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RE: =AQ= "Army in the Shadows!" Contest

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1/11/2013 18:32:20   
Zork Knight

AQ User Account: Dusknon
AQ Character ID: 70166806
Entry Name: Mysterious Shadow/Mysterious Shadow Cloak
Details about your entry:

Mysterious Shadow

A member of the Mysterious Necromancer order who joined Ultimon, accompanied by two shadow versions of the Mysterious Necromancer's skeletons. While it's HP is above 75%, both skeletons will be doing Melee attacks, which seek between Light and Darkness (if the modifiers are equal, then the element is chosen randomly between those two). Once it's HP reaches 75% or below, one of the skeletons dies and the Necromancer begins using Magic attacks. Once it's HP reaches 50% or below, the second skeleton dies. The Necromancer will then begin to cast Light and Darkness spells (depending on the hero's Light and Darkness modifiers) until it runs out of MP. The Light spell has a chance to inflict Blind*, while the Darkness spell has a chance to inflict Panicked**. Also, if it has enough SP, the Mysterious Shadow will use a skill that deals three hits (one Darkness hit, one Light hit, and then another Darkness hit), drains your MP and heals it's own. It's elemental modifiers are the same as the Mysterious Necromancer from the Undead Invasion, except Earth is 90%, and Light and Darkness are both -100%.

*Engulfed by the light, you are blinded!
**Engulfed by the darkness, you begin to panic!

Description: "This necromancer once belonged to an order that imitates a certain shadow, but decided to join Ultimon in order to become more powerful, and became something very close to a real shadow!"

Mysterious Shadow Cloak

Mid-offensive armor focused on Light and Darkness resistance, with a built-in skill. In it's normal attack, it throws two spheres (one black and one bright yellow) at the enemy, each one dealing 50% damage. The skill is the same SP skill the monster uses, and is either Ranged or Magic depending on the hero's stats. Each one of the Darkness hits deal half of the damage the Light hit does.

Description: "The cloak of the Mysertious Necromancer that joined Ultimon's forces. Even without it's owner, it possesses some magical power. Maybe you can replace the necromancer that hid under it?"

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 26
1/12/2013 19:08:43   
Righteous Ranger

AQ User Account: Elementalx kid
AQ Character ID: 59801607

Monster:Shadow Yagyo-San

Description: Yagyo-San, a myth which has come to life in the form of a shadow, possessing the fabled Entei. He's got it all: a keen eye, a clear mind, and the ultimate poker face. All he's missing now is an actual head.

Graphical details: It is a shadow version of a headless demon that rides a mystical fire horse called Entei. His flaming horse is now sable with dark flames and he has a halberd for a weapon. So you could make him look like Calladus riding on top of the that flaming horse pokemon (HOW COULD I FORGET IT'S NAME), the shadows affects the Yagyo same way the art of the igneuses daughter was affected in the quest. So he isn't 2D looking like the shadow zard.

Example Tier
Level 150

Combat Defence
Melee 65
Ranged 75
Magic 60

Strength 100
Dexterity 200
Intellect 0
Endurance 0
Charisma 250
Luck 200

Fire -50
Water 90
Wind 50
Ice 100
Earth 50
Energy 50
Light -50
Darkness -50


There is a 70% chance that Entei will take the hit for the demon. Entei has a certain amount of hp and and once you reduce it to 0 Entei vanishes. All damage that Entei receives is halved.

*Entei shields his master from the attack*

While riding Entei the demon is more nimble with an increase of accuracy and dodging and has a higher chance of getting the drop on the opponent.

All of his attacks while riding Entei take half their damage from Charisma.

When he has enough SP Entei does a fire attack which has a chance to burn. (The burn does light or dark damage and the attack does fire) All his other attacks randomize between light and dark

*Entei stomps on the ground causing an inferno eruption in all directions*

When the demon is not riding Entei he randomly uses MP to throw his halberd which attempts to blind the individual.

Notes: Someone else would have to handle the numbers because I have no idea how to do them.

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AQ  Post #: 27
1/12/2013 21:59:08   

AQ Character Name: Lumukanda
AQ Character ID: 9358063
Shrogers (If you need a refresher.)

STR: 0
DEX: 0
INT: 250
END: 0
CHA: 250
LUK: 250

If not relaxed:
  • Red Trolley Attack
  • Other animation attacks
    If relaxed:
  • "Please, won't you be my neighbor?" Word-Bubble Attack

  • Has a Relaxing Presence (Like Fearful Presence)
  • Every turn he attempts to inflict Relaxed*: 28% chance of not acting, 2 rounds. He can Control** when you are Relaxed.

    INFLICT: Mister Shrogers' presence relaxes you. It's Such a Good Feeling.
    RESIST: You resist the relaxation. You're Growing.
    INFLICT: Mister Shrogers is Taking Care of You.
    RESIST: You resist Mister Shrogers' control. You're Still Yourself Inside.

    It's a beautiful day in this neighborhood, A beautiful day for a neighbor. Would you be mine? Could you be mine?

    Shanis Chariot (Shadow-Canis Chariot; a chariot pulled by shadow wolves...or a single wolf. You would be standing in the chariot of course.)

    Level: 150
    Power Level: 153, Mastercraft
    Element: Light

    Melee: +48
    Ranged: +45
    Magic: +48

    Fire: 87%
    Water: 87%
    Wind: 87%
    Ice: 58%
    Earth: 58%
    Energy: 87%
    Light: 40%
    Darkness: 58%

    ATTACK (Charge. Wolves hit. Chariot hits as you jump up. You stab down. Wolves enter from left. You jump back on the Chariot.)
    Hits: 3
    Element: «As Weapon»
    Type: «As Weapon»
    Damage: 209.625% Base, 209.625% Random, and 416.25% Stats each
    BTH: +19 plus Stats each
    Rate: 100%

      Call of the Wild (Wolves tilt heads back and howl)
    • Summons Umbralpha (150) as a guest.
    • If Umbralpha is already active: (Wolves enter from the left and wildly charge the monster in a pack)
      Hits: 5
      Type: Magic if equipped weapon is Magic; Melee otherwise
      Element: Light
      Damage: 77.82-233.46 plus 482.58% Stats
      BTH: 38 plus Stats each
      Cost if Magic: 653 MP
      Cost if Melee: 523 MP

      This is treated as a Spell. Stat bonus to damage is either INT/4 or STR/4, depending on weapon type (possibly +LUK/2).

    So where does the power come from, to see the battle to its end? From the wolfpack.
    Umbralpha (Big shadow wolf.)

    Level: 150
    Power Level: 153
    MP Level: 152
    Location: Shanis Chariot
    Upkeep: 114 MP. If you do not have enough MP on the first combat round after you obtain this guest, then she does nothing for one turn* (without costing MP). On every other round, if you do not have enough MP, then she leaves**.

    ATTACK RATE: [100 + CHA/2]%
    Rate at -66 CHA: 67%
    Rate at 0 CHA: 100%

    Hits: 2
    Type: Melee
    Element: Darkness
    Damage: 27-80.5 plus 624% Stats damage each
    BTH: 38 plus Stats each
    Rate: 100%

    *Umbralpha licks her paws. (114 MP required or she will leave next turn)
    **Umbralpha disappears into the shadows. (Not enough MP: 114 MP required)

    Feel free to change anything. Especially with how the skill works.

    edit: Added more details and art.

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  • AQ  Post #: 28
    1/12/2013 23:06:19   

    AQ User Account: Trainz@07
    AQ Character ID: 38704493

    Monster Entry Name: Thanatos

    Elemental Modifiers
    (First Form)

    Fire: 130%
    Water: 100%
    Wind: 100%
    Ice: 130%
    Earth: 100%
    Energy: 100%
    Light: 0%
    Dark: 0%

    (Second Form)

    Fire: 90%
    Water: 70%
    Wind: 70%
    Ice: 90%
    Energy: 70%
    Light: 175% (Both Light and Dark modifiers revert to 0% once the player uses either light or dark attacks. Refer to Notes at the end )
    Dark: 175%

    Appears as a humanoid clad in ornate sable armor, a cloak of rippling shadows affixed to his shoulders. A cowl hides his visage, but not his eyes of burning red. On his back are a pair of gleaming swords of light and dark, but he favours a sinister scythe that rends his opponents apart.

    When he is near defeat, he transforms into a fearsome shadow demon (with slight draconic features), equipped with razor sharp fangs, deadly claws, and a long, muscular tail. The swords on his back have become his wings (Light and dark wings that resembles blades I guess).

    I was essentially inspired by the Shadow Exultor, which was described by Ultimon as one of his first experimental creatures. So I thought what if he perfected, or rather advanced his research insofar that he was able to create an 'upgraded version' of the Exultor? And thus was Thanatos born. As I've mentioned in the appearance section he has two forms, the first being an armored humanoid and the second being a demonic beast that emerges when he is at a certain health level (30% maybe?)

    Attacks and Skills
    First Form:His regular attacks seek the player's lowest combat defense, so essentially he has 3 regular attacks (Melee, Ranged and Magic)

    Melee: Thanatos unsheathes his blades and assaults the player directly.
    Ranged: Thanatos materializes a bow and unleashes a volley of arrows.
    Magic: Thanatos raises his hand and releases a burst of shadow energy.
    (All are 4 hits of light and darkness element)

    No matter what form of attack he uses, they all have a chance of dazing the player for one turn. If the player is successfully dazed*, Thanatos will then siphon a portion of the players' HP, MP and SP during the next turn.

    *Thanatos' shadow assault has rendered you immobile!

    The monster also has a powerful SP attack, which involves him materializing a giant shadowscythe and slashing ferociously at the player. The powerful attack seeks between Light and Dark, and has a deadly effect called Shadowpuppet. If the player succumbs to it*, he/she will be controlled by Thanatos and attacks him/herself for 2 turns.

    *Thanatos has temporarily stolen your shadow, putting you under his control!

    (I'm not sure if this is necessary, but I wondered if this attack was overpowered, and I had the idea that if the player fell under Thanatos' control and attacks him/herself, Thanatos would simply watch as the player maims him/herself, instead of attacking: - "Thanatos calmly watches as you helplessly harm yourself.")

    Second Form:When the player has successfully reduced the monster's HP to a certain level (30% maybe?), Thanatos will transform into this form. When this happens, the players' guest and pets are dismissed and cannot be summoned for the duration of the battle*

    *Thanatos' unholy form causes your pet and guest to flee in pure terror!

    From that point, at every turn, the player will have to roll a save to resist the monster's Unholy Aura, failure in which results in a decrease in the player's attack damage** for that turn only.

    ** Thanatos' Unholy Aura causes you to balk in fear, reducing your attack power!

    Additionally, if the player is under the effects of the Unholy Aura, Thanatos' attack deals more damage ***

    *** Your fear from the Unholy Aura allows Thanatos to strike at your very soul!

    The monster's standard attack in this form is a triple attack dealing Light or Darkness damage. I pictured him melting into the shadows and then suddenly phasing right in front of the player, attacking him or her with claws and fangs.

    SP Attack: Thanatos will fly a bit higher and then unleash a burning beam of pure shadow energy that has chance of inflicting Shadowburn. The Shadowburn will essentially cause bleeding****, which can stack. Of course there is a chance for the player to recover from the burn at the end of every turn. Until then, the player will continue to suffer from Harm damage at the beginning of every turn.

    **** Thanatos' searing attack has subjected you to intense bleeding!

    Regarding the elemental modifiers of the second form, the purpose of making the monster suddenly so susceptible to light and darkness (175% each) is to essentially give the players a choice. On one hand, they could play it safe and keep using the other elements to assault the monster. On the other hand, they could take a risk and go glass cannon and use light or darkness attacks to hopefully dispatch Thanatos in one single turn. (Of course, being in his second, more powerful form, Thanatos boasts impressive combat defenses which will help him to avoid most attacks)

    However, if their gamble fails (Player fails to kill the monster in the turn that they used Light/Dark attacks), the monster's Light and Dark modifiers immediately reverts to 0%. During the monster's next turn, instead of the standard attack, Thanatos will mete out a deadlier attack. His claws will acquire a sullen, crimson glow, and he will sweep across the screen, slashing the player in the process. If the attack hits, the player's Light and Dark modifiers will increase by 30%*. As an additional bonus, if the player happens to be bleeding at the time, Thanatos' attack will also intensify the bleeding**.

    *Thanatos retaliates with a crippling assault!
    **Thanatos' claws rends you apart, intensifying your bleeding!

    Ultimon's unwavering ambition to create the perfect Shadow creature has led to the inception of this monstrous being, the product of melding purified souls from this world and those of the Shadow realm. Be wary, those huge swords he carries are the least of your worries...

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    AQ  Post #: 29
    1/13/2013 3:27:25   

    A fraction of Lord Barrius' shadow had become detached when Ultimon called shadows to serve him. Strangely, it didn't go to Ultimon. The shadow began challenging other shadows much like it, defeating many enemies along with devouring all of the fallen's shadow energy for itself. The multiple elemental energies within this shadow drove him insane and the shadow grew and took a humanoid shape. When it regained mental stability(kind of), it felt it's power had increased exponentially. But, Lord Ultimon was there and immediately made the newborn shadow-warrior his slave. The powerful shadow took the name of Anar.

    Earth Element

    Level 150
    Melee: 69
    Range: 55
    Magic: 66


    EstHP: 4250
    EstMP: 760

    STR: 200
    DEX: 200
    INT: 0
    END: 150
    CHA: 0
    LUK: 200

    Elemental Modifiers

    Fire: 50
    Water: 50
    Wind: 61
    Ice: 50
    Earth: 15
    Energy: 50
    Light: 0
    Dark: 0

    - Regenerates 47(estimate) SP per turn
    - If it has 470(estimate) SP, then it does ranged attack doing 6 hits of fire, water, wind, ice, earth, energy in order.

    Does 3 hit melee doing earth, light, darkness combination with a variable element hit.

    Sketch I have an amazing monster in my head but it won't come out, sadly :'(

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    Post #: 30
    1/13/2013 8:14:55   

    Category: Reward
    AQ User Account: alvie2000
    AQ Character ID: 75003046
    Entry Name: The Blade Of Bleeding Light

    Element: Light
    Level: 35
    Melee Damage: 10-33


    A large sword that hits twice. Once a strike from the blade and the other with it's light powers on it's handle!
    Deals up to 2x more damage to dark monsters.

    Post #: 31
    1/13/2013 10:15:57   

    I don't play and have no idea on the storyline but I thought this is cool...

    Description: A man who's shadow consumed his soul, bound to him for all eternity. His soul is now a twisted, angry creature. Sprouting out of his chest, this twisted being destroys everything it nears, and requires a great deal of willpower to control. If control is lost, his body will be painfully consumed.

    Appearance: human with arched back and a shadow, demonized version sprouting from his chest.
    Attacks: swipe, slash scratch bite and stuff...
    At 50% control is lost, shadow increases in size each turn as it consumes him. Damage increases each turn but unless he kills you in X turns he will be consumed.

    I don't know the damage calculations, but I expect the player won't be able to tank him and speed of damage increase should be fast :D
    That was fun
    DF AQW Epic  Post #: 32
    1/13/2013 10:20:33   

    AQ User Account: tgbh
    AQ Character Name: James Viollus
    AQ Character ID: 66182045

    Monster Entry:
    Shadow Leviathan

    Neutral Element(Light or Darkness depending on it's last hit)
    Appearance: Art! The main animations are bright red smoke puffing from his front nostrils and the bobbing/breathing motion in most " head- only" dragons. Apart from that and blood red eyes(With the slash pupil), coloured like a normal Shadow monster). It's mouth is practically as big as its head so when it opens it to perform its attacks the whole two parts of the head separate.

    Level: 150
    Rewards: Slight Gold lean or balanced Gold/XP leans
    Power: 4


    Melee 70
    Ranged 80
    Magic 70


    EST HP 16 000
    EST MP 850

    STR 320
    DEX 0
    INT 0
    END 230
    CHA 0
    LUK 200


    Fire: 150
    Water: 20
    Wind: 20
    Ice: 20
    Earth: 55
    Energy: 55
    Light: 10
    Dark : 10

    Attack #1
    Hits: 4
    Element: Light and Darkness (See effect)
    Damage: 8/4 damage, each hit for 2/4 damage. (Which also means it deals twice a Power level 4 monster's standard damage)
    Cost: 478 SP
    Rate: 100% if there is the above amount of SP. If not, it uses attack #2
    Animation: It opens its giant mouth/head and black horizontal flames engulf the player. Amongst the flames, there are at least one distorted piece (For example: Dragon Wing, Hydra Head, Frogzard Leg, etc.) of each Shadow monster in existence. (The scarier the better)

    -Regenerates 85 SP per turn.
    -If he has 490 SP it uses Attack #1, for increased damage.
    -Immune to Fear.
    -It deals 2 hits of Light and 2 Hits of Darkness
    -If the Light hits are successful, there is a 50% chance of it inflicting Shadow Burn* on you, which is a renamed Burn which deals Light damage, subject to a save. The power of the burn is 6.05 per hit (Max is 12.1 if both hits land) and lasts for 5 turns.
    -If the Darkness hits are successful, there is also a 50% chance of it inflicting Shadow Fear***, a renamed Afraid, subject to a save****. The chance of you not moving depends on how many hits it lands (40% per hit for a max of 80%).

    *You are engulfed in hellish Shadow flames!
    **You stand strong against the Shadow flames!
    ***The hellish figures in the blast has horrified you!
    ****You aren't shaken by the hellish figures!

    Attack #3
    Hits: 1
    Damage: 1/1 Damage (Average damage for a Power level 4 monster)
    Cost: 0 SP
    Rate: 100% if not enough SP to perform Attack #1
    Animation: The monster quickly moves backwards until it disappears from the screen. Then it appears below the player and chomps before going back to it's original position
    Effects: This attack randomly deals Light or Darkness Damage.

    Description: A colossal but elusive beast which dwells in the deepest depths of The Great Sea to shade itself from the burning sun. Ultimon somehow managed to use one his latest experiments to capture and corrupt this one into his most horrific Shadow yet!


    Reward Entry:
    Umbral Melancholy

    Level: 150
    Power Level: 153, Mastercraft
    Price: 48410334 Gold (2.2x Cost for being a compression and MC weapon)
    Sellback: 24205167 Gold

    Type: Melee (See Effect)
    Element: Darkness (see Effect)
    Damage: 24-40
    BTH: 19
    Appearance: Art! The center, the four gems and the orb at the tip of the weapon is purple(Darkness) or yellow(Light) depending on the element. The one I drew is on Darkness mode. The blades on top and below the center of the weapon are the same colour and shadow-effects as Shadow monsters. If it can't fit. The staff can make it smaller as long as the handle is still big enough to hold. The hand shows the position it is to be held in, it isn't necessary if the weapon is implemented. The bright hand colours are for contrast.

    Hits: 1
    Type: Ranged
    Element: Darkness/Light (See Effect)
    Damage: 511.58% Base and Random
    Stats: No normal stats; 1216.00% Lucky Strike damage
    BTH: +24
    Rate: 100%
    Animation: It shoots a beam similar to Drakath's breath attack but purple in colour.
    Effect: This is a gun attack, not a bow attack. This is treated as a normal player attack.

    -Click the weapon's handle to toggle between Melee and Ranged modes
    -Click on the top blade to toggle from Light to Darkness Mode
    -In Melee mode, all attacks deal 1.09 damage for lacking a special
    -In Ranged mode, all attacks deal 1.02 for having no SPECIAL-SPECIAL. (Already calculated)
    -All normal Player attacks gain +5 BTH and deal *85/90 damage. (Already factored in)
    -On all normal Player attacks, there is a chance of inflicting the monster with Melancholy(a renamed Afraid) for 2 turns. The chance of not acting each turn is 45.5%. The monster takes -0 to its save**:

    Level: 153 vs MonsterLevel
    Major: YourDEX vs MonsterCHA
    Minor: YourLUK vs MonsterLUK

    *Your foes has succumbed to the deathly silence
    **Your foe isn't shaken by the deathly silence

    If the foe is under the category "Shadow", it's chance of not acting when it is affected by Afraid is increased to 50%. All player attacks deal 95% damage because of this, if I'm right. (So it actually deals 1.0355 in Melee Mode and 0.969 in Ranged Mode, without the extra Bth). This has been calculated in the Ranged Mode numbers.

    Description: A feared weapon imbued with the essences of deceased Shadows. This makes its hits eerily silent and undetectable even by Shadow monsters, which sparks anguish and fear in the hearts of all monsters!

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    AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 33
    1/13/2013 17:01:03   
    Dwelling Dragonlord

    ArchKnight AQ Pedia / OOC / L&L

    AQ User Account: Dragoncommander Azer
    AQ Character ID: 18760217

    Monster Entry:

    Shadow Fangirl
    <Tank with high charisma>

    Description: This eldritch abonimation was spawned by ElBhe's irresistible charms. See if you cannot cool her passion down a bit.

    Appearance: The shadow resembles a female villager with red hearts for eyes.

    She can steal your "ElBhe" guest*, this increases her damage.**
    At the end of the battle, if she stole ElBhe, the following message appears.***

    *ElBhe's been catnapped!
    **She guards her prize ferociously!
    ***ElBhe escaped the Fangirl's clutches!

    Shadowfeeder Pendant

    Trigger: Shadow
    Increases SP by <<>> every turn.
    % to get the Celerity status.
    Upkeep: Xmp

    Description: This pendant feeds off the energies that pulse from Shadow creatures, effectively adding it to your own energy. You could be slaying Shadow creatures for hours and not feel tired because of it.

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    AQ DF AQW  Post #: 34
    1/13/2013 17:10:38   


    AQ User Account:starwarsmat
    AQ Character ID: 50076593
    Entry Name: knight's shadow
    Details about your entry:


    Name: knight's shadow
    Element: light
    Appearance: a suit of armor with with a gold chest plate that has a black insignia in the center of it. the head has a helmet on it that has a horn made of shadows on it.
    Description: this suit of armor was made to fight the shadow menace and is now yours to bring retribution.
    additional details: has a spell that deals one hit of light and a second hit with half the damage of darkness. this spell takes the bonus from the bad element combination to give it elemental seeking against shadows.
    Defense Modifiers:
    -----Melee: 35
    -----Range: 35
    -----Magic: 35
    -----Light: 40
    -----Dark: 40
    -----Earth: 95
    -----Energy: 95
    -----Fire: 95
    -----Ice: 95
    -----Water: 95
    -----Wind: 95
    Price: 26117454
    Level: 145

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    AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 35
    1/14/2013 0:27:24   

    AQ User Account: poopbum

    AQ Character ID: 21911686

    Monster Entry Name: Nightfall Wisp


    Nightfall Wisp
    Light Element

    Top level version: 150


    Melee 66
    Ranged 66
    Magic 66


    STR 0
    DEX 200
    INT 300
    END 0
    CHA 0
    LUK 250


    Fire 75
    Water 160
    Wind 160
    Ice 75
    Earth 160
    Energy 75
    Light -100
    Dark -100

    If it has «» MP, she spends that much to cast one of the following spells, whichever you are weakest to (also takes into account the below status effects)

    Spell #1
    Hits: 2
    Element: Light
    Effect: If all hits connect an attempt will be made to Flash Stun* you for one turn. You can resist this.**
    Animation: The monster's eyes glow white and a bright luminous ball appears at where the player is(1st hit) and explodes.(2nd hit)

    *You have been overwhelmed by the sheer intensity of the light
    **You managed to quickly recover from your foe's brilliant assault

    Flash Stun, «» round(s)
    Unable to act. Dark resistance is increased by 1.5x Light resistance.

    Spell #2
    Hits: 3
    Element: Dark
    Effect: If all hits connect an attempt will be made to inflict you with Night Paralysis.& You can resist this.&&
    Animation: The monster's eyes glow dark purple and a dark explosion happens near the player which swirls into large whirling vortex.(like the purple portal from Death's Domain)

    &You succumb to the forces of the massive amounts of dark energy
    &&You endure the impact of the darkness explosion

    Night Paralysis, «» round(s)
    Unable to act. Light resistance is increased by 1.5x Dark resistance.

    Normal Attack
    Hits: 1
    Element: Light/Dark
    Animation: The monster shoots a pulse from its head towards the player.
    Note: It uses this attack if it does not have enough MP to use its spells.

    All attack types are magic.

    Other Effects:

    1)Recovers MP based on a percentage of damaged dealt on any of its 3 attacks.(like it got the Rejuvenating Necklace effect)

    2)Immunity to any non-status effect effects from the player that affects it.(This means that Nightfall Wisp is unaffected by WraithZard, Twilight shield series, Ebilcorp logo, Mindlock orb, etc)
    However it is still vulnerable to effects that attack it like Nemesis backlash, Quillion, Cutting Edge Guard, etc

    This creature whose power allows it to be treated as royalty in the shadow universe. It rules with its sheer psionic control over light.

    Appearance: A large shadow, floating, fiery ball-like thing with two glowing eyes. One of the eyes is light blue while the other is dark red. The aura from both eyes flows out from them.
    (similar to Loco's eyes but the aura/glow is translucent) Should look something like this. (but without the hands)

    Hit animation: Nightfall Wisp gets slightly knocked back and its eyes closes. It then floats back and slowly opens its eyes.
    Miss animation: Nightfall Wisp generates a bluish translucent shield around itself.
    Death animation: Cracks form around the monster as it shakes and luminous light flows out of it. It slowly fades before suddenly exploding(explosion is similar to Brilliant Shade's MP attack in color but more whitish) which deals one hit of light/darkness magic to the player. (player can block this hit)

    Summary: Glass cannon monster which tries to stun lock you with light and dark versions of freezing/petrification/thermal shock. Inspired by Telepath RPG 2.

    Reward Entry:
    Ambient Assailant
    «Mastercraft Fully Offensive Darkness Armor. Mastercraft Bonus is a Skill that can triple your dex(see below)»

    Level: 150
    Power Level: 153, Mastercraft
    MP Level: 152

    Melee: 51
    Ranged: 51
    Magic: 51

    ELEMENTAL MODIFIERS (hopefully can keep 40% darkness with at least 50 MRM if need be maybe can further increase all other resist I'm not sure how numbers work)
    Fire: 100%
    Water: 100%
    Wind: 100%
    Ice: 100%
    Earth: 100%
    Energy: 100%
    Light: 65%
    Darkness: 40%

    Hits: 5
    Type: «As weapon»
    Element: «As weapon»
    Damage: 139.8% Base, Random, and 462.33% Stats each
    BTH: +19 plus Stats each
    (Attack takes a +4 to bth with a 85/89 modifier, not factored into above)
    Rate: 100%

    Attack animation: Player quickly dashes forward for the first three hits with the weapon pointing away from the player(like the sneak attack of whispering raiment) before quickly dashing back for the last 2 hits(in the same pose as mentioned earlier). Player then turns to face the enemy in default pose.


    Blend in the Shadows
    Activation: 0/1? turns
    Cost: 360? SP
    Duration: 3? turns
    Effect: DEX is tripled for the duration(skill mostly up to staff,Dex multiplier might be OP so an MRM increase is fine)
    Note: When the player is already blended in the shadows he/she cannot use this skill again as long as the buff is on


    An Altered Armor from the Armory of an Army of Agreeable Admirable Artistic Assassins. (They Appeared to Assemble in the Middle Isles during the SeekRat's Atrocious Act)
    Accurate Attack And Awesome Avoidance.
    Also has An Ability to Amplify Agility.
    (This Alliteration Abuse is Absurd)

    Default pose has the player standing with free hands side by side. Body is similar to whispering raiment, head does not have a hood,instead the mouth is covered by a bandit mask and long hair is left blowing. Half of the hair is the same color as the luminous weapons while the other half is colored the same as shadow monsters. Armour has a slight shadow color effect all over. Eyes are glowing in the same color as the player's with an aura flowing out effect. Weapon is strapped to back of player while the shield is hidden.

    Blocking animation: Shadow clones of the player appears around him/her(in a similar fashion to Ardendor's blocking) as he/she moves backwards.
    Hit animation: Small shadow smoke explosion effect around the player as he/she leans back from getting hit.
    Death animation: The player kneels down on one foot as he/she sinks into a portal. Has the typical video game boss defeated explosion effect except that the explosion has a shadowy feel to it.

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    AQ  Post #: 36
    1/14/2013 5:55:29   

    Aq user account: ReignBringer
    Aq character id: 31229443
    Entry Name: Shadow Of Mastercraft

    rough sketch: http://prntscr.com/p4ko4
    rough outline: http://prntscr.com/p4na0
    current coloring: http://prntscr.com/pj5ja (not good at coloring)
    Forged from the legendary
    Overlord, Twilight, Nemesis, Asguardian,
    and Communicant Set. The Shadow of
    Mastercraft arises from the darkness.

    Highest level version:
    Level 150.


    Melee 55
    Ranged 55
    Magic 55


    STR 200
    DEX 0
    INT 200
    END 150
    CHA 0
    LUK 125


    Fire 45
    Water 85
    Wind 80
    Ice 45
    Earth 85
    Energy 45
    Light -20
    Dark -20

    4 hits- Ranged/Magic/Melee/Magic
    1st hit Asguardian weapon throw
    2nd hit twilight desintigration flow
    3rd hit Overlord Burst from ground
    4th hit Nemesis claw

    Entry Name: Weapon Of Mastercraft

    Lvl 30/60/90/115/150
    Damage 2-20/5-30/7-40/11-55/30-100

    Rough sketch:
    Colored: http://prntscr.com/pfykm (dont really know how to color)


    Weapon of Mastercraft(level 30,60,90,115,150)
    A weapon forged with the essences of the
    6 original mastercraft sets, Reign, Shadow,
    Gold, Asgardian, and Nemisis Set

    Click on the Handle and you ignite the bright fire of
    the reignbringer and you start to do magical damage

    Click on the goldenlion axe on the blade
    and you turn into a Powerfull
    being the "Shadow Of Mastercraft" once
    morphes you are able to equip another
    weapon and sheild with an attack like the airenal lance

    Combat Defences
    Melee - 35/45/50/60/66
    Magic - 30/35/40/50/66
    Ranged - 35/40/50/55/66

    Element Modifiers
    Fire - 80/76/72/68/64
    Water - 100/95/90/85/80
    Wind - 100/95/90/85/80
    Ice - 80/76/72/68/64
    Earth - 100/97/94/91/88
    Energy - 80/78/76/74/72
    Light - 80/75/65/50/45
    Darkness - 80/75/65/50/45

    Armour Skill(Guardian Only)
    Mastercraft Blast
    You can decide between a blast of ice,
    energy, light, fire, and darkness

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    1/14/2013 8:52:27   
    Frost Moglin


    AQ User Account: Frost Moglin(character name (The one that gets reward if wins)) aaro54 (account name)
    AQ Character ID: 57487153
    Entry Name: Blade of The Shadowlights
    Details about your entry: Looks like a shadow of an typical sword. When you click it's hilt, it changes into a light weapon. (That looks like a recolored shadow version)
    Description: This blade is a blade wielded by the Shadowlight, light elementals that have become shadows, forged from darkness and light combined. By clicking the hilt it changes into a light weapon.

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    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 38
    1/14/2013 15:06:03   

    Character Name:Itremor the Blue Eyed
    Character ID:64067800

    Entry Name:Shadow Doom Lord

    Details:A Big Doom loord (like Sepulchure) using shaow powers like
    -Doom Blast :a Dark element Attack what can strike to player Fear (Big Damages)
    -Storm Of Shadow skulls: Doom Lord Strike a Rain of shadow strikes Of Light or Dark element (Random)
    -Health:Regain 10% of Max Health
    -Trasformation:he's transform in Big Shadow Doom Dragon The has 40% or less HP
    -Summon Shadow:Doom Lord Summon A shadow to attack his enemy (many attacks but less damage)

    Description: This DoomLord has ben beaten one time but, this time return with new Shadow powers And MORE DOOOM!

    (Im have maked a remake but im clicked X So now...................................................................................................................................) YOU SEE!

    (Note:all Items are Shadow because im like it)

    Name:Doom Plate of SHadow
    All:90% (Light And Dark 21%)
    Standatd hits : 3
    Level: 100-150 level's (from 100LVL to 150)
    -Immune to Fear and Poison
    -If Blade and Shield equiped you do 2/1 damage and have 2X Block Chance
    Doom Strike (250-680 Sp)
    Element Darknees
    Damage: 400-750 (one strike do 1/3 of Max Damage)

    Shadow Doom Blast:
    Coming Soon ! (my Brain is OFF)

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    1/14/2013 22:54:13   
    skull x

    AQ User Account: skull x

    AQ Character ID: 25433828

    Entry Name: Penumbral Prescriber

    (Item Reward)

    Details about the entry:

    <<MC Fully Offensive armor. Good against light and dark (compression) with healing properties (the built-in sp mp regen) and has a skill that heals the player (hp)>>

    Level: 150 (MC set tiers but still up to the staff)
    Power Level: 153, MC
    Price: 92,000,000 (costly because of the MC armor effects (sp and mp heal) and element compression but still up to the staff)
    Sellback: 46,000,000
    Element: Neutral

    Armor Appearance: A shadow version (like the shadow of doubt armor) of Falerin's Bespoke Bedizen or something that looks like a military general (uniform), it is all black and has a shadow aura that

    encompasses the whole body and has a skull look (face) with color custom eyes (if possible). This armor like shadow of doubt hides the armor and the weapon.

    Melee: 40
    Ranged: 40
    Magic: 40

    Fire: 80%
    Water: 100%
    Wind: 115%
    Ice: 90%
    Earth: 80%
    Energy: 80%
    Light: 41%
    Darkness: 41%

    Hits: 1
    Type: «As weapon»
    Element: «As weapon»
    Damage: 699% Base, 699% Random, and 1387% Stats each
    BTH: +19 plus Stats each

    Attack Appearance: The player releases a black energy ball (fast animation)…probably like what shadow of doubt does in the two-hit attack mode except that this armor does not jump but just fires it.

    Effect of the armor:
    If the enemy hits the player, the player gains 14-27 sp (up to the staff)
    If the player hits the enemy, the player gains 20-36 mp (up to the staff)

    Sample pop up message:

    After being hit... the pop up message will state that...
    *You heal 17 sp from your opponent's attack.

    After hitting the enemy...the pop up message will state that...
    **You rejuvenate 25 mana points.

    Note: eEvery level tier increases the amount of sp and mp regeneration... lvl 150 tier of the armor giving the highest regen... next is the lvl 135 (the healing is not level scaled but by tier)... this is to observe balance
    and making the highest tier the most desirable...

    for instance....
    the lvl 135 version of the armor:
    If the enemy hits the player, the player gains 12-25 sp (up to the staff)
    If the player hits the enemy, the player gains 18-34 mp (up to the staff)

    Hits: 1
    Type: «As weapon»
    Element: «As weapon»
    Damage: 699% Base, 699% Random, and 1387% Stats each
    BTH: 19 plus Stats
    Cost: 140 SP (not sure)
    Effect: The player heals (Hp) 35% of the damage done. The player will not gain mana while using this skill. (the armor effect)…But misc items that grants the player mana regen can i.e. rejuvenating necklace.

    (so 500 damage will heal you 175 Hp)

    -This is treated as a normal attack.-

    Sample pop up message: A pop up message will state that...

    *You absorbed 175 Hp

    Attack Appearance: There will be black tentacles coming from the player’s back then all of the tentacles will strike the enemy. (fast animation)

    Additional notes…
    Death animation: The character will look up and disintegrates to ashes like a werepyre death animation…
    Blocking animation: like Falerin’s suit (the armor version not the enemy) block

    Ultimon takes this matter to a higher phase so he strategically “employed” a couple of medics to support his army. Unfortunately, most of the medics mysteriously disappeared and left their “wear” in the camp. At least now, you can use their “clothes” and acquire their healing properties.

    Basically the armor acts as if it is like a symbiote…

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    1/15/2013 11:32:57   
    Lord Areswe

    AQ User Account: areswe

    AQ Character ID: 19219616

    Entry Name: Stygian Illuminator

    (Challenging monster)

    Details about the entry: The creature takes a form much like a stereotypical ghost with its lower body dwindling into vapors. It holds in one hand a small candle, while the other is poised over the small bright flame as if warming itself. the upper body of the creature is garbed in a white robe with blackest darkness playing around the hem. The creatures face is a ivory mask and has only eyes, although small carvings run across the cheeks. Behind the mask is a roiling tumult of light and darkness.
    a small piece of art of how I imagine it


    Melee 62
    Ranged 62
    Magic 62


    STR 0
    DEX 200
    INT 200
    END 100
    CHA 0
    LUK 200


    Fire 43%
    Water 75%
    Wind 75%
    Ice 43%
    Earth 75%
    Energy 75%
    Light -50%
    Dark -50%

    If any element other then light or darkness is attacked, that element receives a -5% modifier and light (if wind or energy) dark (if water or earth receives a +10% modifier* This may happen a maximum of once per round. and caps at 10 times for each element.
    (*The stygian illuminator strengthens its guard, unknowingly exposing a chink in its armor!)

    attack no.1: The Stygian Illuminator raises the candle to its face and sends a stream of light towards the player doing several hits of light damage
    and attempting to inflict control* this is resisted with intelligence**

    *The gentle light of the candle soothes your mind, what you wouldn't do to stay within its light a little longer...
    **You shake your head and ignore the peaceful light of the candle burning you.

    attack no.2 (occurs when control is successfully inflicted) darkness streams out of the mask and garments of the Stygian Illuminator and streams toward the player before bursting over them for a much stronger hit* of darkness. The damage dealt is inflicted as if it had hit the players weakest element.
    *Used to the light of the candle, The Shadows rips through your defense and resistance alike!

    Entrance animation: a small candle lies on the ground. all of a sudden the Stygian Illuminator's body forms around the candle and scoops it up.
    Death animation: the candle shines brightly like a miniature nova and the superimposed form of the stygian Illuminator slowly disintegrates into darkness.

    Flavor Text: Possessing a soul in equal parts Lorian and shadow this creature lashes out at any who interrupt its own internal battle.
    The hero Lord Areswe was one of the first to be transformed into this unfortunate state

    Item Reward

    Entry Name Shadetiant shield
    Description: The shield is a dark grey vortex of clouds with a large red catlike eye at the center of the maelstrom staring around randomly
    Black lightning often lances through the shield and illuminates disjointed body parts
    several limbs stick out of the edges of the shield A mouth, talons, tendrils and the like.
    My initial concept image

    Stats for a level 147-ish version


    Melee + 0
    Ranged +0
    Magic +10


    Fire -16%
    Water +12%
    Wind -0%
    Ice -16%
    Earth -0%
    Energy +12%
    Light -19%
    Dark -19%

    At the beginning of each of your turns during battle:
    If you have not blocked any attacks since your last turn you receive a 1 turn power boost equal to shieldLVL/monsterLVL (maximum of +10 for the shield)*(maximum health/current health)*2
    (the Shadowy thing in the shield chuckles at the power of the enemy, as well as your discomfort and grants you a boon of power!)

    If you change armor while you have the shield equipped you lose all buffs bestowed by this effect*
    *(The dark being revokes your boon of power as it gazes at your new armor in confusion)

    If you blocked at least one attack, then you take the following hit
    Hits: 1
    Element: «Harm»
    Type: «Magic»
    If MP is greater then HP: 43-109*)number of hits blocked/number of hits made) + - 364% stat bonus (Charisma) MP damage
    If HP is greater then MP: 34-98*)number of hits blocked/number of hits made) + - 364% stat bonus (Charisma) HP damage
    BTH: Automatically hits
    (The Shadowy thing within the shield withdraws its boon and and punishes you for daring to value your life over its!)

    Flavor text: "Awww look its a wittle sentient piece of the weality of the shadow wealm, I think I'll use it to deflect attack-oh GODS the PAIN!." -last words of the hero Lord Areswe

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    AQ MQ Epic  Post #: 41
    1/15/2013 22:59:24   

    AQ User Account: Red Eyed Terror
    AQ Character ID: 73749757
    Entry Name: The Ridiculed Demon of Darkness

    Details about the entry: An intimidating and horrific monstrosity possessing both strength and charismatic capabilities, The Ridiculed Demon of Darkness is a creature taking the dastardly form of a tall, muscular, immaculate blood-red figure with incinerating sharp claws accumulating on it's powerful hands made for ripping apart tough hide, flesh and skin. The Ridiculed Demon of Darkness was introduced to the world of Lore when an asteroid the size of Carnax and Chillax combined fell from the dark, mysterious void above the land which, unfortunately happened to helplessly lay below. **WILL CONTINUE SOON**.


    Thank you for 1K subs! <3

    AQ Epic  Post #: 42
    1/16/2013 2:37:46   
    Lumenos the Unmoving

    AQ User account: GrildaHydraStudios13
    AQ Character ID#: 73509745

    Entry name: Shadow Clone of <Char Name>

    Description: No, NOT the shadow clone of a particular orange-jumpsuited ninja. You have slain Carnax and the Devourer, Seekrat and Akriloth, and many, many more horrors, yet how are you to slay their slayer- yourself? OR
    Imitation is normally the sincerest form of flattery, but Ultimon's clone of you seems to be the sincerest form of flattening you!

    In essence, it is a shadow incarnation of you, formed from your shadow as Ultimon's final gambit to destroy you. It appears to be a silhouette of your weapons, armor and pet, hair, etc. complete with the 'shadow treatment' of a wispy grey outline and red eyes. It has the ability to bypass your defenses and make an attack disregarding them which also treats your elemental modifiers as 150%. Its combat defenses/elemental modifiers will change as you change armor/shields. It usually element seeks between Light and Darkness, but will cast a spell (selected from your spells) to strike at an elemental weakness if possible, and the appropriate amount of mana is deducted.


    Melee- Yours


    All are (YourModifier*2), except for Light and Darkness which are (YourModifier/2).


    All are (YourAttribute*1.5).

    Its HP and MP are yours, modified by its stats.

    Every turn it will gain SP equal to your SP gain, and at 250 SP it will attempt to perform an attack that treats your combat defenses as 0 and all elemental modifiers as 150%.
    *Your clone sneaks through your shadow to strike true behind your armor!

    Its modifiers change to replicate the stats of your gear. Its damage also change to replicate that of your weapon, but the element still seeks between Light and Darkness. The type of damage is determined by your weakest combat defence (e.g. if your lowest defense is magic, it will do magic damage)
    *Your clone adapts to the sudden shift in your appearance!

    Its stats will modify itself based on any stat-modifying items you have. The increase in stat is equal to (YourStatIncrease*1.5). Whenever this happens, a message appears:
    Your clone overSHADOWS your stat boosts!

    It will occasionally cast a spell, selected from your own, if your Light and Darkness modifiers are the same, or if there is an element modifier higher than Light/Darkness. BRS of the spell is still the same, appropriate mana is deducted.
    *Your clone draws upon its magical reserves to cast- hey, isn't that YOUR spell? I call copyright infringement!

    It can heal itself when its HP.MP is at or below 1/3. Amount healed is equivalent to two potions, and will stop when the equivalent to your own stock of potions is consumed.
    *Your clone rejuvenates itself by drinking a potion... don't ask me how it can do that.

    Entry name: Shad-O-Nomicon

    Description: Summoning Cosmic Horrors for Dummies is not responsible for any and all deaths, injuries, mutilations or being-driven-insane-by-demonic-entities-ations caused by misuse (or correct use, for that matter!) of this book. Copyleft Ultimon 2012. Not all rights reserved- but who needs rights when you can destroy everything with alien shadow tentacles of DOOM?

    Misc item. A nod to the Necronomicon of H.P. Lovecraft, it contains all of Ultimon's secrets of summoning shadow. It is simply a bound book with six clasps, one clasp disappearing each turn.* At the beginning of the seventh turn, however, you cast a spell (SP is deducted instead, equivalent to the total SP deducted for six turns on a misc with PLvl equal to level of this item)**. This spell does 5 hits, seeking between light and darkness. After this, a message appears*** and a guest called Shad-ulhu**** is summoned. Shad-ulhu is, basically, a shadow version of Cthulhu, and fills up your 'half' of the screen with its head and upper body.

    *A wisp of shadow escapes from the book...
    **The book opens and you glimpse upon the unthinkable!
    ***ph'nglui mglw'nafh Shad-ulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn
    **** The Lv150G version is called 'Yog-Shaddoth'. The message is "y'ai'ng'ngah Yog-Shaddoth h'ee-l'geb UAAAH!" instead. Everything else is the same.

    Shad-thulhu (Yog-Shaddoth for Lv150G) has the stats thus:

    Level: Lv of Misc.
    PLvl: Lv of Misc.
    Upkeep: 1/16 of your current HP and MP, rounded up*. If you cannot do this, Shad-thulhu vanishes.
    *The entity of shadows saps at your life and sanity!
    **The cosmic entity vanishes to torture more souls... don't worry, he'll be back!

    Attack rate: [100% + CHA/2]%
    Rate at -66% CHA- 67%
    Rate at 0 CHA- 100%

    ATTACK#1 (4 Tentacles lash out at the enemy)
    Hits: 4
    Type: Opponent's lowest combat defence
    Element: Seeks between light and darkness
    Damage: Equivalent of 4 attacks with your current weapon in current armor.
    BTH: Same as current weapon in current armor
    Rate: 95%

    ATTACK #2 (Screen fades to black, and a web of cracks like that on glass appears on the enemy's location. A window splintering can be heard if sound is turned on.)
    Hits: 1
    Type: Opponent's lowest combat defence
    Element: None/Void
    Damage: None
    BTH: +9001
    Rate: 5%

    This attack inflicts Fear, Blind, Paralysis, Sanity Leech (essentially a renamed Psionic Link) of Plvl equal to level of misc, Paradigm Shift (essentially a renamed Poison, but not treated as such) of Plvl equal to level of misc. Opponent takes -50 to its save.

    The spell (mentioned far, far above) takes the appearance of the player rising into the air, engulfed by shadow, and releasing an explosion of energy from the player's head.
    The misc comes in Lv 105, 120, 135 and 150G varieties.

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    1/16/2013 12:49:36   

    AQ User account: thepersonofdoom
    AQ Character ID#: 34130488

    Entry name: Male/Female Shadow'tooed Asgir

    Description: This Asgir'Rook warrior used reagents for his/her tattoos that were possessed by shadows. Although he/she him/herself is not consumed by the shadow universe's call, his/her mystical tattoos whisper to him/her with the venomous tongue of his/her shadow double. Watch your stats, or he/she will.

    Looks like a normal Asgir'Rook male or female, but their weapon, shield, eyes and tattoos are possessed by shadows. Uses MP to target your stats (like the Z-token armor does, but not just strength), then uses an SP buff to add your stats to their own when possible. Hitting them with Light or Darkness allows them to do a stat roll that may reduce part or all of the damage and regenerate MP and/or SP.

    The Shadow'tooed Asgir has stats slightly adjusted to those of the original Asgir'Rook. His light/dark modifiers are both at 100%, his combat defenses are slightly higher, his INT will be raised at the sacrifice of negative CHA, which will be a minor aspect of his stat rolls. When he casts his SP spell, his combat defenses are all raised based on his level (+4 MRM per cast at lvl 150), all his modifiers are reduced (up to -5% per element per cast), and all of the stat points you lost will be reapplied to his own stats (when his END and INT are increased this way, he will only heal 1/3 as much as the standards dictate)
    AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 44
    1/16/2013 18:09:08   
    Tha Killa

    Aq User Account: Rawr
    Aq Char ID:82789739

    Entry Name: Shadow Behemoth King (subject to change)

    Description:A long last forgotten beast of destructive power, this shadow took on it's form, but only contains a portion of this beast's power.

    Image: Something like this http://www.theanimegallery.com/data/thumbs/790px/0095/tAG_95962.jpg

    This was to make a monster focused entirely on power which sacrifices combat defenses and elemental modifiers for this.

    Shadow Behemoth King

    Level 150

    Base is darkness.
    Combat Defenses


    Elemental modifiers



    Attack 1
    A swipe with his chainsaw (or saw).

    Attack 2
    Goes on all fours and does a MASSIVE ram* to the player, this attack uses 300 SP (monster regenerates 75 per turn).

    * (CHHHHAAARRRGGGEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
    This is a glass cannon mob too.


    Name: Shadow of Absorption
    Level: Increments of 15
    Price:Standard price of a MC weapon

    Damage: Staff
    BTH: Lean of +5
    Type Damage: Energy

    This sword seems to be somewhat sentient, and can unleash a special effect to help you when fighting shadows! It REALLY doesn't like shadows, bad time in high school I guess...

    Appearance: Something like this.

    Trigger: This sword triggers on all 'shadow' beings. When triggered it will glow and all damage done by the sword (and UNIQUELY the sword) will divided by 25* and added to your current SP reserves**

    *Who's a good sword?? You are!
    **You feel replinished!

    The trigger is payed by the MC.

    Hope you guys like it!

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    1/17/2013 2:11:59   

    Character name:shems08
    Character ID:77501484
    Monster name:Shadow of a man named Shadow
    Description:This shadow has taken on the form of a Hobo named Shadow,Shadow has lost his job and He's pretty sensitive about it So try not to walk near em' or he might just bust your jaw.

    Shadow is a balding semi hunchbacked Hobo and he always carries a single boot with him.

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    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 46
    1/17/2013 2:20:20   
    Legendary Ash

    AQ User Account: Ultimate Win
    AQ Char ID: 31438334

    Entry Name: Dos Haws
    Image: Fountain Head with an animated Dark Aura surrounding it, with two red triangular eyes on the curving piece of metal. Occasionally squirts small splashes of water out of the fountain hole.

    Player Size to monster Note: Fountain Head from top to bottom is approximately the height of the adventurer Steel Plate armor.

    Description: You rearrange the letters and realize it spells "Shadows", but Dos means Two, so where is the other Haw?

    Monster Lean Note: Glass Cannon with High Combat Defences, no leans on accuracy or power.
    Base is Darkness
    Power: 4
    Est HP: 4900
    Est MP: 450

    XP: 3/5 of total
    Gold: 2/5 of total

    Combat Defence
    Melee: 70
    Ranged: 70
    Magic: 70

    Elemental Modifiers
    Fire: 80%
    Water: 75%
    Wind: 80%
    Ice: 80%
    Earth: 75%
    Energy: 90%
    Light: 50%
    Darkness: 50%

    Strength: 200
    Dexterity: 300
    Intellect: 0
    Endurance: 0
    Charisma: 0
    Luck: 250

    When Player attacks with Energy, the following statement pops up: "The shadow creature is energized by the electricity generated by the attack" and gains a boosted Attack 3(see below).
    Regenerates 85 SP per turn.

    Normal Attack 1:
    Squirts a Stream of Dark Aura Water for either 50% chance Ranged Light or Darkness Damage from the mouth at the Player, water runs down and form a dark pool, water swirls up and forms a Dark Water Elemental, who then smashes with Left fist, followed by Right fist both strikes either 50% chance MagicLight or Darkness Damage, afterwards it disintegrates back into the pool.

    Elemental compensation for random Light or Darkness shall be factored into the BRS% of monster.
    Rate: 80%

    Special Attack 2:
    Fountain Head blasts off the ground like a rocket with Dark Aura Water towards top of screen, disappears from view and drops down onto the player dealing Melee Water Damage, then the Dark Aura in the form of the Fountain Head leaps from the now normal Silver Steel Fountain Head laughing "Haw Haw", swipes for either 50% Magic Light or Darkness Damage at the player, then blasts off again with Ranged Water Damage to idle position.

    Elemental compensation for Water and random Light or Darkness shall be factored into the BRS% of monster.
    Rate: 20%
    Note: This is like a special for the monster, so 150% of normal regular BRS%

    Skill Attack 3:
    Fountain Head inverts to the horizontal axis, appears as a shadow spouting water as it spins in a circular manner and dealing 3 hits of either 33% Magic Water, Light or Darkness Damage*.
    *If Energized, monster checks to see if Player has better Energy resistance than Water, if not, it will use this SP skill to deal 3 hits of either 50% Water or Energy Damage, otherwise it will wait for 2 turns, checking resistance again, if Energy resistance is still not higher than Water, it will apply a damage boost no elemental changes to the Normal or Special attack instead, whichever occurs.

    Energized or Not, always causes player to Roll for Tainted Water: renamed Water Burn with Duration: 1, Power: 2 and takes appropriate damage penalty to apply this effect.

    Elemental compensation for random Water, Light or Darkness shall be factored into the BRS% of monster.
    SP cost: 481
    Note: This skill does 200% of normal BRS% with damage penalty to apply Tainted Water

    Entry Name: Dos Haws Fountain Head

    Level: 150, Tiering by 20s, beginning with 30 - 130
    Price: 16,089,652 Gold
    Sellback: 8,044,826 Gold

    Element: Water
    Type: Ranged/ Magic
    Damage: 16-47
    BTH: 19

    Hits: 3
    Element: Water, Light or Darkness, Water
    Type: Melee, Magic, Ranged
    Damage: 477.6% Base and Random
    Stats: No normal stats; 545% Lucky Strike damage
    BTH: +53
    Rate: 20%

    Click Fountain Head to switch from Ranged to Magic:
    Ranged: Fountain Head occasionally squirts small splashes of Water
    Magic: Fountain Head has Dark Aura
    When switching from Ranged to Magic: "The Fountain Head now pulses with a Dark Aura"
    When switching from Magic to Ranged: "The Fountain Head now squirts splashes of Water"

    When player is hit with Energy, player normal attacks including Spells and specials with weapon will deal a boosted amount of damage dependent on player Energy Resist, the lower the less potent the boost is.
    AQ  Post #: 47
    1/17/2013 14:23:32   

    how to start the contesnt?
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    1/17/2013 14:39:29   
    Legendary AK!!!

    AQ Character ID: Archie Coinsalott - char ID: 43080236

    Entry Name: Chrysaor Martichora
    Boss monster

    Ingame Description: One of Ultimon`s Generals, this creature finds particular joy in toying with its victims before succumbing to it`s neverending hunger for man or shadow essence.

    Appearance: Something like this but dark and shadowy.

    Attack 1: Charges you and bites you.
    Attack 2: Lifts his front paws for a sec, then back down on all four limbs while its tail fires a shadow stinger at the player.
    Attack 3: Changes into a giant shadowy head (a mixture of lion and dragon...with horns) that swallows you turning the whole screen black.

  • Attack #1 is a normal damage dealing attack.
  • Attack #2 is SP based, does moderate darkness damage with a chance to Paralyze* you for 2 rounds each time the attack is used. Can be resisted.**
  • Attack #3 is a nifty one. Chrysaor Martichora uses Attack #3 on its first turn everytime. When used for the first time, Attack #3 has a 100% chance to lock and make unusable your shields or your miscs or your spells or your armors or your pets. After its first turn, a hidden counter starts counting up and in 12 rounds the boss used Attack #3 again and kills you by dealing tons of damage.***

    *Shadow poison?! Well that`s new!
    **The shadow poison doesn`t take effect.
    ***Time to feed!!

    Attack #2 effect can be resisted by the player.
    Attack #3, on the first use, can either unequip any misc you have and lock the use of miscs or revert you to your no drop armor or shield, locking the other armors or shields or lock your spells or unequip your pet and lock your pets.

    Entry Name: Chiaro Symbiote

    Appearance: Something like this but its back tentacles are long enough to always look like they are on your back. And it floats a bit above the ground.

    Ingame Description: You found this weird creature-plant-thing in the shadow corrupted lands. A useful pet that hurts and weakens your opponents but always wants something in return for services rendered.

    Attack animation:
  • Each turn the pet wiggles its back tentacles that look like are sitting on the players own back and also it`s mouth tentacles extend towards the players opponent (looking like they suck its vigor)
  • The "SP" pet attack aka the one that triggers when you click on the pet has the following animation: the pet puffs up a bit and releases a dark grey cloud of spores that engulf the player and the opponent.

  • Lowers enemy damage by 15%. Drains a percentage of your hp each round. There is no actual damage the pet does to the opponent each round.
  • Pet has a hidden "counter" or you can think of it as the pets SP. If the "SP" is enough aka if enough battle turns have passed, the player can click on it and release its shadowy spores. This triggers a pet attack/animation that can Daze* the player and the monster for 1 round with a 40% chance of not acting, subject to a save.**

    *You and your opponent don`t feel very well!
    **You manage to resist the daze effect. /// Your opponent manages to resist the daze effect.

    Don`t know how balanced or imbalanced this concept pet is.

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  • AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 49
    1/17/2013 16:09:52   

    AQ User Account: Rasudido
    AQ Character ID: Chromium - 14620798

    Shade of Despair

    Description: Some say emotions form the purest shadows; a creature born from fear it resembles an ordinary demon made of shadows but a look into its eyes will make you realize its something far worse.

    Appearance: A winged shadow demon, that swirls with light periodically.

    Spell Caster monster: Has a 3 hit spell (1 hit light, 1 hit dark, 1 random light or dark)

    Spell can inflict <PARANOIA>* status on the player: a player inflicted with paranoia receives *1.25 damage and deals *.8 damage with attacks; healing and self damage is not affected by this. Duration of status is 2 turns.
    Resist is a normal roll with level vs level, INT vs INT, LUK vs END**

    * You fall into despair
    ** You shake away your fears.

    If the player is inflicted with Paranoia monster will attack normally. (2 hits, random dark-light each)

    If the monster is out of mana, the normal attack deals less damage and regenerates MP per turn.

    Spell pays any necessary compression for the strength of the effect with increased mana cost.

    Seal of Primal Shadows

    Description: A magical weapon used to bind some of the strongest shadows, click on it to summon their essence to use as your own.

    Appearance: A dark sword similar to Darklaw. The runes and edge of the sword are bright light.

    Magic Weapon
    Random Element- Light/Darkness, gets appropriate compensation.
    10% Special Rate.
    No BTH lean.

    Mastercraft- goes into helping pay for the armor summon effect additional compensation is rolled into item costs.

    Weapon can be clicked to summon the following armor:

    Full Offensive
    +5 BTH, Accurate lean
    Armor locks all player attacks into random light-darkness, appropriate compensation as a result, disables the additional compensation bonuses on weapons.
    Good defenses vs darkness and light (similar to shadow creature defenses)

    Appearance: Armor looks like Ultra Guardian Plate given the shadow look found on monsters.

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