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RE: =DF= Jan 18th DNs: The Anomaly...

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=DF= Jan 18th DNs: The Anomaly...

  51% (272)
  8% (46)
  16% (90)
  9% (50)
  13% (72)

Total Votes : 530

(last vote on : 3/17/2013 4:09:03)
(Poll will run till: -- )
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1/18/2012 19:34:49   

True enough. I should make it a very MP consuming skill.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 151
1/18/2012 19:36:46   

I like your skills mordred if they cost so much mana like KKA
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 152
1/18/2012 19:37:37   

why is planewalker not in the pol. i like that the most. i voted for wanderer as an alt name
DF  Post #: 153
1/18/2012 19:37:46   
Zork Knight

@Mordred: Now Warriors will have to train WIS... Eh, at least that'll make them wiser.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 154
1/18/2012 19:38:15   

Hint for the second reference. :P

Okay, Thinking with Portals now costs 599 MP. Should be enough to dissuade general use, especially in long quests where you use a LOT of MP.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 155
1/18/2012 19:39:10   
Acer DeVille

@Zanpakuto I start with 1500, the monster has 3000, I get down to 500, and they have 1000 so I "think with portals", now I have 1000 and they have 500. That works great for me.


DF MQ  Post #: 156
1/18/2012 19:42:21   

I voted planeshifter it really reminds me of MTG I 599 MP cost for a move O.o I mean I could use it 3 times but still thats a bit to pricey. Especially for a class that is warrior built. A problem I see with it is it would only be used for bosses not regular enemies seeing how they usually have up to 400 hp max most the time or much much less. It makes the move very situational

< Message edited by Slevin -- 1/18/2012 19:43:53 >
AQ DF  Post #: 157
1/18/2012 19:43:47   
Legendary AdventureGuide!

@Acer DeVille
That's how it's supposed to be used, but with the way it was specified, it would've gone like this: I start with 1500, the monster has 3000, I "think with portals", and now the monster has 1500, and I still have 1500, since you "switched health". That is the feature that makes it an overpowered skill

< Message edited by ZanpakuTô -- 1/18/2012 19:46:48 >
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 158
1/18/2012 19:45:48   

Hmmm, perhaps it should cost ALL MP. That way, you're left with only 10% MP to fight with(assuming one then uses Plane Siphon).
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 159
1/18/2012 19:46:50   

Since it's the Warrior class, I'd go with Riftwalker.
Riftdancer for Rogues and Riftshifter for Mages ..hihi..
Post #: 160
1/18/2012 19:48:41   
The fanciest of moustaches

Or it could have a chance to fail based upon how wide the gap between your HP and the monster's HP is - for example, if you have 1000 and your opponent has 10000, you have a 10% chance to get it to work or something. I just completely made those numbers up as I don't want to have to think about math right now but that could also balance it out. Or perhaps it could work based off of percentages of health, so if you have 50% and your opponent has 75%, you get to 75% health and the monster gets to 50%.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 161
1/18/2012 19:49:05   
Legendary AdventureGuide!

Yeah, that might be good. A "last resort" technique maybe. I'll make my own skillset, though, and see how it goes :3

:O I haven't seen Tero in a while. Then again, I haven't actively participated in a while either
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 162
1/18/2012 19:49:49   

Another way I could see this being broken for bosses is just let yourself just get beaten up and keep all defaults on so the boss has as much HP as possible that way when you use the move and he leaves you at like 100HP then you use the move, take everything, and throw equipment on just to beat him easily. You wouldnt have to use mana just keep spamming the attack button
AQ DF  Post #: 163
1/18/2012 19:49:53   

I wonder if this week's release will introduce the city in the Anomaly or add more to the war.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 164
1/18/2012 19:50:44   

I highly recommend making your own skillsets. Not only do they have the chance to get in-game, if Tomix likes them, but this was insanely fun for me, and this class just seems so fun to imagine! :3
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 165
1/18/2012 20:00:05   


I highly recommend making your own skillsets

>9% Riftdancer

D: It's such a pretty name, though. Even though it has like this much chance to win


It was enough just to vote for it.
DF MQ  Post #: 166
1/18/2012 20:23:03   

SWEET!!! This will be awesome!!!
DF  Post #: 167
1/18/2012 20:41:49   

@Starstruck: I'm not challenging anyone. :P Well, actually...

I challenge EVERYONE to go to the depths of their imagination to make skills for this class!
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 168
1/18/2012 20:44:25   

We make a rift where the enemy is standing and it completely gets rid of them. It costs half of your Hp and all of your Mp and has 5 cool down turns :3 Jk, crazy...crazy skill
DF  Post #: 169
1/18/2012 20:51:21   

can we have a description of all the classes that are up there I wanna choose by making up my mind of the criteria of each one. right now I am leaning towards riftshifter and riftwalker.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 170
1/18/2012 21:13:42   
Legendary AdventureGuide!


Riftwave: Deals 300% Weapon Damage and applies -75 Boost for 3 turns**
Animation: Player slashes the ground and creates a shockwave that spreads to the opponent's side
Cool Down: 3 Turns
MP cost: 102 MP.

A “Brift” Walk: 175% Weapon Damage with +100 to hit
Animation: The player enters a rift to close the distance between the enemy and the player, then hits them with the weapon
Cool Down: 2 turns
MP cost: 75 MP.

Chained: Deals 50% Damage to all enemies and applies a stun to one randomly chosen enemy. Any unstunned enemies, except a resisted stun from the chosen enemy, shall have a "Chain Burn" DoT applied to them, dealing 50% Weapon Damage for 3 turns
Animation: A rift opens up behind the player and the enem(ies), then the player unleashes chains into the player-side portal, through the monster-side portal, and around the enem(ies) (He/she still firmly grasps the chains)
Cool Down: 9 Turns
MP cost: 110 MP.

Riftwalk: Deal 150% damage with 100% crit. The player then heals 35% of their health
Animation: Player enters a rift, emerges behind enemy from another rift and slices down before returning through the rift.
Cool Down: 10 turns
MP cost: 130 MP.

Planar Rip: Deals 455% damage to the enemy, but the player receives 10% of the damage as recoil.
Animation: The player drops their current weapon, stepping back and dragging their arm behind them, crouching a little bit. Then, the player rushes forward, tearing up the ground they tread over, and strike their enemy, in the chest area of an average-height monster.
Cool Down: 1 turn
MP cost: 55 MP.

A Plane Higher:
* Deals 100% weapon damage as the attack. Then, if the player escapes damage in any way, then the player can deal an additional attack on the enemy on the spot (before their next attack) (if possible; I figured it might be possible since they did a similar thing with Chronomancer)
*Deals 150%, or 225% damage, and applies a 1 or 2-turn stun, respectively (only one hit) (if first option not possible)
Animation: The player jumps high into the air and then comes down and smashes their weapon on the opponent’s head
Cool Down: 5 turns
MP cost: 109 MP.

RiftDancer: Grants +255 Block, Parry, Dodge to the player for 3 turns
Animation: Player crouches, “aura” seeps out of him/her, then the player blows it away with a sweep of their blade
Cool Down: 7 turns
MP cost: 34 MP.

Standard Attack

Shadow Rift: Deals 200% weapon damage and applies -25 Boost for 1 turn**
Animation: The player slices a rift into the ground, falls in, then reappears behind the opponent and backstabs them.
Cool Down: 10 turns
MP cost: 0 MP.

Boomerift: Deals 255% Weapon Damage. No special effects
Animation: A rift appears behind the opponent. The player throws his or her weapon at the opponent into the rift. A second later, the rift coughs up the weapon for a second hit and back into the player’s hand
Cool Down: 10 turns
MP cost: 131 MP.

Poison Rift: Deals 150% Weapon Damage and applies a “Poison Rift” DoT, dealing 75% Weapon Damage for five turns
Animation: The player attacks the opponent, but a rift appears on the opponent’s physical body
Cool Down: 5 Turns
MP cost: 78 MP

Rage of the Rift:
*The player deals 100% Weapon Damage. For each .5% the player’s health is reduced, the player deals 1% extra damage for all attacks (upon using this technique, if possible).
*The player deals damage equal to the health they have lost. If the player started with 1000 health and only has 200 left, he will deal 800 Damage.
Animation: Flames of energy erupt around the player (not touching the player), then in a single instant, he/she is slightly past the opponent. The hit animation for the monster is shown a second after the player reappears.
Cool Down: 4 turns
MP cost: 173 MP.

Gluttony: 5 hits of 100% Weapon Damage each; Applies -50 Bonus and a “Terror” DoT to the opponent, doing 66.67% Weapon Damage each turn for five turns. The player has five chances to be hit for 25% weapon damage.
Animation: A rift opens up and consumes both the player and the opponent. As it is dark, both sides are hit as specified. Then, the rift lets them out and the fight continues
Cool Down: 10 turns
MP cost: 10% of total Mana.

Rift Blast: Deals 200% Weapon Damage and clears all status conditions that are affecting the player
Animation: A rift appears in front of the player’s chest and shoots a blast at the opponent.
Cool Down: 4 turns
MP cost: 0 MP.

Riftless: 4 hit of 95% Damage each, guaranteed critical. Each hit also has a +25 Bonus applied to it
Animation: The player rushes to the opponent and slashes him for one hit. Then, the player throws the opponent into the air, jumps up higher than the opponent is thrown, and slashes him twice for the second and third. Then, the player stabs the smashes the ground with his/her weapon, supposedly stabbing the monster for the fourth hit
Cool Down: 29 turns
MP cost: 200 MP.

Here's my suggested skillset. I'll answer questions later, because I have to go for a bit :3

< Message edited by ZanpakuTô -- 1/18/2012 21:57:02 >


AQ DF AQW  Post #: 171
1/18/2012 21:13:51   

I have to say, I voted for Riftwalker from the list above because it sounded the most awesome to me. Personally, I'd prefer not to be "dancing" around...and "planeshifter" reminds me entirely too much of Magic: The Gathering. Yes, that's good since the game is awesome, but I'd prefer to keep things well-separated. Just rather have them nonrelated, separate kinds of awesome.

And I'm in favor of different names for the different classes as well. "Riftwalker" seems like it'd be good for a mage, actually. I like the sounds of things like "RiftStalker" for the Rogue variant, and "RiftRender" or "RiftReaver" for Warrior. Something mystical for the Mage, something sinister or dark for the Rogue, and something violent for the Warrior.

Whatever the case, I think they should all three have a stealthy element to them...something that is derived from the disappearing into and out of spatial rifts.

Here are a few ideas for skills, just conceptually. Statistically, it's all yours to figure out.

--Some sort of move (probably warrior type) where you bring your weapon down hard in a classic "helm buster" type move at the ground in front of you, and at the apex of its arc you sink into a rift beneath you and come out above the opponent, completing the downward slash with heavy force. Could be a stun move, or if you wanted to make it a multi (or even a multi stun) you could have the player continue through another portal at the feet of the enemy and repeat the effect for each enemy...before fading into another portal to reappear at home position. Perhaps there could be two separate versions of the skill, one that's a multi and just does one swipe past each enemy...and one that's a single target stun that builds up momentum and speed by passing through a portal pair a couple times at home position before crashing down on the enemy.

--Throwing the weapon through an opened rift, the destination being positioned so the weapon flies out and hits the enemy before continuing along its path into another rift, coming out again from a different angle to hit again. Repeat it a few times from varying angles, to make it a 5 or 6 hit single-target skill, before it pops back up out of the floor at your feet and into your hand.

These are just a couple ideas. If requested, I could brainstorm on a few more. Lots of potential for a rift-themed class such as this. And btw, I'm hoping these ideas haven't been mentioned by someone else in some form or another...I read the first couple pages only before I jumped to the last one, and as such am unaware of anything posted on pages 3-6 lol. No intent to "steal" any other ideas.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 172
1/18/2012 21:18:26   


Chained: Deals 50% Damage to all enemies and applies a 3-turn stun to each (don’t want this to be EXACTLY like Doom Spikes)

That's more OP than Doom Spikes. Doom Spikes applies the stun based on some variables. If there are two enemies, and none of them resist or dodge, one will be stunned for two turns and the other only one turn. If there are three and none of them resist or dodge, all three will be stunned for one turn. If one of them dodges or resists, it acts like there's one less enemy, so if you miss one of the hits against two enemies, the one you hit is stunned for three turns. Yet this is a guaranteed 3 turn stun on all enemies, which is rather OP.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 173
1/18/2012 21:25:08   

*really hopes we can color customize it* If so, that will probably be my default class. XD
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 174
1/18/2012 21:26:34   

I put submitted a vote for Riftdancer. *shrug* We all gots our own opinions.

As for... him. Yes... meheh. This world will become his. It is inevitable!

As for the class... if it's another (slightly different) version of the base classes, I'd probably never use it... The sketch, although a bit blurry, does look rather pretty. My only complaint will be said if what I'm thinking is right.
DF AQW  Post #: 175
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