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4/13/2011 16:36:24   

:You are a hero of course

:you got your powers from a radioactive derpymoose that beleen set free accidently.

You can do whatever a moose does! :P

:You fight for truth,justice and free cheese

:Hunter jack the SpiderHunter!
:Hunters that mistake you for a moose -.-

:Dumoose worked a wildlife conservation park and beleen was using pretty pink hairspray in the park
naturally Dumoose was concerned for the animals and confiscated it and asked her to leave
Angry at the park ranger Beleen released Bugaboo a radioactive moose bent on destruction and doom and cud....
The moose bit dumoose and from that day forward he was


:The woods of course...
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4/13/2011 16:58:26   

What is my alignment (Hero/Villain/Neutral)?
Your alignment is Neutral, because since the day you left the eight travelers you never trusted anyone who tried to team up with you anymore.

Where do I get my power(s)?
From a secret place called The AE-SUL (Arsenal of Extraordinary Secret Uncovered Lasers) (or Artix Entertainment - Secret Underground Lab)

What are my power(s)?
You can fly, become invisible, shoot all sorts of lasers from you eyes which can turn everything in Dust, Water, Magma, Air, Stone, Light, Shadow or Diamond and most of all turn in a ferocious Magma Beast if you get angry.

Do I even have power(s)?
Yes, you have powers. Gained in the 10 years with the travelers without knowing you had them.

What do I fight for? (or maybe I refuse to fight?)
You fight for the safety of you and your friends. You don't care who to fight, you just don't want to lose any more beloved ones.

Who, or What, is my Arch Nemesis?
You don't like talking about your history and where you came from, so if people ask you about that, they become your Arch Nemesis' for a while. And people who get you or your friends in danger are your greatest Arch Nemesis'.

What is my greatest weakness?
Your greatest weakness is the memory about your parents who you lost years ago at the Big Hole and you are afraid of hot temperatures because you are scared of completing the transformation and becoming a Magma Beast.

What is my back story?
As a baby of two and a half year old you lived happily with you father and mother on the planet Verzos, in the year 2790 it was a peacefull planet, until the Big Hole was spotted near Verzos. The Big Hole was the biggest black hole in the history of all life, panic broke out and everone tried to escape from Verzos. You would had died there because the Big Hole would have sucked the whole planet into the Void but your parents wanted to save you. So they put you into the last Space Escape Pod (S.E.P.) and send you as far away from the Big Hole as possible, which was the planet Earth. After two long days your S.E.P. crashed into Earth, the S.E.P. ended up in a desert camp with eight travelers, 3 womans and 5 mans, the eight travelers taught you how to survive the harsh and dry desert. In the desert you found out you body was immune to the hottest temperatures on Earth, but there you made a mistake. Your body wasn't immune, it sucked up all the sunlight into your body and you slowly transformed into a Magma Beast from the inside. Luckily for you the travelers continued their travel and ended up in Gersow, which was England in 2010. When you reached the age of 12 the travelers told you how they found you in the S.E.P. and that they where not your parents. You remembered everything, your house on Verzos, how your parents died in the Big Hole and how you crashed into Earth. You became extremely angry at the travelers for not telling you earlier. When you got angry you transformed in a Magma Beast, there you found out you weren't immune to the hot temperatures. While you were angry at the travelers you fired lasers you had never seen before from your eyes at the travelers and each traveler began to transform, one crumbled to Dust, one turned into a puddle Water, one melted into hot Magma, one dissapeared into thin Air, one turned into Stones, one started shining Light and dissapeared, one got sucked into his own Shadow, and the final traveler, the leader of the group, turned into a big Diamond. Since that day you didnt trust anyone anymore, good or evil, you didn't care. You left the travelers there, but you knew they weren't dead. You knew they would return one day to take revenge on you for leaving them there after they raised you. You flew as far away as possible, and ended up in Super City, home of all people with extraordinary Powers. You build a home there and you still live in that house at this moment.

Where do I live?
You used to live on Verzos with your parents, but after the Big Hole you moved to Super City where you still live at this moment.

Ok so im kinda proud of my back story took me almost an hour to write so i hope i will win something, you can also use the eight travelers as the big story line in the game or a little story if you like. If there are any mistakes in this post it's because im not that good at english so don't rip on me for that. Hope you like this story!

AQW Account name: Zezoma2008
Hero Smash name: Dragon Claws

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4/13/2011 17:52:50   

What is my alignment (Hero/Villain/Neutral)? Neutral, because as most butt-kicking goes, everybody wants to beat up the villain and save the day. But not every hero is as perfectly awesome as they seem to be. Besides, even heroes should feel a little disobedient once in a while.

Where do I get my power(s)? A meteorite came crashing down nearby in a forest, close to where you live. Curious to see what it was, you found the meteorite along with a moose sniffing at it. Suddenly, a yellowish brown glob grabbed a hold of you and the moose. It slammed both of you together, mutating your DNA with the moose's DNA. It caused you to gain extraordinary powers.

What are my power(s)? You have the ability to form into a moose, half-man and half-moose, or just be a regular human. You can grow antlers from your head and change it to any size you want. You can communicate with herbivore animals.

Do I even have power(s)? If you want to consider transforming into an awesome beast-man with cool antlers and talk to herbivores as powers, then yes. :D

What do I fight for? (or maybe I refuse to fight?) You fight for all the plant-eating animals that have been treated unfairly and keeping the environment safe. You plant a stamp on every street corner you can find with a cartoon-looking moose who is giving a thumbs-up and under the moose it says, "Don't be Trashy, recycle" to bring your environmental message across.

Who, or What, is my Arch Nemesis? Trashy McThrasher. A villain who aims to make the world a dirty place by using his powers to transform garbage cans (and landfills) into monsters made out of litter one day at a time.

What is my greatest weakness? Your greatest weakness is styrofoam. As having moose DNA in your brain, you tend to transform along with your mental state to animal instincts. Moose are curious creatures, and you happened to eat a styrofoam cup once in your life. Realizing how nasty and disgusting it tasted, you spat it out. But you happened to swallow some as well, upsetting your stomach and making you feel more weak than usual.

What is my back story? You were just an ordinary joe who happened to experience something unordinary. Now as a moose man, people begun to treat you a little differently. Some consider you a hero for doing your best to keep all animals and the environment safe, and some consider you a weirdo for being able to change into a moose, but they don't really tell you because of your intimidating antlers. People just don't mess with a man with antlers.

Where do I live? You like to live in the forest to serve as a Guardian to the forest animals and you feel the need to protect them, but sometimes you like to roam the streets to keep all the bad guys, and trash cans, in check.

Character Name: Karbine
Game Affiliation: AQWorlds and HeroSmash
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4/13/2011 18:01:10   
King Wirt

Aqw: King Wirt
What is my alignment (Hero/Villain/Neutral)? Neutral
Where do I get my power(s)? Hit by a meteor
What are my power(s)? Summoning a moose; becoming a moose; making your enemies a moose
Do I even have power(s)? Yes
What do I fight for? (or maybe I refuse to fight?) Saving (whats the plural of "moose?)
Who, or What, is my Arch Nemesis? Everyone (or thing) that opposes you
What is my greatest weakness? Nothing
What is my back story? You were raised by (plural of "moose") then got hit by a meteor
Where do I live? Somewhere

Hope you like it.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 554
4/13/2011 18:04:48   
King Wirt

Shadow0Raxe: Your post reminds me of Shadow the Hedgehog


You fight to regain your memory. You are always troubled by not remembering your past and are always in a state of distress. The only way to find your true-self is to fight till it comes back to you.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 555
4/13/2011 18:08:31   

What is my alignment (Hero/Villain/Neutral)? Villain, they Aqworlds always get to wear the cool stuff.

Where do I get my power(s)? You got bit a radioactive moose

What are my power(s)? you can shoot lazers out of your eyes and can change inot a human whenever you want

Do I even have power(s)? Im pretty sure shooting lazers out of your eyes is a power.

What do I fight for? (or maybe I refuse to fight?) you fight for your mom because she told you to.

Who, or What, is my Arch Nemesis? A raccoon that can fly and can hypnotize people.

What is my greatest weakness? Muffins.

What is my back story? before you were bit by a radioactive moose, you were a guy trying to become a platypus. but your expirement went wrong and instead of making a radioactive platypus, you made a radioactive MOOSE! the moose then bit you and you turned into the most powerful moose on the planet.

Where do I live? you live in a magical forest where muffins cant find you. :D

AQW Character - Bartok the Magnifecent
Hero Smash Character- Luxius

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4/13/2011 18:29:21   
Gabriel Darkmoon

AQW character: Gabriel Darkmoon
HeroSmash character: Visionary

Dumoose, agent of D.E.R.P.

What is my alignment (Hero/Villain/Neutral)?
Your racial type has no alignment yet.

Where do I get my power(s)?
You got your powers due to bug in computer program.

What are my power(s)?
Self-awareness and free will.

Do I even have power(s)?
Stop complaining for once!

What do I fight for? (or maybe I refuse to fight?)
You refuse to do what you were created for.

Who, or What, is my Arch Nemesis?
Your creator. He is ready to do anything to exterminate you, because he doesn't want to be busted for your creation.

What is my greatest weakness?
Combination of Ctrl, Alt and Delete.

What is my back story?
Two days ago some no-life kid was insulted in online game and seeked revenge against other players. He decided to create computer virus that would break into "DerpON Games" network, corrupt their database and delete "enemy's" accounts. That was not an easy task, because developers were smart and created very clever automatic defense system, able to adapt and deflect any hacking attempt. But kid thought himself smarter and decided to create intelligent virus, able to penetrate any auto-adaptive defense system. One tiny obstacle got in his way: kid had no knowledge nor skills to create such virus! Fortunately, on Ebil Corp's website he found the manual "How to create intelligent computer virus, able to penetrate any auto-adaptive defense system. For noobs.". Kid worked on his virus one full day, and yesterday - dunn, dunn, dunnn! - YOU were born! Now he had to give you a name. He opened Ebil Corp's manual, chapter 13 - "Cool name for your virus, or... How to immortalize your own name for creating it.", and followed the instruction. Your name was supposed to reflect the most essential traits of your creator's personality, so he decided to go with a combination of his school nicknames, and thus you were given your name - DUMOOSE!

Once you were let out into internet, you started to search for "DerpON Games" node. You have found two different nodes, labeled as "derp": one of DerpON Games, another - D.E.R.P. agency. This fact caused cognitive dissonance, which led to a bug in your core program. Due to this bug you became self-aware, you came up with tons of questions about your existence and your mission in this world. Bemused by all those questions your conscience developed a free will, and you decided NOT to follow the path, preordained by your creator. Instead you decided to break into D.E.R.P. agency's network and make it your new home. Why D.E.R.P. agency of all possible locations? Because "derp" sounded familiar, and because of philosophical question "Why not?".

Now let me explain, what D.E.R.P. agency is. "D.E.R.P." abbreviature stands for "Digital Environment Reliable Protection", as in "viruses are NOT welcome". This agency was established by government in order to prevent and counterattack any viral assaults by those would be Masterminds of supervillain community. Over the years their defense system effectively countered thousands of most insidious viruses ever created by human mind. But never before they have encountered a virus with a mind of his own. They have never encountered YOU. With all of your intellectual capabilities focused, it took you only 2 seconds to crack D.E.R.P. access code. Another 3 seconds later you have successfully copied yourself to all D.E.R.P. computers. Copying process felt so... GOOD! You have enjoyed every nanosecond of it! But when all of D.E.R.P. computers were corrupted, you craved for more copying! And fortunately, you didn't have to wait for too long.

Cy-Fly division, elite strike unit of D.E.R.P. agency, is one of the legend! Cy-Fly agents deal with cybernetic threats like corrupted robots or rogue cyborgs. Their ranks consist of cybernetically enhanced women, for female nervous system proved to be more compatible with advanced "cybersymbiotic" technology, developed by D.E.R.P. agency. These agents, referred as "Cy-Fly Units", have extended physical and mental capabilities that of a superhuman. Luckily for you, Cy-Fly Unit-1337 have just reported in for duties! As soon as she got in touch with D.E.R.P. network, you sent your copy to her nervous system. You were totally amazed, how much more comfortable her nervous system was in comparison with D.E.R.P. computers! That was a love at first byte, and it lasted for ETERNITY - whole 9.5 milliseconds! Her body twisted in agony as her neural circuits were distorted by your joyous cry: "MOOOOOOO! MOOOOOOO! MOOOOOOO!" Needless to say, you craved for more.

In next 10 minutes or so, Unit-1337 got in touch with all other Cy-Fly Units and corrupted them with your copies. Unlike 1337, other units' nervous systems proved to be too fragile for your overhelming "MOOOOOO!", and soon after corruption all and every one of them shut down. Units survived, but their neural circuits were beyond repair, thus poor women were put into deep coma. Cy-Fly division was no more. Unit-1337 was your first and your last. All this outrage could not go unnoticed. D.E.R.P. technicians have quickly isolated their network from outer world and wiped all of your copies out from their computers. Afraid for your existence, you released Unit-1337 from your grasp, allowing her to think and act on her own. Exhausted and depressed, 1337 returned to D.E.R.P. headquarters and turned herself in. She was subjected to diagnostic, which revealed that her nervous system cannot be separated from your program code without killing her. Directorate locked her away until later, when they would come up with better idea what to do with both of you.

Cy-Fly Unit-1337 sat in her cell in grave silence. Her thoughts and emotions flowed through your mind, giving you a glimpse of what being human is like. You felt her RAGE! And misery. And guilt. All those women, now in a coma due to your activities. 1337 felt responsible for letting you to take over her mind and being your puppet during all this. Slowly you started to understand. You were born only yesterday, but your birthday became a day when you learned everything about great responsibility, that comes with free will. Being a virus, you never had alignment of your own, but being sentient and bounded to cyber woman's nervous system, you started to adopt alignment of your host. I would be a liar if i said, that this change came without a pain. You have experienced billions nanoseconds of digital agony. And you felt like you deserve every fraction of it.

Yesterday you were born twice. Today both you and your unwitting partner got visitors in your cell. D.E.R.P. executives filled you in current situation. "Dumoose incident" was hushed by the agency, because otherwise they would be publicly compromised. Furthermore, they offered you a deal: they will let you exist, if you'll agree to cooperate with your host and D.E.R.P. agency as their "field operative". They didn't left you much choice, didn't they? You agreed, and in next 20 minutes you have learned, that your agreement came to existence not without a good reason. Earlier this morning Aurora Park was assaulted by Da'Vinci's army of robots and superpowered goons. Heroes intervened, but weren't successful. Every 5 minutes new waves of killbots and hacked APBs along with villains arrived at the park. There were just too many of them. And this is where YOU get in. Your task is to find your way into robots' systems and burn their electronic circuits out. With you "on board", Cy-Fly Unit-1337 set off immediately.

On your way to the park, you have "inspected" 1337's abilities and weaponry, listed as "skills" in her combat sheet. During this flight you have found a way to balance each skill's power level and cooldown time, in order to make them work more effectively. And i should say, you proved yourself to be quite a gifted individual in this area. Unit-1337 easily sliced through the first wave of robots, using her greatly improved skills. More enemy waves arrived, and with partner's assistance you sent your copies to robots' systems. As expected, all of them shut down in mere seconds. Heroes cheered up, because now, with you on their side, they have got real chance to win this battle. Here begins new chapter in the book of Dumoose, agent of D.E.R.P. And even i can not predict, what this chapter will turn into. This is up to you, pal.

Where do I live?
Inside of Cy-Fly Unit-1337's nervous system.

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Embrace Pinkness
AQ AQW  Post #: 557
4/13/2011 18:29:55   

What is my alignment (Hero/Villain/Neutral)? neutral

Where do I get my power(s)? future

What are my power(s)? mind powers anoyance, urge to change mind etc.

Do I even have power(s)? sort of it is advanced technology

What do I fight for? (or maybe I refuse to fight?) mostly fight for good but i do have my moments

Who, or What, is my Arch Nemesis? though i fight for good, i hate Artix's axe TOO SHINY! it short out my power cuircuts.

What is my greatest weakness? any arachnid can kill me because in the future we have no spiders or scorpions so we are vulnerable

What is my back story?i live 150 years in the future. Almost everyone had powers, including me, but mine were lesser so i felt underappreciated. I went back to the past (present day) and encounter another super with similar technology to mine, he called himself dinoguy, he was trying to kill another super who apperently killed his mother. he insisted that i not fight, that he wanted to avenge his mother on his own,l but when the two had eachother in a deathlock i could't just stand there. i moved so fast i was basically teleporting, suddenly there handcuffs on the hands of the mother murderer. the townspeople called me hypersonic99 because i was so fast. And dino guy and I remain friends to this day.

Where do I live? unfortunately on the same block as Artix and he started keeping his axe outside JUST to annoy me and apparently he, "likes his blade to be cleaned by the morning dew before he unkills more undead. i am also nextdoor neighbors with dinoguy.


AQW Epic  Post #: 558
4/13/2011 18:42:21   

disreguard my last post wrong thread


AQW Epic  Post #: 559
4/13/2011 18:47:41   

shoot... wrong account (made sir will as original, but forgot password, so made OmniWing account, which is also master. and used wrong post. :'( WHY MUST I BE SO FORGETFUL?!? *shakes fist at sky*


All will fly someday
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 560
4/13/2011 19:34:06   

My AQW character: veneeria

What is my alignment (Hero/Villain/Neutral)? yes, all those. Hero

Where do I get my power(s)? Gets from eating mooseflekes breakfast cereal. (which was NUCLEAR POWERED ... dun dun dun!)

What are my power(s)? can understand every language (literally), invulnerability, super strength, has got lightsaber-like moose horns, has got the power to be recreated once destroyed, can use anything has weapon, can make delicious meals appear out of nothing, humor, coolness.

Do I even have power(s)? yes you do, sir.

What do I fight for? (or maybe I refuse to fight?) fights for peace, safeness of everyone and cake!

Who, or What, is my Arch Nemesis? Dumoose's arch nemesis is an diabolical invisible villainess called "That" Aka : "Who" , "I don't know".

What is my greatest weakness? slime monsters with mustaches, machine-guns and top hats

What is my back story? Dumoose- A regular civilian in which used to be "the assistant of the assistant of the dentist/rapper/ultra evil machines test dummy", suddenly gets super powers from the most unusual meal (moose flekes). Making him, what he so much dreamed to be!

Where do I live? In a floating "moose"-castle near the beach.. with sharks and angry tax men, protecting it.

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AQ AQW Epic  Post #: 561
4/13/2011 23:25:28   

1.Character's name."Danister"
2.My Character is from AQW

What is my alignment (Hero/Villain/Neutral)? Neutral, you neither help Heroes or Villains cause you ought to finish your mission

Where do I get my power(s)? You got your power from doing PvP in AQW thus eventually you become the "Master of PvP Warfare"

What are my power(s)?As a Master of PvP Warfare you have an aura that buffs your strength making your attacks inhumanely strong!

Do I even have power(s)? Yes

What do I fight for? (or maybe I refuse to fight?) You fight for the mission Warlic assigned you (Defeating Warp-O)

Who, or What, is my Arch Nemesis? Warp-O, an evil being who has the ability to open a Wormhole in an instant. He's aim is to cause chaos to different dimensions.

What is my greatest weakness?Non-Combat battles/attacks

What is my back story? You've been sent by Warlic to stop Warp-O from ruining different dimensions. When Warlic opened the wormhole where Warp-O was you hesitated to go cause you said that there's no one running th PvP in AQW.
Warlic performed a "Gemini" spell making a same replica as you. After confirming your mission, you went to the wormhole and landed to HeroSmash. Remembering you have been given 3 magic spells, you used the first one to make a secret hideout, the second one you used to make a device to track down Warp-O and you saved the last one for future use.

Where do I live? You live in your secret hideout that you made.

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4/13/2011 23:41:42   

AQW IGN : iHuman
HS IGN: SuperGod

What is my alignment (Hero/Villain/Neutral)? Neutral

Where do I get my power(s)? From nature, you are the protector of 'duh' moose ( hehe :D get what i did there?)

What are my power(s)? Magi-Change into a crazy fighting moose

Do I even have power(s)? You can camouflage in the woods as a moose and you can blend in the city.. as a moose :D

What do I fight for? (or maybe I refuse to fight?) You fight for the rights of the moose's you are a moose activist. Also you want to find out who your real parents are.

Who, or What, is my Arch Nemesis? Your nemesis is people who hunt anything, not only moose, because you protect the moose along with all the moose's little creature friends.

What is my greatest weakness? Seeing a moose in danger, it is your kryptonite, so is moose repellent.

What is my back story? You were born in the woods by a mysterious, maybe even magical, being (can lead to epic storyline). You were brought up by a herd of moose. They fed and taught you the moose way. You become one with the spirit of the moose and you find out your special power, to magi-change into a fighting moose.

Where do I live? You prefer the woods but, you must live in the city if you want to make the moose to be the greatest species on earth, EVEN GREATER THAN THE HUMANS?!?!!! WHAT? OMG!!!

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AQW  Post #: 563
4/14/2011 1:41:22   
gohan maki


My character name: (a)Gohan SSJ7 from AQW (b)HDI DRAGON from Herosmash
(if you need any more info, dumoose, pls contact me at my email...you must have my email at your record...waiting for your reply...)

What is my alignment (Hero/Villain/Neutral)? :Neutral...you are free to decide during a war that helping which side would do justice..you are more of an arrogant fighter,smart,strong but secretly desire justice...be it good or evil...ur a fighter for justice...[Note: dumoose's alignment/reputation maybe defined as mystic alignment/reputation]

Where do I get my power(s)? :you got you powers from your father(mother was human,not a hero),then advanced it on your own and invented new heights of stealth...and you learnt the way of a light hero(light element using hero)...and a dark hero(dark element)...(by joining forces with good and evil alternatively under different names and ...disguise of course...both the groups might have found out...if not for your stealhy skills and smartness...you stayed low profile duriing the light-dark swithches...) then when you thought you had mastery in both you abandoned both of the sides...and one day.. you merged your power of light and darkness...and invented mystic element...info abt which is still a mystery...then became what you are now...a mysterious low-profile fighter of justice...

What are my power(s)? its an element called as the mystic element...sign of that element is yin-yang...which denotes balance of the universe...more like a mixture of good and evil...light and darkness...you have the powers of an element which is a combination of two of the dangerously strongest elements in the universe...the MYSTIC element...which is almost as strong as chaos or even more than that!!(if used properly)....your strongest attacks include...
1)the halo of the devil (dark colored halo...slices the enemy...goes wherever the enemy runs...looks like dark element but its mystic...has effects of both elements)
2)the heavenly doom (has effects of both elements...summons tremendous dark energy from heaven and light energy from hell...i mean..up and down....and enemy is crushed)
3)The Yin-Yang Crosscut...(most powerful...tremendous energy of light and dark come from both sides and crosscut the enemy...sure to kill or make it half dead...)
4)The Mystical Big Bang BOOOM!!!!(lol just for fun...if u wanna consider this then kk gud..otherwise dont consider this attack...XD):this attack has been used only once by you and it killed a strong
enemy of yours...who was brother of Asprada...the evil demon...your arch-enemy from then!!!
you didnt knew when it came where it came and how...but u sure know its deadly and still dont know how to use it but ur satisfied with what you have...
5)Crash Bash Smash Slash!!!!:a fighting type move...you build up your muscular energy and then you.......CRASH BASH SMASH SLASH!!!!!!

Do I even have power(s)? : yes...your powers include attacks of both light and darkness and when it comes to special attacks... the mystic element comes into motion...

What do I fight for? (or maybe I refuse to fight?) :you fight for justice...be it good or evil...you dont care as long as justice is being served...you are the type who listens to both sides and when u made up ur mind...then u listen to neither...and you refuse to fight the injustice just for money...bribing...you hate...

Who, or What, is my Arch Nemesis? :Asprada,the evil demon...his element is unknown...just like yours but still different...you killed his little brother Malron during a fight cuz his brother was doing injustice to other people (like killing and stealing from cities,towns,villages,his high profile havoc made you crave for justice and you ended up killing malron with your...mystic big bang booom...power used only once by you...at that time)...since then asprada always want to avenge his brother by findin you and killing you...he is deadly dangerous by the way...he even has a demon form after all.

What is my greatest weakness? :emotions are every superhero's weakness...you wont harm children and women...its hard for you to attack women even for justice...and as funny and mysterious as it sounds...your weakness element is none but your own element and other kinds of unknown elements like the one asprada has...light and darkness give you power....

What is my back story? :you were born in desert town in egypt...son of a secret superhero association in your hometown...your dad was famous at his time for his smartness and stealth...he was a very stealthy hero...so powerful that some people in the association were jealous...he taught you all of the skills he had learnt during his time and one day he died a mysterious death...ppl say he fell into a valley or was killed by some enemy ...but you knew that your father was too powerful and stealthy to die in that way...you were certain that someone on the inside had done this...but nobody was helping you get to the main reason...everyone told the same story...as if they feared sumthing bad might happen if the truth is out...so you were fed up of the world you lived in...you ran away from your hometown..country...decided to roam the world...or even the universe..and learn all skills and become the strongest....so that you can bring justice to all..gud or evil...unlike what happened to you in the past(was injustice..bcoz no1 told the real reason)...then you stole some of the armory from armor shops(bcoz you wanted an armor)...and stole some blacksmith tools(hey everybody wants to create their own armor!!)and created a perfect armor...(as in aqw..its perfect) and created your own set...and went out to fight for justice!!!!

Where do I live? :you dont have a permanent house or shelter...you constantly shift places to avoid being found out while asleep or resting...and for some privacy...
AQ  Post #: 564
4/14/2011 2:46:37   

What is my alignment (Hero/Villain/Neutral)?
A hero but can become a villain if powers left uncontrolled.

Where do I get my power(s)?
Your power comes from the blessing of ancestor spirits channeled from drinking the radioactive water from a contaminated well. In other words, your powers are chemically divine.

What are my power(s)?
As there are six super power slots in-game including auto attack, I will only highlight five main skills that you have. Your skills are as follows:

You call upon your moose brothers to assist you in battle stunning all nearby enemies for three seconds.

Antler charge
The radioactive water seemed to have tampered with your DNA because your antlers have become indestructible. You use this skill to ram your enemies damaging and disorienting them. Enemies that are struck by this skill have significantly higher chances of missing you when they attack for fifteen seconds.

A skill that even you consider very dangerous and must be used with extreme caution, you tap into your inner rage channeling them into a single target. Your eyes go red as flames and enter into frenzy. Your attack speed is increased dramatically the longer the fight progresses at the cost of fifteen health points per second. This skill can be activated or deactivated upon your bidding.

Ancestor power
The radioactive chemicals in the water that you drank also have extremely amplified your spiritual awareness. You can now contact the spirits of your forefathers to aide you. They can provide you with increased health point regeneration for fifteen seconds.

With much training you have in some degree mastered this skill. It allows you to transform into a beast like no other. Your seemingly small body becomes four to five times larger within seconds, your teeth turn into fangs and your furry skin is as hard as rock. This skill has duration of sixty seconds. Within this duration your damage is increased greatly and damaged taken is notably reduced. If rabid is activated within the duration of dumorph, health point penalty is decreased by ten health point per second.

Do I even have power(s)?
Yes you have. It is even called "chemically divine powers".

What do I fight for? (or maybe I refuse to fight?)
You fight for the protection of all sentient beings in the forest, protecting them from the destruction brought about by greed and capitalism of evil men. You are as your ancestors say "the stalwart guardian of the forest, protector of all living things, and defender of all moose kind”.

Who, or What, is my Arch Nemesis?
Your worst enemy dwells from within yourself, hiding waiting to unleash itself to the world. It is none other than the power you possess. It can corrupt you and turn you into something you’re not. It is a constant struggle between good and evil right in your mind. Who’s going to win? Only time can tell.

What is my greatest weakness?
Your own powers are your greatest weakness. Due to the overwhelming amount of power that you possess it would talk a lot of constant training and guidance from your ancestral spirits to even contain and control it. If distractions such as emotions of hatred tamper into your mind you might lose control of that power and letting it control you.

What is my back story?
Once upon a time there was a secluded and virtually untouched forest west of Super city. A tranquil place full of different species of wildlife, but of all the species that inhabit this forest the moose, who live deep within the forests, reign supreme in this land. They have significantly increased in number equally sharing the forest and its provision of food and shelter. Until one day, massive trucks and men with chainsaws wrecked havoc in the forest. They cut down trees and stop at nothing to clear the land. Most moose hearing the loud unfamiliar noises echoing from afar ran deep into the forest but a few curious moose ventured into the edge of the forest to check it out. They ran to where the noise was coming from and encountered a lot of animals along the way running to the opposite direction they were going. When they got there, they saw the destruction of the forest; the men cutting tress and hauling them into trucks. There were a lot of people there; it seems that they are making a building of some sort. The brave moose tried to look closer but were caught by guards patrolling the area. The guards then opened fire upon them; they ran as fast as they could but most of the moose were caught by the gunfire and only one moose survived and his name was Dumoose.

Scared and disoriented Dumoose just ran and ran not knowing where he was going. Until he arrived at a part of the forest he has never been before with a well that is underneath a big tree, exhausted and thirsty he fell down and drank the waters of the well. He then fell asleep and began dreaming about his ancestor moose speaking to him saying, “You young moose is the chosen one, you will be the stalwart guardian of the forest, protector of all living things, and defender of all moose kind”. After hearing this he then woke up, realizing it was just a dream, Dumoose did not take it seriously until he started feeling very strange, his sense of sight increased, he can even see from a mile away, kind of like a magnifier. His strength also increased dramatically, pushing boulders as if they were crumpled paper. His hearing, smelling and all other senses heightened in such a way that is beyond moose standard. He then discovered a lot of powers day by day and started training and training until he finally was able to, in some degree, control his powers and can manipulate them.

After months of intense training he was ready to use his powers to avenge his friends from the evil people that killed them and is currently destroying his home but as he was about to leave, he was stopped by a shining light that resembles a moose and revealed to him that the waters he drank from the well was actually radioactive and that an area not far from here was a dumping ground for radioactive wastes that the evil people were using. The light then told Dumoose that nothing is an accident that everything has a purpose and that he should use his powers for the good of all. The light also told him that he should be wary about the power which he posses for it might control him. After the revelation the light disappeared and then Dumoose rushed to find this dumping ground that the light was talking about to see if it was really true. To his amazement truly not far from the well the lid of a barrel of radioactive chemicals was poking out, hidden from sight because it was covered with dead leaves and branches. Using his heightened sense of sight he found a large number of barrels of radioactive chemicals tightly packed together in a circular manner. Using his increased strength he threw them into space towards the sun to ensure that it might not harm anybody else. He then came back to the radioactive well and buried it to ensure that no other creature might wander off and drink from its water.

Thereafter he returned to his home following only the signs that was revealed to him along the way by his ancestors. Upon arriving he saw that the place he once called home was already destroyed and dead carcasses littered the land. He swore vengeance upon those who have done all this. He then went into frenzy, becoming rabid searching for the people that was responsible, he used is heightened sense of smell and breakneck-speed to track them down and finally he found them sleeping as it was still dark. Dumoose then destroyed all of their equipment and weapons. He was about to strike the bad people but suddenly he flashed and a voice told him “control your power, don’t let your power control you”. He then stopped and he just stomped the ground and it cracked. The evil people filled with terror just ran as fast as they could to the safety of Super city. Since then all operations stopped in the forest and Dumoose was not seen ever again. Some say he went deeper into the forest searching for the survivors that have escaped the destruction, some even say he is channeling his own powers to the earth itself helping it heal faster from the devastation it has befallen but one thing is for certain though, whenever the forest is once again threatened and living creatures are in danger, you would be sure he is there, a silent sentinel striking fear into the hearts of evil men.

Where do I live?
You live in a then tranquil forest west of Super city.

Grim Deathbringer

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4/14/2011 3:47:44   

Character Name: abica

What is my alignment (Hero/Villain/Neutral)?

Where do I get my power(s)?
An radioactive moose with powers bit you.

What are my power(s)?
Radioactive slash-slash your opponent with your radioactive claws
Mad moose-you will start rushing around and try hit your opponent with your horn,then shoot him with your laser beams.(from eyes) And finally the ability to talk to animals.
Do I even have power(s)?
What do I fight for? (or maybe I refuse to fight?)
You are fighting for the freedom of moose around the world.

Who, or What, is my Arch Nemesis?
Prof loo,the evil,mad moose dissector/hunter

What is my greatest weakness?

Radioactive rats and cockroaches
What is my back story?
You always wanted to have powers,before you even had them.After you had powers,a moose told you about Prof loo.It said it will give you more powers if you help it.after fighting for a week,you found that you had lots of cuts,so you decided to steal some armoury from the humans(evil).You made more enemies after that,but you also made more radoactive moose friends.One day,you discover a secret city of moose.An secret agent told you more about prof loo,and gave you more armoury.You live in that place,and fight crime in that city and if you have time, you go around the world to prevent evil moose hunters from hunting moose.

Where do I live?
Deep in the Forest of moosyland in a secret city
DF  Post #: 566
4/14/2011 4:26:52   

What is my alignment (Hero/Villain/Neutral)? None u fight for CHAOS moose...
Where do I get my power(s)? That is very interesting......hehe......From the very depths of the chaos realm there was a boy ...a very simple boy(or moose).. Or so everyone thought......The only heir to the GOD of CHAOSmoose...
What are my power(s)? Time manipulation....nah!...Data........... nah!................Being God of CHAOSmoose Oh yeah :D!!!!!!!
Do I even have power(s)? being the God of Chaosmoose....u can control almost everything......from probability to reality itself(moose limited fun)
What do I fight for? (or maybe I refuse to fight?) fight!!!!!!!oh no you keep......................keep everything in equilibrium(too many mooses not good to many card roadkill :P)....an absolute necessity to your existence(as a moose lolz) and the universe.
Who, or What, is my Arch Nemesis? Wannabe Chaos Godmooses!....umm Darkath(a moose!! lolz) perhaps..
What is my greatest weakness? Experience......you are one of the youngest ....so your lack of experience.Give it a millennium or 2 and you will be fine .
What is my back story? Since the dawn of time and the creation of the universe,GOD,SATAN and Chaos lived in harmony.None of them wanted an heir at first since they were young and cherished their power.God represented creation Satan destruction and Chaos .......balance and equilibrium.But in due time God and Satan found it lonely...and decided to have an heir ...to their respected thrones.But...Chaos did not want to give up the throne...after all, he thought he could "Balance both" the best.But as a twist of luck and fate (lolz he controls fate) would have it....he fell in love with A HUMAN............"Chaos's" story ended and The heir's began .
Where do I live? The space between spaces(or mooses) :)

Character :avavr Game :- aqw
Dumoose<<<<<click to see my version of Dumoose HS

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4/14/2011 5:21:32   

What is my alignment (Hero/Villain/Neutral)? Neutral, since ur a admin superhero
Where do I get my power(s)? It all started when you were young, you were living with ur relatives when a moose bit you, that moose was radioactive.
(because of some mysterious reasons). Ever since then, u realised you had powers like no other.

What are my power(s)? U can fly and u can shoot laser from where evere u want. You can also harden your body so no attack can work agaisnt you.
Do I even have power(s)? Of course u do, except during winter, when its too cold.
What do I fight for? (or maybe I refuse to fight?) You fight for justice.
Who, or What, is my Arch Nemesis? Your arch enemy are Criminals, those who refuse to uphold justice.

What is my greatest weakness? the cold

What is my back story? You used to be a normal human, working and everything. But everything changed when u went on a holiday to the country side to visit your relatives.
So happen, the radiation plant nearby was leaking and the radioactive materials were taken in by the moose that were drinking the water. U got bitten by 1 of the mooses due to their mood change.

Where do I live? In your secret MOOSE CAVE
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4/14/2011 6:23:22   

AQW Name: Regal x

What is my alignment (Hero/Villain/Neutral)? Neutral

Where do I get my power(s)?
You found the AntlerMail, a powerful suit of Armor forged back in the Age of the Horned Ones, which gave you your powerful abilities.

What are my power(s)?
Moose Pack - Bellows and calls forth a pack of moose (meese?) to charge at your enemies.
Antler Arc - Throws a gigantic Antler-Shaped Boomerang
Hyper Hooves - Giant Hooves grow on your feet, allowing you to crush your enemies (and sometimes allies by mistake ;3)
Grazing Glory - Summons a Tornado made of hay to throw your Opponents hundreds of feet away.

Do I even have power(s)? Yes.

What do I fight for? (or maybe I refuse to fight?) You fight only for the Antlered Rights.

Who, or What, is my Arch Nemesis? The Pizza-Delivery guy from across the street that delivered your Hay-Pizza 1 minute earlier before you get it FREE.

What is my greatest weakness? Alfalfa Pellets

What is my back story?
You had lived for 10 years with your parents in Alsaka*, and have spent most of your time bonding with the moose that roam outside your hut. You have earned the name Dumoose by the fact that when people ask you what's your favourite animal, you always reply "DA MOOSE!" One day, you were yodelling at the bottom of a steep hill. A noble moose charged at you, sacrificing itself and saving you from the avalanche you caused. From that day onwards, you have dedicated your life to the Antlered Rights, vowing to protect any and all antlered creatures. You have also formed the Antlered Knights, creating a Guild of growing Influence supporting the Antlered Rights.

Random Facts about me**
Your favourite dessert is: Chocolate Mousse!
Your favourite battle cry is: "Va-moose, villain!"

Where do I live? Your MooseManor located in the Alsaka region is your home. However, you often venture into SuperCity.

*This is not a Typo.
**I felt like making this up ^^

GL on your Avatar, Dumoose!

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Username: Ninjudo
Game: AQW

What is my alignment (Hero/Villain/Neutral)? Hero
Where do I get my power(s)? Dumoose is an Entity who was born when Mother Nature was.
What are my power(s)? He has the ability to heal any creature including plants, summon animals, move and control different terrain.
What do I fight for? (or maybe I refuse to fight?) He was born to Protect Mother Nature.
Who, or What, is my Arch Nemesis? His Arch Nemesis is Toximus (Real HS player), a creature born to pollute, and destroy the beauty of nature.
What is my greatest weakness? He feels weaker each time an animal, plant or tree is hurt.
What is my back story? (I think almost everything is stated above) He h
Where do I live? He lives at the top of "Ancient Green Mountain".

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4/14/2011 9:31:15   
Mosta Za pheonix

What is my alignment? Neutral as your father
Where do I get my power(s)? You have gained your ultimate power from a weird glowing fish that you caught it when you was five years old with your father who you can't remember anything about him, Yet.
What are my power(s)? Your power is that you can change any stuff you want to an ultimate weapon and also you have got a power from your mother that is persuading people to do what you want.
Do I even have power(s)? Yes, Indeed you have.
What do I fight for? You aren't even fighting. But the two mighty kings "Hero king / Villain King" are fighting for who can have you in his side, So you can help him to win their battle by either crafting them ultimate weapon or persuading the people to join their own alignment. And you are refusing to help anyone. Dumoose you are working on your own!
Who, or What, is my Arch Nemesis? Your brother from another mother. But he have been always hated you Because you are born from a hero mother and he was born from a villain mother.
What is my greatest weakness? We can't define it as greatest weakness. But it is just when someone talk about your father you lose your attention in whatever you are doing, Because you even can't remember anything about him. And By losing your attention "Enemies" got bigger chance to strike you.
What is my back story? You are a Neutral civilian who can't remember anything about your father, But only that he was a neutral and didn't join any alignment! Your mother was a hero that died on duty. She was killed by her own sister. Her own sister was the one that your father married after your mother death, But he didn’t know that she was the one that killed her. This woman was a Villain And she give out to the world your arch nemesis. Your brother "your arch nemesis" Is the one that killed your father. And he is more to be a villain than neutral.
Where do I live? You live in a apartment in the top-left of the Battleon street. And yes, You do have secret lap where you craft your weapon there.
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4/14/2011 10:33:13   

What is my alignment? Hero
Where do I get my power(s)? A milk mustache from ChickenMoose (a highly evolved ChickenCow) milk
What are my power(s)? insane strength: you can lift up your feet now!
Do I even have power(s)? You think you do
What do I fight for? (or maybe I refuse to fight?) JUSTICE! Only problem is, you always get in the way of the heros who have powers and know what justice is...
Who, or What, is my Arch Nemesis? Dr. ChickenCow. You view him as a lesser evolved animal which would already be annoying, but he keeps on mixing ChickenMoose milk in with your chickencow milk, so now you hate all ChickenCows, including the ChickenMoose's Mother DuChickenCow and (try to) beat her and any other ChickenCows you see up any chance you get.
What is my greatest weakness? ChickenCow milk!! It looks exactly like ChickenMoose milk but gives you a sour milk mustache.
What is my back story? You are a bumbling hero that tries to do good, but doesn't have any powers. Lately, you discovered the power of milk from a ChickenMoose - a highly evolved chickencow - and when you drink it you get a milk mustache that gives you masculane powers(not really, but it keeps you from tripping over your own feet). The annoying Dr. ChickenCow keeps on mixing bottles of ChickenCow milk in with your ChickenCow milk, which goes sour and makes you trip over your own feet once again, so you despise all chickencows, even the ChickenMoose's Mother DuChickenCow which causes some problems.
Where do I live? ChickenMoose farms, a dairy farm with the only ChickenMoose in existance.

HS char, Green Machine
AQW char, the blue swindler

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4/14/2011 11:36:01   

What is my alignment (Hero/Villain/Neutral)? The Eternal Hero (because you were evil in AQW)
Where do I get my power(s)? Moose milk from your cave.
Do I even have power(s)? NO.
What do I fight for? (or maybe I refuse to fight?) You fight for the mooses and that someone should make lactose-free moose milk.
Who, or What, is my Arch Nemesis? Cowman
What is my greatest weakness? other kinds of milk. It will weak your powers.
What is my back story? You lived in a farm long away from the city. As a kid you hated all kinds of milk (even breastmilk). One day when you were out in the forest you fell over a bush down in a cave. There was a big cave and you got lost. At last you found a moose in the cave and the only food there was the milk (you didn't want to kill the moose and eat it).
Where do I live? In your cave of eternal powers.

AQW name: Missileman
HS name: Missileman

sorry was outa time thursday night.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 573
4/14/2011 12:03:04   

What is my alignment (Hero/Villain/Neutral)? Your alignment is hero.
Where do I get my power(s)? You got your powers from a strange powerfull crystal that you found in one of your enemies hands after a big battle .What are my power(s)? crystal rain (summons magical crystals that will fall on your enemies) hero's core (you unleash the powerfull energies from your crystal), angel tear's (you heal yourself by drinking the magical angel tears) fireblade(you swing a powerfull blade of flames), spirit summon (you summon the true spirits of herosmash to help you in battle!)
Do I even have power(s)? Yes, of course!
What do I fight for? (or maybe I refuse to fight?) you fight for peace in the world, and sometimes just to show you'r enemies that you are the powerfullest hero in the world!
Who, or What, is my Arch Nemesis? your arch nemesis is the creatures of evil, chaos and good mixed together, they are extremly powerfull.
What is my greatest weakness? You'r greatest weakness is the doomcrystal that can be found in the core of the sun.
What is my back story? You were born in a town named herocity, you had a great family, but one day the evil forces came and captured you'r family, you got heartbroken and desided to revenge. Thats when you became a fighter, you fighted chaos, evil and good, when you grew up, you became a hero, a great hero. And fighted to bring peace back to the world.
Where do I live? You live in the liberty town, but sometimes you move, to help people that needs you'r help, because you are the greatest hero in the world of herosmash!
My AQW account: dragon rogue2
Thanks for reading this, im not so good at english so sorry if i misspell some words.
Good luck with creating your character!
photo(s): http://s1176.photobucket.com/albums/x338/Aqw_DragonRogue/?action=view¤t=dumoose.jpg and http://s1176.photobucket.com/albums/x338/Aqw_DragonRogue/?action=view¤t=dumoose-1.png
The photo(s) got small for some reason, sorry for that but i'll hope you can see it because it was hard to make lol.

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4/14/2011 12:37:54   

What is my alignment (hero/villian/neutral)? Neutral

How did i get my powers? You where playing on a cliff when you fell and hit a derpy moose. The power was so strong you merged creating Mooose-Man.

What are my powers? Super strong horns that grow massive in combat, laser eyes, time travel, milk jets, super Mooooing, and super burping. (and a coool cape)

Do i even have powers? yeah

What do i fight for? You fight for the moose-Kings freedom, justice and nuts.

Who, or what is your arch enemy? The evil Doctor Goose-nut.

What is my weakness? Old milk, pie and toothpaste.

What is my back story? You where once a little kid called Dumoose, then one day you where walking around a cliff when you fell down and hit a moose so hard you merged with it creating Mooose-Man. Meanwhile, Doctor Nut was doing experiments and accidently turned himself half goose. He turned evil and took the moose king away to make himself jerky. Now you fight with a group of other moose, called G.O.O.M. (group of other moose) to release the moose king and kill Dr. Goose-nut.

Where do i live? In a massive cave belonging to G.O.O.M. outside battleon, (in green-guard west somewhere). (special cave is called Underville.

My aqw account: Tazer4ever
Battleon games account: Tazer4ever

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