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RE: =AQ= "The Looming Shadows!" Contest (judged, winners in first post!)

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11/18/2011 9:05:23   

AQ Character Name: King

AQ Character ID: 8535437

Entry Name: Shadow Crocodile (monster)
Description: This crocodile is not a ordinary crocodile that lived in a river but instead a one that live in poison river ready to drain your life away.
Look: a normal crocodile with the shading of grey instead of green.

Attack 1: Triple bite (when special effect 1 is not in use).
Deal Dark, Wind, Earth damage (all melee type in that order), if the Dark attack bite you, there is a X% (plus X% for every addition bite on that round) for special effect 1 being applied.
Special effect 1: mp will be drain away (dealing dark burn damage to player) and is transfer to crocodile's mp (1 mp/hp: 1 mp) at end of foe attack for next 5 rounds. If there is not enough mp to cover the damage, the mp will become zero and the remaining damage is transfer to player hp at ratio of (1mp: 2hp).

Attack 2: Critical bite (when special effect 1 is in use but speical effect 2 not is not in use).
Deal Dark melee attack, if this attack connect there is Y% of special effect 2 being applied.
Special effect 2: For next 4 turns there is 25% of not acting (similar to afraid status). But when you don't act in that turn, you lose dark burn damage (hp) that round as well and this amount is transfered to shadow crocodile's hp (1mp: 1hp) instead.

Attack 3: Triple tail attack (when both special effects are in use)
Deal 3 ranged attacks (Dark, Wind, Earth) with a 50% (when there is enough mp) to repeat attack 3 (mp must be paid).
[A] If attack 3 is repeated provided there still mp left, there a 50% to do one further rouund of attack 3 (mp must be paid), if so repeat [A].
If at any moment that attack 3 end, the normal special effects will take place.

Special effect 3: At the start of player's turn there is chance there is 25% of taking -25 LUCK and- 25 CHA (you are a fearful to shadow crocodile) for that round (even when you don't act) only.

Attack 1 motion: Crocodile creep to player and make 3 small bites at the player body.
Attack 2 motion: As attack 1 motion but make 1 huge bite at the player body.
Attack 3 motion: The crocodile tail is pointing to player after adjustment of crocodile and swing at the player 3 times (can be repeated if need).

Damage: attack 1, each hit deal 100% damage; attack 2, each hit deal 300% damage; attack 3; each hit deal 200% damage.
100% damage is 50 to 250 + stats damage. All hits have 32% bonus to hit plus stats.

Level 135 with reward of 7000 xp and 7000 gold, combat defence is 65, 60, 55 (melee, range and magic). Stats= DEX and STR: 200, END: 100, LUCK: 75, INT: 100, CHA: 0. Element modifiation= Light: 100%, Dark: 50%, Earth/Wind: 60%, Other elements: 75%.

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11/19/2011 2:35:53   

AQ Character Name: Corvidae
AQ Character ID: 46180154
Monster Entry Name: Shadow Weaver
Details about your entry:
Sketch: http://i1232.photobucket.com/albums/ff371/aqaves/151.jpg
alternate link: http://pic.twitter.com/7BhJzSAV
Notes: The creature within this exoskeleton consists of a very shadowy substance, and its animation would reflect that. In contrast, its exoskeleton is a bright, bone-white (the substance is capable of both diffusing and storing light energy, so as to also give it better control over the element). The shadow weaver's actual body is visible through the many openings in its woven carapace, and tentacle-like extensions will snake through some of these gaps. It has designed a protective exoskeleton with the purpose of creating a structure that will cast itself in constant shadow. It uses this uniquely woven construction to maximize the amount of shadows that its body is exposed to, and additionally is able to weave these shadows into its body to increase its offensive energy (hence its name).

Only someone with a particularly large intelligence would be able to summon a Shadow Weaver. It has a vicious disposition, and its motivation to cooperate would likely be the promise of fighting (as a means to increase its own power).

This strange being has been summoned from another realm for malicious purposes. Its exoskeleton's unique composition increases its ability to manipulate and store light energy, and its woven structure ensures that shadows are constantly cast on the hungry creature within. Watch how you move, as your shadows will be absorbed during a careless attack.

1. Shadow weaver walks up to you for a slashing attack with its tentacle-hands (darkness element)
2. Its mouth blasts out a stream of shadow at you (darkness element). Higher damage, consumes mp, and attempt to blind the player with these inky shadows (note that this effect is synergistic with its abilities, which relate to its ability to dodge attacks).
3. The tentacles of its arm are fully retracted. It proceeds to slash you using the spikes on the end of its arms (light element).
(The rationale behind its ability to deal light is its exoskeleton's unique ability to both diffuse and store light energy, as previously explained in its description).

Shadow weaver gets a small damage boost after the player's turn if any of the hits failed to make contact. ("The shadows cast during your missed attack raise Shadow Weaver's power!")
If a fire attack misses, then Shadow Weaver gets a large damage boost. ("The shadows of your missed flames greatly raise Shadow Weaver's power!")
A large damage boost also results from a missed light attack. ("The shadow of your missed light attack greatly raise Shadow Weaver's power!")

Suggested resistances, defenses and stats:
Shadow weaver should have high defenses, dexterity and luck so that it can take advantage of its abilities.
Good resistance against darkness and light (the usual 50% for shadow monsters).
Fire is its weakest resistance, although the Shadow Weaver gains a larger offensive boost when fire attacks miss. The rationale for this is that flames (like light) will result in stronger shadows for the Shadow Weaver to feed on.

Suggested tier names (from lowest to highest): Hungry, Voracious, Insatiable, Eldritch. The last one is to pay homage ;)

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11/20/2011 11:48:43   
Tristar Nexus

AQ Character Name: Mirari
AQ Character ID: 53081820

Monster Entry Name: Shadow Parasite

There are several creatures in game that are resistant to low damage. This requires single high damage hits to deal any damage to them at all. The idea here is to make a boss that requires you to use low damage strikes as a single high damage strike would deal massive damage to you. The idea is to use a parasite to make this sort of bond is feasible. Any massive bursts of pain or damage to the parasite would in turn take a toll on your health due to the parasite being so closely attached to you - especially when you consider it's magical nature.

Appearance: This is a full screen monster. The battle starts with a small black sphere (with small tendrils) rising out of a skeleton lying on the floor. The small black sphere then grows to three times it's size and gets the burning shadow effect (on the orb only) associated with shadow monsters. Tendrils then spread from the orb in various directions off the screen - the idea here being that the parasite has grown powerful enough that it starts leaching off everything in a large area instead of a single host. While tendrils go all over the place at least one tendril goes past the character behind him and two in front of him. The tendrils in front on the character are the only ones that really need to move. When the parasite is "killed" it's tendrils dissapear and it shrinks back to it's original size while lowering itself back into the skeleton. The idea here being to show that the host supported the parasite but at some point the parasite became to powerful and the host, unable to support it, was consumed - plus the parasite will probably be looking for a new host to regain its strength.

Flavor text:
Sometimes Hosts lose control to the shadow creatures they let possess them. This shadow creature takes a more direct approach.

The Shadow parasite has no melee, magic or ranged dodge but its first attack is extremely accurate. It also has high health, about 1600 at level 90. 100% resistances for all elements except light and darkness which are 50. It always has the first attack.

(All attacks use the same animation: the two tendrils in front of the player vibrate and glow for a short moment)

Attack one:
Shadow parasite uses this until it hits and not again. It inflicts a status effect on both the player and the parasite which lasts till the end of battle. The player gains a debuff which reflects all healing done to it, above a certain amount, onto the parasite. For level 90 the effect is set to 110 health, this means that any effect that heals the player for more then 110 in a single hit will also heal the parasite for the surplus (ie a single hit heal which heals you for 180 health with heal the parasite for (180 - 110) health). This applies to individual hits so if you get healed for 4 hits of 50 health each you will not reflect anything back onto the parasite. This means that most regen, non-single hit heals, weak weapon heals and single potions will not overly detriment you. The stat effect applied to the parasite reflects all damage done above 90 damage (at level 90) in singular attacks back at the player. This means that doing a single hit of 280 damage will deal 280 damage to the parasite but you will get a backlash of (280-100) damage. Hitting the monster for 4 hits of 50 damage will not incure a backlash despite being above 100 damage as it is not done in a single hit. Besides for the two status effects the attack does pathetically small damage. This attack is repeted until it misses although it should not miss.

Attack two:
This attack attempts to put a status effect on the player. If the hit connects the player gains a status effect which lasts until the end of the battle. The effect gives a percent chance for the player to become charmed every round. The chance to become charmed each round from this effect is always equal to the( [parasites int]*0.2 + 15)%. Could replace int with cha. Like the first attack this one does pathetically small damage but will keep happening until it hits and applies it's status effect.

Attack three:
Believe it or not this attack also does pathetic damage. This is the attack the parasite will use once the first two attacks have applied their effect. The attack will deal about 20 damage to health and magic and will heal the parasite for 20 health each time. More importantly whenever the attack hits it will increase the parasites int (or cha) by 10, slowly increasing the chance for the player to be charmed each round from 15% up to 55%. This battle is more down the line of seeing if the player can kill the parasite before the player kills itself.


Weapon Entry Name: Shadow parasite

Concept: A bit of a pointless entry as the weapon doesn't make sense if it doesn't come straight after the monster. The idea is that the player takes the parasite with him after he defeats it despite seeing what it did the the last guy. This is reflected in the weapons description as well as its special effect.

Description: Seriously? You picked that thing up? Just make sure you feed it. Constantly...

Appearance: Forms into a sort of short sword. the handle area looks like a circle which has been deformed by someone holding it tightly in their hand (which you are). several miniscule tendrils come out of the handle section as well as a short blade out of its top and a really short blade out of its bottom. The top blade merges out of the top of the deformed circle and had a scimitarish look to the front of it while the back isn't completely formed. The bottom blade is really short and occasionally wiggles.

Element: Probably darkness.
Type: Melee or ranged. Hard to tell with otherworldly parasites.

Special: The blade has a counter which it set to zero every time the blade is equiped. Every time a normal attack hits the opponent the counter increases by 1 and every time you miss the enemy with a normal attack the counter decreases by 1. The counter has a max value of 2 and min of zero. When the special goes off a lumb of tendrils form around the characters hand while two tendrils will shoot out of the front of the weapon and strech to the other side of the screen. the tendrils will simply glow twice when they deal damage, this happens twice. Once the tendrils have glowed they dissapear and then the lump of tendrils around the players had hit the player for one unmissable shot of harm before dissapearing. If the counter was on 0 when the special goes off a message will appear saying "The unsated parasite feeds off you!" and you take harm damage. If the counter was 2 when the special goes off a message reads "The sated parasite fortifies you!" and you gain a some health and possibly a bit of mana. If the counter was on 1 when the special went off you have a 33% chance to trigger the 0 counter effect and message, a 33% chance to gain a bit of health (no mana) and get the 2 counter message and finally a 33% chance to neither lose nor gain any health with a message reading "The sated parasite remains complient...". As this special is painful if it goes off on the weapons first attack it's activation rate should probably be lower then usual.

For better or worse I have no skill with number balancing. So I'm not even going to try :)
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 53
11/20/2011 16:31:06   
Soulweaver Zard

Character Name: Chaotic Puppet Master
Character ID: 79949341
Monster: SeekZard
Element: Darkness

Description: It appears that Seekrat has sent out spies to hunt down his enemies. They seem to have been equipped with all the latest gear!

Appearance: It will have the same shape as a normal zard and the same size. It will have the same tattered robes like Seekrat and the same feet, but the robes are black. It will also have a visor covering its eyes. Most of its head will be hidden by the robes.

Entrance and Defeat animation: For the entrance I was thinking maybe he jumps into the scene and a hologram of seekrat is in his visor. The image fades and the battle than begins.
Defeat: For defeat the visor will grow bright red or yellow and explode. The zard will fall back like other zards do.

Attack 1: Its first attack will be a normal zard bite. Nothing too special about that. Normal Earth attack.

Attack 2: For its second attack it will be a beam coming out of its visor. Hits three times. The visor will spark for a second afterward. This will be an energy attack and will have a chance to petrify you.

Attack 3: This attack will consist of a blade coming out of the robes, possibly Algern's Blade, and the zard will throw it at you. It will be a darkness or earth attack and will either restore its health or poison you.



Infection Scepter
Level 55
Price: 12,000
Appearance: Infection Scepter

Description: This blade once belonged to a chaotic shadow knight. It seems to have a mind of its own, a twisted one though. It might try to control you!

Type: Melee
Element: Darkness

Type: Magic
Element: Darkness

Special 2*
Type: Magic
Element: Void

*Special 2 takes away 20hp.

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AQW Epic  Post #: 54
11/20/2011 18:07:17   

Character name: Assassin
Character ID: 6192949

Entry name: Shadow Gem

Appearance: a dark-purple gem.
-Use this gem to gather and cover yourself with the shadows around you, and amplify them.

Click the gem to get an armor (light and dark lean).
The armor looks like a black humanoid form, with a slight flame animation.
Shield is hidden, weapon visible. When you get hit, the shadows fade a bit for a second on the shoulder, and reveal some skin.

While in the armor, click the gem (costs sp, has a maximum) to scatter shadows around the place. The first time, it gives a counterattack when the player dodges the last hit of the monster. On the rest, it increases the player's defenses and increases the counterattacks power (with some sort of cap).

The counterattack animation is a shadow stretching from the player to the monster, then the player "dives" into the shadow, and comes out near the monster, instantly, stabbing it.
AQ DF  Post #: 55
11/21/2011 8:10:31   

Character Name: Lord Elfstone Draconis
Character ID: 60021


Monster Entry Name: Chad'Dhows (Shadow Dancer)

The SeekRat in his thirst for knowledge of the shadow realm attempts to call forth Dhows counterpart to see what will come forth in consideration of Dhows origins. The SeekRat fails due to the unique nature of Dhows origins and instead taps into the primal ancient forces that date back to when the first fire cast its many dancing shadows upon the universe. The first and strongest to appear named itself Chad'Dhows partly in mockery and recognition of the form it was given shape to, Chad'Dhows then proceeds to summon more of its kind (shadow dancers) as well as other shadows and then proceeds to turn upon the SeekRat whom sees his attempt at shedding light upon the subject succeed only in shedding a conflagration upon lore itself, the SeekRat is last seen fleeing the vicinity with his whiskers singed and the tip of his tail aflame. Shadow dancers are beings of fire, light and darkness, they are covered in scintillating patchwork of shadows, flames and light that play about constantly that blind, fascinate, hypnotize, daze and disorientate. They are hard to hit due to their visage, lack in areas of endurance due to their volatile nature and hit hard due to their command of shadows.

Stated as a lucky beastmaster mage

Looks like Dhows only the cloak has scintillating hypnotic pattern of fire, light and darkness covering it, the face portion as with Dhows is black except for dark glowing purple eyes.

When Chad'Dhows first enters the battle it will flare blindingly bright causing a dark pool of shadows to form under you it will then use its sp to attempt to take control of your shadow (you get a negative penalty to the save).... Getting a hit in after the monster attempts to control your shadow, or the monster running out of sp will disrupt its concentration and it will no longer be able to attempt to control your shadow for the remainder of the battle, if you fail the save, the pool of shadows disappears and a distorted flickering dancing humanoid shape (distorted and flickering due to nature of dancing lights of the shadow dancer) will appear in the guest slot of the Shadow Dancer and attacks the enemy by doing 3 hits of darkness damage the animation being it disappears and a black bolt of lighting strikes the enemy from the sky (the 1st hit) forming a pool of shadows at the players feet in which then erupt upwards in brief flare (the 2nd hit) before exploding (the third hit) and reforming next to its summoners side, the guest takes an mp upkeep and the flickering shadow will disappear once the mp runs out.

The Shadow Dancer has a 80% chance of doing a 3 hit attack that fires random bolts of darkness, light or fire in any random combination at you, it has a 20% chance of an attack that deals double damage that summons forth a round vortex that absorbs light, fire and darkness that then explodes dealing harm damage to its enemy and a small backlash damage to the shadow dancer for absorbing its essence.

The Shadow dancers cloak has a mind of its own and can be treated like a pet, every round it flares (a lesser non blinding flare unlike the first time Chad'Dhows enters the battle) in an attempt to attempt to do one of these things daze, blind and burn with a small chance of inflicting control due to its hypnotic nature the animation for control status is the cloaks many colors flare brightly and dance about in a hypnotic pattern. If its foe is already under the affects of a status condition and should the cloak attempt to reapply the same status again, instead of reapplying that condition the cloak will impart some its strength to aiding its wearer giving it the regeneration status.



Monster Entry Name: The Dark

It is said that it is stupid to fear the dark, like all sayings this one has been misconstrued and garbled over time the true saying was fear the dark for it is stupid... The SeekRat in his search for understanding of the shadow realm attempted to summon forth the very essence of its darkness... What he got could not be controlled for it was easily enraged and could not comprehend anything to the point that it warped the very sense of reality around it which made things just as confusing for others around it than for itself.

Example for level 150 Mob

STR: 255
DEX: 0
INT: -110
END: 240
CHA: 0
LUK: 255

A pitch black oozing globe shaped molasses with ever shifting dark forms of confused and wailing faces fading in and out of its mass... When it attacks it expands turning the screen black with brief multiple flashes of dark purple scything from all around at the player.

Its normal attacks is it expands turning the screen black with brief multiple flashes of dark purple scything from all around at the player for 5 hits of damage.

The Dark suffers from stupidity and as such has only a 50% chance of acting each round, in turn it is able to defy and bend reality with its stupidity able to ignore and deflect a portion of damage against it simple because it cannot comprehend. There is also a 20% chance each around that the player will be affected by stupidity and be unable to act without the benefit of The Dark's damage reduction.

The Dark also is easily enraged and each round in which it is hit by any source of damage increases the chance that it will go berserk and lash out at the player dealing double damage with twice the chance of a lucky strike occurring. The animation for this attack is the same as its normal attack except instead of brief multiple flashes of dark purple scything from all around the player the screen shudders violently with powerful bolts of sinister dark purple lightning bolts striking all over the place dealing 5 hits. Amongst the background angry shadow outlines of faces can be seen fading in and out of the darkness...


Reward Entry Name: Summon Flickering Shadow

Level: 136

Summons a distorted flickering version of your own shadow self to fight for you similar to the ability of Chad'Dhows.

Attack Description: "attacks the enemy by doing 3 hits of darkness damage the animation being it disappears and a black bolt of lighting strikes the enemy from the sky (the 1st hit) forming a pool of shadows at the players feet in which then erupt upwards in brief flare (the 2nd hit) before exploding (the third hit) and reforming next to its summoners side"


Reward Entry Name: Ethereal Scintillating Shadows

Level: 135 BM Pet

Freed from its former form as a cloak this dazzling array of lights, shadow and flame can be persuaded formlessly float around you and offer you some advantage in battle. Like its original form it will flare up and attempt to randomly blind, daze, burn your opponent, it also has a small chance of the floating lights to dance about brightly in a hypnotic pattern inflicting a control status due to its hypnotic nature. It will also attempt to regenerate some of your damage instead of overlapping the same conditions.

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11/21/2011 14:52:07   

name: dethhollow
Id: 18518940

monster name: shadow sand

apperance: a large blob of shadows. can throw hunks of itself at the player for ranged damage, or form a arm to deal melee damage. when damaged, flashes red. when defeted falls apart.

discription: several small shadow "bugs" that form into a single mass with one mind, making it verry diffacult to physicly harm.
(optional) dethhollow was the first to anger this "swarm."

effect: I'd imagine it with high melee/ranged defenses, and average magic defense. HOWEVER I also intend for it to have fairly high HP and fairly low damage, making it annoying for both warriors and mages. Basicly an all-around annoying but safe battle with below-average rewards

200 DEX
200 END
50 LUK

monster name: shadow adventurer

apperance: a shadow covered mage/ ranger/ warrior/ beastmaster. I'd imagine shadow mage would have robes and a staff, shadow ranger would have a spear or 100% weapon (the 100% option would probly be cooler) shadow warrior would have armor and a sword, and shadow beastmaster would have a dagger and another shadow monster as a pet.

discription: we may hunt monsters, but shadow monsters hunt YOU!!!
(optional) dethhollow was the first to level-up these creatures

effect: to be high-reward and low-xp diffacult monsters and to make things in the shadow war to come more "intresting."

stats: differ according to wether it's a mage/ warrior/ beastmaster/ ranger.
200 DEX
200 INT
30 CHA
25 LUK

55 STR
200 DEX
200 LUK

200 STR
200 END
55 LUK

beast master:
50 STR
50 DEX
50 END
200 CHA
105 LUK

reward entry
weapon: shadow guardian blade/ dagger/ staff/ spear

appearence: basicly a guardian-only weapon bought from the shadow-relm's guardian tower after the war. a black guardian-weapon with shadow energy coming off of it in such a way that it looks like the fire-allighned guardian weapon with larger black flames. has a small chance of summoning the shadow-guardian dragon.

discription: a guardian (weapon) bought from the shadow guardians. unlike OUR guardian (weapon) it is only trapped between darkness and light. (guardian only)

effect: works like a level-appropriate guardian dagger/ staff/ blade/ spear with a chance to summon a shadow guardian dragon (possably with alternative/ no quotes) but only switches between light and darkness. The shadow guardian dragon would also deal eather light or darkness damage, probly at a set value unlike our guardian dragon. MAYBE he could do 2 hits, one of light and one of darkness in the form of 2 shadow-fireballs.

armor: shadow guardian plate/ lethers/ robes

apperance: a shadow guardian (armor) much like our ordinary guardian (armor) except black with shadow stuff coming off of it. HOPEFULLY color custom, but I can't really see how it would be done.

discription: a guardian (armor) bought from the shadow guardians. unlike OUR guardian (armor) it is trapped between light and darkness at the cost of other defenses (guardian only)

effect: works like level-appropriate guardian armor but is allighned to light and darkness. If the staff decides on the shadow guardian weapon or armor, then please add the other shadow guardian equiptment. PLEASE TAKE BOTH AND I'LL ACCEPT ONLY THE 1 REWARD FOR IT. (it just seems fair to treat them as a set.)

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11/21/2011 19:53:05   

AQ Character Name: Leonard
AQ Character ID: 3529659

Reward Entry: Shadowdrinker

Appearance: > Sketch<

Weapon. Levels: 127, 107, 67, 135G, 45G. 60Z, 125Z

Type: Ranged
Element: Ice
Damage: Base-heavy
BTH: No lean.

Hits: 4
Type: Magic, Magic, Magic, Ranged
Element: Darkness, Darkness, Darkness, Light
-Appropriate bonus for Elements that are different from the Weapon's base one;
-For the first 3 hits: decreased for accuracy lean, together 1/3 of the total Speical damage;
-The last hit has no lean, does 2/3 of the total Special damage
Stats: Standard
BTH: For the first 3 hits: increased for accuracy lean; The last hit has no lean
Rate: 5%

Appearance: As the character holds up the Weapon, thin waves of golden light from the Monster's position (at this point the first 3 hits happen) form into one as they move towards the Shadowdrinker. The wave moves through the tunnel between the blades and fills up the round cavity. As that happens, a golden-yellow glow appears around the cavity as well as around the blades of the Weapon (including the back, spike-looking one). Then, the Weapon flies into the Monster, dealing the final blow of the Special as a small nova of Light erupts from the Weapon's head. All the Light from the Weapon disappears (it looks normal again) and it returns to the character's hand.

Hits: 4
Type: Magic, Magic, Magic, Ranged
Element: Light, Light, Light, Darkness
-Appropriate bonus for Elements that are different from the Weapon's base one;
-For the first 3 hits: decreased for accuracy lean, together 1/3 of the total Speical damage;
-The last hit has no lean, does 2/3 of the total Special damage
Stats: Standard
BTH: For the first 3 hits: increased for accuracy lean; The last hit has no lean
Rate: 5%

Appearance: As the character holds up the Weapon, thin dark waves from the Monster's position (at this point the first 3 hits happen) form into one as they move towards the Shadowdrinker. The wave moves through the tunnel between the blades and fills up the round cavity. As that happens, a black-blue glow appears around the cavity as well as around the blades of the Weapon (including the back, spike-looking one). Then, the Weapon flies into the Monster, dealing the final blow of the Special as a small nova of Darkness erupts from the Weapon's head. All the Darkness from the Weapon disappears (it looks normal again) and it returns to the character's hand.

An icy poleaxe enchanted with Shadow magic giving it the ability to drain Light or Darkness and use the Elements' power.

AQ Character Name: Leonard
AQ Character ID: 3529659

Monster Entry: Giant Shadow Chimera

Appearance: Looks like a Giant Chimera with the usual Shadow theme to it.

Stats: Similar to the original Monster. It attacks with a Melee Darkness attack. It has 2 SP Skills. The first is the standard Poison which it uses if the character isn't already affected by the Poison status of the same Power Level (or higher) and if it has enough SP. It deals Harm damage each round and lasts for 10 rounds. The second skill is Shadow Breath. Following the theme, the flames are black. The Chimera has a chance of using it or attacking if the character is Poisoned. The Shadow Breath does Ranged Light damage.

This shadow has taken on the appearance of a very large Chimera! It combines it's Shadow powers with a Chimera's magical properties, resulting in a creature of vast power.

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11/21/2011 22:31:45   
How We Roll Winner

AQ Name:Ace
AQ ID:59477000
Entry Name:Shadow Striker Set

ShadowStriker Monster

Stats: 200 strength
200 dexterity
100 Intellect

"A shadow wolf/fox hybrid with a unique taste. It likes to feast on Adventurers and it loves to swallow guardians whole."

Attack 1: A lunge-bite attack that does fire damage.
Attack 2: A jumping pounce that goes off screen causes damage over time

ShadowStriker armor
(This is part of the rewards set)

Special Attack: The ShadowStriker Armor's special built in attack goes as follows. The player rises into the air and hovers(similar to the concept of when the guardians with armor of awe do that 4 strike attack special) Both hands go out to the left and right sides of their body at a downward angle (think if you have your hands on your sides and you start to lift your arms upwards in that fashion) Black shadowy balls appear on both hands. The shadows cup in both hands and then are shot forward at the monster/enemy and depending on the level of the armor it can do a significant amount of fire damage.

The armor has highest resistance to fire, with a lower resistance towards wind. Water is the armors major weakness, so if a water enemy attacks, it has a higher percentage of damage.

ShadowStriker Shield/sword

The Shield has the following resistances: 45% against darkness, 67% against Light, 90% against water, 28% against fire, 50% against Earth, 45% against energy, 62% against wind.

The Sword base damage is as follows: For lvl 10-30: 15-30 damage For lvl 40-60: 19 to 55 damage for lvl 70-85:22 to 60 damage and it goes up from there.

The sword's special attack is as follows: The sword pulsates with a dark aura and fires off 3 medium sized fireballs that strike the enemy. The sword is Fire element.

There are also 2 z token armor/ sword shields at the following prices 300 z-tokens and 1400 z tokens.
AQW Epic  Post #: 59
11/21/2011 23:02:12   

AQ Apprentice & AQ GD/Sugg AK

Character Name: Animoc Alpha

Character ID: 40235281


Monster Entry: Caballus Latin for four hoofed animal.

Description: A horse and anglerfish hybrid of some sort, it must have the growth out of its head (The light bulb), as this will be it's main special feature.

Effects : If hit by a wind element (From Player/pet/guests etc.), its light bulb will go off. This will cause the monster to change and become heavily defensive being very hard to hit.
*You've left Caballus the dark!*
The change in appearance can be seen in "B" and "C" in the picture, whichever is easiest to achieve. In my opinion "C" would be better.


If Caballus in the dark, with his light off and hit by a light element, (or a significant hit from light) he will go back to how he was with normal defences and his light back on.
*You can see Caballus again! (Gulp!)*


Attack one: Stampedes over and tackles the player and runs back. (Caballus with his light off will only ever use this attack.)
Light on will do light damage.
Light off will do darkness damage.

Attack two (Sp skill) Light on:
If Caballus’ light is on and he has X amount of sp it will shine its light bulb doing high damage. There is a chance the player will become *Lured*.
*Lured converts the player's attack to seek out the monsters best resistance, even if negative. There will be a percentile chance of any hit landed being converted into this element (25-33% maybe?)
* Caballus’ has you trapped*.

If *Lured* isn't possible to implement, could the status *Dazed* be considered.


Caballus’ “Light on” form Element Resistance:
Fire: 70% <-Generic.
Water: 50% <-Water creature, so will be lower.
Wind: 130% <- Something so the player is lured into attacking with wind.
Ice: 70% <-Generic.
Earth: 70% <-Generic.
Energy: 70% <-Generic.
Light: -50% <-Shadow creature.
Darkness:-50% <- Shadow creature.

Caballus’ Light off form:
The same as when his light is on. While Caballus’ light is off the monster will receive a high defence boost. Since the player can opt to turn the light on or off it should be a fairly high penalty.

Summary : Both Caballus’ forms should be equally difficult, but the player can either:
Keep Caballus’ in the dark while facing high defences, slow and steadily beating him. Or can attack with his light on for a riskier strategy as to receive more damage and have a chance of healing him.


Reward Entry: Pet Flicker or Kindle
The eyes didn’t turn out how I’d have liked them too >_<

Description : This little candle will keep away those shadows!

Based purely on Flicker’s appearance, it wouldn’t take much char to control therefore a non beast master pet.

Attack one: Fires a few small fire balls dealing light damage.
Attack two: The flame will die out and a shadow creature will come out of the small puffs of smoke that rise.
Attack three: The candle will ignite again and send embers up in the air. This will heal the player a very small amount.

The candle will cycle through these three stages, rather than having a chance to do any.

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