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Weapon Index Alphabetical

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8/7/2011 16:42:30   
The Host

Original alphabetical list by Yerameyahu. Updates by the Sages of Lore ( Archknights and Moderators ).

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8/7/2011 16:43:06   
The Host


1.21 Giga-Eel
1334 Horn of Pwny (Rare)
1337 Horn of Pwny (Rare)
13553R Horn of Pwny (Rare)
13th Machete (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
2 1337 Horn of PwnZy (Rare)
31337 Horn of PwnZy (Rare)
41337 Horn of PwnZy (Rare)

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8/7/2011 16:43:31   
The Host


Abeying Eevolu
Absolix Guardian Polearm (Guardian)
Absolix Polearm
Absolix Polearm Z (Z-Token)
Absolute Zero Spines
Absolute Zero Spines Z (Z-Token)
Abyss Blade
Abyss Fist (Guardian)
Abysmal Trench Axe
Abyssal Ebil Scythe
Abyssal Shank
Abyssal Staff (Z-Token/Rare)
Abyssal Trench Axe
Acclaimed Blade (Temp)
Acolyte's Recognition
Acolyte's Recognition Z (Z-Token)
Adjusting Blade (Z-Token)
Adolescent Dragon Knight's Fang (Mastercraft)
Adult Dragon Knight's Fang (Mastercraft)
Adult Dragon Knight's Fang Z (Mastercraft/Z-Token)
Advanced Absolix Polearm Z (Z-Token)
Advanced Chain Axe
Adventurer's Boiling Orb Sword
Adventurer's Changing Blade
Aerodu Sword
Aerodu Shortbow
Aether Wand (Mastercraft)
Aged Aqvarius (Mastercraft/Guardian)
Aged Holy Water
Agonizing Torment Blade
Airenal's Lance (Mastercraft/Special Offer/Rare)
Akasha Wand (Mastercraft/Guardian)
Akriloth Blade (Guardian)
Albumin Staff (Rare)
Alchemist's Darkness
Alchemist's Nightmare (Guardian)
Alex's Wand (Rare)
Algern's Blade (Z-Token/Rare)
Algern's Blade G (Guardian/Rare)
Alpha Orbiter (Rare)
Altered Dragonblade
Alternating Blade (Z-Token)
Aluminum Foil (Guardian/Mastercrfat/Rare)
Aluminum Foil Z (Z-Token/Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Amethyst Claymore (Z-Token/Rare)
Amethyst Sunder (Mastercraft/Special Offer/Rare)
Amplified Absolix Polearm
Anagogic Luminous Blade G (Guardian)
Anarchy Flux Flail
Anarchy Flux Glaive
Anarchy Flux Staff
Ancestor's Reknown
Anchorhand (Rare)
Anchorhand Z (Rare/Z-Token)
Ancient Ancestor Axe (Rare)
Ancient Chrono Blade (Guardian)
Ancient Daito (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Ancient Deren Mace (Normal; Guardian)
Ancient Deren Mace Z (Z-Token)
Ancient Dragon Knight's Fang (Mastercraft)
Ancient Magesoul (Special Offer/Mastercraft/Rare)
Ancient Zandor I (Mastercraft/Rare)
Ancient Zandor II (Mastercraft/Rare)
Ancient Zandor III (Mastercraft/Rare)
Ancient Zandor IV (Mastercraft/Rare)
Andy's Archaic Club
Andy's Barbarous Club
Andy's Crude Club
Andy's Crude Club Z (Z-Token)
Andy's Graceless Club (Guardian)
Andy's Guardian Club (Guardian)
Andy's Prehistoric Club
Andy's Primitive Club
Angelic Scepter
Angling Rod
Anguished Gloom Glaive (Mastercraft/Rare)
Anthrasword (Normal/Guardian)
Anxiety Eater
Aphotic Shank
Apple Launcher (Rare/Normal; Rare/Guardian; Rare/Z-Token)
Aqua Pen
Aquardiche (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Aqvarius (Mastercraft)
Aquilon (Mastercraft)
ArachTuagh (Z-Token/Rare)
Arc Dagger (Rare)
Arcane Ancestor Axe (Z-Token/Rare)
Arcane Curve
Arcane Curve G (Guardian)
Arcane Curve Z (Z-Token)
Arcane FlameStop Warhammer (Guardian)
Arcane Holiday Colossus (Guardian/Rare)
Arcane Holiday Colossus Z (Guardian/Z-Token/Rare)
Arcane Luminous Blade
Arcane Scythe
Arcane UltraGuardian Scythe (Guardian/No-drop; Guardian/Temp)
Arcane Ultra!!!Guardian Scythe (Guardian/No-drop; Guardian/Temp)
Archer's Luminous Bow
Archimedes Death Ray
Arctic Deren Blade
Arctic Fist (Guardian)
Arctic Glacius Hammer (Guardian)
Arctic Glacius Hammer Z (Z-Token)
Arctic Tempest G (Guardian/Mastercraft)
Aristocratic Lance
Artix Doll (Normal/100% proc/Rare; Guardian/100% proc/Rare)
Artix Doll G (Guardian/100% proc/Rare)
Artix Doll Z (Z-Token/100% proc/Rare)
Arzock's Chocolate Bar (Temp/Rare)
Asgardian Bludgeon of Current (Mastercraft)
Asgardian Clarity of Voltage (Mastercraft)
Asgardian Club of Static (Mastercraft)
Asgardian Cudgel of Sparks (Mastercraft)
Asgardian Cudgel of Sparks Z (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Asgardian Hammer of Lightning (Mastercraft)
Asgardian Mallet of Voltage (Mastercraft)
Asgardian Maul of Charge (Mastercraft)
Asgardian Sagacity of Lightning (Mastercraft)
Asgardian Truncheon of Thunderbolts (Mastercraft)
Asgardian Wisdom of Thunderbolts (Mastercraft)
Asgir Crippler (Z-Token)
Asgoldian Bludgeon of Current (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Asgoldian Clarity of Voltage (Mastercraft/Z-Token)
Asgoldian Club of Static (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Asgoldian Cudgel of Sparks (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Asgoldian Hammer of Lightning (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Asgoldian Mallet of Voltage (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Asgoldian Maul of Charge (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Asgoldian Sagacity of Lightning (Mastercraft/Z-Token)
Asgoldian Truncheon of Thunderbolts (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Asgoldian Wisdom of Thunderbolts (Mastercraft/Z-Token)
Assailing Blade (Normal; Guardian)
Assailing Blade Z (Z-Token)
Assault Edge
Assault Edge Z (Z-Token)
Atrea Dream Dagger (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Atrea Dream Rod (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Auger of Brontus (Temp; Perm)
Augur's Rod of Talados (Mastercraft)
August Axe of Malinius
Auric Ebil Scythe (Guardian)
Auric Wing
Auric Wing Z (Z-Token)
Auricarius Dagger (Normal; Guardian)
Auricarius Mace (Normal; Guardian)
Aurous Wing
Auspicious Bladehenge (Rare)
AuZpicious Bladehenge (Rare/Z-Token)
Automated Deren Staff
AutumnDawn Staff
Avenger's Judgement
Awful Staff of Nihilus (Guardian)
Axe of Agony's Chains (Guardian/Mastercraft; Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Axe of Kralos
Axe of Mass Mardar
Axe of Mass Mardar G (Guardian)
Axe of Mass Mardar Z (Z-Token)
Axe of Radiance
Axe Tempore (Guardian)
Axl Rosethorn Lance (Rare/Guardian)
AWE Weapon Upgrade!!! (Guardian/Virtual Item)

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8/7/2011 16:44:07   
The Host


Bac-Gun (Mastercraft)
Bac-Gun G (Mastercraft/Guardian)
Bac-Gun Z (Mastercraft/Z-Token)
Bad Luck Blade (Rare)
Bad Luck Blade Z (Z-Token/Rare)
Balloon Bardiche (Rare)
Balloon Bardiche G (Guardian/Rare)
Balloon Bardiche Z (Z-Token/Rare)
Balloon Baton (Rare/100% proc)
Balloon Baton G (Guardian/Rare/100% proc)
Balloon Baton Z (Z-Token/Rare/100% proc)
Balloon Blade (Rare)
Balloon Blade G (Guardian/Rare)
Balloon Blade Z (Z-Token/Rare)
Balsa Shelayleigh (Rare)
Bananarang (Rare/Temp)
Baneful Chimeran Spear (Mastercraft)
Banisher Scythe (Rare)
Bare Hands (Temp)
Baronial Lance
Barrrnacle Reaper
Basic Absolix Polearm
Basic Fist
Basic Torch
Bathyal Quindent Z
Battle Rose
Battleaxe of Light
Battleaxe Tempore (Guardian)
Battleaxe Tempore Z (Z-Token)
Battleon Card Deck (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Blade of Agony's Blood (Normal/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
Beaming Wyrm Spear
Beam Lance
Beam Staff
Beam Sword
Beast's Innocence
Beast's Innocence Z (Z-Token)
Beast Trainer's Whip
BeastSlayer Staff
Beautiful Crane Fan
Beautiful Oblivion (Z-Token)
Bedlam Flux Flail
Bedlam Flux Glaive
Bedlam Flux Staff
Bee Arthur Katana (Z-Token/Mastercraft/Rare)
Bee Bee Gun (Rare)
Belmiah's Splendor (Normal; Guardian)
Belmiah's Zplendor (Z-Token)
Benthic Shank
Best Axe
Best Blade
Best Hatchet
Betroven Energy Gouger
Betroven Water Gouger
Betroven Wind Gouger
BFG (Rare)
Bhelma's Advanced Blade
Bhelma's Basic Blade
Bhelma's Improved Blade
Bhelma's Improved Blade Z (Z-Token)
Bhelma's Refined Blade
Big Dictionary (Guardian/Mastercraft/Tome/Rare)
Big Dictionary Z (Z-Token/Guardian/Mastercraft/Tome/Rare)
Big Whomper (Normal; Guardian)
Bing Quan
Birthday Cupcake (Rare)
Biting Deren Blade Z (Z-Token)
Bitter Hotspot Staff
BlackHeart (Normal, Guardian/Z-Token/Rare)
Black Axe
Black Friday Battleaxe (Contest)
Black Friday Katana (Contest)
Black Spot (100% proc/Normal/Mastercraft; 100% proc/Guardian/Mastercraft)
Black Wartexx (Rare)
Blacked Undead Blackhawke's Blade
Blade Gauntlet (Rare)
Blade of Awe (Guardian No-Drop)
Blade of Awe!!! (Guardian/Rare)
Blade of Consecrated Purification
Blade of Glorious Purification (Guardian)
Blade of Glory
Blade of Godly Purification (Guardian)
Blade of Grand Purification (Guardian)
Blade of Granemor (Temp)
Blade of Holy Purification
Blade of Nereus
Blade of Oceanus (Z-Token)
Blade of Peace (Rare/Temp)
Blade of Proteus (Z-Token)
Blade of Sacred Purification
Blade of Saintly Purification
Blade of Triton
Blades of Calladus (Rare) ( Dark / Ice / Wind )
Blades of Reaping (Normal/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
Bladehenge (Rare)
Bladeslinger (Z-Token/Rare)
Bladewing Spear Series (Rare)
Blarney '16 Commemorative Spoon (Normal/Rare/100% proc; Guardian/Rare/100% proc)
Blaze Hilt (Rare)
Blazebow (Rare)
Blazing Dragon Blade (Z-Token/Mastercraft/Rare)
Blazing Fist (Guardian)
Flame Djinni Wand (Guardian)
BlaZing Flame Djinni Wand (Z-Token)
Blazing Glaive (Guardian)
Blazing Igneus Sickle (Guardian)
Blazing Igneus Sickle Z (Z-Token)
Blazing Spine Lance (Z-Token)
BlaZing DrakeTongue (Z-Token)
BlaZing Pyrecrag (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Blazing Solaris Blade
Blazing Throwing Knives (Guardian)
Bleak Guardian Deren Blade (Guardian)
Blinding Blade
BlingShot (Temp/Rare; Rare)
BlitZing Eel (Z-Token)
Blizzard Wand
Blood Blade (Normal; Guardian)
Blood Crystal Axe (Normal; Guardian)
Blood Crystal Axe Z
Blood Rosethorn Lance (Rare/Guardian)
Bloodsail Axe (Rare)
Bloodthorn Blade (Special Offer/Mastercraft/Rare)
Bloody Ebil Scythe
Bludrunt Blade (Mastercraft/Rare)
Bludrut Blade (Mastercraft/Rare)
Blue Ebil Scythe
Bluestar Rosethorn Lance (Rare)
Boatman's Bow
Boiled Drumchuks (Rare)
Bonecruncher Energy Mace (Guardian)
Bonecruncher Mace (Guardian)
Bonecruncher Solar Mace (Guardian)
Bonecruncher Ocean Mace (Guardian)
Bonefang (Z-Token)
Bonesaw (Rare)
Bonethrill Staff (Normal; Guardian)
Bone-Chilling Necromant Staff
Bone Smasher Mace (Temp/Z-Token)
Book of Adventures
Book of AdventureZ (Z-Token)
Book of Adventures G (Guardian)
Book of Death
Book of Death: Volume 2
Boomerang and BoomBoomerang
Boomstick (Z-Token)
Boreas (Mastercraft)
Botanical Staff (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Bottomless Trench Axe (Guardian)
Bow of Deren (Normal; Guardian)
Bow of Granemor (Normal; Guardian)
Bow of Rennd (Normal; Guardian)
Bow of Stormfallen (Normal; Guardian)
Breaker (Rare)
Bright Beam Lance
Bright Beam Lance Z (Z-Token)
Bright Beam Staff
Bright Beam Staff Z (Z-Token)
Bright Beam Sword
Bright Beam Sword Z (Z-Token)
Bright Frostval Lights Z (Z-Token/Rare)
Bright Permafrost Scimitar
Brilhado Blade
Brilhado Spear
Brilliant Beam Lance
Brilliant Beam Staff
Brilliant Beam Sword
Brilliant Solaris Blade
Brilliant Wyrm Spear (Z-Token)
Brittle Marrow Spines
Bronze Edge
Bucaneer Pistol
Bullseye Spear (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Bun-Battler's Sword (Rare)
Bun-Baton (Rare/Guardian)
Bun-Blade (Rare/Guardian)
Bun-Bouncer`s Sword (Rare)
Bun-Bozo's Wand (Rare)
Bun-Brawler's Sword (Rare)
Bun-Buffoon's Wand Z (Rare/Z-Token)
Bun-Clown's Wand (Rare)
Bun-Fighter's Sword (Rare)
Bun-Fool's Wand Z (Rare/Z-Token)
Bun-Jack's Wand (Rare)
Bun-Joker's Wand (Rare)
Bun-Knave's Wand (Rare)
Bun-Knight's Sword Z (Rare/Z-Token)
Bun-Madcap`s Wand (Rare)
Bun-Pierrot`s Wand (Rare)
Bun-Soldier's Sword (Rare)
Bun-Squire's Sword Z (Rare/Z-Token)
Bun-Warden`s Sword (Rare)
Bun-Warrior's Sword (Rare)
Burning Thermostaff
BURP Slayer (Temp)
Burpfang (Rare)
Burrito of DOOM (Temp)
Buster the Guardian's Incomplete Shard (Guardian)
Buster the Incomplete Shard
Buster the Incomplete Shard Z (Z-Token)

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The Host


CAD Sword (Z-Token/Rare)
Caden's Wrath (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Cajun Spiced Drumchuks (Guardian/Rare)
Caladbolg (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Calavera Club (Guardian)
Calvarian Ebil Scythe
Candy Cane (Rare)
Candy Floss Lance
Candy Floss Lance Z (Z-Token)
Candy Floss Spear
Cannon's Haste (Normal; Guardian)
Capable Silari Bardiche
Captain's Hook
Captain's Lance (Adventurer/Guardian)
Captain's LanZe (Z-Token)
Captain's Rhublade (Z-Token/Mastercraft/Rare)
Carnax Blade (Temp/Guardian)
Carrot Gun (Z-Token/Rare)
Castigator's Retribution
Casting Rod
Casting Rod Z (Z-Token)
Castle Crusher
Castle Crusher G (Guardian)
Castle Crusher Z (Z-Token)
Cat-ana (Temp)
Cataclysmic Crossbow (100% proc; Normal/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
Celestia (Z-Token/Rare)
Celestial Mana Staff (Guardian-Account)
Celestial Mana Staff Z (Z-Token)
Cello Bow (Guardian/Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Celtic Bow (100% proc/Rare)
Celtic Bow G (100% proc/Guardian/Rare)
Celtic Bow Z (100% proc/Z-Token/Rare)
Celtic Cleaver (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Celtic Staff (Rare)
Celtic Staff G (Guardian/Rare)
Celtic Staff Z (Z-Token/Rare)
Centaurion Glaive
Centaurion Glaive Z (Z-Token)
Centaurion Guardian Glaive (Guardian)
Chain Axe
Champion's Pugil Stick Z (Rare/Z-Token)
Changing Blade (Z-Token)
Changing Staff I (Z-Token)
Changing Staff II (Z-Token)
Changing Staff III (Z-Token)
Changing Staff IV (Z-Token)
Changing Staff V (Z-Token)
Chaos Axe (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Chaos Fang (Mastercraft/Special Offer)
Chaos Flux Flail
Chaos Flux Glaive
Chaos Flux Staff
Chaos Web (Mastercraft/Special Offer)
Charged Orb
Charmed Bladehenge (Rare)
Charnel Fleshrender
Charnel Tongue
Chen Quan
Chill Ripper (Normal; Guardian)
Chilly Gust Z (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Chimera's Venom
Chimera's Venom Z
Chipped Frostshard
Choking Vineblade
Choking Vineblade G (Guardian)
Choking Vineblade Z (Z-Token)
Chomping Fangsword
Chop Socky (Rare)
Chopalot (Z-Token)
Chrono Blade of the Present Age
Cinco de Mayo (Temp)
Classic Torch
Clawg Sticker (Rare)
Cleaving Dragon Buster (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Cleric's Reputation (Mastercraft)
Cloaked Nocturu Dagger (Guardian)
Cloaked Nocturu Dagger Z (Z-Token)
Clockwork Scythe (Normal/Rare; Guardian/Rare)
Clovemore (Rare)
Clovemore G (Guardian/Rare)
Clovemore Z (Z-Token/Rare)
Clover Axe (Z-Token/Rare)
Cluster Headache Club (Z-Token/Rare)
Coal Maul (Normal/Rare; Guardian/Rare)
Coal Maul Z (Z-Token/Rare)
Coarse Luntet
Coin's Coin
Cold Sore (Rare)
Cold Sore G (Rare/Guardian)
Cold Sore Z (Rare/Z-Token)
Cold Steel Spines
Collector's Edition ZardBane (Rare)
C.O.Me.T. (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
C.O.Me.T. Z (Z-Token/Mastercraft/Rare)
Cometfall (Mastercraft/Special Offer/Rare)
Communicant's Grandeur (Mastercraft)
Column Crusher Z (Z-Token)
Comet Gun (Z-Token/Rare)
Comfy Pillow (Temp/Rare)
Conflagrant DrakeTongue
Conflagrating Spine Lance (Z-Token)
Conflagration Brand
Consummate Blade (Guardian/Rare)
Contender's Pugil Stick (Rare)
Corked Boffer Z (Rare/Z-Token)
Corn-Missile Launcher (Rare/Normal; Rare/Guardian; Rare/Z-Token)
Cool Breeze (Mastercraft)
Corpse Cannon (Rare)
Corpse Cannon (Rare/Temp)
Corrupted Blessed Battleaxe Z (Z-Token)
Corrupted Consecrated Battleaxe
Corrupted Consecrated Battleaxe Z (Z-Token)
Corrupted Holy Battleaxe
Corrupted Pure Battleaxe
Corruptor (Z-Token)
Cosmic Blaster
Cosmos Blade
Cosmic Space Gun (Guardian)
Cotton Candy Spear
Covetous Ebil Scythe
CoZmic Space Gun (Z-Token)
Cracked Frostshard Z (Rare/Z-Token)
Cracked Skull Club
Crane Fan
Crescent Blade (Mastercraft/Rare)
Crimson Crusader Athame (Scaling/Mastercraft/Special Offer/Rare)
Crimson Crusader Bow (100% proc/Scaling/Mastercraft/Special Offer/Rare)
Crimson Crusader Sword (Scaling/Mastercraft/Special Offer/Rare)
Crimson Ebil Scythe (Guardian)
Crimson Flame (Normal; Guardian)
Crimson Vengeance (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Crispin Blunderbuss (Rare)
Croc Blade (Rare)
Crowning Blade (Z-Token/Rare)
CRT-S100 (100% proc)
CRT-S200 (100% proc)
CRT-S300 (100% proc)
CRT-S400 (100% proc)
CRT-S500 (100% proc)
CRT-S600 (100% proc)
CRT-S700 (100% proc)
CRT-S800 (Guardian/100% proc)
Crusader's Shining Repeater (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Crux of the Matter (Temp)
Crypt Fleshrender
Crypt Tongue
Cryptic Doom Divisor
Cryo Crystal Shard (Rare)
Cryomancer's Staff (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Crystal Blade, The (Temp/Rare)
Crystal Dagger (Rare; Rare/Guardian)
Crystal Lance
Crystal Seed
Crystal Seed Runic Goldenrod Staff
Cryzta (Z-Token)
Cthutlass (Normal/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
C.U.P.I.D. (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/rare)
C.U.P.I.D. Z (Z-Token/Mastercraft/Rare)
Current Chrono Blade (Guardian)
Curse of the Legion (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Cursed Scythe
Custom Spear (Guardian)
Custom Staff (Guardian)
Custom Sword (Guardian)
Cutter Staff (Z-Token)
Cyber Monday Katana (Contest)
Cyclone Aerodu Shortbow (Guardian)
Cyclone Aerodu Shortbow Z (Z-Token)
Cyclone Fist (Guardian)
Cyclops Trident of Light (Rare)
Cyclops Trident of Light G (Rare/Guardian)
Cyclops Trident of Light Z (Rare/Z-Token)

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8/7/2011 16:45:08   
The Host


D.A.S.H.E.R. (Normal/100% proc/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/100% proc/Mastercraft/Rare)
D.A.S.H.E.R. Z (Z-Token/100% proc/Mastercraft/Rare)
Dacra I (Rare)
Dacra II (Rare)
Dacra III (Rare)
Dacra IV (Rare)
Dacra V (Rare)
Dad's Wand (Rare)
Dagger of Awe (Guardian No-Drop)
Dagger of Awe!!! (Guardian/Rare)
Dainashini (Mastercraft)
Damp Tome
Dank Tome
Dark Angel Spear (Temp)
Dark Blade (Normal; Guardian)
Dark Blade of Awe (Temp/Z-Token)
Dark Blade of Calladus (Rare)
Dark Comedy (Normal/Rare; Guardian/Rare; Z-Token/Rare)
Dark Dagger of Awe (Temp/Z-Token)
Dark Dragon Staff (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Dark Ebil Scythe
Dark Energy Scepter
Dark Gloom Glaive (Mastercraft/Rare)
Dark Jathor
Dark Magic Scythe
Darkseeker's Sidekick (Normal; Guardian)
Dark Spear of Awe (Temp/Z-Token)
Dark Staff of Awe (Temp/Z-Token)
Dark Wartexx (Z-Token)
DarkEye (Z-Token)
Darklaw (Mastercraft/Rare; Temp)
Darkness Cometfall (Mastercraft/Special Offer/Rare)
Darkness Draconic Blade
Darkness Draconic Blade Z (Z-token)
Darkness Dragon Blade
Darkness Dragon Blade Z (Z-token)
Darkness Magestaff
Darkness Zaragoza (Guardian/Rare)
Dazzling Midnight Wish Dagger (Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Dazzling Solaris Blade
Dead Leg (Rare; Temp/Rare)
Deadeye's Luminous Bow
Deadly Chimeran Spear (Mastercraft)
Deadly Wind Staff
Deathbringer (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Death Flail
Death's Reaver (Mastercraft/Special Offer/Rare)
Death Shard (Temp)
Decorated Viridian
Deep dweller (Normal; Guardian)
Deep Trench Axe
Defender Orb (Temp/Guardian)
Deformed Dragonblade
Demonic Ebil Scythe
Demon's Horn
Demon's Horn G (Guardian)
Demon's Horn Z (Z-Token)
Demon Tooth Axe
Demon Tooth Axe Z (Z-Token)
Dependable Blade of Rennd
Derenian Conqueror (Temp)
Despair Eater (Z-Token)
Dessicated Leg (Guardian/Rare)
Destroyer (Guardian)
Detention Bell
Developing Malengua (Z-Token)
Dian Quan
Dies Irae (Mastercraft)
Diet Drumchuks (Rare)
Dilwod Javelin
Dilwod Pike
Dire Black Axe
Dire Staff of Nihilus (Guardian)
Discount VegiSplatic (Normal/Guardian; Guardian/Temp)
Dismay Eater (Guardian)
Disorder Flux Flail
Disorder Flux Glaive
Disorder Flux Staff
Distinguished Blade (Temp)
Distorted Dragonblade (Guardian)
Distressing Torment Blade (Z-Token)
Disturbing Guardian Torment Blade (Guardian)
Divergence of Fate's Path (Temp)
Divine Kazemai Athame (Guardian/Mastercraft)
Divine Kusanagi Sword (Guardian/Mastercraft)
Diviner's Rod of Talados (Mastercraft)
Dolorous Gloom Glaive (Mastercraft/Rare)
Doom Divisor Z (Z-Token)
Doom Heavy Mace
Doom Knight's Blade (Special Offer/Mastercraft)
Doom Light Mace
Doom Mace
Doom Mace Z (Z-Token)
Dormant Eevolu
Dormant Pyrecrag (Mastercraft)
DracArch (Rare)
Draco Axes (Rare)
Draconic Blade (Temp/Guardian/Rare)
Dracopyric Flayer I
Dracopyric Flayer II
Dracopyric Flayer IIZ (Z-Token)
Dracopyric Flayer III
Dracopyric Flayer IVZ (Z-Token)
Dracopyric Flayer V) (Guardian)
Draghammer (Rare)
Dragon Blade (Temp/Guardian; Rare/Guardian)
Dragon Bow (Temp/Guardian)
Dragon Buster (Z-Token)
Dragon Partisan (Temp/Guardian)
Dragon Scepter (Temp/Guardian)
Dragon Staff (Temp/Guardian)
Dragon King's Axe (Rare)
Dragon King's Battle Axe (Rare)
Dragon King's Battle Axe Z (Z-Token; Rare/Z-Token)
Dragon King's Heavy Axe (Rare)
Dragon King's Heavy Axe Z (Z-Token)
Dragon King's Light Axe (Rare)
Dragon King's Supreme Axe (Rare)
Dragonbane Gun (Guardian)
Dragonfang Scimitar (Normal; Guardian)
Dragonfang Scimitar Z (Z-Token)
DragonFire Blade (Rare)
DragonFire Edge (Rare)
DragonFire Sword (Rare)
Dragonfire Sword (GGB) (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Dragonhand (Rare)
Dragonhand Z (Z-Token)
Dragonslayer Axe (Normal; Guardian)
Dragonsteel Scimitar (Normal; Guardian)
Dragonsteel Scimitar Z (Z-Token)
Dragosector (Rare; Normal/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
Drakaxe (Guardian)
Drakel EMP Gun (Normal; Guardian)
Drakel EMP Gun Z (Z-Token)
Drakel Energy Lance (Normal; Guardian)
Drakel Flasher (Normal/100% proc; Guardian/100% proc)
Drakel Freeze Blaster (Rare; Guardian; Z-Token)
Drakel Ice Blaster (Rare)
Drakel Tube (Temp)
Drakonnan's Red Vengeance (Rare)
Drakonnan's Vengeance (Z-Token/Rare)
Dread Eater (Guardian)
Dread Pirate's Cutlass
Dread Staff of Nihilus (Guardian)
Dreadknight's Cleaver (Normal/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
Dream Golden Axe (Temp)
Dream Mjollnir (Temp)
Dream Reignbringer (Temp)
Dried MissileToe (Rare)
Driftwood Shelayleigh (Rare)
Drill Lance
Drill Lance G (Guardian)
Drill Lance Z (Z-Token)
Dripping Tome (Guardian)
Drumchuks (Rare)
DuaLight Sword
Duality (Guardian; Normal)
Duality Daggger
Dueling Dragons Staff
Duelist's Pugil Stick (Rare)
Dull Hoopdy-Hoop
Dull Hybee Spear (Normal; Guardian; Z-Token)
Dusk's Distress (Mastercraft)
Dwagon Blade (Temp/Guardian/Rare)
Dynacutlass Z (Z-Token)
Dynami Sword
Dyanmic Guardian Eel (Guardian)
Dynasaber Z (Z-Token)
Dynatulwar Z (Z-Token)

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The Host


Eagle Shadow Staff
Earth Blade of Awe (Temp/Z-Token)
Earth Cometfall (Mastercraft/Special Offer/Rare)
Earth Dagger of Awe (Temp/Z-Token)
Earth Magestaff
Earth Spear of Awe (Temp/Z-Token)
Earth Staff of Awe (Temp/Z-Token)
Earth Zaragoza (Rare/Z-Token)
Earthquake Hammer (Rare)
Earthshifter Blade
Ebil Cupcake (Rare)
Ebil Cupcake G (Guardian/Rare)
Ebil Cupcake Z (Z-Token/Rare)
Ebil Hacker Hacker (Guardian/Temp)
Ebil Handaxe (Rare)
Ebil Handaxe G (Guardian/Rare)
Ebil Handaxe Z (Z-Token/Rare)
Ebil Staff (Temp)
Ebil Twinkle Wand (Rare)
Ebil Twinkle Wand G (Guardian/Rare)
Ebil Twinkle Wand Z (Z-Token/Rare)
Ebon Spear (Z-Token; Guardian)
Ebony Jathor
Echo (Mastercraft)
Echo Z (Mastercraft/Z-Token)
Edge of Unity
Eel Z-apper (Z-Token)
Effulgent Wyrm Spear
Egg Beater (Temp/Rare)
Egg Staff (Rare)
Eggbeater (Rare)
Eggbeater Plus (Rare)
Eggbeater Supreme (Rare)
Egginator (Temp)
EggsCalibre (Rare)
Eggscruciating Force (Normal/Rare; Guardian/Rare)
Eggsecutioner (Rare)
Eggsellent Eggsessive Force (Guardian/Rare)
Eggsessive Force (Rare)
Eggsessive Guardian Force (Guardian/Rare)
Eggsterminator (Rare)
Eggstirpator (Rare)
Eggstreme Eggsessive Force (Guardian/Rare)
Eggstreme Force (Guardian/Rare)
Eight Bosses Staff
Eight Chiefs Staff
Eight Lords Staff
Eight Masters Staff
Eight Powers Staff
Elder Chrono Blade
Elder Dragon Knight's Fang (Mastercraft)
Electric Guitar Axe
Electrical Deren Staff
Electrified Flintlock Z (Z-Token)
Electrifying Eel
Electro Fist (Guardian)
Electro-Spines (Guardian)
Elegant Crane Fan
Elite Ice Katana (Z-Token)
Elizabeth's Katana (Temp)
Elvish Edge (Normal; Z-Token ; Guardian)
Embalmed Leg (Guardian/Rare)
Emerald Wizard Staff (Rare/Guardian/Z-Token)
Emerald Rite (Normal; Guardian)
Eminent Blade (Temp)
Emperor's Sovereignty (Mastercraft)
Endarkened Undead Blackhawke's Blade
End of Graves (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Emerald Stone Axe (100% proc/Z-Token/Mastercraft/Rare)
Enchanted Pixel Blade (Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Enchanted Pixel Blade Z (Z-Token/Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
EnergiZed Flintlock (Z-Token)
Energy Blade
Energy Blade of Awe (Temp/Z-Token)
Energy Claws (Normal; Guardian)
Energy Cleaver
Energy Cometfall (Mastercraft/Special Offer/Rare)
Energy Dagger of Awe (Temp/Z-Token)
Energy Draconic Blade
Energy Draconic Blade Z (Z-token)
Energy Dragon Blade
Energy Dragon Blade Z (Z-token)
Energy Dragon Sticker
Energy Flail (Normal; Guardian)
Energy Magestaff
Energy Master's Blade
Energy Sevus
Energy Spear of Awe (Temp/Z-Token)
Energy Staff of Awe (Temp/Z-Token)
Energy Talon Spear (Guardian)
Energy Zaragoza (Rare/Z-Token)
Energyshifter Blade
Enforcer Blade
Enigmatic Doom Divisor
Enigmatic Luminous Blade (Guardian)
Enhanced Guardian Absolix Polearm (Guardian)
Enhanced Ice Katana (Z-Token)
Erupting Pyrecrag G (Guardian/Mastercraft)
Esoteric Luminous Blade G (Guardian)
Established Eevolu
Eternal Twilight's Dread (Mastercraft/Guardian)
Eternity Key (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Eternity Spear
Eukara Doll (Normal/100% proc/Rare; Guardian/100% proc/Rare)
Eukara Doll G (Guardian/100% proc/Rare)
Eukara Doll Z (Z-Token/100% proc/Rare)
Evening's Apprehension (Mastercraft)
Eventide's Panic (Mastercraft)
Everslumber (Mastercraft/Z-token/Rare)
Evil Battleaxe
Eviscerating Hook (Z-Token)
Evolved Dragonblade
Exalted Absolix Polearm
Excruciating Torment Blade (Z-Token)
Executioner of Depression (Temp)
Executioner of Despair (Temp)
Executioner of Doldrums (Temp)
Executioner of Futility (Temp)
Executioner of Lethargy (Temp)
Exodus Blade (Rare)
Exodus Axe (Rare)
Exorbitant Absolix Polearm
Expanding Reevolu
Experienced Aqvarius (Mastercraft)
Expert Silari Bardiche (Guardian)
Exterminator, The
Extravagant Viridian
Extreme Guardian Absolix Polearm (Guardian)
Eye of Carnax (Rare)
Eye of the Sphinx (Normal; Guardian)
Eyes of Chillax (Rare/Mastercraft)
EyeZ of Chillax (Rare/Z-Token/Mastercraft)

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The Host


Faberge Staff (Rare)
Fabled Blade (Temp)
Face Hammer
Face Hammer of Bashing
Face Hammer of PulveriZing (Z-Token)
Face Hammer of Shattering
Face Hammer of Smashing
Fairche Solais Z (Z-Token)
Fairy Floss Lance
Fairy Floss Lance Z (Z-Token)
Fairy Floss Spear
Falerin's Dainty Decahedron
Falerin's DaZZling Decahedron (Z-Token)
Falerin's Dire Decahedron
Falerin's Divine Decahedron (Guardian)
Falerin's Dull Decahedron
Falerin's Durable Decahedron (Guardian)
Falltide Dagger (Rare/Z-Token; Rare/Guardian)
Famine's Scythe
Famine's Scythe Z (Z-Token)
Fangmaw Axe (Temp/Guardian)
Fangsword Z (Z-Token)
Fansarin's Machete (Temp; Normal)
Fatal Chimeran Spear (Guardian/Mastercraft)
Fatal Razor Fan
Fear Eater (Z-Token)
Fearsome DuaLight
Febrile Thermostaff G (Guardian)
Feng Quan
Fenris Gasher
Fenris Ripper
Felicitous Bladehenge (Rare)
Ferocious Might of Trigoras (Guardian)
Ferocious Might of Trigoras Z (Z-Token)
Fevered Thermostaff Z (Z-Token)
Field Rosethorn Lance (Rare)
Fiery DrakeTongue
Fiery Orb Sword (Z-Token)
Fiery Thermostaff
Fifth Wind
Fightin' Shelayleigh (Rare/Guardian)
Fire Blade
Fire Blade of Awe (Temp/Z-Token)
Fire Cometfall (Mastercraft/Special Offer/Rare)
Fire Dagger of Awe (Temp/Z-Token)
Fire Fang (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Fire Lord's Axe
Fire Magestaff
Fire Spear of Awe (Temp/Z-Token)
Fire Staff of Awe (Temp/Z-Token)
Fire Throwing Knives
Firebolt Crossbow
Fire Longbow
Fire Zaragoza (Z-Token/Rare)
Firework Spear (Z-Token)
First Silari Bardiche
Fishhook Blade
Fishing Pole
Fishing Pole Z (Z-Token)
Fist of Darkness
Fist of Earth
Fist of Energy
Fist of Fire
Fist of Ice
Fist of Light
Fist of Legend
Fist of Water
Fist of Wind
Flamboyant Viridian
Flame Hatchet
Flame Spirit Hunter Scythe (Z-Token)
FlameStop Warhammer (Guardian)
Flaming Bouquet (Rare)
Flaming Bouquet G (Rare/Guardian)
Flaming Bouquet Z (Rare/Z-Token)
Flame Djinni Wand
Flaming DrakeTongue
Flaming Glaive
Flaming Orb Sword (Z-Token)
Flaming Spine Lance (Guardian)
Flaming Throwing Knives
Flashbang Rat Grenades (Normal/100% proc; Guardian/100% proc)
Flashlight Z (Z-Token)
Flashy Viridian
Flare Flail
Flawless Blade (Rare)
Flaxe (Temp)
Flaxen Wing
Flensing Hook (Z-Token)
Flourishing Junas Axe
Flourishing Shalen Spear
Flushed Thermostaff G (Guardian)
Flying Fish 1200
Flying Fish 3200
Flying Fish G52 (Guardian)
Flying Fish 7200
Flying Fish Z92 (Z-Token)
Flying Fish 11200
Flying Fish G132 (Guardian)
Flying Fish G150 (Guardian)
Forest Champion Axe (Normal/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
Forest Champion Spear (Normal/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
Forest Champion Wand (Normal/Mastercraft/Wand; Guardian/Mastercraft/Wand)
Forest Demon Scythe (Normal; Guardian)
Forgotten's Ghastly Totem
Forgotten's Grim Totem
Forgotten's Harrowing Totem (Guardian)
Forgotten's Intimidating Totem
Fork in Life's True Path (Temp)
Fork of Symbolic Allegory (Temp)
Forlorn Gloom Glaive (Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Fortunate Shelayleigh (Rare)
Fortuitous Bladehenge (Rare)
Four-Leafed Clover Axe (Z-Token/Rare)
Fourth Wind
Frag Rat Grenades (Normal/100% proc; Guardian/100% proc)
Frankenglaive (Rare)
French Vanilla Ice Katana (Normal/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
Fresh MissileToe (Rare)
Fresh Sock (Temp/Rare)
Frigid Deren Blade
Frigid Fang (Rare)
Frigid Fang G (Rare/Guardian)
Frigid Fang Z (Rare/Z-Token)
Frigid Gale G (Guardian/Mastercraft)
Frigid Lance (Normal/Rare; Guardian/Rare)
Frigid Lance Z (Z-Token/Rare)
Fright Sai
Frightful Staff of Nihilus (Guardian)
Frigid Plume Staff (Guardian)
Frigid Spire
Frigid Spire Z (Z-Token)
Frogzard Sword (Temp Item)
Frost Crystal Shard (Rare)
Frost Destroyer (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Frost Sickle (Rare)
Frostbite Staff
Frostshard Sliver (Rare)
Frostshard Zliver (Rare/Z-Token)
Frostval '15 Commemorative Spoon (Normal/100% proc/Rare; Guardian/100% proc/Rare)
Frostval Giant's Axe (Rare)
Frostval Giant's Axe Z (Rare/Z-Token)
Frostval Merc's Blade (Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Frostval Merc's Blade Z (Guardian/Z-Token/Mastercraft/Rare)
Frostval Merc's Kris (Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Frostval Merc's Kris Z (Z-Token/Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Frostval Merc's Shuriken (100% proc/Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Frostval Merc's Shuriken Z (100% proc/Z-Token/Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Frostval Lights Z (Z-Token/Rare)
Frostval Spear-it (Z-Token/Mastercraft/Rare)
Frostval Staff (Guardian/Rare)
Frostval Staff Z (Z-Token/Guardian/Rare)
Frosted Broadsword
Frosty Whirlwind (Mastercraft)
Frozen Claymore (Rare; Mastercraft)
Frozen Claymore G (Guardian/Mastercraft)
Frozen Claymore Z (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Frozen Cyclone (Mastercraft)
Frozen Dinner
Frozen Dinner Z (Z-Token)
Frozen Dragon Buster (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Frozen Flagpole (Rare)
Frozen Magic Flagpole (Rare)
Frozen Time Spines
Fruitcake Maul (Rare/Guardian)
Fruitcake Spear (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Fruitcake Staff (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Fruitcake Sword (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Fruminous Vorpal Edge
Fuji Blunderbuss Z (Rare/Z-Token)
Fumarolic Pyrecrag (Mastercraft)
Fusion Dragon Axe
Fusion Dragon Axe Z (Z-Token)
Fusion DragonBlade
Fusion DragonBlade Z (Z-Token)
Fusion Staff
Fyre Force (Guardian)
Fyre Force Ultimate (Guardian)

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The Host


Gaiden's Blade
Gaiden's Fine Blade
Gaiden's Keen Blade
Gaiden's Razor-Edged Blade
Gaiden's Sharp Guardian Blade (Guardian)
Gaiden's Sharp Z Blade (Z-Token)
Galanoth's Pike (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Z-Token/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Galanoth Doll (Normal/100% proc/Rare; Guardian/100% proc/Rare)
Galanoth Doll G (Guardian/100% proc/Rare)
Galanoth Doll Z (Z-Token/100% proc/Rare)
Galaxy Wand
Galaxythe (100% proc/Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; 100% proc/Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Galrick's Blade (Temp)
Galvanic Orb
Galvanic Orb Z (Z-Token)
GameBox (Rare)
GameBox Advanced (Rare)
GameBox Advanced ZP (Rare/Z-Token)
GameBox Color (Rare)
GameBox Pocket (Rare)
Garthonk (Z-Token)
Gashing Hook (Z-Token)
Gas Rat Grenades (Normal/100% proc; Guardian/100% proc)
Gatta Axe (Guardian)
Gatta King's Saw (Guardian)
Gatta Spear (Guardian)
Gauntlet of The'Galin (Normal; Temp; Guardian; Guardian/Temp)
Gauntlet of Xano (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Geist Blade (Mastercraft/Z-Token/Rare)
Geoto Mace
Geoto Sceptre
Generating Reevolu
Germinating Eevolu
Germinating Eevolu Z
Ghastly Ebil Scythe
Ghin's Inimical Blade G (Guardian)
Ghin's Hateful Blade
Ghin's Malicious Blade
Ghin's Rancorous Blade G (Guardian)
Ghin's Spiteful Blade Z (Z-Token)
Ghin's Vengeful Blade
Ghin's Vindictive Blade
Ghost Blade (Rare)
Ghost Chili Drumchuks (Rare/Guardian)
Ghoulish Ebil Scythe
Giant Arrow
Giant Frozen Mace
Giant Killer (Rare/Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Gift Box (2004) (Rare/Guardian)
Gift Box (2005) (Rare/Guardian)
Gift Box (2006) (Rare)
Gift Box (2008) (Rare/Guardian)
Gift Box I-XXVII - Magic (2011) (Guardian/Rare)
Gift Box I-XXVII - Melee (2011) (Guardian/Rare)
Gift Box XI - Magic Z (2011) (Guardian/Rare)
Gift Box XV - Magic Z (2011) (Guardian/Rare)
Gift Box XXIII - Magic Z (2011) (Guardian/Rare)
Gift Box XXVII - Magic Z (2011) (Guardian/Rare)
Gift Box XI - Melee Z (2011) (Guardian/Rare)
Gift Box XV - Melee Z (2011) (Guardian/Rare)
Gift Box XXIII - Melee Z (2011) (Guardian/Rare)
Gift Box XXVII - Melee Z (2011) (Guardian/Rare)
Gift Box I-XXX - Magic (2012) (Guardian/Rare)
Gift Box X-XXX - Magic Z (2012) (Guardian/Rare/Z-Token)
Gift Box I-XXX - Melee (2012) (Guardian/Rare)
Gift Box X-XXX - Melee Z (2012) (Guardian/Rare/Z-Token)
Gift Box I-XXX - Ranged (2012) (Guardian/Rare)
Gift Box X-XXX - Ranged Z (2012) (Guardian/Rare/Z-Token)
GiftBox Weapons (2009) (Guardian)
GiftBox Weapon Z (2009) (Guardian/Z-Token)
Giga Dragon Buster (Z-Token)
Gilded Dread Scythe (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Gilded Guardian Wing (Guardian)
Gilded Warbow (100% proc/Normal/Rare; 100% proc/Guardian/Rare)
Gilded Wing
Gilt Giant Arrow (Guardian)
Glacial Deren Blade (Guardian)
Glacial Tuya Ztaff (Z-Token)
Glacial Short Staff
Glacius Hammer
Gladiator's Pugil Stick (Rare)
Gleaming Beam Lance
Gleaming Beam Lance Z (Z-Token)
Gleaming Beam Staff
Gleaming Beam Staff Z (Z-Token)
Gleaming Beam Sword
Gleaming Beam Sword Z (Z-Token)
Gleaming Permafrost Scimitar
Gleaming Venerable Chrono Blade Z (Z-Token)
Glittering Midnight Wish Dagger (Mastercraft/Rare)
Glittering Permafrost Scimitar
Gloom's Unease (Mastercraft)
Gloom Glaive (Mastercraft/Rare)
Glowing Flare Flayer
Gnarly Kneeboard (Guardian/Rare)
Gnarly Kneeboard Z (Z-Token/Rare)
Gnarly Robina Shortboard (Guardian/Rare)
Gnarly Robina Shortboard Z (Z-Token/Rare)
Gnarly Shortboard (Guardian/Rare)
Gnarly Shortboard Z (Z-Token/Rare)
Gnarly Surfboard (Guardian/Rare)
Gnarly Surfboard Z (Z-Token/Rare)
Gnarly Tathlin Surfboard (Guardian/Rare)
Gnarly Tathlin Surfboard Z (Z-Token/Rare)
Gnarly Zee Kneeboard (Guardian/Rare)
Gnarly Zee Kneeboard Z (Z-Token/Rare)
Gnawing Fangsword
Gnomish Crossbow
Gnomish Glory (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Goblin Spear
Goblin Spear Z
Gold Ebil Scythe
Gold-Blasting Gatling (Rare)
Gold-Blazing Gatling (Rare)
Gold-BlaZing Gatling (Z-Token/Rare)
Gold-Emitting Gatling (Rare)
Gold-Firing Gatling (Rare)
Gold-Shooting Gatling (Rare)
Gold-Spraying Gatling (Guardian/Rare)
Golden Axe (Rare)
Golden Dragon Spear (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Golden Edge weapons (Z-Token/Rare)
Golden Polearm
Golden Quindent (Z-Token/Rare)
Golden Scurvy Blade (Z-Token/Rare)
Golden Summoner
Golden Wing
Golden Wing Z (Z-Token)
Goldenrod Staff
Graceful Crane Fan
Graceful Crane Fan Z (Z-Token)
Gradient Sphere Staff
Gradient Sphere Staff Z Junior (Z-Token)
Gradient Sphere Staff Z Senior (Z-Token)
Grand Mana Staff (Guardian-Account)
Grand Tenderiser (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Grandiose Toymaker's Hammer Z (Rare/Z-Token)
Granite Edge
Granny Smith Blunderbuss (Rare)
Grass Blade
Grave Crowder (Z-Token)
Grave Filler (Z-Token)
Grave Fleshrender
Grave Packer (Z-Token)
Grave Tongue
Great Blue Reaper
Great Forest Axe (Temp)
Greataxe Tempore
Great Zardbane (Z-Token)
Greater Grimstalker
Greater Horn of PwnZy (Z-Token)
Greater Stribog Blade (Guardian)
Greater Zardbane (Z-Token)
Greedy Ebil Scythe
Green Clover Axe (Z-Token/Rare)
Greenguard Avenger (Special Offer/Mastercraft/Rare)
Grim Eater (Guardian)
Grim Scythe (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Grimstalker Z (Z-Token)
Grim Vestige (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
GroundSplitter (Rare)
GroundSplitter Arcanus (Rare)
Growing Eevolu
Growing Malengua (Z-Token)
Guardian Abyssal Quindent (Guardian)
Guardian Anchorhand (Rare/Guardian)
Guardian Apple Blunderbuss (Guardian/Rare)
Guardian ArachTuagh (Guardian/Rare)
Guardian Artic Vent Staff (Guardian)
Guardian Assault Edge (Guardian)
Guardian Bad Luck Blade (Guardian)
Guardian Bhelma's Blade (Guardian)
Guardian Bhelma's Perfected Blade (Guardian)
Guardian Blackbones (Guardian)
Guardian Blade (Guardian No-Drop/Temp)
Guardian Bladehenge (Guardian/Rare)
Guardian Blade of Glory (Guardian)
Guardian Bright Beam Lance (Guardian)
Guardian Bright Beam Staff (Guardian)
Guardian Bright Beam Sword (Guardian)
Guardian Brilhado Blade (Guardian)
Guardian Brilhado Spear (Guardian)
Guardian Bun-Guard's Sword (Guardian/Rare)
Guardian Bun-Jester's Wand (Guardian/Rare)
Guardian Burning Orb Sword (Guardian)
Guardain CAD Sword (Guardian/Rare)
Guardian Changing Staff (Guardian)
Guardian Clockwork Deren Staff (Guardian)
Guardian Crane Fan (Guardian)
Guardian Clover Axe (Z-Token/Guardian/Rare)
Guardian Corpse Cannon (Guardian/Rare)
Guardian Corrupted Blessed Battleaxe (Guardian)
Guardian Corrupted Hallowed Battleaxe (Guardian)
Guardian Corrupted Sacred Battleaxe (Guardian)
Guardian Crude Spear
Guardian Dagger (Guardian No-Drop/Temp)
Guardian Darkness Draconic Blade (Guardian)
Guardian Darkness Dragon Blade (Guardian)
Guardian Demon Tooth Axe (Guardian)
Guardian Doom Divisor (Guardian)
Guardian Doom Mace (Guardian)
Guardian Doom War Mace (Guardian)
Guardian Duality (Guardian)
Guardian Dynashamshir (Guardian)
Guardian Eight Leaders Staff (Guardian)
Guardian Eight Superiors Staff (Guardian)
Guardian Energy Draconic Blade (Guardian)
Guardian Energy Dragon Blade (Guardian)
Guardian Euphotic Quindent (Guardian)
Guardian Face Hammer of Wrecking (Guardian)
Guardian Fairche Solais (Guardian)
Guardian Famine's Scythe (Guardian)
Guardian Fangsword (Guardian)
Guardian Firework Spear (Guardian)
Guardian First Wind (Guardian)
Guardian Flashlight (Guardian)
Guardian Frankenglaive (Guardian)
Guardian Frigid Spire (Guardian)
Guardian Frostshard (Guardian/Rare)
Guardian Frostval Giant's Axe (Guardian/Rare)
Guardian Frozen Dinner (Guardian)
Guardian Fusion Dragon Axe (Guardian)
Guardian Fusion DragonBlade (Guardian)
Guardian Gala Blunderbuss (Rare/Guardian)
Guardian Glacial Tuya Staff (Guardian)
Guardian Gift Box (2006) (Rare/Guardian)
Guardian Goblin Spear (Guardian)
Guardian Gold-Shooting Gatling (Rare/Guardian)
Guardian Golden Edge weapons (Rare/Guardian)
Guardian Gradient Sphere Staff (Guardian)
Guardian Grimstalker (Guardian)
Guardian Harvest Reaver (Guardian/Rare)
Guardian Harvest Staff (Guardian/Rare)
Guardian Heavy Water I (Guardian)
Guardian Heavy Water II (Guardian)
Guardian Hourglass Axe (Guardian)
Guardian Hourglass Woodsman's Axe (Guardian)
Guardian Ice Draconic Blade (Guardian)
Guardian Ice Dragon Blade (Guardian)
Guardian Ice Lord's Blade (Guardian/Rare)
Guardian Jade Sword (Guardian)
Guardian Jathor (Guardian)
Guardian Joy Buzzer (Guardian/Rare)
Guardian Kragoth's Broadsword (Guardian)
Guardian Lhazor (Guardian)
Guardian Licorice Whip (Rare/Guardian)
Guardian Light Draconic Blade (Guardian)
Guardian Light Dragon Blade (Guardian)
Guardian Love's Attraction (Guardian/Rare)
Guardian Lunar Vigilante (Guardian)
Guardian Lustrous Fairche Solais (Guardian)
Guardian Magic Block Hammer I (Guardian/Rare)
Guardian Magic Block Hammer II (Guardian/Rare)
Guardian Magic Block Hammer III (Guardian/Rare)
Guardian Magic Block Hammer IV (Guardian/Rare)
Guardian Magic Block Hammer V (Guardian/Rare)
Guardian Magic Block Hammer VI (Guardian/Rare)
Guardian Magic Gift Box I (2010) (Guardian/Rare)
Guardian Magic Gift Box II (2010) (Guardian/Rare)
Guardian Magic Gift Box III (2010) (Guardian/Rare)
Guardian Magic Gift Box IV (2010) (Guardian/Rare)
Guardian Magic Gift Box V (2010) (Guardian/Rare)
Guardian Magic Gift Box VI (2010) (Guardian/Rare)
Guardian Majestic Axe of Malinius (Guardian)
Guardian Malengua (Guardian)
Guardian Mayhem Vartai Blade (Guardian)
Guardian Melee Block Hammer I (Guardian/Rare)
Guardian Melee Block Hammer II (Guardian/Rare)
Guardian Melee Block Hammer III (Guardian/Rare)
Guardian Melee Block Hammer IV (Guardian/Rare)
Guardian Melee Block Hammer V (Guardian/Rare)
Guardian Melee Block Hammer VI (Guardian/Rare)
Guardian Melee Gift Box I (2010) (Rare/Guardian)
Guardian Melee Gift Box II (2010) (Rare/Guardian)
Guardian Melee Gift Box III (2010) (Rare/Guardian)
Guardian Melee Gift Box IV (2010) (Rare/Guardian)
Guardian Melee Gift Box V (2010) (Rare/Guardian)
Guardian Melee Gift Box VI (2010) (Rare/Guardian)
Guardian Merridi's Sword (Guardian)
Guardian Mountain Splitter (Guardian)
Guardian Mouthful (Guardian)
Guardian Mummy Leg (Guardian/Rare)
Guardian Nefadon Claw (Guardian)
Guardian Nefadon Electrobolt (100% proc/Guardian)
Guardian NightSever (Guardian)
Guardian Nightstalker Crossbow (Guardian)
Guardian Lordly Lance (Guardian)
Guardian Nova Knight Broadsword (Guardian)
Guardian Novel of the Winds (Guardian)
Guardian Oaklore Hammer (Guardian)
Guardian Oaklore Maul (Guardian)
Guardian Opposcythe III (Guardian)
Guardian Orichalcum Wing (Guardian)
Guardian Oyster Mace (Guardian)
Guardian Paintball Gun (Guardian)
Guardian Perfected Grimstalker (Guardian)
Guardian Permafrost Scimitar (Guardian)
Guardian Pilaster Crusher (Guardian)
Guardian Pinwheel (Guardian/Rare)
Guardian Piraxe (Guardian)
Guardian Prop Crusher (Guardian)
Guardian Protest Sign (Guardian)
Guardian Radiant Beam Lance (Guardian)
Guardian Radiant Beam Staff (Guardian)
Guardian Radiant Beam Sword (Guardian)
Guardian Rat Flail (Guardian)
Guardian Rixty Ripper (Rare/Guardian)
Guardian Rockin' Zard Guitar (Guardian)
Guardian Royal Blade (Guardian)
Guardian Scargiver (Guardian)
Guardian Second Wind (Guardian)
Guardian Shelayleigh (Rare/Guardian)
Guardian Shocking Orb (Guardian)
Guardian Slaying Bells (Guardian)
Guardian Sparkler (Guardian/Rare)
Guardian Spear (Guardian No-Drop/Temp)
Guardian Spirit Hunter Scythe
Guardian Staff (Guardian No-Drop/Temp)
Guardian Staff of Necromantic Control (Guardian)
Guardian Stretchy Sceptre (15/135) (Guardian)
Guardian Supercharged Deren Staff (Guardian)
Guardian Sword of Deren (Guardian)
Guardian Sword of the Titans (Guardian)
Guardian Tarsal Spur (Guardian)
Guardian Tentei Edge (Guardian)
Guardian Tentei Katana (Guardian)
Guardian Thoughtspire (Guardian)
Guardian Time-Out Bell (Guardian)
Guardian Torch (Guardian)
Guardian Toymaker's Hammer (Rare/Guardian)
Guardian Transfiguring Blade (Guardian)
Guardian Trench Axe (Guardian)
Guardian Undead Blackhawke's Blade (Guardian)
Guardian Unverander's Blade (Guardian)
Guardian VegiSplatic (Guardian; Guardian/Temp)
Guardian Venerable Axe of Malinius (Guardian)
Guardian Violent Violet (Guardian/Rare)
Guardian Viridian (Guardian)
Guardian Warm Orb Sword (Guardian)
Guardian Water Draconic Blade (Guardian)
Guardian Water Dragon Blade (Guardian)
Guardian Weedsprayer L (Rare/Guardian)
Guardian Weedsprayer LXX (Rare/Guardian)
Guardian Wind Draconic Blade (Guardian)
Guardian Wind Dragon Blade (Guardian)
Guardian Wrayth Blade (23/103) (Guardian)
Guardian Yliaster Wing (Guardian)
Guardian Yoyo (Rare/Guardian)
Guardian Zardmaster's Blade (Guardian)
Guitar Axe (Rare)
Gum Blade
Gumball Launcher (Rare/Temp; Rare)
Gyrating Pinwheel (Rare)

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8/7/2011 16:46:59   
The Host


Hacker's Axe (Temp)
Hadal Quindent
Halcyon Eevolu (Guardian)
Hammers of Unity (Rare)
Harbinger (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Harbinger's Rod of Talados (Mastercraft)
Harrowing Torment Blade (Z-Token)
Harvenger G (Guardian)
Harvenger Z (Z-Token)
Harvest Festival '15 Commemorative Spoon (Normal/100% proc/Rare; Guardian/100% proc/Rare)
Harvest Reaper (Guardian/Rare)
Harvest Reaver (Z-Token/Rare)
Harvest Staff (Rare)
Harvest Staff Z (Z-Token/Rare)
Hasu-Horimono (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Hatchet Tempore
Hatchling Dragon Knight's Fang (Mastercraft)
Hatchling Dragon Knight's Fang Z (Mastercraft/Z-Token)
Havoc Vartai Blade
Havoc Vartai Cleaver Z (Z-Token)
Hawk Staff (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Headache Club (Z-Token/Rare)
Healing Branch (Normal/Tome; Guardian/Tome)
Heartache Axe (Rare)
Heartache Bow (Z-Token/Rare)
Heartana (Normal/Rare; Guardian/Rare)
Heartbreaker Axe (Guardian/Rare)
Heartbroken Gloom Glaive (Mastercraft/Rare)
Heart Sceptre (Normal/Rare; Guardian/Rare)
Heatwave Sabre (Guardian/Rare)
Heatwave Spadroon (Rare; Adventurer/Guardian)
Heaven and Earth
Heavy Dragonbow (Rare)
Heavy Frostval Giant's Axe (Rare)
Heavy Gnomish Crossbow
Heavy Monster Smasher (Z-Token)
Heavy Water I
Heavy Water II
Heavy Water III
Heavy Water IV
Heavy Water Z (Z-Token)
Hei Quan
Heian Bow
Helmet of the Fallen (Rare)
Herdmaster Blade (Rare)
Herdmaster Crook (Rare)
Hermetic Luminous Blade
Hero's Hydro Halberd (Guardian)
Hierophant's Glory (Mastercraft)
High Communicant's Grandeur (Guardian/Mastercraft)
High Oracle's Rod of Talados (Mastercraft/Guardian)
Hip Rosethorn Lance (Rare)
Holiday Colossus (Guardian/Rare)
Holiday Colossus Z (Guardian/Z-Token/Rare)
Hollow's Weather Remote (Rare/Temp; Normal)
Holy Bane Bow
Holy Blaze Bow
Holy Bolt Bow
Holy Bow
Holy Burst Bow
Holy Flare Bow
Holy Handaxe (Rare)
Holy Kazemai Athame (Mastercraft)
Holy Kusanagi Sword (Mastercraft)
Holy Light Bow
Holy Rage Bow
Holy Water
Holy Wrath Bow (Guardian)
Homework Cannon (Temp/Rare; Normal/Rare; Guardian/Rare)
Homework Cannon Z (Z-Token/Rare)
Honed Vorpal Edge (Rare)
Honey Crisp Blunderbuss (Rare)
Hornswaggle (Normal/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
Horo-Show Void Vanquisher (Normal/Mastercraft; Z-Token/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
Hook Blade (Guardian)
Hook Blade Z (Z-Token)
Hook Fist (Normal; Guardian)
Horn Blade
Horn of PWNage (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Horn of Pwny (Rare; Guardian/Rare)
Horn of PwnZy (Z-Token)
Horn of Tera'Suul (Normal/Mastercraft/Special Offers/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Special Offers/Rare)
Horrific Staff of Nihilus (Guardian)
Horrifying Necromant Staff
Horrifying Necromant Staff Z (Z-Token)
Horror Eater (Z-Token)
Hot Flare Flayer
Hot Orb Sword (Z-Token)
Hot Thermostaff
Hotshot Sword (Normal; Guardian)
Hourglass Adze
Hourglass Battleaxe Z (Z-Token)
Hourglass Broad Axe Z (Z-Token)
Hourglass Felling Axe Z (Z-Token)
Hourglass Greataxe (Z-Token)
Hourglass Hatchet
Hourglass Splitting Axe Z (Z-Token)
Hourglass Tomahawk
Huevostaff (Rare)
Hunter's Darklaw (Normal/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
Hunting Horn (Mastercraft/Guardian; Mastercraft/Z-Token)
Hurricane Blade
Hybee Spear
Hyberborean Longbow (Guardian)
Hydra's Bite (Normal/Guardian/Z-Token)
Hydro Halberd
Hydro Pen
Hydro Pen Z (Z-Token)
Hydromancer's Bloodblade (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)

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8/7/2011 16:47:25   
The Host


Ice Blade
Ice Blade of Awe (Temp/Z-Token)
Ice Blade of Calladus (Rare)
Ice Bolo
Ice Crystal Shard (Rare)
Ice Dagger of Awe (Temp)
Ice Draconic Blade
Ice Draconic Blade Z (Z-token)
Ice Dragon Blade
Ice Dragon Blade Z (Z-token)
Ice Katana
Ice Longbow
Ice Lord's Blade (Rare)
Ice Lord's Blade Z (Z-Token/Rare)
Ice Magestaff
Ice Shard
Ice Spear of Awe (Temp/Z-Token)
Ice Staff of Awe (Temp/Z-Token)
Ice Zaragoza (Rare/Guardian)
Icebolt Crossbow
Icecalibur (Z-Token/Mastercraft/Rare)
IceRazor (Normal/Guardian/Temp)
Icicle Club
Iconoclast Spear (Z-Token/Guardian)
Icy Deren Blade
Icy Wind (Mastercraft)
Ideal Blade (Rare)
Igneus Sickle
Igniting Spine Lance (Z-token)
Ill Radiance
Illuminated Solaris Blade
Impeccable Blade (Rare)
Incandescent Solaris Blade
Incendiary Bow (Guardian; Z-Token)
Incendiary DrakeTongue
Inclement Cheater (Rare)
Inclement Decoy (Rare)
Inclement HumbuG (Guardian/Rare)
Inclement Imposter (Rare)
Inclement PoZer (Rare/Z-Token)
Inclement Swindler (Rare)
Inclement Trickster (Rare)
Infernal Bludrut Blade (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare; Temp/Mastercraft)
Infernal Ebil Scythe
Inferno Hilt (Rare)
Inferno Longbow (Guardian)
Inferno Scepter (Normal/Mastercraft/Tome/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Tome/Rare)
Inflamed Thermostaff
Initiate's Respect
Inquisitor's Renown (Mastercraft)
Intense Flare Flayer
Ion Cannon
Ionic Slasher
Irolustre's Eviscerating Claw
Irolustre's Guardian Claw (Guardian)
Irolustre's Guardian Gouging Claw (Guardian)
Irolustre's Scratching Claw
Irolustre's Slashing Claw
Irolustre's Slashing Claw Z (Z-Token)
Irolustre's Slicing Claw
Iron Edge
Ironwood Shelayleigh (Rare)
Irradiated Flare Flayer Z (Z-Token)

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8/7/2011 16:47:49   
The Host


Jade Lance (Guardian)
Jade Sword
Jade Sword Z (Z-Token)
Jagged Luntet
Jingle Bells (Rare)
Joke Gun (Rare)
JoltJumper Guardian Warbow
JoltJumper Warbow
JoltJumper Warbow Z
Jonagold Blunderbuss (Rare)
Jotun Blade (Rare)
Juicy Fruit (Rare; Mastercraft/Rare)
Julienne VegiSplatic (Normal/Guardian; Guardian/Temp)
Julienne VegiSplatic Z (Z-Token/Guardian)
Jumbo Toymaker's Hammer Z (Z-Token/Rare)
Jypley's Canesword
Jypley's Shikomizue
Jypley's Swordstick
Jypley's Walking Stick
Jypley'Z Swordstick (Z-Token)

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The Host


Kan Tzicnal (Mastercraft)
Kan Tzicnal Z (Mastercraft/Z-Token)
Katar of Cold (Normal; Guardian)
Katar of Earth (Normal; Guardian)
Katar of Fire (Normal; Guardian)
Katar of Shock (Normal; Guardian)
Katar of Undeath (Normal; Guardian)
Katar of Water (Normal; Guardian)
Kayda Blade (Guardian)
Kayda Edge (Guardian)
Kayda Reaver (Guardian)
Kazemai Athame (Mastercraft)
Keen Hoopdy-Hoop
Keenty Vorpal Edge
Kelp Scythe
Killer Zardbane (Z-Token)
KiloHurtz (Z-Token)
Kindred's Prestige
Kingdom Breaker (Mastercraft)
King's Authority (Mastercraft)
King's DuaLight
King's Hockey Glaive (Z-Token/Mastercraft/Rare)
King Tide Reaper (Guardian)
Kneeboard (Rare)
Knight Lance
Knight Lance G (Guardian)
Knight Lance Z (Z-Token)
Knight's Sway (Mastercraft)
Knuckle Duster (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Kragoth's Broadsword
Kragoth's Broadsword Z (Z-Token)
Krenos' Anima Katana (Rare/Z-Token)
Krenos' Aspect Katana (Rare/Z-Token)
Krenos' Essence Katana (Rare/Z-Token)
Krenos' Power Katana (Rare/Z-Token)
Krenos' Soul Katana (Rare/Z-Token)
Krenos' Source Katana (Rare/Z-Token)
Krenos' Spirit Katana (Rare/Z-Token)
Krieger Blade (Rare)
KuBrush G (Guardian)
KuBrush Z (Z-Token)
Kusanagi Sword (Mastercraft)

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8/7/2011 16:48:37   
The Host


Labyrinth Bow (Normal/Bow; Guardian/Bow)
Lambent Fairche Solais
Lambent Wyrm Spear
Laser Saw
Lava Broadsword
Lavistria's Bow
Layard's Deception (Z-token/Rare)
Least Grimstalker
Least Stribog Blade
Leave-It-To Cleaver (Rare)
Lectris (Z-Token)
Legendary Blade (Temp; Rare)
Legendary Blades of Reaping (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Legendary French Vanilla Ice Katana (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Legendary Hunter's Darklaw (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Legendary Magic French Vanilla Ice Katana (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Legendary Purifying Crescent Blade (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Legendary Slayer's Lyfang (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Lesser Dragonhand Z
Lesser Glamdrung (Rare)
Lesser Gradient Sphere Staff
Lesser Grimstalker
Lesser Nightmare Blade (Temp)
Lesser Reclaimer (Rare)
Lesser Stribog Blade (Z-Token)
Lesser Zardbane (Z-Token)
Lhazor Z (Z-Token)
Lian Quan
Libera Te (Mastercraft)
Liberty Beacon (Rare)
Liberty Flame (Rare)
Liberty Lamp (Rare)
Liberty Lantern (Rare)
Liberty Scythe (Z-Token/Rare)
Liberty Torch (Rare)
Licorice Whip (Rare)
Light Blade of Awe (Temp/Z-Token)
Ice Cometfall (Mastercraft/Special Offer/Rare)
Light Dagger of Awe (Temp/Z-Token)
Light Draconic Blade
Light Draconic Blade Z (Z-token)
Light Dragonblade
Light Dragon Blade Z (Z-token)
Light Dragonbow (Rare)
Light Gnomish Crossbow
Light Longbow
Light Magestaff
Light Master's Blade
Light Spear of Awe (Temp/Z-Token)
Light Spirit Staff
Light Staff of Awe (Temp)
Light Zaragoza (Rare/Z-Token)
Lightbolt Crossbow
Lightning Grip Axe
Lightning Rod
Light Sevus
Limbus Blade
Limkragg's Claw Flail
Limkragg's Ripper Flail
Limkragg's Nail Flail
Limkragg's Talon Flail
Lionidas' Broadsword (Guardian/Mastercraft)
Lionidas' Claymore (Guardian/Mastercraft)
Lionidas' Falchion (Guardian/Mastercraft)
Lionidas' Gladius (Guardian/Mastercraft)
Lionidas' Greatsword (Guardian/Mastercraft)
Lionidas' Kriegsmesser (Guardian/Mastercraft)
Lionidas' Machete (Guardian/Mastercraft)
Lion's Cry (Mastercraft)
Lion's Growl (Mastercraft)
Lion's Roar (Mastercraft/Guardian)
Lion's Yell (Mastercraft)
Liquid Fire
Literal Horns of the Dilemma (Temp)
Liuye Dao
Living Malengua (Z-Token)
Loco's Blessing (Rare)
Loco's Boon (Rare)
Loco's Favor (Guardian/Rare)
Loco's Gift (Rare)
Logan's Claws (Temp)
Lollipop Mace (Normal/Rare; Guardian/Rare)
Long Sword (No-Drop)
Long Talon (Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Long Talon Glaive (Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Long Talon Glaive Z (Z-Token/Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Long Talon Z (Z-Token/Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Lord's Clout (Mastercraft)
Lorelympian Torch (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Lost Helm of the Fallen (Z-Token)
Love Hammer (Normal/Rare; Guardian/Rare)
Love's Attraction (Rare)
Love's Attraction Z (Z-Token/Rare)
Love's Grip Blade (Rare)
Love's Grip Blade G (Guardian/Rare)
Love's Grip Longbow (Bow/Rare)
Love's Grip Longbow G (Guardian/Bow/Rare)
Love'Z Grip Blade (Z-Token/Rare)
Love'Z Grip Longbow (Bow/Z-Token/Rare)
Lucent Wyrm Spear G (Guardian)
Lucian Spear
Luck Leecher Clover Cleaver (Rare/Z-Token/Guardian/Mastercraft)
Lucky Bingo Foot (Rare)
Lucky Bladehenge (Rare/Guardian)
Lucky Keno Foot (Rare)
Lucky Lamp (Normal; Guardian)
Lucky Lotto Foot (Rare)
Lucky Shelayleigh (Rare)
Lucky Sword
Lumenomancer's Bloodblade (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Luminous Midnight Wish Dagger (Mastercraft/Rare)
Luminous Solaris Blade
Luminous Spear (Mastercraft)
Luminous Spear G (Guardian/Mastercraft)
Luminous Spear Z (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Luminous Wyrm Spear G (Guardian)
Lumpy Skull Club
Lunar Avenger (Perm; Temp)
Lunar Light (Normal; Guardian)
Lunar Nemesis Z (Z-Token)
Lunar Punisher (Perm; Temp)
Lunar Scourge (Perm; Temp)
Lunar Vigilante (Temp)
Lurid Malevolence (Normal; Guardian; Z-Token)
Lustrous Fairche Solais
Luxuriant Junas Axe
Luxuriant Shalen Spear
Lycan Bow
Lycan Magic Slasher (Rare)
Lycan Slasher (Normal; Guardian)
Lyfang (Mastercraft/Rare)
Lyre of Lyrics (Normal/100% proc; Guardian/100% proc)
Lyre of LyricZ (Z-Token/100% proc)

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8/7/2011 16:49:02   
The Host


Mace of Lordly Might (Z-Token/Rare)
Mace of Might (Z-Token)
Magesoul (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
McIntosh Blunderbuss Z (Rare/Z-Token)
MaelStaves (Energy) (Guardian)
MaelStaves (Water) (Guardian)
Mage Blade (Z-Token)
Magic Block Hammer II-Z (Z-Token/Rare)
Magic Bone Smasher Mace (Temp/Z-Token)
Magic Candy Axe (Temp/Z-Token)
Magic Elite Ice Katana (Z-Token)
Magic Enhanced Ice Katana (Z-Token)
Magic Flaming Sword (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Magic French Vanilla Ice Katana (Normal/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
Magic Gift Box (2007) (Rare)
Magic Gift Box '14 (Guardian/Rare)
Magic Gift Box '15 (Guardian/Rare)
Magic Gift Box '16 (Guardian/Rare)
Magic Gift Box '17 (Guardian/Rare)
Magic Gift Box II-Z (2010) (Z-Token/Rare)
Magic Gift Box Z '14 (Z-Token/Guardian/Rare)
Magic Gift Box Z '15 (Z-Token/Guardian/Rare)
Magic Gift Box Z '16 (Z-Token/Guardian/Rare)
Magic Gift Box Z '17 (Z-Token/Guardian/Rare)
Magic Gift Box 2013 (Guardian/Rare)
Magic Gift Box Z 2013 (Z-Token/Guardian/Rare)
Magic Ice Katana
Magic Sharp Axe (Temp/Z-Token)
Magical Cheese Wedge (Rare)
Magical Mountain Crusher Hammer (Temp/Z-Token)
Magical Turkey Dip
Magical Twig of Carnage (Temp)
Magma Vein (Z-Token/Rare)
Magnificent Axe of Malinius
Mahj Blade
Majestic Lance
Major Gradient Sphere Staff
Mana Wand (Mastercraft)
Mankind's Regard
Mana Scepter (Rare)
Marianan Trench Axe
Maritime Terror Reaper
Marksman's Luminous Bow Z (Z-Token)
Master Silari Bardiche
Mature Dragon Knight's Fang (Mastercraft)
Maurinelle's Aria
Maurinelle's Aria in Z (Z-Token)
Maurinelle's Ballad (Guardian)
Maurinelle's Chorus (Guardian)
Maurinelle's Melody
Maurinelle's Song
Mayhem Vartai Blade
Mayhem Vartai Blade Z (Z-Token)
Mayhem Vartai Cleaver
Measures Totem (Normal/Rare; Guardian/Rare)
Measures Totem Z (Z-Token/Rare)
Mechanical Deren Staff
MechaniZed Deren Staff (Z-Token)
Mega Dragon Buster (Z-Token)
Megahurtz (Z-Token)
Megalodon Reaper (Guardian)
Medium Dragonbow (Rare)
Meduso Bow (Z-Token)
Melee Candy Axe (Temp/Z-Token)
Melee Block Hammer II-Z (Rare/Z-Token)
Melee Flaming Sword (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Melee Gift Box (2007) (Rare)
Melee Gift Box '14 (Guardian/Rare)
Melee Gift Box '15 (Guardian/Rare)
Melee Gift Box '16 (Guardian/Rare)
Melee Gift Box '17 (Guardian/Rare)
Melee Gift Box 2013 (Guardian/Rare)
Melee Gift Box Z '14 (Z-Token/Guardian/Rare)
Melee Gift Box Z '15 (Z-Token/Guardian/Rare)
Melee Gift Box Z '16 (Z-Token/Guardian/Rare)
Melee Gift Box Z '17 (Z-Token/Guardian/Rare)
Melee Gift Box Z 2013 (Guardian/Z-Token/Rare)
Melee Gift Box II-Z (2010) (Rare/Z-Token)
Melee Sharp Axe (Temp/Z-Token)
Menace Eater (Z-Token)
Merridi's Sword
Merridi's Sword Z (Z-Token)
Mermazon Bows (Rare)
Mesopelagic Quindent
Mesquite Shelayleigh (Rare)
Meteor Gun (Z-Token/Rare)
Midnight Dragon Blade (Rare/Z-Token)
Might of Trigoras
Migraine Club (Z-Token)
Mimisgoldr (Mastercraft/Z-Token)
Mimishamarr (Mastercraft/Guardian)
Ming Tree Staff (Z-Token/Rare)
Minor Gradient Sphere Staff
Mirnenbrot Maul (Rare/Guardian)
Misery Dirk, Knife and Dagger
MissileToe (Rare)
Mistral Ravager
Mgoldnir (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Mjollnir (Guardian/Mastercraft)
Moderate Absolix Polearm
Modern Chrono Blade
Moglin Sword (Rare/Temp; Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Moglord Axe (Rare/Guardian/Mastercraft)
Moglord Axe Z (Rare/Guardian/Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Moglord Bow (Rare/Guardian/Mastercraft)
Moglord Bow Z (Rare/Guardian/Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Moglord Sceptre (Rare/Guardian/Mastercraft)
Moglord Sceptre Z (Rare/Guardian/Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Molten Pyrecrag (Mastercraft)
Molten Staff
Monolith Mace (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Monster Chopper
Monster Dicer
Monster Mincer Z (Z-Token)
Morningstar Basher
Morningstar Basher Z (Z-Token)
Morningstar Blessed Cross
Morningstar Boldheart
Morningstar Braveheart
Morningstar Breaker
Morningstar Demolisher
Morningstar Destroyer
Morningstar Devastator
Morningstar Divine Cross
Morningstar Enchanted Cross
Morningstar Exalted Cross
Morningstar Firmheart
Morningstar Firmheart Z (Z-Token)
Morningstar Hallowed Cross
Morningstar Heroheart
Morningstar Holy Cross
Morningstar Just Cross
Morningstar Just CroZZ (Z-Token)
Morningstar Lionheart
Morningstar Magical Cross
Morningstar Magical CroZZ (Z-Token)
Morningstar Mysterious Cross
Morningstar Mystic Cross
Morningstar Occult Cross
Morningstar Radiant Cross
Morningstar Smasher
Morningstar Spectral Cross
Morningstar Spellbound Cross
Morningstar Spiritheart
Morningstar Stoutheart
Morningstar Pulverizer
Monster Prod (Rare)
Monster Slicer
Monster Smasher (Rare)
Mooncrest Staff(Rare) (Guardian)
Mooncrest Staff (Rare)
Morphed Dragonblade
Mother's Day Bouquet (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
MotherRose Staff (Rare)
MotherSwan Staff (Rare)
Mountain Crusher Hammer (Temp)
Mountain Fist (Guardian)
Mountain Splitter
Mountain Splitter Z (Z-Token)
Mourn Staff (Rare)
Mourn Staff G (Rare/Guardian)
Mourn Staff Z (Rare/Z-Token)
Mournful Gloom Glaive (Mastercraft/Rare)
Mouthful (Z-Token)
Mr. Soaker
Mummy Leg (Rare; Temp/Rare)
Multiplying Reevolu
Multiplying Reevolu Z (Z-Token)
Mutant Dragonblade
Mutant King Baton
Mutant King Bludgeon
Mutant King Club
Mutant King Cudgel Z (Z-Token)
Mutant King Stick
Mutant King Truncheon
Myrmidon's Pugil Stick (Rare)
Mystic Neko Claws (Temp)
Mystic Paxian Deliverance
Mystic Rx for Destruction (Guardian)
Mystic Derenian Conqueror (Temp)
Mystic Long Talon (Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Mystic Long Talon Z (Z-Token/Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Mystic Star Sabre (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Mystic Typhoon Claymore (Rare)
Mystic Unicorn Bowie (Adventurer/Guardian/Rare)
Mystic Unicorn Bowie Z (Z-Token/Rare)
Mystical Luminous Blade Z (Z-Token)

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8/7/2011 16:49:41   
The Host


Nautica Axe
N00B Horn of Pwny (Rare)
N00Blet Horn of Pwny (Rare)
Naga Staff (Guardian)
Nautica Blade
Necropolis Fleshrender
Necropolis Tongue
Necrostaff Elite (Rare)
Necrotic Ebil Scythe
Nefadon Claw
Nefadon Claw Z
Nefadon Electrobolt (100% proc)
Nefadon Electrobolt Z (100% proc/Z-Token)
Neko Claws (Temp)
Nemesis' Condemnation
Nemeta's Conqueror
Neo Airenal's Cunning (Special Offer/Mastercraft)
Neophyte Aqvarius (Mastercraft)
Nepto's Spine (Guardian)
Nerf Blaster (Rare)
Nerf Dismantler (Rare)
Nerf DiZpatcher (Rare/Z-Token)
Nerf Ravager (Rare)
Nerf Ruiner (Rare)
Nerfage Gun (Temp/Rare)
Nerfage Staff (Temp/Rare)
Nerfage Sword (Temp/Rare)
Neuro Shock Spines
New Year's Wand 2014 (Rare; Guardian/Rare)
Nibbling Fangsword
Nightfall's Angst (Mastercraft)
Nighthunter Bow
Nightmare Bell (Normal; Guardian; Z-Token)
Nightmare Blade (Rare/Temp)
NightMare Staves (Rare)
Nightmarish Necromant Staff (Guardian)
NightSever (Rare/Normal; Rare/Temp; Rare/Temp/Guardian)
NightSever Z (Rare/Z-Token)
Nightslayer (Z-Token)
Nightstalker Crossbow
Nightstalker Crossbow Z (Z-Token)
Nightstalker Great Crossbow
Nighttracker Bow
Ninemares (Special Offer/Mastercraft)
Ninja Stars
Ninja's Breath
Niuwei Dao
Niuwei Dao Z (Z-Token)
Noble Axe of Malinius Z (Z-Token)
Noble Lance
Noble Lance Z (Z-Token)
Nocturu Dagger
Nordhri (Mastercraft)
Nova Knight Cleaver
Nova Knight Falchion
Nova Knight Kilij
Nova Knight Machete
Nova Knight Machete Z (Z-Token)
Nova Wand
Novel of the Winds
Novel of the Winds Z (Z-Token)
Novice Aqvarius (Mastercraft)
Novice's Luminous Bow
Noxious Chimeran Spear (Mastercraft)
Noxious Chimeran Spear Z (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Nuclear Flare Flayer Z (Z-Token)
Nulgath's Wrath (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Number 9

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The Host


Oak Shelayleigh (Rare)
Oaklore Bludgeon (Z-Token)
Oaklore Crusher (Z-Token)
Oaklore Hammer (Z-Token)
Oaklore Mace (Z-Token)
Oaklore Mallet (Z-Token)
Oaklore Maul (Z-Token)
Obelisk Crusher
Obsidian Ebil Scythe (Guardian)
Occult Luminous Blade
Ogre Enchanter Staff
Ogre Enchanter Staff Z (Z-Token)
Ogre Knocker
Ogre Magician Staff
Ogre Pounder
Ogre Shaman Staff
Ogre Smacker
Ogre Thumper
Ogre Wacker Z
Ogre Whalloper
Ol' Painless (Z-Token/Rare; Perm)
Old Axe (Temp)
Old Chrono Blade
Old MissileToe (Rare)
Omega Orbiter (Rare)
Omelyhis' Reign (Guardan)
Omelyhis' Rule (Z-Token)
Omnioath (Temporary)
Omni Knight Blade (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Onroth's Ardent Rage (Z-Token)
Onroth's Burning Rage (Z-Token)
Onroth's Fervid Rage (Guardian)
Onroth's Fiery Rage (Guardian)
Onroth's Impassioned Rage (Z-Token)
Onroth's Intense Rage (Z-Token)
Onroth's Zealous Rage (Z-Token)
Onyxx Wartexx (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Opportune Bladehenge (Rare)
Opposcythe (Z-Token)
Oracle's Rod of Talados (Mastercraft)
Orange Glazed Drumchuks (Rare)
Orc Bombs (Z-Token/Rare)
Orc Cleaver (Z-Token/Rare)
Orc Cleaver of Power (Z-Token/Rare)
Orc Master's Blade (Z-Token/Rare)
Orc Master's Blade of Power (Z-Token/Rare)
Orcish Katana (Guardian)
Orcish Katana Z (Z-Token)
Orcish No-Dachi (Guardian)
Oriens Gun
Original Torch
Ornamental Bow (Rare)
Ornate Energy Dragon Blade (Z-Token/Mastercraft/Rare)
Ornate Light Dragon Blade (Z-Token/Mastercraft/Rare)
Ornate Wind Dragon Blade (Z-Token/Mastercraft/Rare)
Ornate Viridian Z (Z-Token)
Ospark (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Overcharged BFG (Rare/Guardian/Temp; Rare)
Overdone Drumchuks (Rare)
Overheated Baby Bottle (Normal/100% proc/Rare; Guardian/100% proc/Rare)
Overlord's Ascendancy (Mastercraft)
Oversized Toymaker's Hammer Z (Z-Token/Rare)
Oyster Mace
Oyster Mace Z (Z-Token)

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The Host


Painful Torment Blade (Z-Token)
Paintball Gun
Paintball Gun (Temp)
Paintball Gun Z (Z-Token)
Paladin's Artifact (Mastercraft)
Paladin's Bequest (Mastercraft)
Paladin's Estate (Mastercraft)
Paladin's Fame (Mastercraft)
Paladin's Gift (Mastercraft)
Paladin's Heirloom (Mastercraft)
Paladin's Legacy (Mastercraft/Guardian)
Paladin's Memento (Mastercraft)
Paladin's Tradition (Mastercraft)
Pallid Ebil Scythe (Guardian)
Panchaloha Wing
Pandemonium Vartai Blade
Pandemonium Vartai Blade Z (Z-Token)
Pandemonium Vartai Cleaver
Panforte Maul (Rare/Guardian)
Paragon's Dignity
Paramount Blade (Special Offer/Mastercraft)
Paramount Blade of Rennd
Patriot Blade (Normal/Rare; Guardian/Rare)
Patriot Blade 2005 (Rare)
Patriot Blade XII (Rare/Mastercraft)
Patriot Blade XII G (Rare/Guardian/Mastercraft)
Patriot Blade XII Z (Rare/Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Patriot Katana (Rare/Z-Token)
Pavana (Mastercraft)
Paxian Deliverance
Peasant's Nightmare (Normal; Guardian; Z-Token)
Pedestal Crusher
Peerless Blade (Rare)
Pelagic Quindent
Pelean Pyrecrag (Mastercraft)
Penumbral Spear
Perfect Blade (Rare)
Perfect Monster Smasher (Rare)
Permafrost Scimitar Z
Peta Dragon Buster (Z-Token)
Phantasmic Necromant Staff (Guardian)
Phony Gun (Rare)
Photic Quindent Z
Phrygian Ebil Scythe
Pink Lady Blunderbuss (Rare)
Pinwheel (Rare)
Pinwheel Z (Rare/Z-Token)
Pixel Blade (Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Pixel Blade Z (Z-Token/Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Pixel Bow (Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare/100% proc)
Pixel Bow Z (Z-Token/Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare/100% proc)
Planet Splitter (Z-Token/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
Platinum Dragon Axe (Normal; Guardian)
Platinum Edge (Guardian/Rare)
Plungerizer (Temp Item)
Pointy Hook (Z-Token)
Poisonous Chimeran Spear (Mastercraft)
Poisonous Chimeran Spear Z (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Polar Volcano
Pop-Out Gun (Rare)
Porthole Slasher (Normal; Guardian)
Poseidon Edge (Z-Token/Mastercraft/Rare)
Post Crusher
Postmodern Chrono Blade
Postmodern Chrono Blade Z (Z-Token)
Power Katana
Powerful UltraGuardian Scythe (Guardian/No-drop; Guardian/Temp)
Powerful Ultra!!!Guardian Scythe (Guardian/No-drop; Guardian/Temp)
Premium Gradient Sphere Staff
Preserved Leg (Rare; Temp/Rare)
Prickly Rosethorn Lance (Rare)
Prince's Command (Mastercraft)
Principal's Bell
Pristine Mystic Paxian Deliverance (Guardian)
Pristine Paxian Deliverance (Guardian)
Prizewinner's Rod
PriZtine Mystic Paxian Deliverance (Z-Token)
PriZtine Paxian Deliverance (Z-Token)
Prodigious Toymaker's Hammer Z (Z-Token/Rare)
Profane Water (Guardian)
Profundal Shank
Propagating Reevolu
Prophet's Rod of Talados (Mastercraft)
Proliferating Reevolu
Prosperous Bladehenge (Rare)
Prospering Malengua (Z-Token)
Protector Rod (Z-Token)
Protest Sign
Protest Sign Z (Z-Token)
Puebla Earth Mace (Rare)
Puebla Wind Mace (Rare)
Pulverized Frostshard (Rare)
Pumpkin Carver (Normal/Rare; Rare/Temp; Rare/Guardian)
Pumpkin Chucker (Rare/Normal; Rare/Z-Token; Rare/Guardian)
Pumpkin Smasher (Rare; Rare/Temp)
Pumpkin Staff (Rare; Rare/Temp)
PuebLance (Rare)
Punisher's Decree
Punisher's Decree Z (Z-Token)
Purifying Crescent Blade (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Purity Blade
Pyre Hilt (Rare)
Pyroclastic Pyrecrag G (Guardian/Mastercraft)
Pzycho Blade

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The Host


Qiang of Exploding
QuadroSickle Z (Z-Token)
Quaking Geoto Sceptre (Guardian)
Quaking Geoto Sceptre Z (Z-Token)
Quiescent Eevolu
Quintessence Wand (Mastercraft)

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The Host


Radiant Fist (Guardian)
Radiant Longbow (Guardian)
Radiant Lucian Spear (Guardian)
Radiant Lucian Spear Z (Z-Token)
Radiant Midnight Wish Dagger (Mastercraft/Rare)
Radiant Shuriken (100% proc/Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; 100% proc/Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Radiant Solaris Blade
Radiant Wyrm Spear
Radioactive Flare Flayer
Raging Guardian Flare Flayer (Guardian)
Rainbow Raygun (100% proc; Normal/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
Ramleon Polearm
Ranged Gift Box (2007) (Rare)
Ranged Gift Box '14 (Guardian/Rare/100% proc)
Ranged Gift Box '15 (Guardian/Rare/100% proc)
Ranged Gift Box '16 (100% proc/Guardian/Rare)
Ranged Gift Box '17 (100% proc/Guardian/Rare)
Ranged Gift Box 2013 (100% proc/Guardian/Rare)
Ranged Gift Box Z '14 (Z-Token/Guardian/Rare/100% proc)
Ranged Gift Box Z '15 (Z-Token/Guardian/Rare/100% proc)
Ranged Gift Box Z '16 (100% proc/Z-Token/Guardian/Rare)
Ranged Gift Box Z '17 (100% proc/Z-Token/Guardian/Rare)
Ranged Gift Box Z 2013 (100% proc/Z-Token/Guardian)
RanGer's Luminous Bow (Guardian)
Rast Axe
Rat Flail
Rat Flail Z (Z-Token)
Raucous Rust Reaver (Z-Token)
Raven Jathor Z (Z-Token)
Raynar's Blade
Raynar's Superior Blade
Raynar's Ultimate Blade
Razor's Edge of Brilliance (Temp)
Razor's Edge of Clarity (Temp)
Razor's Edge of Lucidity (Temp)
Razor's Edge of Purity (Temp)
Razor's Edge of Radiance (Temp)
Razor Fan Series
Razor Luntet
Razorscale Series (Rare)
Reaper's Toothpick (Rare)
Reaver of Nulgath (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Recess Bell
Recondite Luminous Blade
Red Delicious Blunderbuss (Rare)
Red Ebil Scythe
Red Hot Throwing Daggers
Refined Rust Reaver (Z-Token)
Reflective Midnight Wish Dagger (Mastercraft/Rare)
Regal Axe of Malinius
Reliable Rust Reaver (Z-Token)
Relic Staff (Normal/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
Renowned Blade (Temp)
Requiem (Mastercraft)
Requiem Aeternam (Mastercraft/Guardian)
Revered Rust Reaver (Z-Token)
Rhublade (Rare)
Righteous Rust Reaver (Z-Token)
Riot Gunblade
Ring of Malinius (Temp/Guardian)
Risen King (Contest/Mastercraft/Rare)
Rixty Ripper (Rare)
Robina Shortboard (Rare)
Robocockatrice Blade
Robocockatrice Blade Z (Z-Token)
Robust Blade of Rennd
Robust Reevolu
Robust Rust Reaver (Z-Token)
Rock Thrower (Rare)
Rock Thrower G (Rare/Guardian)
Rock Thrower Z (Rare/Z-Token)
Rockin' Zard Guitar
Rockin' Zard Guitar Z (Z-Token)
Roe Staff (Rare)
Rose Bouquet (Temp/Rare)
Rosethorn Lance (Rare)
Rotating Yoyo (Rare)
Rotten Bananarang (Rare/Temp)
Rotten Skull Club
Rough Luntet
Rough Rust Reaver (Z-Token)
Royal Blade (Z-Token)
Royal Elven Blade
Royal Lance
Rum-Raisin Fruitcake Maul (Rare/Guardian)
Runeblade of Auraxos (Guardian/Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Runic Goldenrod Staff
Rust Reaver (Z-Token)
Rusty Hook (Z-Token)
Rusty Cleaver (Temp)
Ruthless Rust Reaver (Z-Token)
Rx for Destruction (Guardian)
Ryussei's Arctic Staff
Ryussei's Chill Staff
Ryussei's Chill Staff Z (Z-Token)
Ryussei's Cool Staff
Ryussei's Frigid Staff
Ryussei's Frosty Staff
Ryussei's Guardian Freezing Staff (Guardian)
Ryussei's Guardian Staff (Guardian)

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The Host


Sable Guardian Jathor (Guardian)
Sackelberry Spear
Sackelberry Spetum
Sackful of Sacks (Temp)
Sacragon Claw (Mastercraft)
Sacred Kazemai Athame (Mastercraft)
Sacred Kusanagi Sword (Mastercraft)
Sacred Shelayleigh (Rare)
Salvation Bow
Salvation Blade
Salvation Scepter
Sariel's Vigil
Sariel's Vigil G (Guardian)
Sariel's Vigil Z (Z-Token)
Sarkanian Spear (Rare)
Sawed-Off Gunblade (Guardian)
Scargiver (Guardian)
Scargiver Z (Z-Token/Guardian)
Scare Sai
Scorching Spine Lance (Guardian)
Scorp Staff
Scourge's Conviction
Scurvy Blade
Scurvy Dog's Cutlass
Scythe of Arctic Winds
Scythe of FreeZing Winds (Z-Token)
Scythe of FriGid Winds (Guardian)
Scythe of FroZen Winds (Z-Token)
Scythe of Gelid Winds (Guardian)
Scythe of Glacial Winds (Guardian)
Scythe of Polar Winds
Scythe of Wintry Winds
Seal of Primal Shadows (Normal/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
Seaquake Scythe
Seaquake Staff (Z-Token/Rare)
Sea Scourge (Normal; Guardian; Z-Token)
Seasaw (Normal/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
Seedling Eevolu
Seer's Rod of Talados (Mastercraft)
Sensational Mana Staff (Guardian-Account)
Sentari Edge (Normal/Rare; Guardian/Rare)
Sentari Katana (Normal/Rare; Guardian/Rare)
Serlissa's Fang Halberd (Z-Token)
Serrated Hook (Guardian)
Serrated Sacragon Spur(Mastercraft/Guardian)
Severance (Normal; Guardian)
Sextant Staff (Guardian/Temp)
Shade's Uncertainty (Mastercraft)
Shade's Uncertainty Z (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Shadowcounter Pyracepter
Shadowhatred Pyracepter
Shadowscourge Pyracepter (Guardian)
Shadowscythe Breaker (Special Offer)
Shadow Slicer (Normal//Temp/Rare; Z-Token/Temp/Rare; Guardian/Temp/Rare)
Shadow Dragon Blade (Rare)
Shadow Mistress' Katana (Guardian/Temp)
Shadowed Undead Blackhawke's Blade
Shadowed Undead Blackhawke's Blade Z (Z-Token)
Shadowfire Axe of Curses (Normal/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
Shadowkiller Pyracepter
Shadowoksen (Regular; Temp)
Shadowsbane Pyracepter
Shadowsfoe Pyracepter
Shadowslayer Pyracepter
Shadowstopper Pyracepter
Shale Edge
Shallow Trench Axe
Shamrock Axe (Z-Token/Rare)
Sharp Axes (Temp) ( Magic and Melee )
Sharp Hoopdy-Hoop
Sharp Luntet
Sharp Zardbane (Z-Token)
Sharpened Breaker (Rare)
Sharpened Gatta Axe (Guardian)
Sharpened Gatte Spear (Guardian)
Sharpened Hook (Guardian)
Sharp Sacragon Talon (Mastercraft)
Sharpshooter's Luminous Bow G (Guardian)
Shattered Frostshard (Rare)
Shelayleigh (Temp/Rare; Temp/Guardian/Rare)
Shepherd's Crook (Normal; Guardian)
Shifter Blade
Shifter Bow
Shifting Blade (Z-Token)
Shimmering Guando (Contest/Rare)
Shimmering Midnight Wish Dagger (Mastercraft/Rare)
Shining Midnight Wish Dagger (Mastercraft/Rare)
Shining Permafrost Scimitar
Shiver Sai
Shivuriken (Z-Token/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
Shocking Flintlock Z (Z-Token)
Shocking Pen (Rare)
Shocking Orb Z (Z-Token)
Shortboard (Rare)
Short Sword
Shotgunblade (Z-Token)
Shovel of Doom (Rare)
Shui Quan
Sila's Staff (Guardian)
Silari Atom Blaster
Silari Electron Blaster
Silari Neutron Blaster (Guardian)
Silent Razor Fan
Silent Stars (Normal; Guardian)
Silari Proton Blaster
Silverspike Dagger (Guardian/Z-Token)
Simple Absolix Polearm Z (Z-Token)
Singeing Spine Lance (Z-Token)
Sinister Curve (Guardian)
Sinmaw Maul (Special Offer/Mastercraft)
Siren Spear
Six-Ton Gun (Temp)
Sixth Wind
Skull Club
Skull Sword
Skyscorcher (Rare)
Skyscorcher Arcanus (Rare)
Slashing Sacragon Barb (Mastercraft)
Slaxe Axe (Rare)
Slayer's Lyfang (Normal/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
Slaying Bells
Slaying Bells Z (Z-Token)
Slithering Longbow
smbDoll (100% proc/Rare)
Smoked Drumchuks (Rare)
Smoldering DrakeTongue
Smoldering Spine Lance (Z-Token)
Sniper's Luminous Bow
Snowblind Bow (Z-Token/100% proc/Mastercraft)
Snowblind Staff (Rare)
Snugglefest '16 Commemorative Spoon (100% proc/Normal/Rare; 100% proc/Guardian/Rare)
Soaked Tome
Soda Popper
Soft Boffer (Rare)
Soggy Tome
Solar Storm Blade (Rare)
Solar Flair Staff (Normal/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
Solid Gold Guardian Blade (Guardian/Rare)
Soothsayer's Rod of Talados (Z-Token/Mastercraft; «Normal»/Mastercraft)
Sopping Tome
Sorrowful Gloom Glaive (Mastercraft/Rare)
Soul Eggs (Rare/Guardian)
Soul Katana
Soul Leech
Soul of Akriloth(Contest)
Sovereign Lance
Space Gun
Sparking Eel
Sparking Flintlock Z (Z-Token)
Sparkling Midnight Wish Dagger (Mastercraft/Rare)
Sparkler (Rare)
Sparkler Z (Z-Token/Rare)
SPARTAAAAAAN Blunderbuss (Rare/Guardian)
Spear (No-Drop; Temp)
Spear of Agony's Chains (Guardian/Mastercraft; Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Spear of Awe (Guardian No-Drop)
Spear of Awe!!! (Guardian No-Drop/Rare)
Spear of Lumina
Spearmint (Normal/Rare; Guardian/Rare)
Spellbook (Rare)
Spider Leg
Spinning Yoyo (Rare)
Spirit Hunter Scythe
Spirit Katana
Splendid Mana Staff (Guardian-Account)
Splendid Mana Staff Z (Z-Token)
Split Frostshard (Rare)
SplitRend Lance G I (Guardian)
SplitRend Lance G II (Guardian)
SplitRend Lance I
SplitRend Lance II
SplitRend Lance III
SplitRend Lance IV
SplitRend Lance Z (Z-Token)
Spreading Reevolu
Squire's Sword (Temporary/Mastercraft)
Staff for Show (Normal; Guardian)
Staff of Agony's Chains (Guardian/Mastercraft; Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Staff of Astradex (Temp/Guardian)
Staff of Awe (Guardian No-Drop/Temp)
Staff of Awe!!! (Guardian/Rare)
Staff of Moon Calling
Staff of Necromantic Command
Staff of Necromantic Dommination
Staff of Necromantic Persuasion
Staff of Necromantic Persuasion Z (Z-Token)
Staff of Necromantic Rule
Staff of Perplexity (Guardian; Z-Token)
Staff of Plenty (Rare)
Staff of Plenty G (Guardian/Rare)
Staff of Plenty Z (Z-Token/Rare)
Staff of Nihilus (Guardian)
Staff of Terul'sith (Z-Token/Rare; Perm)
Staff of Thorns
Stalking Paw (Normal; Guardian)
Stancion Crusher
Standard Torch
Standard Torch Z (Z-Token)
Star Sabre (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Star Journey Laser (Rare/Mastercraft)
Star Spear (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Star Wand
StarFusion (Z-Token)
Stately Axe of Malinius
Static Charge Spines
Static Eel
Static Orb
Status Ward of Energy (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Steam Saw (Mastercraft/Special Offer/Rare)
Steaming Orb Sword (Z-Token)
Steampunk Love Bow (100% proc/Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; 100% proc/Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Steel-Core Boffer (Rare)
Stellar Mana Staff (Guardian-Account)
Stick Blade (Rare)
Stoeuff (Rare)
Stolen Gift (Rare)
Stolen Gift Z (Rare)
Stollen Maul (Rare/Guardian)
Stone Cold Slayer (Normal; Guardian)
Stone Cold Spear (Normal; Guardian)
Stone Cutter (Mastercraft)
Storm Bow
Storm Sword
Stormvale Sword (Z-Token)
Stretchy Sceptre (35/55/95/115)
Stretchy Sceptre Z (Z-Token)
Stygian Ebil Scythe
Subzero Lavadome Staff
Subzero Lavadome Ztaff (Z-Token)
Summer's Edge (Z-Token/Mastercraft/Rare)
Summertide G (Guardian)
Summertide Z (Z-Token)
Sun Sickle
Sunslash Polearm
Sunstone Runic Goldenrod Staff
Super Crossbow
Super Joy Buzzer (Rare)
Super Pzycho Sabre (Level 40) (Guardian)
Super Pzycho Sabre (Level 50)
Super Pzycho Sabre (Guardian)
Superior Gradient Sphere Staff
Supreme Gradient Sphere Staff (Guardian)
Supreme Overlord's Ascendancy (Mastercraft/Guardian)
Surfboard (Rare)
Surviving Malengua (Z-Token)
Swapping Blade (Z-Token)
Swift UltraGuardian Scythe (Guardian/No-drop; Guardian/Temp)
Swift Ultra!!!Guardian Scythe (Guardian/No-drop; Guardian/Temp)
Switching Blade (Z-Token)
Sword of Deren
Sword of Over 3000 Truths
Sword of Over 5000 Truths
Sword of Over 7000 Truths
Sword of Over 9000 Truths
Sword of Reaper (Rare)
Sword of the Ancients
Sword of the Frost King (Rare)
Sword of the Titans
Sword of the Titans Z (Z-Token)
Sword of Truth (Rare)
Sword of Truth Z (Z-Token/Rare)
Synapse Jolt Spines

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The Host


Tacky Tie (Temp/Rare)
Talon Blade (Guardian)
Talon Staff
Tangled Frostval Lights Z (Z-Token/Rare)
Tarnished Caliburn
Tarnished Venerable Chrono Blade Z (Z-Token)
Tarsal Barb
Tarsal Barb Z (Z-Token)
Tarsal Claw
Tarsal Spur
Tarsal Spur Z (Z-Token)
Tarsal Talon
Tathlin Surfboard (Rare)
Teardrop (Rare)
Tech Light of Destiny
Tech Light of Destiny G (Guardian)
Tech Light of Destiny Z (Z-Token)
Tee Boffer (Rare)
Telescoping Fang (Guardian)
Telescoping Fang Z (Z-Token)
Telescoping Sword (Guardian)
Tempest Scimitar (Contest)
Tempest Scimitar (GGB) (Normal/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
Templar's Distinction (Mastercraft)
Tenderizer (Rare)
Tentei Daito
Tentei Edge
Tentei Katana
Tentei O-Wakizashi
Tentei Razor
Tentei Sword
Tentei Tachi (Guardian)
Tera Dragon Buster (Z-Token)
Tera'Suul's Drive (Normal/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
Terror Eater (Z-Token)
Terror Sai
Teryaki Marinated Drumchuks (Rare)
Thanatos Scythe
Thanatos Scythe G (Guardian)
Thanatos Zcythe (Z-Token)
The BFG (Rare/Temp)
The Bursting Liquefactor (Mastercraft)
The Claw
The Crystal Blade (Temp/Rare)
The Decapitator
The Dread Dissector (Contest/Rare)
The Erupting Liquefactor (Mastercraft/Guardian)
The Exterminator
The Flaring Liquefactor (Mastercraft)
The Frozen Claymore (Guardian/Temp)
The Gasparian (Z-Token)
The Golden Eye
The Great Divider (Guardian)
The Helbane
The Igniting Liquefactor (Mastercraft)
The Reclaimer (Rare)
The Zapper (Rare)
Therion's Spike (Guardian)
Third Wind
Third Wind Z (Z-Token)
Thoughtspire Z (Z-Token)
Thrale's Hatred (Rare)
Thriving Junas Axe
Thriving Malengua (Z-Token)
Thriving Shalen Spear
Throwing Halo (Normal/Mastercraft/100% proc/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/100% proc/Rare)
Throwing Knives
Thule Pike Z (Z-Token/Rare)
Thule Pointy Stick (Rare)
Thule Polearm (Guardian/Rare)
Thule Polearm Z (Z-Token/Rare)
Thule Shortspear (Rare)
Thule Spear (Rare)
Thunder Mace
Thundering Flintlock Z (Z-Token)
Tidal Pen
Tiki Masher (Normal; Guardian)
Time-Out Bell Z (Z-Token)
Timekeeper Staff (Special Offers/Rare)
TimeSlayer Axe (Special Offers)
Titan's Triumph (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Titan Slayer (Normal/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
Titled Blade (Temp)
Tonbogiri (Guardian/Mastercraft)
Tongue of Stragath (Temp; Normal)
Torrential Nautica Axe (Guardian)
Torrential Nautica Axe Z (Z-Token)
Torrential Pen
Torturous Guardian Torment Blade (Guardian)
Torturous Necromant Staff
Tower Crusher
Toxic Chimeran Spear (Mastercraft)
Toy Gun Z (Z-Token/Rare)
Toymaker's Hammer Z (Z-Token/Rare)
Trakel Blaster (Rare; Adventurer/Guardian/Z-Token)
Trakel Edge (Rare; Adventurer/Guardian/Z-Token)
Trakel Harpoon (Temp)
Trakel Tome (Rare; Adventurer/Guardian/Z-Token)
Trench Axe (Normal; Rare; Temp/Guardian)
Treevolu Apex
Treevolu Apex Z (Z-Token)
Treevolu Apogee
Treevolu Apogee Z (Z-Token)
Treevolu Crown
Treevolu Crown Z (Z-Token)
Treevolu Peak
Treevolu Peak Z (Z-Token)
Treevolu Pinnacle
Treevolu Pinnacle Z (Z-Token)
Treevolu Prime
Treevolu Prime Z (Z-Token)
Treevolu Summit
Treevolu Summit Z (Z-Token)
Treevolu Zenith (Guardian)
Treevolu Zenith Z (Z-Token)
Trefoil Axe (Z-Token/Rare)
Tribal Shaman Staff (Z-Token)
Tribulation Necromant Staff
Trident of Etain
Troll Club
TromBone (Special Offers)
Trombone V2 (Special Offers)
True Stribog Blade (Z-Token)
Tsunami Edge
Tsunami Fist (Guardian)
Tsunami Pen (Guardian)
Tuning Blade (Guardian/Rare)
Turmoil Flux Flail
Turmoil Flux Glaive
Turmoil Flux Staff
Tusk Spear (Temp Item)
Twig's Swordfish (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Twig of Unlies (Z-Token/Mastercraft/Rare)
Twilight's Dread (Mastercraft)
Twirling Yoyo (Rare)
Twist Dagger (Z-Token/Rare)
Twister Staff
Typhoon Claymore (Rare)

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The Host


Ultimate Crossbow
Ultimate Destroyer (Guardian)
Ultimate Dragon Scythe of Elements (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Ultimate Maelstaff (Energy) (Guardian)
Ultimate Maelstaff (Water) (Guardian)
Ultra Chain Axe
Ultra Ice Katana (Rare)
Ultra Shifter Blade
Ultra Shifter Bow
Ultraviolet Blade (Normal; Guardian)
Umbral Naginata (Normal/Z-Token/Guardian)
Umbral Spear
Un-Blade (Normal; Guardian)
Undead Axe
Undead Axe of the Galaxy (Guardian)
Undead Axe of Light
Undead Axe of the Stars
Undead Axe of the Sun
Undead Blackhawke's Blade
Undead Blackhawke's Blade Z (Z-Token)
Undead Leg (Rare; Temp/Rare)
Undead Leg Z (Z-Token/Rare)
UndefeataBlade (Guardian)
UNDER Gun (Rare)
Underheated Baby Bottle (Normal/100% proc/Rare; Guardian/100% proc/Rare)
Unfathomable Trench Axe (Guardian)
Ungrounded Flintlock (Guardian)
Unholy Water
Unicorn Bowie (Adventurer/Guardian/Rare)
Unicorn Bowie Z (Z-Token/Rare)
Unicorn Staves (Rare)
Universal Blaster
Universe Blade
Unlucky Sword
Unverander's Blade
Unverander's Blade Z (Z-Token)
Unwieldy Frostval Giant's Axe (Rare)
Usterik's Dagger
Usterik's Dagger G (Guardian)
Usterik's Dagger Z (Z-Token)
Usterik's Sword
Usterik's Sword G (Guardian)
Usterik's Sword Z (Z-Token)

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The Host


Valor Point
Vampire Blade
Vampiric Axe
Vampiric Scythe (Mastercraft/Normal; Mastercraft/Guardian; Mastercraft/Z-Token)
Vanilla Ice Katana (Temp and Rare)
Vartai Blade
Vartai Master's Blade (Z-Token)
Vassal's Influence (Mastercraft)
Vassal’s Influence Z (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
VegiSplatic (Normal/Guardian; Guardian/Temp)
VegiSplatic Dicer (Normal/Guardian; Guardian/Temp)
VegiSplatic Slicer (Normal/Guardian; Guardian/Temp)
VegiSplatic Z (Z-Token/Guardian)
Venerable Chrono Blade
Venomous Chimeran Spear (Mastercraft)
Vibrant Junas Axe
Vibrant Shalen Spear
Vigilante's Verdict
Vigorous Reevolu (Guardian)
Viking Sword
Vile Cutthroat's Cutlass
Vindicator's Edict
Violent Violet (Rare)
Viridian Z (Z-Token)
Viru Paksa (Mastercraft)
Virulent Chimeran Spear (Mastercraft)
Vitae Leech
Vitae Thirster
Vitellus Staff (Rare)
Vivacious Junas Axe
Vivacious Shalen Spear
Voidsplinter Tether (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare)
Void Vanquisher (Normal; Z-Token; Guardian)
Voidsplinter Sunderer (Normal/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
Volatile Earthshifter Blade (Guardian)
Volatile Earthshifter Blade Z (Z-Token)
Volatile Energyshifter Blade (Guardian)
Volatile Energyshifter Blade Z (Z-Token)
Volatile Watershifter Blade (Guardian)
Volatile Watershifter Blade Z (Z-Token)
Volatile Windshifter Blade (Guardian)
Volatile Windshifter Blade Z (Z-Token)
Volcano Mace (Regular/Temp Item)
Volleyball GT (Guardian)
Volleyball Z (Z-Token)
Volt Cutter (Z-Token/Rare)
Volt Dagger (100% proc/Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; 100% proc/Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Voltaic Battleaxe (Z-Token/Mastercraft/Rare)
Voltaic Dynami Sword (Guardian)
Voltaic Dynami Sword Z (Z-Token)
Voltaic Guardian Eel (Guardian)
Voltaic Orb
Vorpal Edge
Vorpal Throwing Knives (Guardian)

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The Host


Wandering Blade (Z-Token/Rare)
Wandering Blade II (Z-Token/Rare)
Wandering Blade III (Z-Token/Rare)
War's Crushing Edge (Z-Token)
War's Guardian Edge (Guardian)
War's Pounding Edge (Z-Token)
War's Pulverizing Edge (Z-Token)
War's Smashing Edge (Z-Token)
Warden's Luminous Bow (Guardian)
War Hawk (Normal/100% proc; Guardian/100% proc)
Warsmith (Guardian)
Warsmith Dagger
Water Balloon Launcher
Water Blade of Awe (Temp/Z-Token)
Water Cometfall (Mastercraft/Special Offer/Rare)
Water Dagger of Awe (Temp/Z-Token)
Water Draconic Blade
Water Draconic Blade Z (Z-Token)
Water Dragon Blade
Water Dragon Blade Z (Z-Token)
Water Drop Flail (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Water Drop Mace
Water Gem Staff
Water Lord Tear (Temp)
Water Magestaff
Water Master's Blade (Rare)
Water Spirit Staff
Water Spear of Awe (Temp/Z-Token)
Water Staff of Awe (Temp/Z-Token)
Water Zaragoza (Rare/Z-Token)
Waterlogged Tome (Guardian)
Watershifter Blade
Wave Pen (Guardian)
Wave Striker
Websplurter (Temp)
Weedsprayer CX (Rare)
Weedsprayer CXXX (Rare)
Weedsprayer XC (Rare)
Weedsprayer XXX (Rare)
Weedsprayer ZX (Rare/Z-token)
Whiptail (Rare)
Whirling Pinwheel (Rare)
White-Hot Guardian Flare Flayer (Guardian)
Wicked Breaker (Rare)
Wicked Hook (Z-Token)
Wild Rosethorn Lance (Rare)
Wilting Rosethorn Lance (Rare)
Wind Blade of Awe (Temp/Z-Token)
Wind Blade of Calladus (Rare)
Wind Cometfall (Mastercraft/Special Offer/Rare)
Wind Dagger of Awe (Temp/Z-Token)
Wind Draconic Blade
Wind Draconic Blade Z (Z-token)
Wind Dragon Blade
Wind Dragon Blade Z (Z-token)
Wind Magestaff
Wind Spear of Awe (Temp/Z-Token)
Wind Staff of Awe (Temp/Z-Token)
Wind Zaragoza (Z-token/Rare)
Windshifter Blade
Winged Lightning Bolt
Winged Lightning Leader
Winged Lightning Leader Z (Z-Token)
Winged Lightning Ribbon (Guardian)
Winged Lightning Streak
Winged Lightning Streamer
Winged Lightning Streamer Z (Z-Token)
Winged Lightning Stroke (Guardian)
Winged Lightning Stroke Z (Z-Token)
Winged Static Lightning
Winter's Edge Spines (Guardian)
Wintry Deren Blade
Witching Staff (Normal; Guardian)
Witch Waster (Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Wolf Blade
Wolfbane Gun
Wolfen's Ghost Edge (Contest/Rare)
Wolfhammer (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Wooden Boffer
Wooden Staff
World Blade
Worldly Blaster
Wrapped Leg (Rare; Temp/Rare)
Wrayth Blade
Wrayth Blade Z (Z-Token)
Wreath Wrath (Rare)
Wreath Wrath G (Guardian/Rare)
Wreath Wrath Z (Z-Token/Rare)
Wyrm Knight's Fang (Guardian/Mastercraft)

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