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RE: =DF= DragonLord Discussion Thread

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6/30/2013 11:36:17   

1) Fix the color bug.

2) Remove all of the four Dragon Spirits into one Dragon Spirit based on your weapon element. It'll be the same old Magic attack with a DoT. The other just be a regular multi that does like 100% (or more damage). The remaining two spaces should be used for more unique moves.

3) Should be on par with DoomKnight in a sense.

Post edited to remove off-topic content. This thread is not to discuss Doom Knight. It is meant to discuss the DragonLord armor. Please remain on this topic. ~Gingkage

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DF AQW Epic  Post #: 26
7/1/2013 3:44:18   

I love the look of the evolved dragon lord, BUT by the AVATARS! please fix the bugs(spoken by everyone)
I love how the class is big, very defensive (probably the why there is a shield) I also love the shield concept as well.
but if there ever was a new DL, id like to see a complete offensive DL(opinion, not suggestion)
DF MQ  Post #: 27
7/1/2013 4:24:09   
soul 0509

There is no big difference between DL and evolved DL you can add some new abilities to the evolved one...ohhh and as always have more connection with your dragon i mean the dragon is a great pet but i think it would be really cool if the DL had the necessity of using the dragon as the pet like you know eragon and stuff.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 28
8/22/2013 17:32:54   
  The Odor


I am currently doing a full story playthrough with my secondary character, using DMK almost from the start (Started using it at around level 17) and it is frankly amazing. Doing full length quests while never losing HP and ending at full mana is not an easy trick.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 29
8/22/2013 18:52:32   
Chaosweaver Amon

My heart is torn apart by DL...it looks SO epic, yet I prefer more offensive classes. If all classes could get a remake as epic as DL's revamp...I don't know how the game could get any better.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 30
8/22/2013 19:13:46   

I loooove defensive classes and DL is one of my favorites, it could be my saved armor but that sound bug annoys me and it would be cool if when we are using DL our baby dragon get buffed somehow
DF  Post #: 31
8/23/2013 2:18:15   

It is a good class but I just do not like playing defensively so its turned into a class I fall back on when my usual tactic of getting in there and killing whatever needs to be killed as quickly as possible. And that bug with the CC versions of the armours is driving me nuts.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 32
8/23/2013 5:24:01   

I always liked and I will always like the Dragon Lord Class.It helped me a lot when i had to face great enemies like impossible crawler for example.And it helped me take a negative damage that healed me.Oh...and haves a great design.The only problem is that the color custom ones are still incomplete and i think it passed an year since the revamp was released.
I hope it will be fixed so i could make a cool look for my character.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 33
8/23/2013 14:19:08   
Sentimental Melody

Being more defensive/long-term oriented, I love it. It's a self-sustaining armor. x] Best for long quests, or repeated farming. Most classes have at most one regenerative-type ability. And it is highly amusing to bop someone with your shield.

If the DoTs get condensed an excellent new skill would involve gutting someone with your claw feet.
DF  Post #: 34
8/23/2013 17:03:21   

I like the look of the actions, and of the color custom non-evolved. I'm not a fan of the evolved one's look. I think it's somewhat clunky in comparison to the smooth lines and shininess of the base DL.
I would like it if the multi wasn't element locked, but overall, it's a solid class. I prefer faster classes if I'm playing through the newest release, but if I want to be wowed by visuals, play around with skills, or challenge myself.


Every day is a different adventure.

DF  Post #: 35
8/23/2013 17:45:36   
Warmonger Starsaber

I Love my DL Class, but for me it is too Defensive in a sense, it makes quests longer when I think with a little more Offense it could be close to on par with DmK, all in all awesome class, wish the bugs were fixed, and a little more Offense, or make it both Offense and Defense balanced.
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 36
8/24/2013 9:49:28   

I like the fact that it is a defensive class because it helps it to stand out from the others.
I like that the class has two different appearences and that there are colour-custom versions available as it gives the player some choice.
I like that the armor can both heal health and mana points as well as having an ability that makes you resistant to all elements of attacks (used correctly this allows the armor to defeat anything).
The animations for all the skills look very cool, it's one of the few armors (if not the only armor) that makes the defense skill look really awesome.
It definitely is without a doubt, both in appearence and in power, the main class of Dragonfable and makes buying the Dragon Amulet worth it.

I dislike the fact that despite being the main class of Dragonfable that it has so many bugs (not just the colour-custom bugs).
I miss the old class and I dislike that there isn't an option to use the old class (though this is more of a personal bias than anything else).
As some people suggested it may be a good idea to have the regular and evolved dragonlord classes having slightly different skills (kind of like the chickencow and evolved chickencow classes).
Again as someone mentioned instead of having three/four elemental attacks that basically do the same thing it might be a better idea to make the element match the weapon held, this way there will be for two/three other skills that aren't just a replica of the others.

I look forward to seeing the future of the Dragonlord class.

< Message edited by FrosticIce -- 8/24/2013 9:50:40 >
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 37
8/24/2013 10:20:10   

I love dragonlord class, it makes for a goto for when all else fails.
Personally, I like the classic, non-cc dragonlord armor more than the evolved stuff, as well. It's nice that you can choose whichever armor you want and not get consequences skillwise.

The defence is incredible, especially if you can use it to keep your health low, enabling you to spam the berserk rage move. Like has beed said several times, though, the elemental restrictions could be done without, for the AOE and DOT moves. Just making a single DOT that lasts for six rounds (like the ice one) and heals you for a bit (like the light one) would be great, because then you'd have two more sections for skills! Perhaps those of the offensive variety? Then those who love the class but hate that it's primarily defensive would be pleased, as well~
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 38
8/24/2013 11:05:20   

The only thing that bugs me are... well, bugs. That, and DragonSoul doesnt do an INSANE amount of damage. With the defensive skills of DL, is should be near impossible to reach the low health required to use dragonsoul. It should really be like... a back-up insane move to buy them some time. Im thinking that it should do an insane amount of dmg, cost a LOT of mana, have a bunch of cooldowns, and heal to half health. Im not sure cuz Im not exactly the "math" man when it comes to a balanced class, but this would make soul more useful and sensible.

Still, gotta love DL.
DF  Post #: 39
8/24/2013 14:56:05   
Rune Knight

I am actually a huge fan of DragonSoul. Compared to some other moves, its damage isn't all that powerful, but it is more than enough to kill most Monsters in a single attack. Not to mention that it only has a one turn cooldown. If you can keep yourself beneath 30% Health, it immensely speeds up both Boss Battles and normal Quests. :)

@Xanaomin: As a defensive Class, I actually find myself preferring it over Pyromancer. The Class is really powerful, especially from a defensive standpoint, and its Skill set allows for both aggressive and tenacious tactics alike. Its subpar Farming and Multi-Battle abilities are what put most people off.


AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 40
8/24/2013 22:01:02   

I have loved Dragonlord since it's debut many years past, but quite frankly.. I feel that, defensive class or not, it's skills make it lackluster and don't put it in the spotlight as it should be, they hardly feel up-to-standard for the modern times.. I mean in AQC *AdventureQuest Classic*, Guardian-Base Classes got two massive improvements: UltraGuardian Plate and Armor of Awe. I think Dragonlord deserves a little more credibility like this, my.. well, suggestion? Why not make two *technically four, or three, depends* arts for it? Dragonlord *Classic-Tagged, or DragonMaster since it's skills are.. a bit down-played* to where it keeps it's modern skills as-is. Dragonlord *Not tagged by any means* with a revamp to have a bit more spice to it, but not necessarily losing it's defensive traits, it could take a chapter or two from EnTropy - That thing is a Defensive Class, but still packs an amazing punch. And skills like Dragon Soul... need I really say more for this "defensive" class? And even if by some oddity we were put into such a corner.. that power is an insult for the iconic class for Dragondable. And then there's Evolved Dragonlord *whether or not it gets a new art is why I say three or four, one classic [as-is now] and a newer-art to share new skills with the modern Dragonlord*.

It's not a bad idea to give thought to, it's not too off the chart from basically with Dragonrider: Giving players the choice between a Defensive'ish *Classic* strategy, or an Offensive *New skills* strategy. And.. as others have expressed.. that color-bug for EDL.. please.

Dragonlord remains one of the most artistically-appealing classes of today, but it's skills just make it another shiny trophy for my armor closet, which I really don't feel right about to say in this class that once was so revered.
Post #: 41
8/24/2013 22:34:33   
Rune Knight

DragonLord's substantial defensive capabilities are what allow it to effectively use a Skill like DragonSoul, which represents the flexibility of DragonLord's Skills. You can either put up a defensive front and slowly weather away an opponent, or you can keep yourself at 30% Health and blast opponents into oblivion with Skills like DragonSoul or DragonEye. There is no way to keep the original feel of DragonLord and make it anymore powerful than it already is; doing so would, as you mentioned, place it on the same level as a Dragon Coin Class like enTropy.

DragonLord was intended to be the antithesis of Doom Knight. I feel that for both to have immense offensive power would not exactly stay true to that theme.

< Message edited by Faerdin -- 8/24/2013 22:40:20 >
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 42
8/25/2013 14:37:46   
Lord Xundrau

Another huge fan of DragonLord here. I've always preferred the slow, strategic, methodical approach to combat in gaming and the DragonLord best captures that for me. Combat as a DragonLord is the management of resources and watching for the right moments for the right skills. And despite what some would say, it does have limitations and weaknesses; it cannot simply turtle through any fight. It has a higher threshold for pain, but once that threshold is passed, it falls quickly - enemies and bosses which can outpace the healing and penetrate the defenses can eat DragonLords for lunch.

I agree that having the Multi-hit element locked is highly unfortunate, and I'll agree that having all the Dots is rather needless. I understand wanting to make the class viable from a Melee or a Caster orientation. Perhaps with a merging of the Dots -as others have suggested- the remaining skills could become other, more magely abilities? Perhaps an attack on an enemy's Mana bar? Or a good debuff, like reducing an enemy's hit chance by a modest percentage? Or perhaps, since the DragonLord is designed to be accessible to all Base Class characters, perhaps it could use a more Roguish skill or two, such as a skill that does guaranteed Pierce-type damage? None of these should be powerfully offensive, but should make the class more adaptable to the demands of role and situation, and I feel that adaptability is one thing the DragonLord lacks, the one thing it probably shouldn't for being such a strategic class.

Artistically, I love the overall design of the armor and always have. I use the Color Custom Evolved version, despite the many disappointed bugs and glitches. I've temporarily set the customized colors to match the default so that I won't have to change armors when it is fixed. Silly? Perhaps. And I'll admit, I'm actually not a fan of the shield. I'm not bothered by it, I think it's good to have someone actually using shields and DragonLords are perhaps the most mechanically fitting to be seen with one. But I do miss the more classic appearance.

Hrmmm.. you know what might actually be interesting, from a purely hypothetical standpoint? Make the shield functional. Perhaps have it carried on the back for cut-scenes and running. In combat, you might activate a buff that will last nice and long - say ten turns - and pulls the shield out. It could provide a small but consistent bonus, perhaps lowered attack damage and raising avoidance by a roughly equal amount. You wouldn't need a shield for any old monster, but could deploy it to further defend against strong bosses. With the one of the chief vulnerabilities of the class being enemies that surpass their defensive threshold (Damage-Racing Bosses like Manacrest in the most recent release), it makes sense to me, logistically, that the class's abilities should further extend that threshold. Play to one's own strengths, and all that. Just a flight of fancy, though.

I think the most pressing issue with the class, though, is easily the Audio bugs. This is the one that genuinely makes the class functionally broken. A single attack noise and the background music is all I get, and if I disable the Music anywhere, that single swooshing sound also disappears leaving me in complete silence. That's how it manifests itself for me. I don't know if this is the exact way it appears to other players, but this is a bug that has been reported. There's a whole post dedicated to the DragonLord in the Bugs sub-forum that seems to have had little to no attention in some time, despite nothing having changed. We're told the problem is known, told not to mention it again, and that's been the end of it since 2012. I don't mean to sound sour about it, I'm just concerned, and I apologize if it's a sore issue to someone on the team. I hope it simply slipped through the cracks, and that there's not someone sitting at a desk who has been banging their head on this one since December to no avail. If there is such a person, please hug them, they probably need it by now.

Well, that's about all the input I have to offer. Praise and props to all the people at AE; both for the fun and engaging games, and for your interactivity with the community and fanbase! Rock on!
AQ DF  Post #: 43
1/19/2014 21:18:56   

Would be nice if they added an option to wear the Classical Dragon Lord Armor :)
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 44
1/20/2014 15:18:36   

DragonLord has always been my favorite class. Its the class which defines what Dragonfable is all about. After it got revamped, DragonLord has a collection of amazing animations and sounds which are just outstanding. DragonLord is really useful on defensive situations especially in a boss battle where I need to continuously tank to survive. Aside from RiftWalker, DragonLord has always been my most used class and hopefully the Evolved armors will get fixed soon.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 45
1/20/2014 15:32:11   

Its a pretty fun defensive class that I try to use often. Its only problem is that its damage output could be much better. Its designs are pretty good and it probably be the best looking class if the staff tried to fix the color bug. Its skills are really good for new DA users in need of a good class.


AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 46
1/20/2014 16:06:45   

Strategically perfect. Poor damage for most skills compared to DmK, Riftwalker, KAA and Time Killer but probly ideal for extremely long challenges. The recent small buffs were more than welcome :) Good job!


DF  Post #: 47
1/20/2014 16:32:11   

DL used to be my go too class prior to soulweaver being released, as every other class armor was junk compared to it. It is by far the best defensive class in game and has some of the most enjoyable animations. However the color custom bug needs to be fixed and the armor really should have more to do with your pet dragon.


AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 48
1/21/2014 6:31:59   
Warmonger DragonJax

I used this class for 2 months after I got my DA.Very good class with solid defense and average offence.


Post #: 49
1/21/2014 12:44:23   
Chaosweaver Amon

Ah, Dragonlord. Possibly the strongest defensive armor in-game. It can pretty much last forever, but I think it's at a bit of a disadvantage for players below level 30 or so, due to the mana costs and low damage. Also, as defensvely powerful as it already is, I'm of the opinion it should be even stronger in that department. A while back I vaguely remember one of the staff mentioning that Dragonlord was Doomknight's counterpart, so why not make its defense equivalent to Doomknight's offense? It would make sense, and even if they had to nerf the offense, I think it would be worth it.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 50
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