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=AE= Song and Poetry Contest! *Winners Announced!*

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12/5/2012 18:45:13   

Hey all you creative and gentle souls! If you are reading this, know that it`s time for another forum contest! Yay!

Do you like reading and writing poems? Do you enjoy coming up with song lyrics then playing them? Do I hear a YES? Then step right up and let`s see what your mind and heart can create! But do read the rules and guidelines below first! :-P


FIRST PLACE: 1000 in-game cash currency of the game of your choice (Nova Gems, Varium, Z-tokens, etc)

SECOND PLACE: 750 in-game cash currency of the game of your choice

THIRD PLACE: 500 in-game cash currency of the game of your choice

Note: Due to Oversoul's currency being of a different rate, the amount of currency we will award should you choose it will be less in number

  • Be sure to include the game your character is in, as well as your character ID and/or character name.

    Note: We reserve the right to give additional prizes to those that go above and beyond and surprise us.

    Winners have been announced!

    Song category:
    1st Place: Uskius - Down to Battleon
    2nd Place: Zhing
    3rd Place: Misty_kitty - AQWorlds!

    Poetry category:
    1st Place: Cheese
    2nd Place: San Robin - The story of Will Ty
    3rd Place: ASH*3 - Rawrgobble's Revenge

    Honorary mention: We wanted to give a nod as well to some entries we all enjoyed that weren't in the top 3
    Epic Duel epicness: Digital X and Malicious Neos
    ShadowScythe Poet Laureate: GriffinFire - Ode to Gravelyn
    The AE game adventure: ashiharanakatsu12 - Seven Games, Seven Adventures

    Prizes should be given out by the end of the week.

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  • AQ DF MQ  Post #: 1
    11/7/2012 19:36:42   

    Poem entry:
    T is for Turkey
    H is for Ham
    A is for Apple pie
    N is for Nutmeg
    K is for Key Lime Pie
    S is for Stuffing
    G is for Green beans
    I is for Indian Corn
    V is for Vanilla Wafers
    I is for Idaho Potatoes
    N is for No-Bake Cookies
    G is for Glazed Carrots

    Character name:Ethan Obi
    AQW  Post #: 2
    11/8/2012 12:05:29   

    And with tears of blood he cleansed the hand,
    The hand that held the steel:
    For only blood can wipe out blood,
    And only tears can heal.
    Game: AQW
    Character name: dadocki

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    AQW Epic  Post #: 3
    11/8/2012 12:09:36   

    Farewell to you, my love, whom no one can outshine.
    I say goodbye to you, the one who can’t be mine.
    I say farewell, but why can’t I let go of you?
    Struggle and front, forgetting you, I cannot do.

    Though I can’t bear to see you walking out that door,
    I find out soon that I’ll love you forevermore.
    But now, as you are waving goodbye from afar,
    Always remember that you are my shining star.

    And through the fog, I see nothing but your shadow,
    So then I try to turn, but my feet just won’t go.
    I close my eyes, but there is nothing I can see,
    Except this goodbye, that of which can’t ever be.

    I say, “Goodbye!” but there’s just nothing coming out.
    Farewell and goodbye are words that I try to shout,
    But however much I try, I cannot hear a word
    From the tender lips that I guess I think you’ve heard.

    Death, fight me now for the soul I wish not to sell!
    For my life be wasted on that one last farewell.

    Game: AQWorlds
    Character Name: dadocki

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    AQW Epic  Post #: 4
    11/8/2012 14:22:29   

    Tonight we shall.
    Try to reach for all.
    To a land so kind.
    That is going to blow your mind.

    Hello there!
    You must be new.
    To come here,
    Falling in love with the view.

    I don't know your name,
    But you look familiar.
    Maybe I'm insane,
    I'm always the same.

    I'm a fighter,
    As you never see before.
    Wanna fight me?
    Or just ignore?

    Konishiwa, I say.
    Goodbye, I shout.
    When the lights go out
    That's my way. It's everything I can say.

    Name of the poem: Wellcome to Falconreach.

    Game: AdventureQuest Worlds
    Character Name: Ultimate Master Priest

    DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 5
    11/8/2012 14:58:55   

    Stabbed three times he was, I heard
    left alone outside the town's gate as he bled.
    He died a painful death before he could wed
    But who hasn't got word of this before!
    These souls are hardcore!

    Twenty Adventure Coins and an Inventory were removed as his life depleted within seconds!
    Little or no shield was required
    Now a cherished life has expired.
    Bringing tears to those who he inspired!

    If you find yourself in a battle you cannot succeed.
    Without hesitation, do not fall into temptation, avoid devastation.
    Don't be a hero, surrender your ego.
    Don't be a hero, there is always a tomorrow.
    Don't be a hero by reducing your own life to zero!

    Character name: Esheraz
    Game: OverSoul
    *Note:* I only edited the part to add the game Oversoul.

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    AQW Epic  Post #: 6
    11/9/2012 4:27:15   

    Fall is here

    Character name:Arcane mage lord
    Game:Adventure Quest Worlds

    Fall is here
    Winter is near
    Bears to rest
    Time for the fest
    Cornicopias filled to the brim
    Turkeys piled for a trim
    Oishii madly whisking and whipping
    Whilst fruits and vege take a dipping
    Alina and Rolith baking and basting
    Cysero constantly chasing and tasting
    For the celebration of thanksgiving is coming
    Are you ready for the time of noming.

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    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 7
    11/9/2012 10:10:10   

    Hey Did you hear
    About this this MMORPG my dear?

    Oh there's swords galore and so much more!
    More Weapons and armors than accounted for!
    Players fighting monsters day and night!
    Oh but fighting feels so right...

    Adventure Quest Worlds is a hell of a game!
    Sometimes it can be really cheesy and kinda lame
    And with these Ads on TV they're gaining fame!

    I, /join yulgar,
    Sometimes the players vulgar
    Or it'll be quiet and honestly just a bore...
    But if there's an annoying noob player than i just /hit /ignore.

    When the Chaos Lords are dead...
    What's left to do but ponder all these,
    Hero thoughts, inside my head...?

    Well, i'll just!
    Grab my Axe, mace, hammer, staff or sword
    Roam the land and battle some more!
    And when my Quest is finally done,
    I'll chill and relax in /join Yulgar-1...

    Character Name: Axelwins2
    Game: Adventure Quest Worlds
    DF AQW  Post #: 8
    11/9/2012 16:06:11   

    Character name:Rukia15
    Game:Adventure Quest Worlds
    "Wind" *Feast*

    It Was rainy night ........... Until that light come up with Smile In Faces .
    The Wind under Sunshine took Me ....... All around to see the world .
    Someone call My Name ...... But how Could be ?

    Get my Wishes under that fire ....... But There's still more to do ! But It Must be what?
    Ooh Something is wrong !? ....... All Of that Was Nightmare! ...
    Ooh I found myself In that Street ..... Wondering all around ..
    Dream .... I Should be dreaming! ...... But why can't I woke up ?

    Broken heart ... Crying around ..... I heard That sound again .
    Yes I Can understand it now .. It Was My Family , All around That Table...Waiting For Me.
    Except That day will end .... And That Wind Will Take Me back From where It took me .

    NOW Don't Lose Any moment Because Life is not measured by the Number of breaths you take, Its measured by the Number of Moments that take your breath Away :)!

    It's Good Bye Now .

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    AQW  Post #: 9
    11/9/2012 18:14:59   
    jayk the pikachu

    Trip Through Time
    Character Name jaykthegiratina
    Game Oversoul

    When the Clock shall Chime
    Take a trip through Time
    to the days that Shine

    It all began in a town
    where no one would frown
    with a inn that's brown.

    Then continued in a land
    with dragons so very,very grand
    where nothing was bland.

    Next came the world forgotton
    where Soluna's king was rotten
    and in GEARS, Mechas could proven.

    After that, a World where Good,
    Evil and Chaos stood
    and fight they would.

    Then onwards to a world where Exile
    and Legion fought and ended up with a pile
    of bodys stacked over a mile.

    Next we enter a world of Villains
    and Heroes all unwillin'
    to be chillin'

    Finally we see the sunset
    we are no longer upset
    because it's not the end,it's just a reset...

    But no matter what I'm gonna fight
    every day and night
    with the Blinding Light
    Of Destiny,that's right

    I shall not despair
    for i declare

    I shall be here
    so never fear
    for i am near...

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    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 10
    11/9/2012 18:16:01   

    The DragonSlayer

    Lo, I swing my blade sky high,
    the soft neck is severed.
    Fire wraps my soul in her devilish embrace.
    I push forth into the dragon's weapon,
    its own esophagus, a tool of fire.

    It throws me aside,
    the clanging of my armor into the smoldering rock.
    It raises and tries to roar, blood gushing forth like a volcano,
    the birthplace of this monster from Heck.
    I laugh a hearty laugh, its time draws nigh.

    The dragon, ever so a malicious creature, now cries,
    its burning soul diminished my ultimate prize.
    I pick up my blade and advance to the beast, who gazes into my eyes

    my heart,

    my DragonSlayer's Soul.

    It calms down, knowledge telling it fighting back is futile.
    It makes what appears to be a smile, from the devil's own face.
    I raise the sword o so ever high, and smirk.
    The blade falls down.

    AQW Username for Contest: namaster

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    AQ DF AQW  Post #: 11
    11/9/2012 18:28:53   

    Down to Battleon (Game: Adventure Quest. Character: Uskius)

    I am just a man,
    And a hero to none
    But should I join a cause
    I will end what has begun

    Millions came before me
    Millions more will walk this path
    Thousands will fall by my hand
    Akriloth, feel my wrath!

    Through the forests of Greenguard
    O'er the hills so green and long
    Brothers, we are marching
    Down to Battleon!

    Hear the children cry
    Mothers weep and wail;
    For all those who cannot fight
    I must prevail

    I may walk alone
    Or with many make my stand
    Against all rising evils
    I will protect this land!

    Through the forests of Greenguard,
    O'er the hills so green and long
    Brothers we are marching
    Down to Battleon!
    AQ Epic  Post #: 12
    11/9/2012 19:13:56   

    Forum Entry #12

    Entry Type: Poem
    Rhyme: Present (External)
    Rhyme Scheme: AABB
    Stanza Count: 9
    Theme Chosen: AE Games/Adventures regarding AE games.
    AQW Player Name: Ashihara12

    Note: I only included the seven major AE games (excluding AQ3D, Warpforce, and Pony VS. Pony).


    ''Seven Games, Seven Adventures''
    by Ashihara12

    Not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, not six, but seven.
    Seven awesome games that'll make you feel like you're in heaven.
    Plenty great adventures await you here at the Land of Lore.
    But don't just play one game because I'm sure you'll crave for more!

    Defend Lore from the Chaos here at AdventureQuest Worlds!
    And don't let the Thirteen Chaos Lords twist the world ahurled!
    Party with your friends and pals at /join yulgar-1.
    Or fight bosses alongside them, either would be fun!

    Then get ready to Start the Assault right here at EpicDuel!
    But don't play for too long or your gear'll run out of fuel!
    Enhance your skills and strategies then plan your epic combos,
    for only here at EpicDuel, your friends will become your foes.

    While here in DragonFable; Save the orbs, Save the world!
    And ride your own dragon, but make sure that you won't hurl!
    Destiny has brought you to defeat a Dark Doomknight,
    For here, you are the mighty Hero who will restore the light!

    Battle and collect plenty of Monsters here in Oversoul!
    Explore the Map and battle monsters to put them in your control.
    Use battle cards to fight many monsters and other players,
    So possess your beasts and become the best among the tamers!

    In MechQuest, be the Savior of the Universe... in Space!
    With giant destructive war machines, you'll save the human race.
    From Grenade Launchers to Laser Swords, you'll certainly feel the action.
    Exploring the Galaxy and its planets will exceed your satisfaction.

    Here in HeroSmash, Save the world... or destroy it.
    Be a hero or a villain; You'll enjoy it bit by bit!
    Have awesome superpowers, fly around and sore!
    Save the townspeople... or terrorize them, the choice is yours.

    Champion the forces of Good at AdventureQuest.
    The game where it all started up till the rest.
    The war is raging at Lore and the battle is yours to depend!
    Defeat the baddest opponents and put their lives to an end!

    Not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, not six, but seven.
    Seven awesome games that'll make you feel like you're in heaven.
    Ten years and counting of exciting adventures and improvement...
    So thank you for making such wonderful games, Artix Entertainment.


    Note: If chosen for any prize, I would like my game currency to be of AQW's (Gold/Adventure Coins).

    Good Luck to all of us!

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    AQW  Post #: 13
    11/9/2012 20:17:59   

    Queen of Darkovia (A poem) ((Game: Adventure Quest. Character: Uskius))

    Abiding darkness
    Silent and imoortal,
    Starless blanket of fear.
    Black and moonless,
    Elegant and royal
    White fangs drawing nearer
    For a deadly kiss.

    Monarch of vampires
    Pale and fair as startlight
    Distant and alluring.
    White eye growing higher,
    Ruler over the night
    Frosty gaze enduring,
    A cold heart wrapped in fire.
    AQ Epic  Post #: 14
    11/9/2012 21:12:50   

    Game: AQWorlds
    Character Name: Drakonite_917

    Title: The Hero

    What is it that defines a hero?
    Is it how many times he has bested his foe?
    Could it be how he silences the sorrow?
    Or perhaps how well he takes the blow?

    In our lives, what matters is not our pasts,
    but what we do in the future that truly lasts.
    It is not our mistakes that define who we are,
    but how we fight within us, our own war.

    Is the evil we fight really outside?
    Or is it just a reflection of the inside?
    The beast unmatched lays not out there,
    but in our own selves, enjoying despair .

    Have the frightful monsters disappeared?
    Or could they be in the place we most feared?
    What is a hero without a foe to conquer?
    What is a hero without lives to look after?

    A hero is one who had valiantly bested
    the evil in his heart that had once rested.
    A hero is one with a heart that doesn't crumble,
    Yet a hero is one whose heart is just as humble.
    AQW  Post #: 15
    11/9/2012 22:03:23   

    Game: AQ
    Character Name : L

    I Declare War

    Behind enemy lines he lies in wait unseen by
    the opposing team...he thought he was safe,
    no one knew what brought him here,
    some say he lost it when he had no strenght to steer,
    weakened by fatigue, plague and unrest he stumbled
    to his feet to prove he was the best.
    Finding himself behind enemy lines,
    he felt at home since he'd been there a thousand times,
    he knew where he was and where he came for,
    under his breath he he mumbled..."I now declare war"
    the dirt on his shoes proved his valient stance tho he trodden through tough roads,
    he deserved a second chance--his weapon of choice mere words of expression,
    If he loses again...he'll learn another lesson,
    So he marches into battle expecting to win,
    A trap was placed...he foolishly fell in.
    He shouted and screamed but couldn't quite understand,
    How this time he was pushed---by his very own hand.
    He realized he was alone...tho surrounded by wealth,
    Under his breath he mumbled...."I'm at war with myself"

    He gave thanks to the ones who care,
    he was given food and expected to share,
    he battled with hungar and unrest,
    he proved he were the best,
    he fought the undead,
    we read the stories to our children in bed,
    for this is the story of the one,
    aside from Artix told very bad puns,
    he was never scared of death and thought fighting was fun,
    tho monsters never took him serious,
    even when he left them delirious,
    despite this story he was the oddest of them all,
    son of a human and cousin to a gween,
    haven't seen him since last fall of Mogloween,
    his history is a mystery,
    written in on a wall,
    no one can get to it...at all,
    in Yulgar's bathroom on the 3rd stall.
    protected by a beast,
    it needs to shower at least ten times a hour.

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    Post #: 16
    11/9/2012 22:49:56   

    The Tragic Story of Ravenloss

    (Warning, possible spoilers)
    Come here, let me tell you a story
    About an old, forgotten, underground city
    Stripped away from its former glory
    Where everything was lost
    A town, called Ravenloss

    It all started on a day like any other day
    With two children inside their school
    One of them had an idea in his wicked mind lay
    So the other child he could fool

    His name is Tomix
    With hair deep crimson and eyes as blue as the sea
    Then the other did his tricks
    And the same, he will never be

    The boy dared Tomix to weave
    Using their headmasters spiritlooms
    And a path did it leave
    For their impending doom

    For the gauntlets had trapped seven spirits
    But they were anything but ordinary
    When Tomix tried to weave, he could not do it
    Because the spirits were corrupted, and he set them free

    Tomix became corrupted and he changed in pain
    While the seven spirits went to the city for them to rein
    His eyes truned gold, his hair white
    Then, he saw a friendly sight

    It was a violet spirit that rescued him
    And it told him his name is Aspar
    Then, he told everyone turned grim
    For the spirits raged near and far

    He could not believe what he could see
    The spirits, who's name were Anger, Lust, Pride, Greed, Gluttony, Sloth, and Envy
    What could happen, he never knew
    But then, the ChaosWeavers came, too

    The town became dusk deserted
    All that were left were darkness, regrets and dread
    In the streets, no one would tread
    For in any turn, they may be dead

    Taking all guilt, he knew what was best
    To make it his eternal quest
    To vanquish the spirits and never rest
    He would travel North, South, East, and West
    And put his SoulWeaver skills to the ultimate test

    And it was something he would not do alone forever
    For a hero came who decided to help in his favor
    They battled and paved the ChaosWeavers in the streets
    To defeat their current target, the corrupet spirit Greed

    And soon, he found two more people
    Who decided to help him so his forces would not cripple
    Izaac, a smart Archeology learner
    And Riadne, an intellectual Arachnomancer

    And so, they fought for Ravenloss
    To bring back all that was lost
    And so now, they fulfill their faiths
    And unlock the secrets of the Equilibrium Gate

    And that's the story of Ravenloss

    Game: DragonFable
    Character: BWMagician

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    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 17
    11/10/2012 10:10:43   
    Beshin Adin

    Title: Hope for Bloodtusk

    The horcs sings songs as they harvest the mountain
    And pound arashtite into their swords
    While the trolls tighten the strings on their lyres
    And create stories with their mystic words

    Their physical differences are numerous
    Their minds are, in no way, the same
    Yet both their hearts can beat as one
    Their passions are like a raging flame

    We await the day the drop their knives
    And join in a brother's embrace
    The spirit of peace will, one day, come
    And wrap the ravine in her grace

    Game: AQW
    Character: Noelzal
    AQ AQW  Post #: 18
    11/10/2012 10:27:12   

    Thanksgiving with AE

    Oh, Thanksgiving!
    A great holiday to spend with the undead and living!
    I must confess,
    whether it’s Thankstaking or Harvest,
    or Oversoul’s beta test,
    there is no better way,
    to spend Thanksgiving Day,
    then with AE and your family!

    Oversoul Char Name: Legendbreaker

    Type of Currency: Soul Gems!

    If I cant have soul gems, then ACs, my AQW Char name is Legendbreaker150

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    AQ AQW  Post #: 19
    11/10/2012 13:16:25   
    How We Roll Winner

    (Note to judges: The following posted song lyrics, are just for fun only.)

    *Imagine if you will a piano softly playing, a guitar (wooden six string) follows along after a moment of silence, than the drums take up the beat in rthyms of 1, 1, 2, 3. And the song is titled Oh lorian world.*

    "Mechquest, you are the finest, sweeping shadowscythe away, Adventure quest, you are so fine, drawing us in on your story of time, Dragonfable, so sweet, you lift us right off of our feet, Oh Aqw you look so good, especially with your neighborhoods, Than there is herosmash, making heros and villains clash, Epic duel on the bikes so cool, pony vs pony, Like running on a rainbow of cupcakes, Oversoul, you sold your soul, Aq3d, is that dragon looking at me?"

    "Inside the tek shop, listening to the ticking of clocks, Inside the seekrat saga, as he plots with 7 evil villains of carnage, Looking into the dragonstables, seeing the rose taking over all, Looking at aqw, reaching the span in a second of stars, Epic dueling along, preparing Kimberly to sing us a song, Ponies riding all day, tails swishing in the hay. Oooh Oversoul, pumpkins and vamps are outta control, Aq3d do you see? The power that is hidden in thee."

    Chorus: "Oh Lorian World, Change the time and change the viewpoint. Oh Lorian World, Come together in history!"

    Third verse: "Braddock Steele, still looking at war, preparing his guns to blast some more, yeah, Oh zorbak tried to take control, but the aq heros gave him what for. Woah listen to the beat, Dragonfable titan nearly swept us off our feet, ooh aqw happy 10th anniversary, You gave me draegons so neatly, Woah the things i see in herosmash make me cheerful and full of glee, Whoo hoo epic duel your so fine, In the cavernous mines, we discovered androidic robots so fine. Woah Bronies gather your way, wearing cool hats to accessorize your day yeah, Oversoul fire witch, burning hot, flames of pitch. Aq3d, the next wave, of journeying is about to take it's place."

    Fourth Verse: "When wolfblade lost its commander, it was truly a shock. Adventurequest met up the devourer, and really saw power in a new light, dragonfable true mortal here i see, a blue wolf staring at me. Oh aqw, happy thanksgiving, sure to be a really good treat, and herosmash so strong, those powerful fleas and mr. Kong, Woah Epic duel Auxiliaries for me and for you. Than we have a pet to take like a sweet delicious cup cake, Oh oversoul, that skeleton just stole my soul, These aq3d monsters are cool, they make me rock like a golem stew!"

    Chorus: "Oh Lorian World, Take a look and give it a spin, Oh Lorian World, Join forces throughout all of time."

    Fifth Verse: "Than in each and every game, The ebil master came, That stockmarket cool Mr.Platinum, devised a plan to erase our worlds."
    Sixth Verse: "But you all defeated him, He was bruised, battered, pied and beaten, he was out of luck, he faced our forces and he lost."

    Chorus: "Oh Lorian World, Shine the light and give it a whirl, Oh Lorian World, Beating bad guys since we were walking on history."

    "History, history, yeah i see it all so clear, history, yeah I see it all so perfect, history, yeah i see dage taking on nulgath, history, yeah now there's chaos to beat, history, oh, history."

    *end song*
    AQW Epic  Post #: 20
    11/10/2012 14:16:01   
      San Robin

    Game: Dragonfable
    Character Name: san robin
    Character ID: 4314352


    [B]The story of Will Ty
    Young Will Ty went on an adventure looking for a way to cure his mother,
    He didn’t want to lose her since they only had each other.
    They always lived in peace,
    But his mother suddenly got a terrible disease.
    A village elder told him about a cure of old tales,
    It was said to cure all sickness it always prevails.
    A leaf from an ancient tree in a forest to the west,
    But getting there alone would be a great test.
    A lot of trouble would be in his way,
    However Will was determined and left the same day.
    On his way to the tree,
    Will came across a lot of sickness and misery.
    Being the kind boy he was with a heart oh so pure,
    He promised the sick to bring them the cure.
    Arriving at the forest young Will had a fright,
    No path in the forest and it was dark as night.
    Remembering his promises Will continued his way,
    As scared as he was from his promises he won’t sway.
    As soon as he entered a path started to glow,
    he didn’t know why be he knew that was where to go.
    After hours of walking Will reached a giant tree,
    It was really majestic a real sight to see.
    “I am the spirit of the tree.” a voice said out of nowhere,
    “That you made it here shows just how much you care!”
    “The path only shows to people with pure intention,”
    “You may pick the leaves you seek, but there’s something I have to mention.”
    “Picking 1 leaf will take years of your life,”
    “Not 2, 3 or 4 but at the very least 5.”
    “Think before you pick for your memories I have read,”
    “Pick all the leaves you promised and within a month you’ll be dead!”
    Will shrugged and said “a lot of people are sick,”
    “I’m able to save a life with each leaf that I pick.”
    After Will picked the leaves he quickly went back,
    Keeping the leaves safely inside a big sack.
    Handing out the leaves to the sick people he met,
    All the praise they gave him made his face red.
    He soon continued his way to his home and his bed,
    Every day, every hour, every minute got him closer to his death.
    At long last Will finally returned ,
    The month almost over his life almost burned.
    He ran to his house and fed his mother the leaf,
    Her breath started to calm, he was filled with relief.
    Knowing it was over he sat down next to the bed,
    And with his last breath he said “Now I don’t have a regret.”
    Hours later his mother woke up and started to mourn,
    Suddenly a voice said “The lords of elements had mercy the boy will be reborn.”
    “But not as a human but a moglin instead,”
    “He will heal lots of people and happiness he will spread.”
    As the voice said a few months later under the sacred tree,
    A moglin was born and it was named “Twilly”.

    The End.

    Yeah... it's a poem :P

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    AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 21
    11/10/2012 17:25:03   

    A poem, I shall say, a great poem.

    Deticated to : AE Games

    Type of entry : Poem
    About : AE Games
    Game name : EpicDuel
    Player name : Xraish
    Player ID : Unknown
    Type of currency : Varium


    You walk the world, you walk the land,
    you have a gun, bow or sword in hand.
    Looking everywhere, finding quests,
    completing them, to do the rest.
    Meeting people, seeing creatures,
    slaying them to complete a quest.
    You meet people, you meet NPCs,
    you make friends and gather EXP.
    You see Twilly and his girls,
    you realise, you're on AQWorlds.

    You do the duel, you know it's cruel,
    you have to do it, it's the rule.
    Killing foes and slaying beasts,
    you do it all in 1s and 2s, you are so beast.
    Accepting a mission, turning it in,
    you get a sword, you take a swing.
    Swinging the sword, killing a hord,
    you know you win, you are the king.
    You click the button, you enter the duel,
    you meet your foe, realising, you're on EpicDuel!

    Walking on the road, stomping over cars,
    you visit shops and slay some beasts.
    You buy your upgrades, add new guns,
    you come up with some funny buns.
    Battling robots, shooting rockets,
    that's all that's to it, that's is just how you do it.
    Completing the quest, you are the best,
    it was fun playing, Mechquest.

    This was a poem about AE Games' three games : MechQuest, AdventureQuest Worlds and EpicDuel, I have personally tried almost all and I had alot of fun.
    Thank you for everything AE Games. :)

    Sorry about posting this, but I totally forgot it had to be about AE or Thanksgiving and made something COMPLETELY different, but I might as well post it since it was fun to make and I think is worth showing.


    There is silence, there is peace,
    not a single sound, not a single movement.
    There is no pain, there is no conflicts,
    all you see in the forest, a tent.

    The city is different, so much to see,
    everything is dazzling, but nothing is free.
    The tall buildings, they seem so great,
    should work there someday, but will it pay?

    You see farms, you see the animals,
    there is no pollution, there is no crime.
    You just decide to take a drive, to see the nature,
    you see the beautiful Countryside.

    Somewhere out there, in the middle of nowhere,
    there is movement and there is no peace.
    People are fighting, people are dieing,
    we are just sitting here, crying.

    Sorry if there is ANY grammar is spelling mistakes in this, I am only 14 and I live far from any country that speaks English.

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    AQW Epic  Post #: 22
    11/10/2012 18:08:55   

    ChronoPinoyX Presents ~ An AQWorlds Poem. Inspired by The Span Saga

    Chaorrupted Will

    As said by the shadows

    I walk everyday with every people I follow
    Each and every one, a story I know
    From the very Heroes of Lore, to even the creatures of Chaos
    One man stood strong, and his willpower had no loss

    ~Who is this very man? I do not understand.~
    All have succumbed to the chaos, yet he endures it
    I walk with millions more around lore
    And yet he himself was special amongst my list

    Slowly but surely, this man slowly loses his mind
    But he knew far too well, this is not the time
    He endures every minute, every second of his pain
    Teaching the our very Hero, before Drakath gets his gain

    Blood burns boiling hot, eyes clouded by purple mist
    He continues to teach the Hero all he can
    With time by his side, controlled by his fists
    Iadao indeed was a very special man

    Galanoth... I followed him and all that had perished
    Even the very dragon that he had slain
    All was lost, Galanoth's actions in vain
    Iadao shows that not all has vanished

    With the death of Time, a new story followed
    The Hero of Lore was born... Formed
    Iadao knew time was running short
    Chaos awaits, and so does the Hero's Sword

    Before all is lost, the Hero must gain
    The knowledge of Lore, the history of the plains
    This man, Iadao plays the most important role
    The Master, The teacher, The Chaorrupted soul

    I follow the Hero, Drakath and Iadao himself
    To see how all will end
    Once time runs out, I will tell
    How Iadao, The Teacher, taught our Hero till the end

    With this my friends, I close my story
    You too, my friend, I see good news
    You are just as special as Drakath, the Hero and Iadao as well
    Just wait... You too will save Lore as well

    May you find your salvation in the eye of the storm
    Chaos spreads, but all comes close to an end
    Take up arms and show no fear
    I will be by your side, by your feet... Right here

    NAME: CervantesMaxi

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    AQW  Post #: 23
    11/10/2012 19:20:06   
    jayk the pikachu

    Song Entry:Complex,Complex!
    Note:Based on my AQW EC Story
    Char Name:Jaykthegiratina
    Chorus is Bolded

    Get it together,Jayk What happened is Complex,Complex!
    KPL erased your memories and Filled your head with Ebil thoughts!
    But despite all, you redeemed yourself

    Let's begin at the start
    When you defeated Death
    You headed for Battleon

    But on the way,
    Ninjas attacked you Jay
    and so you lost yourself

    You were seeing numbers in your dreams
    Your mind was deep in False Memories and Schemes
    You thought you were someone else!

    Get it together,Jayk What happened is Complex,Complex!
    KPL erased your memories and Filled your head with Ebil thoughts!
    But despite all, you redeemed yourself

    I don't know,i'm not sure
    If i can trust you anymore
    When i know you haven't been in war before

    Then Sandstone made you see
    what you had done wrong
    and then you were strong

    Then Drakath came and explained
    to you that you retained
    some memories

    Get it together,Jayk What happened is Complex,Complex!
    KPL erased your memories and Filled your head with Ebil thoughts!
    But despite all, you redeemed yourself

    Next you fought your Brother
    and when you won
    he stepped off the edge and it was done

    Then you fought Kuro Shiro
    and at last you the hero
    fought Chairman Platinum

    Then you were sentenced
    to death and when you were
    about to hang,you were saved Sir

    Get it together,Jayk What happened is Complex,Complex!
    KPL erased your memories and Filled your head with Ebil thoughts!
    But despite all, you redeemed yourself

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    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 24
    11/11/2012 13:49:23   

    There once was a feind called Nulgath,
    Who decided to risk Dage's wrath,
    Dage trapped him in a world
    But his plan came unfurled
    When Nulgath's wrath made a warpath!

    Char name: Megakyle777
    Game: Oversoul.

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