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1/17/2013 17:19:53   
They Call Me Trick


AQ User Account : Codrul gry
AQ Character ID : 50673493
Entry Name: Shadow Tricked Staff (Level 135)
Details: MAGIC

This weapon grows stronger as you level up, reaching its maximum power at level 150(Special 150level skill at the end). Until level 150, this staff goes through different phases. Its basic element is darkness and has a special attack that gets casted only when you recieve more than 119 damage from 1 hit. However when the you get that hit the staff imediatly contra-attacks with a hit at the monster that deals 1.5x normal damage and heals for half the damage you did (After this you still have your turn. You basicly attack one time during the monsters turn ). This skill improves as you level up and deals with 0.17 more damage at the contra-attack. ( For example at level 136 the damage will rise at 1.67x and so on )

This skill works from Level 135 untill you reach Level 150. Than things get really exciting.

Having the 1st skill with a 4.05x normal damage and the 1/2heal from the contra-attack hit (fully maxed skill ) is not the only thing that's tricky about this staff. At max level the staff gaines a second ability. If the monster you are fighting with is bellow 999hp it will do the: " Double Aura " skill. This consists of getting a half dark, half light aura all around the enemy monster. The light aura sets inside the monster, while the darkness aura get s on top of it, waiting. The light aura will increase the monsters light defence but at the same time will force the monster to decrease its darkness defence for 4 times as it was at the beginning ( for example if the monsters darkness element modifier was 50% it will get at 200%) ONLY for the next 2 rounds. He get s to attack one more time. Than when it s your turn after you do your normal attack, the darkness aura above his head will drop on him, doing a 5hit ( magic ) darkness attack.

Appearance: I really suck at drawing, but here is how it think of it.

First of all it's a staff, we all know what that looks like. Here are my design idea for the rest of it.

-At the top of the Staff, the Staff will spilt in two ( not a really large split ).
-The two Top Ends of the staff will have sharp pointing shadow spines ( both dark blue ).
-Couloured in black from the bottom to the middle and From the middle to top a dark with light grey combination.

At level 150 it changes its appearance by gaining a 3rd spine in the middle. This one will be bigger and dark.

I hope you like my idea.

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1/18/2013 11:02:08   

AQ User Account: Nick Redgrave
AQ Character ID: 66279130
Entry Name: Shadow Avatar (Monster)

1. Description:

a. Visual: A being with a body shape similar to that of a Ghoul but with proportions and a pose similar to those of the "The'Galin" monster. That is, the Devourer possessed Ryuusei. So, humanoid overall but with bare, clawed feet and clawed hands. And no clothes, like a Ghoul. The two major differences between it and those two monsters, however, are that it also has two pairs of feathered wings, similar to those of a Brilhado, on its back and that the head is in no way human looking. Instead it looks like the left head (and by that I mean your, that of the observer of the picture's, left) of this creature. Of course, given that the Shadow Avatar is a shadow, it is black all over (including the horns), has red eyes and the the typical shadow "smoke" is rising from it. Also, the chest visibly expands and shrinks as it takes deep breaths, similar to what dragons appear to do in their ingame animations. Its head is at the same angle as that of "The'Galin" (looking downward) and rather than having circular eyes like the being in the picture its eyes are the same shape as those of, say, a dragon. Pointy edges and stuff.

When preforming its regular attack the Avatar looks forward (at the player) and lifts its arms forward, hands in a grabbing shape and glowing purplish-black with the shadow "smoke" around them intensifying, as if it tries to reach the player without advancing. A red eyed humanoid shape, similar to the Shadow of Doubt in shape, color and with the shadow "smoke" rising from it, appears behind and slightly above the player. The shape looks as if it is struggling to stand and grasps its head with both hands as if in pain with its head glowing the same purplish-black as the Avatar's hands and the "smoke" around it intensifying, also just like the Avatar's hands. The "taking a hit" animation of the player's current armor is then preformed and the humanoid shape disappears.

When casting its spell the Avatar looks forward (at the player) and lifts its arms above its head. A giant sphere of purplish-black, "smokey" energy forms between the Avatar's hands out of thin air and is then absorbed, disappearing, into the Avatar's hands which, once again, glow purplish-black and the "smoke" around them intensifies. The Avatar then holds its arms close to its chest and thrusts them forward, palms towards the player, with the purplish-black energy exploding forward in a massive blast. Before the blast is shot out the humanoid from from before appears in the same position in relation to the player and in the same pose as before. When the blast hits the player the screen turns black like when casting Embrace of Shadows and the only thing seen is the humanoid shape, glowing purplish-black with what "smoke" can be seen in such conditions intensifying, as it throws its head back as if in agony and falls on its knees and face all while clutching its head. The screen then returns to normal with the humanoid shape disappearing. The damage to the player is inflicted during the screen turning black and the scene with the humanoid shape happening.

When using its skill the Avatar looks forward (at the player), unfurls its wings and covers itself with them while black mist, like that of the Eclipse Dragon, appears out of thin air. While covering itself with its wings the Avatar's left eye is poking out from between its top pair of wings and is the last thing to disappear into the mist. The mist hides the Avatar exactly how the Eclipse Dragon's mist hides it.

When taking a hit the Avatar throws back its head and body without moving its legs while sharply unfurling its wings. When it dodges an attack it bends out of the way while sharply unfurling its wings.

b. Verbal/Monster: Said to be closer to the shadow universe's Overentity than almost any other inhabitant of its realm, this being's abilities allow it to affect the minds of lesser shadows, your own included.

2. Battle Relevant Information:

a. Element: The base element starts out as darkness but changes between darkness and light depending on the element of it's last successful attack, like the other shadows. The Avatar's attacks randomly shifts between the light and darkness elements, also like those of other shadows.

b. Leans:

b1. Rewards: The Shadow Avatar has a gold lean where the amount of gold acquired upon beating it is about 1.5 more than the amount of EXP acquired. However, since I intend for it to be a particularly powerful opponent both amounts will probably be pretty high.

b2. Combat: Hit and Magic Point wise, the Shadow Avatar is a spellcasting glass cannon, possessing powerful regular attacks and capable of casting a very powerful offensive spell. It has quite low HP and very high MP.

c. Details: The Shadow Avatar is intended to be a pure mage buildwise with the stat preference being INT>DEX>LUK. It possesses an offensive, MP costing spell and a defensive, SP cosing skill, as well as various passive abilities, extra magic defense and is capable of affecting upon the player negatively in various ways. All of its damaging attacks inflict magic damage.

Basic information for the level 150 version:

Melee: 70
Ranged: 70
Magic: 75

Fire: 50%
Water: 30%
Wind: 30%
Ice: 50%
Earth: 30%
Energy: 30%
Light: -150%
Darkness: -150%
Harm: 50%
Void: 60%

STR: 0
DEX: 250
INT: 275
END: 0
CHA: 0
LUK: 225

d. Actions:

d1. The Shadow Avatar's regular attack consists of six hits and reduces BTH upon every successful hit. If the players BTH is reduced enough their turn is skipped over. This functions like Ryuusei's Cold. In addition, at the end of its regular attack, the Avatar regains a set amount of MP equal to around a fifth of the amount of MP required to cast its spell.

d2. If the player's turn is skipped over due to the effect of the Avatar's regular attack then, assuming it has enough MP, the Avatar casts its spell during its turn. This spell is intended to be very powerful, sacrificing accuracy for power, and consists of four hits. Note that if the player's turn is skipped over and the Avatar has both sufficient MP to cast its spell and sufficient SP to use its skill it will always prefer to cast its spell. Also, the Avatar's initial MP should be at least double the amount of what its spell costs.

d3. At the end of an attack by the Avatar (both the regular attack and the casting of the spell but not the usage of the skill) there is a chance of it inflicting a Psionic Link upon the player. The Link's power is determined by the ammount of successful hits it landed on the player during the turn in question with the power rising for every successful hit and its element randomly shifts between light and darkness. The Link's maximum power should be around six and has a regular duration of at least five turns. If the player if affected by the Avatar's Psionic Link then at the beginning of each of their turns the player makes a save. If the save is successful the Psionic Link is lifted immidiately. The save involved should be very challenging to pass but not impossible.

If the player is affected by the Avatar's Psionic Link status then at the end of the Avatar's attack (that is, if it preformed its regular attack or cast its spell but not if it used its skill) it no longer tries to inflict the Psionic Link status but instead decreases the player's SP by an amount that is dependant on the damage it dealt to the player during that turn and regains HP equal to half the amount of SP the player lost by this effect.

In addition, if the Avatar casts its spell while the player is affected by the Avatar's Psionic Link status then each of the spell's successful hits deals damage based on the following two formulas (assume that the damage the hit would normally inflict is X): light elemental hits do X*[monster's top resistance]/[monster's light resistance] damage while darkness elemental hits do X*[monster's top resistance]/[monster's darkness resistance] damage. This way the Avatar effectively hits the player's top resistance with every successful hit when casting its spell.

d4. The Shadow Avatar regenerates a certain amount SP every turn. If it has a sufficient amount and the player's turn was not just skipped over as a result of its regular attack then instead of attacking it will pay SP to use its skill. Said skill boosts the its melee, ranged and magic defenses by around thirty five points each and lasts for about five turns, similar to the Eclipse Dragon's skill.

In addition, if the player preforms a damage dealing attack against the Avatar while the effects of the skill are still in duration and that attack is not light, darkness or void elemental there is a 15% chance of one of the following happening to every successful hit that occurs, with each individual effect having a 5% chance of happening overall. These effects are:

1. The hit has its element changed to light, healing the Avatar.
2. The hit has its element changed to darkness, healing the Avatar.
3. The hit has its power doubled, its element changed to harm and is reflected back at the player.

The Avatar spends a turn to activate the skill but can still act as neccessary in the following turns with the skill's effects in place. The amount of SP required to use the skill should be around seven times larger than the amount the Avatar regains per turn.

d5. The Avatar is resistant to Powerword Die and is immune to Blindness/Dazzling and its variations and mental status conditions: Fear, Sleep, Control, Daze, Panick, ect.

d6. There is a 5% chance of the Avatar doing nothing (other than regenerating SP) during its turn.

3. Pop ups:

When not performing actions, dodging or blocking an attack while not hidden in the mist: The Shadow Avatar is smiling arrogantly.
When casting its spell while the player is unaflicted by the Avatar's Psionic Link: "Beyond the beaten path lies the absolute end".
When casting its spell while the player is aflicted by the Avatar's Psionic Link: "It matters not who you are, your demise awaits you".
When you lose SP while aflicted bby the Avatar's Psionic Link: The Shadow Avatar reaches into the deepest parts of your mind through your shadow.
When one of the skill's three effects happens: "Remember that you will fail".
When you pass the save to lift the Avatar's Psionic Link: You acknowledge your shadow and feel the Shadow Avatar's presence in your mind weakening.
When you attempt to blind/dazzle the Avatar: The Shadow Avatar's perception can't be muddled.
When you attempt to inflict a mental status condition upon the Avatar: The Shadow Avatar's mind can't be muddled.

AQ User Account: Nick Redgrave
AQ Character ID: 66279130
Entry Name: Luminous Shadow Crystal (Reward/Miscellaneous)

1. Description

a. Visual: Identical to the Crystal of Restless Shadows except that that the purple bits are the same shade of gold as the Luminous anti-shadow weapons and the Luminous Shield. The crystal's black bits remain the same, though.

When triggered, the Crystal glows with a gold-and-black aura around it. The gold and black are the same shade as those of the Luminous items and the shadow monsters respectively.

When preforming the skill a red eyed humanoid shape, similar to the Shadow of Doubt in shape, color and with the shadow "smoke" rising from it, appears behind and slightly above the player. If the skill inflicts melee damage the shape then launches itself at the opponent, right hand's fist first. After hitting the opponent with said fist then shape then uppercuts the opponent and does sideway punches with both fists before disappearing. If the skill inflicts ranged damage the shape conjurs daggers out of thin air and throws them at the opponent with a total of four daggers being thrown. These daggers are colored the same black as a shadow monster, are conjured one by one before being thrown and are thrown in a rapid succession. After all the daggers hit the opponent the shape disappears. If the skill inflicts magic damage the shape streches out its right arm, palm facing the opponent, and supports its right arm with its left hand. It then launches four blasts of black energy out of its palm at the opponent and disappears after they all hit.

When preforming the skill while the Crystal is triggered, the humanoid shape's fists/daggers/energy blasts (depending on what it is attacking with) glow with the same gold-and-black aura as the Crystal. In addition, when preforming the melee attack while triggered, after uppercutting the opponent the shape then brings its raised fist down on the opponent and then punches it with its other fist in a "punch-in-the-gut" motion. It then proceeds to do the two sideway punches. When preforming the ranged attack while triggered six daggers are thrown. When preforming the magic attack while triggered six blasts of black energy are shot out of the shape's palm.

b. Verbal/Item: A purified shadow crystal containing the essence of your own tamed and controlled shadow self. Call upon its power to unleash a mixed attack of light and darkness or, if you are facing another shadow, exploit your enemy's weaknesses to knock them over.

2. Battle Relevant Information:

a. Element: Light

b. Details & Effects: The Luminous Crystal is a mastercrafted miscallaneous item that grants access to an offensive, SP costing skill called "Shadow Evocaction" and triggers against monsters with the "shadow" tag. The skill is a four hit attack where each hit has a 50% chance of doing either light or darkness damage.

This skill works the same as those other skills that don't take your weapon, armor, ect. into account when preforming calculations and can inflict either melee, ranged or magic damage. The type of damage inflicted based on the monster's Melee, Ranged and Magic defenses. The Crystal's skill will seek between the monster's defenses and will inflict damage of the same type as the monster's lowest defense. If several modifiers are equal the skill will inflict damage based on the player's STR, DEX and INT stats with melee damage being done when STR is the player's highest stat (out of those three only), ranged damage when DEX is the highest and magic damage when INT is the highest. If a player's stats are equal the skill follows the following damage type preference: Ranged>Melee>Magic.

When the Crystal is triggered, all of the skill's hits element seek between the eight regular elements and harm and the opponent's BTH decreases, with the level 150 version inflicting a penalty of around -15 BTH. In addition, when the Crystal is triggered and the player attacked the monster using the skill, there is a chance of the monster being affected by the Knocked Down status at the end of the player's turn. The status is a renamed Paralysis (meaning the opponent is guaranteed to miss its turn) and its infliction is dependant on how many of the skill's attempted hits for that turn successfully hit the opponent. If the enemy has been aflicted with the Knocked Down status during your previous attack it can't be affected by it again until after its turn passes. Meaning you can't preform more than one additional action after the opponent has been affected by the Knocked Down status.

In addition, if the player uses the skill again after the opponent had their turn skipped as a result of the Knocked Down status, then, during that attack, the skill becomes a six hit one and all the damage it inflicts (once again, during that attack) becomes 120% its original value.

3. Pop ups:

When using the skill: "Shadow!"
When the opponent has their turn skipped over as a result of the Knocked Down status: 1 More!!
When using the six hit version of the skill: All-Out Attack!

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1/18/2013 13:44:52   

AQ User Account: Craig
AQ Character ID: 22096346
Entry Name: Shadow Blade of Doubt

undoubtedly a blade of immense fear, no enemy of light could ever stand up to such a weapon!

Its special would be like the shadow of doubt's invoke doubt, except your character would jump into the air thrusting it down into their very soul.
If the special hits, there is a 37% of shadows taking over your enemy causing them to wipe out their own endurance.
Damage: 17-49

Hits: 1
Element: Darkness
Type: Magic
Damage: 1670% Base and Random
Stats: No Normal Stats; 1125% Lucky Strike Damage
Rate: 19%

At the cost of 59 sp this weapon will deal 107% damage to enemies of light


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1/18/2013 19:28:46   

AQ User Account:Kevin Rama
AQ Character ID: 39145391
Entry Name:Shadow Lich
Entry Details: http://twitpic.com/proxy/web9/img/719465333-b51fa9c747a6228d12e00ef097126449.50f9e200-scaled.jpg
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 54
1/20/2013 3:42:09   
Lupus the Wolf
Heres How We Roll Winner
July 2014

AQ User Account: baolong6

AQ Character ID: 43905384

Entry Name: Shadow Herald

Details about your entry:


-Summon and rain shadow swords from the sky, deal 2 hit of Light and 1 hit of Darkness
-A dark circle appear below you, shooting shadow energy upward. 3 hit of Light and 2 hit of Darkness. Blind for 2 turns with a 30% chance of acting. Cost mana.
-Swipe his hand and send out a dark shockwave, 1 hit of Darkness. Also heal his mana for about 50% of the damage.
-Cover the whole field in shadow for 1 hit of Darkness damage, grant him a 2-turn 50% Defense boost


A calculated tragedy, miracles are foolish
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1/20/2013 3:49:31   

AQ User Account: Ghengis ( I assume the forum user account name? Don't want to use my actual account name in case someone attempts to brute force it)
AQ Character ID: 60021

Entry Name: Shadow Minister

Behind every throne lies a shadow... And unto this shadow lies the true power behind the throne.

Sharp is its mind...
Sly is its tongue...
Heed not its words,
Lest you become undone.

Attack 1: Confusion!* (status that inflicts penalty to resist mental affects such as control, daze, afraid, panicked etc.)
Description: A speech bubble pops up saying " If my name is your name and your name is my name, then whose name is my name if my name is yours? Cause if your name is my name and my name is your name then whose name is whose name and which name is mine?" and you take harm damage and it attempts to inflict the confusion status
Rate: 100% until inflicted then 50% chance of attack 2 or 3

Attack 2: Daze**
Description: Spouts propaganda - There is no spoon!, Drink The Cool Aid!, I am your Father!. A small blast fired at the player for each of the first 3 words as they appear then a large ripple centering on the player radiating out as the final word hits home. Each hit is random dealing light or dark with the final hit being elemental seeking and it attempts to inflict the status Daze.
Rate: 50%

Attack 3: Panicked***
Description: The shadow ministers hand rises and he waves it around and a brief flash occurs dealing a single hit of either light or darkness, a speech bubble appears out of your weapon and it talks to you... "My what manicured fingers you have", "The force is mediocre in you!", "I watch you while your sleeping!" and it attempts to inflict the status panicked.
Rate: 50%

Attack 4: Force of Personality****
Description: The Shadow Minister emits an energy field that pulsates with light and darkness his body shifting in a polar opposite color to the pulsations, with his eyes glowing a menacing red. If dazed, it attempts to inflict the status control, if panicked it attempts to inflict the status afraid. If dazed and panicked it forgoes its attempt to inflict control and afraid and instead attempts to summon your shadow***** to fight by its side which can only occur once, subsequent attempts of Force of Personality once dazed and panicked while your shadow is summoned results in a 50/50 chance of being inflicted with afraid or control and your shadow attacking you.
Rate: 10% if inflicted with Daze or Panicked/ 20% if Inflicted with both.

* The shadow minister gains a foothold into your mind
** The shadow ministers propaganda has left you in a daze
*** The shadow minister unnerves you with its trickery
**** The shadow minister force of personality overcomes your defenses
***** The shadow ministers sly words have taken control of your shadow

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1/20/2013 4:36:24   

o ya
char id 35938338
name chris

flute of the shadow caller

click on it to play it masking the battle ground in pure shadow making it hard to see unless you are adapt to shadow or wield light lighter then air makes attacks for powerful it also inflicts void damage each turn due to the unstable musical energies in the air

+to attack power on both sides
- to bth based on darkness resistance if you are using a light weak add a moderate bonus both sides
every turn inflict a largish amount of void damage on both sides

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1/20/2013 11:43:27   

AQ User Account: Necromencer
AQ Character ID: 1750636
Entry Name:

Shadow of the Past
Reward Shield

Level: 150
Power Level: 153, MC
Element: Darkness

Combat Defense
Melee: +12
Magic: +14

Element Modifiers
Fire: 0%
Water: 0%
Wind: 0%
Ice: 0%
Earth: 0%
Energy: 0%
Light: -20%
Darkness: -20%

Shadows can not only conceal physical beings, but sometimes the past itself. This clock from the Shadow world can do just that.

Click on the shield to activate the effect.*
When activated, the shield resets HP and MP to the previous turn. (like EoN).
Also activates a Chi shield.
After 4 turns, player takes HP and MP damage equivalent to amount healed.**If player’s health is reduced by activating the effect, it heals the player. Change caused by End or Int does not count. The Chi Shield also disappears.
Effect can only be used once per battle***, and does not work with EoN or Father Time.

* You summon a cloud of shadows to cover you and your past.
** The cloud disappears, revealing your past.
*** You have already tampered with the past this fight.

A round shield, resembling a clock or pocket watch, with your typical shadow appearance. Has red markings on the surface like a clock.
When active, the markings light up and a shadow surrounds the shield. The markings tick down every turn.

This item will probably be rendered obsolete until EoN is swept, which is why I stuck a Chi shield on it, since everyone loves Chi shields.
The damage at the end is based on health restored. For example, if you have 850 hp and took 50 damage then used the shield to return to 850 hp, you will receive 50 damage at the end of 4 turns.
Alternatively, if you have 800 hp, used a spell to heal 50 hp then use the shield to revert to 800 hp, you will heal 50 hp after 4 turns. Works for MP too.

Penumbral Puppeteer

Level: 150
Element: Darkness

Combat Defense
Melee: 60
Magic: 60

Str: 0
Dex: 0
Int: 275
End: 0
Cha: 225
Luk: 250

Element Modifiers
Fire: 110%
Water: 110%
Wind: 110%
Ice: 110%
Earth: 110%
Energy: 110%
Light: 50%
Darkness: 50%

More of a parasite then puppeteer, this shadow controls creates his puppets out of enemies by binding to their shadows and overpowering their minds.

All attacks randomly does light or darkness magic damage.

If it has a certain amount of Sp, it performs its second attack, where possesses the player.* This can be resisted.**

If successful, the following happens:

-Monster’s MRM is reduced to 10 each, and elemental modifiers except light and darkness are increased to 150%.
-When possessing player, monsters deals 2 hits for total 75% damage. Element seeks between light and darkness. May occasionally do a MP hit instead.***
-At the start of player turn, it attempts to control the player.+ If successful monster’s next attack does 50% damage. Can be resisted.++
-If player resists control, there is a chance of player’s BTH being reduced.&
-Pets and guests may do reduced damage. &&
-Returning to it's armor, does one strong hit of light or darkness. &&& Does not happen if the player kills the monster.

* The puppeteer binds your shadow and enters your mind!
** You fight off the shadow before it can possess you!
*** The shadow lashes out at your mind!
+ The strings around your shadow tighten as you lose control of yourself.
++You fight off the puppeteer’s attempts at controlling you.
& Your accuracy drops as the puppeteer tighten its grip around your shadow.
&& Your companion begins to doubt you as the shadow twists your words.
&&& The puppeteer leaves you… in a world of pain!

A shadowy, armored figure. Slightly slouched over, much like Undead Xyphos. He wears a mask somewhat resembling the Jesters, and a top hat. He wears moderate armor on his upper body, hips and lower legs, all in shadowy goodness of course. The rest of the body is just shadows.

Attack 1:
Propels itself out of it's armor into the ground, then bounces at the player before returning to armor. The armor drops to the ground, leaving a small floating shadowy flame, until the shadow returns.Does 1 hit of magic damage.

Attack 2:
Fires shadowy puppet strings out of it's hands at the player, then pulls itself into the player. Once again, the armor is affected by gravity. If possessing the player is successful, the shadow does not return the armor and the shadow flame will be left defenseless.

When attacking a possessed player, the shadow stretches itself out of the player and bounces back in. You are able to block this (don't ask how). When possessed, there will also be a cloud of shadows around the player.

Death animation is the shadow cloud/ flame dissipating into the air, leaving the armor behind.

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1/20/2013 14:49:09   

AQ User Account: Aristal
AQ Character ID: 37398813

Entry Name: Shadow Lich

Darkness Element
Power 3
Level 5 25 45 65 85 105 125 145
XP 56 98 243 971 4589 23927 131874 756076
Gold 56 91 250 971 4596 23920 131874 755953

Combat Defence:
Melee 25 31 36 42 47 53 59 64
Ranged 25 31 36 42 47 53 59 64
Magic 25 31 36 42 47 53 59 64


EstHP 125 150 500 750 1000 1250 1500 1750
EstMP 175 350 875 1350 1900 2200 2550 3250

STR 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
DEX 5 60 105 150 190 200 205 260
INT 20 65 105 150 195 200 220 265
END 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
CHA 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
LUK 0 0 15 25 40 125 200 200

Element Modifiers:
Fire 110
Water 110
Wind 90
Ice 110
Earth 90
Energy 110
Light -50
Dark -50


If it has X SP, the Shadow Lich uses a Harm-Element HP and MP Drain skill. If it doesn't have X SP, but has X MP, then it seeks a Light or Darkness Spell for more damage. If it doesn't have X SP or MP, then it uses a regular attack that is randomized between Light and Darkness that regenerates MP for damage done.

Level 5 25 45 65 85 105 125 145
SPRegen 13 23 33 53 63 73 83
SPCost 38 78 125 239 306 380 460
MPCost 50 104 166 318 408 506 614


You wonder if this is the shadow of a darkness or light lich...on that note, does a Shadow Lich have a Shadow Phylactery? Hmm, perhaps it'd be best if I focused on defeating it rather than the mechanics behind its existence.


Shadowy version of something akin to this. (This art is not mine) Wielding a staff that has a intertwining flow of Light and Darkness through it.

Spell animation:
-Light: It raises its staff and casts Skyblade.
-Darkness: Raises its staff and casts the Darkness version of Exhume.

Skill animation:
-It raises its staff and a blast of intertwining yellow and purple race towards the player and returns to the Shadow Lich.

Regular Attack animation:
-It shambles towards you, picking up its staff, sending it down on the player twice, and then it shambles back.

Entrance animation:
-Basically like Undead Xyphos's entrance animation.

Death animation:
-The shadowy figure of the lich explodes in a burst of yellow and purple twined into one another.

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1/20/2013 15:25:01   
Calm Wind

AQ Character Name: Yumiko Takenaka
AQ Character ID: 77410083

Entry Type: Monster
Entry Name: Heddoresu

Rough image. I think of it as a dullahan crossed with a kusarigama wielding samurai-ish warrior. Then for giggles, it has a creepy face on its torso.

It has no head, but its belly seems to be smiling. Could it be hungry?

Thoughts on attacks:

Attack 1: Charges the player and slashes twice with the sickle. Melee damage choosing randomly between light and dark.

Attack 2: Launches the weighted ball of his weapon at the player. Ranged damage choosing randomly between light and dark. Small chance of the player becoming dazed.

Attack 3: It attempts to spit a foul substance at the player with one of three results:
  1. It accidentally swallows the substance and inflicts harm damage upon itself. (Heddo resu coughs and accidentally swallows its projectile.)
  2. The attack does light damage and attempts to inflict a light elemental burn on the player. (It burns! It burns!)
  3. The attack does dark damage and attempts to choke the player. (So gross... Fighting the urge to vomit...)

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Daimyo Daimyo

Character Name: Albino Russian Dwarf
ID#: 75990408
Entries for monster and spell:

50 Shades of Gray Shade
Level 150 Monster

Melee/Ranged: 50
Magic: 55

Int: 375
Dex: 375

Light/Darkness: -100%
Heal: 100%
Everything Else: 75%

Appearance: Frigidere-like? Navith and his shadow clan? Vrictus Spectre? Red Spectre?

  • A pack monster consisting of 50 shades. As you defeat them, the # in its name changes to reflect how many are left. (49 Shades of Gray, etc). Similar to Night of 100 Ninja.

  • If it's at 50% HP or less, it spends x MP to cast a spell with two hits: The first hit heals it, the second hit deals Harm damage to you. Both hits automatically hit*.

  • It regenerates x SP and x MP each turn. If it has x SP, it spends it to cast an Ice spell that's a weak mimicry of The Cold. You can resist this††. The status has lasting side-effects (-x Bth, -x Defense)&. The side-effects persist until you succeed on a save roll&&.

    *You feel negative energy pervade the area, healing the negatively animated Shade and harming the positively animated you!
    The cold touch of death chills your soul to an empty husk!
    ††This is only a pathetic mimicry of The Cold! As if you would let it affect you!
    &What's the point of even trying...? (-x Bth, -x Defense)
    &&What are you doing? You know what the real Cold feels like! Why are you letting it get you down!?

    Shadow creatures were born to mime births in Lore, and died with their Lorian counterparts as well. If their Lorian counterpart died and was later resurrected, the shadow would not revive as well. But what about beings who were born undead? Erebus had been experimenting with these shadows of the undead before he was imprisoned. Now, Ultimon has taken over the research project. Perhaps they might turn out to be more suited to survive outside of the Veil than normal shadows, but with new abilities comes new weaknesses. These undead shadows are also susceptible to weapons that harm negatively animated beings.

    Notes: I'm not going to do the Hadeni any justice with my description if I continue. Shadows of those born Undead. Because it did say that shadows died after their counterparts died. Ill take it that there's no shadow Nowhere or technically, no shadow Deities and Demipowers. So it would be impossible, unless one was there right at the moment of death, to preserve the shadow. Shades can mean the spirit or a shadow. If Erebus knew about Drakath being freed after Frigidere's war, then he must have knowledge of these guys. It must make sense for the Shadow Necromancer to teach them necromancy or the pseudo-Cold...? ...Eh, I give up. I really can't come up with anything inventive...

    Animus Field
    Power Level: 153, Double-Mastercrafted
    Price: 10% more than the cost of a standard healing spell; to pay for the MC Bonus

    Element: Neutral
    Cost: Standard MP cost of a healing spell and two HP potions; potions are to pay for the other MC Bonus

    Appearance: Sparkles (Like Lady Tomo's healing magic) appear on the player and monster.

  • The spell deals two hits, one that heals the player and one that heals or harms the monster based on their Heal resistance:
      Player Healing
      Hits: 1
      Type: Magic
      Element: Heal
      Damage: 50% of a standard healing spell plus Stat Bonus*
      BTH: N/A (always hits)
      Note: This affects the player. Remember that the player (usually) has -100% Heal Resistance, so that this spell will heal you. If the player has positive Heal Resistance, it deals negative damage.

      Effect: Heals the player's HP by 50% of a standard healing spell plus Stat Bonus*. This spell can never heal more than the player's current maximum HP.

      *Stat bonus to damage is INT/8.
      Monster Healing
      Hits: 1
      Type: Magic
      Element: Heal
      Damage: 50% of a standard healing spell plus Stat Bonus*
      BTH: N/A (always hits)
      Note: This affects the monster. If the monster has positive Heal Resistance, it deals positive damage. If the monster has negative Heal Resistance, it deals negative damage.

      Effect: Heals the monster's HP by 50% of a standard healing spell plus Stat Bonus*. This spell can never heal more than the monster's current maximum HP.

      *Stat bonus to damage is INT/8.
  • If the player or monster has 0% Heal resistance, then the respective hits deal 0 damage.

    Mastercraft Bonuses: 1) Doesn't receive the penalty of *0.85 damage for Auto-Hits. 2)

    A spell used and mastered by the Hadeni, a race of negatively animated beings like undead except they were born that way. Positive healing harms negative beings and negative healing harms positive beings. This spell allows you to heal yourself and harm your opponent at the same time. However, being able to use positive and negative anima at the same time is a massive strain on the user. To circumvent this, you must use two HP potions as a medium to cast the spell.

    Notes: Well, I didn't do the Hadeni any justice with that description, did I? A spell that heals you and harms your enemy. It takes its stat bonus from INT instead of END, to avoid the penalty it would otherwise receive. If negative damage is a no-no, then it could just deal Harm damage instead. Not sure if auto-hit penalty can be paid with an MC bonus. I also failed at doing any justice to the name of the spell. Not sure what second MC Bonus it should have... Maybe it can neutralize reviving effects like the Dracolich Head...? Prevent the opponent from healing for one turn? I don't even know anymore...
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    Character name: BexnDan
    Character ID: 43031678

    Entry type: Monster

    Name: Precious Shadow

    Description: It hates us, it hates us, it hates us forever! It also seems to be invisible at present but the pervading smell of fish confirms its presence

    Appearance: It looks like a Cor-Demi but without the tail, and sitting on the ground rather than floating in the air (and also just a bit like Gollum!). However most of the time it is invisible, as described below.

    Dark/Water/Earth 50
    Everything else 100

    Initially the monster is completely invisible and has a status of "Invisible". This means that its defenses (especially melee and renged) are extremely high - obviously it is hard to hit something you can't see. "Invisible" also makes the player easier to hit because how can you block an attack you can't see coming? I'm not sure how this would be implemented - maybe the attacks are auto-hit, maybe the monster's dex is increased, or maybe the player's defenses are decreased.

    The monster attacks with water (throwing fish at you) or earth (throwing rocks at you). I know it's traditional for shadow monsters to attack with light/dark but this will make players have to think a bit harder about what armour/shield to use. It wouldn't be appropriate for this one to attack with light because it fears the light after living undergound for a long time.

    If you hit it with any light damage (this can be player, pet or guest) then the invisibility status is lost for a turn. "The brightness of your attack reveals a watery shadow". The appearance of the monster is then a faint shadow on the ground - you still can't see it properly, but its defences revert to average values for a monster of its level, and it no longer finds you specially easy to hit.

    Any subsequent turn where you don't hit it with light then it reverts to "Invisible", but if you keep hitting it with light then you continue to be able to see the shadow.

    When/if you defeat it then it appears fully visible.

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    Character Name: popinloopy (No capitals)
    Character ID: 37402094
    Contest Entry: Shadow Thunder Bird (Monster)
    Guidance: Appears exactly how you might think, does as much damage as some of the lesser challenge creatures might. (Such as the Mighty Shadow Naga, not from the Veil, the one in RA.) Has a chance to perhaps stun you by shocking a nerve. I leave the rest up to you, after all, you shouldn't be limited by what I say. Get creative.

    If this won't work, can we get a Shadow Rayfish?
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 63
    1/20/2013 22:02:27   
    Times Silent Keeper

    AQ User Account: Chronology
    AQ Character ID: 10242532
    Entry Name: Shadow Colossus
    Details about your entry: As below

    Monster entry:
    Shadow Colossus
    Darkness Element
    Power 3.75
    Level	100/110/120/130/140/150
    XP	----
    Gold	----
    Melee	«See Notes»
    Ranged	«See Notes»
    Magic	«See Notes»
    STR	«See Notes»
    DEX	«See Notes»
    INT	«See Notes»
    END	«See Notes»
    CHA	«See Notes»
    LUK	«See Notes»
    Fire	100 » 80  » 40
    Water	100 » 50  » 60
    Wind	100 » 80  » 60
    Ice	100 » 80  » 40
    Earth	100 » 80  » 40
    Energy	100 » 120 » 40 
    Light	50  » 30  » 0
    Dark	50  » 30  » 0
  • The intention of the monster is to be large. Very, very large. From the Colossus, to the Serpent, to the Clouds, the intention is to create a sense of intimidation towards the player.
  • Because of the sheer size, the Colossus form receives a huge hit to its M/R/M.
  • As the form progresses, the M/R/M increases accordingly accordingly to how "fluid" it becomes (solid > water > air), making it harder to be hit.
  • The monster receives a good chunk of stats to END to complement its size. I'm thinking something along the lines of a Tank Warrior build, but probably having some END points going to LUK for initiative/LS possibilities, giving added challenge to the player, without it dragging on too long.

  • At each tier of HP, its form changes: 100% HP (a towering golem, a.k.a. Colossus), 67% HP (a serpent with a pool of shadow around it), 33% HP (thunderous, thick, black clouds with lightning flashing around it)

    All Forms
  • Immune to all status effects.
  • Regenerates «» SP per turn.
      Form 1 (Colossus)
    • Each hit by the player receives a damage penalty*.
    • If it has at least «» SP, it spends that much and uses a mighty punch that may Daze** you. You can resist*** this.

      * - The rock hard skin of this shadow being has reduced your damage by «»!
      ** - Ooh! That must have hurt... Huh? Are you there? Hey? Helloooo?
      *** - That was one mighty blow, but you manage to bear the impact and carry on!

      Form 2 (Serpent)
    • The player receives Splash Damage (renamed Backlash) per hit.
    • If it has at least «» SP, it spends that much and creates a whirlpool underneath you, which may Entangle you. You can resist‡‡ this.
    • You take Water Element damage for as long as you are stuck in the whirlpool, in addition to the regular attack the monster does.

      - Arrrghhhh! You're sucked into a whirlpool!
      ‡‡ - You manage to leap out of the way before the whirlpool sucks you in!
      ‡‡‡ (Upon successful save) - You successfully make your way out of the whirlpool's carnage, which mysteriously vanishes...

      Form 3 (Thunderclouds)
    • The instant you enter this phase, you are inflicted with Helplessness (renamed Afraid) (25% chance of inability to act) which lasts until the end of the battle.
    • Each round you make a save to determine if you are Helplessness takes effect††, or not.
    • If it has at least «» SP, it spends that much and releases some clouds (Wind Element damage) that may Choke††† you. You can resist†††† this.
    • % reduced effectiveness depends on number of connected hits (12.5% to 50%).

      - You feel helpless knowing that the foe still stands strong despite using your best moves!
      †† - It's hopeless... there is no way this foe can go down!
      ††† - You inhale the shadowy clouds and cannot stop coughing!
      †††† - You hold your breath as you quickly fan away the clouds that surround you!
    An experiment by Ultimon to harness the power of the shadows, he has managed to create this monstrosity! Who-- or what, can stop this carnage?

    IMAGES (I cannot draw, but an impression of them is as follows)
    Form 1 (Colossus) [Credits to WallpaperTube]
    Form 1 (Colossus) Alternate Image [Credits to Wall321]
    Form 2 (Serpent) [Credits to Lonewolf898]
    Form 3 (Thunderclouds, thicker than this if possible) [Credits to kavram]

    Armor entry:
    Colossus' Teardrop

    Level: 100/110/120/130/140/150
    Power Level: 100/110/120/130/140/150
    Element: Darkness

    Fire: «»
    Water: «»
    Wind: «Secondary Resistance»
    Ice: «»
    Earth: «»
    Energy: «»
    Light: «Primary Resistance»
    Darkness: «Primary Resistance»

    ATTACK #1
    Hits: 2
    Element: «As Weapon»
    Type: «As Weapon»
    Damage: «See EFFECT»
    BtH: «See EFFECT»
    Rate: 50%

    ATTACK #2
    Hits: 3
    Element: «As Weapon»
    Type: «As Weapon»
    Damage: «See EFFECT»
    BtH: «See EFFECT»
    Rate: 50%

  • Clicking on the runes around the armor parts makes your form break up and dissolve into a thick black smoky form; clicking on the smoky form materializes it back to the armor plate.
  • This is two types of armors in one, and hence, ~double the cost of a normal armor.

    All forms
  • Can use «» SP to create a simulacrum of the Shadow Colossus, which pounds your enemy for increased damage.
  • May get Shadow Corruption (a renamed Afraid) or Shadow Toxin (a renamed Bleed) as long as you use this armor.

    - You lose yourself into the shadows!
    †† - You resist the corruption by the shadows.
    - You feel toxic shadow essence from the armor seep into your veins!
    ‡‡ - You manage to resist the toxins from the armor.
      Armor Parts (FO (or MO) armor)
    • Follows the Offensive Test Armor given in Ballyhoo, i.e. receives more damage in exchange for dealing more damage.
    • Player also receives a reduction in BTH in addition to the above effect.

      Smoky Form (FD (or MD) armor)
    • Follows the Defensive Test Armor given in Ballyhoo, i.e. receive less damage in exchange for dealing less damage as well.
    • The thick smoke may also cause monsters to get a BTH penalty against you on each attack*.

      * - The shadows mask all traces of you, rendering the opponent less able to hit you!
    Remnants of the battle against Ultimon's creation, this huge shadowy teardrop can engulf you whole! Dare you harness the power of the shadows, at your own risk?

    Armor similar to this [Credits to Exophrine]
    Smoky Form [Credits to WallpaperTube]
    Smoky Form Alternate Image [Credits to Wall321]

    Edits: Fixed image links which previously required downloading (oops).

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    AQ Character Name: Corvidae
    AQ Character ID: 46180154
    Monster Entry Name: Shad-O'-Lantern
    Details: Stats are spent between INT, LUK, and END. Has three attacks: its spell takes priority, followed by an SP attack, followed by its standard attack.
    Appearance: Giant, ornate lantern that looks like it is constructed from black steel. Its cage forms a subtle face, similar to that of a carved Jack-O'-Lantern. Its core is a furnace of shadow-flames.
    Description: An unusually powerful demon was once sealed inside an ancient lantern, but its curse caused this artifact to drain the health of anyone who encountered it. A shadow being has now possessed this creature, greatly increasing its power.

    Spell: "Shadow Drain:" Light/dark, increased damage attack: reduces player's END, and increases its own END equal to this
    Animation: Rays of light and streams of shadow-flames radiate into this monster from all around, damaging the player and fueling its core of shadow-flames.

    SP attack: "Shadow Furnace:" Greatly increased damage attack, but "spends" the monster's END to do so in a beserker-style attack
    Animation: A thick flamethrower stream of shadow-flames blasts from the monster, dealing light/dark damage

    Standard attack: reduced damage light/dark attack that additionally restores mana
    Animation: Whips player with a stream of shadow-flame

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    1/21/2013 2:04:49   
    Exodus Winter

    AQ Character Name: Exodus Winter
    AQ Character ID: 11188118
    Entry Name: Sudoxe Shifter
    Appearance: AQ "Army in The Shadows" Contest Entry Sudoxe Shifter

    Level 150
    M/R/M 58/58/58
    str: 0
    Dex: 235
    Int: 275
    End: 175
    Cha: 0
    Luk: 235
    Elemental Modifiers

    Fire: 85
    Water: 85
    Wind: 85
    Ice: 85
    Earth: 85
    Energy: 85
    Light: 50
    Dark: 50
    At The beginning of the battle
    Monster has passive status ability called "Shadow mimic" active

    Attack #1:
    Defensive lean SP Attack: 4 hit D/D/L/L with a chance to infilct darkness burn or blindness
    Mid Def lean SP Attack: 2 hit D/L with a chance to infilct darkness burn or blindness
    Neutral lean SP Attack: 2 hit D/L
    Mid Off lean SP Attack: 2 hit D/L
    Offensive lean SP attack: 4 hit D/D/L/L

    Attack #2:
    Mp Attack: 1 hit minimal damage with low cost and high chance to infilct powerful Fear

    Attack #3:
    Neutral lean magic attack that recovers sp and mp with a penalty (attack only occurs when both sp and mp are not useable that turn)

    Shadow Mimic: Makes the monster take on the lean of the armor that
    the player is wearing. (after it's turn)
    Starts off as neutral lean
    This monster uses the new defensive/offensive system

    AQ DF  Post #: 66
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    AQ User Account: Nightbanescanineripping
    AQ Charcter ID: 74118323

    Monster Name: Dark Guardian

    Monster Description: This is a dark guardian with his very own CORRUPTED Blade of Awe. Can you withstand the Dark Guardians
    CORRUPTED Power word die attack?

    Level: 150

    EXP Gained When Defeated: 2753925
    Gold Gained When Defeated: 784364

    Combat Defences

    Melee: 80
    Ranged: 65
    Magic: 50


    Fire: 75
    Water: 100
    Wind: 100
    Ice: 75
    Earth: 100
    Energy: 60
    Light: 125
    Darkness: -250


    Str: 200
    Dex: 200
    End: 100
    Int: 0
    Cha: 0
    Luk: 200

    HP: 52142
    MP: 1364

    Enters into battle like a normal Guardian.

    Attack #1

    Element: ???
    Rate: 1%

    The Dark Guardian summons a Dark Death from the underground to slash you lethally with his scythe.

    Minimum Damage: 300
    Maximum Damage: 1200

    Attack #2

    Element: Darkness
    Rate: 72%

    The Guardian slashes you with his sharpened blade which may leave you bleeding for 2 turns.

    Attack #3

    Element: Darkness
    Rate: 27%

    The Guardian Dragon is summoned more chaotic then ever to blast you you with a immense breath attack.

    Minimum Damage: 200
    Maximum Damage: 700

    The Dark Guardian replenishes 100 HP each turn after he has summoned the Guardian Dragon for the first time.


    Weapon: Corrupted Deaths Scythe

    Level: 150

    Cost: 6,666,666
    Sellback: 3,333,333

    The Corrupted Deaths Scythe hurls toward you inflicting massive damage.

    Hits: 1
    BtH: +15 Each
    Element: <As Weapon>

    Minimum Damage: 200
    Maximum Damage: 500

    Armor: Dark Guardian

    Level: 150

    Note: Mutates with your class.

    Cost: 10,324,436
    Sellback: 5,162,218

    Attack #1: Novice Slash.

    Minimum Damage: 100
    Maximum Damage: 800

    Element: <As Weapon>
    Hits: 2

    Attack #2: Chaotic Burst

    Minimum Damage: 300
    Maximum Damage: 1500

    Element: <Darkness>
    Hits: 1

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    big E

    AQ User Account: big E
    (Or are you asking for my player account name? I'd rather not post it here since it contains my real name, although feel free to PM me if you need it :-3 )
    AQ Character ID: 24940217

    Backstory to contest entries
    My entries are based on the concept of elemental Duality. Shadows are masters of both Light and Darkness, capable of attacking with, and defending against, both elements - which gives them an edge over any foes who (unlike AQ characters) are capable of changing their battle gear. But Ultimon, in his quest for domination, intends to expand this Duality concept over more elements, and has been looking for a Duality-based monster whose power he can harness. And what monster is more appropriate for this purpose than the Giant Nautoid - a Water elemental who controls not only the Water element but also its elemental opposite? The monster and armor listed below are based on the idea of combining the Light/Darkness Duality of the Shadow race with the Water/Energy Duality of the Nautoid, which Ultimon has mastered and is using to his advantage.

    Monster - Duality Shadowshell
    Intended as a Boss monster (Power 2); although feel free to make it a regular Power 1 monster if this fits the storyline better.

    Level: Evenly spaced level tiers (15 or 20 level intervals), the highest one being 155 (or 160 if Boss monster)

    Appearance: Similar to the current Giant Nautoid, although with updated art and a touch of Shadow. The body is darker and more imposing (come on Staff, you've updated the Snails and Mantiks, you know what I'm talking about!), and the shell keeps its current coloring but in a glowing/pulsating fashion. This "colored" version of the Nautoid slowly fades into a "shadow" version (same outline, black shape, red eyes) and back again.

    Stats: Classic Hybrid build - i.e. all stat points spread equally between STR, DEX and INT.

    Resistances: Flat, level-appropriate MRM blocking.
    Fire/Earth: 120%
    Ice/Wind: 20%
    Water/Energy: -50%
    Light/Darkness: 50%
    Void: 200%
    Harm: <see Effect below>
    Heal: -100%

    - When attacked with one of the 8 basic elements, if the hit connects, it has a 50% chance of converting the attack into its opposite element.* (120% becomes 20%, and vice versa. 50% stays the same, and -50% (if anyone uses it) stays the same.) The conversion is determined for each individual hit, so for a multi-hit attack, some hits may be converted and others not. The conversion is done for ALL hits against the monster - thus including pets, status effects, self-damage, etc.
    - When attacked with a Harm attack, it automatically converts the damage into Heal damage.** This has a 100% chance of occurring.

    Attacks: Same attacks as the current Nautoid, although with updated art. However, the element used is based on the following:
    - If (PlayerLight% + PlayerDark%) is larger than (PlayerWater% + PlayerEnergy%), then its attacks are randomly Light or Darkness element (similar to other Shadow monsters)***
    - If (PlayerWater% + PlayerEnergy%) is larger than, or equal to, (PlayerLight% + PlayerDark%), then its attacks are randomly Water or Energy element****
    - Either way, the popup shows up on its first turn of attack, and then every time it changes its attack mode (Light/Dark <-> Water/Energy).

    *The Shadowshell is a master of Duality, and converts your attack into its opposite element!
    **Watch out! The Shadowshell has mastered the art of Duality to the point of converting pure Harm into its exact opposite - Healing!
    ***The Shadowshell senses your weakness to the elements of Shadow and uses Shadow power gained from Ultimon!
    ****The Shadowshell senses your weakness to its native dual elements!

    Description: Ultimon, relentless in his quest for supremacy, has realized that the strength of Shadow creatures lies in their elemental Duality - and has now used his power on a Nautoid, a creature already in control of two opposing elements. The result is the imposing Shadowshell you see before you - with its mastery over opposing elements, it is truly a foe to be reckoned with.

    Armor - Deepwater Duality
    Mastercrafted, Neutral leaning armor. Energy element. The MC bonus goes into the passive effects; seeing as the armor also has a skill, increase its price as appropriate.

    Appearance: A Duality Shadowshell (appearance described above, although it remains its colored self without the fading Shadow appearance), slightly smaller in size if necessary for screen-fit purposes, with a chariot attached behind it. The player stands on the chariot, wearing a light blue armor plate that occasionally gives off sparks of Energy, and holding the reins attached to the Nautoid/Shadowshell. The weapon and shield are not held by the player, but visible below (similar to the Morningstar armor and many others). The attack animation is a "claw" attack - the creature (with the player behind it) quickly approaches the monster for one hit of damage. The armor skill animation is a beam of "energy" emitted by the (stationary) creature, for two hits of damage.

    Level: Evenly spaced level tiers (15 or 20 level gaps); top version at least level 148.

    Resistances: Since I am assuming the armor will be made in several tiers, I am not including exact resistance numbers; resistances are based on the elemental affinity, lean and level.
    The armor has a similar resistance setup as the Morningstar armors, although with Energy and Water as primary resp. secondary resistances. The Energy resistance is the lowest possible for its level and lean, and all remaining resistance allowance is put into Water. Flat MRM blocking; the armor focuses on elemental resistance so the blocking may be lower than other armors if needed.

    Attack: One hit. Follows weapon element and type. Has an accurate lean.

    Passive effects:
    (Please note that I am intending for the MC bonus to cover these effects entirely, so that the armor does not need to take penalties in attack power or elemental resistance. Thus, please set the percentage chance of each effect to a balanced value. I have on purpose not suggested values for these percentages since i do not know what would be balanced. However, I have intended for Effect 1 to be fairly common - to the point of the armor being usable as efficiently against Water as against Energy - and for Effect 2 to be a low-probability bonus.)
    - Effect 1: When hit by a Water attack, the armor has a <"high" percentage> chance of converting the attack into Energy.*
    - Effect 2: Each round, if the monster has been hit by a Water or Energy attack (from any source) dealing non-zero damage, there is a <"low" percentage> chance of raising the monster's Water or Energy resistance (whichever is lower) to the value of the higher one for the rest of the battle. This effect can only occur once in a battle.**

    Clarification of Effect 2: Upon success, the monster's Water and Energy resistances are compared, and both are set to the higher of the two values for the rest of the battle. For example, a Thunder Cat would have its Energy resistance raised to 130%. An Ice Dragon would have its Water resistance set at 110%. Against a Mega BURP, the effect would do nothing, since its Water and Energy resistances are equal.

    Armor skill - Blast of Duality
    An energy laser, as described above, hits the monster for two hits. It seeks between Water and Energy and deals raw damage (no effects). The skill costs SP, with the appropriate extra cost for the elemental seeking. However, if the monster's Water and Energy resistance are equal (due to the monster itself or as a result of Effect 2), the skill becomes significantly cheaper*** and deals Water or Energy damage at random.

    *Your mastery of Duality allows you to weaken your foe's hydraulic attacks by converting them into their opposite - Energy!
    **The power of Duality infests your foe! You have weakened it against both elements mastered by your Nautoid!
    ***With the foe equally weakened against both sides of your Duality, the Nautoid can blast it with little difficulty!

    Description: Following Ultimon's creation of the mighty Shadowshell, you have now managed to tame one of these creatures for yourself! Its mastery of Water and Energy is passed on to you, enabling you to take advantage of both opposing elements depending on the circumstances.

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    AQ Character Name: CakeMaster
    AQ Character ID : 75020997
    Entry Name : The Eclipsed One (Monster)
    Details:Looks like a Rogue Mage but all "shadow'd" up. His spellbook has a dark mist that surrounds it as if there there was something more to it. The mage's eyes are red and glow wildly. The mage's free hand looks like a void dragon's hand but smaller.

    Level 150

    Combat Defense

    Melee 65
    Ranged 65
    Magic 80


    STR 0
    DEX 225
    INT 225
    END 0
    CHA 0
    LUK 200

    Element Modifier

    Fire 70%
    Water 70%
    Wind 50%
    Ice 50%
    Earth 10%
    Energy 10%
    Light -90%
    Darkness -90%


    The Eclipsed One was once a noble mage until his shadow self corrupted him and became bloodthirsty for power!

    Entry: Eclipsed Cake (Misc Item)
    Details: It's a cake-looking misc item that is all "shadow'd" up.
    Description: This cake is the cake that the shadow people eat. It tastes funny, but gives you incredible light and darkness resistance! It also gives you a decent END boost!

    Element Modifier (level 150)
    Fire 0%
    Water 0%
    Wind 0%
    Ice 0%
    Earth 0%
    Energy 0%
    Light 12%
    Darkness 12%

    END +50

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    AQ DF  Post #: 69
    1/22/2013 8:27:42   
    Tep Itaki

    AQ Character Name: Tep Itaki
    AQ Character ID: 83155198

    Entry Name: Morts-vivants Sankari
    Details about your entry:

    Level 149
    Power 3.75
    5:1 XP lean

    Melee:	65
    Ranged:	65
    Magic:	60
    STR	0
    DEX	250
    INT	275
    END	0
    CHA	0
    LUK	200
    Fire	90
    Water	80
    Wind	60
    Ice	70
    Earth	120
    Energy	80
    Light	-100
    Dark	-100

    Encounter and appearance: A hole appears on the ground and a shadow skeleton in a tattered cloak pulls himself out of the hole. The hole disappears after the skeleton gets out. he puts on a musketeer hat then leaves his hands by his sides.
    Death Animation: The skeleton drops to his knees, the light in his eyes disappearing, as a hole appears under him. Multiple hands grab at the skeleton and drags him down as the hole closes, leaving behind only his hat.

    Attack Animations:
    Attack 1a: The skeleton runs up to the player and delivers 2 kicks then jumps back to his idle position.
    Attack 1b: When the skeleton has 40% of his health left, he will do an additional attack after his first 2 kicks. The skeleton will raise his arms above his head and chop the player with both arms. 2 large slashes cross each other like an X on the player as the attack happens. The skeleton then jumps back to his idle position.

    Attack 2: A 2 hit attack. He throws his hat at the player. Morts-vivants Sankari touches his cloak and as he takes off his cloak, the entire screen turns black. The red eyes of the skeleton glows then moves to the player and when it reaches the player's side, the red eyes become white and explodes, turning the screen white. The screen returns to normal immediately and the skeleton is in his idle position. Uses «» MP.

    Attack 3a: The skeleton pulls his hat down to cover his red eyes. He skips his turn for increased damage next turn with his following attack. Uses «» SP.
    Attack 3b: A 5 hit attack. The skeleton gets into a charging stance†† and immediately appears in front of the player, exploding on contact. The bones form into a whip, a sword, a shovel(with the cloak tied below the blade), and his skull(which still has his hat) floating in mid-air. The player is attacked by all the skeleton's bone weapon before the skeleton returns back to his normal form.

  • Attack 1b can cause you to bleed*. You can make a save to prevent it** or to end the status. Bleed status can stack***.
  • When the screen goes white on the MP attack, you makes a Save Roll. If you succeed&, proceed normally. If you fail&&, you are inflicted with a blind status that blinds you for -20 BtH and lasts for 3 turns. While player has the blind status, Morts-vivants Sankari won't use his MP attack.
  • Attack 3b can inflict fear on you†††. You can resist†††† this.
  • Each hit that connects against you replenishes his SP by 20% of damage done.
  • When Morts-vivants HP is 40% or lower, all of his attacks gets much stronger at the cost of using «» MP to boost his attacks. If there is not enough MP, he uses «» HP.

    *"My apologies, but you must fall"
    **"You're tougher than you look"
    ***Morts-vivants Sankari's attack cuts deeper into you!
    &The light is bright but you shielded your eyes in time!
    &&The eyes! It burns!
    "A brief intermission..."
    ††"Let the show begin!"
    †††Morts-vivants Sankari's attack has instilled fear into your very bones!
    ††††You steel your nerves against the attack!
    Did he just grow more menacing or is it my imagination?

    Morts-vivants Sankari was a peculiar hero that never lost in the shadow universe, until Ultimon showed up. Defeated by Ultimon, he now serves as Ultimon's general. Be wary, this skeleton wasn't a hero in the past for show.

  • The monster is a semi-glass cannon CEB monster with a high combat defenses to compensate for its low HP.
  • On the animation of Attack 3b, Sankari's dash is so fast that it leaves a blurred afterimage and the explosion is right when the blurring occurs.
  • The monster should be fast given as how he's not weighed down by anything and given his previous stature as a hero.

    Entry Name: Shadowteer Hat
    Details about your entry:

    Level 149

    Appearance: A pitch black musketeer hat.

    Takes a turn to equip
    Upkeep: 49

  • It gives -10% resist to light and darkness.
  • You heal SP equal to (# of hits connected/# of hits attempted) of 19.125% damage done
  • Against shadowkin, the hat triggers, boosting your attacks by 117% and BtH by 5%

    This hat was Morts-vivants Sankari's prized possession. It defends greatly against shadowkins and grants you boost in power should you come across any. It regenerates your SP depending on the damage dealt to your enemies.

  • I'm not good with numbers. The numbers on the misc are open to balancing. However, this is a mainly a resist misc that defends greatly against shadow monsters so the resists should stay the same.
  • AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 70
    1/22/2013 19:13:14   


    Character Name: Jess
    Character ID: 61215060

    Monster name: Shadow Ops
    Description: These shadows seem different from other shadow creatures. Just what Ultimon has been up to?

    The Warpforce has several secret agents skilled in gathering information. The symbol they have on their uniforms is not recognizable, however it resembles that of Warpforce Guardians. Two of these agents, Itzal and Elaine, were heading towards Lore for a Secret mission, but their ship was pulled by the shadow veil and crush landed near Ultimon's Castle. Ultimon found and brainwashed them in order to test an experimental spell that temporarily turns living creatures into living shadows. The experiment was successful and the agents able to turn into shadows at will ended up as Ultimon spies. Unlike other shadows they can revert back into humans and freely move outside the shadow veil.

    Similar to other shadow creature these two have red eyes and pitch black bodies. The clothes are normal (not shadow like) and mainly deep blue color. The emblem on the chest is brighter.
    The male looking shadow is agent Itzal. He carries two dark elemental hand guns.
    The female looking shadow is agent Elaine. She carries a light elemental shotgun.

    Stats (in order of importance):
    INT > DEX > LUK >>>>>>>> END

    The dual handguns are accurate and shoot 1 darkness magic bullet each (two per turn in total). Each bullet is 0.75 of a normal attack. This attack costs "N" SP.
    The shotgun is more accurate and shoots 5 light magic bullets simultaneously. Each individual bullet is 0.6 of a normal attack. The damage is then further multiplied by a random number between 1 and 5 (to account for number of bullets that hit). It works similar to Sharpened Lawn Darts spell. This attack costs "2*N" SP

    Every 3rd turn Elaine sets up a mana shield.* All damage to the shadows is diverted to MP until MP is depleted.
    When the total HP drops below 75% and given enough MP Itzal casts "Reform" - a spell that grants regeneration status for 10 turns **

    The Shadow ops take 25% extra damage if both of them attack on the same turn. ***
    When low on SP the Shadow Ops skip a turn to regain "5*N" SP. On their next turn they take 20% less damage. ****

    If you defeat one of them or drop their total HP down to 25%, then they will spend half of their remaining HP to go into desperate mode. With this effect the screen turns black. You can only see player, guest and pet. The player also recieves -40 bth penalty for 5 turns. The monster attacks will be more powerful and dual element (light and dark). #

    * Mana shield activated!
    ** Reform activated!
    *** The shadow ops went full offensive and exposed themselves! Counter them with all you've got!
    **** The shadow ops take on defensive stance and absorbe shadows!
    # The shadow ops desperately release shadows!

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    DF  Post #: 71
    1/23/2013 9:29:25   

    AQ Character Name: PyroPuppy
    AQ Character ID: 17920511

    Monster Entry Name: Shadow Puppy

    General Info:
    The Shadow Puppy is transformable monster, similar to Deery and Doom Sheep. When its HP is lowered bellow a certain percent (around 67%), it transforms into Shadow Hound, changing its appearance and skills. This entry will be separated into the different sections, since each form is a completely standalone monster by itself. It stats should be similar to a "Tank Warrior" build - a lot of Strength, Dexterity and Endurance, and a bit of Luck. This monster relies on continuing the battle as long as possible, using poison, paralyzing, and more.

    General Info - Shadow Puppy:
    The Shadow Puppy tricks his foes by its cuteness, and then proceeds to hurt them as severe as possible.
    The regular attack of the Puppy should be a regular, two hit attack.
    The Shadow Puppy's cuteness powers are not normal, and consist some sort of "mystical" essence. In the beginning of each turn, the player will make a saving role, trying to avoid the cuteness effect. The Major stat for the role would be Dexterity, and the Minor stat would be Intelligent (Dexterity as a stat which is used by all builds, and Intelligent as a connection the the mystical powers of the cuteness). Failing the role will give the player a single turn "Overwhelmed By Cuteness" status effect, a renamed Paralyzed.
    In the end of each turn, the player will have another saving role. The Major stat for the role would be Charisma, and the Minor stat would be Luck. Failing this role, the player's pet will also receive the "Sided with the Enemy" status effect, a renamed Control, which applies to the pet. This role is very effective, and therefore a penalty to the Puppy should be considered. Healing damage by pets should be modified to damage the player instead of healing, too.
    Also, as a Shadow monster, the puppy will switch randomly between Light and Darkness.

    General Info - Shadow Hound:
    The Shadow Hound is a vicious creature whose biggest desire is to shred its foe to pieces. The Shadow Hound loses the ability to trick the player by a magical cuteness but it gains different, other skills to make up for the lack of cuteness. As a regular attack, the Hound got a two hit attack like the Puppy. Each attack of the Shadow Hound has the chance to inflict a Bleeding Effect to the player (Unlike the previous roles, I don't have preferences for the stats of the roles). Also, Shadow Hound would have a SP skill, Bite. The skill would be a strong, power leaning, 1 hit skill, which will have a chance to inflict Corruption to the player (Renamed Poison). The Bite skill will also have the chance to inflict the Bleeding effect, like regular hits (On top of the poison). The duration of this poison should be longer than usual, and therefore the power of the poison should be balanced accordingly if needed. Shadow Hound will also have a second skill, Power Drain. It will do a very weakened attack, and if the hit was successful the Shadow Hound would heal HP and receive extra SP for that turn. The monster will also receive some SP each turn it doesn't use the Bite skill. If somehow the monster manages to regain more HP than the amount needed to transform, it does not transform back to puppy form.
    On top of those, Shadow Hound should have some sort of AI which manages the skill use. As the HP of the monster is lowered, the chance to use the Bite skill would be lowered as well, while the chances to use the Regeneration will increase. Yet, no matter how low the monster's HP is, there will always be a chance to do either of the skills.
    When reaching bellow 33% HP (Or any other low percentage of HP) the Shadow Hound can use another attack, Rage. It is a 3 hit neutral lean attack, which should, on average, do 125% damage of regular attack. When it uses the Rage attack, the chance to inflict the Bleeding status effect is doubled, and the Hound receives a Berserk status effect for few turns. This status effect increases the damage done by all attacks of the hound, including the Power Drain attack (Healing) and gives a small bonus for the Bleeding and Corruption roles. There shouldn't be any cost to this attack, but the chance to inflict should be low.
    Similarly to the Puppy form, in this form the monster will also randomly switch between Light and Darkness as well.

    Cosmetics - Shadow Puppy:
    The Shadow Puppy should be a simple monster, much like ElBhe. Details aren't really needed in this form of the monster, it should look cute, small and simple. When inflicting the "Overwhelmed By Cuteness", you receive the message: "It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!". When it inflicts the "Sided with the Enemy" status effect you receive the message: "Your pet prefers the side of other cute pets, which is clearly the winning side".

    Cosmetics - Transformation:
    In my opinion, Deery has the best transformation in game. The sudden extension of the limbs increase the terrifying effect of the transformation. Therefore, the transformation of Shadow Puppy would be similar. Sudden extension and growth of limbs, bones, and the simplified body parts would be slowly replaced by more detailed parts.

    Cosmetics - Shadow Hound:
    Unlike the Puppy form, Shadow Hound is very detailed. It should be as scary as possible, the worst hound you can imagine. It can also have shadow blood, completely black liquid, dripping from its jaw. Currently shadow creatures are simply blackened versions of existing monsters, I think that a change is needed, and that shadow monsters would start to be detailed like regular monsters, without a lot of flames and completely black parts. When inflicting the Bleeding status effect, the player receives the message: "The lethal claws and fangs of the hound shred through your flesh". When receiving the Corruption status effect, you get the message: "The shadow hound's strong bite corrupts your heart and mind".

    This Shadow Puppy came from the Shadow Realm in order to destro... D'aw, a cute puppy like this one wouldn't hurt a shadow fly, right?

    Weapon Entry Name: Shard of the Shadows

    General Info
    This is an accurate Darkness weapon, without special. It receives a trigger on Shadow monsters, regular 8-element seeking.
    While equipping this weapon, you receive a skill: "Shadow Fight". This skill moves the fight into the Shadow Realm, making it a bit more interesting:
  • This skill affects the fight until the end of the battle. It is also impossible to turn it off - moving the fight from the Shadow Realm back to Lore. Yet, if you unequip the sword, the fourth effect bellow doesn't happen.
  • Both you and the monster deal 120% damage.
  • Each turn, both you and the monster make a role against a one turn Corruption (Renamed Poison) effect. The roles of the monster and you are independent.
  • This skill doesn't have a single SP cost, but have an upkeep, which should be similar to a Misc from the same level. If you don't have enough SP the effect written bellow doesn't happen, while the two effects written above are continuous until the end of the battle.
  • On top of the effects listed above, each turn, one of the following effects will happen. As written above, unequiping the Shard prevents this from taking effect. The effects happen after the turn of the player, before the misc. This means that you can switch equipment and plan your turn before an effect actually affects the battle:
    1. Dark Magic: Both of your Magic damage and spell attacks receive damage buff to 105% of damage. This effect doesn't stack (spells which deal Magic damage don't deal 110.25%).
    2. Avidity Vessel: No effect happen this turn, but two happen in the next one. Also, one of the effects which is selected randomly is buffed. This effect can't happen twice in a row. Also, since this effect is more effective than others, it can't happen twice in a row.
    3. Great Shield Gardanian: Your Combat Defenses are increased for the turn. If needed, a penalty to the damage can be added.
    4. Helper of the Shadows: You receive the option to summon a Darkness MP guest, which triggers on Shadow monsters. This guest also receive a small buff if you are currently in a Shadow fight. If this is the buffed effect bu the Avidity Vessel, the summoned guest receive a single turn damage buff (The first turn after the summon).
    5. Shadow Fusion: Your Darkness and Light resistance are lowered. If needed, a penalty to the damage can be added.
    6. Baby Shadow Dragon: Applies a single turn Darkness Burn to the monster.

    Similar to the Shadow Hound, this weapon shouldn't be a blackened sword, but rather something as detailed as possible. A sword, structured similarly to the body of the Molten Beasts, but much darker. It has a Shadow flame behind it, which glows in white when triggered.
    The description of the weapon: "This Shard of the Shadows capable of transferring the battle directly into the Shadow Realm, where battles might be a little more interesting".
    After using the skill, if possible, the background should be darkened, or completely changed if possible. Each one of the special effects will have its own animation and message:
    Dark Magic: Shadow-y veins flow from the air into the player. You receive the message: "The magical shadows increase your damage".
    Avidity Vessel: No animation, but instead play the sound of a strong Darkness hit. You get the message: "Your weapon absorbs the shadows for itself. Do not worry, it will release them in the next turn".
    Great Shield Gardanian: A huge shield appears in front of the player. Message: "Gardanian the Shadow Defender, decides to help and defense you in the battle".
    Helper of the Shadows: The Guest's appearance is very simple, cute, almost without any details at all. It doesn't need to have a specific look, just to have a cute and innocence appearance.
    Shadow Fusion: No animation, but if possible, temporarily darken the face of the player until log out. You receive the message: "Your weapon allows you to fuse with the shadows"
    Similar to Guardian Dragon Jr., But in a shadow version. You receive the message: "A shadow in the shape of a baby dragon helps you in battle".

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    How We Roll Winner

    AQ character name: Stellaluna
    AQ Char ID: 83113228
    Monster name: Scourge
    Description: This shadow cat will extend its claw to slash at you! It's special skill is that if its down to low HP it will start using Shadow claw, which means its paw will turn in a super sized, ghostly version of it. Deals about 100-200 DMV with claw. This character would have glowing eyes and black fur.

    A pet version
    Shadow claw weapon
    Meow armor

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    1/23/2013 19:52:09   

    AQ Character name: Kalle
    AQ Character ID: 35015831
    Monster name: Simulacrum Speculum
    Details: A shadow of you. It can only be hurt by light, ,as a shadow is the absence of light. It can enter your mind and lower your stats. It's attacks become stronger if you deal more damage to it, because if you deal more damage, that means you are stronger, and so, your shadow's strength grows with you. It is easy to hit, but will take little damage if you hit it, like a shadow.

    It can sometimes attack by hitting itself, and hence, you hit yourself and lose your turn.

    AQ  Post #: 74
    1/23/2013 22:18:00   

    AQ Apprentice & AQ GD/Sugg AK

    AQ Characteter Name: Hedgehog
    AQ Character ID: 19339508
    Monster Entry Name: Telf the Shadow Puppeteer

    Light Element
    Power 3 (Depending on the situation.)
    General information/bio
    Telf is in a world of his own most of the time, he enjoys playing games with his puppets and entertaining others, for those interested. He often has conversations with his puppets, answering their queries about various topics. However it’s never made clear as to whether the puppets really do talk to him, although there are occasions where they seemingly know more than Telf would on his own, for example if a puppet it watching his back or in another area. This means that the puppets don’t directly have to be near Telf. (Working on a similarly policy to necromancy or golem building). Overall he’s not evil, being more along the lines of Khandie Khan with a pinch more wisdom, giving good advice though sadly overlooked due to his quirkiness.
    A poor example of using Teft to convey the Puppet’s thoughts:

    “Telf: Yes I wonder too Sir Polkagnome, hopefully <Player> will be lots of fun to play with!”

    Visual: (Click the links please for images.)
    Telf is placed at the back if possible with the puppets all out infront.
    Telf : http://twitpic.com/bxq84w/full The puppeteer himself. (See picture.)
    Sir Polkagnome: http://twitpic.com/bxq775/full
    (See picture) He’s possibly the exception to the rule being able to talk to everyone. He’s the fighter/warrior of the group. Yes, his name is a spoof of Pinocchio; I think that Polkagnome works well, though there was always Pokeagnome too.
    Kage: The cute shadow rogue of the group.
    Luminoso: A shadow chibi balloon, that resembles something of a bird, dark-ish with possibly yellow edged feathers. It flies/floats above the rest of the puppets just in front and above of Teft.

    The battle model is similar to that of Zadd the Golem builder.
    Melee	Average +( ****See effect)	
    Ranged	Average +( ****See effect)	
    Magic	Average +( ****See effect)

    STR	0	
    DEX	(Appropriate dex for level, it takes a lot to control all those puppets!)	
    INT	0	
    END	(Unsure since he repairs his puppets.)	
    CHA	(Appropriate char for level, similar to that of a beast master.)	
    LUK	(Appropriate luck for level, tertiary stat to Dex and Char.)

    Fire	70	
    Water	70	
    Wind	60	
    Ice	100	
    Earth	110	
    Energy	80	
    Light	-50	
    Dark	-50

    • Functions like a pack of monsters, along the lines of Zadd the golem builder.
    • Telf is able to repair/mend/call out his puppets X number of times, and will not be defeated until they’re defeated*. (Each time a new puppet is called out, it’ll always be the same one that was defeated, and so there will never be two of the same out.)

    Each puppet possess its own power or skill
    • Polkagnome: Can negate the first hit of the player (Though if this is overpowered it can be a percentage of the first attack.)* *.
    •Kage: Whenever he blocks an attack there is a chance that he’ll fade into the shadows and plan a counter when it’s his turn next round. This will be a stronger attack. ***
    •Luminoso: When Teft has Y sp, Luminoso unleashes a mediocre light spell that produces embers/sparks that fly down. The damage cut off the spell is given to boosting their defences****, and possibly healing them slightly.

    *Telf still has more tricks to show you!
    ** It looks like your attack is a shadow of its former self!
    *** You watch Kage the puppet as he smirks, fading into the shadow!
    ****Luminoso defends the group with the power of twilight sparkles!

    Overall it should be a tough team to beat, which shows some teamwork as they utilise each other’s skill. I was wondering about introducing another puppet though this may complicate things further. Generally Teft is a monster that doesn’t rely on inflicting statuses to the player, though relies on his skills and combinations as a puppeteer to win.
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