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RE: =HS= What is a Dumoose (Discussion)

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4/28/2011 10:47:19   
dragonlord keith

What is my (hero/villain/Neutral)'s name? it is EMO GUY~~

What is my alignment (Hero/Villain/Neutral)? an annoyance wait evil? no neutral...no no chaos yesh!!! eh neutral but only to upset the balance of power!!! because im not anyside!!! muhahahahaahaha... that sounds evil.

Where do I get my power(s)? well when i was 16 my powers had manefested in me, then some black slime alian almost like from spiderman "venom" but bit me instead of giveing me an suit enhanceing my powers he bit me like an radioactive spider did to spider man

What are my power(s)?
- turn an metal into anything i want (normally turn metals into liquid like garah can to sand in naruto)(makes razor blades and steel skin like its bullet proof armour) ** boss spoiler alert** " can turn his whole body into steel and into an metal pool of metalness. had ***learned to multiply useing his metal shapeing powers" "and can create minions from steel"****

- has knowledge of how to make poisons and where to cut you on your body to make you bleed to death (poisons include: itching power to make you itch to death, poisons that make you go insain and wanna kill yourself)

- can make you think you wanna kill yourself mentally

- can regenerate at amazing speed and can steal your life if he needs to as if hes like an vampire.

- can make your worst nightmares become real and feeds of your fears and your fears become stronger.

- has super stregth and speed and flight and knows karate due to defult herosmash powers lol

Do I even have power(s)? i dunno do i?

What do I fight for? (or maybe I refuse to fight?) i fight cause its fun =P

Who, or What, is my Arch Nemesis? girls...horibble creatures...

What is my greatest weakness? girls....

What is my back story? i was aborn like any teenager except i always felt differant and studied the nature of plants to make poisons and other things being an mischift maker, then my powers to shape metals how i see fit had meanefested at age 16. always wanted to become an hero, until some freak accident happend where some alian sludge attached itself to me and altered my dna. thinking it was like one of those spiderman shows where it was "venom's slime" i tryed to get it off like it was living but turns out. "it was like an vampire it bit me like spider man's super spider bit him and gave him powers" and give me powers to have metal and phsical abilitys aswell.

your character's outfit?
an black suit with an layer of steel under it covering my entire body as if an bullet proof vest along with an mask that covers my entire head and neck. almost how garah the sand person on naruto covers his body with an armourd shell of sand only mine is made of steel.
and with my telekanetic powers makeing the steel light as an feather along with my super strength and speed.

What is my signature weapon?
- Razor Blade (hopefully herosmash's battleon creators will make one to go on your back like an huge razor blade)
- throwing knifes
- razor sharp steel slime/goop/stuff that looks matalic/undesribable shiny water stuff....metalic sand???
- inhalent smell that makes you sleepy

Where do I live? thought you can't post things like that on the internet...besides an true (Hero/Villain/Neutral) never Reveals his secret hide out or identitiy.

What are your hero nicknames said by citizens as you pass by in an (hero/villain/neutral) act?
- shadow sleeper
- emo
- the amazing emo guy
- sandman
- emo guy
- shadow
- shadow man
- that black guy
- hawtness <---- wait what ohhh thats an fan nickname my bad =P

aqw - bane the mighty
hs - EMO GUY
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 226
5/6/2011 9:45:37   

What is my alignment : Neutral.
Where do I get my power: A Spear Mana.
Do I even have power:Yes, depends on their positive or negative energy out of control because if anything can go wrong.
What do I fight for? (or maybe I refuse to fight?): You fight a different style of fighting called "MANA FIGHTER".
Who, or What, is my Arch Nemesis?: After his powers out of control a part of you came out and was also a negative way for you known as: "Dummose Reverse".
What is my greatest weakness?: your head where your energy comes.
What is my back story?: A boy lived in a small town, and always there were many robberies monsters that appeared in lá.O boy did not know he had a great power! When discovered began to use them to protect their city.
Only by mistake, he tried to abuse his powers and began to play with them, and went out of control when he realized he felt he had lost his mental part that escaped negative buildings and destroyed homes and robbed banks and their downside turned his arch rival and now he chases like crazy!

Where do I live?: In Aurora Park.
AQW  Post #: 227
5/10/2011 21:17:03   
Xerox Darkness

an avatar created by mods to manage the pvp warzone/pvp rewards..
AQW  Post #: 228
5/11/2011 12:25:23   

i think its one of two things:
1. a retarded moose who looks like his eyes were put the wrong way round
2. a DU(H)moose who's a bigheaded moose and it too clever and when it explains summing, it goes DUH
Post #: 229
6/2/2011 12:29:10   

Good question, maybe a training dummy for if you are upset, like when your computer does not work use you computer as an weapon on the training dummy. So since pvp is always fun you lose use the dumoose to exhalate you vengance on it.

Or it might be something like a happy meal kids get at Moobies so that the AE team thought about making one themselves, but instead of giving candy it gives teeth-broken weapons and armor of unknown quatity.

Or we might ask it to the npc maybe it was called haggis before the npc changed the name to dumoose.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 230
8/12/2011 18:28:10   

What is my alignment (Hero/Villain/Neutral)?
Where do I get my power(s)?
You get them from the Mtreehoome (moosetreehome) by going in the chamber of mooooose
What are my power(s)?
Doom- moose sound,4 legs kick,horn overgrow,Tail Whip,Call for stampede
Do I even have power(s)?
What do I fight for? (or maybe I refuse to fight?)
You fight for the moose family and to KILL MoosehunterZ
Who, or What, is my Arch Nemesis?
What is my greatest weakness?
The moose hunter blade (wielded by:MHZ M-moose H-hunter Z-zero)
What is my back story?
you were hunted by moosehunters and you were captured
and then they did an experiment to you making you doomoose
Where do I live?
YOU live in moose forest

aqw:KiZZ69 (i dont think its connected )
HS: Fiery-deathrose
AQW  Post #: 231
8/13/2011 2:33:43   

A Dumoose, is a AWESOME Moose w/ Chocolate moose. Tasked for the PvP War zones

< Message edited by Milandor -- 8/13/2011 2:37:59 >


AQW  Post #: 232
8/19/2011 3:53:09   

What is my alignment (Hero/Villain/Neutral)? Vegan hero!
Where do I get my power(s)? Milk! and all things vegan
What are my power(s)? Vegan awesomeness
Do I even have power(s)? vegan powers like xrayvision levitation flying awesome white hair baby blue eyes and ur rlly hot so all teh chick love ya!!!
What do I fight for? (or maybe I refuse to fight?) U fight for vegan's
Who, or What, is my Arch Nemesis? Meat eaters!
What is my greatest weakness? Meat!!!!!
What is my back story? An asteriod hits the earth it "looks like a shell..." says a naval commander then the asteriod opens out comes a little baby with stunningly white hair and baby blue eyes "Take him to the lab!" said the commander The baby sat on a table knocked out cold scientists started running tests on him suddenly the baby wakes up and starts glowing his eyes were glowing a bright blue and his hair amazing white he suddenly disapeared. The baby stands for vegans and will fight always! He was never seen again Until now....
Where do I live? In your own world until u decide to port back to earth the day you fight again!

Post #: 233
8/25/2011 8:38:27   

I was going to do something random
DF AQW Epic  Post #: 234
9/5/2011 23:41:55   

dummoos is a super epic flying moos whith ummm a cheese sword hehehe. like it if ya do wanna meet me :p
AQW Epic  Post #: 235
9/9/2011 18:17:16   
french fries

dumosse is domosse duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Post #: 236
9/29/2011 5:36:28   

YAY! im gonna create a story of dumoose, But got a question,,, why the POST A REPLAY(THREAD IS LOCKED)?
Post #: 237
10/16/2011 13:57:46   

dumoose is a human/moose that got drafted into the war in lore. there he becane a warlord kill anyone who got in his way
AQW  Post #: 238
10/27/2011 7:26:50   
demon hunterx2

dumoose is the master of the pvp arena he chooses who you fight
Post #: 239
11/11/2011 2:47:36   

Post #: 240
11/11/2011 2:54:38   

It won't let me post an entry. PLZ tell me why?
AQW  Post #: 241
11/11/2011 3:24:05   
Aura Knight

contest is over. has been for quite some time now i believe.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 242
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