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=AQ= "The Looming Shadows!" Contest (judged, winners in first post!)

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11/6/2011 20:03:20   
Lord Barrius


It is a simple fact that the SeekRat will not stop in his efforts to learn more about the shadow universe and his new-found abilities. Another shadow war is looming on the horizon, that much is clear. But what remains a mystery is this....what sort of dangers might you face? The purpose of this contest is to allow you to help decide that for yourselves.

There are two categories in this contest:

Monster: Create a new and unique shadow monster that you feel might be considered a greater threat than a normal shadow creature.

Reward: Create a new and unique item (weapon, armor, etc.) that you feel would be an appropriate reward for defeating an army of shadow creatures.

Each category will have a 1st place winner, a 2nd place winner, and a 3rd place winner.

If you’d like a chance to win, think hard (I know that’s difficult for you humans) and come up with the very best, most unique idea you can come up with! Then post your entry in this thread. Be sure to follow all of the contest rules as stated below, or your entry may be nommed!

Good luck to all!

~ElBhe, Lore’s Most Adorable Kitten


First place winners will get their winning entries used as part of the next shadow war in AQ (with credit given in the descriptions!) and 6000 Z-Tokens added to the character of their choice.

Second place winners will receive 4500 Z-Tokens.

Third place winners will receive 3000 Z-Tokens.

And at last, we have our winners!

Monsters Category:

1ST PLACE: BlackAces, for "Eclipse Dragon": This is a truly terrifying opponent! It's not a flawless entry, mind, as it feels somewhat like a creature that was converted to a shadow monster rather than a concept that started out as a shadow monster, but it's a very solid suggestion with some awesome implementable ideas. We may not be able to do all of them, but I suppose we can save the strongest ones for a future release....

2ND PLACE: Lord Areswe, for " Shadowed Exultor": This one is actually a very solid concept. Thinking about it, I could actually visualize this concept in battle....a dark cloaked figure, wielding a pair of massive swords across its back, and pulling them free to slash at the player with speed and deadly force. The effects are both fairly minor in scale and they work nicely with the shadow theme, having the shadow fool you into attacking with its native elements and having you feed its strength further.

3RD PLACE: Desmodus, for "Yog-Shadoth": This concept was absolutely hilarious. I liked this one on a core level for appealing to comedy and not going overboard with abilities. Plus, I'd touched on the concept of Lovecraftian references once before, which makes this entry that much more fitting. This was really a good idea. I think its only flaw is that it might be a better random Void-esque foe.

HONORABLE MENTION: Mordred, for "Shadow Wyrm": This entry is a solid one, but it suffers from having just a few too many effects. Having to add that many statuses for one monster is a bit too much work for a typical boss encounter. When held up against the other dragon-type entry in the pool, this one just didn't really compete with it. A good entry, but is somewhat defeated by its own complexity and the existence of a superior entry in the same category of monster.

HONORABLE MENTION: Dwelling Dragonlord, for "Wereshadow": A solid concept in theory, though I am shaky on how well it'd actually work within canon. It doesn't really fit as a shadow creature though, I get the sense that it's more of a dark monster with an anti-light trick.

HONORABLE MENTION: Equilibrium82, for "Draco Strante": I like this monster. His effect is simple enough, but I'd probably tweak it slightly. Defilement seems like the sort of thing that might be better as a sort of "armor-rotting" effect, making defenses progressively weaker or something.

Items Category:

1ST PLACE: Lord Areswe, for "Shadow of Doubt": This armor actually spawned some discussion between myself and another staffer about how to implement Doubt and differ it from other statuses. Here's my thought: Doubt starts as a low chance to paralyze, but the chance grows with each successful paralysis. In other words, an enemy's growing doubts build up and make it that much harder to fight back. When a concept spawns an implementation discussion, that's how we know when something is right with that entry. This one is really cool and I look forward to seeing it happen.

2ND PLACE: skull x, for "Crystal of Restless Shadows": An excellent item that we can definitely use as a standard war reward. Implementing this one is probably simpler than most others, and it's guaranteed to be something that a lot of people would find a use for in standard combat, not just against shadow creatures. I really like this entry, and it was a very close second to the winner. I may well add this one to the war chest as well, because I can see pretty much everyone wanting to use it.

3RD PLACE: shintilaberis, for "Daylight Savings Time": This shield's effect is pretty darn interesting. I don't think it works as well statistically as it's proposed to, but I like it enough that I might consider it as a possible future change to the way Shadowbones works. It's a good, more balanced adjustment to a concept that existed already.

HONORABLE MENTION: Travis Touchdown, for "Ultraviolent Light": This spell was really amusing name-wise! I feel it's a bit weaker though, as it relies on an effect already present in another like-minded armor.

HONORABLE MENTION: Calm Wind, for "Umbral Naginata": The weapon itself is somewhat plain, but the art and concept are really something nice. I really like how it looks and can see it being used in battle. I may jot this one down as a possible future suggestion to use.

HONORABLE MENTION: Phrixus, for "Inquisition of Shadow": Conceptually pretty strong and I like the notion of health sacrifice, though perhaps not all that unique. Lowering BtH doesn't seem to fit the term "Entrapment" to me.

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11/6/2011 20:59:58   

AQ Character Name: Electricboa
AQ Character ID: 63051469
Entry Name: Shadow Leviathan
Details about your entry:


Description: Trapped in the realm of shadows for centuries, the Shadow Leviathan is finally free to spread its sinister designs on Lore.

Attacks: Alternates between a tail lash and a bite attack. The bite regenerates health and applies a DoT. The tail lash hits twice, damaging mana on the second hit.

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 2
11/6/2011 21:14:43   

Character Name: M.
Character ID: 8398152

Reward Entry

Claymore of Light and Darkness

Level: 130G (Mastercrafted)
Price: 1,913,560
Sellback: 956,780

Element: Light/Darkness
Attack Type: Melee
Damage: 16-42
BTH: 17%

Rate: 10%
Effect: Increases the weapon's "charge" by 5.

You can click the hilt of the weapon to toggle between Light and Darkness.
All normal player attacks deal *0.95 damage. This has already been factored into the below special.
The weapon has a hidden "charge" counter, which changes how the weapon performs - If Charge > 0, the weapon glows with a light yellow (if light) or black (if darkness) aura, and gains the following effects:
    "Charge" decreases by 1 per turn.
    If element is light:
      You gain the "Light Shield" status, as the blade refracts light around you. The "Light Shield" status reduces all damage dealt to you by X%, subject to a save roll. In this case, X = 60 , and the monster gets -1 to the save roll.
      Level: 133 vs MonsterLevel
      Major: 200 vs MonsterINT
      Minor: YourLUK vs MonsterLUK

    If element is darkness:
      You gain the "Darklight Shield" status, as the blade refracts darkness around you. The "Darklight Shield" status is a renamed Backlash (60%) and the monster gets -1 to the save roll.
      Level: 133 vs MonsterLevel
      Major: 200 vs MonsterINT
      Minor: YourLUK vs MonsterLUK

    You can click the blade of the weapon to perform a traditional weapon special, using the below stats but with a multiplier to damage equal to [0.475+Charges*0.095]. This reduces the "charge" counter to 0.
      Hits: 2
      Type: Magic
      Element: See Effect
      Damage: 928% Base and Random each
      BTH: +51 each
A broad claymore, with a yin-yang-esque divide running along the blade, and a faint aura - either lightening or darkening the blade, depending on the chosen element.

This weapon draws its power from the shadows, and is capable of bending light to create a powerful shield as well as bending darkness to create powerful backlash.

Shadow Fletchling

Fletchlings are tiny creatures that reside in the Void. They are mutated clusters void energy given sentience. Their prescence has negative effects on normal beings, leading to physical and mental corruption - further signifying the insanity of the Seekrat utilising them for combat. Somehow the Seekrat has managed to enhance and control them with the power he gained from the shadow realm, creating powerful creatures that can not be killed by conventional methods - Damaging them only makes them stronger. The only way to destroy them is to feed them more power in the hope that they will collapse in on themselves...

At the start of the battle, a tiny flicker of white light appears, expanding out into a lens flare effect which quickly collapses into a small dark purple crystal. Black flames envelop said crystal, which floats gently up and down on the screen.

The Fletchling is small and nimble, making it difficult to hit (+20 MRM). At the start of the battle, its HP reduces to 1/5 of its full amount, and each turn it attempts to drain a small amount of the player's health. All elements are at -200%, including Void and Harm, and Heal is at 100%. Its HP can't go below one in this form, and if it reaches 1, it unleashes a powerful light and darkness attack on the player, after which its HP increases to 1/5th of its full HP. The aim of the battle is to get the Fletchling to full health. The Fletchling deals light and darkness damage, which increases as its own health increases. Once it reaches full health, it overloads on power, exploding into a giant column of writhing black flame and attacking with the forms of shadow dragons and hydras, coming out of the blazing column to strike the player. In this form, it loses 1/4 of its full health every turn, and deals Void damage. All of its negative resistances become positive, except Void (and vice versa for Heal). Once it reaches 0 health, it dies.

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11/6/2011 21:18:08   
The Avaddon

AQ User Account: Kaie X
AQ Character ID: 6449643
Entry Name: Illuminator Armor
Details: Height between guardian plate and Armor of Awe (about the same as Frostval Spirit)
Color scheme is black, gray, and red with a black cape
Holds lamp in shield-bearing hand
Two-hit attack; semi-offensive or neutral leaning; moderate defenses for light, dark, and fire
Armor Skill: Blazing Torch
Shines lamp for two hits of light damage. Chance to blind, but increases player's
darkness modifier
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11/6/2011 21:52:06   
Aura Knight

AQ Character Name : DEMONIC SAGE 23

AQ Character ID : 2698598

Entry Name: Doppelganger (Shadow)

Level: ???*
XP: (player hp*3+1000)
Gold: (player hp*2+1500)
Element: Light/Darkness (on screen it is shown as darkness)

Melee: XX
Ranged: XX
Magic: XX

Strength: ???
Dexterity: ???
Intellect: ???
Endurance: ???
Charisma: ???
Luck: ???

Fire: 50%
Water: 60%
Wind: 75%
Ice: 60%
Energy: 60%
Light: 25%
Darkness: 25%

Within each person,whether they be good or evil lies a dark presence waiting for the right time to unleash itself. This presence feeds upon one’s sorrow and makes one doubt all they have known about themselves. First discovered by DEMONIC SAGE 23, this “creature” has been wreaking havoc and causing devastation throughout the lands. Nearly indestructible, this evil has chosen its next victim: you!

*-The monster’s level is the same as your own.
**-The attributes of the monster are your own attributes+25
*XX-The defenses are different according to what your no-drops are and they should be as follows:

Steel Plate/Adventurer Shield/Longsword no-drops:M=50/R=25/M=20
Cloth Robes/Adventurer Shield/Wooden Staff no-drops: M=20/R=25/M=50
Leather Armor/Adventurer Shield/Short Sword:M=25/R=50/M=20
Mighty UltraGuardian Plate/Ultraguardian Shield/Guardian Blade: M=55/R=30/M=25
Insightful UltraGuardian Plate/UltraGuardian Shield/Guardian Blade: M=25/R=30/M=55
Deft UltraGuardian Plate/UltraGuardian Shield/Guardian Blade: M=30/R=55/M=25
Mighty Armor of Awe/Shield of Awe/Blade of Awe: M=60/R=35/M=30
Insightful Armor of Awe/Shield of Awe/Staff of Awe: M=20/R=35/M=60
Deft Armor of Awe/Shield of Awe/Spear of Awe: M=30/R=60/M=35

Appearance: A mirror version of yourself engulfed by shadows. The items it has equipped are shadow versions of your no-drop equipment.

Attacks: (Different depending on what your no-drop equipment is)***

***Steel Plate/Adventurer Shield/Longsword no-drops

Hits: 1
Type: «Melee»
Element: «Darkness/Light»
Damage: round(100 + 3*PowLvl)*0.95 % Base and Random, plus round(100 + 6.6*PowLvl)*0.95 % Stats
BTH: +round(PowLvl/8 -0.5), plus Stats
Rate: 50%

Hits: 1
Type: «Melee»
Element: «Darkness/Light»
Damage: round(100 + 3*PowLvl)*1.15 % Base and Random, plus round(100 + 6.6*PowLvl)*1.15 % Stats
BTH: +round(PowLvl/8 -0.5), plus Stats
Rate: 50%

***Cloth Robes/Adventurer Shield/Wooden Staff no-drops

Hits: 1
Type: «Magic»
Element: «Darkness/Light»
Damage: round(100 + 3*PowLvl)*0.975 % Base and Random, plus round(100 + 6.6*PowLvl)*0.975 % Stats
BTH: +round(PowLvl/8 -0.5), plus Stats

***Leather Armor/Adventurer Shield/Short Sword

Hits: 1
Type: «Ranged»
Element: «Darkness/Light»
Damage: round(100 + 3*PowLvl)*0.95*85/88 % Base and Random, plus round(100 + 6.6*PowLvl)*0.95*85/88 % Stats
BTH: +round(PowLvl/8 -0.5)+3, plus Stats
Rate: 50%

Hits: 1
Type: Ranged
Element: «Darkness/Light»
Damage: round(100 + 3*PowLvl)*1.15*85/88 % Base and Random, plus round(100 + 6.6*PowLvl)*1.15*85/88 % Stats
BTH: +round(PowLvl/8 -0.5)+3, plus Stats
Rate: 50%

***Mighty UltraGuardian Plate/UltraGuardian Shield/Guardian Blade

Hits: 1
Type: «Melee»
Element: «Darkness/Light»
Damage: round(1.125*(100 + 3*PowLvl),0)*.9375% Base and Random, plus round(1.125*(100 + 6.6*PowLvl),0)*.9375% Stats
BTH: +round(PLvl/8 -0.5), plus Stats
Rate: 80%

Hits: 4
Type: «Melee»
Element: «Darkness/Light»
Damage: round(1.125*(100 + 3*PowLvl),0)*1.25/4% Base and Random, plus round(1.125*(100 + 6.6*PowLvl),0)*1.25/4% Stats each
BTH: +round(PLvl/8 -0.5), plus Stats each
Rate: 20%

***Insightful UltraGuardian Plate/UltraGuardian Shield/Guardian Blade

Hits: 1
Type: «Magic»
Element: «Darkness/Light»
Damage: round(1.125*(100 + 3*PowLvl),0)*.96% Base and Random, plus round(1.125*(100 + 6.6*PowLvl),0)*.96% Stats
BTH: +round(PLvl/8 -0.5), plus Stats
Rate: 100%

***Deft UltraGuardian Plate/UltraGuardian Shield/Guardian Blade

Hits: 1
Type: «Ranged»
Element: «Darkness/Light»
Damage: round(1.125*(100 + 3*PowLvl))*.9375*85/88% Base and Random, plus round(1.125*(100 + 6.6*PowLvl))*.9375*85/88% Stats
BTH: +round(PLvl/8 -0.5)+3, plus Stats
Rate: 80%

Hits: 4
Type: «Ranged»
Element: «Darkness/Light»
Damage: round(1.125*(100 + 3*PowLvl))*1.25/4*85/88% Base and Random, plus round(1.125*(100 + 6.6*PowLvl),0)*1.25/4*85/88% Stats each
BTH: +round(PLvl/8 -0.5)+3, plus Stats each
Rate: 20%

***Mighty Armor of Awe/ Shield of Awe/Blade of Awe

Hits: 2
Type: «Melee»
Element: «Darkness/Light»
Damage: round(0.9*(100 + 3*PLvl))*0.45% Base and Random, plus round(0.9*(100 + 6.6*PLvl))*0.45% Stats each
BTH: +round(PLvl/8 -0.5), plus Stats each
Rate: 90%

Hits: 3
Type: «Melee»
Element: «Darkness’Light»
Damage: round(0.9*(100 + 3*PLvl))*1.9/3% Base and Random, plus round(0.9*(100 + 6.6*PLvl))*1.9/3% Stats each
BTH: +round(PLvl/8 -0.5), plus Stats each
Rate: 10%

***Insightful Armor of Awe/ Shield of Awe/Staff of Awe

Hits: 2
Type: «Magic»
Element: «Darkness/Light»
Damage: round(0.9*(100 + 3*PLvl))*0.47% Base and Random, plus round(0.9*(100 + 6.6*PLvl))*0.47% Stats each
BTH: +round(PLvl/8 -0.5), plus Stats each

***Deft Armor of Awe/ Shield of Awe/Spear of Awe

Hits: 2
Type: «Ranged»
Element: «Darkness/Light»
Damage: round(0.9*(100 + 3*PLvl))*0.45% Base and Random, plus round(0.9*(100 + 6.6*PLvl))*0.45% Stats each
BTH: +round(PLvl/8 -0.5), plus Stats each
Rate: 90%

Hits: 3
Type: «Ranged»
Element: «Darkness/Light»
Damage: round(0.9*(100 + 3*PLvl))*1.9/3% Base and Random, plus round(0.9*(100 + 6.6*PLvl))*1.9/3% Stats each
BTH: +round(PLvl/8 -0.5), plus Stats each
Rate: 10%

*The attack animations of each possible set the monster could have is the same as the attack animations you would have if you are using those possible no-drop combinations.
*Entrance animation for the monster ais the same as the entrance animations of the armors if you were wearing them.
*Death animation for the monster is the same as the death animation of the armors if you were wearing them.
*The attacks of each possible monster combo randomly shift between darkness and light.
*Although the monster can have the guardian and awe weapons, the specials of those weapons are negated. This means, no summoning guardian dragon, no powerworddie,no mana or health vampire/no spiral carve/no awe blast/no shifting elemental blade*1

*1-The guardian blade stays in its original form. Only the blade itself is colored dark gray and the hilt and handle are both black.

How the battle versus this monster should play out:

(you enter battle and see no opponent)
Player: Looks like my enemy is too scared. Guess I’m just too strong ^_^
Player: What was that?
-Bar shows up on top of the screen and the following dialogue is seen.
Player: What?
*Player loses first 25% of total HP.
Player: Who’s there?
*Player loses second 25% of total HP
Player: What’s going on? Why do I feel so strange?
*Player loses third 25% of total HP
Player: Ugh! This pain is unbearable!
*Player loses remaining 25% of total HP.
<>Player is now dead and goes to death.
Death: It seems you have been met with a most unfortunate circumstance.
Player: I know. So you gonna send me back to town fully healed yet or not?
Death: That would be foolish.
Player: Why?
Death: You still have a fight to get to.
Player: A fight? Where at?
Death: The very place you were just at.
Player: I was just there and I could see no monsters at all.
Death: I beg to differ. The place where you were at is home to one of the most evil forces on Lore.
Player: Really?! (excited) Send me back there! I want to destroy the evil! o_O
Death: Okay, since you asked so nicely! But you will owe me one favor for this.
Player: Yeah whatever, just send me back there.
<>Death sends player back to the area.
Death: That fool will never learn! hehehehehe!

(Back at original place)

Player: Evil force? What evil force? I see nothing here!
Player: Who said that? Show yourself!
???: HEHEHE!
-Battle Starts.


-Monster immune to fear.
-Monster immune to paralysis.
-Monster immune to freezing.
-If you are wearing any no-drop equipment during the battle, the monster’s attack is multiplied by 1.02.*
-Monster has a high chance to attack first.*
*-[The shadow moves with unreal speed]**
**(Player gets a -60 to their chance to attack first)

Extra notes: essentially this monster idea is a much more advanced version of the it's you! monster that we fight during mogloween. I am just enhancing the idea and making it fit the shadow theme.
The attack animations for the monster should be the same as if the player were wearing the possible no-drop mentioned above. However, there would be some slight differences.
For example, on the attack animation of the ultraguardian armors, the blue light that shows would be dark red, and the light that shows up during the 4 hit attack of that armor would be dark gray. The awe armors' 3 hit attack should also be gray instead of the original yellow/golden. The attack animations would be pretty much the same, except for some slight recolors to fit the shadow theme. Each armor would have pulsating shadows surrounding them. But you would still be able to see the for of the armors.

This idea takes the concept of shadows and the mirror realm and combines it into one. I came up with this idea because I for one think it fits the theme perfectly. Normally, when we think about evil beings, we think that it is a monster of some sort. While this may be true, I decided to add a little twist to the idea of what an evil being is. You see, because we have the ability to align ourselves with evil, I figured, a part of us could be the evil that we seek to destroy. The story behind my suggestion is that for years, we have kept our darker half at bay, but recently, with all the constant battles we have been in, our anger is beginning to take its toll on us. Because of this, we are no longer able to contain the evil that is within us any longer, and when it escapes, we have to destroy it. No one would ever expect that we would be the evil that we are trying to destroy, so if this happens, it would make for a good plot twist. Granted, it isn't exactly us who are the evil, but a part of us is according to my suggestion, but even so, having a part of us as being the evil that which we must destroy makes for quite an interesting twist in the storyline.

AQ Character Name : DEMONIC SAGE 23

AQ Character ID : 2698598

Entry Name: Duality's Shadow

Levels: 45, 65,85,105,125,150
Prices according to levels:

Prices: 9000, 18000 ,55000, 210000, 325000, 1215000 (buy)/sellback is 50% of original price.

Element: Light/Darkness
Attack Type: Melee
Damage: *
BTH: 8%



Rate: 15%
Effect: Causes Blindness when in light form or fear when in darkness form.

Switches elements accordingly between light and dark. When fighting a light monster it switches to dark and when fighting a darkness monster it switches to light. Can be changed from melee to magic damage and vice versa. To switch between the two attack types, click on handle. Can cause blindness and also fear. When fighting against a monster of either light or darkness, the blade gains a damage boost of *1.05. This happens to the melee version. The magic version receives no boost, but the damage of your light and darkness spells are increased by 1.02.

Blindness effect: lowers bth by 10 for 2 turns.
Fear effect: 40% chance of not acting. Lasts 4 turns.

Animations for the Specials:

Blindness: The same animation as the /point emote in aqw. Yellow orbs or rings float from the blade and hit the enemy. total of 12 hits of 5% damage each. Similar to the special attack of the undead axe series.

Fear: Using the /point emote from aqw, the black orbs that float around the blade become tendrils and hit the enemy. One hit per orb and the damage is 5% for each tendril. Animation of the tendrils are that same as that of the tendrils of darkness spell.

Pic: http://oi39.tinypic.com/2i226ib.jpg

The one colored black with the yellow orbs is the light elemental version. The one colored yellow with the black orbs is the dark elemental version.

*Another special ability (if possible): 1% chance to summon a shadow version of yourself and hit enemy with two hits. One hit light and one hit darkness. Each hit does 100% damage for a possible total of 200% weapon damage. The shadow version is basically the player in whatever no-drop armor and equipment they have colored black with a dark aura around them. First attack element is darkness and the second is light. The shadow dual wields both versions of the weapon and does an attack similar to that of the vartai blademaster. The two sword attack of vartai blademaster I mean.

Possible weapon description: This blade is a true symbol of balance. The evilest of shadows work together with the purest of light to create harmonious power. Power which can cause great misery and cause great good. The first person to witness the true power first hand was DEMONIC SAGE 23, and ever since that fateful day when he found this weapon, his life was never the same again. It is said that on occasion, his spirit will aide you in battle, but I wouldn't count on that happening anytime soon.

*I doubt this can be done, but since there already is a weapon similar to this, I feel there should be another. The weapon to which I am referring is the pzycho blade series.

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11/6/2011 22:47:07   
ArchMagus Orodalf

  • AQ Character Name: Orodalf Aredhel
  • AQ Character ID: 26707288
    Reward Item

    Unitality Blade

    Level: 135G
    PLevel: 138
    Price: 1118450 Gold
    Sellback: 559225 Gold
    Location: TBD!

    Element: Darkness*
    Type: Magic
    Damage: 8-36
    BTH: +17%

    Hits: 1
    Element: Light
    Type: Ranged
    Damage: 0% Base and Random total
    Stat: 0%*
    BTH: +X each (I don't know the number)
    Rate: 20%

  • Deals *1.2 damage to account for the weird elements.
  • Hit Element alternates between Light and Darkness every turn, with a random starting element (If the Blade deals Light damage on Turn 1, it will deal Darkness on Turn 2, Light on Turn 3, etc. If it deals Darkness damage on Turn 1, it will deal Light on Turn 2, Darkness on Turn 3, etc.).
  • If the Special hits, then you have a chance of applying a "Shadow Seed" status to the enemy*.
    • The Element is the opposite of the element of the hits for that turn (On a turn the Blade deals Light damage, the Seed will deal Darkness damage. On a turn the Blade deals Darkness damage, the Seed will deal Light damage.).
    • Level = 138, D = 1.

    It's a big, double-bladed axe, like the ShadowReaper of Doom in DragonFable. The blades form a circle. The circle is in the design of the 阴阳 (Yin Yang), with its sides one on each blade. At the bottom of the axe is a gem that indicates the damage it will deal that turn-- the gem glows white for Light, black for Darkness.

    Unlike Alevand's Duality Longsword**, which merely balanced Elemental Fire and Ice in a duality, this weapon was shaped from Shadow, creating a true unitality of Elemental Light and Darkness.

    *As in: In the shop interface, the Element shown is Darkness.
    ** Refer to Chapter Nine.

    *If it succeeds: The power of the Light/Darkness plants a Seed of Darkness/Light in the enemy!
    **If it fails: The enemy resists the Seed of Darkness/Light!

    The idea of the weapon is to show Shadow as inseparable Light and Darkness. The power of Light plants a Seed of Darkness, and the power of Darkness plants a Seed of Light. Hence the 阴阳.
    Challenge Monster

    Chaos Shifter
    Level: 130
    XP: ?*
    Gold: ?*
    Element: Light

    Melee: ?
    Ranged: ?
    Magic: ??**

    Strength: 200
    Dexterity: 50
    Intellect: 200
    Endurance: 200
    Charisma: 0
    Luck: 0

    Fire: 70%
    Water: 85%
    Wind: 85%
    Ice: 70%
    Earth: 115%
    Energy: 115%
    Light: 130%
    Darkness: 130%

    Unlike other Darkshifters, this Chaos Shifter sacrificed its mind and body to the Shadows of the Other Side for the sole purpose of causing havoc on This Side. The unstable composition of the mind, however, has deranged the Shadows that possess the body and made them as Chaotic as the possessed once was.

    The general shape is that of a Darkshifter. However, the eyes are red, the normally blue robes are red and torn, and sparks of shadow leak from all of its appendages.

  • The Shifter stares down at you and red flames gather around its red eyes. A huge circle of Shadowy "fire" forms around you (perhaps a re-colored BBQ?), dealing 3 hits of random Light/Darkness damage. Then the flames around you and its eyes fade. This is a Spell and costs MP. 100% chance of happening if the Shifter has enough MP.
  • The Shifter raises its hand to cast a spell. Several sparks of Light and then Darkness issue outward, giving the impression that nothing's coming out. The Shifter looks at its hand, and then the hand blasts its face, damaging it (one hit, 100% Magic Light damage). It then grows angry and smashes you with its fist (two hits, 100% Melee damage each, one Light and one Darkness). The idea is that it sacrifices HP to produce an extra-damaging attack. 50% chance of happening if the Shifter lacks MP to do Attack 1.
  • The Shifter raises its head. Shadows stream out of its head*. It loses HP to gain an appropriate amount of MP**. 50% chance of happening if the Shifter lacks MP to do Attack 1.

  • All Light and Darkness attacks used against this monster have a 50% chance of doubling their damage and a 50% chance of causing a Heal instead.

    *Some of the possessing Shadows have left the Shifter's body!
    **The departing Shadows injure the Shifter's body, but leave its mind clearer!

  • ATTACK 1: What it wants to do in ATTACK 2. It's a supa-powerful Shadow being!
  • ATTACK 2: It wants to do ATTACK 1, but the Shadows have lost control because of the "unstable state of the mind."
  • ATTACK 3: The dying body can no longer keep the Shadows within it, so they leave. As they do so, they leave the mind in a less chaotic state.

    The Shifter begins with an ATTACK 2 animation, but then its entire body turns white and then explodes into powder.

    **Combat Defence is concentrated in Magic.

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    skull x

    AQ Character Name: skull x

    AQ Character ID: 5157451

    Reward Entry: The Crystal of Restless Shadow - Misc Item


    Level: 135(G) (MC) (Sample for the level 135)
    Power Level: 138 (MC)
    Price: 350,000 (not sure about the price and sellback)
    Sellback: 175,000
    Element: Neutral

    Activation: 0 turns (maybe 75sp to activate) (35sp upkeep or maybe higher)
    -3% Light Resistance
    -3% Dark Resistance
    Gives 15% "lifesteal" (healing 15% of the damage done to your opponent) at the end of your normal attack

    *Only normal attacks can trigger lifesteal. (specials, armor skills/class skills and spells will not trigger the lifesteal effect)

    Probably with a healing cap of 300 points or something so it won't be too overpowered.

    Note: As for the lower levels the lifesteal percent becomes lower, like for the lvl 120 the healing percent would be 13% the healing cap is lowered as well i.e. 280 health points as maximum healing for the lvl 120.

    The level variants planned for this are.. 135, 120, 105, 90, 75, 50, 35 and 20. The corresponding lifesteal percent would be... 15%, 13%, 11%, 9%, 7%, 6%, 5% and 4%. And the maximum lifesteal healing cap would be... 300, 280, 240, 210, 190, 155, 120, 80
    They are all MC but the lvl 135 and the 75 are guardian only

    Another Note: (the sp costs and upkeep will also vary depending on the level of the item... like other misc items)... the prices also vary...... the -3 resistance for darkness and light is the same for all levels.

    Fallen shadow creatures are entrapped in this shadow crystal. It is unknown why they are trapped in this crystal but the shadow creatures inside are restless. And their restlessness accidentally lead to the conjuration of a "lifesteal" effect that surrounds the shadow crystal. Now you can use its handy effect in your adventures.

    A black crystal that has a shadow dragon blade trigger aura.

    Monster Entry: Shadow Amalgamation

    lvl 135

    Element: Dark

    Has an hp of maybe 10,000 or less

    (Champion Elite Boss)

    Combat Defence
    Melee: 57
    Ranged: 59
    Magic: 57

    Strength: 200
    Dexterity: 75
    Intellect: 0
    Endurance: 200
    Charisma: 0
    Luck: 200

    Fire: 60%
    Water: 60%
    Wind: 60%
    Ice: 60%
    Earth: 60%
    Energy: 130%
    Light: 0%
    Darkness: 0%

    The souls of the fallen shadow enemies slain in the war. They are now combined and is stronger than ever. Beware this opponent will drain the life force out of you.

    A bulky knight armor without a helm (head) or weapon. Souls are flying around and inhabiting the said armor. The souls looks similar to terror eater special only hovering around the abandoned armor. Anyways, the souls looks shadowy.

    Attack Animation:
    A swarm of shadow spirits will attack the player. This opponent only has 1 hit.

    The second attack does the same.

    *The first attack has a 35% "lifesteal" so, every attack shall do a healing, 35% of his damage to the player. (attack type no.1)
    *The second attack does half damage but removes 15 endurance points from the player and does not perform "lifesteal" this will only occur in every 3 turns. (attack type no.2)
    *A "third attack" will occur if the player has a guest or a pet. This opponent will "consume" (dismiss) that guest or pet. In addition, this opponent will remove 20 endurance points from the player after doing "consume". (the 20 endurance points nerf occurs in the same turn as consume)

    Note: The endurance removal is temporary only for the duration of the battle.

    The lower version of this opponent will have a combat defence lower to the lvl 135 one and will have lesser stat points.
    Elemental modifiers will be the same for all levels. His attacks and health points also gets lower for the appropriate lower level variants.

    As for the effects... his lifesteal percent will be the same for all levels.... the second attack's endurance removal will be reduced per level variant...same goes for the third attack's endurance removal.

    Level variants are... 135, 120, 105, 90, 75, 50, 35 and 20. The corresponding second attack's endurance points removal are.. 15, 13, 12, 8, 5, 4, 3 and 2. And the third attack's endurance points removal.... 20, 18, 16, 12, 9, 7, 6 and 5


    *Your opponent has stolen some endurance points from you, ha ha ha time is short hero ha ha ha. (attack no.2)
    **(After executing attack no.1) - Your performance only delay the inevitable, WE WILL HAVE YOUR SOUL! (80% chance of uttering it)
    **(After executing attack no.1) "This saying is rare" - DEATH IS THE ONLY SOLUTION FOR YOUR MISERY HA HAHAHA HA (20% chance of uttering it)

    The sayings appear in a bubble at the top of the screen (like the scaling of the awe weapons)

    Note: This opponent's attacks are inculcated with light and dark. i.e. He may randomly execute a darkness melee attack or a light melee attack

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    AQ Character Name: Dalarai Delrix
    AQ Character ID: 20095578

    Monster Entry Name:
    Mazaroth The Miasmic

    Monster Backstory:
    Mazaroth was a powerful wizard obsessed with hoarding artifacts of great power to fill his giant obsidian spire. When he discovered the power of the shadow realm his obsession became his curse, as he sought to travel deep into the shadows and collect every artifact the shadow creatures held, crafting an exquisite enchanted gemstone which allowed him passage to the realm.

    He did not foresee the twisted fate that befell him when exposure to the shadowy world left him completely mad, his lust for power amplified as he gathered each and every shadowy artifact he could. So tainted was Mazaroth by the miasma of the shadow realm that the gemstone no longer responded to his commands and left him stranded. There was no way out until the Seekrat became his savior, with the armies pouring out Mazaroth took his chance to return to Lore once again, his body and mind bathed in the deepest shadows and his appetite for destruction far from quenched.

    Monster appearance: An imposing wizard in a black robe, his face is black and he sports a long black beard, his eyes glow red and shadowy flames flicker from his back. One hand is almost constantly held out in front of him and is engulfed in the flames.
    [ Concept Pics]

    Entrance: He climbs out of a shadowy portal and adopts static battle position.

    Attack 1: He fires black fireballs at you for 5 hits of darkness magic damage with a chance to activating a strong burn status effect on the player which does fire damage. Message: 'The shadowy flames engulf you!'

    Attack 2: His red eyes glint and they are all that can be seen (aside from damage) at the entire screen fills with darkness for 6 hits. This costs him a good amount of mana and has a fairly high chance to heavily reduce DEX and bth for 3 turns. Message: 'The miasma clouds your vision'

    Attack 3: Shadowy tentacles flail from a portal just in front of him which hit quite hard 4 times. The first 2 hits damage the player, the second two hit are mana draining. This is much more likely to happen in place of Attack 2 and 4 when mana runs low.

    Attack 4: Low chance of occuring with a high mana cost to Mazaroth, he pulls himself through a portal in front of him which fires beams of light. 6 hits in total, high damage with slight health drain effect. This is to show that all which is shadow is not dark.

    Death Animation: Makes a final desperate lunge for the player but is pulled back through the portal into the shadow realm. Perhaps an obligatory 'Noooooooooooo!' would also be hilarious, but I'll leave that down to the staff.

    Defenses: High light and darkness and magic resist. Medium fire resists. Weaker to wind and water. Earth, ice and energy neutral.
    Build: Mage build, high INT and DEX with good amounts of LUK and END.

    Description: Mazaroth was a wizard obsessed with the shadow realm and sought to gather the most powerful artifacts there. The result of his exploits twisted his mind to pure madness but gave him incredible power. .Discipline was the first to taste his miasmic wrath.

    Item Suggestion Name: Tainted/Murky/Shaded/Miasmic/Pitch Black Aura Fist
    Item type: Shield
    Level: 10/40/70/100/125 (Stats shown are suggested for the highest level version, but I'm terrible with stats, so I'm glad staff have the final say on this)
    Power Level: Item Level +5
    Element: Darkness/Light (I'll get to this)

    Your shield hand burns with shadowy flames. ( Picture)

    Melee: +8
    Ranged: +8
    Magic: +13

    Fire: -10%
    Water: 0%
    Wind: -6%
    Ice: -8%
    Earth: 0%
    Energy: -10%
    Light: 0% (-20%)
    Darkness: -20% (0%)

    # During the fight there is a 25% chance each turn for the flames to start glowing between black and white. Clicking the shield during this time costs 150 SP to cause a powerful two hit darkness ranged special, which hits shadow enemies and darkshifters for void damage.
    # After the special the fist then stops burning and the defenses for light are increased in place of the darkness defenses, during this time the character may not switch shields. After another two turns the shield will begin to burn again and the defenses are returned to normal.

    Special Animation:
    You raise your weapon and blast a shadow arrow toward your foes which explodes on impact into a shadowy blast of burning power.
    Description: Your hand feels strange after fighting all of those shadow monsters, and suddenly it bursts into black flames. If you click on them you can focus your shadowy power... Perhaps .Discipline could explain this otherworldly ailment?

    Other Notes: The reason for this shield is twofold. It gives warriors a non armor-based special attack based on SP (it was brought up in a recent thread of mine that these are lacking) as it hits with range it can be used by all character types, it also helps all around by being a shield which can be adapted to the situation, as against darkness monster it is used as a straight up shield, whereas against light or shadow monsters it becomes offensive. The SP special rate is limited because of possible overuse.

    Please remember the stats shown here are suggested only for the highest level version, are subject to change even from there and are scaled to other levels accordingly.

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    Character Name: DarkVoid
    Character ID: 2074065

    Reward Entry
    Eclipse (Armour)
    Level: 110
    Power Level: 110
    Price: 642,600
    Sellback: 321,300
    Location: Seekrat Saga
    Element: Neutral

    Melee: 38
    Ranged: 38
    Magic: 38

    Fire: 94%
    Water: 94%
    Wind: 94%
    Ice: 94%
    Earth: 94%
    Energy: 94%
    Light: 107%
    Darkness: 107%

    Every hit of light/darkness damage decreases that respective element's modifier by [Damage/10]. This caps out at a modifier of 47%.

    ATTACK 1
    Hits: 2
    Type: «As Weapon»
    Element: «As Weapon»
    Damage: 260% Base, Random and 499% Stats each
    BTH: +16 plus Stats each

    ATTACK 2 (Solar Reveal)
    Hits: 1
    Type: Magic
    Element: Light
    Damage: [508 + TotalDarknessDamageTaken]% Base, Random and 976% Stats each
    BTH: +18 plus Stats each
    Effect: Attempts to inflict Blind on monster.
    Cost: 94SP

    ATTACK 3 (Lunar Shadow)
    Hits: 1
    Type: Magic
    Element: Darkness
    Damage: 508% Base, Random and 976% Stats each
    BTH: +18 plus Stats each
    Effect: Heals player by [50 + TotalLightDamageTaken/5]% of damage done.
    Cost: 94SP

    This garment forged from the remains of an Eclipse Golem draws power from light and darkness, granting its user unparalleled control over the realm of shadow!

    APPEARANCE: Picture
    Armour is hovering in midair (like Terror series). Segmented plate armour on the torso, with mage-style robes for legs. Weapon/shield is not shown (clickable icons at bottom of screen). Armour is matte black, with a white glow around the edges and glowing tattoos of suns and crescents. Robes are black. Hands are encompassed by flickering black flames with white glow. Head is covered by a black hood with glowing white slits for eyes. Attack 1 is dissolving into shadow then reappearing in front of the monster for 2 fist attacks. Attack 2 is an increasingly large and bright white glow around the hands before flinging the large bolt of white light at the monster. Attack 3 fires a snaking beam of shadow at the monster whcich lasts for ~2 seconds.

    Monster Entry
    Eclipse Summoner (Monster)

    Equal for all M/R/M

    Max Strength/Intellect, remainder in Luck.

    -200% Darkness/Light, 90% everything else.

    A powerful mage who has mastered the art of controlling destructive Eclipse Golems.

    This monster works similarly to Zadd the Golem Builder.
    The mage himself is wearing a black Wizard's Robe with glowing white patterns. His head is covered by a black hood with glowing white slits for eyes.
    Each Eclipse Golem is a bulky humanoid figure about as large as a Drakel Destroyer.
    They are made of black shadow with white glow around the edges, with a black chestplate with a glowing white half crescent/sun symbol in the middle.
    The golems' attacks are large melee swings at the player. Each attack costs MP and deals 1 hit fo Light/Dark each..
    The mage's attack is 2 hits. First hit is light and heals MP based on damage done. Second hit is darkness and heals HP based on damage done.

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    ND Mallet
    Legendary AK!!!

    Character Name: Ned Mallet

    Character ID: 81244413

    Name: Shadow Mixer
    Key: Form 1/Form 2/Form 3
    Element: Darkness
    Level: 90
    Description: This Shadow creature is a mix-up of multiple creatures each with a different talent. No one knows where it came from or how it came to be. Extra caution is advised against this adversary for your strategy may need to change at the drop of the hat.
    Defense Modifiers:
    -----Melee: 45/70/50
    -----Range: 40/75/50
    -----Magic: 40/70/55
    -----Light: 60%//30%//-50%
    -----Dark: 40%//0%//-80%
    -----Earth: 100%//80%//60%
    -----Energy: 110%//90%//90%
    -----Fire: 170%//60%//40%
    -----Ice: 70%//140%//80%
    -----Water: 130%//90%//0%
    -----Wind: 120%//100%//60%
    -----Strength: 250/0/0
    -----Dex: 200/200/50
    -----Intelligence: 0/0/200
    -----Endurance: 0/50/200
    -----Charisma: 0/0/0
    -----Luck: 0/200/0
    Abilities: No special/Poison DoT/Health Regen every turn. Is not affected by anything. Constant numbers.
    Form Shift: Changes to the next form when the original health drops below 1/3 and 2/3 respectively. i.e 1st has 2/3 hp left goes to 2nd form, 2nd has 1/3 original goes to final form.
    Appearances: Large bear-like monster mixed with a porcupine with long jagged claws. Looks very sharp and dangerous.After losing roughly 1/3 health it changes form to a large serpent-like creature with a human-like torso and arms, serpent head. After dropping 2/3 of the original health it changes form one last time to a bipedal turtle-like creature.
    Form 1:
    Attack 1: 1 hit attack with the claws dealing Melee Darkness(or Light if it's possible to have the same attack switch between 2 elements randomly). (50% occurence of attack)
    Attack 2: Jumps into the air and lands on the player with spiked back. Rolls off and rushes past the player, off screen and back to original position. 2 hits, Melee Darkness Light (50% occurence of attack)

    Form 2:
    Attack 1: Tail whips the player, 1 hit Ranged Darkness(same as Form 1's attack 1) (75%)
    Attack 2: Quick lunge with the human arms to hold the player while the serpent head bites twice. 2 hit, Light Darkness Melee, 2nd hit can cause Poison DoT, Roll: END, Block?: +10 to resist Poison (25%)

    Form 3:
    Attack 1: Sparta Kicks the player, falls over on back and spins on shell back to starting position, rolls to feet. 1 hit, Darkness(and again. Same as Form 1's attack 1) Melee (50%)
    Attack 2: Retreats into shell, spins rapidly forming wind vortex from rotation, wind vortex becomes water vortex and charges the player, goes off-screen and back through player for second hit, not water vortex anymore, just a rapid spin. 2 hits, Water Light(see above parentheses) Magic (45%)
    Attack 3: Retreats into shell, powerful blast of water exits shell followed by dark blast. 3 hits, Water Darkness Light Magic (5%) Note: Factor in rarity of attack for damage

    I'm not real good at balance numbers.

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    My Name is Jake

    AQ Character Name Jake
    AQ Character ID 15621328
    Entry Name Shadow Wendigo
    Details Picture I made on paint. The Shadow Wendigo is tall, has light grey skin and a beard.
    Effects it could have are a HP and MP drain, fear (like the Necromancer class's fear skill) which would reduce the players defenses, an attack that could lower the players END stat. The Shadow Wendigo would also have very strong damage and very good BtH.

    Level: 130
    XP: 4,795
    Gold: 1,598
    Element: Darkness/Light

    Melee: 70
    Ranged: 60
    Magic: 65

    Strength: 275
    Dexterity: 225
    Intellect: 0
    Endurance: 150
    Charisma: 0
    Luck: 0

    Fire: 100%
    Water: 50%
    Wind: 50%
    Ice: 0%
    Earth: 0%
    Energy: 100%
    Light: -100%
    Darkness: -100%

    This shadow has taken on the appearance of a Wendigo. The Shadow Wendigo's attacks are very accurate, hit hard and can drain your health and energy.

    AQ Character Name Jake
    AQ Character ID 15621328
    Entry Name Solunar Sword
    Details Picture I made on paint. This sword can switch between light melee and darkness magic. It is level 128 and Guardian only. On the sword there are two small orbs, they are small light/darkness orbs.

    Light and Darkness versions of the sword.

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    Character Name: Thanks AQ Team
    Character ID: 128687

    Monster entry: Mini Shadow Elephant

    Appearance: *Points to avatar*, so it would looks something like my avatar, a small elephant (size of a mini-burp maybe?) with the shadow-y look and red eyes. It will attack with a tackle or...have an enormous shadow creature (turn form? Haha, who knows) coming out of it and slashing the PC.

    Description: Looks (almost) as cute as ElBhe...until it attacks. First encountered by an unfortunate adventurer Nosey123 who tried to pet it.
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  • Character Name: Mordred
  • Character ID: 24666119

  • Monster Entry: Shadow Wyrm

  • Monster description: This creature from the shadow universe seems to have powers rivaling a Great Dragon! It's mastery over Light and Darkness is a fell combination! This shadow creature is interesting in that it works like a Champion Boss dragon with a focus primarily on STR and END primarily, DEX secondarily, and finally LUK, with neat little tricks to keep traditional dragonslayers on their toes... Each turn, it will try to inflict Fear for 1 Turn with 10% chance of not acting*. Takes from STR or END, and is hard to resist**. Pits STR or END against player's STR.

    *The wyrm's miasmal presence heavies your heart!

    **You stand strong in the face of the wyrm's shadowy presence!

    Upon hitting the dragon: Monster defences(Melee, Ranged, and Magic) are increased by X for each successful hit* and decreased by X for each miss**. Cannot go below original values, capped at four times. If the monster has four defense buffs applied when you miss, it will lose one buff. If you successfully hit after that, it will rise to four again.

    *The dragon's incorporeal hide seems to part at your attacks!

    **The wyrm's presence grows more corporeal!

    Attack #1: SP Breath attack.
    Hits: 2
    Element(s): Darkness; Light
    Damage Type: Ranged
    Cost: Costs SP
    Rate: 100% if it has enough SP
    Effect: Each hit will attempt to inflict a status effect called Shadowburn*(*); hard to resist^(^). If both hits connect, it will apply a third Shadowburn effect that deals Harm damage***, also hard to resist^^^. All three use STR and DEX against player INT to inflict the status.

    Shadowburn(Darkness): Deals Darkness damage to player's MP. Lasts 3 turns.

    Shadowburn(Light): Deals Light damage to player's MP. Lasts 3 turns.

    Shadowburn(Harm): Deals Harm damage to player's MP. Lasts 3 turns.

    *The Darkness of its breath burns your very essence!

    **The Light eats away at your very essence!

    ***The shadows burn your very essence to a third degree!

    ^Your mind shrugs off the dark burn!

    ^^Your mind has resisted the Light!

    ^^^The shadows have no effect on your honed mind!

    Attack #2: Bite attack.
    Hits: 1
    Element(s): Light OR Darkness
    Rate: 100% if it doesn't have enough SP for Attack #1
    Effect: Tries to inflict Bleed effect*. Pits monster LUK against player's END; easy to resist**. Lasts for 3 turns; player will make a save roll at beginning of each one of their turns***.

    *The wrym's teeth leave you bleeding!

    **The wyrm's teeth don't seem to be very sharp...

    ***Your open wounds have stopped bleeding.

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    AQ Character Name: exorcist

    AQ Character ID: 25433828

    Reward Entry: Incapacitating Shadow

    Level: 130\115\90\70\45\20 (All are MC)

    Power Level: 130\115\90\70\45\20 (All are MC)

    Price: 299,000\220,000\100,000\30,000\10,000\6,000 (unsure)

    Sellback: 149,500\110,000\50,000\15,000\5,000\3,000 (unsure)

    Element: Neutral

    Activation: 0 turns (50sp unsure) (33sp upkeep unsure)... (For the level 130)

    -9\-8\-7\-6\-5\-4 bth to an enemy's attack

    -7\-7\-6\-5\-4\-3 dark and light defense


    A broken sword recovered from the shadow army. It has a surprising ability that reduces enemy bth.


    A broken sword that has a navy blue aura.

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    Character Name: Lord Of Pandemonium
    Character ID: 43152668

    Monster Entry: Elite Shadow Knight
    Monster description:One of Lord Barrius' Elite Guard sent to stop the Seekarat's plans and will destroy everything in its path.

    Special Features:This monster starts as a defensive monster having
    Elite Shadow Knight (Dormant Form)
    Level: 130
    EXP: 9,020
    Gold: 7,050
    Element: Darkness
    And a HP having {(PlayerLvL*20)+1500}
    Attack ranges from 20~30 because it is defensive

    Melee: 65
    Ranged: 55
    Magic: 65

    Strength: 100
    Dexterity: 150
    Intellect: 100
    Endurance: 200
    Charisma: 0
    Luck: 150

    Fire: 43%
    Water: 43%
    Wind: 43%
    Ice: 43%
    Earth: 43%
    Energy: 43%
    Light: 87%
    Darkness: 22%

    Attack 1: Uses its Shield to bash the Opponent with a 50% chance to stun.

    ~When its HP is about 1/5 he transforms into its Destroyer From, it abandon its defensive nature throwing its shield and drawing its shadow sword.

    Elite Shadow Knight (Destroyer Form)
    Level: 130
    EXP: 9,020
    Gold: 7,050
    Element: Darkness
    If its HP is 1/5 of {(PlayerLvL*20)+1500}
    Attack ranges from 70~100+ because of Destroyer Form
    Melee: 20
    Ranged: 20
    Magic: 20

    Strength: 200
    Dexterity: 200
    Intellect: 200
    Endurance: 0
    Charisma: 0
    Luck: 200

    Fire: 120%
    Water: 110%
    Wind: 120%
    Ice: 110%
    Earth: 120%
    Energy: 110%
    Light: 200%
    Darkness: 90%

    Attack 1: It charges you and swings its sword causing a ripple from the background.

    Attack 2:(Fear) It Points its sword to you and hits you with a shadow energy blast having a 40% chance to do Fear.

    Dormant Form: A large Shadow Knight which has a black cape with a huge shield that has the shadow emblem.
    When HP reaches 1/5 it will say:
    *Prepare to see the full power of the shadow!*
    Destroyer Form: same as above but is draws its sword and its cape becomes wings.

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    Here goes.

    AQ character name: sephiroth
    AQ character ID: 28069110

    Monster Entry: Shadow Chameleon? (Name subject to change if i can come up with something better, but this will do for now)

    Description: This creature blends perfectly into the shadows, becoming virtually invisible. In the abscense of shadows to hide in it is capable of projecting an aura of shadows around itself, making it appear as little more than a cloud of shadows and a pair of eyes, this also makes it very hard to hit because only a small part of the area covered in shadows is actually occupied by the creature, and since it blends in so perfectly you are basically swinging blindly with no idea where it is, naturally, facing one during nighttime would be a nightmare.

    If somehow, one were to catch the creature outside of the concealing shadows one would find that it's true appearance is that of some sort of dragon, covered in shadows, although it is rather small for a dragon, only slightly larger than a fully grown human, specializing in stealth rather than brute force, it's basically a dragon assassin. It's...less bulky than a normal dragon, more sleek...and prone to killing you before you even realize it's there.


    Melee: 89
    Ranged: 79
    Magic: 84

    Very high defenses, by virtue of you not being able to see where it is and it being able to move incredibly fast.

    Lower than average HP, not quite as sturdy as a normal dragon would be since it specializes in speed, stealth and mobility.

    High BTH, this thing's attacks are very precise and accurate, good luck trying to dodge.

    High damage, attacks with light and darkness, depending on which is higher (Limited element seeking)


    Fire: 20%
    Water: 50%
    Wind 90%
    Ice: 50%
    Earth: 130%
    Energy: 100%
    Light: 20%
    Darkness: 20%

    Level 135:

    Strenght: 75
    Dexterity: 200
    Intellect: 200
    Endurance: 0
    Charisma: 0
    Luck: 200

    Very clever, very fast and agile, but pretty frail for a dragon.

    Special ability 1: SP skill, it blasts you with a huge fireball for massive damage, this also happens to give it a third element to attack with.

    Special ability 2: Healing spell, if the Shadow Blenders HP falls below 50% it will use a healing spell to heal itself as long as it has MP.

    Special ability 3: Go for the eyes, causes blindness, -10 BTH for 3 rounds.

    AI: As mentioned it will heal itself when it's HP falls below half. In addition it will also deliberately wait with unleashing it's devastating SP fire attack until you switch into something with poor fire resistance. Simply put, use equipment with good fire resistance (Which likely means leaving your other resistances vulnerable), it will save it's SP and continue hitting you with it's regular light and darkness attacks until you switch to defend against those, at which point your fire resistance will likely suffer, which is when it unleashes the fireball for massive damage.
    In short, it won't use it's fire attack if your fire resistance is below 50%. Instead opting to save it and then blast you to itty bitty pieces the moment you start focusing on your light and darkness resistances instead.
    The blinding attack is used every second round, unless the effect is already active, in which case it continues attacking normally until the effect wears off.
    When the criteria for both the fire and the blinding attacks are met, the fire attack takes priority.
    Clever beast...

    Triggers: Shadow, Dragon.

    Nasty enough for you?
    Also, see if you can figure out the reference.

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    AQ DF  Post #: 16
    11/7/2011 9:41:44   

    AQ Character Name: scars
    AQ Character ID: 29276257

    monster entry: shadow behemoth UPDATED! AGAIN!

    the monster would be pretty big, and would only be a shadow.
    it will have many eyes and different faces and body parts of other monsters (like a claw of a dragon, a head of a zard or a foot of a steppe mastodon)
    the attacks are randomly light or darkness.

    level: 120
    exp: 8,000
    gold: 3,000

    melee: 40
    ranged: 40
    magic: 40

    Strenght: 200
    Dexterity: 200
    Intellect: 0
    Endurance: 200
    Charisma: 0
    Luck: 75

    Fire: 40%
    Water: 50%
    Wind 120%
    Ice: 50%
    Earth: 30%
    Energy: 100%
    Light: 30%
    Darkness: 30%

    it attacks with all different kind of limbs and will most likely be multiple hits, they will be melee


    When he gets below a certain amount of hp he splits up into a pack of 3 different shadow monsters (a bit like the Hydra does), a dragon like, a lion like and some kind of insect like shadow. When in this state each shadow of the pack has a 2 hit attack and 2 shadows will attack each turn (for a total of 4 hits) with a 25% chance that all 3 will attack the same turn (for a total of 6 hits)
    the dragon will hit magic, the insect ranged and the lion melee

    the total damage per turn will be higher when this is in effect.

    sorry for my bad english

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    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 17
    11/7/2011 10:22:43   

    Character Name:Zekefreed
    Character ID:13752978

    monster entry: Quadriped Fugu

    It would basically be this with red shoes and hands with white gloves that have spiked knuckles,with black scales in tune with the shadow reference ;)

    It would have whatever the scaled stats are for monsters (standard or elite)
    and it would essentially be weak to light and energy (its a puffer fish).

    The first attack would be to spin really fast and tackle you (then go back to where it was) (two hits darkness)
    The second attack would be a punch, a kick, and then an upward spin tackle that works like a buzzsaw (two hits water, 1 hit darkness)

    Both of the attacks have a chance to poison the player

    That's pretty much it from me :D

    EDIT: Forgot the description-

    This deadly "river boar" put on its gloves to go mano-a-mano with those who are responsible for his shadow form and it KNOWS how to shadow box. Zekefreed was the first to charge into battle against this poisonous shadow.

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    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 18
    11/7/2011 11:49:36   

    Character Name: Inficius

    Character ID: 47822245

    Conflicted Claymore of Shadows

    Level: 135G Mastercraft
    Powerlevel: 138 MC
    Price: 1,250,000 Gold
    Sellback: 625, 000 Gold

    This powerful weapon, once wielded by the great Paladin Chiaro Scuro, was corrupted by a powerful Darkness spirit which now lurks within the blade, locked in eternal confict with the Light spirit the blade originally hosted. Although the cursed blade is now wild and unpredictable, the two spirits are still capable of using their mastery over both sides of Shadow to annihilate your foe while keeping you alive.

    Element: Darkness
    Attack Type: Melee
    Damage: 10-50
    BTH: 17%
    Appearance: A long black claymore with silver runes, a laughing black skull with red eyes on the hilt and a glittering diamond with a moon motif on the pommel as well as a silver aura. When special #1 occurs, the blade is reversed, with a glittering silver blade contrasted to glowing black runes, a silver angelic figure with furled wings and closed eyes on the hilt and a pulsing black stone with a red sun motif on the pommel.

    SPECIAL #1
    Hits: 3
    Type: Magic
    Element: Darkness, Light, Light
    Damage: Hit 1: 300% Base and Random. Hits 2 and 3: 250% Base and Random
    Stats: No normal stats; 505.5% Lucky Strike damage
    BTH: +52
    Rate: 5%, raises to 35% when battling Darkness monsters or when player is below 30% health.
    Effect: You heal the amount of damage dealt by Hits 2 and 3, the blade shifts to Light Form.
    Appearance: The skull hilt laughs and the blade disappears, appearing again in the middle of the screen. It discharges a huge blast of darkness which covers the screen (hit 1), when the darkness clears the blade is in it's Light form. which blasts the enemy with a golden ray (Hit 2) that explodes on contact into a blast remniscent of a golden recolor of the BBQ spell. The blade, still in its Light form, then flies to your hand. When it reaches you a golden shower descends upon you, healing the amount of damage dealt by hits 2 and 3.


    While the Blade is in Light form, it deals about three quarters the ordinary damage, but heals the damage dealt approximately 2/3s of the time. The above special is disabled and replaced with Special 2.

    SPECIAL #2
    Hits: 2
    Type: Magic
    Element: Light, Darkness
    Damage: 450% base and random.
    Stats: No normal stats; 505% Lucky Strike damage
    BTH: +52
    Rate: 5%, raises to 35% when battling Light monsters or when player is above 70% health.
    Effect: You heal a quarter of the amount of damage dealt by Hit 1. Also the Blade transforms into its Darkness form
    Appearance: The angelic figure opens her eyes, revealing them to be blinding gold. The wings unfurl and the blade warps to the centre of the screen, unleashing a burst of golden light in all directions. When the light clears, the blade is once again in its darkness form. The skull then laughs and a silver bolt of lightning with a black aura strikes the foe. The blade then returns to you, still in its darkness form.


    The Endless Shadows
    Level: 150
    EXP: 12k
    Gold: 5k
    Element: ?
    HP: 2000
    MP: 2000

    Melee: 40
    Ranged: 40
    Magic: 40

    Every time the monster is hit, it's defence in that attack type increases by 4, but the other two defenses are both lowered by 1. The defenses cap at 70.

    Strength: 0
    Dexterity: 250
    Intellect: 250
    Endurance: 0
    Charisma: 0
    Luck: 250

    Fire: 90%
    Water: 90%
    Wind: 90%
    Ice: 90%
    Earth: 90%
    Energy: 90%
    Light: 100%
    Darkness: 100%

    Appearance: A figure cloaked in a black and silver robe, with shifting golden patterns etched across the hood and arms. The face is shrouded, but red eyes are clearly visible.

    Attacks: Raises a hand and unleashes a burst of dark energy, dealing three hits of magical Darkness damage. Each hit deals 100-350 Darkness Damage. Consumes 600MP

    When MP is consumed, unleashes a beam of light at you which dissolves into glowing bubbles on contact, dealing 100-150 Light Damage. The glowing bubbles fly into the monster, healing both HP and MP for the damage dealt by the attack.

    Description: This mighty creature was once an incredibly powerful Darkshifter who sought to increase his power even further. To achieve this goal he fused with the essence of a mighty Shadow Demon from the Other side, transforming him into a powerful being more Shadow than human-and when his control over the demon within is broken, woe betide those who stand in his way.

    When the monsters HP goes down to 0, a burst of energy shoots out of it and the robe collapses to the ground. The energy then reforms into a huge beast with the following words appearing: "The magical energy of the creature has been spent, sending it into a mindless frenzy! Armor is elementally unstable-exploit it for added damage! Magical powers negated! Forcefield created!

    The monster instantly sets up a Magic Shield (all damage taken harms mana rather than HP, dissipates when mana reaches 0) This consumes a turn.

    The Endless Shadows
    Level: 150
    EXP: 12k
    Gold: 5k
    Element: ?
    HP: 10k
    MP: 2500

    Melee: X
    Ranged: X
    Magic: X

    The defences are the same as they were at the end of the previous battle with the Endless Shadows. They no longer increase or decrease.

    Strength: 250
    Dexterity: 50
    Intellect: 0
    Endurance: 200
    Charisma: 0
    Luck: 250

    ELEMENTAL MODIFIER (every turn, a random element except for light and darkness goes up to 125%)
    Fire: 70%
    Water: 70%
    Wind: 70%
    Ice: 70%
    Earth: 70%
    Energy: 70%
    Light: 90%
    Darkness: 90%

    All damage taken by the creature is reduced by up to 50 per hit. The words "The beast shrugs off a portion of the attack!" appear.

    Appearance: A huge monster seemingly made of pure darkness, with burning red eyes and golden armor covering most of its body, Red and silver runes pulse all over the armor.


    1: The monster charges at you, dealing 100-200 Darkness melee damage. Inaccurate. 25% rate.

    2: The silver runes glow brightly and the monster turns into a glowing silver streak of energy that blasts across the screen several times, dealing 6 hits of 10-50 accurate light melee. 25% rate.

    3: The red runes glow brightly and the monster unleashes a red variant of the light drain move from the first form, with the same stats but darkness. 25% rate, only heals when monster has less than 2000HP.

    4: The monster roars and a crackle of energy ripples across the armor. Defenses all increase by one, elemental resists all decrease by one. 25% rate, caps at +10 MRM, -10 resists. After cap, the move heals him 1-600HP (meant to be random)

    Description: This mighty creature was once an incredibly powerful Darkshifter who sought to increase his power even further. To achieve this goal he fused with the essence of a mighty Shadow Demon from the Other side, transforming him into a powerful being more Shadow than human-and when his control over the demon within is broken, woe betide those who stand in his way.

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    DF  Post #: 19
    11/7/2011 12:06:54   

    Character Name: Failure
    Character ID: 35122458

    Monster: Norvak the Shadowmancer
    Monster description: Norvak is second in command to The Old One but, on his quest to gain new power and overthrow The Old One, his soul has been corrupted by a powerful unknown creature.
    Element: Dark

    Norvak the Shadowmancer
    Level: 90
    EXP: 4,500
    Gold: 1,850
    Element: Darkness
    HP: 2800
    MP: 1000

    Melee: 50
    Ranged: 45
    Magic: 60

    Strength: 0
    Dexterity: 200
    Intellect: 200
    Endurance: 100
    Charisma: 0
    Luck: 200

    Fire: 78%
    Water: 78%
    Wind: 78%
    Ice: 78%
    Earth: 78%
    Energy: 78%
    Light: 0%
    Darkness: 0%


    1. conjures a shadow flames in his hands and throws it at you, message: you have set set on ... shadow? (darkness) (magic) 40% chance to use this move, lean accurate, cost 100MP
    2. flies over to player and takes 2 swipes, message: HAHAHAHAHA! you cannot kill a shadow, foolish mortal. (one darkness one light) (melee) 40% chance to use this move, lean inaccurate, cost 0MP
    3. raises his hand over his head and summons 3 spikes of shadow (3 hits) message: Your mind pounds with Norvak's insane laugh. inflicts insanity (a DoT) (darkness) (ranged) 20% chance to use this move, lean accurate, Cost 400MP

    Effect: Each time he is hit he gains 10 INT, DEX, END and LUK and regains 100 mana

    Other notes:
    appearance: wears black robes and has black flames on his hands. face is blank and black

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    AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 20
    11/7/2011 12:27:47   

    X of the AQ Q&A/EC/BS

    AQ Character Name: dagon
    AQ Character ID: 5585666

    Entry Name: Proto-Shadow Soldier (monster)

    Level: 130
    Gold: XXXXX
    Element: Darkness/Light (switches)

    Melee: 55
    Ranged: 50
    Magic: 60

    Strength: 100
    Dexterity: 200
    Intellect: 0
    Endurance: 150
    Charisma: 200
    Luck: 0

    Fire: 70%
    Water: 70%
    Wind: 120%
    Ice: 70%
    Earth: 70%
    Energy: 70%
    Light: 35%
    Darkness: 35%

    Description: Converted against his will by artificial means this first generation Shadow Soldier is not only unstable but seems to has gained a unique ability.

    Attack #1: rate: 75%;type: melee; # of hits: 4; element: darkness/light(50/50); lean: inaccurate
    (description: 4 "unskilled" strikes with a short sword)

    Attack #2: rate: 25%; type: ranged; # of hits:1; element: earth; lean: highly accurate
    (description: 1 well placed "rifle" round)

    Skill: Name: Shadow Infection; cost:XXX; type: magic; # of hits: 4; element: harm

    If 3 of 4 hits connect monster attempts to force shadow transformation.
    Level: 130 vs PlayerLvl
    Major: MonsterCha vs PlayerCha
    Minor: MonsterLuk vs PlayerLuk
    (description: while "infected" all player dmg element is set to darkness/light (50/50). Player is also forced to do a normal att.; duration: 2 turns with a 15% rate of per turn of being "cured".)

    Physical description: a large "mutated" humanoid mass(more human then "mass"), fused with his equ.(sword, gun). That shifts in and out of "shadow"(meaning if would look like a shadow(black) then flash normal(thou still mutated)).

    Shadowkitten on a Stick (pet)

    Level: 135
    Price: XXXXX
    Sellback: XXXXX

    Element: darkness
    Training Difficulty: 134

    Rate at -66 CHA: 0%
    Rate at 200 CHA: 100%

    ATTACK 1
    Type: melee
    Element: darkness
    Rate: 50% (when attacking)

    ATTACK 2
    Hits: 1
    Type: melee
    Element: light
    BTH: inaccurate
    Rate: 50% (when attacking)

    Someone got tired of YewVhe talking so much and decided she would make a good weapon, so they tied her to a stick. But she was able to "talk her way out"...

    not much to say it's a kitten tied to a stick...you're welcome LB

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    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 21
    11/7/2011 13:24:08   
    Nex del Vida

    AQ Character Name: Nex del Vida
    AQ Character ID: 13622216

    Entry 1: Monster

    Possessed Umbramancer
    Level: 130
    XP: 10,000
    Gold: 3,300
    Element: Darkness

    Melee: 50
    Ranged: 60
    Magic: 75

    Strength: 0
    Dexterity: 200
    Intellect: 200
    Endurance: 0
    Charisma: 0
    Luck: 200

    Fire: 50%
    Water: ???%
    Wind: ???%
    Ice: 50%
    Earth: ???%
    Energy: ???%
    Light: ???%
    Darkness: ???%

    ATTACK 1: Shadowlens
    This is a spell, so it costs and damages accordingly. It inflicts the “Shadowlens” status for 5 turns*.

    Status: each turn, if the player fails a save roll, each hit the player inflicts that turn does either Light or Darkness damage, randomly selected. The save will use INT as its major and LUK as its minor, and the player will get +20 to save**.

    (This might not do any damage—I don’t know how much of a penalty the spell would get due to the status. If it does, it is two hits, one of Darkness and then one of Light.)

    *As you gaze through the Umbramancer's strange lens, the world takes on a shadowy tint!
    **You avert your eyes and fight on!

    ATTACK 2: Light
    This is a spell, so it costs and damages accordingly. Pure Light Magic damage.

    ATTACK 3: Darkness
    This is a spell, so it costs and damages accordingly. Pure Darkness Magic damage.

    ATTACK 4: Regenerate
    Regenerates HP and MP equally, no damage to player.

    Notes: He uses #1 if he has enough MP and if the player does not have the Shadowlens status.
    He chooses between #2 and #3 randomly each turn when he has enough MP and the player has the Shadowlens status.
    He uses #4 if he does not have enough MP to do whichever spell he would have done if he had been able to.

    -Each turn, he randomly chooses either Alignment 1 or Alignment 2. His elemental modifiers change accordingly.

    Alignment 1:
    Fire: 50%
    Water: 20%
    Wind: 80%
    Ice: 50%
    Earth: 20%
    Energy: 80%
    Light: 150%
    Darkness: -100%

    Alignment 2:
    Fire: 50%
    Water: 80%
    Wind: 20%
    Ice: 50%
    Earth: 80%
    Energy: 20%
    Light: -100%
    Darkness: 150%

    A powerful wizard who focused on training his mastery of Light and Darkness evenly, this magus became quite curious about the shadow realm, letting his shadow self exert a bit too much control over him. Beware his powerful and erratic magic!

    APPEARANCE: A pale-skinned man in a combination of the Lumenomancer's and Tenebromancer's Robes-- here's a Microsoft Paint-assisted image. His eyes burn with fire that shifts from black to white, akin to the Darkshifters'. He enters with the Wizard Robe's animation.
    For Shadowlens, he raises his weapon and a small lens, convex towards him, appears. It moves towards the player while growing larger until it is as tall as the caster. Then it flashes twice--once black, once white--and disappears. If it does damage, it hits on the flashes.
    For Light, he raises his weapon and an icon of the sun lowers from offscreen until it is just above his head. A powerful beam of light shoots from the sun to the player, dealing the damage.
    For Moondrain, he raises his weapon and an icon of the moon lowers from offscreen until it is just above his head. A powerful beam of darkness shoots from the moon to the player, dealing the damage.
    For Regenerate, he raises his weapon and regenerates--no special animation.
    His death is that of the Wizard Robes.

    The specifics can be negotiated--damage, resistances, modifiers, rewards, etc. The chaotic aspect is the important part.

    Entry 2: Weapon

    Weeping Willow
    Level: Tiers, MC
    Price: Tiers
    Sellback: Tiers
    Location: TBD

    Type: Magic
    Element: Earth
    Damage: Tiers (base-heavy)
    BTH: Tiers

    Special rate: 20%
    If the monster is tagged as “Shadow,” it will perform Special 1.
    If the monster has base element Light or Darkness but is not tagged as “Shadow,” it will perform Special 2. All player attacks and specials get some multiplier, because it’s only doing part of its damageless special and so should get some bonus.
    If the monster is neither Light nor Darkness nor tagged as Shadow, it will not perform a special, and all player attacks and specials will get *1.09 damage.
    MC bonus goes towards paying for the special. It might not cover everything.

    Special 1: Gives the player the “Shaded” status and the “Shielded” status, which each last a turn. No damage.
    Shaded: Reduces Light and Darkness damage by some %.
    Shielded: Increases MRM by some value.

    Special 2: Gives only the “Shielded” status.

    The mighty weeping willow offers protection from the sun and moon to those who take refuge in its shade. Now you can fend off the shadows with one of its boughs, which retains some of the shielding abilities of the original.

    A brown staff, obviously hewn from a tree. Two-thirds of the way up its length it splits into three thinner portions that intertwine until, at the top, each of these splits thrice again. The nine very thin ends trail downwards, like the tree for which the staff is named.

    Special 1 appearance: The nine ends lift into the air, then split several times more. The mass of branches knit together into a screen in front of the player.
    Special 2 appearance: The same, but the screen is not as thick.

    The purpose of this weapon is that it's a pacifist's tool. It never deals special damage, instead increasing player defense. The Special 2 effect (*1.09/X) is there because it's only doing part of its special.

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    AQ  Post #: 22
    11/7/2011 13:39:11   
      San Robin

    Character name : San Robin
    Character ID: 25663143
    the brainiac <- Click for picture
    These brains once belonged to people with a very Dark mind...
    after the person person died the brain left on his own and grew bigger and stronger from dark thoughts.
    Their favorite food? ZOOOOOOMBIIIIIIIES! (But they do love a herosnack if they encounter one)

    < Message edited by San Robin -- 11/7/2011 13:40:58 >
    AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 23
    11/7/2011 13:53:07   

    AQ Character Name: Spectrus
    Character ID: 48301551

    Entry Name: Yog-Shadoth (monster)

    Appearance: Like this with shadows contained within the tenacles (you can see the black areas in them). The red spots are the eyes; they're suppose to glow. He's like Entromorph in that he takes up most of the screen. His idle animation is his tentacles just flailing about. Entrance animation has him materializing out of nothing. Death animation has him collasping onto the ground into a lump of blue-ish goo.

    Level: 136 (Elite Boss)
    XP: ???
    Gold: ???
    Element: Water
    HP: 3500
    MP: 5000

    Combat Defenses
    Melee: 45
    Ranged: 30
    Magic: 30

    STR: 200
    DEX: 0
    INT: 200
    END: 100
    CHA: 0
    LUK: 180

    Element Modifiers
    Fire 100%
    Water -200%
    Wind 80%
    Ice 50%
    Earth 70%
    Energy 180%
    Light 0%
    Darknes 0%

    Description: Having conquered his shadow self; this abomination of nature has gained powers beyond understanding.

    Special Effects

    • Immune to spells and skills treated as spells.
    • Otherworldly Prescence: Simply being around this monster hurts your mind (you take -50 to INT)! There is no avoiding this.


    • Attack 1: Hits you with his bulky tentacles (the ones his eyes are on). 5 hits of water damage, melee. Heals MP based on damage dealt on last hit. 50% chance (100% chance if out of MP).
    • Attack 2: Nukes you with shadow power; looks like a shadowy version of Solar Flare. 8 hits darkness, light, darkness, light, darkness, light, darkness, light. Magic. Costs him 492 MP. 50% Chance.

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    AQ AQW  Post #: 24
    11/7/2011 13:54:54   
    Lord Areswe

    Character Name:Count Cordial TwinkeyBug
    Character ID:19219616
    monster entry:Shadowed Exultor

    The monsters appearance is that of a hooded figure with two bi-chromatic blades akin to algern's blade and the luminous blade placed on its back.
    It's head barely visible in the depths of the hood that it wears as a human face surrounded by seething shadows.
    The monster also wears a robe with black cloth and white trimming it also parts near the ground to reveal greaves of white and black.
    Its hands are normally hidden in voluminous sleeves but when attacking are shown to be covered in white gauntlets with black edges

    Attack no.1 The monster reaches behind its head with both hands to pull out the aforementioned blades and wielding them elegantly proceeds to hack and slice at the player the black blade doing darkness melee and the white one light magic.

    Attack no.2 The monster raises its hands positioning them over one another and a helix of white and black energy leaps from it's hands covering the screen and dealing light and darkness damage the helix then fades returns to the monsters hands and slowly dissapears.

    the defences and resistences are as follows for a high level Shadowed Exultor

    Melee 64
    Ranged 56
    Magic 64

    Fire: 50%
    Ice: 50%

    when hit by a darkness attack the monster does 1x1.1 its normal damage* the following turn "the exultor sharpens its blade with the power of darkness!"
    when hit by a light attack it obtains a regeneration status "the exultor heals its injuries with the power of light!"

    Description:This being is the result of a soul from the the world of lore fused with one of the realm of shadow.
    The result is a being beyond the power of either!
    *the monsters attack not the players

    edit:changed attack no.2 so as to be less complicated

    Reward Entry:
    Shadow of doubt

    Gray armor with darkness flickering around the edges is this armors promonent appearence with long sleeves hanging just beyond the fingertips
    A shimmering veil covers the face of the character granting no ideas as to the visage within while a black cape billows outward from the shoulders

    Combat Defence


    Elemental Defence

    Fire: 76%
    Light: 58%
    Darkness: 58%

    Attack 1
    Type:As Weapon
    Element:As Weapon
    Damage:520% Base, Random and 1032% Stats
    BTH: +19 plus Stats each
    Rate 50%

    Attack 2
    Type:As Weapon
    Element:As Weapon
    Damage:395% Base, Random and 780% Stats each
    Rate 50%
    BTH +19 plus stats each

    Armor Skill:Invoke Doubt
    Type:Melee,Magic As Weapon
    Element:Darkness Light As Weapon
    Damage:395% Base, Random and 780% Stats each
    BTH +19 plus stats each
    Cost 380 SP
    effect:Attempts to inflict Doubt rising 10% chance of not acting and this effect increases by 10% every turn for the next 4 turns capping at 40%

    Level:135 vs MonsterLvl
    Major: YourCHA vs MonsterINT
    Minor: YourLUK vs MonsterLUK
    The monster gets +10 to its save and Light,Darkness and "shadow" type monsters are immune to this effect

    Player pulls back veil to expose the monsters face instead of the players
    they then proceed to fire of energy rays from their mouth blasting the monster and then slowly lowers the veil back over their face

    Description:Upon seeing this armor your enemy may begin to doubt their own motives...
    edit no.2 fixed typos and added the saving rolls for the effect.

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