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RE: =AE= Song and Poetry Contest!

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11/19/2012 5:51:43   

Entry Type: A really really long poem.

As the sun raised high the sky, I looked over the field of un-dead.

My blade was soaked in all manner of sickening goo.

As I cleansed my blade I heard a great roar, my heart pounded and beat.

As the great beast rose above, from within the bellows of necropolis.

He let out another great roar, the sky turned black from fear.

His eye's glowed and shined, such a vile green of hate and death.

There was no doubt that this would be my last battle.

I'd fall within these cursed woods of doom, I would fall and join them.

In the crusade of my town of FalconReach, but wait I can't let it end here.

I pulled my sword up high into the air, I shall slay this beast yes I shall.

The beast took my challenge and ran forth, I summoned my strength.

For the final attack I called upon my Dragon Lord training.

It will guide me to the beast core, I unleashed my sword upon it's bone.

A fiery dragon rose from my blade, devour the beast it did.

The quest was over and the gold mine. Now to wait till I have to fight Akriloth.......I miss the the un-dead beast already.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 51
11/19/2012 9:18:20   

Character name:Rukia15
Game:Adventure Quest Worlds
*Destiny* ( About adventure )

It was Strange How did we meet ?
.. Have you ever thought of that ?
..... It was sunny day until that nightmare Came!

I saw those strangers Looking at me ..
And Sadly Everything changed .
I start to see those Un-dead In my Road .
I met A lot of people .

I got A lot of friends and battled together
I had A lot of adventure ...

And that Day Came So we Can all Become happy with us Gathering . "Thanksgiving"
I still wonder why did we met in this time And Age ?Why?
But these thought In mind has no where to go

It's still lost in the darkness ..
But in the path I have chosen the answer seek there !
Even Dream , Darkness , Love , Sin and with our hearts .
With it the impossible shall be possible .

One Day It'll come true
When Drakath Shall Lose
We Just Need to wait that Day
Do you believe in Destiny ?

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AQW  Post #: 52
11/19/2012 20:56:31   
How We Roll Winner

Old Shadow
"An old shadow
Light seeps in
The sound of destiny"

Adventure Step
"One great adventure starts with one great hero"

As Artix rises,
the undead falls.
As Cysero plays with socks,
his son shall crawl.
As J6 shoots,
we will hoot.
As Beleen walks,

AQW: Stellaluna22
Currency: ACs

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AQW  Post #: 53
11/20/2012 0:34:24   

"The Doomknight Fight"
By moss, unlikely

There once was a young Doomknight
Who thought he could rule with might
He was put to the sword
By a great Dragonlord
So they fought long into the night

While this was going down
A man walked into town
He was met by Twilly
Who acted quite silly
And the man took on a frown

Character ID:17597727 (Dave)

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DF  Post #: 54
11/20/2012 14:38:35   
Digital X
Legendary AK!!!

All across Delta V, six classes would battle
Which would succeed, and which ones would rattle?

The Mercenary, with its defenses so high
But all i struck was a 3, and let out a sigh
I struck again with a Stun, and an Atom Smash
Then came down on them hard with an almighty crash

The Tactical Mercenary with its Toxic Grenade
When that bad boy hits, screams of pain will be made
Regenerating energy upon each time getting hit
You better kill it fast, kill it hard, kill it quick

Here comes the Bounty Hunter with deadly claws
With enough solid damage to leave you with sores
Its Massacre, Smoke Screen and Reflex Boost
If you go against this class, you better bring a boost

Cyber Hunter with Malfunction and Static Charge
It may seem weak, but hits like a barge
Its defenses nearly rival the Tactical Merc
It doesn't seem dangerous, but boy, will it hurt

Up now is the Tech Mage with the Plasma Rain
It can strike once or twice and pain is its game
Stealing your energy with the Assimilation
You look and think "wow, what a creation"

Lastly the Blood Mage, Tech Mage's brother
This class is tough and will leave you running for cover
Carrying Plasma Cannon, Bloodlust and a Fireball
When that last skill hits, it'll feel like a wall

Now that these classes have put up a fight
I wish you good Christmas, and have a wonderful night!

Game: Adventure Quest
Character: VO1D InFiNiT3

Hope i have this all right.

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AQ MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 55
11/20/2012 21:18:18   

The Darkness Within

The battle raged on
In the pit of the night
He sliced and he stabbed
To protect his new child

In the whirl of his foes
A tornado around the crib
His grim expression
Pushing back all who opposed

But, unknown to him
Among Zardbies pouring in
A doomknight arrived
A doomknight who knew his plan

The stranger paced up the stairs
past the child's room
To the man's wife
And struck her down

The man heard her scream
He knew what had happened
His terror struck him like lightning
And anger abounded

He stormed to their room
As the Zardbies all fled
And looked down in fury
At the Killing man

He drew up his sword
And saw a man filled with fright
But with no regret
His sword met it's target

He hated the I'm sorry's
That He heard the next day
Gave the child to his sister
And then ran away

He wanted more power
Because He knew
If he hadn't been so slow
He wood still have his bride

He sought out the necromancer
That was famed through the land
But not in a good way
For he could change a man

He demanded the power
So it would not happen again
He signed a binding promise
To serve for his strength

He was given armor and a new sword
That wore him more than he wore them
And forced under a new tyrrant
Who was called Sepulchure

He was given a mission
To destroy a target
A humble man in the woods
Who had given help to their enemies

He went to the house
Monsters abounding
And walked past a door
The monsters were flooding to

He kicked open the end door
And grinned a small smirk
He saw a woman
And with a swipe she lay on the floor

A man barged in
With fury on his face
And lifted his sword high
With a look of distaste

In his last final moment
He realized his mistake
The monster who destroyed his family
Was the man he became

Character name: brice656
Game: dragonfable


AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 56
11/22/2012 13:22:09   
How We Roll Winner

AE Game: Dragonfable
Character ID: 33754300
Entry Type: Poem

The Road Homeward
(Note that this is a shortened version of my complete poem)

Heed my Call!
O Traveler Weary.
For I shall tell,
of fates dark and dreary.

Of gigantic Dragons and
courageous Knights,
Of shining Paladins,
and glorious fights.

Heed my Call!
For now I begin,
a tale of Virtue,
and endless Sin.

I was a traveler,
much as you.
In times gone by,
and before you knew.
And I had roamed,
to lands far and near.
To ruins undiscovered,
and caverns you fear.

Pay your heed for I tell you know,
of what I sought and what I found.

In search of Glory,
had I left my home.
Unaware of the danger,
and the creatures that roam.

But who could think of my Fate
and plight.
For I found within moments,
myself in a fight.

And what I faced,
is faced by few,
Was an eldritch creature,
of a burning feature.

Whoosh , blew its flame,
as I dived to my side.
And Whooo beat the wings,
as it took to the tide.

"Come", I bellowed,
for I feared nought.
And in I jumped,
without mind and thought.

Swinged my blade,
and I forced my parry.
As I read its moves,
ever so quick and wary.

Days went by,
but I did not yield.
As it reared its head,
and I strengthened my wield.

Down ripped its claw,
threatening to shear.
And wide came its maw,
no flame nor fear.

And a fated miss,
did I struck that day.
For my blade went flying,
Out sight and out of way.

It scratched and bit, it clawed and
Fall I did,
for I was weary
And fall I did to its killing hit.

All glory lost,
I fell to the heath.
As my soul did carry
to the Realm of Death.

I was a Hero,
Vain and Proud.
Blind to the senses,
wrapped in the "shroud."

And you know what happened,
the tale there onwards.
As I stand here lonely,
Haunting.... The Road Homeward...

DF MQ AQW  Post #: 57
11/22/2012 15:22:56   

Poem Title: Turkducken (to the tune of "Dragonborn" AKA the skyrim theme song)

Turkducken, Turkducken, by its honor is sworn, To keep good forever at bay!
And the fiercest foes rout when they hear triumph's shout, Turkducken, for your death we pray!
Eat now, sons of food, to an age, long ago, and the tale, boldly told, of the day!
Who was kin to both wyrm, and the races of bird, with a power to rival the sun!

(And the Voice, he did wield, on that glorious field, when great Falconreach shuddered with war!
Mighty 'ero, like a blade, cut through enemies all, as the Turkducken issued his roar!)

And the 'racle have foretold, of brown wings in the cold, that when brothers wage war come unfurled!
Oshimii, Master Cook, ancient food unbound, with a hunger to swallow the best!
But a day, shall arise, when the turkducken's lies, will be silenced forever and then!
Fair Battleon will be free from foul Cage's rule, Turkducken be the destructor of men!

AE Game: dragonfable
Character ID: 36136162
Currency: DCs
Entry type: Song

Hope this gets a prize!

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the Universal Forum Rules on Signature Guidelines.
AQ DF MQ Epic  Post #: 58
11/23/2012 13:03:28   

Poem: Battleon acrostic poem
Character Name: DoomzDayDude
AE Game: Adventure Quest World
Currency: AC Coins

Here is my Entry.

Before I was going to my normal fighting space
A weird looking monster gets nearly run over
The monster wouldnít show his face.
Then looking at me, he came closer and closer
Like a Moglin trying to steal your sword case
Eventually, he came out of the dark place but when I saw him he was grosser.
Oh my Lore. Not You..... Better get my sword just in case.
Now he was my latest enemy. How has he become immortal? He Was Undead Drakath, who became an overexposure!

AQW  Post #: 59
11/23/2012 16:44:52   

Game: OverSoul
Character: Scorpio
Currency: Soul Gems

Long ago, they went to war
Over the land of Falconreach
So much destruction all over Lore
From Doomwood to Sho'Nuff's beach

The Guardians did battle fierce
Friend faced friend, across the field
The DoomKnight's chest my sword did pierce
For the evil sword that he did wield

Twas then the lackey grabbed the source
Of his master's evil power
An orb filled with elemental force
Causing all the shadows to flower

The darkness spread across the sky
The sun was blocked out across Lore
The lackey changed before my eye
Into a dragon unseen before

Then the stranger leapt at his chance
And accelerated the evil morph
Now immune to sword or lance
A new power had come forth

I rode my dragon into war
To topple Drakath once and for all
I soared to strike the Ultimate Orb
And the evil thing did finally fall

The Final 13th was over now
To evil we would never answer
And all anyone ever asked was how
Lore was saved by a Necromancer

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 60
11/23/2012 23:00:06   

Poem Entry

AdventureQuest, their gaming community, Always addressing then impressing, with every activity

They listen and take note, to each and every mote, of postive, and negative, feedback

Quality and fineness, has brought them their success! Lots of people they impressed. "Game updates every week? And run it all in flash? You really are not sane."
would be most others opinion. "But it can be done! And not for pay, most of the staff, but for the love of the game!

Weekly releases for their games, it really is a shame, no other game can claim, this feature quite the same

But although they are successful, they are really humble too. Unlike other companies, who don't care at all about you.

AdventureQuest, you really are unique. I thank you for your commitment, and dedication very deep.

Game: Dragonfable
Character Name: warlik

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AQ  Post #: 61
11/24/2012 0:25:40   
Lunar Crush

Give thanks-Poem entry

Give thanks, for the food we eat,
Give thanks, for a place to sleep,
Give thanks, for the games we play,
Give thanks, pray we can always stay


Give thanks, for the soldiers abroad,
Give thanks, for the ones here at home,
For the warriors who fight poverty, crime, and loss,
Give thanks, that we can worry over things like


For AE and all who are trying to make the world a better place in their own way, either through excellence or kindness or suffering for the sake of others, I will be grateful and

Give Thanks

Game: Oversoul
Character: Stefanzo

For all of you out there who desperately need something to be grateful for, my heart goes out to you, know that there are people that care in this world. ~Lunar

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AQW  Post #: 62
11/24/2012 10:24:48   

Poem: The Deerling
The hunt, the kill,
Oh! What joyous game
The bowstring pulls,
Pulls the arrow taut,
The wind whooshes past.

Wind, a cry of pain
A red stain on hide.
The deer crumples
He falls to the moss,
The moss is stained red.

A maiden, lo! A maiden.
Kind eyes, blue eyes,
Her feet, bare and pale,
She steps onto the moss,
The moss is red with blood.

She kneels, the moss folds,
The deer whimpers,
Whimpers in joy,
Joy for the maiden,
The maiden has come!

Her hair, flaxen as sand,
Her eyes, crystals,
Blue crystals in the sunlight,
Her dress, white as moonlight,
Her hands touch the deerís fur.

The deer stands,
Stands at the maidenís touch,
He cries for the arrow,
The arrow that pierces his skin,
His scarlet blood flows.

A cry of pain, again,
The maiden pulls the arrow,
Pulls it from the deer.
Her eyes, blue fire,
They light on the hunter.

The hunter quails
He draws an arrow,
An arrow for the maiden.
But he cannot shoot,
She is yet a child.

The deer charges,
Bows his head,
His antlers pointed,
Pointed like knives,
They flash in the sunlight.

A cry, the maidenís cry,
Innocent, she darts forward,
Hands held out,
The deer balks,
He cannot strike her.

The hunter breathes
Safe now, he thinks,
He dashes away,
Away from the girl,
He dashes away from the deer.

Brown eyes meet blue,
Blue crystals, winking,
The girl steps from the moss,
The moss, stained with blood,
Two deer run from the forest.

Song: Chaorrupted Time

Time has passed and the past is time,
the Chronomancerís eternal rhyme,
They alone know how it works,
Its wonder and its danger lurks.

Hey ho! Hey ho! Itís all we know,
Time goes around and around goes time.

With spells they bind it Ďround their necks,
Garbed in robes with amethyst flecks,
They travel far and often run,
From the brightness of the sun.

Hey ho! Hey ho! Itís all we know,
Time goes around and around goes time.

But alas, as time passed, the chaos infected,
In their eyes and souls, the darkness reflected,
ĎTil Chronocorrupters each one became,
Burning their hearts with a violet flame.

Hey ho! Hey ho! Itís all we know,
Time goes around and around goes time
No one knows how far it goes,
Only that forever it flows!

Game: AQWorlds
Character name: twinckletoes
DF AQW  Post #: 63
11/24/2012 14:14:50   
Pirate King

Ode to Gravelyn
from the undead, with love
(A Shakespearean Sonnet)

When darkness falls and all the dead things wake,
When deep among the worms we hear your call,
For you our earthy beds we soon forsake,
Our empress of ascendant Shadowfall.

In armour clad, necrotic blade in hand,
Your fatherís legacy upholding true,
To conquer kingdoms of this blighted land
You lead us forth to redden fields anew.

The living quail at your approach by night,
And at our howling dirge, our ghoulish song.
For you is not their mundane breath and light;
It is among the dead that you belong.

For but one favíring glance from your cold eyes,
At your word we would die and, once more, rise.

AQW ~ Arrakis


AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 64
11/25/2012 7:42:15   

In - Game Name : Cassardbest

Title : I Don`t Want to go to school Mum

I don`t want to go to school Mum
I want to stay at home with my duck.
I'd rather stay at home with you Mum,
And hit the skirting board with my truck.
Don`t make me go to school today Mum ,
i`ll sit here quiet on the stairs
Or i`ll sit underneath the table
Scratching all the varnish off the chairs.

I don`t want to go to school Mum
When I could be underneath your feet.
It`s shopping day and we could go together
Taking twice as long to get to Regent Street.
And every time you stop to talk to someone
I won`t let you concecrate, no fear,
i`ll be jumping up and down beside you
Shouting.'Can I have some sweets Mum?' in your ear.

Or how about me doind a bit of painting?
Or what about a bit of cutting out?
Or sitting in the open bedroom window,
Body in and legs sticking out?
Or what about us going up the park Mum?
Or how about me sitting at the sink?
Or what about me making you a cake Mum?
And Mum. Hey Mum. Mum can I have a drink?

And Mum , Mum what`s that at the bottom of the cupboard?
And Mum, what`s in the bag you put down there?
And hey Mum watch me jump straight off the sofa,
And Mum, whose dog is that stood over there?
What you doing Mum? Peeling potatoes?
Sit me on the drainer watching you
I wouldn`t mind my trousers getting wet Mum ?
Oh I am not half fed up. What can i do ?

What time is daddy coming home Mum?
What`s in that long packer? Sausagemeat?
How long is it before he comes Mum?
And Mum. Hey Mum. What can I have to eat?
Oh sorry Mum! I`ve upset my Ribena.
Oh look! It`s making quite a little pool.
Hey Mum, hey, where are we going in such a hurry?
Oh Mum! Hey Mum , you`re taking me to SCHOOL!

Thanks and GoodLuck to all who participated !!
Post #: 65
11/25/2012 8:43:10   

In - Game Name : lucadbest

The sea has a laugh
And the cliff a frown;
For the laugh of the sea
Is wearing him down.

Lipping and lapping
Frown as he may,
The laughing sea
Will eat him away;

Knees and body,
And tawny head,
He`ll smile at last
On a golden bed.
Post #: 66
11/25/2012 10:10:25   
BadDream Productions

~Rhyme of Releases~

Butlers, Maids and the Mystery Case
Hatchets, Chainsaws and the Great Orange Face

Naval Commanders and a Sunken Ship
Maximilian and his Taming Whip

Golden Names and Derpy Fish
A Troll serving Turkey on a Dish

Howling Wolves and Vampire Bats
Colourful Rats and Leprechaun Hats

Pigskins, Pom-Poms and Twilly flying through the Air
7 Gem Sisters and a Chaorrupted Bear

A Ranger of the sand equipped with Bow
Golems roam through hills of snow

Both sides of the Ravine at War
Renewable Energy and Captain Lore

Sneevils Wrapping presents on there conveyor
In the Dark wood lies the Paladin Slayer

The Musical Canyon of Chords
Drakath & 13 Chaos Lords

Colourful Eggs Hidden all over the Town
Ethan desperately looks for his crown

Ghostly beings inside the hollow Halls
The Master of Warfare and his Brawls

The Inverted tower above the lake
Baron Bayconn and his pet Piggy Drake

The Terrible Teddy and the Gypsy Goth
A 3 way war between good, evil and Desoloth

An Island with the forest of Bamboo
Andre and the Giant and his Shoe

Green eyes, Fire and razor sharp Teeth
Walking Bones who lie Underneath

Stories around the campfire that make you scream
Belrot the Fiend and the Grand Inquisitors scheme

Hearts, Big Daddy and Prince Jim
Fireworks, Master Yeti and Lim

Wedding Days & Eternal Flame
Here's to 4 Years of Releases for this Game

Inspired by AQW and its weekly releases

Game: Oversoul
Character Name: Dyran
AQ AQW Epic  Post #: 67
11/25/2012 11:15:07   

Swarming round the camp like ants inside a nest,
The adventurers awaken from the briefest rest.
The sun had yet to rise from the far-off east,
But there were already preparations to fight th'invading beasts,
Swords were being sharpened, and mages whispered spells,
Armours were being washed to get rid of their smell,
Battle-hardened veterans walked amongst the new,
Gear covered in equal parts blood and morning dew.

I remember the day I first set on this path,
When the old recruiter wrenched me from my bath,
Resplendent in armour that gleamed in the sun,
His cape streaming behind him, perched upon his dun.
Now I was in his place, a hero of my time,
My weaponry well-crafted and glowing with runic signs,
I passed the Tower's tests, then those of all the classes,
Retrieved the Blade of Awe, and acquired Evil glasses,
Not the flames of Akriloth, nor even the Devourer,
Not Carnax's tremendous might, could stop me with my power.
I have walked the shadowed halls of Death's dark domain,
Travelled across Lore, from seas to landlocked plains.

Fred tags along behind me as I walk towards my friends,
Carrying all my weapons, equipment, odds and ends,
We grin to each other as we ready for the charge,
No army can defeat us, no matter how sinister or large,
Though many have tried, we have thwarted all their plans,
For we are Guardians, defender of the lands.
As the invaders rise before us, malice in their eyes,
Flashing pointed teeth, they promise our demise,
Every shape and size, poisonous or not,
Arms ending in tentacles, or falling off from rot,
Creatures from the depths of the most twisted minds,
Slavering and oozing, they rush towards our lines.
We yawn behind our hands; we've seen this all before,
All it ever does is add more war trophies to the stores.

Character: Blue Cheese
Game: AQ
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 68
11/26/2012 0:22:30   

Type: Song (Should have Sang it, Oh well maybe another time for another another)

AE was Born Today
Boredom Just Go Away
AE was Born Today
What a Blast I have to Say
AE was Born Today
What a Wonder of Games to Play
AE was Born Today
Captains have ShadowScythe to Slay
AE was Born Today
DragonLords Come and Play
AE was Born Today
Guardians Protect Us (in background) Hurray!
AE was Born Today
Artix Entertainment; BattleOn...Battleon...Battleon... Tooooooooodddddddddddaaaaaaayyyyyy!

Rhythm would be: (1st Line) Bummm Bummm Ba Bum Baaaa Bum
(2nd Line) Ba Bum Ba Bu Bum Bum Bum
(3rd Line) Buuummm Buuummmm Bu Ba Baahhh BuBAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Character Name: ACE
Game: Magnificent Mechquest

Best Luck to all other Competitors!
DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 69
11/26/2012 0:32:47   

Entry Type: Poems for Both
Rhyme Scheme: Random, primarily.
Theme: Thanksgiving, AQW Storyline Summary Thing
AQW Player Name: Unnivava
Master Account Name: AbenavxLucario
Currency Type: If selected for an award of any sort, Adventure Coins, please! :o

Thanksgiving in AQW

The day of Thanksgiving,
A time to honour those not living.
To give out a thanks,
To those who died at their flanks.
That's Thanksgiving.

But in AQWorlds,
There's no such thing.
It's a time to kill apples,
Blast a turkey wing.

Murder a Granny,
Pop a Balloon.
Destroy Cholesterious,
The mad man baboon.

Backstab a knight,
Pulverize a berry.
Die in a fight,
Blast the wings off a fairy.

And don't forget about the thing,
That we all enjoy most.
Smashing our friends in the face,
With melons,berries and toast.

Adventure Quest Worlds!

You start as a Warrior, Rouge, Healer or Mage,
You may turn into a Ninja, or even side with Dage.
Let alone your eagerness, at first you must age.
Level up, 1-50, and more await on stage!

Kill a crazy Sneevil, a Rat or Unicorn,
Destroy a huge Elephant, or a Giant made of Corn.
Gang up on Escherion, Duel with Kitsune.
Battle alongside with Kimberley and rock out your favourite tune!

PvP against your friends, or duel them alone,
Turn your bud into fire, or even an ice cream cone.
Hit a Hundred-Thousand damage, Solo and Undead God,
Or rip apart an engine, with your Favourite Guild or Squad.

Duel with the Legends,
Make your own Guild.
Destroy and Undead Monkey,
All Before you're Killed.

But fear not, You shall not be caught,
For you can stun, even run.
Or just hop away,
It will truly make your day!

Hang out with friends,
Destroy till it ends.
Strategize, Enchant, Complete all the Quests,
For this is AQWorlds, where it's always the Best.
Don't just pretend. Become a Legend.
Start playing, now Enjoy your story,
But for now, I must say "Chow!"

(This is just a fun sort of Poem, not an entry)
T is for Turkeys, the size of giant buildings,
H is for Hungry Knights.
A is for Apples the knock you out one hit,
N is for No Class; Yes, legit.
K is for killers, in forms of vegetables,
S is for Scythes and Sheathes.
G is for Gravely Armored Troll,
I is for super-huge Ice-Cweam Tweegs.
V is for vicious-poultry-murderers,
I is for inverted Turdrakens.
N is for never-ending story lines,
G is for good old Artix and Friends!

Good luck to all contestants! :D
*Edited due to positioning* Sorry!

This is also my first ever Contest entry, and my first ever Post on the Forums, so if I messed up something, Sorry! :o! (Yep, I'm also 12 o.e)

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Post #: 70
11/26/2012 3:05:29   

Entry type: Poem
AE game: AQW
Character: DoomLord9898
Currency: AC

The Hero of AQW

I wonder far and near,
In pursuit of what Lorians fear.
Chaos, evil and monsters oh my,
On the ground, in the water and even the sky.
I destroy these plagues of the land,
With the weapon I grasp in my hand.

I made short work of the inverter,
He got turned into a frog before chaorrupting further.
I have yet to duel with the twins,
But when I do I'm sure that I'll win.
The chaotic dragonlord, enslaver of dwarves,
Indirectly destroyed by his own sword.

The shogun who rendered himself invisible,
Stuck in the World of Yokai, forever vengeful.
The hybrid of the warring races put up a great fight,
But now lies as dust in the monlight.
The musician who orchestrated disharmony,
Returned from chaos as frined, not enemy.

A being who disobeyed it's master's orders,
Floats as mana in the para-elemental border.
The djinn who was cut off from his kind,
Exploded into particles, at a piece of mind.
The ninth, first brother then sister,
Has sided with us to defeat her former master.

The professor who I first met at New Years;
Chaos taking over him, confirming fears.
The master of skulls, trying to conquer,
Destroyed now, pplan gone bonkers.
The dragon of elements who was set free,
Now a lich, serving at Drakath's feet.

It is said that I'm the hero of legend,
One who is always victorious in the end.
After my battles I am left with a feeling,
Which can at times leave me reeling.
I think to myself: "Why do I do all this for?"
Then a voice replies: "Because you're the saviour of Lore."

Good luck to everyone :).

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11/26/2012 3:05:42   
Disc Lorde

Game: AdventureQuest
Character Name: Theophilus
Character ID: 40265447

Poem entry:

Chairman Platinum

Chairman of Ebilcorp, master of ebil
Head of his armies, opponent most feeble
Attacker of AQ, and all AE games
Invader of AQW, to his great shame
Respawning endlessly, easy to beat
Money won't save you from your defeat
As you face our might, hear from us all
Never will we let AE games fall

Players from all corners come forth
Letting you know what we're all worth
AE games, our playground, we will defend
To the final countdown, the bitter end
Inside your limo, you still will meet
Nerds by the dozens, who brought your defeat
Underground in the lab, AE staff convenes
Meeting to make games, despite all your schemes

Song Entry:

Thanksgiving in AE games

Oh join us here in AE games, and let's sit down to to eat
But first there are some turkeys that you'll need to defeat
So draw you sword and carve a meal, or cook it with a spell
It's Thanksgiving here in AE games and all is very well

Quite impressive warrior, but still not time to eat
Without the potatoes this meal wouldn't be complete
A spud has been animated, you need to defeat it
It should be pretty simple, and after you can eat it

That was quite a battle, but we're still not quite ready
We have the main dishes, but we could use some veggies
A pea pod's also animated, it is time to shell
A meal you have caught yourself is always extra swell

Congratulations warrior, you have earned your feast
You can complete any quest at all, defeat any beast
You drew your sword and carved your meal, or cooked it with a spell
It's Thanksgiving here in AE games, and all is very well
AQ  Post #: 72
11/26/2012 10:31:56   
crazy penguin

game: AQ
char id: 10247053
char name: the pie eating lord

The lone guardian

A war across the land
fire, destruction and despair
a single guardian takes up his sword
a real hero true to his word
fighting, protecting what he holds dear,
he never felt any fear

adventurers looked up to him
he raised the morales when things were slim
and even tough his fight was never be done
no one ever saw him run

but even with these things said
he still ended up dead
and as everyone wept in woe
already there, stood the next foe
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 73
11/26/2012 18:20:06   

AE Game: AQWorlds
Character ID: Battleaxe
Currency: ACs
Entry Type: Poem

This poem is dedicated to all heroes, in and out of Artix Entertainment's games.

Sorry if this is slightly late, the post didn't specify what time zone the deadline was for and I only saw this competition today!
And it has been carefully thought about, you'd probably need to analyse this deeply to understand its true meaning...well...sometimes the blue curtains are blue just because the writer said they were, not for some deep reason...

Heroes and others alike:

All that training and all that grief,
It will never be the same again;
As I went through that torture, agony and despair.
I talk about those moments,
The moments of hero school:
The wedgies, the wet willies
And the ever-disgusting loos.
But hey!

I stood at the top of a hill,
Seeing the world's glory,
But wait, what's that?
Oh poo. Drakath's feeling gory.
And whoever said lightning never hits twice,
Needs to be struck by a mallet.
So I fell, rolled, tumbled,
Then fell some more.

After a some annoying slimeballs,
And the slimy monsters alike,
I reach Battleon (woohoo!),
And find my little light.
With a little red Twilly,
Right by my side.
Oh sure, I was a noob,
But who's to say I'm still not?
I feel that experience is based on wisdom,
Not how many beasts we kill,
Or the awards we have achieved (LOLZ, got Alpha and Beta),
Just the excitement and thrill.

So naturally I have the time to collect,
All of the armours available,
And pets.
Then stick with a weapon and an awesome design,
And call it your own,
1 million gold? Oh please, I can afford that!
It's not like the world is in chaos by a chaotic overlord (that we created),
Or in an impending doom.
It's not like there's always someone to save,
Or chaos lords to destroy.
There can't possibly be amazingly annoying monsters
It's not like I have a life,
You know, one in the real world!

But all that means nothing,
When on the gaming throne.
Ethan says that "WINTER-EEN-MAS IS COMMING!",
It's something that I condone,
As an event to distract me from the impending doom.
Because it can always hold for me,
Because I have got the groove.

After 3 anniversaries of hilarity,
And many more of a disturbed continuity;
Days slaving at a screen,
And hours creating competition designs.
It's all worth it; worth the time,
The effort,
The awesomeness.
Just to see the smile on a child's face,
As they laugh at Cysero's weirdness,
(A quality of mine)
Or Artix's obsession with the un-dead,
(I'd rather not follow the paladins of divine...)
And of course watching in bewilderment,
As a little blue moglin gives new meaning to ebil resentment.
Somehow, it all makes sense! It's one of those things...yeah, that!

No matter how many 'lords' I defeat,
Or how many pointless quests I complete,
Needless to say the wounds I have to treat,
( Dear, God. The wounds! )
It's all an adventure that readies oneself for a life story,
Day to day life would be boring otherwise.
Where else could I bask in AE's glory?
This is the only place for me.

So let us rejoice in the cartoonish madness,
And fun,
And regretful sadness.
Let us be the ones to save Battleon,
In its many forms, yet there's only one!

We shall unite in gaming heaven.

We shall bask in all of its glory.

We shall be the many heroes to succeed in our battle.


Öand co.

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11/27/2012 0:01:36   

chaos is backdown for ever lasting love

here come the force of love
between you and me you hold my glove
it feel warm, that i love
it seem you also do love

the thing you cares for a lots
if chaos come i knock
no matter if cost my life
so you can live you life

it what make you happy
so you can be free from chaos
i fight what make you sads
so you can live your live

in the end i see the light
it that come from your tears
joy come out and happy cheer
i happy that you live you life

for me and for the love
that we share all time
it warm when i feel your love
it come forth and forth

i love it when you love
so choas is back down now
live your life for our love
it what you and i for

game :aqw
name: day1moon

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