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RE: =OS= Card Mechanics/Combos Discussion

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3/30/2015 16:50:37   

@Gorillo why would having to wait a turn to use the extra energy be a good thing lol

Chaos Flux is great for offense because it works faster than other energy cards and can even give more energy. Being limited to only working with offensive cards isn't much of a drawback when it adds so much speed and power. I'm glad Bandit Drakath lost Neutralize+Ironhide for Chaos Flux because it makes him even more offensive, which sets him further apart from Skexis Brood who is going to get a Legendary evo anyway, and makes thematic sense.

If Regen really is 3-for-16 then it just looks disgustingly OP atm. I understand that Chaos Drakath takes work and SGs to get and is a special character, but I don't see much of anything challenging him. Does anyone know if a Neutral character decked out with 5 CC Ironhides can stand against him? I'd also like the weaker elements to be buffed and more dual element characters to be on the table. Relics and elemental strengths and weaknesses could do so much good for this game and I'm really looking forward to them. I just hope player concerns are being listened to.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 301
3/30/2015 17:04:13   
Gorillo Titan

yep but its a deck card in your hand till you draw a card to use it with.
Post #: 302
3/30/2015 17:16:29   
The Void Calls

Chaotic Flux can be fine using any card in game but as people have said it is unbalanced. Unlike other charge cards like Neutralize, Energize and Fresh Start that require a card (or two in the case of Fresh Start) for you to gain the energy and having to wait until the next turn for you to take advantage of the energy you gained Flux works instantly with no drawbacks it gets value instantly if it were to require something to be discarded before the card is free it would probably be a fine fix for the card.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 303
3/30/2015 17:43:14   
Elite Tuga

We have said so many good ideas i'm discussing this one last time:

Option A: Chaotic Flux should only work on Attack cards of any element as it states on the card its self.

Option B: Chaotic Flux could remain as it is but the card should be Custom Card un-obtainable. (Only given to really special characters).


Option C: Chaotic Flux could just get a nerf and cost 400 Health, especially if it will be Custom Card obtainable.

Regen card as said before just needs a raised cost around 7 or 8 to be perfectly balanced, especially if Custom Card obtainable.

That's as simple as it sounds but to code is hard so in my honest opinion the easiest solution is just make those 2 cards CC unobtainable to avoid PvP abuse.
Epic  Post #: 304
3/31/2015 9:43:11   
Gorillo Titan

Chaos flux should be master rank and up exclusive and count as making the character dual element.

regen being 6 energy would be ok I still think the fact it takes 3 turns to heal a significant amount makes up for its low cost.

Its not even like people even pvp that much honestly lilijojo been at the bottom of the OS leaderboard going on 3+ months now. Also you could always just not duel someone using chaos drakath.

Also can someone talk to nulgath to see if he would be willing to do a card contest ?

< Message edited by Gorillo Titan -- 3/31/2015 11:01:35 >
Post #: 305
3/31/2015 13:01:28   
Elite Tuga

Card bug (Chaos Spikes) on the mechanics needs a fix. I will report it to the bug tracker. For those who don't know click here (and look near the level area).

There are more bugs that have been mentioned in-game, I will try report what I can remember but I'd be delighted if anyone else could do the same since 2 or more players reporting is better than 1 (plus I might forget to mention some bugs among them all). Thanks in-advance.
Epic  Post #: 306
4/1/2015 0:01:37   
Gorillo Titan

Also for a new element "matching" none of the cards cost energy but to play them you need two of them in your hand at once to activate them it would be good when fights first start but the longer the fight the weaker it would get since enemy can play cards then. Could use this order since they wouldn't need to code anything new.

< Message edited by Gorillo Titan -- 4/1/2015 0:02:28 >
Post #: 307
4/1/2015 15:04:07   

I've been thinking about the water element for a bit now and decided to post some of my card ideas.

Cards replaced: renew, Water rapid, refresh

New cards:

Water Wall:
Cost: 7 energy
500 def each turn, for 4 turns

Tidal Wave:
Cost: 12 energy
Heal for 800 hp and after 1 turn deal 1200 damage

Ebb and Flow:
Cost: 6
On your turn heals for 300, on enemy turn deals 400 damage

I tried to focus water around having a kind of defensive and offensive flow to it with healing being prioritized over flat defense. I also wanted to design it to pair well with HP sacrificing cards as I believe to be a fitting and solid strategy.
AQ  Post #: 308
4/4/2015 10:29:46   
Gorillo Titan

Rain storm/ flood after 2 turns the enemy is stunned.
Rain storm/ Storm storm does double damage while storm is in effect.

Since water becomes dangerous when you have to much of it I thought a card that worked after a set amount of time giving the "rain" time to build up before hurting the enemy would be a fun way of playing the deck while also using your heal cards to sustain you while your waiting for the cards to work.

Ocean current prevents the enemy from attacking for two turns they can still draw cards and heal but can not attack for two turns.

saturation a card that would be used one stats are added it would lower the enemies speed the same as someone trying to swim through water that is heavily filled with water.

Drowning a card for two vs two takes one of the enemy character out of commission for a few turns can be cancelled out early if there ally chooses to skip there turn or give up some health to save them from drowning.
Post #: 309
4/9/2015 15:09:24   
darkknight skull

How about a charge card where the amount of energy you gain is equal to the amount of energy require to play that sacrificed card. I think it would be useful for characters with a high amount of energy usage.

< Message edited by darkknight skull -- 4/9/2015 15:42:50 >
Post #: 310
4/9/2015 15:36:35   
Gorillo Titan

Thats how chaos flux works.
Post #: 311
4/9/2015 15:38:57   
The Jop

No, he means if you discard a poison you get 6 energy, not you can discard a poison to play it for 0 energy.

< Message edited by The Jop -- 4/9/2015 15:39:23 >
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 312
4/9/2015 15:43:31   
Gorillo Titan

Chaos flux is more useful.

You can't use that as you would like since your limited to having to add a card from another element then have to recycle threw you pretty much have a dead card.

I only really see it useful on either shadow or ice with getting rid of a void reflection or a ice ball but your energy would just max out after that either way.
Post #: 313
4/21/2015 7:35:50   

It's not to enable duel element, it's to grant more energy to mono-element, could see it as a fire card, 'burning' a card to grant energy back, and would be fine compared to neutralize, as isn't always 10, usually less, though can be 12 with meteor.

Discard 1 Damaging card to gain its cost as Fire.

and maxing your energy after having played down to less than 4 is fine, as still made plus :3

AQW Epic  Post #: 314
4/21/2015 11:14:20   
Gorillo Titan

Im happy with the way it is now lack of a charge card for every element makes the elements more unqiue.
Post #: 315
4/21/2015 13:10:28   
The Jop

Plus I heard water is so bad because it has a charge card, so it's a part of balance. Then again, neutral is likely the most powerful element and it has the best charge card...
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 316
4/21/2015 15:16:29   
Gorillo Titan

Water sucks though with one dimensional cards you know it true. The flow of the cards are horrible it's heal cards are bad unless used two at a time it's 5 hit flows badly so you can't even use it back to back unless you draw 2 powerflows and fresh start you need 3 cards just to do over 3000 damage in a turn. Water doesn't need any more characters like wyvern cause he just becomes a spam wall after so many turns.its pretty much pure spamming of shields and healing or try to attack. I recommend a low cost energy and get rid of one of the healing cards.
Post #: 317
4/22/2015 14:52:32   

Well, Wyvern & Aque are both similar, in that they use waters decent healing spell of spring, (which is 1.6:1, compared to normal heals 1.333:1, and while it is worse than greater heal's 2:1, they are in a deck that can discard for mana) in order to fire off attacks that use hp, and thus relate back to being more efficient, even if you want to heal the damage back, while building shield (1.666/1).

Though yes, in general water isn't it great, though two of its characters are fairly high tier, (though wyvern more-so than aque), even if their 4 damage card was physical rather than magic, so could be combo'd, would improve it to catch up to the other elements,,,

AQW Epic  Post #: 318
4/22/2015 22:26:48   
Gorillo Titan

SW isn't as good as he seems his deck can be countered very easily and had nothing that can be done to fix that sacs are ok but not every water is going to have sacs it would be dumb. A pure water deck is a death sentence.
Post #: 319
4/24/2015 13:07:55   

Being countered doesn't make it bad, it means it's good enough that it requires being countered, rather than just being able to play your own deck around,

And from what i remember, alexis isn't terrible either, though not high tier like SW is,

AQW Epic  Post #: 320
4/25/2015 0:49:30   

Mechanic suggestion: I think you should be able to decide the order in which the cards in your hand are played. For example, if I had a defend, a stonewall, and a tree of life, If I played all three it would play the defense cards first (together) and then the heal. However, if I could order my moves, I would play the defend first, the tree of life second, the stonewall last so that I could heal for 500 and still have a shield up to block 1000, whereas if I couldn't order my moves, I would just heal for 1500. Ordering your moves gives the game much more strategy, and would make the game much more fun overall.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 321
4/26/2015 11:09:48   
Gorillo Titan

a big flaw with this game was doing 15 card decks why you ask cause. At minimum every character will have 5 solid attack cards and at least 1 shield so they are left with 9 cards if they went with large decks for more characters and made 15 cards a rare treat they would have more options to make decks but they messed it up with so many 15 card decks now.
Post #: 322
4/27/2015 8:25:16   

Saying that though, if they didn't standardize deck size, any characters they brought out with more, would be ignored with even less thought than some of current.

Most card games have minimum deck size, and players use that number of cards for a reason, as consistincey is king,

Something could be done via card swap/discard in deck, but that lowers unique decks to being able to look like you wish.

AQW Epic  Post #: 323
4/27/2015 8:59:14   
Gorillo Titan

OS already has a lot of characters with the same decks though.
Post #: 324
4/28/2015 12:02:20   

Yes, but none of them are good.
Comparatively to the best ones of their elements.

AQW Epic  Post #: 325
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