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9/22/2012 19:18:06   
Silently watching...

This is the thread for contributing your guild ideas for AQWorlds.

Please don't make posts with feedback, support or other commentary, as they will be deleted; see the =AQW= Suggestions Forum Rules thread for more details.
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9/22/2012 20:51:36   

There are a lot of things I want to suggest that maybe not in your plans:

Member Slots Addition Available for guild officers. Leaders can't do it themselves you know. What if someone can't be on AQW for a while with a reason?
Selection of PvP/Brawl. When it comes to guild wars, there will be some pvp in the game. Although let be a option to choose the match. It could be a 2on2, 3on3, 4on4, 5on5, and so on.
Increase Maxed Member slots Well you can ignore this if you want to cause you guys won't do this anytime soon.
Increase the players in room for their Base of Operations. Partially, this was suggested from one of my guild members. Hoping it would be at least 15 people.
Guild Chat available From one server to the next. This would be easier for guild members to listen to our conversation in guild chat on a different server.
Guild Name have a Bold Color. I would say this can be earned when a guild leader has achieved 50 Members. Or better yet, if you do increase the max member slots, let it be 100 for the achievement
Guild War History. Let there be a chart of War counts (Wins or Lose) and with a history of who we've faced.
Further Guild War features Not sure if there will be a feature added for guilds, but hope you guys think it would be ok.
Guild ladder. Partially, this was suggested from one of my guild members. A Leader board is a great way for us to tell who's guild the best.
Online Activity Notification in Chat pane. Just like the friends list, let us notify which of our guild members has logged in on the same server.
Customize our own guild quest. This suggestion might take too much time, but if you agree, then I'll encourage you guys to do that. Our quests can have the existing temp quest items if possible.
Armors, Weapons and Accessories be part of the guild's Uniform. Here what I think about this. People who are artists, we can suggest on what type of design we want for our guild. If people uses Adobe Flash CS3, 4, 5 or 6, that's better.
Guild Tournament System. An epic battle we can do other than a guild war is a Tournament. Included with a bracket and such.

[Post will be updated. More ideas will come to me.]


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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 2
9/22/2012 20:58:15   

Guild members slot contribution.The leaders can't do everything though if not enough ACS for em' to extend.
AQW  Post #: 3
9/22/2012 22:50:58   

maybe later on if there's ever a :top guild list" thing they can submit ideas of a guild uniform that only that guild's members can purchase? little like MQ
AQ  Post #: 4
9/23/2012 0:39:38   

1. More and custom Ranks
- Ability to rename ranks
- Create custom ranks (up to 6 ranks only)
- Sub Ranks (Ranks for doing special quest [See Custom Guild NPC])

2. Guild Towns/Halls [Preferably Towns] (Although AE has alreadt confirmed this, I would like to see the following.)
- Customization
- Put Guild banner all over the guild town/hall
- Color Customize guild town/hall to guilds color (Kinda like CC now)

3.Message Boards
- MOTD Included
- All upcoming events
- Guild News (Of Course, and this is not the same thing as upcoming events.)

4.Custom Guild Training Facilities
- Containing Monsters of Guild Leaders choice (Virtual Reality type training thing)

5.Custom Guild NPC
- Gives Quest
- Wears the guilds uniform

6.Guild Uniforms
- Certain Requirements to get guild uniform ( My concepts for guild uniforms: Concept 1, Concept 2)
- Guild Colors
- NOT a class, its just an armor to show your guild pride

[I Will Be Updating This]

Signatures aren't permitted in the AQWorlds Suggestions. Please refrain from using them when posting here. ~Laos

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DF AQW  Post #: 5
9/23/2012 5:08:05   

Official Guild Gear,Example:Instead of the Merge shop for guildies J6 gives to the players,there should be a new merge shop with pieces for Weapons,Armors,Capes etc.All of these pieces need something to merge with,like a Drop from a Monster,then when the Guild leader has enough pieces he/she can craft their weapon/armor/helm/cape of choice and all of the Guild members of that certain Guild receive them automatically.
AQW  Post #: 6
9/23/2012 5:08:11   

Guild Suggestions ( I'm sure the devs have a bunch )
-A WAR feature
1. In-Clan war
2. Clan vs Clan war

The feature may look like this ( roughly ):

<Guild name>-------------------------- <Guild name>
(Player slot)-----------------------------(Player slot)
(Player slot)--------------VS------------(Player slot)
(Player slot)-----------------------------(Player slot)
(Player slot)-----------------------------(Player slot)
(Player slot)-----------------------------(Player slot)

If it's a Clan vs Clan war, the guild names will be different; if it's an In-Clan war, there'd be just one <Guild name> in the center. Player slots don't have to be filled-up to start~


BTW there are LOTS of great ideas for guilds from Epicduel Factions
1. A message board in the guild hall ( separate from daily message )
2. Guild Ranks
(1) Trophy Donation ( Guild members can donate combat trophies to rank up their guild )
Note: In order for guild leaders not to kick someone out after the person donated, their will be some rules. I got this idea for rules from Epicduel faction. If a player hasn't logged in for more than 30 days, kicking the inactive player gives no penalty.
(2) In order to identify guild ranks, there would be a different color for each rank. The number&color of ranks is decided by the devs~
3. Guild Inventory
(1) Guild members can donate items to their guild. If a guild member wants an item, they can go to their guild and click on "Order", a button beside the item wanted. When the person who donated the item logs in, the person receives a notification, asking whether the person is willing to transfer the item to the other person. However, each item can only be transfered once. The item you donated doesn't count towards your inventory, however, each person can only donate 3 items at once.
4. Guild Bank
(1) Guild members can donate Gold to their Guild Bank. Officers & Leaders can use the gold ONLY to buy Guild-related items such as different Guild Halls( assuming that guild leaders can buy different Guild Halls just like buying different houses) & decorations.

Merge your Posts since Double Posting is not allowed in AQWorlds Suggestions, please don't do it again, if you want to add something but no one has posted below your last post on a thread, please use the edit buttom

Have an awesome day now ~Lord Coxy

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AQW Epic  Post #: 7
9/23/2012 6:35:54   

GUILD RANK: (lowest 1 to highest 10, emblem to represent guild rank)
~Increases by meeting several requirements.
-Having a certain amount of total guild members.
-Players must have completed certain quests.
*Major quests done by leader and officers.
*Minor quests for all members.
-Guild bank must reach a certain amount of gold.
*Gold donated by all members.
-Leader must purchase the next level of guild home.
~Guild rank acts as a faction level which allows for more functions as the rank increases.
-Guild can be demoted.

GUILD HOMES: (All guild home purchases and changes are done by the leader)
~As guild rank increases higher levels of a guild home are purchased.
-Number of rooms and functions increases.
-Appearance becomes more ‘grand’.
*Selectable themes.
*Guild home slots for being furnished.
*Logo options.
-Functions added.
*NPC with guild shop. Shop items updated as rank increases.
*Message board for leader to post on (and possibly for members to reply).
*Character customize room.
~Guild homes are purchased by the leader.
-Initial home costs adventure coins while following upgrades are purchased from guild funds.
*Guild funds is gold donated to the guild by its members.
-The larger the guild home the higher the amount of players allowed on the map.

GUILD QUESTS: (Received from NPC in guild home)
~Maps and quests will only be accessible to players in guilds.
-Can only access quests if the player meets the requirements.
-Quests: solo or party
*Filled with multiple quizzes and puzzles.
-Boss Challenge: solo or party
*Insanely difficult monster(s).
-Raid: party only
*Limited time ‘dungeon crawl’ style quest.
*When time limit is up whole party is kicked back to guild home.
*Won’t start till whole party is in first room.
-Limited: solo or party
*A live event type of quest that will go rare (like a limited time shop).

GUILD ADDITTIONS: (Minor suggestions/improvements)
~Guild uniforms for top guilds.
~Guild NPC for guild quests and the NPC for guild shop same for all guilds.
~Leader and officers get an emblem next to their name, leaders being different.
~Guild rank emblem shows on guild panel and next to the guild name above player.
~Guild page to be viewed by any player (similar to a character page).
~Guild alliance’s and guild pvp.
~Ability to name leader and officer ranks.
~All guild message boards receive update messages from staff when there is any.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 8
9/23/2012 18:35:46   

I have a guild Suggestion

If we could make notes on the /guild Part for Example

Name Rank Level Server Information (role)
Player A Leader 45 Zhoom Clan leader

Player B Officer 45 Zhoom Head of Pvp

Player C Officer 45 Zhoom Trainer and helper

Player D Officer 45 Zhoom Tactics

Player E Officer 45 Zhoom recruitment

this would make players of the guild Know who is doing what for the clan and who to ask for help.

I also Think having Announcements that will Send a Message to everyone online on Every Server Saying what is happening For Example. /ga Can all guild members /join battleon-2416 for a Guild meeting Thank you.

Last Second Edit, I think it would be useful if. When you Type /guild and see a list of members. when you hover your mouse over them you can have a list that comes up saying goto summon add friend etc.

This would Look more professional.

this is all I have came up for at the moment Thank you for reading.

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AQW  Post #: 9
9/23/2012 19:13:25   

a guild bank for acs and gold for the leader to get like extra character slots and stuf for your guild hall( whihc im also suggesting evan though alina said we would have them )
AQW  Post #: 10
9/23/2012 21:50:35   
Dee Wiz

I think a Chat Issue needs some attention...
The Canned-Chat folks can't seem to send via Party-Chat and now via Guild-Chat...

Need a way for the Canned-Chat messages to be sent via the Guild Chat carriers (and possibly a seperate feature for Party Chats).
Being able to receive all the Chats is a big step forward ... but it would be nice to have two-way (duplex) communications, too!
(although there is the potential to demote all canned-chatters to Duffer status??? <- this is NOT what I would really prefer to see)

Most of the rest of these ideas could probably wait until they get the bugs out of showing which guild members are on which servers...

Given the original 15 Guild Slots, and a Limit of One Leader, Maybe a LIMIT of 14 Officers per Guild,
one for each of the available original slots - with the balance of purchased slots being for members and duffers?
Of course - as long as there are less than 14 Officers - any non-leader/non-officer may be promoted;
but implementation would require swapping those members promoted to Officer into the next non-leader/non-officer occupied slot of the 1st 15...

A way for Guild Officer to provide a larger contribution to the Guild (and a preventative of possible demotion):
Say an Officer may purchase up to (say) 35 additional (above the Leader's 50) slots for more Guild members;

The Leader could NOT demote any Officer who has purchased any (or maybe? more than 5) additional member-slots;
(a member who has purchased upto 5 addtitional duffer-slots may not be demoted to duffer?)
And maybe the Leader can not remove any Officer(/member), until any member(/duffer)-slots purchased by that officer(/member) are cleared?

Only that purchasing Officer(/member) could invite members(/duffers) to said slots;
while that purchasing Officer(/member) (and maybe the Leader) could remove members from said slots;

Should that Officer(/member) leave that Guild, said slots - with-or-without any members(/duffers) - would go with said Officer(/member).
Maybe if the Officer(/member) wants to take the members(/duffers) in the slots that Officer(/member) purchased with said Officer(/member) to another Guild,
then that Officer(/member) may do a Remove Command Specifying his/her self - also removing said members(/duffers) from said Guild,
then when that Officer(/member) accepts an Invite to another (or Creates his/her own) Guild - said members(/duffers) also join that Guild.
(Something like taking an entire Platoon/squad with oneself?)

Eventually - a Leader could hand off the Guild to any of the 14 Officers - and take up to 35 non-officer members with him or her,
to another Guild (either a new one the Leader Creates, or an existing one the Leader accepts an Invite to).

(Notice the "Intermediate Step" options - with one Guild Member, and up to 5 Guild Duffers - as a team/squad for rooms with limits of 6? Would this be way too much ...?)

As a part of implementing Guild Reputation:
a way for a leader (and maybe Officers) to assign a certain amount of Guild Rep to those with Guild specific minimum amounts of various other Game Zone Reps (i.e. Arcangrove, Good, Evil, Chronospan, etc)
a way for a leader (and maybe Officers) to assign a certain amount of Guild Rep to those with Certain Guild specific Classes and/or Ranks of Classes (i.e Rank 5 Rogue, Rank 10 Paladin, Rank 4 Healer, Rank 1 Warlord, etc.)
etc... based on the Level obtained by a player ...etc
[the above might be implemented either by tailored (selective requirements and selective rewards) quests - or a tailered selection of potientially available (fixed requirements and rewards) quests]
as well as the old tried methods of battles with certain monsters or particular quests awarding Reputation points.. (to all members of all Guilds)

Maybe a Guild Coffer - that could be filled - donated to? - by doing Social Services (Such as helping at - completing a "Guild" quest for - the Pet Shop, the Magic Shop, Yulgar's Inn, etc)

Possibly a Guild Armory - where certain quests' rewards would go directly (perment?) into the armory - and where other members of that Guild could then borrow said (temp?) items?
That is - once the quest reward is earned - that Item is always listed in that Guild's Armory (maybe in multiples - if quest is completed again or by others), although not necesarily available;
But the "borrowing" is a temperary implementation - that will automatically return the item(s) to that Guild's Armory upon the Player Logging Off, thus making said item(s) -again- available to other Players.
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 11
9/24/2012 20:53:29   

Ok I think no-one has already suggested this.

Maybe you could have a guild description. So if a guild is called Testing, maybe the description could be 'Do not join, just testing.' (That was a very bad example wasn't it)
How are we going to find the guild description? Easy, have a guild search. Maybe near the character panel buttons or the heal button etc. you could include a guild search button, so whenever someone clicks it, it brings up a panel where it lists the latest guilds created and somewhere in the list there could be a guild search in which they type a guild name and see if anyone has made it etc.

Also adding to the panel next to the guild name you could have a request to join that guild instead of someone inviting you. It is very fustrating (well to me it is) when I couldn't apply for a guild and when someone had to invite me but couldn't because they weren't an officer or higher.

That's my suggestion. I hope it goes through to the AE staff and they choose to apply it to the game.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 12
9/24/2012 22:25:44   

A couple of suggestions for guilds. I do apologize if some have been said before
  • The ability to promote, demote and invite players that aren't online or on the same server
  • More ranks. 4 is simply not enough if people want a properly developed guild. The ability to name them as well would be nice
  • Colour coded rank. If not for the player or guild name, then at least in the guild chat.
  • Some type of guild description in the guild's panel
  • Guild ranks that would show how much your guild has grown. This can be influenced by completing guild missions, guild battles, donating etc
  • Allow guild members to donate pvp trophies,gold and AC's into a guild bank to buy more guild slots or houses.
  • Expensive guild halls. More than 2 million gold at least. It should be a team effort to by a guild hall and shouldn't be able to be done by just 1 player
  • An ability to toggle private guild areas. Like with the private ares back in the day that you would automatically join if you were in a party (eg. lair)

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  • AQ MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 13
    9/25/2012 8:41:30   

    1.Make Guilds Ranking(Highscore).
    2.Give reward to first 10 powerfull Guilds.
    1st-300 AC(every member) per week
    2nd-200 AC(every member) per week
    3rd-100 AC (every member) per week
    4th-75 AC (every member) per week
    5th-50 AC(every member) per week
    6th-25 AC(every member)per week
    7th-20 AC(every member) per week
    8th-15 AC(every member) per week
    9th-10 AC (every member) per week
    10th-5 AC (every member) per week
    3.Make a Guild Bank for members

    Change the font size from 5 to 3 since any font size over 3 counts as Spam, please don't do it again

    Have an awesome day now ~Lord Coxy

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    9/26/2012 19:30:45   

    a ability to ask if u can join a guild and guild chat for non mem
    Post #: 15
    9/26/2012 20:38:35   

    Some ideas I'd like to suggest are
    1. The ability to change the name of the positions in your guild, and set how many positions there are. So say, My guild "Rotting Lords" could change the name of the leader to "Rotting Lord" and the members to "Rotting Infantry" and so forth, for an example.
    2. A drop down option to pull up a guild page, like a character page but for a guild showing info and members, or Just pull up a small window in the game that shows a guilds information.
    3. When/if guild towns come around, a room where you can change armor color/hair color etc. would be awesome, I love spending time in a private instance of yulgar with my friends because we can change the way we look and show eachother, I'm thinking it would be a great feature just like the one inside "Nulgath's Vacation House"
    4. Presetting a few custom colors (IE the guilds colors, so that members of the guild can change to that guilds colors" and designing a guild crest out of some moveable preset shapes and layers? That might be a bit much, I understand, just saying it would be cool if possible. I mean you could set it to like paying AC's for an extra layer and giving each guild a start out of 2 or 3 layers?
    5. guild rentals, giving a player equipment upgraded to their level in their temporary slot for a small fee, letting them keep it for a day or so at a time. Basic equipment look like a knight armor, Lance/shield, Armet.
    AQ AQW  Post #: 16
    9/27/2012 18:29:00   
    King of Clubs

    1. Extremely hard boss monsters should have guild-room versions capable of holding all the guild members, or as many as possible without overloading the system, without allowing non-guildmembers into it. Ex. You have joined ultracarnax-(guild name).

    2. There should be an ability (purchasable with ac's) to summon bosses into your guild base to fight. It could either be one large charge or "summon tokens" for 200 ac's each.

    3. "Guild tokens". These would be nonmember stackable items that drop like chests and can be donated to the guild at the guild base. They would be used by the guild leader/officers to improve the base and add decorations, features, etc. to the base. A clans total guild tokens should be displayed on the clan list and the number of tokens that each member has donated should be listed after each members name to allow the guild leader to appropriately reward his/her more dedicated members.

    4. Alliance and Enemy list, to list friendly/competitive relationships with other guilds. There could be 5 slots for each, with more purchasable for the traditional 200ac slot price.

    5. Guild base guards, each of which will spawn once and auto-attack any non-guild members visiting the base, or just any members of enemy guilds (dettermined by leader). This could be dissabled for members of allied guilds, or they could still spawn but not attack the player automatically, allowing the guild to display their defenses.

    6. The ability to turn on/off each individual officer privilege, so that the leader can remove his officers abilities if he wishes to have exclusive control over certain functions while allowing them their other privileges.

    7. A guild armour, customizable by the leader, with 10+ options for the symbol on the front, all colour options, metal plate/cloth robe/ leather options, options to adjust the sleeves, legs, etc.

    8. Guild fishing, where guild members can work together (maybe a dance minigame style arrow pressing) to haul in large seamonsters for display in a guild base aquarium.

    9. A guildmember achievement recorder in the guild base listing the past 10 achievements of guild members. (ex. Artix has just obtained the ultracarnax badge, 10:43pm, Cysero has just completed the doomwood quest chain, 10:32pm, Beleen has just obtained Rank 7 in the dwarfhold faction, 9:12pm)

    10. Guild rep for each faction, earned by completing group quests and allowing the guild to purchase items for their base related to that faction.

    11. Guildmember house portal in the guild base, allowing players to click a name from their member list and teleport to that players house.

    12. Meeting announcement board for the guild base, listing a time/date for the members to meet at the base. You may also incorporate a meeting attended % for each player.

    13. A weekly quest giving a large amount of xp and gold based on the number of member in the guild. (ex. xp and gold reward=members x 1000). This would encourage the purchase of more member slots.

    14. I know there were issues with changing the colour of the guild name based on the members rank, how bout <L> < Guildname > for the leader, and <O> < Guildname > for the officers? As well as the number of members listed after the guild name: <L> < Guildname > <15>/ < Guildname > <15>.

    15. A different colour in the guild chat for when officers/ the leader says something.

    16. An assistant guild leader/ primary officer/ prefect title for the highest ranking officer.

    17. A shared xp option for guild fights, in which the total xp of each player present is combined into one bar. As this would give an advantage over normal group fighting, it should be adjusted: Guild xp= total player xp X 0.75; The same could be done for mana

    18. A 1% bonus to xp, gold, and rep obtained from monster defeated per guild member assisting in the fight.

    19. A "member since" date on the /guild interface.

    20. The ability for the guild leader to censor (via starring out) words in the guild chat which are not censored by the game engine itself.

    21. The ability for the guild leader to select which colour the normal guild chat appears in.

    22. The ability for the guild leader to set a minimum level requirement, preventing his/her officers from inviting players below that level into the guild.

    23. An armour obtainable in the Guild Base to commemorate certain numbers of players, 15, 20, 25, etc. It will change to a more epic looking armour for each membercount milestone. If the member count drops below the last milestone, the armour will revert to the corresponding appearance in both the shop and the players inventories. It will also automatically upgrade when a new milestone is met. Should the guild disband, the armour will appear as the default armour such as when a male player equips an armour which only works on females (like those in warlics shop).

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    AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 17
    9/27/2012 19:28:07   

    a guild treasury where guld members can deposit gold ald the guild leader can set who can take out gold
    AQW Epic  Post #: 18
    9/28/2012 0:51:00   
    Raven Star

    Great suggestions. I hope we get to see a guild warehouse.

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    AQW  Post #: 19
    9/28/2012 1:19:25   
    mega manAQ

    a guild name in the char page
    AQW Epic  Post #: 20
    9/29/2012 6:16:32   

    Personal Guild Badge ( Make your own guild badge.Only 1 )

    Edit 1 : Not to be put at character page,but at the guild board by appearing beside the guild name by typing /guild.

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    AQW  Post #: 21
    9/29/2012 9:54:37   

    I have some suggestions referring to the guild launch, these suggestions would not only improve the rate of use of guilds, but more people may want to be apart of one because of these releases. One thing is GUILD PVP... I say this because, alot of guilds are devoting themselves to helping players... but one thing that you really can't help with is PvP ... i think it would be amazing if you guys could not only make at least a 3v3 arena, but also make Tier clothing for different levels.... (such as level 20 tier) for those hardcore pvpers. Another thing that would improve your guild usage is making a website spot for some guilds, because some guilds will be making websites for better organization of their players. The final thing I have to suggest is, an Alliance system between guilds. What this would do is make some guilds that want to be an alliance, be apart of the guild without having to add more space for the users into your guild. This would make opportunities for you to make Raids, in which the alliance members could participate in. I hope you take some of this to thought, and get back to me about my ideas... I think they would greatly expand the need for guilds.

    While posting in size 3 is allowed, there is no need to code your whole post in that font size. Font sizes 2 and 3 should be used for emphasis and nothing else. Coding unnecessarily is considered spam and as such the code has been removed. -Laos

    Ok, sorry. Won't happen again.

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    AQW  Post #: 22
    10/2/2012 6:42:58   

    1. There should be a base for the guild so that members can meet up.
    2. Members in canned chat servers can't communicate with the leader in any way, so guild chats should be an exception for the guild chat.
    3. There should be monsters and quests in the guild base, so that people can fight together.
    4. There should be guild vs guild pvp.
    5. Uniforms and banners.
    6. There should be the character page, invite, add friend menubar when you click on the member's name.
    7. There should be a guild page, and it should say the members, their logo, their uniform, and the requirements to join.

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    AQW  Post #: 23
    10/2/2012 9:24:43   

    Some ideas for the guilds.

    1. There should be an option that you can make alliances with other guilds.

    2. There should be A guild gold and gold storage thing.

    3. Specialized armours and weapons for the different ranks of the guilds.

    4. A guild pet. The pet should be a free non-member pet so all members of the guild can use it

    5. A special rank if FLAG BEARER. When guild banners come out, a member if the guild should be appointed to wear the banner.

    6. Like mods, Guild leaders should have a gold guild name.

    7. A special guild store so members can use guild funds to purchase armours only that guild can use. (One purchase equals unlimited items for an increased price).
    I'm running out of space so I will make new posts


    8. Like mentioned above with the fame points, they can be used to earn guild titles and ranks.
    I.e. 500 fame points can unlock NOOBISH GUILD or something
    1000000 can unlock the rank THE ULTIMATE GUILD

    9. Guild members should be able to guild chat across servers. So if the leader was on the Alina server and the Officer was on the Artix server the leader could /g "Guild meeting at the Cysero server!"

    10. Just an edit of the guild pet post, it should also be a battle pet that can be bought for

    11. This may or may not be a bad idea but guild wars should be over territories. There should be leader boards and prizes for the guilds
    1000th-suckish guild-prize of the floppy blade (just an example)

    12. Guild HQs should be able to be upgraded. I.e. A bank will cost 100k gold


    This part may be a bit harsh but you should be able to set restrictions for:

    14.What officers can do, I.e. promote or change the motd

    15.Restrictions about who can join the guild, I.e. must be level 30+

    (I already enforce these rules to my guild). But these are just to keep control of the guild


    It feels like I'm the only one posting stuff.

    16.Anyway the guild GvG should be called GWZ (Guild war zone) or BoG (battle of the guilds). The message would say "Your guild has been cued for the Guild War Zone" or something like that.

    Merge your posts since Double Posting (which you did Quadruple Posts in a row) isn't allowed in AQWorlds Suggestions, please don't do it again at all, also I took out the price suggestions for some of your suggestions since you not suppose to suggest what price it should be and if it should be member/non member

    Have an awesome day now ~Lord Coxy

    < Message edited by Lord Coxy -- 10/2/2012 10:03:05 >
    AQW  Post #: 24
    10/2/2012 13:39:33   

    1. Guild towns could have a portal that can take you to any member's house.
    2. The uniform for a guild could be made of different armor pieces that can be earned or bought by the guild leader... like pauldrons, greeves, boots, chest-plates, etc.(kinda like how the different in-game armors are made, at least thats what i'm guessing) It should be possible to re-make/re-customize/re-build the Guild uniform limitless times as the guild leader earns/buys more pieces.
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