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RE: =DF= Design Notes September 2nd, 2011 (Plus poll)

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=DF= Design Notes September 2nd, 2011 (Plus poll)

Continue the game in single player format, as is.
  64% (666)
Use the AQW engine to make DF into an mmo, but using the current style
  9% (94)
Render out the game into 3D with a new engine.
  14% (147)
Smash DF and MQ together into a DragonMech single player world.
  6% (68)
Smash DF and MQ together into a DragonMech mmo world
  1% (20)
Try to ultilize an EpicDuel style engine to for battles and PvP
  4% (44)

Total Votes : 1039

(last vote on : 3/21/2013 12:43:26)
(Poll will run till: -- )
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9/8/2011 22:47:34   

An mmo? I quit aqworlds after a month. I have played Dragonfable for more than 2 years. DF has to be and rpg but I would like some integration with other players. And 3d? nah, might be cool but i don't want to reach for my 3d glasses all the time. A 3d mmo? redefining lag 0.0

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DF  Post #: 651
9/8/2011 23:10:23   

i like lordkaho idea
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 652
9/8/2011 23:50:44   

I think by 3d they mean like runescape and world of warcraft.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 653
9/9/2011 4:55:54   

The Question
(AQ Sugg)

I mean though it'd be best to stick to what it is, it'll also be nice to introduce new players to the game. Since all the AE games are connected somewhat by characters or storylines, those who'd play MMOs may also then come to play the original RPG games that AE has created all along.

I'm not saying we should abandon how DF already works. But rather, if possible and within their means, also create an MMO out of DF. Something like how AQW is derived from AQ. We could also have a DFW. It would cater to both sides of the genre.

Understandably, I too wouldn't want to have to pay a monthly-membership to access all the features of the game. Having paid $19.95 to unlock everything is really the best deal ever, with the exclusion of sometimes needing to buy extra DCs to acquire better weapons.

But as said, I find that DF has a lot of potential to become an MMO. With the amount of weapons and stuff, already in its databases, it would be very epic. Of course, cost issues are another thing, but seeing in a business venture point of view, I'd say it's a great idea.
---Hey, look at how AQW is prospering. Plus, we still have AQ don't we? Not like we're suggesting it to be removed.---

3D would be interesting. I've actually thought about how if AE collaborated with Jagex(RuneScape), it would be sooo nice. There'd be such a huge variety of different weapons and sets to choose from, and as an MMO, there'd be a million players! Since some of us like interaction, but also that AE's concern about scamming and cheaters and bots also are a big concern, other than that.... it'll be a great game. (minus the lag from 3D. We're not talking about WoW kind of 3D, that's madness and too much animations. Simple 3D graphics from the old RuneScape is all that's needed)

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 654
9/9/2011 6:16:33   
Da D.C

In my opinion the game should maybe get a 3d update (for certain parts of the game) or turned into an mmo (just in some areas such as wars or the game would end up messed up like aqw) or something but only if we can utilise our items and characters and gain access to our armours houses and chapter 1 quests.
I suppost the Epic Duel thing only if it apllies for just the ability to battle in real time with other players while still using the df turn system of attacks.

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DF AQW  Post #: 655
9/9/2011 8:57:53   

The Question
(AQ Sugg)

@Da D.C
- I doubt that would happen at all. Because it's like trying to mash different versions or types of coding programs together to make a game. And given that impossibility, it won't happen. The best they could probably do is improve the graphics. Other than that, I don't think making parts of places of DF 3D and leaving out others would look nice also.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 656
9/9/2011 10:03:18   
Kalyn Valeheart
Constructively Friendly!

I really wouldn't be happy with a runescape (what's so grat about runescape anyway? Seemed kinda lame to me, I tried it) version of DF and it still looks like the stay the same version is the majorty, which is good.
I'd accept 2,5D game as long as it looks like King's Quest: Silver Lining. Contrary to popular belief, games such as Aquaria or Braid show that beautiful 2d graphics are still valued and can be used to great advantage. They are beautiful games.

I do not understand the love of AQW and the need to create another similar mmo. Frankly, I do not understand what is so great about mmos and never will.
I keep repeating myself here but I will never tire of highlighting how poor mmpos turn out to be in general. AQW forums is just very...offputting..what goes on in that game and how it's being handled. I really would be unhappy to see that sort of thing in DF.

But if change we must, I;d still go for a mesh with MQ.

< Message edited by Kalyn Valeheart -- 9/9/2011 10:05:41 >
DF  Post #: 657
9/9/2011 10:17:16   

The main reason I would like to see DF as an MMO is that there is such a great community here and I feel like it people would he willing to help and talk and not just troll out of their minds. I do suppose that if it became an MMO it could attract trolls... Whatever is the choice I personally will support this game and it's team.
DF AQW  Post #: 658
9/9/2011 10:17:19   

Wait, I wonder if its possible to choose two things?

I voted to keep the game as is, I will never change my vote in that regard but....

The PVP battle spire might benefit from the last option.


Try to utilize an EpicDuel style engine to for battles and PvP

While I do not want battles "in game" to change style, I would like to see the PvP area converted over to the EpicDuel style. That is to say, I would like to see players battle against players in real time for real prizes. That can only happen when EpicDuel gets their act together and gets their game running at a satisfactory level. When that happens just cut that area out as a mini-game and run it on a separate server. That would be interesting.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 659
9/9/2011 10:20:54   

I prefer dragonfable as it is. f t were to change would prbably just quit and delete my my account.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 660
9/9/2011 10:34:37   

i'd really like the idea of Wyker to make a way of doing quests by playing with friend online with chat and stuff
the 3d version could be cool but otherwise please keep it mostly the same PLEASE i like this game the most of all online games i have ever played
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 661
9/9/2011 11:16:10   

3D ofcourse c'mon, now that Sepulchure orbs saga is all gone just turn DF into 3D whats left to do in DF? If it stays as it is, a new villian will pop up, the war meter will also pop up again and thats it on and on, just make it 3D it will be good.

P.S. (not runescape 3d style :D)
Post #: 662
9/9/2011 11:48:56   
3 Vandoren

I love that idea!
I like EpicDuel, but I like DF more, so if I had EpicDuel and DF in one place...
Needless to say, that is an awesome idea!

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Post #: 663
9/9/2011 12:03:55   

i still don't know whats new in today's release
DF  Post #: 664
9/9/2011 12:21:26   
Auron Leonheart

I kinda like the idea of smashing mq and df together.
otherwise keep it the same i dont want a 3d AE game
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 665
9/9/2011 12:58:02   
Crows Reign

Well... What DragonFable has right now, is really working for it. What I really like about single player, is that I'm not pressured to always get the "coolest items" and all, and it really makes the player feel like they're the hero. For instance, in AQWorlds, you've got everybody following the fashion trends to get the nicest armor and drops, and then other people who don't have them or can't get them are excluded. Now, that goes with a lot of MMOs, but that's aside the point. That kind of thing doesn't happen in DF, because it's not like anyone else sees your equips unless they go to your character page, or you directly show them. Also with AQWorlds, you've got everybody being the one hero in most of the storyline, whereas DF doesn't have that because there's only one hero.

As for merging DragonFable and MechQuest, I'm okay with it, providing that it's a brand new game, and the original versions are kept intact. I'd enjoy seeing gigantic robots fighting dragons. The interface for the battle would be interesting. Would dragon users keep the DF menu, and the mech users keep their MQ menu? With that being an MMO, it would be neat, but it not only needs to keep the original styles, but retain more original gameplay rather than borrow it from AQW. (That goes for making Dragonfable into an MMO, too.)

Now, DragonFable being in 3D would be amazing. That's something I'd like to see, but only if it could be pulled off correctly. I'd leave the 2D version there too, for people who still want to play it like that.

My personal say would be to leave DF as it is, and make a DF/MQ crossover game (Not an MMO, but with PvP EpicDuel Style) separately.

< Message edited by Crows Reign -- 9/9/2011 13:49:20 >
Post #: 666
9/9/2011 13:31:00   

Umm, EW! Ok, I'm gonna be harsh here. Keep the game as it is: Why? 'Cause it's awesome. DF and AQ are the only places where i can get some peace and quiet. I don't want newbs running around shouting "BR?!?!?"(not trying to be racist but it got extremely irritating) or asking about every piece of equipment I have.
1.AQW Engine: Sucks. Graphics are terrible. MMO = Maintenance checks, disconnects, lag, monthly dragon amulet purchase and all that stuff we hate.
2.Making the game 3D: For the love of God, NO!
3.Merging DF and MQ: EW! Personally, I don't like mechs at all. I'm already upset with all the science-related stuff in DF so far, no offence. Besides, they take place in two separate timelines, merging them would be kind of weird.
5.Utilize EpicDuel engine: Use this just for PvP, so we could have two actual players dueling instead of going against a bot that uses half of its skills in a poor, obvious pattern.
However, if you really want to make a change, make an extra bag just for classes so we can switch them during battle like in AQ. People who own an Armor Closet would probably hate this idea, so you could make an unlimited armor inventory for them. Another awesome thing would be more trinket slots, so we can use more spells like AQ. Personally, I think this would give the players more freedom. We wouldn't be limited to the current class' skills. Oh, AND MAKE MORE UPGRADES AVAILABLE FOR DOOM/DESTINY WEAPONS, feels like you completely forgot about them. I'm going off topic so i'm gonna shut up now.
DF  Post #: 667
9/9/2011 15:22:12   

Personally I think the game would be ok whatever direction it goes. People seem to have no faith tht the AE team would be able to make this a suitable MMO or 2-game mash up. So really all i have to say is: whatever they go with is fine by me i like the game to much to care if they switch the engine in it or render it into 3D.

< Message edited by whs123 -- 9/9/2011 15:23:03 >
Post #: 668
9/9/2011 15:28:49   
Therril Oreb
Legendary AdventureGuide!

@above: to me its not that AE wouldn't be able to handle it, to me it is more like that it changes the very soul of DF that i and many others i think love

I wouldn't want that soul to change. Keep it as it is for me
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 669
9/9/2011 16:52:23   
Auron Leonheart

@crows reign
DF and MQ in a separate game does sound a lot better.
HS is an mmo and it seems to be doing just fine btw.

If DF were an mmo it would fundamentally change game play meaning you spent your money on a product you didnt want.*and then we'd have to make timely fees *-*(already do this with aqw)
i like the way df gameplay is.
*the only way i would play it in 3d is if it were to the caliber of eden eternal and that would req. some downloading.
*runescape graphics X-X*

< Message edited by Auron Leonheart -- 9/9/2011 16:53:07 >


AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 670
9/9/2011 17:29:31   

how about first choise and upgrade the skill thing to look fancyer


AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 671
9/9/2011 17:32:43   
Kalyn Valeheart
Constructively Friendly!

I really do not thinkit would be wise to make any more games based off old ideas...points at WF and its failure. It's either mesh MQ/DF or not and make it one game, not new games from these two.
New games should be made to appeal to new audiences and therefore I'd expect any new game coming out to be 3d, for instance or anything else that may appeal to wide audiences.

< Message edited by Kalyn Valeheart -- 9/9/2011 17:34:03 >
DF  Post #: 672
9/9/2011 18:50:44   

Keep it as-is, for sure.

...I WOULD, however, like to see more tie-ins with MQ show up. A few more ancient ruined mechs lying around here and there, some more exposition on The Reset, more quests featuring good ol' Kathool... A giant laser gun for our dragons...
AQ DF  Post #: 673
9/9/2011 19:12:43   

Oh, I got this.
Maybe 2.5D? Like Sonic the Hedgehog 4, for anyone's who played.
DF  Post #: 674
9/9/2011 20:47:29   

We really need to keep it as it is, though 3D doesn't sound like a terrible idea, IF the gameplay doesn't change.
DF  Post #: 675
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