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RE: Supervillain Showdown: Strategies and Combos

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2/3/2014 23:23:17   

Hi guys, i will tell you the best way to beat the razen.

First Use the class Riftwalker.
Second get a GOOD weapon (like Twin Blades of Glory) ( GOOD means Good element)
Third equip accessories which having a decent crit+
Now the battle combo- 1) Fade (Realm Change) it will help to deflect the first two round attacks.
2) Power (Almost drains 40% HP if crit is enough)
3) The X (Rift Cross) at the end of fade ability it will help for another 3 round and it will drains 10-15% of HP.
4) Imbune (Rift Power) it gives you +20 damage and drains 10-15 % of HP.
5) Aimed (it gives you +30 hit and drains 10-15% of HP)
6) Final (Final Blow) Direct hit drains 20% of HP
Dont Forget to use a PET and Summon Guest Dragon in Between Battle they will help in minor way.

I used this strategies. it will take a few tries but definitly works. Try this Guys..........................

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2/11/2014 2:06:30   

I have finally given up on this.

Dragonamulet. Riftwalker. Twin Blades of Glory. I've tried everything, every possible combo. It just doesn't work.

I've also tried using dragonlord, weaver, necromancer (I figured the 200% resist for necro would be good, but it doesn't work on the massive DOT). In the end, I've realized that I'm just wasting my time with this update, and that it long ago stopped being fun.

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2/25/2014 15:55:03   

well your in luck i just found out the best way to beat razen but sadly it requires any one of those equipable armors from the inventory

first you have to equip any one of your classes from any NPC (YOU PICK)(BUT I SUGGEST SOULWEAVER) then equip an armor from you inventory (like chicken cow lord)or anything else then go fight razen ,try your best to stun him ,on the first and second stun turn use any of your best abilities to attack and on the third stun turn unequip your armor (you will find that you have full hp again) then finish him off with the other class that you equiped from the NPC ,you can also equip a dragon pet for more damage.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 28
3/16/2014 13:08:24   

I found a way to defeat Razen Al Ghoul. This relies on the Evolved Chicken Cow Armour and a hefty amount of luck. The key is to keep him stunned. I kept doing this chain until he was defeated.

BBQ->Mad Chicken Cow Attack->Any attack you want->BBQ

Repeat until he's dead. :) If he wakes up use Chicken Out to do a runner and try again.

It took me so many armours till I managed this so don't give up. I tried: Soulweaver, Pyromancer, DoomKnight, Entropy, Kathool Adept, switched classes and tired Ascendant, switched back and tried Riftwalker, the Deathknight and finally this one.

Don't give up folks.

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3/19/2014 3:53:16   

There's a get-out-of-jail-free card for this if you have the ice dragon set and elemental unity defender. - Show/Equip the ice dragon weapon, use EUD's ability... 1 shot the enemy.

Other than that, I tend to use Cryptic's dodgy attributes. Blind, Rapid, Throw, Illusion, Bubbles/EuD, Stealth, BackStab, Rapid, Throw - he's typically dead about here. If not, next skill will kill and I've only been hit once.

There's also some class in the game that removed bad DoT's on you - I think it was soulweaver.. might have been something else though. You could just use that....

Edit: And I must say, if you haven't farmed bubbles, that trinkets skill really will make this fight about 500% easier.

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3/19/2014 13:40:02   

I killed him in one try with togslayer :). The combos I used were stampede, togmaster strike, stun, final, firetog, and skull crusher blaster. Keep in mind you have to get lucky with crits.
Epic  Post #: 31
3/20/2014 5:30:14   

I killed him pretty easily with KAA. Inkspray kept him from hitting me and when he got to around 1/3hp i used unerve and fear to stun him, then kathool finished the job.


Take what you can get. Get what you can take.
Post #: 32
3/24/2014 11:49:04   
Legendary AdventureGuide!

Finally, was able to beat Razen with Riftwalker after a month of not trying.

All I did was rely on my luck. First, I used the Realm Change (shield) and waited to get lucky enough to dodge his first two attacks, which were either Catharsis or his stun. In between these turns I used Power (nuke skill) to lower Razen's HP as much as I can while my shield is up (luckily I landed three 300+ crits). Then after Razen's first two attacks I stunned him. And while he was stunned, I finished him off with Critical, Melee Combo, and Rift Effect.

I just waited for that lucky moment when I would be able to dodge his first two attacks. That was the most critical part. Before his third attack, that's when I used stun in order to prevent him from healing when he has lost much health. I think any class can pull this off, so long as it has a shield and a stun.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 33
5/2/2014 1:08:43   

Yay, finally killed him with ECCA. The stun strategy does really work, as stated by others: KFCow, spam MadChickenCow and BBQ, and if you're relatively lucky enough, you should be able to do it. Once KFC stuns, you can likely win (it seemed to me).
DF AQW Epic  Post #: 34
5/5/2014 7:22:00   

I beat Razen with SoulWeaver after around 5 tries using the Enslave -> Synch - > Banishment -> Burst -> Synch strategy. I think the overall best (Non DC class) for it is Ascendant using The Hammer -> The Scythe -> The Wand -> Ascension. I managed to get it with the first try, but I think that was luck (had a lot of crits for The Wand).

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8/22/2014 15:41:09   

I'm just having so much trouble with Razen right now, it's absolutely ridiculous =/ I'm using the Master SoulWeaver armor that you get off Tomix in Book 3 at the moment, as the Banishment on that armor hits 5 times in a row. I'm aware that some of my accessories aren't up to scratch, but even still, I'm just having too much difficulty dealing with him =( REALLY need help right now

Edit: Okay, now that the Master SoulWeaver changes have been fully implemented, it's really thrown my strategy off course =/ Now I'm completely lost, and need help with this guy more than ever

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AQ DF AQW  Post #: 36
8/28/2014 3:09:00   

Eh, I'm a level 31 Ascendant, and from my experience, I find it easy to beat Razen, IF you stun him on the first turn. After the stun, he's gonna use the attack which inflicts Catharsis on you. You'll be able to tank that for a turn, so it's no problem.

I tried using the Book 1 Soulweaver, and yep. FAILED hard.

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9/27/2014 18:00:42   

Beat Razen after about half an hour with my Riftwalker class. You really have to be lucky.
First, use Realm Change and hope his attack misses. Then, use the Power skill. (I had a 53% crit chance). Ideally, it should deal 1000-1200 damage. Then use Rift Cross and hope he doesn't resist it. While he's stunned, use Rift Power!. Now's the tricky part. When he comes out of his stun, he needs to have around 1000-1100 health left. If he has above that, you won't be able to finish him off, and if he has below that, he'll heal himself. So, after using Rift Power!, use either Final Blow or Aim, depending on how much health he has left. Again, you wanna leave him with 1000-1100 health. On the final turn of his stun, use Realm Change again. Now he'll come out of his stun with 1000-1100 health and attack. Hope that he misses or doesn't stun you with his blind attack. Finally, use Power and with the 50% boost from Realm Change and some lucky crits, he should die.
Again, this requires A LOT of luck.
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2/14/2015 0:36:26   

Thank you.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 39
3/29/2015 16:54:14   

Harder to defeat Ghould now after critical hits were nerfed by 50%, but I still managed to defeat him after a number of tries using Togslayer. Real life luck is required for the crits and the stun and the miss to work. Here's the combo: 1)Defend with shield, (the monster can still pierce you if you are not lucky)
2)Togmaster for more attack power on your hero
3) Stomp to reduce the monster's bonus to hit by 60. (the monster can still hit you if you are not lucky)
4) FireTog to wear down the monster's health. (Must crit well. Else gg.)
5) Punt to stun the monster for 3 turns (50%)
6) Final Blow (for 2 hits of guaranteed crits)
7) Double (must crit well.)

These worked for me.

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AQ DF  Post #: 40
4/15/2015 12:43:04   

This guy (Razen) is really too hard. Please, just nerf him down from 500 avg damage from Catharsis to around 250, and PRETTY PLEASE make his skills cost mana or something. Luck is just not something I have, I've tried for over 3 hours with all of the strats on this thread, none worked.

EDIT: I did it. I finally did it. With an AMAZING luck streak I got 3 stuns down on Razen with Master SoulWeaver, allowing me to put damage on him without actually getting damaged.

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8/29/2015 21:18:44   

It seems only a ridiculous streak of luck will get me anywhere in defeating Razen. Ascendant, Soulweaver, and DragonLord has not defeated him, despite trying advice from everyone in this forum thread. Seems I may have to either get the TogSlayer for a better chance or hope Razen gets nerfed a bit in the future.

EDIT: Dear god, Razen has been DEFEATED! I would like to thank crabpeople for their comment, which is down below. Yes, Ascendant can kill Razen, and I used the steps that was recommended to me by them. However, the Not-So-Tiny Bubbles charm had to be used with Aksal's Light to keep him from getting any attacks on me, since I found the Light's duration to not be enough time to take him down. After that, it was only a matter of getting The Hammer on him after using The Scythe and blasting him to kingdom come. Thank god, he's finally down!

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8/30/2015 6:06:26   

I beat Razen with little trouble using Cryptic. The powerful defenses really help against this guy. Just use Illusion, Illusionary Veil or Mental Torture whenever you can. You should also try to stun him with Psychic Cage, especially when he's low enough on HP and there's a possibility of him healing. He still hit me with Catharsis once because I got unlucky, but I could take it with my potions and the Steal a Potion skill.
Post #: 43
8/30/2015 6:21:12   

Ascendant destroys Razen. Get a fire weapon, And do: Aksal's Light->The Staff->The Book Chapter 1->The Scythe->The Hammer->The Wand->The Dagger->Ascension
If you can't beat him with that you gotta use the not so tiny bubbles trinket and time well the stun.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 44
1/3/2016 7:32:29   

Master Soulweaver (get it from Tomix in Book 3, Pellow Village): Soul Lock (Razen is locked for 3 turns if succesful) → SoulSynch (cooldown to the final blow) → Repentance (a small DOT on top of the hits → Soul Vacuum (has a chance to stun) → Soul Seal (puts the hp down, loweres the boost and the bonus of Razen) → Soul Aegis (gives 2 turns of +200 defence, guaranteed for Razen to not get a hit on you) → Reckoning (lowers the hp down even further) → Soul Banish (lowers the hp down once again; insta-kill if hp below 15%, otherwise -100 bonus applied for 2 turns) / Soul Burst (takes some hp from Razen and applies -20 All resistance debuff for stronger final blow) → SoulSynch (the actual attack, with high crit killing him off)

I try: Got very close, dropped his hp from 3025 to 407, but of course, I didn't have almost any crit so I lost.

II try: This was very close, got from 3025 to 177 hp before he healed himself.. I didn't enjoy that at all.

III try: Oh my god.. Got to bloody 97 hp. I was about to cry before he goddamn kicked the healing show up.


V try: Got to hp of 204. I think I'm getting worse by the minute I try to conquer this guy.

VI try: 362 hp.. Yup, this is not going well for me.

VII try: I got to the position where his hp was at 908, and I was sure that the SoulSynch could finish him off, but before it he just healed himself AGAIN!

VIII try: I got him somewhere between 670 and 680 before he healed.. Goddamnit.

IX try: Got to 126hp.. I'm really getting tired of him.


XI try: I DEFEATED HIM!! I was like THIS close to quit, but I defeated him! My method worked!!!


Ah, it felt good.. It felt good.

With the tries, I only counted the ones that actually hitted the Soul Lock as a decent attempt to kick Razen real hard, total attemps being somewhere around 24. I hope this was a lot of help, because Razen al Ghoul is very difficult opponent to kill (which I found out the hard way, carrying every single DC-class and failing time and time again). Even with this technique, I had to try many times to get it work, but it worked for me, so.. Good luck to those people that haven't been so succesful of killing Razen.

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DF AQW  Post #: 45
4/15/2017 14:34:25   

Hi I've been having so much trouble with Razen and my luck ain't
getting any better, I'm a mage class so I can't use riftwalker or have any
of the fancy dc coin items (except Evoled chickenlord tog slayer and the Christmas moglin )
I'm still getting killed and I looked at your advice I got close and yet he whammy's me so hard that it's
murder on me.... So do you have any advice for a DA Mage class with a lvl.55
I'll be so happy if you could help thanks

Post #: 46
4/15/2017 20:18:20   

@Enygma This is a really luck based battle tbh, I just beat him recently after months of trying. For a DA Mage I would go either Ascendant (The Atealan Mage Class) or Master Soulweaver (From Tomix in Book 3). Ascendant hits hard, but it lacks defensive skills so you may want to run Not So Tiny Bubbles while you use it. Master Soulweaver is a well balanced class imo, it has a nice assortment of defensive and offensive skills but, you'll need to play smart if you want to make the most out of it in this fight. Master Soulweaver can also purge all status effects including Razen's DoT but, be advised that it will also purge your Soul Sync. If those don't work for you and your willing to do anything including but not limited to selling your soul, waiting a few years or paying a hefty price then you could try getting the Doomknight Armor because that's what won me the battle recently. Doomknight has little to none defensive skills that will negate damage but, he does have 1 very nice blinding attack that will give you enough time to charge up Inner Darkness allowing you to just nuke away his final 1k hp instead of relying on RNG to give you those crits you need from Ascendant's The Scythe and Master Soulweaver's Soul Sync. Doomknight also has a really nice multi target stun that stuns your target for quite a number of turns but, it only does 1 hit so you'll have less of a chance of getting the stun if he negates the immobility. If you want some insight on the skills of these classes then there are guides for each of them on the forum. Good luck ^_^/
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 47
4/18/2017 7:25:36   
Fire alandry

DA good way: use ranger and 'stan the scan orb'.
1) use 'cripple'. He wouldn't be able to hit you for this turn, so you just lowers his hp a bit.
2)Use 'Quick Reflexes'. A shield..
3-4-5) use viper, viper, viper, while your shield is working.
6)use 'flashbang'. Here's the only problem of the method- the stun requeirs some luck.
7) use viper. From now, you can get an extra turn. If you get, use viper.
8) use 'Spotter's Shot'. Then, if you have a strong trinket (for example, defender cannon), use it. If no, use purge.
9) use the skill with the highest damage! He should be dead right now...
10) If you are still alive, repeat 1-10. But im not sure you have any chance..
Good luck!

By the way, with all the revemps, I managed to beat him with ninja...
DF  Post #: 48
4/28/2017 14:57:49   

I just finally managed to beat this son of a tog.

Thank the devs for Mogloween because Evolved PumpkinLord significantly raised my chance to beat him.
Having a good nature weapon helps a lot. I'm level 56 using the Pimento Pick III.
Enfeebling Scythe > Pumpkin Bomb > Creeping Roots > Draining Roots > Endless Night > Cleaving Thorn
If the odds are in your favor, the Enfeebling Scythe will reduce his bonus to -90 (instead of just applying a useless stun) and the Creeping Roots stun will work and last long enough for you to whup him.
If you're REALLY lucky, then, according the Evolved PumpkinLord guide: http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=19847974 , you'll instantly kill him with Enfeebling Scythe!
DF  Post #: 49
5/1/2017 11:42:11   
Dark Sapphiron

I oneshot the whole rooster in one go wearing high-crit gear, random energy weapon of my level, and ascendant armor.
I think it went something like.... tolm -> ageisk -> aksal -> preis ->ky'tap
If tolm works - you only have 1-2 turns to survive their hits, and the chain normally shaves off 3-4K health, enough to kill pretty much anyone.
If tolm doesnt work - use shield when appropriate, and you're good ^_^
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 50
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