonus and Crit.

1.5 Block / Parry / Dodge = +1% glancing blow chance

Boost - Increases your outgoing damage.

1 Boost = +1% damage

Resistances - Lowers the damage of [element], or in the case of Shrink and Immobility, lowers the chance of such effects working. Health and Mana resistances lower the 'damage' of Health and Mana recovery effects, thus reducing their power and making positive values for these resistances undesirable. "All resistance" effects include Shrink, Immobility, Health and Mana as well.

1 resistance = 1% reduction in effect of [element/status], capped at 80% possible from items. (Cap does not affect skills)


Thanks to the people who have helped on my guide:
Sakurai the Cursed, ClashOfTheTitans57, Elicius, Epsilon2012, gold, Baron Dante, Lord Vrael, Peachii, Mordred, nightslayer321, Therril Oreb, HellsWolf666, Wyker, Watashig, Ash and everybody on the forums.

Send me a if u find something that is not clear, outdated or wrong and i'll fix it.

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