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=AQW= Monstrous Suggestions

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5/17/2012 3:01:31   
Silently watching...

This is the thread for contributing your monster ideas for AQWorlds. Please do NOT provide stats for your creation such as hp/mana/damage amounts. If you have artwork for your monster please ensure it's your own and you link to the picture instead of posting it directly into the thread.

Please don't make posts with feedback, support or other commentary, as they will be deleted; see the =AQW= Suggestions Forum Rules thread for more details.


Monster Name: Raccoon
Monster Type: Awesome
Environment found: Cafes, comfy chairs & kitchens
Description: Small, furry and adorable

Please use the following template when giving your ideas;

[b]Monster Name:[/b] 
[b]Monster Type:[/b] 
[b]Environment found:[/b]
Post #: 1
5/17/2012 19:22:19   
Demon 12_3

Nulgath minion
Location:Dage/Nulgath War
Environment Found: Nulgath's war side
Description: Nulgath's minion. Whaddaya think?
AQW  Post #: 2
5/17/2012 20:42:41   

Monster Name: Chaos Elemental
Location: Etherstorm in a new addition to the story where Desoloth was brought back and was enfused with chaos
Enviornment Found: One of the nomal monsters of the area
Description: It comes out of the ground, like a shadow imp, as a black ball and turns into a mixture of a water and earth elemental

Post #: 3
5/18/2012 8:56:41   
Lexis Beyond

Monster Name: Human Sanguine Souleater
Monster Type: Arachnid insect
Environment found: Doomwood
Description: This is like the Sanguine Souleater monster in Temple of Doomwood but humans were transformed into horrible monsters by Sepulchure as his new armies and prepare to be eaten by their BLOOD thirst.

This is the image link of my artwork http://twitpic.com/9junkg

< Message edited by Lexis Beyond -- 5/18/2012 8:58:31 >
AQW  Post #: 4
5/21/2012 14:46:54   
still watching you

Monster Name: Earth Offspring
Monster Type: (Young) Elemental
Environment found: Elemental planes of earth and nature, helping out other Earth Golems or Elementals. At the same time they can be found in canyons and forests, jungles, being very common in many places of Lore where nature needs a hand.
Description: As unlike the other elementals the Earth Elementals can self-regenerate they won't waste their time creating new elementals of their kin. Instead, whenever they find themselves in need, they imbue the earth around with their energy therefore creating young Earth Elemental to Golem hybrids. The Earth Offsprings have both the healing powers of nature and the incredible strength of the earth inside them.
Image: Earth Offspring [+basic standing animation]

Monster Name: Fire Juvenile
Monster Type: (Young) Elemental
Environment found: Elemental planes of fire, gathering places of the Fire Elementals and such.
Description: At anytime a forest is caught in a fire you can see shades moving between the flames. Those are the moments when the anger of the fire gives birth to new Fire Juveniles, sending them in their journey to become a full Fire Elemental.
Image: Fire Juvenile [+ basic standing animation]

Monster Name: Teen Wind
Monster Type: (Young) Elemental
Environment found: All kind of areas with high wind velocity.
Description: Whenever an adult Air Elemental is defeated, the wind velocity surrounding it will increase. If it happens near a hill, the forces will bring a new Air Elemental to life. Those newborns will try to find items to keep them together; at the time they become stable enough their form will rise up above a small tornado. As they get older they will store their armors inside their tornado being, armors which will be left if they will be defeated.
Image: Teen Wind [+ basic standing animation]

Monster Name: Water Youngling
Monster Type: (Young) Elemental
Environment found: Near ponds, lakes, seas. Water Younglings are often attracted to rain forests or waterfalls, even if they are not created there.
Description: When feeling old and weak, elder Water Elementals will dive in huge ponds or lakes at huge speed. Every drop of water that will hit the ground after the splash will keep part of the elder's Water Elemental memory and become a Water Youngling itself. Given that their memory and knowledge is shared so easily, water is now one of the most intelligent element, being able to cast spells of a greater difficulty than other elementals.
Image: Water Youngling [+ basic standing animation]
Post #: 5
5/21/2012 15:55:58   

DAT Platypus of AQW Q&A/GD/Sugg

Monster Name: Zombie Suited Bunny
Monster Type: Zombie Bunny
Environment found: Random
Description: Small, deadly and DEADLY!

Monster Name: Fallen Valentine Bear
Monster Type: Undead Teddy
Environment found: Valentine's Event
Description: Huge, crazy pudrid and love stealer!

Monster Name: Chaotic Archangel
Monster Type: Fallen Angel
Environment found: Any Chaos-related release
Description: A Archangel which got chaorrupted by chaos in order to increase your own powers.

Monster Name: Dino-Shaped Dragon
Monster Type: Crawling Dragon
Environment found: Random
Description: A armored dino-shaped dragon with a no heart expressions

Monster Name: Necromancer
Monster Type: Unknown
Environment found: Undead locations
Description: A skilled necromancer full with rage

Monster Name: Dragonic Fury
Monster Type: Dragon
Environment found: Any dragon-related release
Description: A skilled dragon with sharp-shaped daggers

Monster Name: Brair
Monster Type: Witch
Environment found: Any Halloween-themed related
Description: Witch Apprentice

Monster Name: Mech-iathan-ie
Monster Type: Genie Leviathan
Environment found: Any water realm or any Myth-themed release
Description: Witch Apprentice

Monster Name: Crawling D.
Monster Type: Dragon
Environment found: Any dragon-related release
Description: Witch Apprentice

Monster Name: Undead Platypus
Monster Type: Hybrid
Environment found: Volcano
Description: A dragon-like mech platypus with a cute poisonous claw

Monster Name: Giga-Tech Slug
Monster Type: Snail-shaped Slug
Environment found: Random
Description: An iron slug with titanium drill that can penetrate anything.

Monster Name: Magmadon
Monster Type: Snail-shaped Slug
Environment found: Volcano
Description: A slug with corrosive and burning skin. King of burning lands

Monster Name: Undead Penguin
Monster Type: Penguim
Environment found: Any Undead-related release
Description: A skilled penguim with deadly claws

Monster Name: Elf
Monster Type: Magical Creature
Environment found: Any fire-related or magical-related area
Description: A fallen Elf possessed by a flame ruler spirit

Monster Name: Chain Titan
Monster Type: Golem Creature
Environment found: Any magical related release
Description: An sealed titan freed with the power of chaos

Monster Name: Mythical Alien
Monster Type: Alien Creature
Environment found: Any invasion area
Description: An alien which parasites any living body.

Monster Name: Centaur newt-shaped cyclops
Monster Type: Hybrid
Environment found: Random, except fire places
Description: An centaur possessed by chaos power

Monster Name: Crawling Thorns
Monster Type: Carnivorous Plant
Environment found: Forest
Description: Carnivorous plant enhanced by chaos magic

Monster Name: Mech-Zombie Wereshroom
Monster Type: Hybrid
Environment found: Forest places
Description: an little, weaken mushroom which was enhanced by chaos magic to be a strong being.

Monster Name: Crawling Nightmare
Monster Type: Hybrid
Environment found: Dark/fire places
Description: When you embrace the chaos, there is no hope.

Monster Name: Elemental Knight
Monster Type: Human
Environment found: Random
Description: Warrior with brave heart, evildoer hunter

Monster Name: Winged Forbidden Dragon
Monster Type: Dragon
Environment found: Dragon places
Description: Magical dragon sealed with good magic.

Monster Name: Worm
Monster Type: Worm
Environment found: Earth places
Description: Some heard this worms protect its village from evildoers being.
AQW Epic  Post #: 6
5/27/2012 3:15:29   
The Anonymous

Monster name: Oblivion
Location:Dage/Nulgath War
Monster type: elemental
Description: It was one of the guards guarding Nulgath

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AQW Epic  Post #: 7
5/27/2012 22:45:23   
Jack The Great

Monster Name: Drakath
Location: Fallen Kingdom Tower of Lords>Up the 25 floors>Finish all the quests>Unlock the Chaotic Gate to Drakath
*Drakath is on top of the tower*
Monster Type: Chaotic Boss
Description: Legendary Being, Hits 1000's, Has over 100 Million health, when killed, Drakath turns into Prince Drakath (Older Version) then fades away. (Cutscene starts)
Drakath (Unarmed)
Drakath (Sword)
Drakath (Death Cutscene)

I had to crop EVERYTHING out of the real game and just a bunch of crap =.=
Took me a while, but its done!

< Message edited by Jack The Great -- 5/27/2012 23:32:19 >
Post #: 8
5/29/2012 4:31:01   
Gery Warrior

Monster Name:Dage's DarkLord Soul Minion
Monster Type:Undead/Spirit
Environment Found:Nulgath vs. Dage The Evil War
Description:A Soul Of a DarkLord Owned By Dage The Evil and turned into his minion
Post #: 9
5/29/2012 8:37:43   

You're wandering through a swampy wasteland, and this octopus thing decides that it wants a barbecue. You have two choices. Beat it up before it does to you, or you can run away, flailing your arms wildly and screaming like a little girl in a haunted house.

Link Fixed. -Laos

< Message edited by Laos -- 5/29/2012 11:54:10 >
AQW  Post #: 10
5/29/2012 12:09:08   

Monster Name: Chaos Snaek
Monster Type: Chaos/Animal
Environment found: Savanna
Description:Its just your ordinary Snaek with lot of poison, that was chaocorrupted when The Gate Of Time was opened.

Monster Name: Carachao(also known as Chaos Washag(Caracal in real life but this one is chaocorupted))
Monster Type: Chaos/Animal
Environment found: Savanna
Description: When The Gate Of Time opened many creatures turned chaos from the blast.The Carachao were no exception.

Monster Name: Baobab of Chaocoruption
Monster Type: Chaos/plant
Environment found:Savanna
Description: What he likes more that making weak chaos monsters, is sucking all the mana around him until there is nothing.

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DF  Post #: 11
5/30/2012 2:45:29   

Monster Name : Count X*
Monster Type : Vampire
Environment Found : Safiria's Castle Basement 10 ( aka Basement X )
Description : Get out of there now.If you hesitate to wait more than 5 minutes he will go aggressive or if you attack him first.Also he is 5 times stronger than Safiria herself.
HP : 156093
Drops : Nothing
Level : 45

*The monster wears that armor.If you want the armor might as well wait for the shop,hopefully suggestion shop and not deciding the prices myself.
AQW  Post #: 12
5/30/2012 13:07:49   
sir master dark

name monster = brain eating voltaire

monster type = country/pirate/gothic/ singing zombie

discription = even voltaire got zombiefeid cous of sepulchures zombie fog

hp = 6822


1 guitar slay
takes 400 / 444 damage

2 zombie sing
takes 600 / 1000

voltaire drops his guitar with an green glow around it

*might look like monster i suggest*
AQ AQW Epic  Post #: 13
5/30/2012 18:43:03   
Gery Warrior

I got some ideas
Monster Name:Grogluk The 2nd.
Monster Type:Deadly
Environment Found:Dage The Evil Vs. Nulgath War
Description:Just like Lesser Grogluk and real Grogluk but this Grogluk has gain the power of Nulgath

Monster name:Chaorrupted J6
Monster Type:Chaos
Environment Found:A modern chaorrupted Place
Description:J6 has been chaorrupted by Drakath, What a poor thing

Monster Name:Sepulchure's Mad Soul
Monster Type:Undead/Soul
Environment Found:Any Deathly, Doomed, Evil Places
Description:Sepulchure's Soul gone Mad!

Monster Name: Blade Master Knight
Monster Type: Human
Environment found:A Dungeon or a Shed with Weapons
Description:A Knight That becomes a Blade Master

Monster Name: Shadows on The Wall
Monster Type: Evil
Environment found:An Old Dungeon or an old Shed
Description:Some Shadows on the wall but even Evil

Monster Name: DeathLord Knight
Monster Type: Human/Undead
Environment found:Maybe a new expansion near Doom OverLord
Description:A knight that turns into the Lord of Death

Monster Name: Betrayal Paladin Supreme
Monster Type: Human
Environment found:Maybe under the Castle at a Dungeon
Description:A Betrayal paladin with Golden Armor and Supreme Powers.

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Post #: 14
5/31/2012 8:33:11   

Monster Name:Undead Sorcerer
Monster Type:Undead
Environment Found:Forest of the Undead
Description:Cursed by the evil wizard.

Monster Name:Undead Elf
Monster Type:Undead
Environment Found:Forest of the undead
Description:Cursed By the evil wizard.

Monster Name:Undead evil wizard
Monster Type:Boss
Environmental Found:River of the undead.
Description:A former good wizard.Captured by Drakath and became hunger of magic.

Monster Name:Corrupted Elf Knight
Monster type:Evil
Environmental Found:Corrupted Town
Description:An ordinary elf became evil.

Monster Name:Corrupted Elf Wizard
Monster type:Wizard
Environmental found:Corrupted Town
Description:A former students of Warlic that became evil.

Monster Name:Corrupted Elf Prince
Monster type:Boss
Environmental Found:Corrupted Battleontown
Description:A former elf paladin that cursed by traitor Paladin.

Monster Name:Corrupted paladin knight
Monster type:paladin
Environmental Found:Corrupted battleon tower
Description:a strong paladin knight that was cursed by traitor paladin.

Monster Name:King Predson
Monster type:Boss/a traitor paladin
Environmenatal found:Corrupted battleon tower
Description:A former general of all paladin soldier that was cursed by the corrupted blade of death and became hunger of power

Monster Name:Corrupted Human
Monster type:Evil Human
Environmental Found:Corrupted Village
Description:A Human that has been Hypnotise by a Corrupted Wizard.

Mosnter Name:Corrupted Wizard
Monter Type:Wizard
Environmental Found:Corrupted Museum
Description:A wizard that was controlled by Corrupted Warlic.

Monster Name:Corrupted Gorilla
Monster type:Corrupted Animal
Environmental Found:Corrupted Forest
Description:A Gorilla that was cursed by corrupted Warlic.

Monster Name:Corrupted Warlic
Monster type:Boss
Environmental Found:Corrupted River
Description:Powerful mage that was cursed by Drakath.

Monster Name:Illusion Drakath
Monster type:Ultra Boss
Environmental Found:Corrupted Mythsong
Description:A Mirror self image of Drakath.

Monster Name:Armored Sneevil
Monster type:Sneevil
Environmental Found:Yulgar's Inn
Description:A dangerous sneevil of all Lore.

Monster Name:Undead Bandit
Monster type:Undead
Environmental Found:Corrupted Yulgar's Inn
Description:A dead bandit that was revived by the dark knight

Monster Name:Illusion Dark Knight
Monter type:Darkness
Environmental type:Illusion Necropolis
Description:A mirrior self image of the dark knight

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Post #: 15
5/31/2012 21:03:34   

Monster Name: Lord Alteon the Chaoruppted
Monster Type: Boss
Environment found: Chaohaven's Castle
Description: Filled with the immense amount of chaos energy given to him by Drakath, King Alteon has actually aged backwards, becoming a younger and more vigilant warrior. His strenght has grown immensely, now Chaoruppting the minds of the Pactagonal knights and forcing them to take the lives of the innocent under his control.

Monster Name: Drakath, Unbound of Mortal Coils
Monster Type: Ultimate Boss
Environment found: Chaos Realm
Description: Having absorbed the Chaos Gemeralds and unlocking the gate to the Realm of Chaos, Drakath has absorbed immense power. With this power, he has stripped away all sense of once being a human mortal and now has become a sense of pure chaos. (If I could describe his power, one flick would turn your head backwards 6 times like a corkscrew)
AQW  Post #: 16
6/1/2012 18:12:27   

Monster Name: Armored Taro.
Monster Type: (Old) Orc Samurai
Environment Found: Nulgath/Dage Summer war.
Description: Heavily armored Taro, carrying the Manslayers as usual, his back will have two unknown forged swords made by Miltonius himself. The weapons should change after every death he has.

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AQW Epic  Post #: 17
6/2/2012 14:36:53   
Josh Lycanthropy

I have an Idea for a really cool monster.

The Frozen Overlord: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=4060698115582&set=t.100002113006078&type=3&theater

The Frozen Overlord is an undead villainous madman with the power over Ice. His main goal is to turn all of lore into a Frozen wasteland that he could rule. Normally, you would think he'd want to destroy all fire elementals right? WRONG! He is too smart for that. Instead, he plans to destroy all plant life by any way possible, By helping General Pollution, secretly creating a war between Fire and Nature, killing off nature himself, he'll do anything to destroy the ozone protecting lore from the cold of space. If he fulfills his desire to turn lore into a frozen wasteland, that way, no living creature will survive on lore and all undead will have to answer to him since he he controls all Ice and Cold.


Cold Front- Send out a attack wave hitting all enemies.

Sting of Cold- Does a devastating strike one one enemy

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AQW  Post #: 18
6/3/2012 8:01:07   

http://twitpic.com/9sczuo Ne jin's Golden Horned Helm
AQW account name:http://www.aq.com/aw-character.asp?id=ne%20jin
Post #: 19
6/4/2012 15:09:37   

what if we add special mobs for AQW? special mobs has low chances of spawning. and has good items.

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Post #: 20
6/4/2012 19:41:54   
Varogon Razorwing

monster: terror chaos dragon
monster type:medium dragon
area found: high teir chaos areas
appearence:medium, chaoruppted scaled varying color

Monster: Chaos Stalker
monster type: Mini boss
area found: any area has a 7% chance to spon anywere in the game
appearence: looks similar to an asasin that has been chaoruppted wapons vary depending on area. Takes on an appearence that looks similar to the region he is in EX. lycan ridge/war looks like a lycan, or lolosia looks like a pirate.

Monster: The infected
monster type: undead tank
area found: dages side in war
appearence: a large undead looks toxic and has lots of muscles a massive sheild and swordin its hands and rather thick but tattered armor.

< Message edited by Varogon Razorwing -- 6/4/2012 19:52:47 >
AQW Epic  Post #: 21
6/5/2012 11:08:08   

Monster Name: Hidden Assassin
Monster Type: Human
Environment found: Battleon (if you click a certain place, he may appear only for you)
Description: Black Assassin with Black Ninja Armor, red eyes with a scar, wields a Tanto.

Monster Name: Orc Blademaster
Monster Type: Orc
Environment found: Dage/Nulgath War - Nulgath's Side
Description: Taro-lookalike monsters. They carry big Orc flags.

Monster Name: Legion Troll
Monster Type: Human
Environment found: Dage/Nulgath War - Dage's Side
Description: Black Trolls with Light Blue legion markings.

AQW Epic  Post #: 22
6/13/2012 17:41:27   

Monster Name:Drakonnan's Corrupted Soul
Monster Type:Darkness/Fire
Environment found: A place of pure evil
Description: The remains of the great Fire Wizard Drakonnan. Sepulchure destroyed hm and now he has a monster of darkness.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 23
6/14/2012 2:10:44   

Monster Name: Soul Devourer
Monster Type: Demonic Entity
Environment found: Dage/Nulgath war (Dage side)
Description: A demonic entity formed by the undead souls Dage collected.

~ZerO is my secondary name :P I put it on a lot of my drawings X)
Post #: 24
6/17/2012 13:25:36   

Monster Name: Mother Greenrat
Location Found: Sewer
Monster Type: Boss/Rat
Environment Found: End of Sewer
Description: The mother of all the Greenrats
Post #: 25
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