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All you need to know about TimeKillers

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2/18/2013 23:21:05   

Table of Contents

Use CTRL+F or the F3 key and type the number given for easy navigation!
(1): Introduction
(2): Best stats for your level with TimeKiller
(3): How are weapons shown for TimeKillers?
(4): TimeKiller Skills
(5): Advantages & Disadvantages
(6): TimeKiller Strategies
(7): Best matching accessories for TimeKiller
(8): Credits
(9): Updates



What is the TimeKiller Class, and how do you get it?
So you may ask, what is the TimeKiller class? Well, it is one of the calendar classes, along with ChronoMancer and ChronoCorruptor. Having one of these three classes unlocks the Time Killer badge. The TimeKiller class is a very strong class, and has many good attack combos. Like the other calendar classes, the only way to get this class is to buy a calendar from HeroMart. Remember, once sold out, they will never be restocked, so buy yours fast! Enter the code you receive in the package into your Artix Master Account. This TimeKiller Class will be given to the character you choose in your linked DragonFable account. So if you haven't already linked it, do so!

Why did you make this guide?
Well, since many people may not know how to use this class properly, this guide will show you the combos, attacks, best stats, fashionable accessories, and almost everything else you need to know about this class! It's all in this guide! But of course, these are my recommendations, so you must also use this guide discreetly!


Scale: From 1-5, with 1 being poor, 2 being Average, 3 being Good, 3.5 being Pretty Good, 4 - 4.5 being Very Good, 5 being excellent

Offense (Damage output, boosts): 4.5

Defense (shielding skills, defense boosters, etc.): 3

Healing: 3.5

Stalling (debuffs, stuns, etc.): 3.5

Mana Consumption: 3 (moderate)

Overall Rating: Very Good,

Best Stats for your level with TimeKiller



Level 80
END: 125
WIS: 70

Level 70
END: 105
WIS: 60

Level 60
END: 75
WIS: 60

Level 50
END: 65
WIS: 40

Level 40
END: 45
WIS: 30

Level 30
END: 35
WIS: 20

Level 20
END: 35

Level 10
END: 15


Level 80
END: 200
WIS: 90

Level 70
END: 180
WIS: 80

Level 60
END: 160
WIS: 60

Level 50
END: 140
WIS: 40

Level 40
END: 120
WIS: 30

Level 30
END: 90
WIS: 20

Level 20
END: 60

Level 10
END: 30

How are weapons shown for TimeKillers?


Along with Soulweaver and Master SoulWeaver, TimeKillers are the only obtainable classes which do not have their actual weapon appearance showing while equipped. Instead, they have gears on their shoulders which change color according to the equipped weapon's element. But unlike SoulWeavers, if the equipped weapon has a special, it can still be activated. You can read more about weapon specials here



TimeKiller Skills


This section shows the skills which TimeKiller have, their effects, mana cost, and cooldowns. Click on the attack name to see an image of the attack! But do note that each skill demonstration has been done with no accessories, and equipped with the default weapon, Ratchet Bow. If you would like to see the the animated skills of the TimeKiller class, then see the animated preview of the armor

Quick Shot : +100% crit attack

Appearance: One of the crossbows is turned into a gun, and a green beam is fired
Effect: 1 hit of 300% damage, guaranteed critical (total 600% damage)
MP Cost: 20
Cooldown: 14 turns

Accelerate Training! : 30% boost for 5 turns, regen 10% mana

Appearance: The player turns translucent green, becomes enveloped in a green aura, and a flash comes over the player
Effect: Gives a 30% powerboost for 5 turns and restores 15% Mana
MP Cost: -
Cooldown: 9 turns

3:10 - Gain 5 Arbalest charges!

Appearance: A roman clock with gear-like border decorations which keep turning, and which has a green glow fades over the user, and then fades away
Effect: Enables the use of the right side skills 5 times and gives a +15 to Crit for 5 turns
MP Cost: 31
Cooldown: 6 turns

Accelerate Regeneration : Heal 30% over 3 turns!

Appearance: The player turns translucent green, and a gear design keeps turning behind the player
Effect: Heals 10% of your HP over 3 turns (including the first turn you use it)
MP Cost: 35
Cooldown: 9 turns

Bolt Spray : Shoot a bundle of bolts!

Appearance: The player aims a crossbow towards the enemy, a gear design surrounds the head, the green cloc design appears, and then multiple bolts are fired
Effect: Hits all enemies once for 150% damage each
MP Cost: 30
Cooldown: 1 turn

Unload : Available after a successful combo

Appearance: Player turns backward, and hits one crossbow to the floor which takes on a green aura while banging. Then a green clock design appears behind the player, the player turns front, takes a slight kneeling stance and shoots 8 bolts from his two crossbows
Effect: 8 Hits of 33% damage (approximately)
Prerequisites: Requires the last attack of Rapid Fire to hit
MP Cost: 15
Cooldown: 2 turns

Rapid Fire : Available after a successful attack

Appearance: Player takes a step backward, and fires four bolts from the two crossbows
Effect: 4 hits of 40% damage
Prerequisites: Requires any successful attack
MP Cost: 20
Cooldown: 2 turns

2 hits of 50% damage
Appearance: Shoots 2 bolts from one crossbow

Power Shots : Bigger bow, bigger bolts, bigger damage

Appearance: The two crossbows are merged into a big gun, and two big bolts are fired
Effect: 2 hits of 150% damage each
Prerequisites: Requires 3:10 to be used
MP Cost: 10
Cooldown: 2 turns

Lightning Flash : -50 hit for enemy

Appearance: The two crossbows are merged into a big gun, the screen darkens and a green flash beam is fired
Effect: 2 hits of 200% damage, Gives opponent a -50 bonus for 5 turns
Prerequisites: Requires 3:10 to be used
MP Cost: 15
Cooldown: 5 turns

Time Pulse : Fire a pulse of time that stuns for 3 turns

Appearance: The two crossbows are merged into a big gun, and green lightning is fired
Effect: 5 hits of 50% damage, 3 turn Stun (Bug: Only the last hit of this attack is capable of stunning, but also not 100% guaranteed to doing so)
Prerequisites: Requires 3:10 to be used
MP Cost: 20
Cooldown: 14 turns

Distort Time - Reflective barrier for 3 turns

Appearance: The two crossbows are merged into a big gun, the gun is pointer upwards, and a rotating gear design is formed which creates a barrier around the player, and forms another gear design
Effect: +140 Melee, Magic and Pierce defense for 3 turns
MP Cost: 10
Cooldown: 9 turns
Prerequisites: Requires 3:10 to be used

Shatter time for your enemy! : 20% enemy Dmg reduction for 5 turns

Appearance: A small golden clock is thrown in the air, and is broken with the bullet, causing a green blast and fragments scattering
Effect: 1 hit of 200% damage, -20 powerboost to enemy for 5 turns (including opponent's next attack)
MP Cost: 20
Cooldown: 7 turns
Prerequisites: Requires 3:10 to be used

Rain a torrent of bolts on your enemy! : Hits all enemies

Appearance: The crossbows are merged into a big gun, the gun is pointed upwards, A green clock design appears and fires multiple bolts upwards to land on the enemy's side.
Effect: Hits all enemies for 150% damage each
Prerequisites: Requires 3:10 to be used
MP Cost: 20
Cooldown: N/A

Thief of Time : Break the barrier of time!

Appearance: The two crossbows are merged into a big gun, and 10 bolts are fired out, out of which 9 hit the enemy. Then the gear and clock hand design starts to turn behind the player, the screen lightens slightly, and all the bolts are sucked back in which again hits the enemy 9 times
Effect: 18 hits of 33% damage
Prerequisites: Requires 3:10 to be used
MP Cost: 25
Cooldown: 39 turns

Advantages & Disadvantages


Advantages of TimeKiller

  • TimeKiller is highly buffed, allowing you to do lots of damage. (Note that all skills' damage have been calculated with the buff)
  • TimeKiller has comparatively low mana cost for skills, considering its strength
  • TimeKiller is also very handy in defense and healing, having mana healing, HP healing, blinding, shielding, stunning and weakening moves, which do a high amount of damage as well
  • TimeKiller is one of the only highly-offensive armor which has all the types of defensive skills and healing skills.
  • Since TimeKiller's 3:10 skill allows you to use the right side moves 5 times, you can also add in left side attacks in between the sequence

    Disadvantages of TimeKiller

  • TimeKiller's stunning skill's bug makes it an unhandy move to use, and is not very reliable when in a pinch.
  • The stunning move also does not guarantee a stun, even if the last move hits. There are times when it does not stun, regardless of the enemy's immobility resistance. This makes the stunning move even worse.
  • Though TimeKiller is the only armor which has all the defensive skills and healing skills, All defensive skills are on the right side, which requires 3:10, and is therefore not handy for immediate use; you have to use up a turn for using 3:10 first. This is only a minor disadvantage, though.
  • TimeKiller's debuffing skill, Break is useful as a filler move, but is pretty much useless as a defense skill. A 20% reduction in the opponent's boost is hardly anything, unless you've somehow stacked on another debuffing move.

    TimeKiller Strategies


    This section will show you all the combos and strategies for TimeKiller. If the first few of the sequence manage to kill your opponent, then good. But if not, follow the other steps. If the opponent is not dead with all these steps, repeat the sequence based on the steps given. Use alternative skills for ones which still have their cooldown going on. You have to be discreet while seeing combinations, and come up with your own ones too! Some notes have been given below each sequence to follow though and understand better.

    Weak/Medium Opponents: 88 mph -> Combo -> Unload -> Attack
  • Should kill a weak monster, but if the monster is not dead (would be the case of a medium monster, but rarely), use another attack and repeat from combo

    Tough Opponents: 88 mph/3:10 -> 3:10/88 mph -> Power -> Flash -> Final -> Power -> Combo -> Unload
    ..........................Or: 3:10 -> Boost -> Pulse -> 88 mph -> Power -> Final -> Flash -> Power -> Combo -> Unload (Note: Switching Flash and Pulse also works well)
  • You may either use 3:10 later, or at first for the first combination. But do use a combination of combos and unloads for it.
  • Feel free to switch the sequence of damage based moves, like using Power before 88 mph, or Power before Final, etc. But it is better not to do so with special-effect attacks like Flash and Boost.
  • The boost skill is not compulsory to use, but it does increase the damage dealt.

    Very tough opponents: 88 mph/3:10 -> 3:10/88 mph -> Boost -> Pulse -> Final -> Power -> Flash -> Power -> Combo -> Unload -> 3:10 -> Flash -> Power -> Combo -> Unload -> Power
  • Repeat this process (without 88 mph, of course) to significantly bring down your opponent's HP. Then use 88 mph, when it unlocks, and preferably before you use 3:10, or after the 3:10 effects are over.
  • Using a Break instead of a combo, and then combo instead of unload (and of course, unload next, and so on) wouldn't hurt, because you anyway have another turn for right side skills after Flash. As mentioned before, it is just a filler move, and 20% decrease in powerboost is hardly anything. Besides, you have the flash which blinds your opponent after the stun anyways. Does do a lot of damage though.
  • You can either use the set of first 2-9 attacks mentioned above later, or at the beginning of the fight, as long as the cooldown is over. (You can add in a 88 mph in one of the combinations after the cooldown is over for it too). You can do the last 6 move combinations any time once you have used 3:10.
  • It's good to constantly use 3:10 once the effect wears out, as it makes it easy to hammer away at the opponent's HP
  • You may want to try using a Boost for the last 6 moves combination (after using 3:10, of course), and add a 88 mph if you can
  • Remember to use Accel when needed!
  • It also wouldn't hurt to switch a few skills, like using 3:10 first, and 88 mph a little later, etc.

    Very Low HP/MP: Boost -> Accel -> 88 mph -> Combo -> Unload -> (use a combination of a few skills, you could repeat the previous sequence too) -> 3:10 -> Stun -> Power -> Final -> Flash
  • You will need a bit of luck for this combo. This is in case you don't have right skills unlocked already. You will need the attack of the opponent to miss after using Boost
  • If Pulse does not work, Use Flash immediately. Then continue using the other right side skills as normal
  • Try keeping your mana consuming low, or you'll run out of mana when you need it.
  • Only use 3:10 when you feel you have enough mana to handle the right side skills (which should be after usng a second boost) , and HP to be able to take your opponents attacks without losing a lot of it significantly (which should be after completing the first 3-turn heal cycle)
  • Use Boost, then Accel whenever the cooldown ends, as those are very important moves is situations like this

    2 or 3 Easy/Medium Monsters: Spray -> 88 mph -> Spray -> Combo -> Unload -> Spray
  • Here, you must decide who you want to use the skills on yourself (excluding multi strike moves)
  • For this, you can mostly use the skills in any order you want, because it doesn't really matter

    2 or 3 Hard Monsters: Spray -> 88 mph/3:10 -> 3:10/88 mph -> Flash -> Pulse -> Final -> Rain -> Rain -> Spray -> Combo -> Unload
    ..........................Or: 3:10 -> Rain (x5) -> Spray -> 88 mph -> Spray
  • Since the enemies' attack damage stack and hurt you more, you may want to Heal up using a potion, or the Accel skill when you need it
  • Skill orders don't really matter here that much here either, but you will find it useful to keep spamming the rain skill when you can.

    Best matching accessories for TimeKiller


    Well, many people are concerned with what would look good with TimeKiller. So we've made a list for you!

    Lucky Cap [DC] (Note: These helms are color custom, so it would be good to choose matching base and trim colors)
    Time Killer Ten Gallon [DC] (Male Only)
    Time Killer Headgear [DC] (Female Only)
    Black Silk Hat
    Black Cowboy Hat [DA]
    Weaver's Cowl (I, II, III) [DA and Non-DA]
    Cowl of Deidro
    Killiguin Faceguard
    Togmas Cowl
    ChronoZ Visor Version H.0 (Looks good especially with a darkness weapon =D)
    ChronoZ Visor Version TK.0 (Ditto. :3)

    Weaver's Cloak (I, II, III)
    Weaver Wrap Around (I-IV)
    Lifesaver (II-V)
    Lifesaver (VI and VII) [DA]
    Surewould Camo Cloak (I-VII) [DA] [Optional DC]
    Cloak of Deidro [DA and Non-DA]
    Death's Mantle
    Manahunter Cloak (I-VII)



    Thanks to Gingkage for approving this guide. Woohoo!
    Thanks to pjc for TimeKiller Skills attack pictures
    Thanks to Faerdin and InsertWittyNameHere for help on Best Matching Accessories for TimeKillers
    Thanks to Yuttt for help on TimeKiller Skills
    Thanks to bobtehnoob for help on TimeKiller Strategies
    Thanks to Zeldax for suitable item suggestions



    3/22/2013: Guide approved by Gingkage. Thank you so much!
    3/21/2013: New images for the TimeKiller Skills were added, guide sent for approval
    3/20/2013: Images for TimeKiller Skill appearances were added
    3/11/2013: Best stats for TimeKiller was completed
    3/07/2013: TimeKiller strategies was completed
    3/04/2013: Information on ow weapons are shown for TimeKillers was added and completed
    3/02/2013: Credits were added
    3/01/2013: Guide banner was added
    2/24/2013: Best matching accessories for TimeKiller was added
    2/20/2013: TimeKiller skills and advantages & disadvantages were added and completed
    2/19/2013: Best stats for TimeKiller section and TimeKiller strategies was added
    2/18/2013: Guide was first created, introduction was added

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