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RE: =HS= What is Dumoose? (Entries)

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4/14/2011 12:40:18   

HeroSmash name: Askewen

(I assume that the HeroSmash city is called Liberty City?)

What is my alignment (Hero/Villain/Neutral)? Hero
Where do I get my power(s)? The sacrifice of Pandora, which's force had spread cryptic powers and physchical abilities in and outside Orphan.
What are my power(s)? Dumoose has no direct abilities to be considered as powers, although Pandora's sacrifice had given Dumoose extended physchical abilities, for example extended endurance and the ability to leap further than any normal citizen in Liberty City can. Dumoose's main direct source of offense is the arsenal of weapons that was given to the Pandoran Riot Vanguards.
Do I even have power(s)? Extended physical abilities, as was answered in the earlier question.
What do I fight for? (or maybe I refuse to fight?) As Liberty City grew uncontrollable soon after the restoration of the negative past of Liberty City, Dumoose decided to fight to regain the control in Liberty City in the means of joining the Pandoran Riot Vanguards.
Who, or What, is my Arch Nemesis? Dumoose has no known Arch Nemesis.
What is my greatest weakness? Close-range with ''who's and what's'' which have great physical abilities or superpowers can put Dumoose in the disadvantage.
What is my back story? Little is known about Dumoose's past before Pandora's sacrifice, but when his first story within remembrance begins, Dumoose awakens from a Medical hospital from (Cryo)Stasis, Dumoose being straightjacketed and not having any physical options, having been out for three days after the Sacrifice and in the mids of the re-built of Liberty City. having diagnostically been confirmed of extended physical abilities and capacitivies, the researched reason having been that his body was encoded with unknown physical markings, which were also revealed during the events before Pandora's sacrifice, and not having any known translations, backstory and apparent purposes. His events began as the medical hospital came under attack, being straightjacked, he made his way out of the medical hospital and avoiding the shadowing statuettes of the attackers, all to having been arrested and being taked to the Riotal Office, his remembered backstory and innocence having been confirmed, as well as discovering that Dumoose is being hunted by a population and variety of villians within and outside of Liberty City, the likely reason being the speculation of the physical Encodings being able to reveal the way of creating more of Dumoose's physical extends, and pushing them to a far greater limit. Ever since then, he had joined the Riotal Vanguards for him otherwise having been left defenseless and the project of regaining Liberty City's control to the greater levels.
In short, Dumoose had no remembrance to his near past either which was capacable of answering how it all started.
Where do I live? In Liberty City's Riotal Vanguard offices.

My character is from both HeroSmash and AQW, I originally started to revise the Skyguard armor into HeroSmash as a Dumoose concept. http://twitpic.com/4job4r

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4/14/2011 12:51:27   

Aqw name = Pure HS name = Pure AQW
What is my alignment (Hero/Villain/Neutral)? Choosing the alignment is too much work, I just join the winning side.
Where do I get my power(s)? I get my powers from food and the sun.
What are my power(s)? Power 1; Grab remote. Power 2; Delete. Power 3; Time travel. Power 4; Sleep. Power 5; Eat-and-drink. Power 6; OMGFDBBQWTF. Power 7; Win.
Do I even have power(s)? Of course I do :3 They are ^
What do I fight for? (or maybe I refuse to fight?) I fight for myself and my friends sometimes, also my beliefs.
Who, or What, is my Arch Nemesis? Rules and regulations man, free-dom of speech and freedom of action is necessary.
What is my greatest weakness? The sun being blocked out and work =\
What is my back story? A long time ago in a far distant land, a boy was sitting on his couch and then the sun shone down, gleaming on his face and he became a Man. That's when he realized there was more to this world that doing nothing all day...
Where do I live? I live where everyone else lives, in the city houses next to the president because am hired as a personal bodyguard who is over paid and doesn't do much.

~Pure, this was mainly for a good laugh after all your reading I don't expect to win =d
DF  Post #: 577
4/14/2011 14:06:25   

What Is My Alignment?

Where Do I Get My Powers?
From The FOrest,Green,Green,Green
WHat Are My Powers?
Moose Horns Of Steel,Nose Of Lazorz
Do I Even Have Powers?
What Do I Fight For?
The FOrest (Green)
Who Or What Is My Arch Nemesis?
Machines That Destroy Forest (Green)
What Is My Greates Weakness?
What Us My Backstory?
Not Much,Youre A Moose,That Was Mutated
Where Do I Live?
The FOrest (Green)

Me AQW Char Name: The Good Slayer
Herosmashz Name: Zarox
AQW  Post #: 578
4/14/2011 14:48:49   

What is my alignment (Hero/Villain/Neutral)? Villain
Where do I get my power(s)? From eating bannana's
What are my power(s)? Berzerker Bannana transformation!
Do I even have power(s)? Of course what's a Hero without!?
What do I fight for? (or maybe I refuse to fight?) Too save the world
Who, or What, is my Arch Nemesis? Demolicious
What is my greatest weakness? Mold
What is my back story? You worked in the powerplant that had a meltdown creating the world of HeroSmash,
With Demolicious! She knows it whas your fault and seeks revenge!
Where do I live? A secret high tech hide out under main street!

Aqw username : Nb17
HS username : Victoria

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4/14/2011 15:08:28   
Fluffy Bunny Boy

AQW and HS: Fluffy Bunny Boy

What is my alignment (Hero/Villain/Neutral)? Hero
Where do I get my power(s)? You get it from a nuclear accident
What are my power(s)? You transform into a crime fighting Moose that has laser vision.
Do I even have power(s)? Yes
What do I fight for? (or maybe I refuse to fight?) You fight for all that is good and Moose.
Who, or What, is my Arch Nemesis? Cysero
What is my greatest weakness? Cysero's sock.
What is my back story? You were a friendly environmental person studying moose when you were hit with strong radiation. After that you lived in the forest to harness your powers.
Where do I live? In the forest, in a secret base.

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AQW  Post #: 580
4/14/2011 15:16:24   
Panda Claws

What is my alignment (Hero/Villain/Neutral)? You are neutral, willing to help the heroes but ultimately only interested in your own gains.

Where do I get my power(s)? You get your powers by putting the 'dumoosium' in a special machine which turns the metal into a liquid that you consume to recharge your powers for some time. (More about the 'dumoosium' in the back story.

What are my power(s)? Your powers have made you very smart and able to imagine and construct all kinds of machinery. In addition you are able to communicate with the machines themselves (those that can't speak like a fridge) . Unlike other mooses, you have also learned to speak due to these powers and you do so with a remarkable British accent. You keep bragging that you have almost reached YOUR singularity where the machines will be smarter than you. You have recently been able to create a device that transforms your into a human for a short amount of time.

Do I even have power(s)? Sure you do, you are able to talk with machines and are unmatched in your ability to create them, and you keep getting better at it. Not to mention you are extremely intelligent and have invented all kinds of amazing things.

What do I fight for? (or maybe I refuse to fight?) You fight for the freedom of robots, men and machine should be equal and they should be able to vote as well.

Who, or What, is my Arch Nemesis?
You arch nemesis is the DuBear which was also influenced by the 'dumoosium' 'dubearium' and got his own powers. He also learned how to speak and is now able to travel at lightning speed by ripping holes in the dimensions and travelling through them. He can also mind-control animals and has equipped them with some of your older machines that he stole so that he possesses a formidable army. His main weakness is that he also is dependant on the 'dubearium' to maintain his powers and the fact that almost all of it is in your hands so he has to steal it. But he does not bother with turning it into a liquid he just eats it up.

What is my greatest weakness? Your weakness is the fact that you are currently dependant on the finite amount of 'dumoosium' that you own and you are still struggling to find a way to create more. The constant attacks by the DuBear do not help either. You also have trouble getting taken seriously because you are a moose and are in constant fear that the DuBear mind-controls your parents and makes them attack you.

What is my back story? After a long yourney you fell asleep under a tall tree, little did you know that the tree stood upon a large burial ground, thousands of members from an ancient race were buried here. Though now extinct, it used to be a very intelligent species and technologically very advanced. Somehow their remains had fused with some iron, coal and other irons in the ground over the course of milennia. The tree however was very old and very tall and his roots touched the strange metal. That night it started raining and a heavy storm appeared. DuMoose was sleeping against the tree trunk on the one side while the DuBear was sleeping on the other side, the tree was so tall they did not notice eachother's presence. Then the lightning hit the tree, and one tiny spark hit the metal and suddenly a forcefield was all around the tree, the shock awakened the two animals who had trouble dealing with their newfound abilities and intelligence. DuMoose remained calm and serene and managed to understand the situation after a while and immediately started making plans to dig up the metal. DuBear on the other hand paniced and accidentally teleported himself to the far North where he learned how to control his powers. When he got back to the tree to recharge his powers however he learned that DuMoose had already cut down the tree and made his base there. DuMoose found many dead birds and other small animals that morning, he thinks they could not handle the shock of the powers they were given,...

Where do I live?
You live in your large powerbase constructed around the old burial place where you got your powers. It is where you invent new things, recharge your powers and welcome guests. It goes deep into the ground, up in the air and has many robotic guards to defend against DuBear.

P.S : If it was not clear, 'dumoosium' and 'dubearium' are the same

AQW character name: Lord Mexico

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 581
4/14/2011 15:22:17   

What is my alignment (Hero/Villain/Neutral)? neutral
Where do I get my power(s)? You get it from a mysterious stranger on the battlefield that is interested in your law making for PvP; back in AdventureQuestWorlds.
What are my power(s)? Fly (like most superheroes), high chi to block and overpower enemies, Physically the best defender in battle.
Do I even have power(s)? Of course you do ;D
What do I fight for? (or maybe I refuse to fight?) I guess what ever comes to mind :x (For example: you fight when others threaten you, you protect whenever you don't agree for the pain of those around you.
Who, or What, is my Arch Nemesis? It will become the one that defeats you in battle. Who knows? But you'll encourage someone to be that someone.
What is my greatest weakness? Overconfidence... What, it could happen.
What is my back story? You're a soldier from Swordhaven, been promoted to PvP director in AQW. Now with these superpowers (and your pixel-ed self), you can become your own boss
Where do I live? Anywhere can be your home :D. You're too powerful for denier anywhere. Heck, living under a tomb of lava is A-OK for Dumoose. :D
Okay, maybe a little more realistic: You live under a roof... lul ^^

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 582
4/14/2011 16:53:44   

Character: Nydrakon
Game: aqworlds

What is my alignment (Hero/Villain/Neutral)? Neutral
Where do I get my power(s)? When a lightning bolt, tampered by magic split in two, and struck you and a nearby moose at the same time, you received an array of incredible lightning and moose oriented abilities
What are my power(s)? your powers are to absorb electrical energies to release at will as well as the ability to grow moose horns and control other mooses (mooses see you as a sort of idol )
Do I even have power(s)? of course!
What do I fight for? (or maybe I refuse to fight?) You fight for your father, who passed before your eyes as a two mages did battle and a magical explosion felled your bystanding dad. This is also why you are neutral.
Who, or What, is my Arch Nemesis? Your nemesis, or nemesisis are the two mages whose battle killed your father, whom you are still searching for. (your powers also lead you to hate those who hunt the elegant moose)
What is my greatest weakness? Your weakness is fire, or rather, forest fires.
What is my back story? After the death of your father, you have lead a life of solitude, bonding with fellow mooses. You have been honing your powers so that one day, you may destroy those who killed your father. Although this was unintentional, you have always been blinded by the anger that followed this tragic event. You also have seemed to find a knack for overviewing the sporting battles between adventurers alike.
Where do I live? You live in a nature-like, yet sophisticated house on the outskirts of a forest. You had cysero install a sort of lightning rod so that you may harness its power for your own use.
DF AQW  Post #: 583
4/14/2011 19:01:56   

What is my alignment (Hero/Villain/Neutral)? Evil. Evil can grant you power beyond your wildest dreams. :)

Where do I get my power(s)? You were born with them.

What are my power(s)? Mind control. Get people to do your dirty work.

Do I even have power(s)? Yes.

What do I fight for? (or maybe I refuse to fight?) You fight for power.

Who, or What, is my Arch Nemesis? King Alteon! GOOD MUST FALL! :)

What is my greatest weakness? You have no weakness. You are evil, you cannot be stopped. Unless I ruin your plans. :)

What is my back story? You were an alien from Mars who crash landed on Earth. You were born with your super powers and decided to take over Earth when...IT ALL WENT TOTALLY WRONG! But you got back up on your feet and called your minions to Earth to conquer it. Then I come along and stop your plan. :D

Where do I live? In an underground tunnel.

I have a AQW account AND a HeroSmash account. Both have the same name: messi10006 and both are connected to my Master account.

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4/14/2011 20:10:43   

what is my alignment? (hero)
where do i get my powers? I get my power from the magical land called forest.
what are my powers? I have the ablity to control you with my mind and to rise dead from the graves.
do i even have powers? I have mental abilites
what do i fight for? I fight to keep heros beliving that they still have the power to change the world.
Who, or What, is my Arch Nemesis? I have the arch nemesis of a mystical creature that can turn me into stone
what is my greatest weakness? Fight in the darknees when i cant see them.
what is my back story? I grew up in school known as the nerd or smart kid in class. When i went home it was normal as a life is. At age 18 i started noticing that i could get away with anything i wanted.
where i live? I live in in a town named flight.
Post #: 585
4/14/2011 22:04:22   

Character: Yodog911
On Aqworlds
What is my allignment? Hero/Good
Where do I get my power(s)? Nature; the ability to transfer energy from nature came from when you touched that orb of darkness (Read Backstory)
What are my power(s)? Your items are magically enchanted from nature, and when you use your bow and arrow, you never run out of arrows. You can run as fast as a moose. You can run at high speeds for a long time. You cover your mouth with cloth so that while running, you can breath fine without air rushing into your mouth. You don't fly anymore, because running is faster now.
Do I even have power(s)? Yes.
What do I fight for? You fight for your parents who were captured and are still alive somewhere. You will find them, and hopefully rejoin them! You fight, in part, for revenge against the man who took them. You fight for good, and to keep people safe from, because of what happened to you. You want to make the world a better place, one super villain at a time.
Who or what is my Arch Nemesis? Your ultimate enemy is Grey, the head of D.O.U.V. (Doom Organization of Ultra Villains) (Read Backstory).
What is my greatest weakness? When absolutely NO life (animals, plants, etc.) is near you. You have no powers then, thus you are vulnerable to attacks.
What is my backstory? Dumoose was just a normal boy (15 years old at the time), living in a suburban town. Things came easily to him, such as flying, school, and sports. He really enjoyed the outdoors, and one day while hunting in a forest outside his town, he caught a moose! He made a bow with its antlers and used its hooves and some reed to make arrows. It became dark, so he went home, but while walking down the street of his house, he saw a bright light in the darkness. In between houses he could see a building on fire. Then the next building suddenly collapsed. Presently, more buildings and houses were slowly engulfed in the conflagration or just collapsed into piles of debris. By this point, Dumoose was sprinting home, and his parents met him at his front door. Apparently, an evil group of villains was destroying the town, and not even the super police could stop them. His parents decided they needed to escape the town, and got Dumoose's things for him along with their own. They were on the outskirts of town when they saw a man. They couldn't see his features because of the darkness of the night. He asked what happened, and the family quickly explained what they knew. "Well," The man said," That just happens to be my group of villains, D.O.U.V. I'm the leader; call me Grey." Dumoose took a step forward and continued walking, "You did this?!" Suddenly he heard a rustle in the bushes and his parents were gone. "Wha-What did you do with them!?" Dumoose asked. The reply: "I made sure they wouldn't be a 'problem'."

Immediately, Dumoose, still carrying his arrows and bow, lunged forward and attacked. Grey swiftly pulled out an orb and sent a charge of dark energy at his young opponent. It missed, but although Dumoose attacked without a problem, he didn't hit Grey. He had hit... the Orb! Suddenly Dumoose felt that something in his body had changed. He felt that he was stronger and more powerful, and when he ran up to attack Grey again, he realized he was super fast! He suddenly remember his weapon was a bow and not a sword, so he pulled out an arrow and let loose. It was a perfect hit, and Grey was in pain. Dumoose then fired more arrows, while Grey parried them with his dark energy. Of course, this maneuver only lasted until Dumoose ran out of arrows, at which point he began to panic. Grey now attacked with his dark energy, and Dumoose dodged; he didn't know what else to do without his arrows. He made sure, yet again, that he had no arrows left, but when he put his hand back in his quiver he felt no less than ten of them! It was incredible! Grey, realizing this disadvantage of having no weapon, swiftly flew to Dumoose and knocked him off his feet. He retreated and escaped. When Dumoose came back to his senses, he realized he was alone. His parents were gone. He swore that he would find and get his parents that day; he'd take down Grey and his evil organization. One day...one day.... Now Dumoose fights for good, and helps people whenever he can. He still looks for Grey, but no trace of the man has been found...yet.
Where do I live? You often retreat to a secret lair inside your town. The town is in ruins though, and no one knows where your lair is, but you. You seem to disappear in the barren ruins of what once was your hometown.
Here's a sketch for the contest.
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4/14/2011 23:48:13   

(1)What is my alignment (Hero/Villain/Neutral)? Well I would say that your alignment would be hero/good because you help other people get stronger and of course we know we know helping other players by telling them stuff like there questions is good nothing really evil your good.
(2)Where do I get my power(s)? You got your super power(s) from nature such as animals that you love like moose thats why you were called part of your name Moose but you got mixed with a chemical one day when you were walking alone home going home which gave you unknown super powers.
(3)What are my power(s)? You have Chemical reaction, Toxic Waste, Calling of the Moose, Horn Drill and of course the ultimate power DOOMoose is the power itself called.
(4)Do I even have power(s)? Yes like I said you have gotten it from a chemical you accidentally got mixed in.
(5)What do I fight for? (or maybe I refuse to fight?) You fight for the love of your people and animals such as Moose's.
(6) Who, or What, is my Arch Nemesis? It is a kind of a shadow or animal who has been threatening the people and animal in the city of heroes which is a very powerful villain it might even be a super powered human with the same powers you have but use for evil not good.
(7)What is my greatest weakness? Your greatest weakness is to see your loved people and animals get dying in front of you.
(8)What is my back story? A very long time ago before you were mixed by the chemical you lived peacefully in the town/city of heroes just a normal boy sitting and watching Heroes save the day day by day and you also was a big fan of the animal Moose that you loved it so much and took care of it like was you're very own child, you were also one of the most caring people that cared for everyone in town of heroes and you have also dreamed to be a super hero to protect them from harm and to keep them safe and happy in everyday of there lives.
(9) Where do I live? You lived in a cottage somewhere in the Forest since you loved nature and Moose's and it was also close and connected to the town/city of heroes where you loved watching you're also loved once the people.
From Player "Goodwinbird" from AQWorlds and FireX in HeroSmash

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4/15/2011 1:08:00   

http://twitpic.com/44cg82 it is a smoke diver i hope u like it :D
AQW Epic  Post #: 588
4/15/2011 1:35:11   

What is my alignment (Hero/Villain/Neutral)? Mainly neutral. Your trust in others sometimes lead you to be manipulated.

Where do I get my power(s)? Beginning life as an innocent nonchalant moose, a superhero that was recently terminated by a supervillain's Destray Gun accidentally transferred his powers to you, granting you the intelligence to be sentient and others that the superhero obtained over the years.

What are my power(s)? You still retain the moose-like qualities you have, meaning you have enhanced speed and strength given enough momentum. Due to this you have the ability to do parkour-like tricks although you are quite clumsy because you are, in essence, a moose. In addition to this, your skull is extra hard so you headbutt quite well (lol) AND you can talk to fellow moose(s). Anyway, the superhero's abilities include being able to jump rather far, limited terrakinesis (by stomping you can create minor tremors), and the ability to see through illusions.

Do I even have power(s)? Of course, though due to your unfamiliarity with the human anatomy it takes time and practise, as well as intense concentration, to utilise their potential fully. You mainly headbutt people you don't like.

What do I fight for? (or maybe I refuse to fight?) You don't really want to fight, due to the human anatomy you no longer feel the need to duel other moose for territory. However, as you gain more friends you feel compelled to help them. As you are mainly neutral, most of your actions are self-defence and you do not like revenge much (except for pranks.)

Who, or What, is my Arch Nemesis? Evilcorp? One of these was the supervillain (Lars Steale) that destroyed the superhero, due to molecular memory you feel apprehension when he is around. You fight those who hurt your friends (not often as they are super too).

What is my greatest weakness? Reverting back to a moose. Obvious countless times you will be transformed back you loathe returning to the human form again. A taste of the old times makes you forget who you became.

What is my back story? A few years prior you were just any old moose, chomping your way through life. One day, Lars Steale obliterated the being called Seisman (Santez Leon), one of the many heroes of Super City with a fusion-powered strange matter gun because he was obstructing an elaborate plan to turn buildings into homicidal robots. The blast took him into the park where you were quietly nibbling grass. As he imploded, his abilities transferred to you, transforming you into a superhuman with moose tendencies.

Where do I live? You live in the groundmaster's cabin, seeing as you take pleasure in looking after the park and beating up vandals. You hate it that you have to clean up after the wars although you salvage sugar packets found on unconscious people as payment.

I'm not sure if this is relevant but here is a description of appearance:
A man in his twenties with brown hair, brown eyes and seemingly average build. However, when his powers manifest his eyes turn gold. He normally wears a light T-shirt and jeans but on superhero duty, he prefers a brown/gold supersuit with green trimming. His weapons of choice is hand-to-hand combat although he occasionally uses a horn truncheon.

Hope this helps! :D


Forgot to include details:
1. Ryael (from AQW) OR Raynar Anankiron (from HS) I guess either will do?

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4/15/2011 3:18:09   

pofta 2000 aqworlds
What is my alignment (Hero/Villain/Neutral)? villian
Where do I get my power(s)? running an experiment on a moose and it malfunctioned and blew up and now your half mosse
What are my power(s)? summon evil mosses witch fight for you
Do I even have power(s)? not many
What do I fight for? (or maybe I refuse to fight?) for mosse kind
Who, or What, is my Arch Nemesis? lion king
What is my greatest weakness? getting eating
What is my back story? i liked to eat mosse
Where do I live? in a giant mosses mouth

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4/15/2011 8:04:47   
Great Sumo

What is my alignment? Neutral Cuz U Are To Good To Be Evil And To Evil To Be Good.
Where do I get my power(s)? From Your Special Cow In A Comic.
What are my power(s)? Cow Shield, Cow Horn Slash And Giant Cow.
Do I even have power(s)? Of Course I've Wite Them.
What do I fight for? (or maybe I refuse to fight?) You Fight For The Cow Because It Gave You Power.
Who, or What, is my Arch Nemesis? Bad Coyote And Galanor The Cow Slayer
What is my greatest weakness? Laughing Voice And Evil Scream.
What is my back story? You Was A Rancher Who Love Cow One Night You Put You Head On A Cow Comic And Wish That You Was A Hero A Star Fell Down And Knocked U Down Then U Realize Your Power Is Not just Powers But Cow Powers.
Where do I live? You Live In A Regular House But The House Shape Is A Giant Cow.

High Red Dragon
AQWorlds (I Don't Have HeroSmash)

I Really Need The Code Because Im Just Rogue And Healer In AQWorlds

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AQW  Post #: 591
4/15/2011 9:31:51   

What is my alignment (Hero/Villain/Neutral)? Villian but fights both Heroes and Villains

Where do I get my power(s)? its in the bloodline

What are my power(s)? can summon magical red aura swords to attack and defend.

Do I even have power(s)? Yes

What do I fight for? (or maybe I refuse to fight?) to show that your kind is the strongest

Who, or What, is my Arch Nemesis? the one who murdered your kind, a mage in a black robe

What is my greatest weakness? Motion Sickness

What is my back story? your the son of the chieftain in a tribe named Durandal. your tribesmen was peaceful and living in harmony until, a storm brewed into the fields. A mage dress in a black robe with a scar in his left hand is walking towards and start attacking your tribesmen. your people fought against the mage but they were just easily overcome. your father the chieftain hide you under the bed? and your father use his power to cover your mana and seal you there temporarily not to be detected by the mage. your father fought the mage but the mage defeated your father and end his misery life. the mage search by detecting manas around the area and make sure there were none left of the Durandal tribe, when the mage ensures no one is alive the mage left. after sometime you left the bed and see your home destroyed and your fellow tribesmen lifeless. there you swore that you will find the one who did this and avenge your tribesmen death.
Where do I live? You live in your own secret hideout in the forest.


aqworlds Name : stkevid
Post #: 592
4/15/2011 11:37:05   

What is my alignment?:
Neutral, because it'll be not fair that strongest person in Hero Smash is neither on Good or Evil side.

Where do I get my powers?:
You got Your powers from little green people, that visited the Earth long time ago. Their airship crushed on farm there You were living and since You're a kind person, You helped those little people to start the engine and get back to their adventures. But before they left, they gave You strong powers which are called Moose's powers in their language.

What are my power(s)?:
You have 5 main powers which are:
1.Shadow Strike (A powerfull strike that hits high critical, which can defeat ANYBODY! Even Miltonius and J6)
2.Healing Curse (Heals all friendly targets in room and freezes their XP for 10 seconds)
3.Mind Freeze (Freezes enemies mind for 6 seconds. Effects two enemies at once)
4.Life for Life (A spell that increases haste by 50% for all friendly targets in room)
5.and of course: Auto Attack (While in Auto Attack You strike your opponents with some ninja skills. And Auto Attack is in case if You fall asleep while in PvP)

What do I fight for?:
You fight for better world without thiefs and guys, with black hat over the face, that are running around at midnight.

Who, or What, is my Arch Nemesis?:
Umm.. You have none.

What is my greatest weakness?:
Xyo's fans (No bad meant)

What is my back story?:
You were an ordinary boy who lived an ordinary live. Your name is Dumboldore, but since it's kinda long, everyone were calling You for Dum. You were living in a little, peaceful farm, there nobody had some kind of enemies who wants to kill them.
So, Your story begins in one summer night, long time ago. You were going out with dog, when You saw something strange in sky. It was big and white thing, that slowly were comming closer to the place there You were standing. After a while it falled not so far away from You, and since You weren't really a afraid from that thing, You came closer and looked what's the problem. When You came closer You saw that that thing was broken, and little, green people were standing around it. Since Your good with all kind of mashines, You helped them out to fix that thing. They were very grateful for what You did, and they gave You some kind of strong powers which are called Moose's powers. You were very thankful for that, because Your biggest dream was to become a powerful hero. When Your friends find out about this whole thing, they asked if they can join You, to make a better world. After some time You decided to make a big clan, and everyone could join in they want. Right now, this clan became a very big and powerful mass of people, who all, in some kind of weird way, got powers (Your powers are still the strongest of all of course). Oh yeah, since everyone was calling You Dum, and You got powers which are called Moose's powers, now is everyone calling You for Dummose.

Where do I live?:
Right now You're living in one of closed stores in mainstreet. It's quiet and nice place, there nobody can find You. Though You are wondering about getting a new house in Antarctica, there You can enjoy the beautiful view and penguins.

AQW name: tiinchuks
HS name: tiinchuks

P.S. I am more than sure that I had a lot of grammatical misstakes, so sorry about that.. English isn't really my strong side :D

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Silver Sky Magician

What is my alignment (Hero/Villain/Neutral)?

You are considered to be a villain by the general public, but a hero by the animals you are fighting for. Your intentions and character are good, but the nature of your intentions are such that you are antagonistic towards humans, though you are one yourself.

Where do I get my power(s)?

You get your powers from the woodland creatures, which taught you their skills and honed your abilities. You were further empowered by the Earth Spirit of Nature when it merged with you after facing imminent destruction.

What are my power(s)? Do I even have power(s)?

You can run, swim, climb and fly with inhuman speed and silence. You also have to ability to communicate with animals, both verbally and through telekinesis, and gather massive numbers of them to assist you. You can make plants grow at incredible speeds, to the point when you can create an entire forest from a handful of seeds within minutes. However this uses up an great amount of mana, practically exhausting your supply despite your large capacity of it.

Your most powerful skill is 'Panic', when you can cause pandemonium among your enemies by disrupting their thought processes, causing them to blindly flee in fear, attack each other, or simply faint on the spot. Even experienced and proficient warriors will only be able to use a maximum of 20% of their true power after beng affected by 'Panic', a hypersonic series of screeches. 'Panic' will leave you immobile and completely vulnerable though, so you are training hard to gain full mastery over this skill.

What do I fight for? (or maybe I refuse to fight?)

You fight to avenge the fallen animals that have died due to humans' destruction of the woodlands you had been living in, and to protect the environment.

Who, or What, is my Arch Nemesis?

You consider all humans as your mortal enemies without exception, however you are not particularly perturbed by your own identity as a human, because, as per the teachings of the Owls, you believe that you are a true child of nature on the inside, and whatever your external appearance may be is irrelevant. The soul is what ultimately matters, not the body.

What is my greatest weakness?

Your greatest weakness is a lack of objectivity and you are overly narrow-minded. You refuse to accept that any humans, or at least 'true humans' can be any good, and thus overgeneralise by deeming the entire human race as your enemy. Thus you sometimes assault otherwise innocent people, causing the general human public to view you as a mysterious terrorist. Additionally, you are unfamiliar with human civilisation, having lived apart from it for your entire life and thus struggle to learn its characteristics, resulting in numerous laughable blips when you attempt to spy on ordinary people.

What is my back story?

Her breath was raspy and short as she stumbled into the forest, blank eyes staring ahead, desperately searching for a haven, where they could finally escape those soldiers. But try as she might, she could not do so. The real soldiers were hopelessly lost somewhere in the mountains thousands of miles away, but the images of their blood-stained weapons and sounds of the screams that accompanied them replayed over and over in his mind, like some twisted video tape, doomed to no end. She could escape them-but she could not escape fear. It held her fast, and dragged her down, destroying hope, sanity and life... The ragged woman tripped over a tree root and collapsed on the ground. She never got up. The baby she had been cradling cried, a sound that ceased as a large shadow fell over it.


"Ha! I beat you this time!" Dumoose shouted gleefully as he beat Deer in a gruelling race. The Moose half-smiled in approval, and Dumoose's heart swelled. Nothing pleased him more than earning The Moose's praise. The Moose was respected by all in the forest, but especially by Dumoose. For The Moose was both father and mother to him-The Moose had saved him and nurtured him, after his real mother had apparently died in the forest. 'Dumoose' was a variant of 'The Moose', but somehow Dumoose felt that it didn't really suit him. He wasn't wise or calm or courageous or intelligent like The Moose. But he would be, he reassured himself, and justify his name.

A rancid smell interrupted his thoughts, causing him to gag in disgust. The other woodlands animals smelt the odour too, and as one they turned to its source.

"They are getting closer and closer every day," murmured the Woodpecker. "They with those cold, metal things and that deathly stench."

"What shall we do when they get here?" Hedgehog asked anxiously? "We can't fight humans. They are practically invincible!"

There were mutters of reluctant agreement, which were quickly silenced by The Moose. "I believe that they will not come here," he said. "And if they do, we shall have to make it known to them that this is our land. No one is invincible. If we have to, we will defeat them." With that the tension in the atmosphere dissipated. Everyone seemed relieved and reassured by The Moose's words-everyone, that is, but The Moose himself.


Light. Blazing, blinding light woke Dumoose up, making him blink in discomfort. "Is it dawn already?" he thought confusedly. But something was wrong. Dawn never came so early. Dawn never felt so hot. Dawn never devoured the forest like-


The flames ravaged the forest, greedily devouring the trees. Panicked cries echoed as bird and beast tried to flee the hellfire, but could only run and fly in circles, for the light at the end of the tunnel was everywhere...

Dumoose sat, stunned. Questions overwhelmed him. How? Why? What? He only broke out of his disbelieving stupor when flames licked at his soles, and he ran. But the poisonous fumes filled his lungs and darkness blacker than the deepest night surrounded him, and Dumoose coughed till the sound of his choking faded with the cries of his comrades...

Then came The Moose. He took Dumoose and practically flew on the ground, heading where Dumoose could not see. But that was all right. He, and anyone else, would entrust greater things than his own life to The Moose. Everything was going to be fine. Surely so...

Dumoose tumbled off The Moose's back, landing on the brittle brown grass. He turned to face The Moose, but someone else was between them. A translucent human, with a gentle aura and robes as long and flowing as her hair. She would have been beautiful, but tiredness and sorrow clouded her features. He blinked. No, she wasn't a human. She was so much more than that.

"We have no time to waste," she spoke urgently. "The situation has deteoriated far beyond anyone could have expected. This forest-my haven, my home-is being destroyed as we speak. Come with me, and help me. I need you to protect me-protect Nature. Dumoose, will you bear the mantle of the guardian of the Earth Spirit?"

Dumoose was overwhelmed. Watching one's home go up in flames, and then being brought in front of the legendary Earth Spirit of Nature was too much for anyone to take. But one look at the Spirit's face was all that he needed. He nodded, and as he did so he noticed The Moose lying on the ground. "M..Moose!" he cried. "What's wrong..."

He stopped. Great patches of The Moose's body were bleeding copiously. The Moose had been burnt by the inferno. "No..." he whispered. The Moose's cloudy eyes found his. "Go..." he whispered back. "Go, Dumoose..." Dumoose had no chance to protest as the Spirit teleported him away. The last thing he saw was a flaming, old tree topple over The Moose...


He knew who had done it, done that terrible, terrible thing. Humans. It had to be. He would fight against them, teach them not to kill others for those cold, unfeeling things they love so much. He would protect the Earth Spirit of Nature, and she would help him. He would wage war against those humans. For he was the guardian of Earth. Dumoose.

Where do I live?

You are constantly on the move, spying on human civilisation, learning about them, consolidating your power and biding your time, for you do not underestimate your enemies, especially after their complete annihilation of a once-safe haven.

AQWorlds character name: Nighteon
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What is my alignment (Hero/Villain/Neutral)? Hero
Where do I get my power(s)? King Moose
What are my power(s)? Mooo,Moose Bomb, Moose Beam, Horn charge
Do I even have power(s)? Moo?
What do I fight for? (or maybe I refuse to fight?) I fight for Mooses
Who, or What, is my Arch Nemesis? Cows
What is my greatest weakness? Thinking he has a weakness
What is my back story? His Family were poor and lived just outside a little town with the river on the right side. Behind this river there was a Mountain that separates Our town,from the Evil Cow Army on the other side. In this town,we were "Moose Casters". Not everyone got this great power,only the chosen ones that were strong enough to handle the power got it. But now there is only 1 Moose Caster left in this town without knowing it. When Dumoose grew up,it was something strange about him and the others. He could make through plenty of days without food or water. When he was about 21 years old,he discovered a great power that allowed her to Grab a Moose and Use it as a Weapon,Shield or even cover. When he went back home to tell her parents,they were both dead and it was a note on a arrow in her father. The Note said: " We will be back for you" He became scared and ran for his life when he saw Archers hiding in the Bushes. He ran to the Mountains and found a cave where he could rest. He was thinking about what the note said. What did it mean? The Morning next day he was already continued climbing up the Mountain,he still couldn't get that note out of his head. When he was at the top,he saw a field with Animals he never seen before,he went closer and suddenly he fell. Then 2 boys came to him and helped him out.
- "You don't look like a Cow-Magican" said the first one to him.
- No,I'm not,I'm a Moose Caster from the other Side of the Mountain.
Then both of the boys attacked him and he saw a portal from a Bush and he Disappeared. Suddenly, out from nowhere, he killed the first one and then disappeared again,but this time, he didn't came back,while he had the cover,he was running from the other one. He never knew he was able to do that. When he found a place to sleep, he was reading a book he took at the same time he killed the first one. It was a Magic Book of Chaos.He now had the Power of the Mooses and Cows on his side. He said one of the first spells. He disappeared once more,but never came back. He's now in Another Dimension where Heros and Villains where fighting all day for no reason. Now he is searching for people that can help her get back and later on help him kill the King of The Cow Empire.
Where do I live? Moo-Moo Land

AQWorlds Name:Popersfart
Herosmash Name:s0ul eater

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What is my alignment (Hero/Villain/Neutral)? All three you have spilt personalities
Where do I get my power(s)? On a journey through space you bit a radioactive taco that was mutated
What are my power(s)? Elemental manipulation
Do I even have power(s)? Only on tuesdays
What do I fight for? (or maybe I refuse to fight?) The safety of antkind everywhere
Who, or What, is my Arch Nemesis? The dreaded 6 year old who stomps those you protect
What is my greatest weakness? Mondays
What is my back story? You fell of a mountain and forgot
Where do I live? In an inter dimensional rift on the 2.35 floor of that one hotel...

Aqw: Roltharus

HS: Fallen Tear

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~The difference between insanity and genius can only be measured by success
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What is my alignment (Hero/Villain/Neutral)? Good
Where do I get my power(s)? A mad half ChickenCow half human scientist named Jimbob McFredrickson wanted to make everybody else into half animal hybrids. He stoleded you and used a poor innocent moose from his fathers moose farm to combine with you but it went wrong and you escapeded coz your awesome!
What are my power(s)? You haz a moose head but the brains of a human so you run around headbutting bad guys and just generally saving the day
Do I even have power(s)? Ya
What do I fight for? (or maybe I refuse to fight?) You fight for freedom of expression and individuality (because Jimbob McFredrickson wouldn't be evil if he hadn't been bullied as a chick/calf/child)
Who, or What, is my Arch Nemesis? Jimbob McFredrickson
What is my greatest weakness? Bacon-flavoured wood
What is my back story? You were just an ordinary guy who loved bacon, when BAM! You got abducted by bitter Jimbob McFredrickson who hated you got you tried to get eggs from him when you were both little (hey, you were taught that ChickenCow eggs came from ChickenCows and you were little so how was you supposed to know they didn't come from guys?) He took you to his secret underground lair and tried to combine you with a moose, it worked but, as he was only a mediocre mad scientist, the machine broke down and you snuck away while he was distracted calling the roadside breakdown service and getting angry because they didn't deal with evil machines of ultimate doom. from then on you vowed to fight against what made your enemy so evilly diabolical.
Where do I live? As you had no money, the only place that would take you in (coz your kinda funny looking) was a wildlife fund, so you spend your days sitting in a barn eating all the bacony woodenness you can before bad guys come and you gotta go off and fight em again.

AQWorlds Name: Howlong
HeroSmash Name: Seadread

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What is my alignment (Hero/Villain/Neutral)? Neutral
Where do I get my power(s)? U r trained them on the PvP arena
What are my power(s)? Spirit of gladiator , steelless will , calmness
Do I even have power(s)? Best PvP duelist
What do I fight for? (or maybe I refuse to fight?) U r stoped fighting.U r only watching now
Who, or What, is my Arch Nemesis? Warlic
What is my greatest weakness? Boring ... and general condition
What is my back story? Winning the arena and stay biggest champion.U r veteran grand master duelist.
Where do I live? In tower in PvP arena

AQW name : l3r421L
Master account : l3r421L
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What is my alignment (Hero/Villain/Neutral)? Neutral
Where do I get my power(s)? Mana Stones
What are my power(s)? Pure Mana energy
Do I even have power(s)? yes
What do I fight for? (or maybe I refuse to fight?) You Fight for whatever you think is right
Who, or What, is my Arch Nemesis? Mr.Z (Mr.T)
What is my greatest weakness? Gold
What is my back story? You never told anyone, your history is a mystery
Where do I live? a secret tree entrance

HS:Platinum Leaf
AQW:Sideway Clover

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samari guy

THIS IS NOT MY ENTRY ITS ZURGO E's(aqw) AND charictar name on hero smash party poison (hero smash) Username on hero smash:zurgo e

2.shoot lazors from your feet and hands ans summon a mose and monkey stampede
3.yes you have powers
4.the magical yogurt pot
5.artix made of chezee
6.battery powed symbol monkey
7you got bit on the nose by a radiactive crab
and finaly 8.a secret hideout somewhere in canada

aqw user name:zurgo e hero smash username:zurgo e/charictar name on hero smash party poison
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