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=AQ= Soluna

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7/25/2013 15:32:59   
Legendary AK!!!


Here (Info submissions thanks to In Media Res)

This is the thread in which to discuss comparisons between the new items and others. Unlike guide-like threads created via Comparison Posting you are not required to lay out comparisons in a formal manner in here. But remember - because you'll have read the forum rules of course - do not ask questions here like "what's best for me" / "which is the better weapon" - this is not a Question & Answer forum. Nor is it a general game discussion forum. Only post if you have something useful and relevant to add / discuss.

Threads created via the Comparison Posting forum (which then get moved to this Equipment Comparison forum once approved) normally remain on a permanent basis, whereas this =AQ= one is likely to be allowed to expire.
Post #: 1
7/25/2013 15:45:47   

This is a great pet. It not only has a MC for element seeking, it also has a toggle for a MP heal!

Also, it does not have a penalty for all this, making this better than the Shadow[pony/pegasus/unicorn] pets as well...

The MP heal is phenomenal. As a beast warrior, I don't have enough MP for sustaining guests too long but with this pet, it's possible. I know no one uses guests but for the few end level guests we do have, it's pretty nice.
AQ AQW  Post #: 2
7/25/2013 15:48:37   

As someone who *only* uses Nightmaregon, I've been surprised enough with this things Coolness to use it as a regular damaging pet.
AQ DF  Post #: 3
7/25/2013 16:54:45   
Jake Nostalgia

Level 150s can finally get rid of Fairy Godmother now.
AQ  Post #: 4
7/25/2013 19:34:21   

>.< I so want this over the onyxwartexxx its way more useful for someone like me man I have no luck
Post #: 5
7/25/2013 20:59:21   
Dark Tyreal

while its damage is top level, I think mp heal is a lot less useful than I originally thought. for mages it takes multiple turns of no pet damage for just one spell, and for warriors, to sustain guests just use rejuvenating necklace + damage pet, and for heals obviously healing pets are better.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 6
7/25/2013 21:20:15   
Edgemaster Scion

If I didn't love my Undead Archer to death (his dual-hit ranged attacks combined with a chance for a high-damage unblockable attack are too good), I'd bullrush to level 130 and sell my house for a chance to get this pet. As cool as a pet that heals mana seems regardless, if I really needed one myself, I'd have replaced my Communicant pet with Fairy Godmother. A great compression pet I'm sure, but just not for me.
AQ DF Epic  Post #: 7
7/26/2013 7:13:21   

this for mp, warboar for hp and nightmaregon for sp, this is what I have now.

this pet also means that u won't have to worry about running out of mp from using mother's day earrings.

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AQ  Post #: 8
7/26/2013 10:08:13   

X of the AQ Q&A/EC/BS

Dark Tyreal I can agree in theory at least as far a pure builds go.
It however does allow a beast warrior to use the pet for MP healing rather then the misc slot and still have infinite guest turns. While not always useful the option is there. There is also the fact that rejuvenating necklace is not reliable given it is affected not only by the armor you use but by the monster resistance and dmg reduction effects.

It at the very least fills any remaining roll FGM still had.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 9
7/27/2013 2:20:35   
Silver Sky Magician

IMO, with FGM and Nightmaregon around, only the level 150 version of this pet is worth a token gamble.
Epic  Post #: 10
7/30/2013 6:32:42   
Legendary AK!!!

For anyone curious bout MP Heal:

            Soluna 150
145.6943	200Cha
129.7823	150Cha
113.8703	100Cha
 97.9583	50Cha
 82.0463	0Cha

            Fairy GodMother G 130
117.0431	200Cha
103.7254	150Cha
 90.4077	100Cha
 77.0900	50Cha
 63.7723	0Cha



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Post #: 11
7/30/2013 7:11:21   
dragons are emo

well the fairy godmother is more practical to use for regenartion since it heals hp as well, but its more effective to use offencivly since it has a 150 variant
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 12
7/30/2013 7:25:14   

Retro Twilly for Guardians will beat it in terms of HP heal if you have any other compression Pet - so you could still cover 8 Elements and Heal. Those with Moglord even more so can ditch FGM since it has lower PLvl, unless one's Moglord is the Lvl 130 version then no.

Practically may go for compression but it isn't stronger than Soluna nor Moglord. It may be the case for Lvl 130 versions of both since FGM takes a penalty for having HP and MP heal as well as normal attack, whilst Moglord doesn't since its MC bonus goes for lowering it. On the other hand, Soluna's penalty is the same as FGM's due to its MC bonus going for free Element seeking but the PLvl is still higher than that of FGM.
AQ Epic  Post #: 13
7/30/2013 7:31:55   
dragons are emo

pluss soluna is a ztoken that you get randomly, at a rarer rate, thus fairy godmother is again more practical, and for its elemental seeking the shadow ponys(I think that's what their called) cover that and is easier to obtain, the only field it really falls into is if you need fmgs mana regeneration and and the shadows seeking at the same time
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 14
7/30/2013 7:37:16   

Soluna compresses 2 Elements and gives you HP heal. It's still cheaper than going for a level-appropriate Token item which would be 10-12K Tokens so it really isn't that much. You should need up to 25 GGB to get it, counting the bad luck too (20 * 5% = 100%).
Also, why would you need Tokens at end-game? You would spend them on unique items from LTS or whatever so it's worth it - despite the same PLvl in the end - and GGB will be much cheaper option because you can get 2 items (Wartexx and Soluna) for much lower price - instead of 24-26K Tokens, you may end up paying even below 1,000 Tokens if luck is in your favour, or just about 6K Tokens at most.

Again, by saying practical you mean cheaper, which is not what practical means. Shadowpony is L144G and has a penalty for scaling (*0.95) so it's also weaker than Lvl 150 version of Soluna. If we're comparing raw power and healing, Moglord and Soluna (including Lvl 130 versions) are superior in all the possible ways. Including damage.
AQ Epic  Post #: 15
7/30/2013 7:46:32   
dragons are emo

shadowpony and fmg are gold and not rare or soon to become rare and also 25X250 is 6250 ztokens that's pretty expencive especialy if some one is unable to have enough money to pay for any ztoken packages
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 16
7/30/2013 11:13:12   

Lvl appropriate MP comparison:
Soluna 130
119.837	200 CHA
106.086	150 CHA
92.336	100 CHA
78.585	50 CHA
64.834	0 CHA


Fairy GodMother G 130
117.0431 200Cha
103.7254 150Cha
90.4077	100Cha
77.0900	50Cha
63.7723	0Cha

Edit: @below Sry found out my mistake. Thanks Trans. Now showing corrected numbers

< Message edited by zippy2010 -- 8/1/2013 11:42:47 >
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 17
8/1/2013 7:53:08   

Quoting Ward_Point:

Read Soluna's entry carefully. It takes 0.9*0.85*1.5 ~ 1.1475 Soluna's MC covers its compression and MP healing.

Fairy Godmother takes 0.9*0.85*1.5*0.95 (MC) = ~1.09 1.09 is in no way wrong. FGM takes a 0.95 penalty for HP/MP/Damage compression. You missed FGM's compression penalty.


Are you sure the numbers are correct? I do doubt 3 more PLvls and 5.75% less power is able to make the numbers that much apart.
AQ Epic  Post #: 18
8/1/2013 11:43:16   

^^Corrected numbers.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 19
8/1/2013 12:20:05   

As I thought. Soluna is still superior so despite being Tokens and going rare in a month, it's highly advised to even try going for such Pet. We've had Moglord but it's perma rare, we have Alpha Dracoglin but it's Tokens so I do doubt we will have a copy of Soluna that's Gold and/or not rare. Anything closer to it will be FGM but if we look at Element-seeking, I highly doubt.

You may get lucky and get it in first few GGBs, or unlucky and take 40 GGBs. But even so, that'd equal to cost below that of 10K Tokens which is still cheaper than Lvl 143Z Pet.

Thanks for taking your time to correct the numbers. :)
AQ Epic  Post #: 20
8/9/2013 10:05:41   

Trans, the possibility to get Soluna (if it is a flat 5%) with 20 GGB (4000 Z-token) is only 64% [1- (0.95)^20= 0.64]. At higher levels, the gamble is way more efficient. Soluna level 150, extimated "real" Z-token cost= 10.000 = 50 GGB . Probablity to get Soluna with 50 GGB = 92%, in the meantime you get also lots of xp, gold and other rewards.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 21
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