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RE: =HS= What is Dumoose? (Entries)

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4/15/2011 15:33:30   

What is my alignment (Hero/Villain/Neutral)? Nuetral because you shouldn't ally those bad people neither good people because it is becoming really unfair,if you have talked to the one group (example evil) and you told lies and they think you allied him and when the other side saw you,they will think u ally them,so,they will fight because of you,just because of one Person O.o

Where do I get my power(s)? He got his powers on fighting people,and he knocked them off,because of his overwhelming coolness and the coolness of his set makes him perfect and sacry in the beggining of the PVP,and when you start the fight,you prove your strength and pwned all enemies and that's how you got your powers.

What are my power(s)? He got awesome coolness and overwhelming strength in fighting in PVP and that's his powers.And an ability of easily knocking off your enemies (i hope you wont become my enemy in PVP,wahahaha).

What do I fight for? (or maybe I refuse to fight?) You are fighting for nothing,you are just guiding people to fight for their team,I bet you refuse to fight arrogant people.(really?)

Who,or What, is my Arch Nemesis? Ummm..I think Cleric Joy and you are just very shy to talk with her (why don't you try out to talk with her :D?Just kidding you,hahahaha)if you are very wounded,ask Cleric Joy to heal you!Wahahaha..Kidding :D

What is my greatest weakness? well,I bet your weakness is Twilly and Cleric Joy because every time that there's an event,You always going shy and hide sumwhere,hide underground,hide above or hide somewhere in battleon,but if we click the PVP you always show to us (is that even secret? :D)

What is my back story? You do have a story that is epic xD,I don't know,and you are the only player in battleon that fight for war.i bet in your back story,you are shy and you are friendly (how'd you do that?xD) you do not reject friendship unless you are annoyed with the one you are askin to be friend,you don't even sleep,you just blink but you don't sleep and you guide us to waR in the Field.So!You awe cool!

Where do I live? I think you actually live in BattleOn and still continuing guiding people to war in battleon.But i know you are good and your not bad,you are just making fun of people to war and that's your coolness.Last Frostvale,did u live in the trees?Above?Underground?Or under the Xmas tree in the BattleonTown (whateevss...you have your security camera and if we click PVP in menu you always show. hahaha.kidding )

I hope you like this!Because of you Dumoose!Many people cannot get DragonBlade of milt (that's cool!) if you don't give us your blades,armor and helment and u will also don't give us your cool items if we don't pay you Combat Trophies,So i thank you!i hope you like this!You make me cool and you make me strong,and because of you,I learned how to fight!Dumoose,You rock! (Sorry,took so long for you to read :D)Have fun!

Adventure Quest Worlds Character : shark_torpedo

My master account username : bozzel05

My Hero Smash : shark torpedo
Post #: 601
4/15/2011 16:21:15   
Plasma Charge
Legendary AdventureGuide!

character: BladerMithic (AQW)

pictures of Dumoose and Midnight Sun
Click Me! :D please

Ok lets get this show on the road,

Dumoose was born before the great war and as a Child was fascinated by nature, the planet and animals. Espically mooses in fact he still wears his favorite moose hat to remind him of back then.


When the war started Dumoose and his two freinds Angella and Raphiel set up the Pandora Park Rangers or PPR, they strove to reduce the impact that the war had on the enviroment.
After many minor missions without fault the PPR had grown in size and confidence, and so they decided to enter the big leauges.

The excitement of the team for their first mission was short lived though, as they crept up to the factory realesing dangrouse cemicals into the air they were attacked, a cloacked figure zipped through the group and grabbed Angella, Dumoose shouted out and ran at the figure his fist aimed straigth for his head. The cloaked figure slid away effeortlessly and then dissapeared into the shadows.


After the first mission Dumoose(thats you!) trained non-stop, still not satasfied he went to the Great Oak in Pandora Park and asked it to help him rescue his freind Angella. Of course being a tree it couldn't talk, so Dumoose waited, and waited and waited, until it hit him... quite litrally. A perfectly straight branch bounced of his head and then stuck into the muddy earth by his feet with a "clang!?!" he started digging where the branch landed and soon found a highly ornamented Axe head, "duty" was written on it in long elegant letters he placed it on the branch and they fit perfectly. Dumoose thanked the Great Oak and left, he was sure that the rustle of leaves sounded like an applause as he left.


With Dumoose back the PPR managed to prevent complete destruction of the fragile eco-system of the planet in fact they were doing subpurbly until... Midnight Sun appeared. Midnight sun started to cause havoc burning forests down faster than the PPR could react, the PPR were pushed back into Pandora Park now the only eco-system on the planet.

Every entrance was patroled 24/7 waiting because that was all that they could do.

Midnight Sun struck at midnight she easly dispatced all the gaurds with a smog bomb and then a rapid set of punches! She flew over to the Great Oak and was supprised to see Dumoose standing in front of it, he looked up at her and for a second she stoped. "those eye's seem familar" she thought. She swooped down at him, like a falcon he jumped out of the way rebounded of a tree trunk and swnug duty over his head. Midnight sun grabed the hilt and hurled Dumoose into the ground, he was barely able to move due to the pain, Midnight Sun stood over him, "why do you bother to protect this worthless tree? the world has changed, we no longer need them don't you see they must make room for progress!" she said sincearly.
"Because these trees are our links to the past and the future, they hold the singing of birds and shelter the mooses. They keep the magic in this world!" Dumoose replied, and then he stood up much to Midnight's supprise "You don't know what you're getting yourself into... leave or... or I'll be forced to hurt YOU" stamered Midnight.
Dumoose took a step forward "I don't care what happens to me my duty is to this forest!" he said weakly. As he took another step forward something changed in Midnight Sun, her posture became rigid, "ha!" she chuckled "your in no state to fight me, say goodby to your green freind" she shoot into the air and launched a rocket at the tree trunk, flames spread everywhere, darkness engulfed Dumoose...


After the war Dumoose woke up in hospital,
he returns to Pandora park and now lives in the hallow trunk of the great oak(its massive and was only blown in half by Midnight Sun) Dumoose also finds the skycloak afterwards granting him flight while he wears it.

he fights as a lawful neutral and is highly weakened to fire but his greatest weakness is lack of oxygen.
He gains powers over nature afterwards as well but currentaly they are undeveloped.

I hope, havn't bored you to death!
and sorry it's not formated like the rest!

~Plasma Charge
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 602
4/15/2011 17:29:13   

What is my alignment (Hero/Villain/Neutral):Hero, Villain, and Neutral. :D
Where do I get my power(s): Over 9000 mooses.
What are my power(s) To summon mooses
Do I even have power(s) Yes
What do I fight for? (or maybe I refuse to fight?) To save all mooses from rainbow unicorns invading your planet
Who, or What, is my Arch Nemesis: The leader of the unicorns...Uni...I mean Beleen.
What is my greatest weakness? Moose for hair.
What is my back story? Dumoose. He's a man of many talents and known for the leader of PvP. (Purple veronica Pie) a clan of training. People fight against each other ready to fight all though it was originally for Dumoose's army of mooses to train in combat wielding marshmallows and sticks. Dumoose obtained his name from a man. He was a moose lover as a child. So he stared at the man while he said. "It's dinner time DUH MOOSE BE TEH FOUND", but little Dumoose protected him from the dangerous cotton candy lances, and gum guns, and even solar powered heaters. So little Dumoose ran way and become Dumoose and learned his new moose friend. (Tehmuuseofawesomenuss) can wield dual marshmallow sticks and become his armies colonel
Where do I live: Moose lake Minnesota.

Adventure Quest Worlds
Character: Neoshadow155


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4/15/2011 20:41:39   

Art For Dumoose

What is my alignment (Hero/Villain/Neutral)? Neutral!

Where do I get my power(s)? From your magical antlers of power.

What are my power(s)? You use a bow to shoot enemies from a distance. That bow is infused with the power of your antlers so it will never miss. Also you have an antler sword but you prefer not to use it, only using it when really needed.

Do I even have power(s)? Yes but you infuse items with it and use the items rather than using your raw power.

What do I fight for? (or maybe I refuse to fight?) You fight to protect the wildlife and the park where you spent your childhood in. You will ally with anyone and fight for their cause if you feel that their cause is great.

Who, or What, is my Arch Nemesis? Death Bots. They were created to kill animals and destroy nature. - Art For Death Bots(Crystal inside helmet)

What is my greatest weakness? The raw crystal used to power the Death Bots. Directly exposing yourself to it may cause temporary power loss. That's why you mostly use the bow.

What is my back story? You were just a normal kid that grew up loving the park. But one day the park was nearly ravaged by the Death Bots. But the Antler Fairy gave you the power of the antlers to fight back and drive them away. Now your days are spent defending that very same park from the Death Bots that are now searching for something there.

Where do I live? In the Dumoose Sky Fortress.

AQW Character: Green
HS Character: Green

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AQW  Post #: 604
4/15/2011 23:39:42   

AQW Name: Hova (Not Houa) HS Name: Hova

What is my alignment (Hero/Villain/Neutral):
Your alignment is nuetral because you shouldn't be aligned with any type of faction like in AQW

Where do I get my power(s):
You get your powers from your Courageous, Valorous and Heroic spirit that dwells within

What are my power(s):
You can do many things like Creating a Flurry of Swords created by mana or energy, you can also shoot a blast of energy powered up by your spirit within, and also you can create wings made of pure heroic intent/mana, these are just a few of the abilities you have, and your most powerful attack that could endanger your life if used is when you call down an enormous pillar of spirit power from the sky to crush your opponent but in doing this you could use so much energy that you could cripple yourself

Do I even have power(s): Yes

What do I fight for? (or maybe I refuse to fight?):
You fight for the love of battle, you strive to battle yourself training everyday to become even better to do what you love and to protect your friends, you always train to one day defeat the organization known as "The Shadow Keepers/Striders/Seekers" who destroyed the village you once called home and who terrify many of the residents of the HS world so you fight alongside your friends to become stronger in hopes of one day freeing the world from there tyrany

Who, or What, is my Arch Nemesis?:
Your Arch Nemesis is "The Shadow Keepers/Striders/Seekers" for what they did to your village and family however you do not seek revenge for what they did only to rid the world from them so that the HS world will be free from one more evil (Even though your nuetral)

What is my greatest weakness?:
Knowing your friends are in danger and theres nothing you can do to save them however this rarely happens

What is my back story?:
When you were young you lived in a happy village in a dense forest quite a ways from liberty city then suddenly one day when the sky was filled with dark clouds "The Shadow Keepers/Striders/Seekers" (A mysterious yet widely known Organization that destroys villages for the fun of it and who are said to be seeking "The Ultimate Power") attacked your village and destroying killing your family in the process however due to your courageous acts against them you saved your friends who you now train with everyday to rid the world of "The Shadow Keepers/Striders/Seekers" so that the world can be free from there evil/tyrany and be able to see A New Dawn and you also fight them so that once they're gone you can hopefully make battleing a fun test of strength against friends instead of a bloody war because of the battles against "The Shadow Keepers/Striders/Seekers" in which they fight extremely dirty and unhonorably

Where do I live?:
You don't live anywhere your a wanderer who wanders with his friends and who helps those in need with your powers that you have gained against training with your friends however you like to station yourself in liberty city every now and then with your friends
AQW Epic  Post #: 605
4/15/2011 23:54:02   

My character is Samos Slash on HeroSmash, and Samos7 on AQW.

What is my alignment (Hero/Villain/Neutral)?: Neutral-ness
Where do I get my power(s)?: You were exiled from the Knightly Order Regima Nation (K.O.R.N) and the gods look over you, your armor, blade and trusty red goggles!
What are my power(s)?: Laser Beam, Jump Attack, Lacerate, Minor Regeneration, and Fire Blast
Do I even have power(s)?: Yes, who doesn't? O.o
What do I fight for? (or maybe I refuse to fight?): Neutraville.
Who, or What, is my Arch Nemesis?: King Sekovet III
What is my greatest weakness?: My past.
What is my back story?: After being exiled from K.O.R.N, I went traveling the many regions of Super City looking for a place to belong. Remembering parts of my past made me cringe along the way. Back when I was born, or "built", I trained to be one of the elite forces of K.O.R.N. The reigning threat in my land were the Cygres, gruesome man-made ogres of electronic programming with one mission, make reality into a cybernetic realm. We fought for ages and ages, never ending blood-shed and "computer-juice" battles. Then that day came. A day that I did not want to come. The day.....the cygres reached our fortress. Our soldiers were beaten, artilery shot down, and our fortress' defence torn apart. I managed to escape in one piece, but the rest didn't. I went into hiding for months, scared to return back to my own home, scared to find out what was left.
I pulled myself together, grabbed my gear, and went back. When I arrived, my face went cold. Broken bodies of my brothers and sisters on the floor, the ceiling broken apart by cybernetic meteorites. It was too much to handle. I ran down the hallway frightened, not realising the exit was behind. I had to figure out what had happened to our king, King Sekovet III. I reached the throne room only to find out it was untouched. Royal carpet and cloth were still intact, the walls clean, the aroma in the air of sweet blossoms. I was shocked to see the sight of it. A thought came to me thinking, it was a set-up. The King must've planned for those Cygres to attack us, but why? Suddenly, the King entered with Cygres at his side. I asked him "Why, why did you do all of this?". He replies with no answer but acts with a sheer disgusted look on his face and unsheathes his sword onto my face. I lay unconscious but still able to hear his selfish, malicious laugh fade away. His Cygre guards throw me outside to rust from the ongoing rain that had been taking place. I manage to crawl over to a hole in the side of the fortress to stay safe. Cold, forgotten, and how exiled I was, I couldn't believe my very own King would do this.
As I'm walking to find a place to reside, I hear a voice inside my head that I had not heard in awhile. It tells me to go to the nearby Liberty City for a better future.
Without any other options, I chose to listen to it.
Here I am, in Liberty City, waiting for revenge, waiting for vengeance on my king.
Waiting...to overthrow him....
Where do I live?: On the rooftops.

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AQW  Post #: 606
4/15/2011 23:59:29   

What is my alignment (Hero/Villain/Neutral)?

Where do I get my power(s)?
the energy released from the clashes of good and evil
so as long as there are those two forces in the universe you will always be powerful

What are my power(s)?
bending time and space(includes teleportation from any part in space to another and time travel)

Do I even have power(s)?

What do I fight for? (or maybe I refuse to fight?)
you fight to bring order to the world and you don't side with good or evil

Who, or What, is my Arch Nemesis?
your nemesis would be drakath from the land of lore who has powers that rival your own and he is trying to get the whole world for himself destroying good and evil thus putting an end to your powers

What is my greatest weakness?
your weakness are your loved ones

What is my back story?
you were a scientist workign on wormholes when an experiment went wrong and you gained these powers

Where do I live?
in the far depths of space

Forgot usernames:
AQW Username
HS Username:

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4/16/2011 0:54:23   

My character is named moffo.

When I was 11 years old, Drakath came and corrupted my parents leaving me an orphan. wandering about, I found a salesman and bought a hunk of iron and made a sword out of it, after, I talked to yulgar and he gave me a vengeance armor that I could not take off, but upped my powers. One day I was on my way to Drakaths lair when twistedtooth crashed through into me, stunned, twistedtooth would have killed me if my sword had not leaped out of my hand and killed it. I never found out what made my sword do that.
Post #: 608
4/16/2011 9:45:51   
arch dragon

What is my alignment (Hero/Villain/Neutral)? neutral

Where do I get my power(s)? from moose

What are my power(s)? Horn attack,Stomp, charge and horn drill

Do I even have power(s)? yes, in game.

What do I fight for? (or maybe I refuse to fight?) fight neutrally
Who, or What, is my Arch Nemesis? You're Arch Nemesis is a former friend you once had, Varnotax, and turned on you after you found the powerful crystal (Dermanec), and wanted the power for himself. He has no physical powers of his own, but is mad with technology.

What is my greatest weakness? Chicken Cows

What is my back story?A back story of reality, creates limitless of innovative items to improve the games of aqworlds and herosmash. An attractive programming on PVP area, amulet and rewards. In game story, A man who named "dum" living in a forest having a stressless and peaceful life, however, The evil moose king wanted power over all of Lore, he found the dum in the forest and keenly capture him and his kin's, therefore in turns of using physical rebel, evil moose casted a voodoo spell on dum into moose. Eventually, dum had called the dumoose. Generally, dumoose stand in the neutral circumstance.

Where do I live?cool climates and places with a lot of fresh water. They are found in some of the northern most states in the U.S. ChaCha.

aqworlds name:Arch Dragon
Herosmashe name:Arch-Dragon
Post #: 609
4/16/2011 18:26:41   

What is my alignment (Hero/Villain/Neutral)? Whichever side offers the greatest reward...

Where do I get my power(s)? From a pithos found in the ruins of the remote island town that was at first called "FalconReach," later christened "Battleon"

What are my power(s)? The ability to adapt to almost any enviroment and situation

Do I even have power(s)? If you have recently recharged yourself with emotion, yes. Otherwise, you cannot use any powers.

What do I fight for? (or maybe I refuse to fight?) You fight for those who have just reason to fight

Who, or What, is my Arch Nemesis? The man who hunted your kind almost to extinction, the magic Inquisitor King, Gale Iroval

What is my greatest weakness? True Inner Rage, which results in loss of control and unleashes your inner "destructive powers"

What is my back story? Originally created as a tool to become stronger then anyone, you trained for 15 years in the Benniju Wetlands (AQ reference :p). However, a traveler by the name of Jayhon came to try to find a cure for his sick brother, Sledd. A True Inner Rage came from within, and you killed him, without any intention to do so. From then on, you traveled to "Battleon" to train people in combat. But as people live and die, you remained the same. The one thing that changed was you resolute desire never to harm anyone ever again, unless you were explicitly told to, with a just reason.

Where do I live? In a small cottage near Battleon, peacefully learning and meditating.

EDIT: Oops, forgot to put names

AQW IGN: doodooguy

HS IGN: Sleddy Boy

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 610
4/16/2011 21:43:36   

What is my Alignment? I honestly can't See Dumoose being evil, I think Hero, of course!

Where do I get my Powers? You got hit by a truck that held a bunch of antlers, the antlers got flung into your brain, and since you didn't want to become a deer you settled on becomeing a moose.

What Are my Powers?
Self Heal-You somehow eat yourself, gaining health.
Call of the Deer-Multi hits.
Taunt-Turn the opponent into a cow and taunt them.
DUMBoose-Randomly attack everything in sight, even yourself.

Do I even have powers? Powers as in strange, but not super super powers.

What do I fight for? The Priviledge of free stuff.

Who or What in my Archnemesis? Zeuster, The ChickenCow god. (duh.)

What is my Greatest Weakness? BBQ's containing Moose meat.

What is my Back story?

Dumoose was a very unique one, one of which had great responsibility, and appetite.
This was known since his birth from a Ape and a Moose. (How did it happen? I don't know.)
He was raised next to nothing, his neighbour hood was deserted.
One day he stumble across the road, not looking where he was going then pow, the 12 tonnee truck bleaned him out of sight, and ramming him into a hospital, weirdly fusing with some experimental humanifying chemicals. (Simply a mix of Donuts, Essence of Sofa and Sloth)
By now the Antlers were lodged at the back of his head, deep. That's why in you never see the back of his head, it is almost always covered with a helm. Aswell as making him moosified and humanified and whatnot, this all made part of his brain as fragile as a persons hope when the encounter a crazed seel with rabies. As he stumbled out his head went out of context, his stupidity increased, and his ability to do seemingly random and impossible things increased, he performed a massive headbutt, sending the driver of the antler truck over a pillow factory, but into a cactus farm.

Over the years, with the support of his Ape father and Moose mother he eventually managed to control some of his wackyness, and to this day, he strives to rid the world of evil, (influenced by his mother and father on this subject) ChickenCows.

Where do I live? Next to nothing on a deserted island just out of Botswana, or simply, "I don't know, but I'm near a tree!

AQW Account: Kalfire
HS Account: Kalfire

~Kalfire (once again)
DF AQW  Post #: 611
4/17/2011 5:30:38   

What is my alignment (Hero/Villain/Neutral)?
I will offcourse be neutral, i help those who need it the most

Where do I get my power(s)?
radioactivity, he is evil because off he gots the steal some radioactive trash to keep having powers

What are my power(s)?
Super speed, super strengt, radioactive body so he can melt anything near him.

Do I even have power(s)?

What do I fight for? (or maybe I refuse to fight?)
He dont want to fight but he got to get near any labarotoy to figure out whats wrong with him and if there is a cure

Who, or What, is my Arch Nemesis?
His twin brother who is a schiencetist and allways wanted to become a hero, and then he sees hes brother and try¨s to destroy him.

What is my greatest weakness?
When he haven't got any radioactive trash for some days.

What is my back story?
When he was 18 he was out in the desert whit his family and then he fell down in a secret labarotoy with his father and he got transformed, but his father died

Where do I live?
in a small house in the country, but underneath is a big labarotory
Post #: 612
4/17/2011 9:10:04   

What is my alignment (Hero/Villain/Neutral)?Hero
Where do I get my power(s)? his father gave him super powers
What are my power(s)? lazer beam,reading minds(knowing what will monster do...)and freezing
Do I even have power(s)? yes
What do I fight for? (or maybe I refuse to fight?) for people ho dont have food ...
Who, or What, is my Arch Nemesis? the black mantlor
What is my greatest weakness? seeing people die
What is my back story? there was a boy with his father .the father before dying left his boy super powers.he help other people that need help.so he traveld from one place to another and he looked for a man(boy) ho will take his place as a HERO!
Where do I live? In the mountains
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