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Summarizing Classes

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3/6/2013 22:09:35   
  Exploding Penguin

games are cool I guess

How would you summarize the classes of ED? You can mention their pros, cons, etc. in this thread. I'll make an example:

Summary: A well-rounded class with lots of flexibility in build options
-Only class with smokescreen
-Naturally high block rate
-2 strong defensive buffs: Reflex boost and energy shield, which both increase with the same stat
-Has a strong energy remover
-Can have difficulty dealing damage without energy
-Limited energy
-Has one of the worst stuns in the game
-Has a poison skill which doesn't match up well with blood lust

Summary: A flexible class with a rather offensive-based skill tree
-2 of the strongest defensive buffs: Defense matrix and technician
-Can hit hard without the help of any debuffs
-Has a debuff to increase its damage even further past the already hard-hitting deadly aim guns and plasma bolts
-Has bludgeon, the best skill in terms of damage boost-for-energy
-Has a strong, low energy costing stun
-Has Assimilation, a unique skill which can be very flexibly used
-Lacks defensive options, as blood lust can't back you up and defensive buffs take a turn to cast
-Not going first can result in lost energy if using reroute
-Reroute is currently not that strong of a passive compared to other ones such as blood lust
-Has no way of increasing block chance, causing strong skills such as bludgeon and assimilate to be easily blocked
-Weak energy removing capabilities

Summary: A very unique class which has fewer build options and a fairly straightforward skill tree
-Strong passive armor which can't easily be taken advantage of with rage attacks
-Has arguably the best stun in the game
-Low energy-costing EP removing skill
-Can hit hard without debuffs
-Has a unique strength buff which grants lifesteal
-No defensive buffs make it hard to recover from debuffs
-Straightforward skill tree which can easily be managed through high block rates and debuffs
-Straightforward skill tree enables your damage output to be predictable
-Adrenaline is a weak passive overall, and arguably the worst in the game
-Limited energy makes it hard to heal and deal strong damage

Summary: A different version of a bounty hunter with less flexibility, but has some unique benefits given from their skill tree
-Passive resistance armor which allows you to invest more into dex and stacks with shadow arts for more block chance
-Only class with a passive armor and a debuff
-Strong EP-removing skill
-Has defense matrix, the best skill for increasing defense. Works well with plasma armor as well
-Static charge is currently a very weak energy-giving skill and is really only used to counter level 1 assimilation
-Has the worst stun in the game
-Can have trouble dealing damage without a debuff
-No options when malfunctioned by an opponent

Summary: A strong, counter-based class with lots of options given any situation during a fight
-Can reduce an opponent's damage output to nearly nothing with 2 defensive buffs and intimidate
-Has bludgeon, which is a strong, low energy-costing staple move with a set damage type
-Can hit hard with bludgeon and deadly aim, even without a debuff
-Can easily change the tide of battle with a single move, given BMs can recover HP and deal strong damage/debuff at the same time
-Supercharge lifesteal doesn't stack with blood lust's lifesteal, making the usage of the move detrimental
-Builds with constantly high damage, such as strength BHs, can overpower BMs to a point where they lose their healing capabilities
-While all of its defensive skills (the 2 buffs and intimidate) increase with support, a support BM itself lacks offensive capabilities. This makes it hard for them to strengthen their buffs
-A block from shadow arts or a deflection from being malfunctioned can easily mess up BMs and their lifesteal

Summary: A class with lots of defensive capabilities, but lacks offensive skills
-Energy regeneration, a passive armor, AND a low energy-costing EP remover
-Many ways of healing, including field medic, frenzy, and surgical strike
-A long-lasting buff which works well with the physical passive
-Overall strong defensive capabilities, which works well to outlast other builds which don't excel in heavy-hitting. Defensive capabilities also work well with infernal android
-Lacks offensive capabilities and thus makes it hard to KO other tank builds quickly; overall slow class
-Susceptible to blocks and smokescreen, making atom smasher and frenzy less usable
-Strength buff isn't that strong/useful
-Defensive buff isn't strong if you need an instant boost in resistance
-Reroute isn't that good of a passive now
-Weak stun
-Poison grenade is detrimental because it costs too much energy to use compared to the actual damage it deals; same for surgical strike at level 1 and double strike.

That's my summary of the classes as they are now, or what I remember of them from delta since I haven't played all of them yet in Omega. Please post your own opinions on the classes and what they're like.

Epic  Post #: 1
3/6/2013 22:36:39   

I actually think that the Blood Mage has a lot of build options.
MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 2
3/6/2013 23:22:28   
  Exploding Penguin

games are cool I guess

BM is the only class I haven't played yet in Omega, so my opinions on the class itself is more from delta, when BM focus was in power.
Epic  Post #: 3
3/7/2013 0:14:45   
legion of souls

BM is now balanced. Period


AQW Epic  Post #: 4
3/7/2013 0:21:51   
Giras Wolfe

-Cyber Hunter-

-Arguably has the best defensive capability in the game between Plasma Armor, Defense Matrix, and Shadow Arts.
-Can easily make super-high dexterity builds due to the capability to have +20 Resistance from Armor and Plasma Armor
-EMP Grenade is an invaluable tool for tanking
-Malfunction makes it the only class with both a defense boosting passive and a debuff, giving a deadly combination of defense and offense.
-Can make much better massacre builds than Bounty Hunters, because they deal unblockable, support based damage and have less trouble surviving to the massacre turn due to Plasma Armor.
-Though a very weak skill, Static Charge comes in handy occasionally when you need juuuust a couple more energy points to use that skill you need.
-Rapidly becoming my favorite class in the game

-Bounty Hunter-

-Between Shadow Arts and Smokescreen, players who use blockables will internally groan every time they fight you.
-Reflex Boost and Energy Shield are both fantastic buffs. Only this class and blood mages can directly rebuff both defense and resistance
-The skill tree has an excellent set of defensive, offensive, and tactical skills making it very diverse.

-Blood Mage-

-Because they don't rely on a debuff, Blood Mages can start dishing out damage immediately on the first turn. Unlike tech mages, Blood Mages can use a Deadly Aim aided gun on the first turn and get it recharging early on.
-Bludgeon, Deadly Aim, and Bloodlust are a formidable combination, especially considering they both have short cooldown times and only one costs energy.
-Like bounty hunters, this class can rebuff both defense and resistance directly using support based skills
-Intimidate gives this class an edge against the strength builds of other classes.
-The class makes an awkward caster due to limited energy, so Supercharge, Plasma Rain, and Overload are generally ignored.

-Tech Mage-

-The only class with neither a Passive Armor buff or bloodlust, making it very flimsy if used incorrectly.
-A tech mage caster build offers a totally unique gameplay because it relies on the enemy dealing damage to you in order to deal damage back.
-Makes rather poor high strength builds, but does excellently with high HP, Tech, or Support
-Assimilate is the only skill in the game that does damage and drains energy simultaneously
-Bludgeon and Deadly Aim are both fantastic skills, but they both seem better suited to Blood Mages
-The only class that can directly increase their Technology via Technician

-Tactical Mercinary-

-A class that was extremely formidable at one point, but is now extraordinarily limited in it's skill tree.
-Blood Shield is a terrible rebuff
-The classes greatest strength is probably the synergy between Mineral Armor and Reroute making "heal looping" much easier than it is for low-defense Tech Mages
-Frenzy is a skill with great potential to be excellent, especially considering its synergy with Reroute, but the fact that it is blockable and requires a club makes it a rarely used option.
-Although it has Artillery Strike, it is not nearly as good at abusing support as Mercinaries or classes with Malfunction
-A lack of diversity in build options makes it my least favorite class to play


-A class whose direct skill tree seems to be either very underpowered or very overpowered depending on the exact game balance at the time.
-Adrenaline is a pathetic passive
-Makes an excellent all out offensive class AND excellent tank class, but anything in between doesn't work so well.
-Probably the class I've played the least in epicduel

< Message edited by Giras Wolfe -- 3/7/2013 0:22:41 >
AQ AQW Epic  Post #: 5
3/7/2013 0:22:20   
Dual Thrusters

Off topic Ch0sen quit !?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!? Last time i saw he was also banned from the forums O_O

On topic: I think every class is balanced except for BH ( a little OP unless you use energy drainers) and Merc (a little UP)
MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 6
3/7/2013 2:45:22   

Blood Mage's main disadvantages are:
- lack of energy regain
- lack of an energy removing skill

Mercenary's main disadvantages are:
- although one of the best classes in dealing burst damage over few turns (1-3), it becomes worst class in dealing consistent damage over several turns (5-10)
- no passive skill for health and energy regain
- splitting hybrid armor among def and res made it weaker against both smoke and malfunction classes. Concentrated passive shields like Plasma Armor or Mineral Armor are much more useful.
AQW Epic  Post #: 7
3/7/2013 2:59:28   

bounty hunter -
Very good synergy between smokescreen, bloodlust and massacre making them hard to beat sometimes.
Good debuff
awesome passive
Good defense boosters which surprisingly enough, allow a decent support build if played correctly. My alt is a support build. :D
Strong energy steal

Can easily be taken down by their rivals the cyberhunters.
poison strike is pretty useless

Synergy with deadly aim bludgeon and bloodlust
same defense boosters as bounty which is why my main is also a support build. :D
Intimidate can help take out those strength builds

Only class with no energy steal
No passive armor so can be destroyed without shields up.
Plasma cannon not used in almost any builds cause caster bm is too weak.

Techmage - my first and one time favorite till bounty and bloodmage stole my heart.

synergy with malfunction reroute plasma bolt and supercharge making the so called caster build.
plasmabolt is one of the best skills in the game
reroute for energy regen
deadly aim for added strength
bludgeon good damage for low energy.

No passive armor
Glass cannon builds usually.
assimilate is weak energy steal.


DF AQW Epic  Post #: 8
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