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=AQ= "Army in the Shadows!" Contest

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1/9/2013 21:30:50   
Lord Barrius


As the story of Ultimon continues, there will be more challenges to face and more goodies to earn. So I’m giving you an opportunity to tell me what sort of adventures you expect to have as your story continues.

There are two categories in this contest:

Monster: Create a new and unique shadow monster that you feel might be considered a greater threat than a normal shadow creature.

Reward: Create a new and unique item (weapon, armor, etc.) that you feel would be an appropriate reward for defeating an army of shadow creatures.

Each category will have a 1st place winner, a 2nd place winner, and a 3rd place winner.

If you’d like to win, you’ll have to work hard and come up with the best idea you’ve ever thought of! Then post your entry in this thread. Be sure to follow all of the contest rules as stated below, or I might mistake your entry for food and nom it!

Good luck!

~ElBhe, aka Best Kitten


First place winners will get their winning entries used in the Ultimon storyline (with credit given in the descriptions!) and 6000 Z-Tokens added to the character of their choice.

Second place winners will get their winning entries used in the Ultimon storyline (with credit given in the descriptions!) and 4500 Z-Tokens added to the character of their choice.

Third place winners will get their winning entries used in the Ultimon storyline (with credit given in the descriptions!) and 3000 Z-Tokens added to the character of their choice.

Time for the winners!

Monsters Category:

1ST PLACE: whackybeanz, for "Shadow Colossus": This monster, as is, is too complicated to code for a single battle. However, the initial concept of a large creature that has raw intimidation factor behind it is a good one. That's part of what made Carnax such a scary threat: it was something you didn't just run into, it was a mammoth beast of such scale that it was guaranteed to terrify new recruits at the mere sight of it stomping towards them. I would love to try and implement something like this in a future event!

2ND PLACE: stratuscone, for "Shadow Crusader": A monster who stuns, then takes the tactical advantage and spikes you with massive damage. This is something that seems relatively simple to implement, and yet hasn't really shown itself yet. I like monsters who use smart tactics in combat, it makes them trickier to beat, exactly what this contest is looking for.

3RD PLACE: afterlifex, for "Sympathetic Shadow Sprite": Some elements of this suggestion I'm likely to remove, but the concept of it is a solid one. Transformation monsters are always fun, and this one seems like it'll be a surprising threat in combat.

HONORABLE MENTION: Rafiq von den Vielen, for "Ishtar": The idea of monsters that take advantage of a player's status inflictions is a good one. The only reason this one didn't make the winner's circle is because there's another entry that has a similar concept to it, but executes it a little bit better.

HONORABLE MENTION: Raventail, for "The Doppelganger": This entry (as well as all the other suggestions which made the player's own shadow into an enemy) couldn't win because I have other plans for the player's own shadow. However, it gave me a fantastic idea for a new monster using a very similar mechanic but in reverse, so that the monster selects a class which directly counters them. I like the thought of a mage walking into battle, and this creature selects a "warrior" format and then uses debuffs and other effects to hamper the mage's casting abilities. And given that, I felt that this idea deserved at least an honorable mention for sparking that sort of creative thought.

Items Category:

1ST PLACE: Aura Knight, for "Twilight Mirror": The item itself has too many effects, I'll probably end up cutting it down to just one core function (likely the first one). However, it's unique and interesting, the item has a large amount of flavor to it and it'll be different for different players and tactics. That all works out in the game's favor, in my opinion.

2ND PLACE: Balu, for "Chiaro Symbiote": I love the idea of a pet that leeches healt in exchange for some sort of benefit to its player. It reminds me of how players enjoyed Embrace the Shadows, and I can see this being popular with BM builds who pump damage into their pets.

3RD PLACE: Rasudido, for "Seal of Primal Shadows": Simple idea, but we need more items like this in the game. I'd prefer having different art for the items that looks similar to the listed items, though, instead of just copying existing art.

HONORABLE MENTION: Dwelling Dragonlord, for "Shadowfeeder Pendant": The idea is a bit too simple to win, but it's an excellent example of the sort of thing I'm looking for. It's not overly complicated with 3+ effects, it's straightforward and easy to use, plus not overly complicated to code. Not winning this time, but the idea's not a bad one.

HONORABLE MENTION: skull x, for "Penumbral Prescriber": Appearance is too similar to Shadow of Doubt, which is undesirable in an entry. But the idea of an armor based around healing instead of tanking or damage isn't a bad one.

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1/9/2013 21:42:46   
The Fr0st Monarch

Aq user account: The Fr0st Monarch
Aq character id: 63346130
Entry Name: The Shadow Vartai Brothers (Monster)
The monster is Cyrus Standing besides Xerxes but with a shadowlike appearance, it would have the same special effect that Xerxes has (deflection of magic because his axes) and some special mana based attacks where Xerxes stands behind cyrus and cyrus would turn into his dragon form and breath fire,they normal attack would be Xerxes slashing with his axes followed by 2 hits of cyrus with his katanas.when they are under 30 percent of they full health Cyrus would eat your pets/guest and he would recover 20 percent of his full hp and they could have a chance to inflict the status dragon fear.
Description: This pair of legendary vartai brothers seem to got somehow corrupted by shadows,if they were extremely powerful on their own...just imagine how powerful they are together and with their new shadowy powers...
PD: sorry if i have any typo...english isn't my native languish Thanks.

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 2
1/9/2013 21:55:41   

AQ User Account: nightmare

AQ Character ID: 12845246

Entry Name: Shadow Legion

Details about your entry: it would be the same thing as the old legion from the void but in shadow form (i know alot of people miss farming it)

Discription: Theereee's back and now they have been corrupted by the shadows,and they still want you to look at the pics of there Hilarious pictures of cats

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quite often truth is stranger than fiction
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1/9/2013 22:16:48   
Helpful and Constructive!

AQ User Account: Traveler.
AQ Character ID: Traveler II ID# 37411057

Monster: Shadow of the Void

Description: "Can something that comes from emptiness and nothing have a shadow? Unfortunately, it can. You have the feeling that your attacks will have to be very precise to survive this".

The outline of a Void Dragon, but shadowed. As usual for Void Dragons, it does damage to you -and gains SP- every time one of your attacks misses (be it a normal attack, a spell, a pet or guest attack, etc.). But this one also has the Eclipse Dragon's ability to create shadow and dramatically increase its defenses for three turns.

It also can inflict Dragon Fear.

Highest level version: Level 150.


Melee 66
Ranged 66
Magic 66


STR 200
DEX 200
END 150
LUK 125


Fire 200
Water 200
Wind 200
Ice 200
Earth 200
Energy 200
Light 50
Dark 50
Void -300
Harm 0

It does Void Damage.
It has a breath attack, but it is rare: only happens when he is hidden by shadows and has enough SP for it (481 SP). This breath attack seeks between Light and Darkness and can inflict Blind.

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1/9/2013 23:31:18   

AQ User Account: Lord Scorpio

AQ Character ID: 77948413

Entry Name: Shadow Fiend

Concept Art by Lord Areswe

Details about your entry (some manner of visual description or accompanying concept sketch is required, any other details about the entry are optional): A large muscular humanoid shadow with glowing red eyes, long talon-like claws, and huge horns on the sides of it's head. It attacks with its claws. Unlike regular shadow monsters, it has 200% to Light, but when hit by a Light attack, it goes down to -50 and it's attacks gain an extra, element-seeking attack it performs with its horns. It also has Eclipse Dragon's ability to generate shadows to raise it's defense and it's attacks may cause Overshadowed, which lowers END and DEX.
All but Light/Dark/Fire: 90
Fire: 75
Light: 200/-50
Dark: -50

AQ User Account: The Void Reaper

AQ Character ID: 83963097

Entry Name: Shadowsteel Spear

Concept Art by Lord Areswe

Details about your entry (some manner of visual description or accompanying concept sketch is required, any other details about the entry are optional): A black, shadowy spear with a head that's shaped like a black Luminous Spear head, but wisping and blowing around somewhat, while keeping it's general shape. It randomly changes between Light and Darkness. It's special is the shadows flying off and wrapping themselves around your foe and squeezing. Its special heals based on damage done. Against shadow monsters, it turns to Harm and has +3 BtH, but does 82/85. Special keeps lean, but changes to random elements that aren't Light/Dark.
Regular attacks have -3 BtH and deal 85/82
Special has -8 BtH and deals 85/77

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1/10/2013 1:28:14   
Keeper of the Owls

AQ User Account: shadowball009
AQ Character ID 1525507

Entry Name: Shad-O'-Lantern
Picture: Rough Sketch
Element: Darkness


Melee	45 
Ranged	60 
Magic	20 


STR	200 
DEX	-75 
INT	0 
END	150 
CHA	-10 
LUK	175 


Fire	125
Water	0
Wind	100
Ice	70
Earth	0
Energy	70
Light	50
Dark	50


1.) Immune to all Fear-based Status Conditions.
2.) If you and your active Pets/Guests deal over 150 combined damage in one turn, the Shad-o'-Lantern eats the Pet/Guest and recovers a portion of health. (Pet/Guest eaten is gone for the rest of the battle)
3.) At half health, the Shad-O'-Lantern glows red and deals 1.5x his normal damage for the rest of the battle. All lucky strikes inflicted by the player do 1.5x their normal damage for the rest of the battle.

This shadow has taken on the form of a mighty Pumpkin Golem from the mysterious Gourd Kingdom. Watch out, it looks kinda hungry!

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1/10/2013 2:12:03   
How We Roll Winner

AQ User Account : Seth Hydra

AQ Character ID : 30258301

Entry Name : Shadow <Char name>



Melee Your current Defence+ 5
Ranged Your current Defence+ 5
Magic Your current Defence+ 5


STR 300/0
DEX 200
INT 0/300
LUK 250

INT=300 If player INT>=STR, ELSE STR


Fire 90
Water 90
Wind 90
Ice 90
Earth 120
Energy 90
Light -50
Dark -50
Void 0
Harm 0

It has two attacks:
If Player INT>=STR,
Attack 1:
Effect: The monster uses 1000 MP to deal a lesser element seeking damage(Seeks between Light and Dark) for greater damage.
Attack 2:
Effect: The monster deals magic damage which randomly deals dark or light

Attack 1:
Effect: Consumes <700> SP to deal a damaging melee attack with a SWORD, (Seeking between might and darkness) for greater damage.
Attack 2: The monster deals melee damage, randomly between light and darkness.

TOTAL HP: 4500
TOTAL MP: 4000/0
SP at beginning of battle:1000
SP regen: 300 per turn.
The monster can only perform the sp based attacks if STR>INT, and cannot use it if INT>=STR.

Description: Ultimon was pretty impressed with your Prowess in the shadow war, He thought to himself "I must have one for my self". Unfortunately, that's bad becoz this one seems a tad too SHADY!

Has the players hairstyle, and wears a dark colored guardian plate, with shadows! Lots and Lots of Shadows and has red eyes


AQ User Account : Seth Hydra

AQ Character ID : 30258301

Entry Name : Shadow Carapace


TIERS: 10/30Z/50/70G/90/110/130/150G
Cost: 48 mill
Sellback:24 mill
Mastercrafted Mid offensive armor.

LV150G version
Combat defences:
Melee 55
Ranged 45
Magic 55

Element modifiers:
Fire: 100
Water: 100
Wind: 100
Ice: 100
Earth: 100
Energy: 100
Light: 40
Darkness: 40


Attack 1:
Hits: 3
Damage: 1 hit of 220%. Base, 220% Random, 440% Stats each, 1 hits of Light damage and 1 HIT of darkness dealing 220% BR and 440% stats each.
BTH: +14
Rate: 50 %
Note: The last 2 hits gain a damage compensation for being elementally locked of <140%> each, plus an overall compensation of <120%> for being opposite elements.
Appearance: The player slashes the foe, and then Black and Yellow lightning strike the foe form the players weapon.
Attack 2:

Hits: 3
Damage: 195% Base,195% Random ,388% stats each.
BTH: +24
Rate: 50%
Appearance: The player jumps at the foe, slashes the foe thrice, and then jumps back.

Hits: 2
Type: If STR+DEX >= INT*3/2 or if STR/5+DEX/20 > INT/4, then it's Ranged; else, it's Magic.
Element: Dark/Light which ever is higher, if equal deals Darkness damage.
Damage: 188.37-565.12 plus 1168.13% Stats each
BTH: 38 plus Stats each
Cost if Ranged: 392 SP
Cost if Magic: 490 SP
Appearance: The player pulls out a Luminous blade and lets lose 2 shock waves by swiping the weapon.

To compensate for the Element seeking, the skill deals 95% damage(Not factored in)
The skill gains elemental compensation for being element locked, in a Dark/Light armor damage boost of <%>

Description: Found by Seth Hydra, This carapace harbors the power of the Shadow's anguish and terror under Ultimon, Now you can use its power against your enemies!

Appearance: Has a large body armor like This guy here! except with armored hands and Legs like This. Black and yellow lightning course through the armor periodically.
The head is covered by a black cloak, and only thing visible ARE Eyes. They are the same colour as your char's eyes. A weapon is placed on the armors back, a Luminous Blade
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 7
1/10/2013 2:30:36   

X of the AQ Q&A/EC/BS

AQ User Account: dagon
AQ Character ID: 5585666

Monster Name: Sympathetic Shadow Sprite

Level 145
Power 1.5


Melee 60
Ranged 60
Magic 68


DEX 65
INT 230
END 80
CHA 150
LUK 200


Fire 125%
Water 80%
Wind 100%
Ice 80%
Earth 100%
Energy 125%
Light 50%
Dark 50%

Nothing to see here, just a shadow sprite. Just sparkles and free HP, grab it before it gets away.

Monster breakdown:
A "multiform" monster (think Doom Sheep

Stage one:
Just a small winged pixie. Which attacks the player with heal dmg.

Hits: 1
Type: Magic
Element: Heal
Damage: XXXX
BTH: Auto Hit, Player
Cost: 5% base HP

Passive Effect#: When HP hits ~60% the monster transforms to stage two.

Stage two:
Pop up message: (Meet your dear and fluffy lord.)
Appearance change: best described as an "eldritch abomination", tentacles, tentacles, and more tentacles. Did I mention the tentacles?
Resistance change: All resistance drops to 25%

Attack: #1
Hits: 6
Type: Magic
Element: Darkness/Light
Damage: XXXX
BTH: XX (+5BtH lean)
Effect: for every turn Stage One attacked spell receives +5% dmg.(no cap to # of boosts)

Attack #2
Hits: 1
Type: Magic
Element: MP Heal
Damage: XXXX
BTH: Auto Hit, Monster
Effect: Used only if monster can not cast the above spell.
Effect: Amount of MP healed is doubled if player is under Control status.

Passive effect: once per turn after Player Attack the monster attempts to inflict Control based on players last attack (AttacksBlocked/AttacksAttempted), the more the player hit the monster the more likely an attempt at Control is. Save is based on Int and Cha.
Infliction pop up: (All hail the tentacle.)

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1/10/2013 3:42:03   
Rafiq von den Vielen

AQ User Account: C0pter
AQ Character ID: 83611398


Graphical details: Imagine Meduso with a Leprechaun's upper body and wearing a Leprechaun tophat, everything shadowed and slightly twisted. Also carries one of those bows.

Example Tier
Level 150
Power 2.5

Combat Defence
Melee 59
Ranged 74
Magic 63

Strength 150
Dexterity 300
Intellect 0
Endurance 250
Charisma -180
Luck 230

Fire 90
Water 110
Wind 105
Ice 90
Earth 50
Energy 105
Light 50
Darkness 50

Don't be fooled by how this... thing... appears to look. Ultimon trusts him, so he's gotta have something up his sleeve...even though there is no sleeve.

Analysis Breakdown
All attacks randomly deal Light or Darkness damage.
On his normal attack he can Paralyze* you for 1 turn.
Has an SP skill he can only use when you're paralyzed and he has sufficient SP.
Normal attacks when you are paralyzed heal HP to Ishtar** and cannot paralyze you again. So no chain stuns.
SP regeneration for Ishtar is half the regeneration of a usual monster of adjacent tier and power.

*Ishtar's arrow hits your knee! You can't move!
**The arrow drains some of your essence.

Edit: Fixed something that looked a bit too broken.

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1/10/2013 6:32:18   

AQ User Account: Irisi
AQ Character ID: 17132232

Entry Name: Reflected Shadow


Appearance: A standing mirror with a golden frame. On the mirror is a vaguely humanoid shape, somewhat similar to Shadow of Doubt, except that the eyes are red. Black streaks occasionally appear on the mirror, like jagged cuts. When it attacks, the figure leaps out and lashes at the player, but gets pulled back in at the end of the attack.

Description: A copy of a copy, trapped in its plane just as a shadow is trapped in the Shadow World... Such an existence must have driven this creature mad. Watch out, though; its nature means it is highly adaptable.

Element Modifiers:
All 75% except for Light and Dark
Light/Dark: 40%

Ability: When attacked, every attack (whether it connects or not) multiplies the elemental defense of the attack by 0.6. Defenses are rounded down, for a maximum of 3 times (ending at 16%). This does not apply to light or darkness.

When attacked with light or darkness, it will retaliate the next turn with a powerful attack (lesser element seeks, light and dark; similar to the Razorclaw) that has a chance to blind. The message depends on the type of attack:
If light: 'The brilliant glare has blinded you!'
If dark: 'Darkness engulfs your vision!'

Entry Name: Invoker


Appearance: It's a silver gun-shaped misc.

When equipped, it will give the player -X% resistance to light and dark, also increasing endurance by +XX.

When clicked, a message appears (PERSONAGE!) and the item will cast a spell. A black silhouetted version of the player (like the one in cutscenes) with yellow eyes will rush at the monster and attack it, dealing one hit of light and one of darkness. It also has a 50% chance of attempting to inflict a status called 'You're not me!', which is a renamed poison. The monster makes a save using its endurance.
If the monster fails: 'Your foe denies its true self.'
If the monster succeeds: 'Your foe has accepted its true self.'

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1/10/2013 9:10:03   

AQ User Account: AssassinJester
AQ Character ID: 67510145

Monster name: Rigamortis
Monster description:This.....this thing came from deep in the shadows. You aren`t sure but you think...you think you hear it asking for help.
Monster apperance:A skeletal figure that is slightly hunched over with large claws for hands and jagged teeth. It carries a cane sword.
Monster defeat animation:It turns into dust which slightly takes on the form of a child and says "Mother is calling me back. I don`t wanna go!" then fades.
Monster attacks:
Attack1: It leaps at the player and stabs at them with its feet.
Attack2: It throws the cane sword which turns into a small explosion as it hits the player then returns to the Rigamortis hand.
Attack3: The creature lashes out with its claws for 3 hits. If all 3 make contact the player is paralyzed for one turn. If only 2 hits connect the player is poisoned.If only one hit connects no additional effect occurs.

Monster Stats: Rigamortis has glass cannon health and damage with 100% modifiers to the 8 basic elements. 0% to void or harm damage,and is immune to control,bleed,and poison status conditions.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 11
1/10/2013 10:02:03   

Lost in Vanity Faire AQ Q&A


AQ User Account: jks218
AQ Character ID: 74023601

Entry Name: Pernicious Penumbra

Description: A phantasm that once roamed around in search for closure. It ran into Ultimon and was turned into a shadow. Now it seeks vengeance against all those who have hurt it when it was alive. Unfortunately, he stumbled upon you in his quest for revenge in a bad mood.

Appearance: It has a regular human physique--like Giliara, or any other Brilhado, but appears sideways so it looks at the character. To be more precise, its silheouette is like an angel except everything's black. Its eyes glow red like all shadow creatures. It also has wings on its back, but it does not flap them. It levitates above the ground--not flying, levitating. It weilds a sword on its shoulder. The sword is a huge black sword (perhaps similar to the size of the Blade of Awe, although the blade is much larger). The sword has flares around it, like the flares of the sun which lash around but die quickly.

Level: 150
(Regular monster)

Combat Defence:
Melee 51
Ranged 51
Magic 51

STR: 0
DEX: 220
INT: 270
END: 0
CHA: 0
LUK: 260

Elemental Modifier:
Fire: 130%
Water: 100%
Wind: 100%
Ice: 100%
Earth: 100%
Energy: 110%
Light: 50%
Darkness: 50%

Attack 1: (1 Strike; all Magic) It floats swiftly towards the player and slashes. The motion of the blade goes from left to right (monster's perspective). It goes back to its original place afterwards. This deals either Light or Darkness (seeks) and deals *0.90 damage to compensate.
Attack 2: (4 strikes; all Magic) The screen turns black and blue slash marks appear in the area of the player. Whenever the monster has the MP, it uses this spell. This costs 550 MP and deals Darkness on the first two strikes, and Light on the last two. This deals *1.05 damage since it utilizes two elements.

*This monster is susceptible to any stats effects.

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1/10/2013 11:06:26   

AQ User Account: Prince Nero the Dark
AQ Character ID: 32608849
Entry Name: Shadow Crusader

appearance - Similar to " Gallantmon" but only with the shield, (ditch the lance, i want this monster to be a turtling mage) with shading like Ultimon's or Exultor's armor
particulars - monster that is a pseudo-tank mage, and a trolling one at that, it has three attacks in this pattern- 1.) Shield bash, high chance to stun player,guest,pet for 1 round, 2.) After a successful stun, it spends XX mana/sp (once mana runs out) to cast a really powerful spell(animation is a blast from the shield), 3.) if mp runs out, then it heals both HP and MP every turn until sufficient for another cast, then the stun/spell combo continues
Stats for the top tier version of this monster:

melee 55
ranged 50
magic 50

fire 75%
water 90%
wind 60%
ice 75%
earth 90%
energy 60%
light 0%
darkness 0%

str 250
dex 0
int 250
end 0
cha 0
luk 250

immunity to any status than can make him lose a turn (clan defender memento anyone?)

description: a highly esteemed general among Ultimon's ranks, this royal fighter heeds Ultimon's every command (nah, i can't really think of a good description)
AQ DF  Post #: 13
1/10/2013 12:16:48   

AQ User Account: HyrulianLucifer667
AQ Character ID: 83201088
Entry Name: It's You...r Shadow?

Description: "You felt very strange going home last night, like something was in your house. But the last time that happened was on Mogloween.... You have a feeling someone.. or something.. was there. Lurking in the shadows. This shadow gives a great reward... that is, if you can beat it."

Essentially a Shadow version of the It's You creature from Mogloween, copying all of your stats and defenses, besides Light, Dark, Void, and Harm, all of which are 0.

Uses your face (if it were covered in ash), your shield and your weapon.
It wears a shadow version of the Deft UltraGuardian Plate, and does the attacks of that Plate.
It can cast an Element-Seeking Spell (200 MP).
If you change weapons/shields, it will also change (as well as Defences/Modifiers).
Can use potions and a Healing Spell (400 MP).

Uses the "Shadow Blade Of Awe," which is a shadow version of the old Blade Of Awe, dealing both Light and Darkness damage.


Shadow Blade Of Awe

Description: "It looks like someone has taken your blade as well, and even worse, it looks like they corrupted it!"

A corrupted version of the Blade Of Awe, doing both Light and Darkness damage.
Even though it's corrupted, it'll still level up with you, and power up to your level.

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1/10/2013 13:46:28   

AQ User Account: rnyshn1988111
AQ Character ID: 35262074
Monster Entry Name: The Doppelganger (appears in game as <player name>'s Doppelganger)
Details: Appearance: A shadowy silhouette which has three different forms, first slowly arises from the ground as a simple humanoid shadow, then detects player stats, STR/DEX/INT whichever highest, screen flashes, the shadow shade shapes into warrior/ranger/mage forms respectively, if stats are equal, always chooses warrior or mage, warrior over mage. For warrior form, a full body armor and a sword appears on him, similar to War, but has twisting shadows as outline, and completely black. As his ranger form, he wears Hunter like armor, and wields a huge bow, all equipments have same dark shadow effects. In mage form, he would be floating in mid-air, donning a shadow robe in the same manner as Necromant, but with a thinner mage staff.
Test stats: Follows pure build warrior/ranger/mage stats, with M/R/M defenses all 55, elemental modifier Light&Darkness 10%, all others at 80%.
Abilities: All forms have three attack types, normal attack with sword/bow/staff, a random 0 damage attack which can nerf player's elemental defenses by 3%, and a three-hit SP attack for warrior&ranger with 100% HP leech chance, a one-hit highly damaging MP spell for mage, mage regains MP per turn. All damages seek between Light&Darkness. The monster is immune to any immobile, DOT, or binding affects.
Description: Could it be? It's YOUR shadow that you are facing in battle?

AQ User Account: rnyshn1988111
AQ Character ID: 35262074
Reward Entry Name: Shaping Shadows (a misc item)
Details: Appearance: Just a shadow orb, black flames dancing over it.
Test stats: Single tier of L100, SP upkeep bases on player's level, no activation cost.
Effects: When player taking damage, the resistance to that damage type is changed by (Combat Defense+1 and Elemental Resistance -2%) per turn, if damages by muti elements in the same turn, only first one counts. Every elemental Resistance bonus caps at -10%, combat defense all caps at 20. Only apply to 8 standard element types.
Description: The shadow essence is empowered over time, if you don't mind keep holding on it.

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1/10/2013 16:25:33   

AQ User Account - dudewithmagic
AQ Character ID - 12916372

Entry Name - Murodius

This immobile statue is bound with a nefarious, trickster shadow creature Ultimon fought and defeated back in the Shadow Realm, now forcibly serving as an ever-observant guardian of the castle. The stone statue depicts a knight on guard standing on a pedestal. However, its shadow reveals the true form of this monster, a winged humanoid with exaggerated limbs.


Combat Defenses
Melee – 60
Ranged – 60
Magic – 78

Combat Attributes
Strength – 0
Dexterity – 0
Intelligence – 275
Endurance – 275
Luck – 275

Elemental Modifier
Fire - 100
Water - 100
Wind - 140
Ice - 100
Earth - 70
Energy - 100
Light - 175
Darkness – 40

Status Immunity – Poison, Bleeding

Special Effects
If struck by a Light attack, the monster laughs ("Haha" text pops up above the statue's head) and generates twice the usual Sp this round.

If struck by a physical or ranged attack, the damage is reduced by 15%.

As its SP bar fills up, the monster's shadow grows larger which gives players a hint that he will soon be using his SP attack.


Regular Attack
The monster's shadow stretches towards the player and slashes at them, randomly dealing a light or darkness magical attack.

Spell Attack
The statue's eyes briefly flashes red and casts an earth spell using the Cave Collapse animation. This has an MP Cost.

SP Attack
The monster has its own version of Embrace the Shadow (hinting at where Seekrat might've gotten the inspiration for his own spell) with the same animation but it doesn't have any self-inflicting damage and is accompanied by a long string of "hahas" during the animation. It has a large SP cost.

The monster alternates between its regular attack and its spell attack starting with its spell attack until it runs out of MP. Then it will attack with its regular attack until it has enough SP to attack with its SP attack.

Entry Name - Crystalline Blade of Wonder

Type - Magic
Element - Light
Damage - 12 - 36
Bth - 19

Classified as a sword

It has a 10% chance of a special occuring, of which there are two possible specials that could occur

Special #1
Hits: 7
Attack Type: Magic
Element: Light
Damage: ?
Stats: ?
BTH: ?
Rate: 75%
Has a chance to inflict a Prismatic Burn on the target

Description: Light shines into the blade of the sword and shoots out a rainbow at a target

Special #2
Hits: 14
Attack Type: Magic
Element: Light
Damage: ?
Stats: ?
BTH: ?
Rate: 25%
Has a chance to inflict a more powerful Prismatic Burn on the target

Description: Lights shines into the blade of the sword and shoots out two rainbows at a target. Ontop of the screen it says "Woah, Double Rainbow!"

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A Broken Autumn

AQ User Account: Kyroqu
AQ Character ID: 12853451
Entry Name: Shrouded Wild
Appearance: A grey and white cub fox with a shimmering white and black shroud surrounding it. The moment you hit it with an element other then Darkness or Light is changes. It then becomes a large fox. More build like a wolf and the size of a bear, it also no longer wears the shroud.

Stats: When in cub form all elemental modifiers are 120% except for Light and Darkness which are 50% (Harm and Void are at 0%), it's defences will be according to it's powerlvl +6. It's stats are distributed amongst Int, Char and Luck. And in that order of importance, each stat has a max of 250. This form triggers Anti-Shadow weapons. It's does either Light or Darkness damage, 3 hits. 2 beams of shadow and a leaping attack.

In it's enraged form all elemental modifiers drop 50%, Harm and Void rise to their normal standards. It's defences will be -6 instead of the cub forms +6. It no longer triggers Anti-Shadow weapons. All stats are distributed amongst Str, End and Luck. Same distribution order as in the cub form. It's attack is the element used by the Hero and either Light or Darkness, 2 hits. One is a shockwave of the Heroes element and then either Light or Darkness.

Cub form: When hit by either light or darkness it has a change to trigger the ability: Devouring Shroud. This will increase it's damage output the following turn by 25%. It then heals it's sp to 25% of damage done and 25% to it's hp. For this ability to go in effect it needs at least a certain amount of sp and to pass a roll based on it's Char/Int vs Hero Char/Luck.

Enraged form: Standard Chi armor ability coupled with: Exposure. When hit by the heroes element it lower's that elemental modifier to 0.

Description: This little furry creature has rather chaotic tendencies when dealing with the elements. Rumours say the only reason why Ultimon "aqcuired" this cute little beasty is to contain her.

(Little background, Ultimon discovered this creature while seeking for formidable beast to convert to the shadows. Looking upon this cute little thing he thought: "Oh why the hell not." Unfortunaly for him the creature absorbed the shadows instead of being consumed by them. And not in the sence that you control your shadow counterpart. After that he made sure the creature could not roam around lore consuming all of the shadows that he had released.)
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Aura Knight

AQ User Account: Aura Knight
AQ Character ID: 2698598

Entry Name: Twilight Mirror


Image: http://oi45.tinypic.com/ibxlyq.jpg

This is a miscellaneous item.
Cost to activate: 65 sp
Cost per turn: 32 sp
When activated it gives the user +5 to all defenses and also decreases their light and dark resistances by 10.
The item can also be clicked on during the player's turn. This will open up three options for the player to choose.

1. Veil of Shadows: http://oi47.tinypic.com/w9b53p.jpg

Depending on your starter class, you gain certain abilities. Players who have the mighty, deft, and insightful armors each get the fighter, rogue, and mage abilities respectively. The same can be said about players with steel plate, leather armor, and mage robes.

Fighter: Strength increased by 25. Against shadow creatures, all melee weapons deal 150% damage. Against other kinds of monsters, damage increase will remain 110%. Also, there is a small chance to stun shadow creatures for a turn.*

Rogue: Dexterity is increased by 25 and ranged weapons deal 135% damage when fighting shadow creatures. Against other monsters, damage will remain at 105%. When fighting shadow creatures, there is a chance to regain hp while blocking a hit.** The heal would be similar to that of the deft armor of awe.

Mage: Intelligence increased by 25. Magic weapons do 120% damage and spells do 140% damage. This only applies when fighting creatures from the shadow universe. Against any other kind of monster, damage will remain at 105% and 115% for magic weapons and spells respectively. While in combat against creatures of shadow, you have a chance to heal mana on every hit you land against your opponent. ***

2. Cursed Shadow: http://oi45.tinypic.com/5ydend.jpg

Each turn, at a cost of 45 sp, this ability attempts to curse the monster. If successful, the monster receives a "CURSED" status and loses 25 strength, 25 dexterity, and 25 endurance. While under the status of curse, the monster deals less damage. It's effectiveness is reduced to 60%.* The cursed status lasts for 2 turns. When a "cursed" monster attacks you and misses, it loses 10% hp and you heal 5% hp and 5% mp. Against creatures not of the shadow universe, this ability reduces strength, dexterity, and endurance by 10 for two turns. As always, the monster does a save roll. If the roll is successful, it won't be affected by the "curse." **If not, it will be affected.*** The hp and mp regeneration side-effect will only occur when fighting a shadow creature.

3. Blink! : http://oi50.tinypic.com/2r4qyj8.jpg

This ability grants the player the chance to trap a shadow creature in stasis. In other words, it stops time for them. When successfully applied, the monster can either be trapped in time for either 1, 2, or 3 turns. The monster does a save roll to counter the ability. If successful, the monster is not frozen in time.* However, if save roll is unsuccessful, the monster is frozen in time.** Only works against creatures from the shadow universe. This has no effect against other kinds of creatures.***

*: "The monster is awestruck"
**: "Rejuvinate! Rejuvinate!"
***: "Insight"
*: "Weakened"
**: "Enemy is hurt badly, but presses on."
***: "Cursed"
*: "Can't stop me!"
**: "Time-locked"
***:"This creature is not a shadow."

Description: This item grants you power against the creatures of the Shadow Universe. Use it well.

AQ User Account: Aura Knight
AQ Character ID: 2698598

Entry Name: O'Shady


A giant leprechaun that has been tainted by the Shadow Universe. This monster has the shape of a leprechaun, but is colored all black. Its eyes are glowing green. It has a green four-leaf clover on its chest.


Melee 65
Range 70
Magic 65

Elemental Modifiers:

Fire: 50%
Water: 50%
Wind: 50%
Ice: 50%
Earth: 50%
Energy: 50%
Light: -30%
Darkness: -30%


Strength: 275
Dexterity: 245
Intellect: 50
Endurance: 0
Charisma: 0
Luck: 300


Dark Rainbow Blast: One hit attack of darkness. Has the ability to instill fear on player. (25% chance to not act for 3 turns) *

Eclipse-Fu: 4 hits randomly shifting from light and darkness.

-If the last two hits are both light, the player is blinded. (-9 bth for 3 turns)**

If player is afraid, the monster can do a hit that deal damage based on how much hp it has. The more health the monster has, the higher the damage.

If the player is blinded, the monster can do a two hit attack of light and darkness and also steal some of the player's gold. And it can heal a certain amount of health. ***

*: "Au-Stricken"
**: "Shiny!"
***: "Gimme da gold!"

Description: First encountered by Aura Knight, this cursed creature was once a normal leprechaun, but unforeseen circumstances lead him to pursue a new goal and his journey left him dark and miserable. If you are fighting this foe, keep a close eye on your gold, for this leprechaun is more greedy than any others found on Lore.

-The stats given above are for the level 150 version of the monster.
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AQ User Account- Blackflames
AQ Character ID- 31982538

Entry Name - Sagacious Shadowmancer

Neutral Element
Power 3.75 Glass Cannon
Level	150
Balanced XP and Gold Lean or slight XP lean

Melee	60
Ranged	60
Magic	72
DEX	275
INT	300
END	-50
LUK	225
Fire	100
Water	100
Wind	100
Ice	100
Earth	100
Energy	100
Light	50
Dark	50

If it has enough MP, he will cast a spell that will lesser element seek between magic Fire and magic Light. [Fire seeking casts FTWBBQ; Light seeking casts Skyblade (both were spells from The Old One implying that they are part of the Shadow Universe sorta... so I think it makes sense having these spells to cast] However, these attacks are stronger than usual because of the weapon he's holding (Sila's Staff) if possible. I don't want to end up breaking balance standards so the spell boost is optional.
After he runs out of MP, he will use a 2 hit magic darkness and light attack that also regains tons of mana. Sort of like the Nagas when they run out of MP.
On his entrance, he has a chance to inflict you with "Intimidated* for 1 turn, 50% chance of not acting.
*Renamed Afraid

The Shadowmancer was once an adventurer like you, but he was unfortunate enough to be caught in Ultimon's massive Extreme Lore Makeover project and ended up being consumed by the Shadows. The corruption also gave him secrets of the Shadow realm, so be careful.

Appearance: He looks like a normal adventurer wearing the Tenebromancer Robes except he has the coating of a normal Shadow monster (the wispy black tendrils and dark aura) and SCARLET colored eyes to distinguish him as a higher ranked Shadow creature (although this part is absolutely optional... idk if it makes sense story line wise though...). In his hands though, he has a weapon that looks like Sila's Staff (Mage's favorite weapon :D).

MP attack: He does the same animation as the wizard robes when attacking and casts whichever spell does more damage.
Regular attack: The monster aims his weapon at you and shoots an attack that is a mix of the regular attack animation from Lumenomancer and Tenebromancer. So it's basically two or three orbs of light mixed with shadowy tendrils flying towards the enemy. At the same time, he regains about 33% of a regular spell cast so he can cast his MP attack every 3 turns after running out of mana.
Entrance: The screen turns black and he pops up on his side with a flash of light. This has to look a bit intimidating for the first effect though.
Death: He disappears like the Tenebromancer.

Entry Name- Shifting Shadows

«Fully Offensive Mastercraft armor. Good against Darkness and Light. Has a trigger against Shadow monsters that allows for either: Combat Defense seeking or boosted MRM, whichever is more feasible.»

Level: 150
Power Level: 153, Mastercraft
Price: X
Sellback: .5 X
Element: Neutral

Melee: +47
Ranged: +47
Magic: +47

Fire: 100%
Water: 100%
Ice: 100%
Wind: 100%
Earth: 100%
Energy: 100%
Light: 41%
Darkness: 41%

ATTACK #1 (If you're using a Melee weapon) [-2 bth lean for more power]
Hits: 1
Type: Melee
Element: «As Weapon»
Damage: 715.84% Base, 715.84% Random, and 1420.42% Stats each
BTH: +17 plus Stats each
Rate: 100%

ATTACK #2 (If you're using a Ranged weapon) [+2 bth lean for more accuracy]
Hits: 2
Type: Ranged
Element: «As Weapon»
Damage: 341.466% Base, 341.466% Random, and 677.56% Stats each
BTH: +21 plus Stats each
Rate: 100%

ATTACK #3 (If you're using a Magic weapon) [-2 bth for more power]
Hits: 1
Type: Magic
Element: «As Weapon»
Damage: 715.84% Base, 715.84% Random, and 1420.42% Stats each
BTH: +17 plus Stats each
Rate: 100%

TRIGGER EFFECT (also the MC boost)
Against monsters tagged as "Shadow," the armor automatically seeks between the three different attacks depending on what the lowest combat defense is. If they are all the same, then the armor does whatever the default weapon type animation. (So equipping a Melee weapon against a Shadow creature with flat combat defense will default to the melee animation.)

There is no damage penalty for switching combat types... So if you have a melee weapon equipped but the seeking converts to magic, you will not get a .75* damage reduction for doing magic weapon attack. However, magic weapons will deal .75* damage even if it deals melee or ranged attacks.
Basically the armor uses the same formulas for damage and everything; the only different thing is that the attack can either be melee/ranged/magic and the leans due to the different forms. I guess a similar in game example would be the Hunting Horns that use INT for damage and does Melee damage BUT deals .75* as a result.

If the above is combat type thing is not possible, then the armor could just adjust it's own combat defenses depending on the attack it was hit by.
Getting hit by a combat type raises that combat defense by +2 for a max of +6 for the armor. No debuffs on the other combat defenses though. They stay the same unless the monster attacks using that combat type.

Ex. Getting hit by Melee once makes MRM to 49/47/47. Getting hit by Ranged twice only makes MRM to 47/51/47. Getting hit by Ranged twice and melee once makes MRM by 49/51/47.

Become a living Shadow and strike fear into your enemy's heart as you change into their nightmares! Against creatures of the Shadow Realm, it becomes even more deadly!

The basic armor part of it looks like the Whispering Rainment except it's entirely covered with darkness aura like regular Shadow monsters. On the back, there's a flowing black cape that's basically just like the Overlord Armor's cape. On the hand part of the armor, there is a big red gem. There is an eye that you can see through the hood. Eye color is your regular eye color as well like with Shadow of Doubt.

Entrance: You appear from a Shadow-y portal from the ground and leap up and land then get up.
Melee attack: Your entire body turns itself into the form of the Raydius Dragon outline (still shrouded in Shadows of course) and chomps the enemy for one inaccurate but powerful hit. Another alternate look could be the Shadow Hydra form. Then you go back to your normal spot and then turn back into your old self.
Ranged attack: You transform into a Shadow Dragon and hits the monster with a strong breath attack for 2 hits of accurate ranged damage.
Magic attack: You transform into a Shadow version of a Jotun Shevite and attack with it's normal spell type attack that takes the sword into the ground and shoots a large orb of inaccurate magic damage at the enemy.
Death animation: You simply disappear back through the portal that you appeared from and don't appear again.
Block animation: Same as Whispering Rainments. I heard the Assassins learned -side stepping from LB's order so I think it's fine to dodge similarly :P

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AQ User Account- Storm Silverwing
AQ Character ID- 13170705

Entry Name: Penumbral Corrupter


Neutral Element (attacks with light and dark like other shadows)

Level: 150

Heavy XP lean

Combat Defenses:
Melee: 50
Ranged: 55
Magic: 50

STR: 0
DEX: 200
INT: 200
END: 0
CHA: 180
LUK: 200

Elemental Modifiers:
Fire: 90%
Water: 90%
Wind: 120%
Ice: 90%
Earth: 90%
Energy: 90%
Light: 10%
Dark: 10%

Effect: If it has enough SP, it will use a skill, which is four hits, alternating between Light and Darkness. If at least one hit from the skill connects, it will attempt to Control* the player for two turns. The player can resist** with a save, at a -15% penalty:

Level: 150 vs PlayerLvl
Major: MonsterCHA vs PlayerCHA
Minor: MonsterINT vs PlayerINT

* You feel the shadowy corruption taking root in your mind....
** The shadowy corruption is strong, but your will is stronger!

For every turn that the player is Controlled, their light and darkness modifiers decrease by 1%, but the Corrupter's combat defenses increase by 3.

If it doesn't have enough SP, it instead uses a two-hit attack, which randomly does darkness or light damage. Both the normal attack and the skill do magic damage.

Description: This ancient and powerful shadow is one of Ultimon's most trusted generals, and has dedicated its existence to serving him. Very few have met it and lived to tell the tale. Watch out, because it is said to have the ability to control the minds of its victims, and even transform them into shadows themselves!

Appearance: A tall, bulky humanoid figure, wearing a raggedy cloak (which is colored like Ultimon's armor). It has large head resembling that of a cobra, and like most shadow creatures it is pitch black. It has narrow glowing red eyes. The cloak ends at the knees, revealing skeletal legs that end in enormous eagle-like talons. It has four skeletal arms, each wielding solid black swords (preferably katanas). However, the creepiest part of it is the fact that there are six long, writhing black tentacles emerging from its back, through rips in the cloak, and each tentacle has a cobra-like head, complete with glowing eyes.

When it does its normal attack, it teleports forward in a flash of light and strikes the player twice with its swords before teleporting back. When it does the skill, it instead blast four large energy beams from the tentacles on its back in succession. Depending on whether a hit does darkness or light damage, the beams will be either black, with white lightning crackling off them, or white with black lightning, respectively.

When it dies, it explodes dramatically into spheres of black energy, which quickly fade away.

Summary: A definite glass cannon monster. It hits hard and has a dangerous status effect, but minimal health.
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AQ Character Name: Mordred
AQ Character ID: 24666119

Shadow Shogun

Champion boss monster with a focus on Melee defense, STR, DEX, and END. Appears like a Shadow version of Hulk Shogun, only wields a katana instead of the firearm. Can spend SP to perform an attack that does 25% damage, but inflicts a debuff that lasts for three turns to the player’s DEX and STR*if STR>, or DEX and INT** if INT>STR. Lost MP will be returned if INT is restored. If STR=INT, it will go for the first. Roll to save*** is Player END/LUK vs. Shadow Shogun STR/LUK. Further, all of the Shogun’s attacks deal 110% damage, but each turn, he takes *[(hits missed in turn/hits attempted in turn]*.5] of the damage of a regular attack to himself in Harm damage*. (If the detecting STR/INT can’t work in practice, a flat debuff to efficiency would work as well. Say, reduced to 55.66666% efficiency). Monster seeks between Light and Darkness damage.If the player’s Light and Darkness resistances are equal, then each hit is random.

Description: This hulking warrior rises from the shadows to subjugate new commoners under his harsh hand for his friend Ultimon! Some say the shadow blade he bears is cursed to strike foes harder, or should it fail, draw blood from its wielder…
* “The Shogun strikes with ferocity, maiming you!”
** “A savage blow to the head leaves you unable to think clearly!”
*** “You manage to stand strong against the feudal lord’s blow.”

* “The Juuchi Yosamu lashes out at its wielder!”


Attack #1: A simple slash with the katana.
Hits: 1 Hit for 2/3 damage (without the 110% from above factored in)
Rate: 50% if not enough SP for skill

Attack #2: A kick followed by a slash from the katana
Hits: 2 hits for 2/3 damage each
Rate: 50% if not enough SP for skill

Attack #3(STR/DEX debuff SP skill): The Shogun stabs the katana’s tip into the player
Hits: 1 hit for 25% damage
Rate: 100% if enough SP and is using the Maim debuff, 0% otherwise

Attack #4(INT/DEX debuff SP skill): The Shogun hits the player with the pommel of the katana in a punch-like animation.
Hits: 1 hit of 25% damage
Rate: 100% if enough SP and using Stagger debuff, 0%otherwize

Shadow Shogun Armor

Mid-defensive armor with equal focus in Light and Darkness resistance and Melee defense. MC bonus: No compression penalty for Maim/Stagger SP skills.

Description: Ultimon’s friend has left his hardy shadow armor behind. Boasting excellent Light, Darkness, and Melee defenses, the title of Shogun also grants you two skills!


Attack #1: A simple slash with the weapon
Element: <as weapon>
Damage type: <as weapon>
Hits: 1 Hit for 2/3 damage (without the 110% from above factored in)
Rate: 50%

Attack #2: A kick followed by a slash from the weapon
Element: <as weapon> each
Damage type: <as weapon> each
Hits: 2 hits for 2/3 damage each
Rate: 50%

Attack #3(STR/DEX debuff SP skill): The player stabs the weapon’s tip into the foe
Element: <as weapon>
Damage type: Convert’s Ranged to Melee; otherwise <as weapon>
Hits: 1 hit for 25% damage(with proper damage modifier and SP cost increase for Magic)
Rate: 100%, counts as Normal Player attack, weapon special can cancel

Attack #4(INT/DEX debuff SP skill): The player hits the foe with the pommel of the weapon in a punch-like animation.
Element: <as weapon>
Damage type: Converts Ranges to Melee; otherwise <as weapon>
Hits: 1 hit of 25% damage(with proper damage modifier and SP cost increase for Magic)
Rate: 100%, counts as Normal Player attack, weapon special can cancel

Juuchi Yosamu

Appearance: A katana crafted out ebony with shadowflames surrounding the blade.

Melee weapon with 20% proc rate special. Normal Player attacks(but not the special) can be Darkness or Light, chosen by clicking the guard. Has a +5 BtH lean with a *80/85 damage modifier on all Normal Player attacks and Specials
MC Bonus: All Normal Player attacks and Specials also get a *1.1 damage modifier. However, every turn, the player takes Harm damage equal to *[(hits missed in turn/hits attempted in turn)*.5] damage of a standard Melee attack*.

* “The Juuchi Yosamu lashes out at its wielder!”

Special: Shadowflame erupts around foe
Hits: 4
Element: Darkness, Light, Darkness, Light
All hits take *1.2 damage to compensate for multiple elements.

Description: This cursed katana was actually crafted on Lore. Infused with powerful shadow magic and granted some sentience through the Cold, this blade hungers for blood, drawing out more with each strike. It will take some of your own should you miss, though!

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ArchMagus Orodalf

AQ Character Name: Orodalf Aredhel
AQ Character ID: 26707288
Entry Name: Shadow Robot

Darkness Element

It is, in totality, an Elite Boss, and should receive rewards as such, but it has three separate forms, each of which is equal in power to a Normal (Power 1) Tank/Tank/Glass Cannon monster. (Or it could be a Champion Elite Boss, with each of the forms as a Champion monster... depends on how much greater of a threat this "greater threat than a normal shadow creature" should be.)

Form 1: Tank
Combat Defence: No lean.
Attributes: High HP, low MP. Stat priority is END/DEX/STR/LUK.
Element Modifier: 25% for all Elements except Light/Darkness, which are 10%.
Appearance: A Shadow (black interior, hazy outline, glowing red eyes) of a bulky, heavily armored, roughly human-shaped robot.

Form 2: Heavier Tank
Combat Defence: Defenses lean toward whatever combat style you used against the first form, and there is an overall increase.
Attributes: High HP, low MP. Stat priority is END/DEX/STR/LUK.
Element Modifier: 20% for all Elements except the one with which you did the most damage against the first form, which becomes 15%. (And Light/Darkness, which are still 10%.)
Appearance: Same as Form 1.

Form 3: Shadow Nanobots
Combat Defence: Defenses lean toward high Ranged.
Attributes: Low HP, high "MP." Stat Priority is INT/DEX/LUK/END.
Element Modifier: 100% to all except Light/Darkness, which are 50%.
Appearance: I'm thinking something like a Shadow version of Gray Goo - there aren't any eyes to be glowy-red, but the nanobots are colored black with a hazy outline.

  • Upon beginning the battle, the message "The Shadow Robot is heavily armed and armored!" is displayed at the top of the screen.
    • In the first form, the Shadow Robot attacks by launching small rockets from its back, doing eight hits of Ranged Darkness/Light (random) damage.
    • It also has an SP Skill that it will use if it has enough SP-- its hands will transform into hammer-like shapes and smash down on you, with a chance to Daze you ("You begin to see stars in the Shadowy haze! Is that Syrine in that constellation over there...?") or not ("You manage to avoid being Dazed by the heavy blow!").
  • After bringing the Shadow Robot to 0 HP for the first time, a large crack appears in the armor and the Shadow Robot sags to the ground as if defeated. A small cloud of Shadowy nanobots exits the crack in the armor and repairs the machine. It rises once more, and the message "The Shadow Robot initiates its repair protocol! Be prepared for a second fight!"
    • In the second form, the Shadow Robot attacks in the same way as the first.
  • After bringing the Shadow Robot to 0 HP for the second time, the entire exterior of the robot disintegrates. All that's left is a cloud of the Shadowy nanobots. "You have utterly destroyed the exterior of the Shadow Robot, but its inner workings remain intact!"
    • In the third form, the Shadow Nanobots are "MP"-users (more like EP-users, but whatever). They have three spells.
    • The first skill is used when above 50% HP and when they have enough "MP" to use it-- it is an attack in which the Nanobots surround themselves with a black-colored energy. It is then discharged in a blinding flash of light, dealing one hit of Darkness/Light (random) damage. It has a chance to Blind you ("The impossibly bright light Blinds you!"/"You cannot see in this oppressive darkness!" - the message depends on the element of the attack) or not ("You endure the assault upon your vision!")
    • The second skill is used when below 50% HP and when they have enough "MP" to use it-- it is a healing spell in which the nanobots just seem to move around. "The nanobots repair themselves!"
    • The third skill is used when they haven't the "MP" to use either of the first two skills-- there isn't any attack, it's just pure "MP" regeneration.
    Description: Mt. Thrall is just north of the Veil... Could it be that Ultimon's scouts have stolen a prototype from Hollow Stoneforge? Whatever its origin, this robot's directives have been corrupted, and its only objective now is your destruction.
    Entry two: Scepters of Shadowy Sustenance (utility 100% Proc Magic weapon)

    This is a L150G version for a sample:

    Scepter of Shadowy Sustenance

    Level: 150
    Power Level: 153

    Element: Light
    Type: Magic
    Damage: 14 - 34
    BtH: +19

    Hits: 4
    Element: Light, Darkness, MPHeal, MPHeal
    Type: Magic
    Damage: 165% Base and Random, 165% Base and Random, 157.78125% Base and Random, 157.78125% Base and Random
    Stats: 327%, 327%, 312.69375%, 312.69375%
    BTH: +19 plus Stats for the first two hits, latter two are auto-hit and target the player
    Rate: 100%
    Note: This is treated as a normal player attack.

  • The "Special" deals *1.02 damage to account for having no real Special. (Not factored in above.)

    Yum, Shadowy food! (Oh, wait... Like I said, I'm new! The old narrator is now on leave for something about a kitten.) Er, I mean... This scepter is for Mages who like casting spells: it allows you to regain mana by drawing power from the Shadows it creates! (Better?)

    (Analysis: 100% Special Magic weapon, total damage normally 550% BR, 1090% S, divided by four for four hits. First two hits multiplied by 1.2 for the awkward elements, latter two by 0.9*.85*1.5 for auto-hit, reliable healing, and MP instead of HP. Whole thing is multiplied by 1.02 for having no real special.)

    It looks sort of like a caduceus, but there are no wings and the entwined snakes are replaced by curvy shadows. The animation for the "Special" involves the weapon rising like all weapons do during casting, the two shadows uncurling and flying toward the enemy and hitting it once each (for the first two hits) and then returning to the rod, which glows blue twice (for the second two hits).

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    1/11/2013 4:26:55   
    crazy penguin

    AQ username: crazy penguin
    Aq character id: 10247053

    Monster name: shadowmorph

    stats: hybrid build

    Appearance: at the beginning of the fight it will have the appearance of a swirling orb of shadow.

    Description: this shadow never took on a permament appearance, it has the ability to 'morph' or temporarily take/change into a other shadow being/form.

    Ability: it has the ability to take a other form(s) this could be done in two ways
    1:it changes at certain % of remaining hp, for example at 75% it changes into a shadow hydra untill 40% hp remaining etc.

    2: it could assume a form for every attack, and 'lend' the spells/ability(shadow naga spell etc).
    attack1: it slowly changes into a shadow naga and casts a spell.
    attack2: it slowly grows into a shadow hydra and attacks/chanche to cause the bleeding effect.
    attack3: a normal attack, it charges at the player in the same animation as eventide's guise
    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 23
    1/11/2013 8:36:09   

    AQ User Account : killerarvind
    AQ Character ID : 58060431

    Monster Name : Shah Dove --> Pun on Shadow
    Monster Description : King of Doves. Doves are symbolized as birds of peace, but are they?

    Notes : This monster scales depending on player level. I've grouped it to L0-30, 30-60, 60-90. 90-120, 120-150 facing L30,60,90,120 and 150 version of the monster respectively.

    Combat Defences
    Melee : 30/40/50/60/70
    Ranged : 35/45/55/65/75
    Magic : 30/40/50/60/70

    Fire - 90%
    Water - 100%
    Wind - 60%
    Ice - 100%
    Earth - 120%
    Energy - 90%
    Light - 50%
    Darkness - 50%

    Strength - 20/40/60/80/100
    Dex - 40/80/120/160/200
    End - 30/60/90/120/150
    Int - 0
    Cha - 30/60/90/120/150
    Luck - 30/60/90/120/150

    HP - 500/1000/2000/3500/5500
    MP - 250/400/550/700/850

    Entry into battle is like a cloudzard.

    Attack #1

    Element : Wind
    Rate : 50%
    The dove summons a flock that pecks at you. It is a 3-hit attack which can permanently blind you if any one hit connects. *
    You have a -10 penalty to the roll and can resist. **

    Level: MonsterLvl vs PlayerLvl
    Major: MonsterDEX vs PlayerSTR
    Minor: MonsterLUK vs PlayerEND

    Attack #2

    Element : Earth
    Rate : 50%
    The dove summons a flock that throws twigs, leaves and branches at you !
    Damage will be the same as above.

    The dove regenerates 16/22/28/34/40 SP each turn.
    If it has at least 80/110/140/170/200 SP, then it does the following attack

    SummUN !!! (SUMMon United Nations)
    A round table with animals from the Woodland Pack emerges and does this

    Element : Element Seeking if player resistance to any element is 100% or above, otherwise Void.
    Damage : Does 4x damage of a normal attack, and attempts to inflict Disarmed for 3 rounds. *
    You have a +10 save and can resist. **

    Level: MonsterLvl vs PlayerLvl
    Major: MonsterDEX vs PlayerSTR
    Minor: MonsterLUK vs PlayerEND


    Shah Dove (level 30,60,90,120,150)
    Description : Become the Mighty Shah Dove itself ! Includes a Guardian-only skill to control the monster !

    Combat Defences
    Melee - 30/35/40/45/50
    Magic - 30/35/40/45/50
    Ranged - 35/40/45/50/55

    Element Modifiers
    Fire - 95/90/85/80/75
    Water - 100/95/90/85/80
    Wind - 80/76/72/68/64
    Ice - 100/95/90/85/80
    Earth - 100/97/94/91/88
    Energy - 80/78/76/74/72
    Light - 80/75/70/65/60
    Darkness - 80/75/70/65/60


    Hits : 2
    BtH : +12 each
    Element : <<As Weapon>>
    Type : <<As Weapon>>
    Damage : 145/174/202/250/302% Base and Random, and 285/365/460/600/830% Stats each

    Skill - Guardian only

    Skill is unlocked if monster does a critical strike on you.

    SP cost : 160/220/280/340/400
    BtH : +20

    Element : Element Seeking (no Void/Harm damage)
    Type : If STR or DEX>= INT,then Ranged, otherwise Magic
    Damage : 3x Normal Attack plus Stats *
    Appearance : Same as that of Shah Dove. The Round Table appears !

    Effect : Attempts to inflict Control on the monster for 1 round. *
    Monster gets -10 to its save and can resist. **

    Level: PlayerLvl vs MonsterLvl
    Major: PlayerSTR if STR>= PlayerINT, otherwise PlayerINT vs MonsterEND
    Minor: PlayerLUK vs MonsterLUK

    Price : 800 / 6000 / 120,000 / 2,500,000 / 52,000,000
    Sellback : 400 / 3000 / 60,000 / 1,250,000 / 26,000,000

    * The Shah's minions have plucked your eyes out !
    ** You have managed to hold off the Shah's minions !
    * You are forbidden to act for violating peace !
    ** The Round Table shows their amnesty to you !
    * The Round Table condemns thy enemy !
    ** You cannot convince the Round Table to punish thy enemy !
    * Stat bonus only if Lucky Strike occurs.

    < Message edited by Flamey123 -- 1/11/2013 9:33:05 >
    AQ  Post #: 24
    1/11/2013 12:25:48   
    ND Mallet
    Legendary AK!!!

    Character Name: The Guy
    Character ID: 23468830
    Monster Name: Shadow Moose
    Description: "Moose are one of the rarest, and most powerful, species of Lore. This one is a shadow of its true self, but it's still just as powerful. Prepare to meet your Moosey Fate!"

    Attack 1:
    Simple charging attack.

    Attack 2:
    Giant walnuts show up on screen and are crunched as if being eaten. Crumbs deal damage. Chance to apply fear ("You cower as you realize the power of the Moosey Fate!")

    Pet Name: Mini Shadow Moose
    Details: Just a mini version of the Shadow Moose that floats by the player. 50% chance to do nothing or apply a weakened version of the Shadow Moose's fear effect.
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