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RE: =AQ= Suggestion Contest

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8/8/2012 18:08:53   


Character Name:Desantrix
Character ID:NONE
Entry (Include descriptions, stats, pictures, whatever you want to enhance your submission!): After years of research Desantrix finally found a Shampoo what can make you hair grow much faster! But it turns up it worked too well..At least it will make you look handsome. http://twitpic.com/ah2aql
Post #: 76
8/8/2012 18:27:35   

Character Name: KNIGHT
Character ID: 6592267
Entry (Include descriptions, stats, pictures, whatever you want to enhance your submission!):

Level: 135
Price: ?
Sellback: ?

Type: Melee
Element: Fire
Damage: 19-42
BTH: 15

Hits: 1
Type: Melee
Element: Fire
Damage: 1000% Base and Random
Stats: no normal stats; 500% Lucky Strike Damage
BTH: +25
Rate: 15%

SPECIAL #2 (requires charging (0/5)*)
Hits: 4
Type: Melee, Melee, Ranged, Ranged
Element: Fire
Damage: 825% Base and Random
Stats: 400% each
BTH: +45
Rate: N/A
EFFECT None can stand before the terrible wrath of your fury (Your enemy cowers before you= 50% chance of skipping their next turn)

1st- Your foe provokes a sharp anger
2nd- Your anger burns within you
3rd- Your wounds fuel the fire within
4th-A red mist covers your eyes
5th- Your fury is uncontrollable
After connecting with these five hits the Special is activated for the next attack

An axe forged for the channeling of pure rage. The blood of countless victims lies within the steel of the BLOODWRATH. Your enemies will quake before the fury of your attacks.
AQ  Post #: 77
8/9/2012 10:55:58   
Soulweaver Zard

Character Name: Chaotic Puppet Master
Character ID: 79949341
Entry (Include descriptions, stats, pictures, whatever you want to enhance your submission!):

Birthday Party!
Level: 35, 60, 85, 110
Price: $9550
Sellback: 2050
Location: N/A

Part 1: Twilly appears with his staff wrapped in wrapping paper. Twilly will throw his staff at the enemy. If the enemy is darkness, then it applies Birthday Blues.
Hits: 1
Type: Ranged
Element: Void
Damage: 150%
Rate: 20%

Part 2: Zorbrak appears with with his staff wrapped in wrapping paper. He throws undead presents* for two hits of darkness. If the enemy is light, then it applies Birthday Blues.
Hits: 2
Type: Physical
Element: Darkness
Damage: 150%
Rate: 20%

Part 3:Warlic shows up with a birthday hat on. Warlic blasts the enemy for 2 hits of ice damage. If the enemy has less mana then you, this applies Birthday Blues.
Hits: 2
Type: Magic
Element: Ice
Damage: 150%
Rate: 20%

Part 4: Eselglee appears with a hammer made of presents. He swings in and smashes the enemy for two hits of earth damage, then jumps away. If the enemy has more hp then you, it applies Birthday Blues.
Hits: 2
Type: Physical
Element: Earth
Damage: 150%
Rate: 20%

Part 5: Galanoth jumps beside you, wearing a birthday hat on top of his helm. He slashes the enemy two times. If enemy is draconic, it applies Birthday Blues.
Hits: 2
Type: Physical
Element: Fire
Damage: 150%
Rate: 20%

Part 6: Rhubarb appears on the screen with cannons. The cannons fire two presents for energy damage. If the enemy is a ninja, it applies Birthday Blues.
Hits: 2
Type: Ranged
Element: Water
Damage: 150%
Rate: 20%

Part 7: The frogzard hunter appears riding a Present Zard, dealing 2 hits of wind damage. If the enemy is a zard, it applies Birthday Blues.
Hits: 2
Type: Physical
Element: Wind
Damage: 150%
Rate: 20%

Part 8: Artix appears with the blinding light of destiny in one hand, and a present in the other. He attacks the enemy twice then disappears. If the opponent is undead, this applies Birthday Blues.
Hits: 2
Type: Magic
Element: Light
Damage: 150%
Rate: 20%

Part 9: Vince the Drakel appears with his laser hand wrapped in gift wrap. He shoots the enemy for two hits of energy damage. If the opponent is Drakel, this applies Birthday Blues.
Hits: 2
Type: Magic
Element: Energy
Damage: 150%
Rate: 20%

Part 10: **Soulweaver Zard appears, and allows you to choose which version of the attack you would like, and also summons his faithful Present Zard***!
Allows you to choose which part of the spell to use, and summons Present Zard.


By parts, I mean options, like the 12 days of Frostval Spell variety

*Undead present shall be a normally wrapped present, but has skull wrapping paper.

Birthday Blues: 90% Damage, 10 turns.

**Soulweaver Zard shall be wearing Despair Rainment with a Birthday hat on (or whatever the creators decide! )

**Present Zard
Appearance: I picture the Present Zard as a normal Zard template, wrapped in wrapping paper (blue and red). This Zard will being holding a balloon in its mouth.

Hits: 1
Damage: Per Spell Level 35; 5-20 60; 15-30 85; 30-45 110; 45-60
Element: Void
Attack Type: Melee
BtH: +6%
Rate: 85%
Appearance: The Present Zard bites the enemy.

Hits: 1
Damage: Per Spell Level 35; 7-20 60; 17-32 85; 32-47 110; 47-62
Element: Void
Attack Type: Magic
BtH: +7%
Rate: 15%
Appearance: The Present Zard lets the balloon float towards the enemy, where it pops.

Description: For AQ's 10th Birthday, Soulweaver Zard conjured a spell to summon 10 of your friends to help fight! Happy 10th Birthday AQ!

Hope you enjoyed reading my entry!

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AQW Epic  Post #: 78
8/9/2012 17:40:32   
Jake Nostalgia

Character Name: Stephen Colbert
Character ID: 18778658

Hydroelectric Generator Shield

Appearance - I can picture a blue, watery shield with electricity surrounding it. It shakes in your hand. There is a hole where electricity appears to be entering and exiting at the same time.

<A Mastercraft Offensive Energy Shield with some Water resistance. Has the ability to gain charges when you are hit by the opponent. Charges are later released to inflict Energy damage on the opponent>

Level: 135
Power Level: 135, Mastercraft
Element: Energy

Melee: +6
Ranged: +6
Magic: +6

Fire: +0%
Water: -14%
Wind: +0%
Ice: +0%
Earth: +0%
Energy: -21%
Light: +0%
Darkness: +0%

- All Normal Player Attacks and Specials, including the shield's own effect, deal 105% damage.

-All normal player attacks and specials receive -4 BtH.
-When the shield is equipped, it starts at 0 charge. When your opponent attacks, it adds 1 x (hits/attempts) charges to the shield*. The maximum number of charges this shield can accumulate is 5. If you are hit (fail to block an attack) when this shield has 5 charges, the shield explodes and discharges**, inflicting the following hit on your opponent:

Hits: 1
Type: <<Melee converts to Ranged, otherwise As Weapon>>
Element: Energy
Damage: 1.47x the Base/Random/Stat of the current armor you're wearing. It also uses your equipped weapon's stats in damage calculation.

If wearing level 135 Neutral Armor, then 1156.61% Base/1156.61% Random/2270.09% Stats
If wearing level 150 Fully Offensive Armor, then 1576.007% Base/1576.007% Random/3122.235% Stats
Etc.... Basically calculation is Armor BRS x 1.47 x .85 x .1833

BTH: N/A, autohits the monster

-The shield then goes back to 0 charges. Charges are reset if you un-equip/switch armor/shields***.
-Charges do carry between battles, provided you enter the battle wearing the shield.
-The shield's damage takes your weapon and armor stats into account, but always inflicts energy damage.

The damage dealt to the opponent by the energy burst is equal to 1.47 x the Base/Random/Stats of the armor you're wearing. It will never miss, and takes .85x damage as a result.

*Your opponents successful attack has caused your shield to become more charged! It now has <<x>> charges.
**Your shield cannot take any more energy and discharges!
***Switching armor has disrupted the flow of energy! It now has 0 charges.

The electricity in this shield is intensified by the water within it. This renders it extremely unstable; you can feel it constantly rocking in your hand, making it rather irritating to attack with a weapon. Whenever this shield is hit, the electricity becomes more intense. However, if the charge gets too unstable, it will discharge and explode, damaging your opponent with a powerful energy burst!


This is an Offensive Shield that boosts attacks to 125% damage. Assuming a standard 85% accuracy rate, it will take ~5.88 turns for the shield to accumulate 5 charges. The shield then inflicts damage on the opponent equal to 1.47x the damage of what you would deal in your current weapon/armor, for an average of (588% +147%)/(588%) = 125% damage per turn.

However, because the shield only inflicts energy damage, and you are likely using this shield against an energy monster, it has extremely poor type synergy. As a result, the shield's energy discharge receives elemental compensation equal to ~1.8333x. Furthermore, because the shield's discharge is auto-hit, it deals 85% damage.

Also, due to the Mastercraft Bonus, attacks and specials deal 105% damage.

Here's a example of this shield in effect:

Suppose I'm wearing a level 135 Fully Offensive Armor, a standard level 135 weapon, and the Hydroelectric Shield. If I change armors/shields, the charges reset to 0. Now, suppose that I deal an average of 400 in these equipment damage per turn WITHOUT the shield. Over 5.88 turns, my expected damage is 400 x 5.88 = 2352.

If I wore the Hydroelectric Shield, on average by 5.88 turns it would have 5 charges as the standard accuracy is 85%. The shield inflicts average damage equal to 1.47 x 400 = 588 damage on the opponent. Thus, my total damage is 588 + 2352 = 2940. Wearing this shield, I dealt 2940/2352 = 1.25 times more overall damage than I did without.

However the shield won't really do an average of 588 damage due to the elemental compensation. The total average damage of this shield is 588 x ~1.8333 (or whatever the compensation at lv135 is) x .85 (for being auto-hit) = 916.1334 damage.

The shield resets to 0 charges if you change armors in order to prevent players from tanking in a defensive armor for ~4-5 turns, and then switching to a Fully Offensive armor then the charge goes over 5 for increased damage.

- Lower level versions of this shield will have a weaker Electric discharge damage, resulting in less than 1.25x average damage. Higher level versions will have greater discharge damage.

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AQ  Post #: 79
8/9/2012 17:59:58   

Character Name: Majestic
Character ID: 52207948
Entry (Include descriptions, stats, pictures, whatever you want to enhance your submission!):

RanGer's Transforming Bow

Level: 135G
Power Level: 138, Mastercrafted
Price: I'd say *2.2 a regular weapon of the same level, then the MC boost
sellback: 50% of price
location: Trash Made Treasure!?(New quest that i really can't say about so you can do all your magicks), or Limited Time Shop
Element: darkness

Attack Type: Ranged*
Damage: 15-45
BtH: 17

*by clicking the bow, you can transform it into a melee weapon, that deals the same element, and that weapon would deal 95% damage to compensate


Hits: 2
Type: Ranged
Element: Darkness
Damage: *0.9 of the standard special, since it occurs 20% of the time(100% proc weapon)
Stats: Whatever the staff chooses
BTH: 52
Rate: 100%
Note: This is treated as a Normal Player Attack.

Both specials take +6 BtH and *85/91 damage, or -3 BtH and *85/82 bth, randomly upon each special. These specials can only happen when in BOW FORM. Also, the Bow Form's attack takes *1.02 damage to compensate for not having a special-special.

In Blade Form, this special happens:

SPECIAL #3(Only occurs when in Blade Form):
Hits: 2
Type: Ranged
Element: Darkness
Damage: 703% Base and Random each, with 505.5% Lucky Strike Damage each
BTH: 52
Rate: 20%

all Normal Attacks and specials take +4 BtH and *(85/89) damage to compensate.

There is no penalty, because it is paid for by the MC bonus.

Appearance in Bow form: It looks like a regular Longbow, but mechanized by gears in the part where the Arrow should fly through. the String of the bow is reinforced with Flexible Steel, so it looks metallic and is polished, so shiny :)

Appearance in Blade Form: in Blade form, the curved wooden part of the bow straightens out, and a Steel Blade pops out, while the wooden part of the bow shortens to about half the length. The gears in the middle of the bow levitate around the tip of the Blade, and the string is strapped around the Hilt.

I'm not very good with art but bear with me :)

As you explored the Trash Dump, you discovered some gears and an old Longbow. You gave it to Yulgar, Adder, and then warlic, and they combined a Blade with the gears and that Longbow, and imbued it with the power to transform upon will! First discovered by majesticstar3800.

AQ DF AQW  Post #: 80
8/9/2012 19:44:07   

Character Name: Tessitura
Character ID: 8149070

Name: Pinpoint
Level: 135
Power Level: 135 Mastercraft
Price: 3,000,000
Sellback: 1,500,000

Type: Ranged
Element: Earth
Damage: 17-39
BTH: 20

Hits: 4
Type: Ranged
Element: Earth
Damage: 300% Base 400% Random each
Stats: 800% (LS only)
BTH: 60
Rate: 20%

Special Animation
The eyes glow and shoot a flurry of glowing needles at your opponent

Deals 80/85 on all damage and gains +5 BTH
Each time the player misses with a normal player attack or weapon special attack the next normal player attack or weapon special attack deals 1.05 damage and gains +2 BTH*

*Your lance sees an opening in your foes deffences! Your next hit will do extra damage!

A lance with multipule eyes covering the hilt constantly looking around and never blinking. The actual blade comes to a very sharp point at the tip.
Please excuse the awful paint skills

The eyes embedded in Pinpoint's hilt are constantly on the lookout for your opponent to let its guard down allowing you to deal a more powerful hit!
AQ  Post #: 81
8/9/2012 21:40:45   
Disc Lorde

Character Name: Theophilus
Character ID: 40265447
Entry (Include descriptions, stats, pictures, whatever you want to enhance your submission!):

I'm leaving most numbers up to the staff because I'm new to this and don't know the standards.

Name: Rock Concert
Type: Spell
Element: Wind
Hits: 3
Damage: TBD, but should have an accurate lean.
BTH: TBD, but should have an accurate lean.
Effect: There is a 33.33*(Hits connected) chance to inflict Adrenaline (suggested name) on the player.* Adrenaline gives +X to STR and +X to END. X should be 15 on the highest level version of the spell, and lower on lower level versions. (Feel free to change the numbers on this.)

*The hardcore beat invigorates you! You feel ready to party all night long!

Animation: From off-screen, a Rockzard(monster) with guitar, a Rock Star(monster), and a speaker levitate in. The guitar has a black cord dangling from it which connects with the speaker. The Rockzard strums. Alternitavely, the Rockzard and Rock Star are left out, but the guitar, cord, and speaker light blue, as if powering up. In either case, three semi-opaque whitish arcs, representing sound waves, come out of the speaker, spread out as they move toward the monster, and disappear deal damage to the monster as they hit.
Description: Call upon arcane forces and summon a whole rock concert to the battlefield! Does three hits of wind damage with a chance to give you Adrenaline.

AQ  Post #: 82
8/9/2012 22:20:58   

Character Name:flaxe
Character ID:76791547
Entry (Include descriptions, stats, pictures, whatever you want to enhance your submission!):

Description:A moglin who chose to be a brawler rather than to heal.A Moglin Brawler can help you by using his hammer to crush your enemies and froze them for you and your pet to crush him successfully.
Power level:50-70 Mastercraft
Selling Price:2525
Image: http://trelixgregor.deviantart.com/#/d5akc98
-if the link did not successfully found the picture kindly copy and paste the link.

Attack 1:
Description:The Moglin Brawler will walk to his target and he will smash him with his hammer.

Attack 2:
Description:The Moglin Brawler will smash the earth and the earth tremble(1 hit)and he will spin on the air and he will impact with smash of his hammer(1 hit).
(50% chance of freezing his target for two turns after doing his attack 2)

After doing the target frozen for three times the moglin brawler will get red(meaning he is going berserk).

Special attack:If the Moglin Gets red
Description:The Moglin Brawler will walk to his target and kick him/her(1 hit) and then he will spin backward using his hammer (1 hit)and then he will jump to his target and he will impact with his hammer(1 hit).

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 83
8/9/2012 22:42:58   

Character Name: Skullkiller
Character ID: 68399728
Entry (Include descriptions, stats, pictures, whatever you want to enhance your submission!):
Empty Melancholy
This sword forge from the doubts of a normal kid, was used as the key to the world's true form: One's simple fate. This weapon carries with all the questions and answers this kid once ask and searched for the answers, one that were in front on him; In his heart.

Dark Damage
Its special can stun its opponent and have a chance to triple its power if his weakness is Darkness.

P.D: Thanks for giving me the opportunity to participate in this

AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 84
8/9/2012 23:33:39   

Character Name: Zayl
Character ID 24571148

Kilij Anima (Weapon)

Level: 95
Price: 500,000

Type: Melee
Damage: 13-40
BTH: 15

Special: None

Toggle: click on the blade to cause the weapon to do damage to the monsters MP and then heal that equal amount of MP to the user of the weapon.

Description: A mysterious blade forged by the tyrant king Daniel of Viridi Terra. Centuaries ago it was lost along with the king. something seems a bit different about it now...


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Post #: 85
8/9/2012 23:58:12   

AQ Apprentice & AQ GD/Sugg AK

Character Name: Flame
Character ID: 19340901
Entry: Weapon - Lockpick's Escapade
Picture: http://twitpic.com/ahjdmb/full
Level: 80 (Since it's an Oak)
Power level: 80

Element: Earth
Type: Ranged
Damage: 17-26
BTH: 10

Hits: 3
Type: Magic
Element: Earth
Damage: 337.667% Base and Random each
Stats: 216% each
BTH: 35
Rate: 20%
•The special deals 80% damage with 20% of the damage being converted into sp or mp, which ever is lowest using AI. If both the player's mp and sp are full then the special deals 100% damage.
• The special attempts to spellbind the monster for three turns instead of the normal once. However to pay for this the player is inflicted for a turn. The player can make a save for this by using charisma as the major and luck as minor.

Level: 80 vs MonsterLevel
Major: YourCha vs MonsterCha
Minor: YourLUK vs MonsterLUK

All normal Player attacks and weapon Specials deal *85/90 damage.
By holding the weapon you have a 10% chance to inflict spellbound on to your opponent, for one turn.
When you attack during your turn there is 20% chance of inflicting spellbound on to you opponent, for one turn.
When the special occurs there is a 20% chance of inflicting spellbound for 3 turns.

Animations: On normal attack animation, when the player has finished attacking the staff tries to inflict the monster in doing so the keyhole at the top glows.

Special animation: Lockpick the Dragon puts his key in the keyhole and turn it. The door at the bottom opens and the weapon shines brightly the three acorns fly into the monsters.

NB: Sadly I ran out of time to animate it, though I'll animate anyway in the coming days. =D

Status effect:
•Under spellbound monster or player can not use any sp or mp attacks.
•Spellbound also negates the effect of any sp or mp regeneration for that turn.
Post #: 86
8/10/2012 0:02:22   
Eukara Vox
Legendary AdventureGuide!

Locked. Good luck EVERYONE!
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 87
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