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RE: =DF= Necromancer Armor Discussion Thread

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12/7/2017 11:37:12   


10% isn't that small. and how is necro limited by its mana pool? one of its biggest advantages is that it has really low mana costs, with most of its skills being around 10-15 mana. most fights end long before you use 10% of your mana pool, and most bossfight will end before you use half of it.
DF  Post #: 101
12/7/2017 13:32:03   

It may be either because of my lower level 44 ATM, but I often struggle to finish some quests without having have a drink.

Maybe I just got too used to Dragonlord and Ancient Exosuit... Those things are just ridiculous with so much mana recovery. Basically I could only do the timetorn because of their mana heal. All other classes just ran out of mana sooner or later, even the cheapest ones.

Right now Inner Will gives back only 64 mana, which is pretty low considering it needs several abilities to finish most fights ESPECIALLY in Book3 where everything just hits ridiculously hard.
DF  Post #: 102
12/7/2017 13:46:20   


several abilities? i can kill most lower health enemies with a simple rotation of dream>will>attack>attack(sometimes even dropping the second attack), and most medium to high health enemies with dream>seed>raise>boon>familiar. if the enemy is high immobility resist, just switch dreams out with fear ward, which costs even less mana. having trouble with health, add in a life tap, still doesn't cost too much, and can easily be recovered in a low health enemy fight. by the time you reach a boss in a quest, if you've done smart rotations, you should still be near or at max health, and near or at max mana.

< Message edited by Greyor_42 -- 12/7/2017 13:48:29 >
DF  Post #: 103
12/7/2017 14:00:19   

Things hit too hard for that. Book3 quests require to blow defensive skills because the enemies just hit so ridiculously hard.
Were playing the Energy Orb questline for example and one hit dealt so much damage as the entire heal of a life tap, and Inner Will only recovers 64 mana with 35 WIS, which only slows down my mana burn.

Since Life Tap and Inner Will is % based building tanky stats could be an option, but then I'd just hit like a wet noodle which makes the game tedious and could potentially make the problem worse with longer fights=more hits taken with the already hard hitting enemies...
DF  Post #: 104
12/7/2017 14:21:23   



Things hit too hard for that.

like i said, use dream, or fear ward. don't have to worry about losing health if the enemy can't hit you. remember, the player gets the first turn. that means that they get to set the pace in most non-boss fights. and with necromancer, said pace tends to lead to you ending a fight in pretty much the same condition you started it in.
DF  Post #: 105
12/7/2017 19:37:22   


You said you were struggling with Book 3, but isn't Energy Orb in Book One?
Post #: 106
12/8/2017 3:02:23   

The damage is really amped up in that chapter for some reason. Mobs weren't so strong in Wind, Darkness, Light, and Fire chapters, nor in the Ravenloss arc.

In Book3 they hit so hard I have to open with the defense move and sometimes even the blind(except if the enemy has any bonus. In this case blind is useless.) of a class every fight or I'm down in three-four encounters max. Pretty much the reason why I can't use Shadow Hunter in those places(Who even thought it's a good idea to have a defense move that's effect activates the turn AFTER it was used??? How is Symone not dead already? Did she just trolled us?).
DF  Post #: 107
12/8/2017 3:06:15   

Overall i like the Necromancer, i only have 1 issue, and that is a personal gripe. I dont really like that the summon undead skill is as RNG reliant as it is. You either summon the berserker to hit 3 times for good damage, or the dog to hit once and practically have wasted your mana. I cant say this fit the (in my mind) pragmatic nature of a necromancer. But this is a personal issue and luckely not a big one :)
AQ  Post #: 108
12/8/2017 18:18:20   
Dark Lord Urmi

@Baron that's assuming everyone is the kind of player who...well plays that way i've made it a point to point out how not great i am at the game i die all the time (probably because i can't stand how boring rotations are) as necro so obviously not everybody has this experience :/

I just don't see the point in messing with this class as its still going to be tier two it will just be less useful and reliable.

< Message edited by Dark Lord Urmi -- 12/8/2017 18:26:06 >
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 109
12/8/2017 18:30:17   

Ok, so far, the shroud cooldown nerf seems to only apply, on the original necromancer. Necro Paragon however retains the original 11 CD on Shroud. I also cleared my cache just to make sure, and it still says 11 CD with shroud on Necro Paragon. Not sure if intended to make Necro Paragon, seem worth while but I highly doubt that.
Post #: 110
12/8/2017 18:35:21   
DragonFable Boxcat

Necro Paragon's cooldown has been fixed.
AQ MQ  Post #: 111
12/8/2017 20:25:59   
Cherubic Card

Verly why, I trusted you with the Shroud interaction and you betrayed me.

I'm hurt.
Post #: 112
12/26/2017 14:32:45   
King of Zards

Necro Paragon looks pretty cool but that much teleshard grinding for a mere reskin is not exactly something I'd call "rewarding".
Post #: 113
12/26/2017 16:44:26   

@king of zards

a "mere reskin" whose also getting an artifact. and the teleshard hunting isn't actually that bad, assuming you just stick to the small mazes.
DF  Post #: 114
12/26/2017 17:43:17   

Where can I find out about this Artifact that Paragon is getting?
AQ DF  Post #: 115
12/26/2017 19:00:05   

You can get the Legion Bracer, which is speculated to give Necro Paragon changes in the future and is currently the best bracer in-game along with Eternal Locket (since they have the same stats), by beating the double challenge battle of the Abomination and Crawler at The Inn at the Edge of Time.
DF AQW  Post #: 116
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