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RE: =HS= Weapon Ideas

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3/25/2012 4:59:19   

Sword: Skyreign
Description: Using the Premium-Grade Clouds of Herospire, The Wambo crafted this sword, imbued with the Power of the Clouds!

Sword: Azure Mist
Description: This Bow is capable of purifying a soul with its arrows. However, The Wambo forgot where the image of the arrows were. So now it's a sword. Deal with it.

Character Page: The Wambo

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AQW  Post #: 401
3/26/2012 12:09:53   

Hello, my first weapon suggestion.

Weapon: Chaos Deception

Character Page: Dryk

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AQW  Post #: 402
3/26/2012 14:44:03   

I present to you: Prestige

The green should be CC to Trim. Or maybe accessory. Idk. One of those two.

The animation idea here is that it is almost like a shotgun-esque shot with spread, that appears to "charge up" with waves of yellow energy. I'd REALLY like it if you guys could give it a unique, heavy shot sound. Like... A laser cannon charging up and going into a blast. Basically just like this sound except the ending is heavier and less laser-y. Like it charges and then... a shot like the Gauss Rifle from Fallout 3? Something like that. You catch my drift.

Those fancy lines on the side are thin mantis emblems btw. Two of 'em, if you can't see them. They're on the underside of the barrel.

Here's a picture for what it'd look like in terms of size:


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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 403
3/26/2012 21:20:16   

Twisted Fate
Dragon's Courage
Shining Sun
Calculated Death
Dragon's Breath
The Tweet
Hands of the Angel
Razor Wings

Character name: Coolboypai
AQ MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 404
3/27/2012 19:04:13   

Character Page: http://herosmash.artix.com/hs-character.asp?id=SPUDDER
(whole Hero's Eye set)
Hero's Eye (sword): http://twitpic.com/917auk
Description: A villain cut out a hero's eye and placed it in his sword. The hero's eye sees you and wants you to help avenge its original owners death. Will you bring justice to the one that killed this sword's previous owner?
Hero's Eye Armor: http://twitpic.com/9269iv
Description: This is an armor that can see. It will help guide you if your lost in the city.
Hero's Eye Shield: http://twitpic.com/95qd7v
Description: This is a shield that can see the good, bad, or neutral deeds in one's body. It helps its user by saying whether someone is good, bad, neutral, innocent, or just plain guilty.
Hero's Eye Helm: http://twitpic.com/973iqy
Description: This is the eye of a legendary hero who has his eye in this helm to support heroes to save people throughout the world.

(whole Villain's Eye Set)
Villain's Eye (sword): http://twitpic.com/95qddi
Description: A villain's eye was placed in this sword after her betrayal from other villains. Let it stare at you uncomfortably now.
Villain's Eye Armor: Coming Soon
Description: This is the future sword of the hero's eye (sword). It was left to internal darkness as for heroes saw it was becoming evil. Abandoned and devastated with no help, the villains transformed the good of a hero's eye to evil with words of crime.
Villain's Eye Shield: http://twitpic.com/973j8f
Description: The vision of a villain is on this shield. This will stare your foes to death.
Villains Eye Helm: http://twitpic.com/973ii4
Description: This is the eye of a villain of tyranny who has his eye in this helm to help villains bring doom to people throughout the world.

Happy face Shield: http://twitpic.com/97jl75
Description: This is a very very very very very very happy shield. Happy?
Night Shield: http://twitpic.com/97jmmy
Description: This shield is a shield for the darkness. This shield will protect you from the dangers of the night.
Polygon Double Slicer: http://twitpic.com/97jmr4
Description: This is not 1 blade but 2. 2 means double so this sword is twice as powerful as a regular one. How strong would 500 blades be?
Dragon Solar Slasher: http://twitpic.com/97jmvt
Description: This is a sword of dragons that was fixed up by modern technology to be solarized and use the sun's rays to deal damage.
Battle Blade: http://twitpic.com/974p12
Description: This is a sword of souls. It has battled in many battles and wars with its awesomeness and with it, no one has lost a battle. Use this sword to bravely save or destroy anything you do not like.
Tranton Blade: http://twitpic.com/926bfn
Description: This sword was lost by a hero for 100,000 years. It has changed and you see someone selling it. That person asks you"wanna buy this?'
Sacrifice Shield: http://twitpic.com/926aii
Description: This sword has been passed down through villains, heroes, and neutral warriors who sacrificed themselves for their partner, team, or loved one's sake. Now it's your turn to make a sacrifice.
Claderz: http://twitpic.com/9c6tn0
Description: In the future, when mankind is in a time of war. Aliens force them to battle one another to the death in an arena. This is the sword of a champion in the future.

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Post #: 405
3/27/2012 19:57:58   


The scythe would be known as the Faux Arachnoscythe. It would be the result of my laboring to successfully follow the instructions of my love, Lady Zafara, and as such, I would like her to recieve it automatically in her inventory, instead of mine. Her character page would be here: http://forums2.battleon.com/f/interceptor.asp?dest=http://herosmash.artix.com/hs-character.asp?id=Lady%20Zafara

With regards to coloration...

...glowing red orb... The hilt of the scythe (the place where the blade is connected to, has to handle also) should be bone, with a bone claw grabbing the orb... at the bottom... The blade itself should be obsidian black, glowing red, with a spider web design on the outside edge...

As to the description... "8; 8 is the sacred number of the spiders. 8 legs, eight lives to Lady Zafara, the Arachnoqueen, and 8 sets of eight throughout the entirety of this weapon. Should the real scythe perish, with it shall perish the world. Arachne help us all." (A few quotes from her mish-mashed into it; Hope she doesn't mind, as I find it quite fitting)


For the hand axe, I would like the wedged blade of it to be gold, along with the main background color of the face of the axehead and the axe's neck, going into and from the handle. I would like the designs on the face to be crimson, and the spikes facing backwords to be black, along with the metal handguard at the edge of the handle, and the two spikes at the bottom of its handle, where a pommel would be, in a sword. With regards to the grip wrappings, they should most likely be white, but there might be better choices of coloration in the style I suggest, as well. Tinker with it, perhaps, if you wish.

I mean no disrespect in the seemingly rude manner I phrase my request... You may of course choose whatever coloration you please for it, but that is what I suggest. I state this merely to give you inspiration, should you choose to accept my weapon.

Perhaps "The Can Opener" would be a good choice, or possibly "Portable Labotomy". Quite a few things you could go with, really, but that is all I shall dwell on it, for the moment, I think...


On to the Elven-looking blade... the larger one, which looks more like something of their craft than the dagger, mind you... I suggest the name "Sylvan Death", the forest of course being associated with Evlenkind.

With coloration in mind, I suggest a beautiful metalic grey for the blade, close to silver, and that the lines along the length of it be gleaming white. As for the handle, perhaps a pearly sheen of a similar sort (darker than the etchings on the blade, and possibly the blade itself, depending on how grey you make it, but if the blade is dark enough, I suggest definitely suggest making it a silver color between pure white and the metalic grey, but closer to white [as silver is wont to be; lol]), but a light golden brown/white or a brownish green might do well, otherwise. If you can, I suggest the former, to give an ethereal look.


For the polearm, I recomend a red and black combination: the blade(s) would be the red, along with the handle, and the organic-looking part in the middle upper section would be black (with the red blades coming out of the spikes, for improved Aesthetics), as well as the bottom part, that looks sortof crystaline. (to be honest, I intended it to look somewhat organic, as well, but meh [well, it could be considered as such, but it would depend on what you consider to actually be organic-looking...]) I have no name in mind for it.


Coming to the rapier, I would like it to have a red handle/hilt, with golden/golden orange spikes/tendril-like things wrapping around the handle itself (also the blade-like section along the handguard, facing outwards), a black orb for a pommel, a nearly black red pulsating section in the center of it, and a blade that is either dark blue, black, color custom, or a dark grey normal metalic coloration (though if normal, I would recommend going for lightning arcing along the blade, possibly coming out of the orb in the middle of the hilt).


If only one thing is to be taken from my works this time around, as well, then put my drawing for Zafara in. I would have it no other way, if so.

That being said, here is my character page, for the rest of them: http://herosmash.artix.com/hs-character.asp?id=Drakkoniss

Thank you for giving me the honor of getting a weapon in-game the first time, and thank you for providing me with the opportunity to play such a thing and meet my friends I have made on it and its forum.
It has been a pleasure suggesting things for your magnificent creation. May AE continue to prosper, and may HeroSmash grow great. Au revior, aloha, alvetalzain, arivaderci, farewell, sayonara, goodbye, adios, ciao, adieu, and GOOD DAY!!!

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DF  Post #: 406
3/27/2012 22:12:21   

Hello heroes and villains, it is I ZLKAS the ultimately mad shadow. I have given up my human form to make myself one with the power of shadows. And so now with my massive amount of power, I have taken the liberty of creating some Easter themed items for your human holiday. These first few items are what you name as “Weapons”.

This list consists of swords, i also added a few other items since its all in one picture. COMPLEATED ITEMS

I am still creating more items for your holiday but this is what i have created so far as of now.

Until next time - ZLKAS

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Post #: 407
3/28/2012 15:55:43   
Priest Andreas

Hello its Bhod here,
Here is my suggestion item,The Shadowsnake Blade

AQW  Post #: 408
3/29/2012 8:57:48   

Piano Gun

Item Description: A handy mini piano and a powerful gun. So cute yet so deadly, emits high frequency sound that can tear down any opponents in the way.

PS/ notes: If ever you pick this weapon of mine... I hope you can make it animated... like a christmas light effect in the keyboard... alternate blue and pink color... It would be a nice weapon just imagine ^__^ (just suggesting :p)
**sorry i cant redirect the page to the main image/picture...btw, the link will go to the album and from there you can see it and click. xD

Sunset by the Beach

Item Description: The setting of the Sun below the western horizon in the evening symbolizes an approaching death.
(color: combinations of red, orange, yellow with touch of black in the sides.)

My Char Page

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AQW  Post #: 409
3/30/2012 13:31:59   

Name:- Nightwraith's gun
Description:-Legendary Nightwraith's weapon of choice!
Picture:- http://twitpic.com/93cjte
My Character page:- http://herosmash.artix.com/hs-character.asp?id=POSITIVE%20OWNER

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Post #: 410
3/31/2012 10:00:52   

Sword: Errorblade
Description: Oops! There was an error processing your request. The Wambo is sorry for any inconvenience caused in battle.

Character Page The Wambo
A little Note: Yea, you're supposed to carry the word "Error" around as a weapon.
AQW  Post #: 411
4/1/2012 15:39:15   
Wonderp Bread

Dear Randor,

I suggested this to ya before for April Fool's Day so... just gonna leave this here ;D



HS: Wonderp-Bread
AQW  Post #: 412
4/3/2012 16:34:00   

The Katanas from Bleach(movie megaplex items)
Character page

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DF AQW  Post #: 413
4/4/2012 23:28:52   

Character Page: http://herosmash.artix.com/hs-character.asp?id=SPUDDER
Villain's Eye Shield: http://twitpic.com/973ii4
Description:The vision of a villain is on this shield. This will stare your foes to death.
Villain's Eye: http://twitpic.com/95qddi
Description: A villain's eye is on this sword after her betrayal from other villains. Let it stare at you uncomfortably now.

More Weapons Coming Soon! 4/14/12

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Post #: 414
4/5/2012 23:18:46   

The Atomic Set:
Atom Splitter
Atomic Shield
I would really love for it to be CC but i give it up to you guys.
DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 415
4/14/2012 9:29:34   

Sword: Ritual Knife
Description: You can almost hear the knife The Wambo made for you screaming, "Give me your blood, and I will lend you my power."

Char Page: The Wambo
I know this is a bit religious so a big SORRY to anyone that I may have unintentionally offended.
AQW  Post #: 416
4/15/2012 3:32:05   

Blade of the phoenix

Long ago, to save countless lives, a hero sealed a phoenix into this blade; the hero placed it inside a chest, designed to never be opened . After centuries, you found it, now it is up to you to use it for good or evil...

My Herosmash character

Post #: 417
4/16/2012 13:02:29   
Priest Andreas

Hey i got a new design,it calls the Dragon Trident

Link to Dragon Trident : http://superbrawlerz.webs.com/apps/photos/photo?photoid=153741731

Char page : http://herosmash.artix.com/hs-character.asp?id=bhod

Check it out!

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AQW  Post #: 418
4/19/2012 12:21:34   
Wonderp Bread

Heyo, Wonderp-Bread here ( http://herosmash.artix.com/hs-character.asp?id=WONDERP-BREAD )

Wonderp-Bread's Toasterlizer!
"With this hot gun from Wonderp-Bread your enemies will be toast!"

Wonderp-Bread's Oversized Butter Knife!
"People often refer to swords as oversized butter knives, but with this sword from Wonderp-Bread show your enemies what an Oversized Butter Knife can really do!"

Wonderp-Bread's Stale Baguette!
"Fight your enemies with a weapon made from the hardest substance known to man! The Stale Baguette! Not-so-freshly baked by Wonderp-Bread."

Wonderp-Bread's Deli-cious Sandwich
"Fight the forces of evil and hunger at the same time! Made just for you from Wonderp-Bread."

Pink Plastic Flamingo
"Well it was this or a Lawn Gnome."

Lawn Gnome
"Well it was this or the Pink Plastic Flamingo."

Stop Sign
"Help put a STOP to crime!"

Manhole Cover Shield
"Manhole covers can also be make-shift shields in a pinch."

Shipwreck Shield
"Well the ship wasn't going anywhere after that wreck anyway..."

Yo-Yo "gun"
"Yet another harmless child's toy turned into a deadly weapon in the right hands."
(kind of a rough concept but you get the idea)

The Sword of EpicFail
"The Epitome of Epic Failure"

Deck of Cards "gun"
"With this ace up your sleeve you can cut out those double-dealing cardsharks!

A Piece of Cake
"With this sword, it'll be a piece of cake to make sure those bad guys get their just desserts!"

Grappling Hook
"Ascend to new heights with this fun gadget!"
Animation: http://megaswf.com/file/2435255 (Might have to click "Play full screen" to see it bigger)

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AQW  Post #: 419
4/21/2012 4:49:16   

Weapon Name: Crystallized Blade
Description: Your regular crimson blade is now crystallized with demon's blood. by Blaster0id
Preview: http://www.swfcabin.com/open/1334993071

Hope you like it!

Blade is CC to Base Color
Crystal is CC to Trim Color

I almost forgot my char page:

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Post #: 420
4/21/2012 12:53:18   

BattleOn Default Sword
Photo: http://twitpic.com/9cgv9q
SWF: http://megaswf.com/serve/2400283/ NOTE:Click on "Play flash full screen".
Thank you.

Radioactive Gamma Blade
Radioactive Delta Blade
Holy Blade of Destiny
Gilded Scorpion Blade
GSSLF's Light Saber
GSSLF's Sword
Thank you.

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AQW Epic  Post #: 421
4/22/2012 15:58:08   

Two different weapons here that I drew rough sketches of.
A quick note:
Anything red is color custom to Accessory.
Anything in blue is color custom to Base.
The parts in gray are not CC.

Name: Sigil
Faction: Good
Description: The God of Realms, Antithesis, has entrusted you with his mighty Sigil. Be careful. It listens to everything you say... and sometimes answers.

Notes; The weapon itself should be a much darker gray, almost like volcanic glass, with a lot of glare-shine and shading. The head is attached to the handle with animated energy-esque spirals.

Name: Fathom
Faction: Evil
Description: Swift, sleek, and deadly. You have impressed Antithesis, and thus he has rewarded you with one of his most prized inventions. His dual-headed blade can cut through just about anything with ease.

Notes; The gray parts should be a darker gray. The blade pulses lightly with some electricity that matches the "red" area. It's a laser sword, if you haven't noticed.

Username: Antithesis

< Message edited by Antithesis -- 4/22/2012 16:12:30 >
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 422
4/23/2012 20:27:39   
Jessa K

Alright, I've got a couple suggestions here!

First, the Ascella Bow in brown and cream and the Ascella bow in black and white. Not sure which color I like better, as both look pretty cool. The wings and the main part of the bow could each even be color custom.

Then there's the Dragon Bow, or at least that's what I'm calling it, for lack of a better name. It's supposed to look thin and delicate, but still pack a good punch. It would idealy be CC too, with the base one color and the grey part of the stripes/scales another.

Admittedly, there are no arrows to go with them, but I think it would be fairly simple to animate one- just a shaft with a pointed tip and a few feathers on the end. I know there aren't any bows currently in-game, and I think it'd be really gool to see that change.

My character page: here.

Thanks for your consideration!
AQW  Post #: 423
4/28/2012 22:21:41   

u should make armors swords and guns that u can buy pieces to either enhance or make the look different

a double bladed sword bersker blade a wep that is wielded makes your char go insane with unstoppable rage

Post #: 424
4/29/2012 0:08:54   

I'm suggesting 2 weapons.

First is the Shield of Arcana. http://twitpic.com/9f0zfc
Description: This magic circle protects the bearer from any harm. Color Custom

Second is the Staff of Styx. http://twitpic.com/9f0yxp
Description: This staff was made from the waters of the river Styx. It is encased in eternal darkness.

Hope it gets in!
Character Link: http://herosmash.artix.com/hs-character.asp?id=SUPER%20LUIGI215
AQW  Post #: 425
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